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Shao Qing grew up in the orphanage. In order to survive he went to school during the day and worked part-time at a restaurant during night, becoming a proficient cook.

He was looking for his parents when he got into a traffic accident and died.

He was reborn into decades before and activated the portable space in his jade pendant.

He grew many kinds of flowers, planted trees and sold fruits, opened a restaurant and filmed videos.

In this time when internet celebrities are all on the rage, I must stand above the other shows.

Boss Ling Senhao: Lately I’ve taken a liking to this one person. Long legs, slender waist, really good at acting and the key point is he makes good food. Say, should I sign him or should I sign him?

Mo Shaoqing: So we only agree to work together?

Everyone: Male god Mo’s food is so delicious *cries*

Mo Shaoqing: Actually I’m a cook who’d being held back by my acting work!

In short, this is a gourmet internet celebrity. He started with private kitchen, exploded from forums to weibo then to the entertainment world, from China to overseas, getting the attention of everyone.

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Cian-Chan rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: Completed
The first 20+ chapters are somewhat slow paced. The story started when the protagonist got into an accident and reborn into a 13 year old boy with the same name (but different surname) and same looks as he had when he was younger. The story revolved on the protagonist's identity.

The protagonist is good at cooking. He met the male lead when he was younger. I think the author can't afford that the protagonist is a shota (the ML will become a shotacon) and that's why he wasted 20+ chapters to... more>> make him grow up.

Readers should not forget about the protagonist's golden finger. The story is somewhat normal and not fantasy-like if you don't focus on his space. Things about the space is scattered over the story. If you don't pay attention, you might ignore it.

I somehow think that the protagonist is s*upid. He turned his space into a farm and ranch. But then, in a modern setting, you can't plant things like spiritual plants in it. If that happened, the story will become more complicated as it is. I wanted to tell him to plant ginseng and expensive tea trees.

The ridiculous part of the story:


The protagonist will get pregnant. The protagonist also got surprised by it but the ML is so ecstatic


I mean, HOW WAS THAT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!?! That is why people should forget about the story being normal. From the very start, fantasy-like things have happened like rebirth and the jade space thing. The first half of the story is still somewhat normal but the other half have escaped my understanding. The author even tried to make a scientific explanation on the protagonist's situation. I can only say, "as expected of the protagonist/Main Character!"

Overall, I still liked the story. The interactions between the MC and ML is what made me like the story. The story is not heavy. It is not the kind of story that I will continue thinking or reminisce after completing it. It is not the kind of story that I will read again and again.

Edit: Okay, I've come in terms with the pregnancy thing now. I've read other stories that have male-pregnancy. To think about it now, men should be able to be pregnant in real life, too. Make them experience the hardships of women. I read the story again and can't help but think, "How can they be so cute?" <<less
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Katrikea rated it
March 19, 2020
Status: c40
I really liked this story. But the translator chooses rather bad way of using ads. Because I am unable to support translators by Kofi or Patreon, I never installed adblock or anything similar. That's my way how to thank then for their time. But this site is really terrible. Not only it's annoying, but it's redirecting me to sites that I really don't want to visit. And it also got me into problems with my antivirus. I had to restart my computer and delete few programs that were not there... more>> before. I think I will delete this story from my reading list. I can't stand this. The other option is to download adblock but I really don't want to do this since I would end using it for all sites. <<less
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Shunraiki rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: Completed
Let's say if:

  1. There won't be an apocalypse
  2. You are not from a poor family
  3. You got a chance to redo your life
  4. And the best thing is, you have your space ability.
What would you do?

MC in this novel died and got revived in parallel world where, he, who was supposed to be poor, an orphan, and still struggling to find job, turn into a young master in a rich family, with mom, dad and big brother who dotes him (bro-con, father-con, name it, they all loves him) and he becomes younger (he... more>> is in high school after got revived)

In a world full of everything he wants (family, have money, etc), he vow that this time he gonna makes his dream comes true, and the dream is to have own restaurant.


By having his own space, he plants vegetables and have plenty of free sources. These vegetables are not like your every day's vegetable, these vegetables are so good that ML fall in love with MC.


This novel is quite good, and more to slice-of-life. The MTL can be understood, and I seriously in love with MPREG tags, so this one got 5 stars. <<less
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PiCrazy31415 rated it
August 3, 2018
Status: Completed
Loved this story. The synopsis sounded pretty hopeful, and the story definitely didn't disappoint. I've always enjoyed these BL slice of life-esque stories (favs include Rebirth of Supermodel and CIFB), and it's always nice to have something extra added to it to spice things up. I've always a sucker for interesting space stories, usually in the apocalypse, but while it's not too large of a plot point here, the space is used quite effectively.

I love the MC and ML here. The MC is nervous at the beginning, not quite sure... more>> why, but he gets pretty confident and smooth with the ML as they grow closer and eventually get into a relationship. The MC is pretty OP here, and the balance between his cooking/restaurant and his acting/modeling was smooth. Idk if I might have liked seeing some more of either side, though I would have liked more chapters with epilogues of the children or the future of the couple. The ML is the typical OP business/political guy, though I don't actually see him helping out the MC too much, unlike in other stories. Instead, he basically transitions into a stay at home dad halfway through the story, which is endearing.

I'm personally a fan of Mpreg. I mean, the downside of BL is that they can't have children, and while some couples don't want anything to come between them so they're perfectly fine with that, I'm sure some of these BL men would like to have children. Usually, though, Mpreg is through Omegaverses, which I'm usually not a fan of. I just don't like relationships or behaviors being influenced and forced by those hormones. Omegaverses are just full of drama and angst. While the Mpreg is pretty far-fetched here, I was a pretty big fan of it, and it does become an important and adorable part of the plot.

I wish these BL stories had more translated chapters! All this Bing Translate is making me dizzy. But the MTL for this is not bad at all, and just thinking about some of the food makes you hungry. Especially when you're on a diet. Recommend. <<less
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IamSoBored123 rated it
November 10, 2020
Status: c44
I like the novel. It is not the best one out there but it suite my taste. On the other hand, I don’t like the translator, their website has one pop-up every second that I tried to read and for some chapters, we need to pay to get the full version. Sometimes, I can’t even understand the chapter.
Summary: The novel is great but the translations is not that good.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DeviLaugh rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: c29
The story is jumps around and contains a lot of seemingly random events, and I can't tell if my confusion is due to the writing or the translation. Honestly, the translation seems fine, but I can't figure out why the author is writing about certain things or what they are supposed to set up. Such as in the beginning, MC's older brother marries a woman whose family is greedy for money and who schemes to and lies and commits fraud in order to get some of their money. Why did... more>> any of the happen? To show that women are greedy and not good for the MC? And events that I can understand help build the foundation of MC, such as studying abroad and having a surprise role in a movie makes sense, but it feels so random it just reads odd. Again, is this the translation or the original writing causing this?

Now that the MC is finally starting his own restaurant, it feels like the story is finally on track, but who knows! It definitely feels like the story is finally getting better and ML can finally start making some moves.

Let's not even mention the outright awful ads on the translator's website! I use 5 different ad blockers and pop-up blockers but the site still manages to open a pop-up every time I open a chapter. Don't even try reading on your phone, you'll get forcibly taken to a different website and probably won't be able to return without closing everything or clicking on the ad. These are some of the most aggressive and awful ads I've dealt with in years. <<less
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paputsza rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: --
It's yaoi. It's food. What more can you ask for?

Other than a translsater not spontaneously password protecting chapters for an in-joke?

I'm at chapter 12 and theres nothing cute yet, and the plot keeps jumping around. Nothing great, but nothing bad.
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Clara_the_fish rated it
September 1, 2020
Status: c9
Meh. The summary was the most interesting part of it. The author wasted too much time on the exposition part of the story, focusing more on the supporting characters than on building the MC's character. The translation is questionable--MTL with minimal editing. Also, this isn't related to the quality of the story, but the quality of reading... the translators manning the site have chosen some equally questionable methods to show ads.
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NightFlower1412 rated it
March 21, 2021
Status: c18
I usually don't write bad reviews and only review after finishing everything, but I had to warn people on why I dropped this.

The writing is simple. Very very simple that it seems like you're just reading an outline of what the author wants to tell but doesn't know how to. So it's like a summary of events within just a few sentences one after another, and the scenes and pics change so quickly that there's no satisfaction in reading the the daily life of the MC. The sentences are also... more>> short and choppy. It's just so hard to read and the little time skips are everywhere. I hate to be rude, but it felt like this was written by a younger, immature person. Like some fanfic you would read on W*ttpad. I'm sure the translator tried their best, but it was just so painful to read. There's just not enough descriptions for each scene, and everything's rushed. The only time the author actually bothers to write more than a few sentences for description and imagery is involving food (but that's also when MC has to look good/be OP in front of others).

As for the characters, the MC's age is supposedly

30, and he gets transmigrated into a body of a 13 year old

Not sure, but the implications and thoughts of both the MC and ML made me a little uncomfortable.

Edit: Can't believe I forgot to mention one of the points on why I had to drop this. So many freaking names mentioned and described that you'd think they were all important, but there were just passing characters for one scene. It gets all so confusing. Why spend so much time on describing their characters and backstories and name dropping them, only for them to never be mentioned again in the next chapter or MC leaving and never hear from them again? All the background characters have full names mentioned. It's ridiculous and distracting. Honestly, the premise isn't so bad and had potential. It's just that the story telling is mediocre and inconsistent. I genuinely would not waste time on this. <<less
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nitan rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: --
It's enjoyable, but I have to read with half my brain closed to enjoy it. No critical thinking allowed, this novel is strictly 'just for fun' category. If I start thinking about plot holes, or about why x does y or why r and z are like that, I won't enjoy it as much. Anyways, I do enjoy the romance, but again - I can't think too much about it otherwise I'll self-implode. It's an interesting read, very chill, very no-stress. I guess a way to describe it would be... more>> 'directionless' - but it's quite fun, like gliding in the wind. Give it a try if you want to. <<less
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peachysiri rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: c37
The story is light, not-so-exciting, slice of life and if you want to find story about food-related, I think It's not that interesting. Something in the plot also unreasonable. Consider only the story, If you find something to passed the time, It's okay but consider the translation, I think you need to skip it. The translation is really bad that It makes me headache. At some episodes, I can't even understand the story.Tbh I suggest you to mtl-ing rather than read from this translator's work.
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Dragon_Reader rated it
November 2, 2019
Status: Completed
Rating - 3/5 for story, 4/5 for translation

The story is cute. The romance pace is perfect - not so slow that you want to beat up the characters, but not so fast that it's unbelievable.

MC and ML meet when MC is in school. ML thinks MC is like a silly, cute child and MC thinks ML is soooo handsome. They meet officially when MC opens his restaurant. From then on, ML slowly pulls MC into his net, so gently and beautifully that for some time MC even thinks it is... more>> his duty to earn loads of money for the 'poor' little hardworking ML who he thinks will be brushed away by his rich, noble family lmao.

The bunbun is cute. The family is cute. ML family accepts mpreg easily (a little too easily). MC Mom faints lol. MC family takes a little more time but since they all love MC so much, they accept everything easily.

As for the food portion, while there is food, it's not much. Or atleast compared to other food related novels in NU, this one barely brushes by. Most of the book is on how and what MC plans to open his restaurant, then some family matters, then his acting/ modeling career. Cooking descriptions are there, though not as much as I had expected.

Overall, the book is feel-good and very warm. <<less
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March 6, 2022
Status: c42
I’m not sure why there’s a gap in the chapters posted. I went on a different site to read it but the translation was quite poor. Overall, there doesn’t seem to be a concrete plot. Which is fine. It seems sort of slice of life style. I ended up skimming most od the chapters and then gave up. The premise was good tho.
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September 7, 2021
Status: c48
stop reading in chapter 48 because the author has no logic in making the background of the world. This is actually a pretty fun story, but not enough for me to ignore the background of the world the author made to make no sense. I Will tel you why in spoiler:

... more>>

in his previous world/life, MC is an orphan, then transmigrates either to the past or another world so that he has complete parents and a good older brother. Okay this doesn't matter, the problem is that the author "forces" that the future of this parallel world is the same as the world/life of the previous MC. Absolutely the same, even the film to be released, the fate of its people, even the direction of the world. If the author wants to use this as the golden finger wouldn't it be less plot holes if using "back to the past" than transmigration to parallel worlds? If the parallel world is the same as the MC's original world, then the MC shouldn't have parents. If it's not the same fate, why use the golden finger "knowing the future direction"? Even if it gives a plot twist at the end it still can't cover its absurd flaws

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mavic36 rated it
August 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Finished reading the raw using Google translation.

This story about a main character good filial transmigrated son who used his past life experience to make his present family life good. I like how their family thrives to help each other to their somehow family business. And became pregnant in which accepted by his family and in law. I like how they care of his babies.

Male lead is sweet, caring to our MC. He is CEO/royalty.

Nice to read since another showbiz mpreg genre.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rio-mouse rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: 140
It is not my cup of tea in short, I recommend it to those who like to read romance without major problems regardless of the coherence of the plot, its a 3.5 of 5 in my hearth, but the average grade is too high, so for that is 2

*Read the last edition comment with asterisks at the end, there you can understand the change of stars that I made*

... more>>

Despite the fact that he tries to develop the characters, they really still feel flat, especially the MC, like a doll that carries the current, his 30 years of previous life are not seen more than for the determination to fulfill his dream of a they restore, from there on out you can take like a normal young man.

the story becomes very annoying since the protagonist enters to be an artist, it is like saying, the story is going well, on the right path, but there is no drama, we are going to give circles to the story entering the circle of entertainment, I wonder if an ML can be more foolish, he is rich, he is interested in a relationship but he does not know how to get closer despite the fact that they already know each other slightly, the options can be: A) invite him out, B) woo him, C) go to eat at his restaurant to interact more D) passively-aggressively invite him to enter your company as an artist so that they are the boss employer and that the boy should start a public image and take care of it and then make him come out of the closet and tell everyone you know your boyfriend; very clever of you, because that will not make people think that you are interested in case the public finds out, I am in chapter 77 and I want to leave it, but I remembered the label of m-preg and I want to see that development, unfortunately the MC is increasingly annoying, he already fulfilled his goals and dreams, so every time the ML tells him to do something he just goes and does it, of course he justifies it, but the justifications are so weak that they bother you dying like mosquitoes, one is not a problem, just annoying, but the MC only gathers more and more until leaving you an unpleasant sensation.

Something annoying about this story is how he uses his golden finger, I don't care if he does it farm, but his restaurant depends on him and now he is thinking of doing it a chain of restaurants, he leaves blank as being so far from his restaurant he supplies it and Now he wants to do more in different cities, I study something related to business and he drives me crazy as he does not justify his accounts and without looking for comparisons he sets his prices, also as sometimes he stays thinking about using things he obtained from Japan without thinking that he must justify them as imports Do you really think that saying where I buy it is okay? Those things are well regulated and have their follow-ups on paper, call me crazy but when the homonym of the Treasury in China falls, everything will go down the drain, it may be just me, fortunately the ML solves it later, but I really hate this MC, he is the only one who has read that he doesn't give a sh*t hiding his golden finger well, I feel that he fans his treasure in the eyes of the world waiting for him to be caught, he is more foolish and annoying than dead flies and white lotuses because this MC could well do his business without that golden finger and in a more correct way within the legal margin without leaving gaps to exploit, then your golden finger serves only to justify your transmigration / reincarnation whatever

I hate how clueless MC is especially, I mean, he has experience of 30 years that he went to the garbage without knowing where to find her, then he has noticed that his actions changed several things in that world or are different and he never thought about whether that It would affect the orphanage where he was, I know he should not be a saint worrying about everyone, but he is the one who randomly mentions that he would like to help that place in the future, but it is more like a check list to meet, it makes you doubt of his friendship with his childhood friend from the other world, he should know that without his interference his friend's future would change a lot because without him his friend would not do many things, but he does not dedicate any thought to him until he sees how his friend ended in the world where he is, the story tries to make the MC look like a normal person, but he lacks IQ in many places, preventing a growth in the character regardless of what the author does to make it grow.

I feel the author was wrong, the drama of MC's biological parents is more interesting than that of the main story


Ignoring the brain holes mentioned in the spoiler you can enjoy reading, I recommend that you read it in parts or take a break from reading, this allows you to enjoy it more without carrying the reasons for the history that were omitted, because even when they are annoying, you ignore them after you get rid of the reading

The reading feels scattered at various points, with useless things added randomly that are then a bump in the road or recycled to give a twist to the story but feel forced using unnecessary details and where needed they are left vaguely wrote many complaints about the MC that I feel guilty and I continue reading just to see if there is redemption from the story, in case the problems are absolved I will retract, this story is positioned in a place of love-hate because I feel that it would be better with a MC different and at the same time I don't know how to comment on the MC because it's s*upid for my taste, but they are not idiotic to leave the story, which is curious for me because many novels I abandon because of that defect, hence my insistence on read at the end, I just hope it does because many who completed it loved it, I am betting on them.

*after 140 ch*

It turns out that the ending is worth it, it is so well written that it seems that the first 80 chapters can be forgiven, sincerely it seems that the author has changed, the story stops bothering passing the 100 chapters and sincerely the ending is 5 stars, although I have my Complaints of the MC at the beginning, the author improved the story a lot with the end and took the protagonist out of the drawer where he was, I still think that entering the entertainment circle is unnecessary but the author arranged it so that in the end it seemed necessary, although it could be replaced by other scenarios that fulfilled the mission of that choice that would give more flavor to the story without making it annoying for my taste, then the end is very good, it has inconsistencies, but believe me if you want to give up on the story jump to chapter 100 and read until the end, it is not ideal because you miss some interesting things, but it is better to give up without knowing the final outcome <<less
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otpsfloat rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: c52
Like others before, I found it hard to read from (both) translator sites.

4/5 for the original story's MTL translation. So far, MTL is managable. MC has a golden finger which is meh. The names actually get translated over fairly consistently.

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Eferia123 rated it
March 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Really amazing story!! The ML is so sweet and awesome!.. MC is a very good person and their relationship is just amazing!!

Read it you will enjoy it
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September 13, 2019
Status: c31
Mo Shaoqing is so cute and very good at cooking (mouthwatering) ??????????

I'm very satisfied with the character development

Waiting for the updates (*^o^*)
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joun rated it
August 25, 2019
Status: Completed
Very nice feeling after reading. The story is nice (not blood revenge of face slapping after rebirth), the MC's interaction and bond with his family very warm. If you need a soothing story, here we are.

After chapters 85-90, things get more complicated....

... more>>

Mpreg ! Yeah, the MC is pregnant and he later find his parents, also discovers what's happened after his death.


It's really nice, mostly because :


MC and ML's love story is flawless. Everyone accepts them, included both family. It was kind of crazy how easely they accepted that MC was pregnant. It didnt' feel realistic but others unrealistic things happened : the MC cooking for a high society dance while hosting it (and being sincerely praised for it). Too unrealistic but still easy to read.

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