The Bowl of Seven Emotions


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It is said that a sage once took water from the Yellow Spring, soil from the Netherworld, and fire from Purgatory, and made a bowl in which he sealed the souls of the divine beast and called it the bowl of seven emotions. Afterward, the bowl of seven emotions entered into the mortal world and tossed and turned in there until it fell into Tang Susu’s hands.

The divine beast sat in the bowl and ordered, “Every day, you must give three burns of incense to this divine beast, and it must be ambergris.” Tang Susu calmly poured in half a bowl of chicken-flavored cat food.

The divine beast was furious. “I’m a very, very fierce peerless beast and I eat dragons!”

Tang Susu poured another half bowl of cat food.

The divine beast raised his chin. “And two small yellow croakers.”

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Aldis rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: c200
I will change/add more of the review depend on the rest of chapters I read.

So, this one is very interesting. You know every Chinese webnovel that always involves with female protagonist hugging super golden thigh? The one domineering CEO who tall, cool, and handsome? And the family that either very very powerful or the real male lead that has ability to become very very powerful?

Well, this one is that too,

... more>>

but, not really.

It shows how foolish human in power is; how dangerous they are, and how it's human nature to always... overestimate their worth and power. I feel so helpless when Tang Su Su mention how

"they're not apologized for me, but for the sake of Shi Cheng Xuan only".

But in the end, money can't controlled everything and everything human thought important is just a fickle, brittle things.

An interesting and fresh approach towards 'powerful family' trope from karma's view. <<less
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eirinllrin rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: Completed

(1.) Extremely good plot. FL has a supernatural ability and the story includes multiple small plots as people come to her for help, and we delve into their lives and revenges. So while there is a strong romance aspect it's not the sole focus of the story, the small plots are all super interesting!!

(2.) Related to point 1, but FL has her own life outside of the ML, whether it's her work or her friends, not just revolving around the ML

(3.) No emotional, physical... more>> or sex*al abuse bt/w the mains!! The ML is the typical cold president type but - Not. Abusive. Like, there are hints throughout that he's supposedly super controlling, but it's more like the author trying bare minimum to sell to the market. ML never does anything horrible.

(4.) Characters are really good! The FL is a strong, magnanimous woman who lives her life as she likes at her pace; ML doesn't try to constrain/ manipulate/ control her activities; the 2nd leads - FL's bff + her hot butler are BRILLIANT [2nd FL is 100% girl-crush material ah] <<less
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Iwashereyoo14 rated it
January 14, 2021
Status: c20
So far this story is very interesting.

You can't tell if the main character is a bad or good person because of what they've done. Personally, I love FL personality. She does what concern her life and ignore others but anyway she still (try to) save someone's life when they're dying in front of her.

I suspect the FL is an INTJ lol.

I won't comment about the ML in case that person that I suspect is not the ML.

The romance is still not there yet
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playeratfault rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: c296
Actually did not plan on writing a review until I finished this novel, but goodness I think this is the best time to do so. Novel not one for the weakhearted (no, it's not because of the face slapping... this novel goes deeper than any typical shoujo novels...)

The reason why it's not 5 stars, I'm a little unwilling to see how after each arc ends, the characters involved don't appear anymore. Author did justify it like them being overseas, **** and also *******. (Yes, I * on purpose :D)... more>> . Now, with that aside....

Let's start off with the mains:

    1. Female Lead is awesome, strong, ruthless, not Mary Sue.
    1. Male Lead is not refreshing, but tolerable, and gets slightly better as the story goes.
The romance is maybe a little like a slow burn, but also

the relationship starts off without officiating it, like 'I like you, let's go out' sort of thing. So it gets a little stuffy, the romance part, for me. Good thing ML gets better. And yes, our ML ain't the overbearing president. Well, he is, but feels more human. And I'm also a little doubtful why ML started liking her. It felt like he did it more of a personal gain or because she was mysterious. Yes, he stalked or was monitoring her because some things changed after she intervened. Another unsatisfactory point why I don't entirely like the ML. Maybe mildly manipulative, comes off strong.. but who knows. I'm not a huge fan of Overbearing CEO or Dominant ML tropes. So take it with a grain of salt :)


Now, let's get to the real part, the real reason it's hard for me to actually hold back writing this review.

Be warned, the moment you open the spoiler tag, I swear, the fun, the dread and everything that comes along with suspense will be gone. So, when you lose interest or aren't so surprised in reading the novel, don't blame me, please. Plus,

M A J O R spoilers.


The Villain. He doesn't appear so soon and immediately. It's more of a slow introduction and integration so that when he starts appearing as a character involved in the situation, he is already well-built, with our own ideas of what kind of person he'd be. And truthfully, author did amazing on him, so far. One of the most, legit villainy I have ever seen in a Shoujo CN ever. I hope the ending would be good and satisfactory. Goodness, the villain is so nauseatingly greatly written, just thinking of them makes me shiver and have goosebumps. I do NOT ever want to encounter someone like him.

Here are the characteristics, for you to know, especially for the weak-hearted. SPOILER KAY.

    1. Kill people + eat flesh of people (cannibal) (doubtful but possible) + utterly ruthless = immortality or even... reincarnation.
    1. His two faced-ness, maybe even multi-faced
    1. His complete control
    1. Ruthlessness (doubling it so you understand)
    1. Chilling ways to deal with people, past.... anything that gets in his way in the most uniquely subtle techniques...

... and many more to come, if I come out reading this novel alive after.

Goodness, I swear I do not want to end up on this guy's hit list ever.


In short, if given the chance, I think the author would have done amazingly in Supernatural, horror or crime novels. Not for the details... but for the.. things I didn't think could be humanly possible fictionally.

I might not be making sense at the moment, and it's mainly due to my lack of vocab. I don't have the exact word that could describe it, regretfully.

So, read it, if you're strong. Don't if you're prone to nightmares like me. <<less
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Rubyspecs rated it
April 8, 2022
Status: ---
It was nice read, but I guess from the characters to the plot everything seemed a bit 2d.

... more>>

There didn't seemed any specific personality for fl, like she accepted her situation and went with the flow, discovered the relic and decided to pay back by using it. She stayed low key and then at one point felt being low key is making her passive and weak. She was just going with the flow all the time. Acting whenever getting an opportunity arises.

And about her moral stance over deals with exchange for emotion, she herself didn't knew, like she wasn't clear cut neither she was in dilemma. She said if she didn't even help her friend despite being weak then what will happen to her bottom line. And while in another occasion she thought it has nothing to with her what happens to the dealer. And her justification for not disclosing the complete consequences of her deals to the dealer after losing emotion seemed very pretentious, like what the heck was she saying she herself didn't knew.

Like it was clear both FL and ML are not good people, but both of them never had a personality



And ML was even more 2d than FL, a typical op ceo with unreadable mind who thinks 'She is interesting ' after observing FL by chance and gets closer to her to discover her secrets and eventually gets attracted to her. The interactions and chemistry was bland to be frank. No sparks no tension.



And the plot idk what was happening in the plot, people and characters spoke vaguely what's truth what'slie who is keeping an eye on whom, once the matters were done no details were disclosed, especially in regards with ml, Idk if there was any special direction given to the plot..... and FL was like yup let's ģet the deal done and don't pay attention to rest of the stuff. It felt more like slice of life.


It never dealt with emotions or relations closely. Neither of the leads nor of the characters with them. It dealt with the big families, their messy and tangled relationships, putting and scheming each other for benefits, power or money. It gave off the feeling as if the reader is standing and observing all things occur indifferently from far far away, watching dolls acting out a play, unable to immerse into the plot nor with the characters.

In short the novel was indeed nice to read but it was plainly weird. <<less
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wethairdampskin rated it
May 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Well well well.

FL has personality that I really like. I adore her level headed attitude, one of the most reasonable FL that i've ever met. Her moral grey character also amazingly presented.

The romance is sweet and strong. Not too much drama on the romance bcs both, FL and ML are mature. There are some obstacles, but those obstacle give good amount of spices to their relationship.

And of course it has ... more>>

a happy ending


I like this kind of supernatural plot. I read most of the chapters using MTL so I'm not confident to thoroughly reviewing about the supernatural aspect because some confusing sentences. But all in all I enjoy every little bit of this novel <<less
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March 31, 2021
Status: Completed
Aight, I finished this within 2 days using mtl. Fortunately the mtl is not confusing at all, its readable.

First MC's character is very nice. Just to my taste. She knows what she wants and she knows where she stands. And dont give that much sh*t about other people other than people who 1, close to her. 2, people who may be a threat to her.

The ML is not abusive or pushy. From my perspective and lots of comparing with other MLs, he's definitely a decent one.

Now one of my fav... more>> chara, MC's bestfriend Bai Mian. She's a total crush guys. She knows what she wants and definitely has standard lol. She's a loyal friend and was always there for MC. She lends a hand to her friend without any question. Plus, she married her butler lol. Whose according to them very handsome, knows how to cook and is a total eye candy.

For the plot I can say that it is well written.. It doesnt have cultivation world elements. I think it leans more in supernatural genre. Anyway. It goes like this, Susu got this bowl and with the bowl she can grant a wish for someone in exchange of something like lifespan, anger, sorrow or your love or filial piety.

her mother exhange her lifespan for wealth. Supposedly only the owner can do that. However, The cat whose the guardian of the bowl agreed to the mother because he's too weak and really needs anything he can get.

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