Trafford’s Trading Club


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Luo Qiu became the boss of a ‘club’ by chance.

It was a weird club that sold strange items and with a servant girl that had 300 years of working experience. Countless people with dreams, hopes and ambitions came to the club to exchange anything precious they own for what they want. They would offer their lifespan, items, and even their soul. Every successful trade would increase Luo Qiu’s lifespan by a little.

“Tribute successful, your lifespan has increased by 99 years.”

As thus, Luo Qiu began his endless life as the club’s boss.

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apsisodia rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: c1350
(bear with my English)

This is Not a hidden gem. This is rated so highly because some people read only first 400 chapters or so. Sure, the beginning was interesting but gradually story became dull, boring and sometimes very annoying.

MC is Omnipotent, he can do anything if you pay enough price like soul or lifespan etc. So he is like a spectator, he doesn't interfere in events. He watches how people make choices under different circumstances. He is neither evil nor good. If you want good and kind MC... more>> then don't pick it.

So the novel is filled with different episodes-like-storylines. Some are good and some are very boring story arcs.

Time pace in the novel is slow. For 1350 chapters only 1 year passed in the story. In a story where people are talking in thousands or even millions of years in time units, this pace is extremely slow. Think of it like this, MC mentioned in around 300th chapter that he will go to heaven to collect due rent in 3 years. As of yet 1300 chapters, only 1 year passed. I'm still waiting for it to happen.

Story is a wasted potential. MC can travel to multiverse. He has infinite worlds in front of him full of wonders yet author wrote over 1200 chapters with him being most of the time in a small region in China. Premise of story is interesting but author wasted it.

Lastly, Novel is full of silent Chinese propaganda. In the story Chinese dragon is invincible in the world, she can even scare gods of other religion. Western superhumans and magicians are even afraid of entering china. *Cough* author wrote that Chinese government is best government in the world, China is a peaceful country. Etc.

So this is a below average novel and definitely not a hidden gem like some people are claiming it to be. I only read over 1300 chapters because I'm bored at home due to coronavirus. Maybe I rated it so low because I had high expectations. You can read it, just don't expect much from it. <<less
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Alexander Valdimir
Alexander Valdimir rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c109
If you had a strong desire in life, what would you sacrifice to achieve it? Would you offer a body part, your emotions, or perhaps your soul to the devil. In the end what you desire may certainly be achieve regardless of what it is, only if you're willing to pay the price.

This is a novel of a man who holds something akin to the devil power, granting wishes for those who desires. Fulfilling the wishes of the granted, and how humanity can be seen with a devil or a... more>> savior. Like reading a series of tragedies, of how grace isn't given for free.

This novel to put it lightly could be describe as a watchmen who oversee the endless tragedies that happens everywhere. Or more bluntly, akin to watching how humanity tests our own limits. This novel showcases that tragedies will strike upon everyone living in this world. That there are some people who will experience a more saddening tale wishing upon a god to come their aid. Impartiality of tragedies comes into play as no matter how wealthy, famous, or powerful, it'll come down upon you testing the limit of your humanity.

Novel would be a recommended for any psychological, drama, and Seinen fans. More for those who are interesting in mature novel about Human nature. <<less
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Trent rated it
May 10, 2017
Status: c32
It's been really enjoyable so far. We get into the meat of the story from the first chapter, so you don't have to force yourself through a long introduction. The world-building is more "show and suggest" than "tell and force down readers' throats." And it flows so smoothly; rather than splitting the plot entirely into separate story arcs or missions, it offers a more authentic moment-to-moment view of the MC's activities. And unlike in many other novels, the difficulty, complexity, and rewards of trades and missions don't seem to artificially escalate as the MC gets stronger. Instead, the world proceeds as it does, and the MC decides what he can and can't get involved with, and chooses how to go about doing things (with his assistant's help and advice, though she'd prefer for him to be more self-sufficient).

The MC's assistant-cum-teacher is interesting and discreetly funny. The MC himself has a good mentality: he understands that he's become (sort of) immortal and (sort of) tied to the Club, yet he's not angsting about it nor forcing himself to change. Instead, he'll let his personality change naturally over time, and he'll enjoy what he has while he can, and won't let this new world scare him. Actually, he has fun taking advantage of people's perceptions to appear especially mysterious, to seem more badass than he has yet become because why not?

He's curious and calm, very well suited for his position. At the same time, his likable personality may be a weakness of the novel. He's so calm, so well-suited for his position, that he doesn't really have to grow into his function. Sure, I'm glad he's not whining about it or messing things up, but I'd like to see some character growth, or even better, for his personality to continuously change over the decades. As it is, he's pretty much static. His zombie-doll assistant seems to have more room for transformation than him, actually. Not sure how much of her personality is a front, though...
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longshot3990 rated it
April 9, 2017
Status: c10
Very interesting and mysterious story. MC has to constantly make deals with people in order to be able to run the trading house and live. He meets very weird being and regular people then makes trades with them. He also is currently living a normal life apart from when he gets a new customer. Overall this story is very promising in terms of what can pop out of any corner. Cant wait for a new chapter.
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FIEND rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: c923
I understand erstand why people are attracted to this series, but at the same time I understand why they dropped the translations

Other people wrote a far better indepth analysis of this novel, so I wont go into that. What I do want to say is that, this novel is really so paced more philosophical type novel where it doesn't really focus on the MC but rather how the mc's powers/job/decision makes lasting ripples in his universe.

It has its irritating moments like his young step mom who creates cringe moments or... more>> the borderline annoying "sweet whispers" he does with that puppet servant of the club. ISTG if he whispers one more f*cking time ill rip his vocal cords out.

Its borderline irritating for someone who was going in for a full blown action fantasy mystery type of story or something close to LOTM.

With nearly 1000 ch under my belt, I can safely say that my irritation for this novel and intrigue have reached a nice balance, and I'm stuck in this painful limbo of wanting to drop but dont wanna drop in order to unveil secrets.

Someone help me <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
July 9, 2017
Status: c78
This is Mango approved. Nothing less, nothing more.

First of all, the setting. Modern day with fantasy elements. And we got tons of macabre elements. Not to mention.. This is hard-core seinen.

At first glance, it might look like a regular series, with MC getting OP powers and then living his life.

But this is far from it. First of all, it is kinda like episodic, with arcs rather than episodes. However, each new character is developed beautifully. We see a reason for their struggle, and also.. we see why they are willing... more>> to strike the deal with the devil.

However, you never feel disappointed when they disappear after the arc. Why? Because there is a good chance that they might come back in a future arc. Yes, c78 and I can confirm it. And even if they don't come back, it implies that they originally got a good ending. note that good doesn't mean positive. it can even be tragic or something. But basically, their character is resolved.

Between all of these great characters, we have the MC. So far, he can be termed as semi-beta. However, his mindset is very carefree... He is willing to accept that the world is not full of roses. However, I will say that so far the MC doesn't really come off as a strong character. Then again... the 'supporting characters' themselves are pretty well-written, meaning that there is every chance for the character of the MC to be further explored.

There is no real romance, but there is a.. romantic sub-plot (?)... Just, don't go in looking for some romance. There is some cuteness though.

Are there any negatives? Probably. So far, at c78 we are still easing into the plot with no real vision on any ambition or something. meaning that this can potentially turn into an endless SoL type story. But I am actually willing to give it a try even if that happen. Why? because of the seinen elements. The author is doing a really good job. This novel might just slightly remind you something like death Parade (not really).

Also, in CN... If something tarts this well, it almost always gets bad later on. Hoping that this time around, I am wrong.


Also.. the characters really are really lovable when they need to be. And you hate those that you need t hate.


This is Mango approved. I am happy to see something like this being offered by Qidian (Meaning that it is officially translated and hence, good quality TL.) <<less
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BillionJellyfish rated it
November 16, 2018
Status: c425
The summary of the novel is basically this: A university student becomes the owner of a supernatural shop that can fulfill its customers' wishes as long as a suitable price is paid. The MC (university student), receives supernatural powers from the shop such as teleportation, longevity, and others by gifting the shop's "demonic" altar the payment received by its customers. For ex. A customer may wish for a wealthy life in exchange for their soul after death. The MC is essentially an op merchant that has the ability to trade... more>> for any type of requests from its customers as long as the customers have something of value to use as trade. Not all customers use their souls as a trade item, some may trade away their emotions, precious jewels, or even decide to shorten their own lifespan to make their wish come true. As long as the transaction between the MC and his customers is considered "fair" by the shop's demonic altar, anything goes.


The MC's character is very rational, and may even be considered cold/emotionless in some aspects. Because each arc mainly focuses on the customer's request and their side of the story, the MC acts like a neutral character or someone who just watches the show from the sidelines. On occasion, the MC intervenes in his customers' life as a cleanup staff to tie up loose ends, which the MC calls "after-services". By the point of 400chaps, the MC is like the most powerful character in the whole story, able to defeat the evil organization that shows up, able to defeat the last guardian dragon, etc. But the MC doesn't really act outside of his jurisdiction as a "devil trader". The MC is by no means an apostle of justice, he only acts when it involves his customers or his family members.

The other character that often show up in the story is the shop's robot maid. The robot maid served the previous shop owner, so she knows the ins and outs of how the shop generally operate. The maid is also somewhat op in terms of fighting power and knowledge. As time goes on, the maid starts to develop her own personality instead of acting like a monotone robot. Because there are different characters in different arcs, not many characters come back again in the story, and even if they do, it's only for a chapter or two, so it's hard to list all the supporting characters.

Plot Development:

The novel is fairly slow and goes into a lot of minor details/info dumps that may or may not be considered foreshadowing. After 400chaps, the novel is still cloaked in mystery regarding the previous shop owner, the origin of the mysterious demonic altar, the origin of the shop, etc. The MC likes to take his own sweet time with each customer, so in every arc, there is exceptional information regarding the customers' background and the outcomes of the transactions made between the MC. Instead of just focusing on the MC, the novel tend to switch between the customers' life and the MC, with most arcs showing the customers' perspectives.

Overall, the novel is fairly interesting and fresh compared to all the other sci-fi or cultivation novels out there. Because the novel lean more on the horror/mystery/dark side, it may not pique many people's interest, but it never hurts to give this novel a try if you're looking for a nice semi-spooky story. <<less
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cyndor rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: c59
I went into this novel with good expectations since it reminded me of tsukumodo antique shop (they're really not that similar) and I wasn't disappointed. What I enjoyed is how quickly (and seamlessly) this story got things started. From the very first chapter we discover this mysterious shop that sells anything, and everything. That was quick wasn't it? Well, guess what? The second chapter he is already the owner and has his first customer.

The first 100 or so chapters deal with fairly normal trades, and the story of the people... more>> who make those trades, and the MC's day-to-day life. We see how he is a completely different boss than the previous owner, and how he is trying to maintain his humanity and the 'color' in his world.

Someone mentioned how well suited he is for his position as the club owner, but that is not only because of his original interests/personality but also because the club makes it so (I wont spoil it). Both he and his mechanical assistant do change throughout the story (although slowly) so do not think they will remain static and make the story boring.

This story not only deals with humans, monsters, and spirits, but it also takes us to different countries (1 thus far). No matter how accurate the portrayal is, at least the author tries to get out of his comfort zone and show us something different. This is a definite recommendation from me, and I would say to read the first 10-20 chapters to decide whether you would like to continue reading. <<less
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Gorgeously Large Panda
Gorgeously Large Panda rated it
August 26, 2019
Status: c200
The stepmom is a huge turnoff in this novel. Not only is she super young which allows for certain major adult phantasies, she's also over-the-top nosy in her stepson's love life, going so far as making up scenarios in her head about all the girls her son meets. The weird thing is, the MC for some reason never clears up this misunderstanding and even plays along, which creates a lot of awkward and cringe-worthy moments.

A novel relying on annoying misunderstandings for comedic reliefs is a weak and cheap novel.

Go read... more>> Lord of the Mysteries if you want an actually good mystery novel. <<less
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wiltheavatar rated it
March 15, 2020
Status: c1830
Hands down best story I’ve ever read. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen this series in the rankings for a very long time before one day clicking into it, and it opened up a whole new world for me.

This story is extremely similar to that one anime xxxholic, not gonna lie, I do believe the author was inspired by it, but it has transcended it. It is basically about the MC becoming God, not a god, but big G. He’s essentially omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and you might wonder, “ oh jee,... more>> that sounds super boring” except it isn’t.

This book essentially explores the mentality of someone who’s transcended mortality, how his views over mortal things has become distorted as he becomes the highest tiered being in existence.

It explores everyday problems of people, and like the synopsis says, he makes deals with them, which more than often ends up teaching his customers a lesson of some sort, well he also gains a little mor insight into ordinary people.

I’d say the characters are very well developed, and a lot of characters are recurring unlike many wuxia novels ditching established characters, and is certainly enjoyable if it wasn’t hosted on a paywall site.

10/10 recommend for people to read, but a fair warning, there’s little to no fighting if that’s what you’re looking for, its more of a philosophical piece of a guy watching everyone else trying to cling onto what’s left of his humanity. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wand148 rated it
February 4, 2018
Status: c37
Eh, not my cup of tea. The wording is really hard to read and the idea’s something I’ve seen before in anime, so I’m not really that impressed. If you watched xxxholic, it’s basically the same thing, except with cultivators.

The main character’s too emotionless so it gets pretty boring. I get that he’s supposed to be a kind of “devil merchant” but he seems too soft and indifferent to be intimidating.

It seems to lean on other characters but, I don’t know, I just feel no sense of attachment to any... more>> of the characters in this novel.

It developed a nice eerie atmosphere so, that’s cool. I just think that if you want to find something as insightful as this, you could look at some psychological genre anime. Try as you like though, maybe it’ll be different for you.

Not my cup of tea and really hard to read imo <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BumChikiBum rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: c1876
One of the most unusual chinese LN out there. You have an MC who is too OP that everything seems as easy as flicking your finger.

He can give you unlimited wealth. He can give you artifact weapon. He can give you a prolonged life. He can resurrect the death. He can jump to another side of the earth, dimension, realm, or another sub-world in a second. He can comeback to the past and change the future. But, all of it come with a price. No free lunch in this world,... more>> even for the MC himself.

That's why, even though MC can life for another day, another year, he keeps his mysterious shop open. Because, each of his days is getting sucked by a mysterious altar with an unknown origin as a price to be the Boss of the shop.

As the boss of a mysterious shop, he started to interact with so many unusual and fantasy-like things in and outside of the earth. Dragon, Beastman, Demon, Cultivator, Magician, Holy Knight, Orc, Mermaid, Elf, Fairy, Vampire, Angel, Void Creature, God, Mythical Being, Hell and Heaven Dweller, etc.

Each one of them are the strongest fantasy being, but in front of the Boss, his maid and the mysterious shop, they are nothing. Thus, start the adventure of the MC together wih his maid, searching for costumers, to keep his own life and unravel all of unanswered things that come to him. <<less
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GDLiZy rated it
December 23, 2017
Status: c200
I'm sorry, I accidentally voted 4 even tho it is 5 stars.

Anyway, let's begin.

Think about people who made trades with devils by trading their soul for satisficing their own wishes, it's unbelievable, isn't it?

... more>> But you never consider it from their perspective, that what kinds of emotions they are experiencing that made them so desperately to gain their wishes and fell to the bottom of the abyss.

Are those wishes of them more valuable than their souls?What kinds of consequences would they face after the trades?Even if they traded their souls, was it enough?Will they ever trade with the devils again?

This is not a story about adventuring and exploring the beauty of the world, this is the story about the agony of those people who, in the end, crumble onto themselves and finally made trades with the devils.

This story showed us the dark side of humanity, and those who lived inside it, it showed us why they would be willing to trade with the devils instead of giving up and die an agonizing death.

End of this humble one opinion. <<less
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deathcoy rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: --
Its an interesting take on the xuanhuan and fantasy genre. It feels more of slice of life with episodic arcs rather than a having a concrete main plot as a whole. However theres quite a lot of wasted potential as author did not take advantage of the fascinating setting and premise he created.

Apsisodia's review is pretty much accurate. Most of the high ratings are due to readers who have only read the first few hundred chapters of the novel. If this novel has much lesser chapters and concluded early, it'll... more>> probably score higher in my books. The narrative's idea is basically akin to a "deal with the devil", our protagonist being the devil, pretty strong and feared, who provides services or wishes in exchange for payment like souls to extend his own lifespan. The story is morally ambiguous so don't expect good aligned protagonist running a charity, which is a plus for me. I actually like the story concept and also the character, they're pretty unique and refreshing especially with the many tr*sh CN out there. Its engaging at the start with the many mini stories but gets boring and dull pretty quick as these stories get repetitive. The novel overstays its welcome.

It also doesn't help theres not really a consistent main plot, more like it lacks presence. Probably because is focusing more of the devil's slice of life theme I guess.

The world crafted by the author is grand and ambitious, multiple types of fantasy and myths with a myriad of races and different kinds of abilities like magic and cultivation, it feels like a multiverse. However its a missed opportunity on authors part as he does not fully utilize the setting, there are no epic adventures, no legendary escapades, no major plot points, only peddling souls/life. I mean I'm not expecting an epic tale but when you introduce such an impressive setting but ignore it then whats the point right? Anyways, 1000+ chapters down the road and you'll go insane. Of course theres good and bad ministory arcs but eventually it'll become monotonous. Repetitive standalone slice of life mini stories have limited mileage if not done right.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of this genre and open to slice of life concept. I love xxxHolic and it does this genre much better than Trafford's Trading Club as the different aspects of the narrative and writing are well balanced and flow organically to keep the story engaging till the end, which this novel really lacks.

Lastly, there are strong hints of china nationalist pride in the narrative. Just like in novels such as Records of the Human Emperor, its practically china propaganda with them being superior to other religions, myths, nations, history, races or systems. Chinese mythology are the strongest, chinese governance is prosperous and righteous, the chinese are benevolent and have virtuous values while outsiders are the chaotic, unruly and inferior. Ironic considering in reality, modern china does not have a good reputation. The many controversial and reprehensible happenings as well as actions of china, its chinese culture and chinese citizens are testimony to this fact. <<less
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Opaque rated it
February 8, 2020
Status: c547
If you want to feel and experience many colors of life.. I highly recommend this novel. Don't read it too fast or you will lose the meaning. Take your time and savor the flavor.

I'm not a critic so I don't have the skills to review the writing, story building, world building, or any of that stuff. I'm writing this review because I don't want others to miss out on such a great novel. This is coming from the great time I had while reading.

Read spoiler if you want to know... more>> what I think:


The greatest part of this novel was that it was able to make me experience so many emotions. As I read the reviews after I finished with the latest chapter (547), I realized that the protagonist might not be only Luo Qiu. Rather, the protagonist or protagonist (s) might be the customers.

The novel spends a lot of time focusing on what should be called side characters that I not too long realized to be main characters too. We get information into their lives, personality, what they feel, and how they end up through the wishes that comes from their innermost desires. An example would be the latest character, Xue Shao. He isn't powerful nor mysterious. He is only a person with a lingering past yet his story was just so beautiful. The novel spent a good amount of time on what should be an insignificant character, but I feel as though the time that I spent to read about him was not wasted.

The costumers are the main characters, so what would Luo Qiu be considered as? Well, I consider Luo Qiu to be a customer too. Wasn't it already shown in the first few chapters that he had bought the shop? We are slowly getting to experience him as a character. He may seem cold even with the few instances of feelings, but I see him as something so much more. His feelings are slowly getting corroded by the alter (shop), yet he has lingering things that are important to him such as his stepmom, the police officer, Ye Yan, and his past. He wonders to himself from time to time if these important things will slowly fade away with his emotions. It makes me want to read to the end if he really does lose what is important to him and become like the past shop owner. Yet, through all his transactions we can see that he does things differently from the past owner. His world is slowly turning black and white, but hope is given to him.

His hope is the light of the soul. A lot of his transactions end with him seeing the light of the soul. We are shown that he actively reaches out to beautiful endings because it brings light to his black and white world. His actions tell us that he doesn't want to lose himself, that he is striving for his own beautiful ending. The past owner didn't work and is described as a shut-in basically while Luo Qiu goes out, reaches out, and experiences his customer's life.

Additionally, past customers are not forgotten and they have their own place in the overall picture. I wonder if Xue Shao will have his own place in the story as I write this. To give you an idea, there are so many characters to name that already have shown up again even though their transaction is done that I don't even want to bother naming them.

As they show up, I remember their transactions, their stories, and what I felt from them once again. Its like a sort of beautiful nostalgia. Additionally, characters that are important to Luo Qiu are always in the story and the author does this wonderfully in my opinion.

All the characters have their own lives and personality. Not only are they the protagonist of their lives, they are also the protagonists of the story as they are customers.

Reading the novel makes me feel like I have read a bunch the greatest short stories and that they all tie in together to make something even more wonderful.

I wrote this review because I felt a desire to read more chapters and the desire for others not miss out on this novel. I really do wish that all of you who read this review will read the novel and a have great time.

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Okuri Ookami
Okuri Ookami rated it
April 9, 2017
Status: c10
Good novel so far a loner seeks isolation and finds his solitude in a place that offers him (potential) immortality while peeking his interest / hobby of observing the world around him. This is far removed from the usual novels we get on this site and has already made its way on to my favorites list. I'm interested to find out if there is any possible romancing in the future but as far as the first 10 chapters a lot has already happened. I can say that it doesn't start... more>> slow it jumps right into the story and what its about.

The first case will be a little moving and has raised my expectations for the upcoming cases as well. The novel hasn't shown school life but has already setup a possible outcome for the next 10 yrs; all of this in just 10 chapters. Pacing wise I think its a little fast but that's probably because there isn't a need for world building yet. The story is literally happening in the modern era so not much is different.


The world building is more likely to involve the monster and oddities side of the business along with the growth of his powers that allow him to do a multitude of things.


So far the story is a 10

5 - Presented story quality
5 - Story potential <<less
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smokllya rated it
June 24, 2018
Status: c320

One of the few novels that deserves it's ranking of more than four points.

This novel is whole. It is colorful and does not become lost in the tracks of time.

I really like what he did in the lake house 'volume'. That dubious ending was perfect.

The author has been able to build it well and it has not become monotonous after 300 chapters.

One bad thing about the novel would be that ... more>>

apparently he can force a deal on a customer.


Which would be fine depending of your perception of what his role is as the Club Owner.

I recommend this novel for it's mistery component. <<less
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L4 rated it
February 27, 2018
Status: c246

Trafford's Trading Club is a story about a college student who became the club master, which made him the maybe most powerful existence in the story. He doesn't seek to change the world for a better with the power. It is his task to work in the club by making deals. If he doesn't trade, he will run out of time and die. At the same time though he cares about the few relatives and friends he has. And if I had to judge his character I would rather call him a good guy than an evil existence. Although he works mostly for the interests of the club. And thus goes the saying in the story that MC is always On the side of the customer, which sounds like what a very good bUsinesSman would typically say. What makes this a top story is that every little ark feels really touching anD is different. All the new characters in each ark get enjoyable death. Can only recommend this story

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dusk rated it
December 18, 2017
Status: c186
Good story, garbage editing / TLing. (Haven't really checked the original raw yet but pretty sure TL butchered quite a bit and the editing is.. Well let's say it's crap in my eyes)

It was okay before it hit mid 100s but well it's getting worse now, if you don't care about decent english then you can read it tho.

A pretty decent plot but executed brilliantly - something that most web novel authors cannot accomplish, the general outline of the plot does not really advance, in fact it's very... more>> slow but the so called 'side' stories are very important, actually I believe it is the essence of this novel itself.

Sad at times, happy & fun at other times, the story has a mix of both, causing the novel to possess different flavors in one pack. At another time if this novel was in the hands of a better team with decent release speed then it could have been super popular by now.

Really it is one of the better novels that uses the web novel format to good use and did not abuse it. Sadly, well..I guess it's Qidian anyways you can't really expect quality, which is why they are basically the bane of us readers who looks for decent 'english' at the very least. At this point of time I'm dropping this novel and am looking forward to be able to read the raws in 6~9 months maybe then I can write a more concise review without the hinderance of the lacking team behind it holding this novel back. <<less
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Dragon rated it
October 21, 2017
Status: c70
Wow, this story is amazing. It is the only novel that has ever baffled me repeatedly with twist and turns that did not seem forced and unnatural.

The main protagonist kind of reminds me of Lan Jue from Skyfire Avenue, a strong young master of a mysterious shop. While the writing is not as descriptive and fluid as that of Skyfire Avenue, the plot is more intricate and interesting in my opinion. The focus is not on battle or cultivation or anything, but instead on the characters and their interactions. Many... more>> characters are recurring and intertwined with each other, whether through their connection with the club/the protagonist or not.

5/5 for sure, it makes a lot of other wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan novels seem like high school novels.

The one thing that I am wary about is that there are some arcs/subarcs that seem like they were plagiarizing other works of media. For example, there is one subarc that is basically copying Mob Psycho 100 episode 3 (or the corresponding manga chapters). <<less
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