The Aphrodisiac-carrying Man


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Ling Mao Er met a man, his scent smells like ♂ Spring ♂ medicine!

This is a modern monster novel, the monsters all became spirits before the country’s founding.

Gentle, tolerant Gong x Proud, willful Shou, a cute and loving short story.

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Appreciation of Unconventional Plants 1
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jadelin rated it
July 22, 2018
Status: Completed
This is a VERY meng story! Though it is short, it is utterly sweet, fluffy, and a bit smutty at the end. I'm so excited that 自带春♂药的男人was picked up! The title is a bit clever in Chinese, as without the "♂" it is translated as The Man Who Brings Herbal Medicine, but if you take it away, it becomes An Aphrodisiac Man (literally, as Bringing Aphrodisiac Man).

The main character is a tsundere, proud uke and yes, the seme is definitely gentle and super, super tolerant as the summary above mentions,... more>> LOL!

Regardless, the main character, Ling Maoer (凌猫儿) is a Siamese cat spirit who poses a a model for his day job. One day, he meets a photographer, Mu Mu (穆牧), having a smell that is utterly irresistible. Later on, Ling Maoer finds out that Mu Mu lives closeby. Mu Mu's scent bothers him so much, that after the photoshoot, he turns into a cat to sneak over to find out the source of the smell. Mu Mu, unaware that the cat he finds is the very model he's been collaborating with, spoils the cat to bits.

I won't spoil too much, as there isn't that many chapters--but you can be assured the ending is happy and very, very smutty. There is a surprising twist that I didn't see coming though!


Mu Mu turns out to be a Silver vine plant spirit (Actinidia polygama) that is known to elicit euphoric response in cats.... This is why the ending is smutty...


Also, it's worth listening to the audio drama which is... amazing. You can find the link to it here: http://blreview. tumblr. com/post/172009474507/ <<less
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