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Right before his college entrance exam, Mr. Park (the self-proclaimed K) suddenly found himself in a deep forest. There, he fell for the temptation of a witch and drank a potion, turning himself into a small black cat.

At great personal peril, K successfully escaped the witch. In the forest, he met Calix at a cabin and was picked up by him.

Growing up, Calix had not even been able to approach animals and was lonely. When K kept following him, he became enchanted by him and considered him extraordinary. K eventually fell into the crown prince’s hands, and they left for the royal palace…

Will Cat K break the witch’s curse and safely return to his original world? Or will he be instead thoroughly eaten by the crown prince?

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고양이 K
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31 Reviews

May 10, 2018
Status: c22.1
Let me tell you why you must must MUST read this:

—MC is freaking cute (...I'm a straight guy). He's so adorable and his shamelessness exceeded mine.

—There are no boring chapters at all (well, chapters' one to two maybe a bit of tat because the story just only started to progress).

... more>> —ML's interest to MC is not 'boom! you're mine, I love you to death' but instead a steady character progress that isn't too fast nor draggy (don't be afraid of the 'slow romance' tag because it's definitely worth it)

—Because I like the translator-sama's cat (it's a must hehe)

—If you're depressed and need a catforter (cat+comforter... okay I'll stap) then you just need to read this.

I swear it soooo worth it. (I must've sound gay but meh, im gay for cats) <<less
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Nov 23, 2017
Status: c7
This is just adorable and the MC makes a wonderful cat, so wonderful in fact I can't even conceive of him as a human. Every chapter is light-hearted and as a reader you can really feel the catness of everything. The only issue I'm worrying about right now is what the MC is going to be like when he's human since I personally would not want such an independent cat-like personality in a human.
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Mar 13, 2018
Status: c15.2
Simply put, you will either love, love, loveeee the MC... or want to whack him over the head. Seaveral times. (Warning: Such action may, and in fact almost certainly, induce the... ire (to put it lightly) of the ML) As a cat his haughty, own-the-place and bow-before-me attitude is meng, adorable, kawaii. But then you think about how that’s how he also was as a human... ummmm... he would’ve been the canonfodder/prodigal second generation son if he didn’t get turned into a cat. His family spoils him, a lot.

... more>>

One thing he likes to say is, “Because I’m precious”. The tone is dead serious, at least that’s how I felt it was.


And the ML predictably bows to his every whim. Granted he is a cat and being a pet owner I know that feeling. The ML’s intentions aren’t entirely pure though and he isn’t oblivious to the MC’s temperament and actions rather, he doesn’t care.


The ML has never been able to touch a wild animal before the MC, a golden retriever (?) puppy he hugged as a child struggled so much in his arms it snapped its own neck and every other animal, baby and small children were extremely frightened of him. So, the ML’s heart was warmed by the MC and his spoiling became a means to tame the MC and make him never want to leave the ML. When the MC scratched the ML hard enough to draw blood, the ML didn’t snap his neck like he would instinctively do, when the ML saw the MC getting violent instead of thinking to kill the MC like he normally would’ve done he thought of either leasing or caging him to his side or letting him go. But since the MC apologised and acknowledge his wrong, as much as a cat can, and knowing that if he forcefully bound the MC to his side the MC will never be as affectionate as before, the ML chose to spoil him to he point of giving an Imperial heirloom gemstone just for his collar.


What makes me adore the MC, despite his flaws, was that while he was narcisstic, he had a soft side when it came to the ML and he isn’t completely unreasonable.


At one point while he was acting spoilt around the ML he was thinking to the ML to come with him back to South Korea once his curse is lifted and he can go home. He even promised to give him his favourite Cartier watch and the new sports car his grandfather promised to give him as a present for getting into college. It might seem superficial but the tone was sincere and completely and utterly adorable. The MC is vain and narcisstic but he isn’t superficial, he does value the things he like sincerely and treats his family members well. He isn’t shallow, he’s rather considerate at times and his actions are usually quite sincere and honest. He returns the kindness of the ML and doesn’t take advantage of him, it has a give and take vibe, a mutual relationship between them unlike in some novels where the ML is always giving and chasing after the MC.


Still pretty early into the novel right now but I will update again once I got further into it. <<less
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Oct 24, 2017
Status: c3
If you're looking for a light read with a twist of sugary splendid cuteness, then read this! The translation was great and so far I like how smart the cat/MC. Looking forward to the development ~ Five star so far.
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Oct 17, 2017
Status: --
I have no idea why people are disliking this. The story is very cute and well written (as of ch 3). Sure theres no immediate frog prince scene, but the character development is not bad, and the mc's character is as expected of a cat (even if he was human at one point). So, I'm going to keep reading this story until its completely translated!
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Apr 24, 2021
Status: c20
Well good day there,

So this is my first time reviewing story, this is because I'm kind of dissapointed...

Like others with 3 or less stars, my reason is also because of the MC characteristics. At first, it was fine and even interesting. He acted like a cool-headed person (especially when he just suddenly transmigrated and then turned into a cat) with a bit narcissism here and there. But with each passing time, he lost that cool-headed personality (even tho he always regarded himself as 'a cool city cat') and turned... more>> to be some discriminating and scum.

Example 1: he got lost for the first time inside the castel (and he stated: since he felt like 'an adventurous cat'), not only did exhausted himself circling (in the SAME place) but then he scratched the prince till BLEEDING even and BLAMED the prince for making him lost (like... did he tell you to explore the place like you owned it?). But that's not all, he didn't feel like it was his fault that the prince was bleeding, INSTEAD he felt the prince was petty for being angry because of the scratch (imagine that you searched your pet who went off somewhere, then when you found it, you got scrathed in return.).

Example 2: he often HACKED the maids or servants FACES or any body parts that is easy to reach BECAUSE: 1.) they either approach him, touch him (as in want to touch the fur, or bathe it, or brush the fur to smooth it out, since he was a CAT), and 2) (MOST IMPORTANT THING) because they were 'UGLY'. Is this what you called cute?

Example 3: he ONLY wanted to play and be pat by a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN WITH BIG BOMS in front (yes I'm talking about those parts only women have), and he even DELIBERATELY touches them, not once or twice, but SEVERAL TIMES. He also PEEKED at themcwhen they change clothes. Even though he is a cat, but he WAS a human AND he says he was 'a gentleman' (more like a immoral pe*vert). I don't know about others, but I feel disturb by this kind of habits.

Now, the other things that makes me stopped this novel and encourage me to type this review is how SPOILED he was. No kidding, he acted like elementary school kid. He often (not always) made the prince loses his face (in front of everyone). I don't think I need to give the example since you will see it even in the earliest chapter, and it GOT WORSE till I just can't continue it. The thing is, I feel he doesn't really appreciate the gifts he got from the prince (the choker and jewels, even though he wanted to collect them at first for fincancial support, but later he just feel bored with the same choker and jewels. I don't blame this since he is a human and he was wealthy, but hey can you not do it WHILE making the prince loses his face???)

He also see others below him (excluding the prince). This is also irritating for me, since I can't see his talent or skill that makes him above those people, was it just because he was wealthy and looks good? (If so then how narrow-minded).

I got a lot of expectations from this novel since there were many positive reviews, saying this is CUTE FLUFFY novel with MENG LOVABLE MC. The one that ai got was instead HEADACHE.

Other than these things, the plot is quite good with not many plot holes and that instant love. <<less
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Feb 02, 2019
Status: --
this MC.... I'm not a big fan of s*upid MCs and I don't really find them acting like a little kid and needing to be taken care of/ saved from their own actions all the time to be cute. in fact, I find it really annoying. some of the things this guys does is OK as cat, but as a human?? was he borderline special ed? was someone else going to take the college exam for him so he could in? or maybe his overly doting family would just buy... more>> him a place, no passing necessary.

this kind of story, you either like these s*upid, naive, 'shoujo heroines in all ways but physical gender' type MCs or you don't. if you like them, you'll like this story and think its cute. if you prefer intelligent MCs who are equal partners with the ML, than you will probably end up hating this story. it's too bad, since I really like cats and really wanted to like this. <<less
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Oct 06, 2017
Status: c2
i generally avoid korean novels (personal preference) but wow this one looks to be really interesting!! Just the first 3 chapters uploaded have me captivated - especially their interactions omg. "Cute" is such a lacking descriptor. I hope the translations pick up steam -- there is really great potential in it!!!
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Apr 01, 2018
Status: c18
Will certainly give you diabetes es with how fluffy and sweet it is.

The MC is the oresama type of character. Kinda dense but his attitude towards life is so confident ?. I love him. The ML is very nice too. Cares a lot for the MC. Seems to be a tsundere.

This novel is good for some light reading and laughs. Amazing ?.
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Feb 15, 2020
Status: c32
TL;DR: MC is annoying but otherwise it's a cute story so far with good translation.

The story was cute and the MC's sheer shamelessness was hilarious at first. But as the story went on, how haughty and spoiled he was became ridiculous and irritating more than anything else. If this were a story about a true, bona-fide cat, it would make sense - cats are always arrogant pricks - but the MC was originally a human. If he acted even a quarter as spoiled and bratty in his past life, he... more>> probably would have gotten beaten up by delinquents in a back alley.

He literally beat another cat up for being ugly and in the same room as him. What kind of mafia lord was he in his past life? He acted a tiny bit less spoiled after turning into a human, but that was probably just fear of the ML punishing him.


He also acts like a complete lecher.

Every time he sees a woman, he rates them out of 100 points in their attractiveness and refuses to be attended to by anyone ugly. He even insinuates that he grabs and licks women's breasts and they're fine with it. What the hell?

Like seriously, is he a seventy-five year old greasy old man teaching a sixteen year old up and coming star about the unspoken rules of the entertainment industry?

I really feel bad for the ML too. He's so whipped for the cat that he succumbs to every one of the MC's whims, which makes the MC increasingly more unreasonable.

One time he got lost because of his own foolishness then started to claw at ML because he arrived too late in saving him. He's a crown prince. He has other duties to do. He's not your servant. His job isn't to grovel at your feet and do all your bidding whenever you ring for him. Another time, the MC got mad because the ML called another cat by name and clawed at the ML while wailing for the ML to call him by his name too. At the same time, he can't tell the ML his real name and refuses to be called any other names. The MC even got mad at the ML for something that happened in his dreams.


Outside of the shitty characters, I rather like the book. It's fluffy and cute (every time the MC shuts up), and since there's been little plot development so far, it's just fluff and more fluff. Very heartwarming. By chapter 32, the plot was starting to pick up, but it just wasn't particularly interesting to me. I'd long anticipated the direction the story was going to take, but this is not necessarily a negative point because I'm sure others would find the plot fascinating. The translation is fantastic, too.

However, due to the lack of plot (which starts to develop around ch. 30), there's a heavy focus on characters. There's a severe lack of developed characters, so the only real characters in the story are a spoiled brat and his "Sugar Daddy Crown Prince." If someone switched this story with one about a busy single mother who doesn't know how to parent and just gives their child anything they want to compensate for her poor parenting skills, I don't think I'd be able to tell the difference. This story would need to show signs of some serious character development before I would consider continuing to read it. The MC is just too annoying to me and the plot isn't interesting enough to overlook his personality. <<less
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Aug 07, 2019
Status: c37
Honestly, it seriously intrigues me that this novel got such a high rating. Especially before he transformed into a cat, the selfish mentality of the MC is just way too much. Causing trouble for other people, being unreasonable, etc. Like yes that's a cat's behaviour, and it's cute for a cat, but at the end of the day MC used to be human. All that "because I am precious" used to be cute, but after reading it for the nth time it's really too much.

Seriously, him as a human must've... more>> been unbearable. Imagine, during meals he gets spoonfed from his mom and grandma, he sits on his grandparents' laps all the time, he can't get dressed properly by himself; he's supposed to be a college student, for goodness sake! It's way too ridiculous.

The story got better after he became a human I think. Mainly because knowing MC is getting taken advantage of too makes me feel less bad when he causes trouble for others lol.

Also, as a whole the developments are pretty boring. As an avid reader of slice of life stories, I like uneventful days, but they're usually carried by the amusing personalities of the main characters. In this case, it felt way too mediocre. <<less
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Mar 26, 2018
Status: c14
This is a well written novel. Anyone will love this adorable story about Cat K. Unless you hurt animals. Anyways this is a great story to pick up give it some support. No one knows about this novel!
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Aug 19, 2018
Status: c31
Uuuuugh this story is too cute!!! \ (@A@) /

MC is an adorable, spoiled, proud, kinda dumb tsundere. (Either his personality became more catlike after the curse or he was a cat in his past life.)

And ML is exactly the kind of yandere I like most. (So kind and caring (to MC at least), and MCs wellbeing is more important any murderous rampage he may want to go on, so far at least.)

Heavily recommended to all Yandere lovers. And BL lovers. And cat lovers. Heavily recommended to everyone.
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Mar 13, 2019
Status: c33.2
It's cute, funny, interesting, and with a simple plot so the reading is light. The ML is a bit yandere with everyone except the MC so he has no idea how is the ML in reality XD

I hope the translator didn't drop the novel but anyway I think I will try mtl'ing the rest.
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Feb 18, 2019
Status: c33.2
Unbelievably cute. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
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Jan 13, 2019
Status: c33.2
My face hurts so much from laughing and smiling at this. I couldn't stop reading and kept reading for however many hours it took for me to get from the prologue up through chapter 33.2. The MC is hilarious. He is a poor historian and describes everything going on in a narcissistic manner. He thinks he is all that and a bag of chips, which is super-cute in a kitty-cat but less so in a human. Supposedly, he was preparing for college entrance exams prior to crossing over into this... more>> fantasy world, but he acts and thinks so childishly that he comes off as much younger than he should be. It looks like the transformation warped his brain. When in his cat form, he doesn't act quite cat-like; in his human form, he doesn't act quite human-like. I normally dislike MCs like this, but, as the side-characters describe him, he's "dumb but clever." He constantly gets into all sorts of mischief that leave me not knowing whether to laugh or cry--I usually end up laughing with tears at the corners of my eyes.

The ML yandere is a pe*vert preying on the MC, but the MC hasn't really noticed it much yet. Since he treats the MC as his lovey-dovey pu*sy cat, the MC thinks of him as a super-sweet and nice but lonely guy. It turns out he's rather merciless and only shows this side to the cat, leaving everyone else terrified of him and this naive MC walking right into his embrace.

I'm looking forward to how the plot turns out and how everything gets connected in the end.

This is a must-read for any cat-lover, and the comedy is fantastic. <<less
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Mar 10, 2018
Status: c15.2
Well written and rather interesting. MC is cute and even though he was turned into a cat he still kept his unique personality, which made him the most perfect cat. It is cute, funny and it is not rushed. The characters develop and the ML is falling so deep that there is no saving him and that’s usually what happens when you have a cat.
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Oct 02, 2022
Status: --
MC is annoying, arrogant, condescending, pretentious, thinks everyone is below him and isn't worth his care or attention because he serves as the princes cat (isn't even doing a v good job w it) AND he's so judgy too?

Like he can't possibly be served by anyone "ugly and flatchested" oh no how terrible.

Like really.... im so mad rn because I had sm expectations for this novel w the reviews, hoping to relax and make myself happier from a bad day but I only got a MC who is praised... more>> for being "meng" ONLY cause he's a cat and who otherwise, if a human (which he is lol) WOULD BE A SPOILED, PERVERTED, ARROGANT, IMMATURE BRAT <<less
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Aug 12, 2018
Status: c30
Laughter in every chapter.

This is so funny and cute. And fluffy. Love it
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Mar 15, 2022
Status: --
One of the novels that made me, a reader, feel that this should be how a human turn to a cat should do and act. I really love this novel especially the mind monologue of the MC and it made you feel that you are really lower than him, a cat.😂😂😂
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