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The jellyfish is one of the oldest lifeforms on Earth.

On this day, a jellyfish that was deeply asleep woke up, walking into the human world.

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readerz rated it
May 10, 2018
Status: c16
This a lovely heartwarming story. The summary doesn't describe the actual setting so let me give you a short summary. In modern day China, numerous cultivators and spirit beasts (also called demonic beasts) are at peace and live in human society. The humans have no idea that these supernatural creatures exist and showing any powers or alarming humans is not allowed.

Spirit beasts are all kinds of beasts who attained spiritual enlightenment by cultivating. The ones who can live in human society are those who can transform into a full human... more>> form.

In my opinion the setting is very unusual and unique. I've not read such an interesting blend of modern and supernatural elements in a Chinese BL story before.

The main characters of this story are an ancient jellyfish and a fox. Both have human forms. Their interactions are cute. Don't expect insta-love.

The fox, along with many other supernatural beings, is a young, somewhat popular but new actor. There's a lot of stuff about TV shows, acting, show business, commercials, etc. If you like that sort of thing.

IMO, this story is 100% worth reading! <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: c18
This is a funny, light-hearted modern-day monster Xianxia acting slice-of-life series that doesn't focus on romance as being the base of the story. Instead, it focuses on the whole cast and their shenanigans and interactions as well as their individual developments. The MC is a fox who has been moderately successful throughout his life and works as a third-rate actor. The jellyfish is a creature who has been alive as long as Earth has, and he's working as a transparent bodyguard for the fox while struggling through college entrance exams.... more>> Another actor is a cultivator who has put a bounty on the fox's head when he was out of the country, and yet another cultivator is a young girl trying to mix with modern humans while working as an actress. The are other actors, directors, and staff members as well--and some of them are normal humans wondering what the heck is going on.

There are many other funny characters, and they are hilarious when brought together.

Each of the characters has his or her own weaknesses, making their interactions even more engaging. There is no excessive face-slapping or painfully arrogant characters often seen in Xianxia, which is a relief. <<less
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Meow4meow rated it
April 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Pure and logical fluff. It's really hard to find fluff that's not completely nonsensical and sticky. Our MC is smart but not outrageously smart, he's cute but not s*upid or naive. I cant explain how much of a gift that is, I dont have to keep wondering what happened to the mc's IQ. The ML is absolutely cute and endearing, a little overpowering. Idk why no one mentioned that its mpreg. They adopted a artic fox and had a fox fish son I guess. This is must read.
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May 19, 2018
Status: c16
It took a very special mind to mesh the elements of this series all together and somehow make it work. The setting is probably one of the most unusual I've read and Lord Jellyfish is by far the most unique take on a character. This almost reminds me of Spirited Away, with the aspect that extraordinary beings are doing pretty mundane tasks, but instead of being centered around a bathhouse, this is more global and modern, more like the epilogue of Yu Yu Hakusho.
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Aria rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: Completed
Seriously wish I can give this more than 5 stars!!!

This is so unique, so good, so funny too!

Setting is modern day world (now), with inhuman creatures blending in with the human society... but even so they're still not!human in the end.

Expect a lot of "plot twist" because their line of thought is not the same as us normal human xD

The only complain I have is that it's too short Q__Q!
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Berenice96 rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: c16
I truly think that this novel deserves more attention... So far it's on a funny and lighthearted side, so I would recommend it if you're looking for something to brighten your mood. The plot is hilarious and unpredictable. There are some ridiculous situations but overall it's nicely balanced. Both of characters are likable. Our fox shou is in reality quite an innocent soul, but it doesn't make him goody two-shoes, and he's certainly not a (dreadful) Mary Sue type. As for the jellyfish gong, he's a really powerful individual, but... more>> he doesn't abuse his power if it comes to shou (he does have a protective streak instead). Although their interactions are cute and entertaining, I think that a romance itself is going to be a slow-burn. It's going to take some time for them to realize their feelings... Personally I'm looking forward a showbiz part and I hope it will be more developed in the future chapters.

For now, I'm giving this novel 5/5 rating. It's like a breath of fresh air among transmigration and reincarnation danmeis (but don't get me wrong, I love transmigration and reincarnation). Anyway, give it a chance. This novel will make you see jellyfishes in a new light ;) <<less
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Birdy rated it
February 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I don't remember when I had finished reading this novel, but I remember how warm I feel and the fun I got as I read. I remember reading this in my class when I was in junior high. Now that I'm in college, I accidentally saw this again.

It's definitely worth reading but I suggest reading it in one go, let the tl stack.

Although it has its flaws where some important points are abruptly changed and forgotten, it is still an easy read.
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Melange rated it
June 15, 2020
Status: Completed
The beginning of this novel very interesting and had a lot of promise. It was fairly decent up until the first half. But after MC and ML got together, whew, it took a dive right into the ocean and flew into space... literally. The "big twist" in the middle of the novel is really where it all starts to crash. There were a lot of potential plot points that were set up to be major episodes that ended up being settled in a matter of sentences.

... more>>

For instance, MC's dark past where he and Butterfly Yan opposed each other to prop up their own monarch was brought up as a casual conversation. All of MC's efforts to become a celebrity? Forget about that in the 2nd half of the story, that part of the plot flew away. Cultivators, who are they again?


It's fluffy... I guess, but I didn't appreciate how the story of two animal spirits ft. one billions of years old cnidaria turned into an Overbearing-President-Loves-Me novel. <<less
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July 16, 2022
Status: c1
... I should have kept my curiosity in check. It truly killed the cat. This novel was so.. underwhelming.

I really had so much hope for this and was hoping for a cute novel about a Jellyfish. However, the first 10 chapters I was praying the MC wasn’t the MC because he just seemed more like a background character and I was hoping for him to be a side character and the Jellyfish the MC.

My wish wasn’t granted and instead I got the blandest CP ever. The jellyfish was cool for... more>> a while and I found his curiosity very fun but the MC was kinda lame and boring. His moods also switched up incredibly fast and parts of the plot points were skimmed over so quickly I couldn’t even believe it was a plot point.

I couldn’t tell if this was supposed to be an entertainment novel, cultivation novel, or interstellar novel because Aliens? hello? what sense did that make to randomly throw in?

i actually regret reading this. Luckily it took a day to get through since the chapters were so short. Idk if I’ll be interested in the Extas either.

3.4. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: Completed
First Impression; never thought the Jellyfish is the ML...

Especially because the MC did not gave out a Protagonist Aura in the first chapter. I thought the Fox was a side character that just happen to be shown as the first character. Lol (you know, the kind of first character that was shown being chased and then killed or injured and only shown again much later in Horror or Thriller or Action/Adventure movie. MC gave out that feeling in the first chapter. IM SORRY LMAO🤣)

ANYWAY back to the actual story... more>> review.

The main point is.... This novel is so out of any expectations. BEYOND Anything you could ever Expect!

It's not Just about Jellyfish as Beast Spirit Cultivating is a rare thing to be written. It's THE WAY the Author Delivers the Story!!! Absolutely Truly Epic Win!!!

And the way the story progress from This to There... It does not NOT make sense. It's Odd but the story flows was not flowing weirdly. In some way, the many Epic moments were Oddly Make Sense. I mean it just Works! It Works and it's Good!!!

Seriously... You wouldn't expect how this novel goes.

And so far.... I truly LOVE IT!!!


Updated at 17 August 2022:

IT'S PERFECT~!!! It's Perfect the way the story goes and ended ~

It's keep their Epicness and Hilariousness! It's Cute and also Heartwarming! It's Truly Lovely and Absolutely Great!

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Pinku3B rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: Completed
I can't find a suitable adjective to define this story. The basic story is very interesting but the worldview of the universe is not defined, so it's like a cluster of ideas tied together conveniently (and sometimes very precariously) to try to form a story. Nothing makes sense. You often feel like a plot line is developing and the writer suddenly abandons it and moves on to something else. There are many "black holes" in the plot, and only the protagonists have an incomplete but concrete line in the story,... more>> the rest of the characters "come and go" according to the convenience of the plot, without defining them. Despite all this, I must admit that it's very well written, so the reading is fluid. I really regret that the story and characters haven't developed better because they really had a very interesting base and ideas that are rarely captured. Very good translation, the rest of the story can be read in MTL. My score is 3☆ for the interesting ideas of the writer, and for the translation effort. <<less
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Morfzine rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Just a heads up, my review will contain many spoilers so be warned.

First time reading this I thought it will be a rather serious plot, but actually this is just a fox living his life and meeting the jellyfish (ML). So yeah, it's a pretty easy read and has a lighthearted kinda feeling, though..... more>>

there's a dark undercurrent as most of the cast HAS lived a long live, it still retains the easy going vibe but there will bits of their past deeds that we can treat as easter eggs cuz the author don't explain past that haha.


To those that hoping a entertainment business story (as MC IS an actor) :


It's not that much, tho I am personally not too disappointed as they already said, they are actor second, demon first, so acting is just a side gig, most of them are rich as f*ck anyway, the part when MC is shooting for a certain brand is a week worth of laughs.


About MC:


A smart fox with balanced IQ and EQ pretending to be mediocre and dense/easygoing. It's a shame that the author doesnt explain more about his dark past and bad deeds especially as he most probably really infamous back then too (he has a lot of enemies that, then again, has no follow up from author). I mean, there's the thing with with his multiple human masters, him killing someone's parent, an implied murders/revenge?, and the mysterious official's daughter that had saved him back then.


About ML:


Pretty decent ML, a bit cute too, but has a disease that most mpreg ML with animal theme has, called "hating his kids" (he's the one that keeps the child in his belly tho, like a penguin lol). Other than that, he has a lot of brains but not the kind of super genius type, just can multitask more efficiently and remember more memories like a flashdisk. Oh yeah and he's like super dense, can't understand his feeling with all of his brains until MC's sister had a talk with him.


About the overall story (mainly about the ending) :


Before MC and ML dating, it's about the demons/immortal communities in modern world, I had a great laugh reading it, and then a bit of conflict cuz MC is cultivating pure type ways or something but want to lose his virginity to ML which will makes it harder to ascend. And then for some reasons there aliens too?? like wtf, it's fine if there's a follow up no matter how absurd it is or just too add length to the romance but it do zero thing to the plot, in other words, no reason for it to be in the plot other than the ending humanities goes to other planets.... Not that annoying though cuz it takes no more than 10 chapter and it's at the very end of the story so just treat's it as extra lol.


About the author:


Man, this story feels so rushed that, like I'm sure the dark undercurrent will surfaces for a bit with many implications that the author drops, or y'know, explain all MC's dark past, and mystery at the very least, in the stories. So here's the theories I came up with:

a. making a story with dark setting but light hearted vibe is hard without making it a chaotic mess, so author gave up halfway

b. real life problem so author gotta rush it

c. they had forgotten the things that they write previously and want to open a new novel

So I checked the author page in jjwxc and apparently their most popular works is derivatives/fanfic, soo no wonder. Hey but I might read their other modern fantasy works, if there's any :D


My final thought:


With this many errors, why I still gave it a 5 stars you said ? well you see, the novels that i've read recently is worse than this so I guess I'm in a good mood when finding this decent read ?. Anyway, at least this novel doesnt give you a lot of background story about a 2d antagonist that will probably be killed in the near future, infodump about a character that has just appears and never be heard of after, and this novel has logical order of storyline (you know which novels I'm talking about if you have read tons of modern fantasy BL haha). I have a great time reading it and it left a not so bad aftertaste so it's a 5 stars in my book :)

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kogamo rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: v35
Lovely story. The ML and MC are both great characters and the world building brings a really refreshing modern take to the traditional "cultivator realm" trope. Translations are also excellent. Unfortunately looks like future releases for translations are slow/unlikely but regardless I highly recommend this!
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Honefuusen rated it
July 17, 2020
Status: c31
I wanted to give it 5 stars for how chaotic this novel was, lol. It has so much potential for a really cool xianxia modern danmei novel. The setting and characters are really good but it took the romcom route and abandon all hope.

It was entertaining anyway. A good choice to read in my free time.
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