Kill the Lights


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Mason was a mercenary, until the day he died on a mission after being betrayed by his unit.

At the same time, there was a Hollywood actor named Haley Lusk. While famous as a child actor, as an adult, he grew addicted to drugs and s*x. With a nasty personality and sub-par acting ability, Haley was disliked, yet he still confessed to Noah Raycarlton in front of the world causing him to be hated by most people. Then one day, he suddenly had a heart attack and died.

Noah Raycarlton is the young CEO of a big company. Though not a celebrity, his mother was an immensely popular actress. Due to his good looks and kindness, he is loved by everyone.

Mason thought he was dead for sure, but he woke up in the hospital full of people he didn’t know. They told him that they were his family and called him Haley. He was so confused, and people told him that he had a heart attack due to overdose and died for a while.

He realizes that his soul went inside of this Hollywood actor Haley Lusk, and he decides to live a second life. But because of things that Haley did, he has a difficult time with Noah and other people. Mason finds out right away that in his old life, he knew Noah as a child.

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킬 더 라이츠
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New AllShipper rated it
April 30, 2024
Status: --
Hmm. I was expecting more, tbh. I couldn't immerse myself in the story because of the translation. It was quite mid and I was trying to keep up with my brain. However, I think part of it comes from the author.

It was okay. It has some unrealistic settings though.

Eg, the casual daily usage of helicopter. How??😅 Also, the part where Mason used an actual gun on the set with no criticism. I understand his intention but real harmful objects on a film set are dangerous! And such justification is low for that action. The award show and interviews, etc.


There are some parts that felt missing too. The romance was okay too, I guess. I don't want to analyse deeply into their relationship.

Well, it was an okay read.
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RedHorn rated it
December 5, 2018
Status: sidetrack 4 part1

Written and translated well enough that its hard to put the novel down after you start reading it. Main issue for me is the characters. I dont see the romance at all tbh. Basically Mason a mercenary dies and gets reborn into the body of a s**tty gay drug addicted actor Haley. The Ceo ML admires the original Mason cuz of a past event and his disappearance/death brings back trauma. He has been stalking/watching over him until his death but the thing is he doesnt actually love a Mason in his original manly body (he actually says this) and only starts becoming cliche h**ny and pushy ML after Mason is reborn into the s**tty girly Haley and thats what sticks out for me, its like he needs him to be reborn into the body of an uke before he starts getting ideas of fking him until he faints?? I dont get it at all. After ML discovers Haley is actually Mason he starts being extremely pushy and arrogant as the rich guy he is but I dont see any actual romance between their personalities or ML liking Mason for who he is other than his saviour or for his new s**tty body. Basically all of Masons newfound sluttiness is blamed on his new body and I dont even remember the ML telling him straight out that he really loved him all he does is praise his s**tty body and im like so do u like mason or his body which actually isnt even his?

I wouldnt mind if this story was the all smut no plot type either but somehow its stuck awkwardly in between? Like it takes ages to clear up the misunderstandings and all we get in the beginning is Masons wet dreams in which you dont rly get whats happening and ur like so do I fap here or not?

Some ppl might praise Mason alot for being an uke with an actual brain but in the end thats rendered useless in the face of his new body which makes him so weak and s**tty and the only basis for his relationship with ML.

Tbh story could have been so much better if it was about Mason in his original body rather than forcefully pushing him into a new body just so he could fit into the typical uke box of being girly, s**tty and ofc shorter and less fit than the ML like its some inherent requirement.

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dusticc rated it
October 24, 2019
Status: Completed
Alright, this is a hard one... I enjoyed the MC, author did a good job with him. I was unable to drop de novel thanks to the protagonist! I wouldn't say he is that much of a "realistic" character as everyone is saying but, well, the guy is reasonable at least. Liked how smart he were and brave, wow, you got my heart MC! However, as the story progressed, it felt as if he was getting dumber, weaker and more submissive... Like, ok, I get it, your new body is... more>> very weak, but what's with that change of personality? He kept apologizing when it wasn't his fault, but his character is the think-what-you-want-I-don't-care type, so why are you apologizing for something you didn't do?! So, I really enjoyed his character at the beggining and whenever he acted in the movie my heart went crazy, he was so cool... But in the end he became so boring ugh! At some point I was just asking myself 'how do you live like that? I would kill myself if I were you' because he felt so dull and unhappy... Like he didn't have a goal in life. In the end he was basically risking his life just because he was bored, and it ended like that!

ML... I hate him. Rapist, obsessed, OP! He and the MC didn't even had chemistry! Basically, ML was a crazy crybaby who got obsessed with MC and MC, who was weak to him since he saw ML as a cute child, couldn't refuse him. I just... It really did seem that even if ML liked him, MC just thought of him as a child. Like, if the ML didn't talk about killing himself if MC wasn't in his life, I doubt MC would agree on being with him! So forced. MC doesn't seem to trust ML and ML probably does not even love MC, but due to his trauma he thinks he does — I mean, they were together not even for a month, so what the hell? You tell me ML waited so many year, hah?! In the end, MC even says that he feels uncomfortable having s*x with ML, but still does due ML's obsessive behavior. I'm sick.

Oh the smut scenes... I hate them so so much. Poor MC was so uncomfortable, everytime he asked ML to stop and guess what that rapist did? Ugh, I felt so bad reading those scenes. And in the end, MC was the one saying "I'm sorry"...

So, I enjoyed the mercenary-turned-into-slut-actor plot and the revenge stuff, and the film got me hooked so muuuch! But the romance? Terrible, forced, uncomfortable. Really, one of the worst relationships I have ever read. It would be so much better if there wasn't romance at all, of if the MC fell for that Chase guy... That guy was kinda cool, though the characters were pretty meh.

In conclusion, the idea was interesting, and I goot hooked by the action scenes, but it was poorly executed. If you aren't bothered by disgusting and forced couples, or if you are here just for an uncomfortable smut, go on, I guess. Oh, congrats to the translation team though, it was very smooth. <<less
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Irissska O_o
Irissska O_o rated it
October 11, 2020
Status: Completed
I wanted to drop it when reading the very first chapter cz it was simply eyerollingly s*upid but then gave it a chance and ended up reading it all.

All was good (even though s*upid and inrealistic sometimes but whatever it is danmei after all) after chapter 1 except for s*x scenes.

Noah had s*x with Mason

... more>> 1. Without consent

2. Without any preparation

3. Without lube

4. When he was asleep

5. When he fainted

6. When he was exhausted and/or ill/hurt

7. When Mason begged him to stop

8. When he had a shooting the next day and asked not to do it so he would be able to act.

And these r only those I remember right now.

Gosh, and some ppl do not believe there can be r*pe in marriage... <<less
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lovy rated it
April 4, 2016
Status: --
This is so fun! The MC is so cool and I love his personality!

After he went inside Haley's body, everyone hated him, but with his charming personality, he make everyone kind of fall for him. They had low expectation of him, but he breaks that expectation haha. Noah hasn't come out that much yet, but I can't wait until they encounter again.

I want to see some more or 18+ stuff lol until not they just gave me some sample of it

I want to give 5+ to this novel, but... more>> they only have the stars up to 5... haha

I highly recommend this book if you love action and cool protagonist personality!!! <<less
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PiCrazy31415 rated it
July 29, 2018
Status: Completed
To be honest, I'm not a big fan of this story. I read it thinking from the synopsis that it would be similar to Rebirth of Supermodel or Superstar Aspirations, but I was also slightly concerned because it's a Korean novel. Even though I do like GoC and GoM, I've generally found Korean novels to be pretty dramatic.

Let's first not even talk about how the translation was confusing. Wasn't the MC a genius mercenary? How did it turn out that once he awakens he's constantly confused and dull and weak?... more>> Hello? Aren't mercenaries cold and ruthless people? Shouldn't they be calm and collected? But the MC starts dazing around and can't even answer questions calmly. The number of times he's nervous or dazed or avoids eyesight or whatever is infuriating. The ML is borderline psychotic as well, actually having a mental illness of being yandere towards the MC. Plus the MC is so physically weak in addition to his low IQ and EQ that he becomes almost worthless. Literally the ML basically r*pes you multiple times, and you're just like oh yeah it's like he's 7 years old so sweet and cute and weak. Sigh. Pretty disappointed in the story. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
February 24, 2019
Status: Completed
Ex-police officer turned mercenary, when a mission goes awry and the MC is killed, his soul is reborn in the body of a drug addict/washed out actor. After being thrown in front of a camera the very next day, the MC is forced to learn how to act as Hollywood's most despised paparazzi fodder.

Compared to his body's previous owner, the MC, just by being a 'regular guy' is already enough to shock the people around him. The story flows together pretty seamlessly, with lots of humorous and dramatic moments. The... more>> ML is a bit of a yandere with deep psychological scars from his past.

The author's writing is very solid! Kudos for an author who is not a teenager and has a mature worldview (or maybe I've just been reading too many CNovels).

Though the mysterious past was predictable and a bit over-explained, the rest was pretty engrossing. The epilogue is awesome. It continues right after the main storyline and I love the extension of the movie acting because the MC is ultra cool. It's nice to see a MC holding his own on equal terms with the ML.


Some seem to be dissatisfied with the MC, mentioning that the MC is weak and that he was some kind of genius mercenary. I'd have to say I completely disagree.

Mercenaries/ex-soldiers/whoever are regular people too (though most novels seem to romanticize or forget this fact completely). Just because you might be good at one thing (running missions in Afghanistan) doesn't mean if you were thrown into a completely weird situation (reborn into a drug-addict actor's body) you'd be able to suddenly become OP using your 'military experience.'

In the story, MC said he was tired of everything; the mercenary life, the killing, the missions. All he wanted to do was retire and open a coffee shop. No human can be hyper-vigilant 100% of the time or badass 24/7. His reactions and fatigue were completely reasonable.

The MC is also very competent. There's not a single situation that he didn't successfully control, minus the situations with the ML (which was explained and made sense as the ML is his weakness).

There are stories with over-the-top MCs who just dominate everything and everyone around them just act as background to make them look better. Those types of stories are also fun to read, but I am glad this is not one of those stories.



Also some mentioned that the MC was reborn into a stereotypical 'uke' body who is weak and prone to tears; this I did see as well, so they have a point!

A couple things that made me feel better about it: at least half of the male characters do also cry, ML included, and as for physical fitness, it would have really been too boring if the MC didn't end up in a newer weak body.

The new body is completely the opposite of his original body, and it's the contrast that adds interest. If the MC had been reborn into a similar body, readers would be wondering about the plot point of having him die in the first place. Much more interesting to describe how he still felt like he was a stranger after being in the new body for months and having to exercise to make himself stronger. It also made the ML's recognition of the MC's soul much more touching.

Plus, the MC was still able to trounce all the bad guys despite his 'weak' body, so I think the author did a convincing job of writing it in a way that didn't make it feel like it was done for the stereotype.

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ninish rated it
February 5, 2016
Status: --
loving this One! It's promising, intriguing.

it reminds me of True Star, but this MC can take more control of his new life than the other MC can. Well, he used to be a mercenary, if he didn't live that way it would make no sense. one update isn't enough. There's action, violence, horrible relatives, mystery, s*x, stalkish people xD. Why wouldn't I want to read more? uhm yes, this series seems like r-18. enjoy!
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Melange rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Well, it had a lot of promise at first. But then as the novel went on, it started to go from no, to oh no, to NOOOOOO.

Everyone in this novel is so f*cking damaged beyond redemption, I felt like I was reading the end of The Hunger Games again. The antagonists are dumb as hell, the side characters weren't very interesting, and the main couple ended up in some toxic unequal co-dependent relationship. There's a lot of smut, but it's pretty painful to read.

... more>>

ML nearly dicks MC to death right after he was discharged from the hospital with a f*ckin gunshot wound, causing his wound to open up again, and then what? MC proceeds to go back to filming/running in the rain until he collapses??? I felt like collapsing just reading it!


Also, what the hell is up with the bodyguards in this novel? You'd think that they'd be helpful in protecting America's Darling, but they let ML suffer through two near kidnappings and one actual abduction and were absolutely useless in preventing MC from being sexually harassed. <<less
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eatnyc rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: Completed
To be honest, I think the positive reviews, including mine, are judging the potential and what should have been rather than the actual novel, objectively. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. Every novel should leave room for our own imagination and interpretation.

First, to refute the naysayers, ML's characterization and borderline psychopathic obsession are not surprising. MC saved him when he, utterly helpless, was zipped up in a bag, covered in his own urine, and certain that he was about to be stabbed to death by a psycho who wasn't even... more>> killing him to kill him but to humiliate his mom. ML associating MC as his savior is further cemented years later when MC fills something like a parental role while he's having nightmares. (Of course, MC's ability to help him sleep is because it was MC who saved him in the first place so this is a bit self-affirming.) As ML frequently mentions, while MC was alive and while he kept track of MC, he knew or rather illogically "felt" that someone would always save him. His twisted, vindictive personality hidden under a mask is somewhat unexpected because not all trauma victims turn out evil, but it still fits the profile of a wealthy chaebol. With his trauma of being utterly helpless and without control, his obsession with controlling (read: ending) the lives of others with his own machinations makes sense, not to mention his firm grasp on the media and on the narrative. His obsession turning s*xual has a clunky start that the author could have done better, but the end result makes sense since throughout his life, ML's main regret is not being able to make MC stay or to make MC react to him for him. MC calling out his name while pleasuring himself or physically reacting to his actions probably fulfilled this need to be someone that can affect MC, just like how MC affects his entire being.

To join the lamenters, what this novel should have been is an organic growth of the MC's feelings for ML. I think the limited length of the novel prevented this but that's just an excuse. The author had this amazing chance to explore how MC's (let's be real, self-aggrandizing, "white knight") feelings toward MC change into something more substantive, more real, and carnal. Because this story lacks this development, what we end with is an asymmetrical relationship that won't last. At best, we get MC embracing The Little Prince's "You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed" and physiological, s*xual desire.

There are some smut scenes that are disturbing like when MC faints in the middle, only to wake up later to find that ML kept going. The author's brief exploration into body versus mind in terms of sexuality was an interesting one and gives us MC's wet dream that starts with his favorite female p*rn actress but ends with him bottoming for ML.

And for those wondering, the webtoon At the End of the Road is inspired by this. That also fails to explore the important concept of change in MC's feelings and leans, for its answer, more toward MC depending on ML to "exist" as himself since he no longer is and possesses someone else's body and life. <<less
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reika_sama rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: sidetrack 6
the couple dynamic was so incredibly uncomfortable that I felt like puking at the end, no joke.

... more>>

the ML is obsessed with the protagonist since he was 7 years old (after getting saved by him) and considers him his God. that dependency does not change and gets even more twisted in the worst possible way, with s*xual assault. considering that, I thought he'd be the bigger issue here, but truth be told, the MC, who is 10 years older the the ML, is the worst part of all (in respect to how icky I felt). saving that kid became a major moment in his life, he even says that his ideal type stems from it: a cute, fragile person that makes you want to protect them. when he meets the ML again and guards him FOR A MONTH when they're 17 & 27, he mentioned that parting with him made him cry harder that the death of his wife and child... OK. 10 years later when they meet again, with him in a different body, is clear that his feelings have not changed. he sees the ML as a poor young boy whom only he can save. when they start having s*x, he doesn't even like it, just let's it go because the ML really looks like he needs it and he just wants to make him feel happy. he's just OK with their relationship turning s*xual just like that? despite the fact that he's been like a guardian to him thus far, one who taught him card tricks and pet his hair while he was having nightmares? he barely even knows adult ML, in his eyes he's basically the same kid... it's just SO uncomfortable. it didn't feel like love, it felt like co-dependency, obsession, and a weird sense of duty, mixed with lust.

12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chriswillar rated it
March 9, 2024
Status: Completed
I translated the final chapters and base this review on the original text (though, the other translations do look good).

I'll be blunt - this is a BL novel that I read for anything but the BL. The concept of a mercenary dying & getting "reborn" into the body of a person who's fundamentally his opposite and having to navigate this new life, well, it's quite intriguing. And despite a few fall pits, the novel actually does okay with this. If the story had focused more solely on that (and explored... more>> it further), it could have earned five stars from me, as I found myself rooting for Mason early on and throughout.

But the relationship... it felt off and unbalanced, even before it became "romance". Noah trauma-bonded with Mason as a child, and his obsession with him never really felt anything but that - an obsession (with s*x later). And Mason kind of just gives in to him, seemingly out of pity. Instead of genuine affection, their relationship is more about co-dependency, control, and possessiveness. Many like the toxic love trope, so this might be more up their alley, but it didn't do it for me.

I'll have to disagree with some of the reviews regarding the characters - yes, quite a few of the minor ones could use depth. But Noah and Mason were fleshed out and stayed in character, even if it didn't always feel like it. This is not going to be an analysis, but when considering the events from their p.o.v., rather than as a reader, their actions make sense and their behaviour is consistent with this, for the most part. It might not be likable or objectively reasonable, but it's not meant to be.

As for warnings, make sure to read the tags - there's death, drugs, harm infliction, noncon, etc. <<less
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June 6, 2021
Status: sidetrack 6
I really like this kind of type. ML likes the soul that reborn into Haley's body.

In MC' eyes, Noah is cute and need to protect by him.

I really want to read sidetrack 7, 8 and hidden track. I found all the sites including raw. But I failed. If you have raws, pls pls comment for me.😭😭
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btsdynamiteAUG21 rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is interesting so far. Plot is intriguing but falls short on some areas. The most disappointing part, ... more>>

MC didnt portrayed how he really feel towards ML. It seemed like he's just going with the flow. Although it seemed like it must be understood by the readers without explanations part, I still wanted angst. To make MC feel jealousy towards ML and other ppl.


MC is sensible and a badass, after rebirth he still got the moves and still knew how to operate guns. He is a cool character. I pretty understood why he got the "doesnt-matter" or the "i-dont-give-a-f*ck-to-what-u-think" attitude because he probably thought that MC's original past doesnt concern him too deeply and would occassionally overlook things, unless it got out of hand. ML got some serious issues. I think he misunderstood obsession as love? I mean MC is just his childhood savior and he just almost r*ped him 2x thinking it was really the MC's soul in another body?!! Well the one time was he just thought of only the 'resemblance' and still think of MC as Haley Lusk and thus, he thinks that raping him now wouldnt make a difference since he had already slept with so many before. ML still see him as Haley Lusk from there and just only the resemblance with soul MC. Then afterwards, he really believed HL was the dead sould MC.

I do pity him though because of his past but thats all to it. And the way original body's owner disposition was long forgotten and just supplied the MC's soul's vessel to have a sluttish, spoiled nature. ML was supposed to be overbearing but only has a weak EQ. I know that ML is sweet and caring towards the end but in the beginning, I just felt violence and impulsive behavior from his obsession with the past ML.


Idk why MC denied ML's accusations of him being the past ML soul when he will be just revealing it later on. And the scene where he revealed it was when they (MC &ML) were kidnapped. He just admitted it to the villains. Idk but it was not climatic to me.


After rebirthed to another body, I really like the satisfying feeling of the people around MC that oppositely does the things he usually so. The way they were awestruck too cus same.

The smut scenes were great and were detailed par to my desires.. MC said that s*x with ML is uncomfortable, but he still felt pleasure everytime they do it. I think he is not used soulfully just because his new body was used to it. And he was straight too so it was probably shocking for him. I wish they added a part where MC tried out the s*x toys out of curiosity and then falling into the gayness all by himself. LMAO. That would be hot 🔥💯

The ending was sweet but I wish it was emphasized more on how they get together and etc. <<less
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Mimosa rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: Completed
The plot was enjoyable and so are the interactions of seme and uke.

Considering the novel was published last 2012, the plot still fits at this year and can still be said to be original and a gem.

... more>>

At first, there's a rift between them, as the seme feels disgusts to the original owner of the body the uke is currently occupying. But I love how his attitude took a turn as time passes and realizations pour.

The way he spoils the uke is extra cute. Hmm, sometimes his obsession with the uke is too much, and borderline psychotic (this is only my opinion lol), but that's what makes most interaction sweeter.


The character development was good and you can hardly spot a plot hole in the novel as all the problems introduced in early chapters were answered in the later ones.

The ending and sidestories were satisfying as hell too.

It's a story you can re-read from time to time when boredom strikes. <<less
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bakanishi04 rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: sidetrack 6
Going into the novel with 5-star rave reviews might have raised my expectations too much. Mason/Haley Lusk is the MC and Noah Raycarlton is the ML.

There were bright moments in this series. I especially enjoyed the action scenes where Mason was able to display some skills from his past life.

Where it fell flat for me, however, was how predictable the characters were. Past events were given to the readers only to serve a purpose to explain future behaviors/character tropes. Side characters were caricatures with one personality trait. The smut was... more>> okay but slightly cringy in how it was emphasized just how forceful it was and how enduring the pain was love.

That brings me to the second point that nagged at me. The relationship is toxic. Some other reviewers mentioned it as well, but the ML is brooding and needy and slightly insane. But that's not why I knocked off a star. There are toxic relationships in the real world, and even if this is not my One True Pairing, that's just my personal taste and won't affect the rating I give a novel. What I did knock the star off for is the fact that so many mental issues of the ML's get wrapped up in a pretty little bow by the end. It's just not realistic, it seemed rushed, and it was basically a form of "They got married and lived Happily Ever After."

I hope I was able to give a more balanced review for future readers. It's not a bad series. But it's not exactly earth-shattering either. <<less
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softmatcha rated it
May 12, 2019
Status: --
Partway through the novel, it dawned on me that Kill the Lights must have been the inspiration for the 2016 manhwa At the End of the Road, a

comic I greatly enjoyed at the time but now realize holds nothing

on the original story.

If you're curious to know just how influenced the manhwa artist was to the point of borderline plagiarism (be warned of both manhwa and novel spoilers) :

    • The manhwa's MC, a strong man weathered and toughened by a harsh life, dies and immediately gets reincarnated into the extremely weak body of a man who apparently recently committed su*cide.
    • MC finds out his new identity has the filthy reputation of a lascivious gay man, that's been dragged through the mud by people near and far, and that the body's original owner was supporting his scum family at the expense of his own self-worth.
    • Reputation king ML despises the body's original owner - or rather, is so disgusted by him and his reputation that the person never appeared on his radar. Meanwhile, he worships MC as the man who saved himself in his childhood, despite not having had contact with him in years, viewing MC as the only salvation from his carefully hidden PTSD that's triggered by dark, enclosed spaces.
    • Devastated by MC's death to the point of lifelessness, he suddenly notices the lascivious gay man behaving differently - in fact maybe, just maybe, the weak and fragile man is starting to slightly resemble his savior even though he has nothing in common with that tough, taciturn, and dependable man who's no longer in this world... thus, he hangs onto a faint glimmer of hope.
    • Sound familiar?
I'm actually thankful I read the manhwa first so I could be blown away by Kill the Lights in all its glory. It's action-packed with an underdog protagonist you can't help but want to root for. The story is at times criminally hilarious and delightful, at times emotionally taxing, and always knows how to keep you on your toes with adrenaline-pumping momentum and a good dash of spiciness here and there.

(I do recommend At the End of the Road if you enjoy Kill the Lights and want something very similar. Just expect the story to be washed down to

a teen-friendly school life romance with little spice to be had.)
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SilverBullet888 rated it
August 6, 2016
Status: Completed
I have come back after completing this a while ago, and while I do still think this will always hold a spot in my heart as one of my first foray into BL literature, it's probably a 4 star to me now, not a 5 star. I regret rating after reading only 13 chapters initially but ah, youth. :P

Old review below.

... more>>

I must admit that I may be biased, reincarnation being a favorite genre of mine, but this is one of the best light novels I have read, and a favorite from the first chapter. The protagonist's calm and collected behavior, even in the face of adversity and annoyances is commendable, and his way of dealing with the previous owner of his body's past problems and image is splendid. The translation also reads pretty well. Even though this is a BL novel, even people who are not comfortable with this should give it a try, as, so far, it isn't used as a main part of the story, but a part of the past life used as a trial for the protagonist to overcome.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RaymondTale rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Read this one a million years ago. I'm not sure I'd enjoy if if I read it now, or if I'd even finish it. The rating mostly reflects my nostalgic feelings about the time when every novel felt fresh to me. Still, I remember it very well, basically every plot twist and turn, and I think it counts for something.

I really loved the MC. The combination between his character and the body he had to live in was explosive. It was fascinating to follow every moment of his new life.... more>> The career part was very well done, imho, I actually remember the roles he played and the events connected to them.

The ML... well, I have no good words for him, but he is the typical one for the certain kind of BLs, so let him be. He was not perfect but with how much he needed the MC... I could accept their relationship. <<less
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maymthu rated it
June 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Yall I should've read the tags before I picked this up. Came to this novel after falling in love with the manhwa and not having the patience to wait around weeks to know what's next.

But god, do I regret my decision when I read this story.

Noah is a f*cking rapist. (And there will be no arguments against this.) Yeah I know he has some childhood trauma and is yandere with everything Mason, but my lord, will he r*pe MC even as MC screams "no I dont want to". It's not... more>> once, or twice. Every f*cking time there's a s*x scene it's always Noah forcing his smelly d*ck on MC. And idgaf if Hailey was a sl*t before, tryna chase Noah. I don't mean to forgive previous Hailey for being a promiscuous man. But it doesn't give Noah the right to f*cking r*pe MC, slutshaming him every single time as if he's supposed to worship his d*ck and crave it to enter his a**hole, as if Noah is doing him a great service by pushing his rod into the clam. The one time it was finally consensual, MC actually compared the s*x to torture because Noah was too rough and forceful.

So yeah it's my fault for not reading the tags. Fine.

BUT even if I had read the tags and expected it, and if you as a reader love r*pey forceful plots, you'll get annoyed at how Noah's being an absolute twat who thinks he can do whatever the f*ck he wants, as if the world owes him. Mason used to be such a cool and level-headed person with guns and whatnot, but his IQ drops below the floor once he gets into the 30 mile radius of Noah. Every time I think "oh he's gonna actually resist with his mad mercenery skills and show Noah he can't just f*ck around in his life", Mason just disappoints me by blushing and flustered because, once again, his brain gets mushed near Noah.

Anyways, this novel's not for me. <<less
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Adaruma rated it
October 5, 2021
Status: sidetrack 6
First of all, give this story a chance. I am especially biased coz I really did like it and still looking to buy the real books hehe ಠ◡ಠ

What appealed to me in this novel is the acceptance and toxicity.

[Some Spoilers?]

... more>> I really like it because some people did have harsh pasts that made them toxic and its incredibly hard for people like those to find someone that would accept them, thats what Mason did for Noah.

People don't change easily. Change is something you do slowly and even if you realize that something is wrong with you, you still need help with it and thats what Noah needed.

You can do s*upid things when you're terrified for 20 years. He admitted that he was not in his right mind. He had also told Haley/Mason to push him away to live him be to shoot himself.

It struck me because I am like that, if theres no people to ground me, to level me on the ground like my partner, I'm all ready to jump of a cliff and splat myself dead.

Like even Noah referred to Mason as his GOD. (He said so himself)

It was extreme but some people are like that. Sometimes theraphy doesn't work if the right person isn't there.

So again, give them a chance. Sometimes real people do s*upider things in real life than the people in this novel. <<less
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