Feng Mang


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Han Dong works as an extra as well as a fortuneteller who foretells marriage fortunes extremely accurately. One day, he accidentally foretells his own fortune and discovers that he and a Mr. Golden will become “a match predestined by fate”. As a straight man, he doesn’t hesitate to ruin his image in front of Mr. Golden — acting as a fool, a despicable man, making himself as annoying as possible because he is afraid that the other man will take a liking to him.

Did you think that this golden man would fall for him? You’re wrong.

Han Dong tosses from side to side but unexpectedly becomes tempted, he begins to use thousand ways, a hundred plans in order to rescue the situation. As a result of his acting skills before, his foolish image already entered deeply into the man’s heart……

Note: Thousand ways, a hundred plans = by every possible means)

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Phong Mang
The Edge
The Talent
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Mayday_07 rated it
December 2, 2017
Status: c37
This novel is hillarious, one of awesome novels by Chai Jidan. Intrigueing plot and easy going dialogues. I don't understand why there's no review about it yet. I am curious and waiting in excitement for every updates. I can't say more, but I recommend it to everyone. It's so much fun reading it. Thanks for the translators for bring this to me *international reader* keep the good work.
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Narutolvr rated it
May 10, 2018
Status: Completed
I don't know why I keep forgetting to rate this novel because it's absolutely fantastic. First off, it's downright hilarious. The MC is a ridiculous person in every sense of the word, and his interactions with the ML (who hates everything the MC stands for but can't help but be attracted to him) will leave you in tears. The plot is also very interesting- at least it's got its own unique flair even when matched against the dozens of other danmei novels/stories of the Actor/CEO combo. The author manages to... more>> craft the story really well; even during the "lulls" where you pretty much know what will happen, you still very much want to read it.

For me, this story is basically divided into 2 major arcs: the 1st goes from chapter 1 until the first big climax that results in

Wang Zhong Ding taking over as CEO rather than director or director rather than CEO (whichever one is higher).

The 2nd arc takes off from there and has a much less dramatic tone than the 1st, and also a bit less comedy. Tbh, they're not really "necessary" as things between the main characters seems to be solidly established by the end of arc 1, but it's still nice to watch the MCs interacting with each other and the other characters. It's sort of like reading 100 extra chapters after the novel ends- far from necessary, but gives you a nice wrap-up so you're not left imagining too much on your own.

Honestly, though, I have to say again that this story is crazy funny. Like laugh out loud funny. Like eye wateringly funny. I read the first 40 chapters during a slow day at work and had to leave my cube to go somewhere I could laugh on more than one occasion. Even when re-reading, I still teared up. It's a really good read, absolutely 5/5. <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
January 31, 2019
Status: Completed
PSA: The finished translation by Joell55 varies from 40-60% accuracy. Sometimes it's better than Google MTL but sometimes it's actually worse. So about half of what you're reading is not what the author wrote or intended.

I am absolutely not here to bash the new translation group or give them trouble. The translator should be appreciated for their efforts to edit the MTL. I just like this novel so much, I really wanted to clarify on the story's behalf since not everyone can read the original.

Novel review (from reading the... more>> raws) :

Such a good novel! Really well written and absolutely comedic. I found myself laughing aloud almost every chapter! The MC and ML are both extremely fun and interesting to read. It's a refreshingly different premise where the MC, while being intelligent and skillful, pretends to be an idiot with many bad habits in order to turn off the ML. But then he finds himself regretting it after he falls for the ML... many hilarious dialogue and antics ensue. The side characters are great foils for the MC as well.

I fully appreciate the MC not acting like a wilting flower and also taking his own initiative quite frequently. He definitely frustrates the hell out of the ML which is why this is so entertaining. It's not all comedy however, the MC does have a sensitive and vulnerable side. And it becomes pretty obvious that he cares a lot and is actually very big-hearted inside.

One of the things I really enjoyed was the way the author described the movies and plot.

The horror movie scripts were so good! Super well-written, to the point where I wish they were real movies. The layers reminded me of Inception a bit. All were so good, each consecutively knocked the previous one out of the water, which made the author's ability more impressive. Loved how everything linked together in the end too.


I love this book a lot but there are a couple issues...


We have typical CN treatment of force/r*pe etc. Felt bad for Yu Ming a lot in the beginning.

Next, everyone is gay for Han Dong. It's done for the humor and I didn't mind too much but, some people might not like it.

Also there are literally NO good female characters? The only one who doesn't get killed off/jailed is Han Dong's assistant, who is the constant butt of jokes because she is apparently unbearably ugly... yep.

Meanwhile, we have shitty dudes like Cai Peng who ended up well off and even more rich and famous, or Li Shang who despite being 'the Main Villain' got redeemed in the end because he rescued Han Dong. Don't get me wrong, main villain getting redeemed is awesome. It's just miles of difference between that and the novel's treatment of the women.

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binkspinx rated it
June 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Can't really give a final judgement for the actual story because the translation is almost like mtl (still a bit better than mtl tho). I see great potential for the comedic relief but it's usually not laid out well. Fortunately, some parts are simple and easy to understand so the reader can still have a grasp of the story flow but I'm pretty sure a lot was lost in translations. It's a pity. I wish some other translation group release a better version.

Still giving 4 stars for the translator's effort.
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CRY_ rated it
April 21, 2019
Status: c3
Premise of the novel sounded interesting but the translation was a bit too rough for me to read. I managed to get to CH 3 but by then it was too hard for me to focus on the actual story plot and instead, my focus was more on editing the grammar and sentences in my head.

If you guys don't mind rough translations, you may be able to enjoy this.
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May 24, 2018
Status: c1
So hard to read this novel at the polarbear site in mobile TvT..

Takes 10mins or so to load.. sometimes it freezes... I hope theres another place I could read this from. I reallyliked the summary but I couldnt get past chap 1 in the translator's site. It really tests my patience. Thank you polar tho for translating and goodluck on your exams. (Ill try if it works on laptop. XD this novel is a must read!!)
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Shadaeron rated it
August 25, 2019
Status: c65
The story is quite interesting but the translation just ruins it for me. There are too many confusing parts where you just can't understand what's going on. I'm pretty sure I would like it if it was properly translated, but right now I just can't.
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PiCrazy31415 rated it
May 25, 2018
Status: Completed
An addictive story. It might also be because I had to MTL almost 300 chapters, but the MC is absolutely hilarious and ridiculous, which gives a frantically humorous atmosphere to the entire story. Especially after learning about his past, his optimism and cheerfulness is just a gift to us all.

Again, the MC's crazy antics are never-ending, and honestly his fortune-telling and superstition (which I have never believed in) made me start believing a little bit. Of course, there's still some drama involved, especially with his most prominent feature of sleepwalking... more>> and sleeptalking, an OP phenomenon that is explained much later in the story. Despite his outwardly crazy and ridiculous actions, the MC is truly perceptive and sincere at heart, and can sometimes show a really emotional and vulnerable side of himself when he doesn't know of it himself. The MC and ML interactions are adorable, and the romance builds quite slowly but satisfyingly. Especially hilarious was the juxtaposition in the first few chapters of the MC's qualities and the qualities that the ML hates the most. The ML is quite serious, protective, and possessive of the MC, but never to a disturbing extent. The same cannot be said of some of the MC's many other admirers, a couple of whom can get pretty crazy and obsessive about the MC's beautiful looks (lower body cough cough).

The MTL for this story was especially difficult, or rather half of it made perfect sense (for a somewhat veteran MTL reader, by necessity) and half of it made my brain hurt. Sadly the translation is quite slow, so MTL was the only solution for me to finish reading about the adorable couple. Will be checking out other works by this author. Would recommend if you aren't wary of reading the raws! <<less
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puffiness123 rated it
July 1, 2018
Status: c54
It's hilarious. At first, I didn't want to read this story since I didn't like the image representing the novel. I'm so glad I tried it. It's so funny. Can't stop laughing.
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sasauchi rated it
July 14, 2018
Status: Completed
I have read this danmei novel in my country's language and I reaaaally recommend this one. It was fun to read and the ending was satisfying enough for me. Please give it a try and don't judge it from the cover. It is really cute.
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jiesuzuru rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: postscript 2
I really like the plot but I there is some chapters that I think needs a bit more since the translation is a bit off somehow and I can't seem to understand some scenes but I still I love the story and the the translator for their effort in translating cause I'm really sure I would never find this golden story if they have not translated it.

... more>>

I really love the part where they explain the films and movie to the point I imagine myself as acharacter in the novel watching together with the characters. These parts of the story really test my imagination!


In short I still recommend this story yo those who like humor! Your gonna love it LMAO😂 <<less
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Accellia rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: c62
I use mobile phone when I read this, idk if it gives any difference when compared to read in PC like earlgreyt said. For me sometimes I don't understand some part, like it got cut, for example the elevator scene. I think the first translation is rather loose translation... its 60-70% okay until that elevator scene got me confused.

The premises is unique: unlike other novel, the MC really really weird, have many talent but absolutely weird. Up to the point I can't believe how can this rational but too OCD... more>> ML can have interest with this kind of human in the future... But lets see another hundreds chapter ahead... <<less
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pinkumilkuu rated it
November 29, 2018
Status: Completed
I would rate this 4.5 because of the whole situation of our MC having his own cheat/golden finger that he utilizes very well. I love that kind of premise where the MC just KNOW what to do and got his life all figured out and can evade any danger in a funny/quirky way. It may seem nonsense to some but it was hella entertaining and that's why I'm reading this. lol.

the.5 star was lost because ... more>>

of the NONSENSE RAPES LIKE WTF WAS THAT? I'm not sure if it's lost in translation but the reason and how it happened is... just weird. Zhong Zhong didnt even suffer enough for what he did to our Han Dong. Also my bby Yu Ming : (


Nonetheless, this is the best Chai Jidan novel, and this is coming from a diehard fan of Are You Addicted. It's very hilarious and the movies they created in the novel are amazing. I just hope we got closure on the other rivals such as


Cai Peng, really? Nothing happened to him while the other got his legs amputated?! Ugh. Also, Cain and that guy with a daughter, it seems ChaiJidan forgot abt them halfway lol. Yuan Ze had a lot of potential as well but nothing happened. Oh well

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