The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path


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I belong to a good sect that has never turned its back on me for my poor potential, has never forced me to study martial arts, and even helped arrange a betrothal for me when I was young.

My fiancée is a much renowned hot-tempered young miss. She’s beautiful, strong, and deeply loves me. Upon my start down the path of the Jianghu, I entirely relied on her to provide cover for me and before long, I became renowned as the #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path.

Yet one day, I discovered that this person is apparently a man. A man in drag!

More unforgivable is that he thought I was a woman dressing as a man!

Me, as if my liver and guts are being cut to pieces: “Brother, what have you done with my fiancée?”

Him, as if a knife has been twisted in his heart: “Brother, what have *you* done with my fiancée?”

The waters of the Jianghu are indeed murky. Even if I am starving, even if I’m dying far from home, from this point on, I will not eat even a mouthful of rice prepared by him.

—So fragrant.

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The #1 Sugar Baby of the Immortal Path
Tiên Đạo Đệ Nhất Tiểu Bạch Kiểm
Xiandao Diyi Xiao Bai Lian
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Axquesa rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: c115
It's very surprising I gave a low rating, but please take the time to read my review. I wrote this review, because at least one review needs to highlight this fact. This book is excellent, the plot and world building was in fact quite well thought-out, and the whole premise of this novel portrayed a pans*xual love, with gender not being a boundary for both the leads. It wasn't a book written with misogyny, it was such a pleasant read.

I do have to mention that I spent most of my time in the past reading cultivation novels, so I'm not the right person to say whether the romance was well done or not, but based on my measly standards, I felt it was quite good, and I was more drawn to their circumstances. I do think a bit more characterisation for the leads, would have been better as some reviewers mentioned. Then why did I give the novel a low rating?

Simply because how transphobia is used as humor here.


TW: Transphobia with mentions of self-mutilation.

When the leads had gotten a daughter, in chapter 115, even though their daughter claimed she was a girl, "humorously" it was depicted that since she possessed a body with male s*xual organs, she is not what she is - And the ML of the story, Ling Xiao, asked her to castrate her body - self-mutilation. I suggest you read that chapter, if you're ok with it, move along.

The reason is, it's not the author portraying the characters to be transphobic, but rather they are - and they show it in their work. It's transphobia caused by ignorance but again, still remains transphobic. It made me drop this novel immediately, and I've been unable to give it a chance again, for it simply makes me extremely uncomfortable.

I don't think something like this should go just over us, because no matter where this novel was written, it is devaluating them, belittling their feelings, and it's not something we must support.

It's a shame, because I truly liked the novel till this point, and it completely ruined my experience.
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YellowNoodle rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: c139
I had to stop up to this point because the whole story just had me sobbing and howling in my feelings.

This is a slow burn romance and the pacing is very well done and despite the fact that I Mtl'ed the story, there's a 95% clear understanding with the other 5% being about the details of political intrigued between the opposing states/countries.

Our socially awkward MC is very lovable, especially when trying to S̶u̶r̶v̶i̶v̶e̶ please his beautiful fiance (The ML).

I find the Mc's and ML's interactions very satisfying and humane. Despite... more>> their clashing powers and differences, they compliment each other extremely well, meeting in the middle for a sense of tranquility and stagnation, like a calm and glittering lake in a forest.

However, despite the humorous summary, the story does have it's ups and downs, specifically being on tying the Mc's socially awkward personality formed from the modern world and tying it with his current identity of this cultivation world. His personality has something to do with his soul and his master had mentioned it to him when the MC was 10, explaining

that his talent was found once in a millennium (I'm pretty sure, this is a detail from the mtl where im 50/50) and that his mind is fitting for an immortal/fairy. And as you know, immortals don't concern themselves with the secular world, merely watching on because that's how the secular world is--full of varying emotions ranging from chaos to happiness resulting in various causes and effects. And the MC, is exactly like that, even when his master died there were no tears shed, only thinking that is was inevitable as all living things die with time. Plus, when the MC loses his cultivation, he is able to feel his emotions but once he regains his former power, his ruthless indifference appears once more and he struggles to find the feelings he felt for the ML when his meridians s**ked bu*t



Additionally, you can see that the ML has many secrets and because of those secrets, he is forced to do many horrible things, mainly killing. And readers can tell that he has a complexity about it, from wanting to be clean and constantly asking the MC if he is afraid or scared of him. And this, you can see that the ML views the MC as someone uncordupted and simple minded--mainly due to his indifference and his mind only relying on his sword. But there's more to it if you continue to think about it


At the moment, I'm at the part where both the MC and ML have to split paths due to their identities and their morals and values concerning the Mc's sect and ML's country. Their parting was very sad and it really hurt me because in the Mc's mind he was going to listen to the ML because he was his anchor when he first transmigrated into the world (And that the MC loves the ML very much but the Mc's cultivation is being a c*ckblock) But at the same time his frigid indifference made him rationally think about the situation and thought that leaving is more inclined with his personality. But the MC isn't good with words and all he could do is tell the ML that he would listen to him, despite the underlying feeling of wanting to stay with him but not knowing how to express it. Of course, the ML loves the MC very much, promising to pick him up once he's stronger and finished with the dirty things. And that's it anymore and I'm basically spouting out extreme extreme spoilers


That aside, this is very good and it has a nice balance of fluffiness and seriousness

My favorite part is when they figure out their true gender. It went a little something like this

Mc: *feels up ML's chest* why's it so hard? Like a man

ML: Feels good?

MC, shorcircuting: you... you're a man?

Ml: or else? How else will we double repair and have a baby girl?

MC, shortcircuiting X2:.. How... when I'm also a man.

ML:...I don't believe it.

Mc: *turns away and buries head in quilt*

ML: baby... what about our daughter?

Mc: roll, I'm also a man!

I summarized it but the scene was so funny, plus there was an extra nagging auntie character in the scene, adding to the comedy

And yes, their D̶a̶u̶g̶h̶t̶e̶r̶ Son, is extremely beautiful ;)


5/5 story

My rating: 100000/10


P.s. I'm not finished so the conspiracy isn't revealed, only a few secrets are. Foreshadowing is done well here now that I think back on it <<less
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Fly_By_Night rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: Completed
If you're looking for a romantic, dramatic, gender bender danmei with a xianxia setting, you may want to pass on this one. If you like novels that focus extensively on historical/xianxia worldbuilding + philosophy of the Dao + swords + with a small banchan of romance, you'll probably like it. Definitely do not read if you're looking for a fluffy, light, comedic romance.


  • Beautiful prose, especially in the fight scenes.
  • It's very philosophical at times and explores what the Dao (or "The Way") means for the cultivators and the MC. What is the right thing to do for the common people during times of war? Do you personally fight against the wrongs in front of your eyes? Or do you take the path of the monarch and kill 1, 000 people to save 10, 000 people?... Let us all light a candle for the translators haha.
  • The beginning is especially strong, as well as some scenes toward the end, when you can tell how the MC has grown.
  • ML is a very complex and tragic character, the most tragic character of the novel.

  • MC has a lot of realizations about the Dao, but that's most of his character development. He is otherwise a flat, passive salted fish. Most of the time, he'll stand back and watch while other characters do things. He doesn't get angry, he doesn't get happy, he just follows ML around and watches. ML does all the plotting, fighting, struggling, and investigating.
  • Almost no chemistry between the main couple. Most of their conversations consist of the ML being a complex and well-developed character while the MC gives bland one-word answers. "I don't know." "Yeah." "Ok." It's incredibly awkward. Even when they get together, the ML has all the passion and emotional turmoil while the MC is passive, inside and out.
  • The gender reveal and start of real romantic development for both of them doesn't happen until chapter


  • Many things are brought up once and then never explained. Plot holes abound. Why does ML wield a sword with that kind of name? It's ok for MC and ML to go gallivanting around the country even though they're both still enrolled at the Academy? What happened to Jimao and Yamao? I guess we're just going to massacre all these side characters we introduced earlier! (... Twice!)
Good setting, but it's hyper-focused on cultivation rather than having any interesting character interactions, consequences, or emotional depth. It's a lot like the start of The Legendary Master's Wife, all breaking through to the next sword technique and revelations on the Dao and spiritual treasures. The rest is boring running from place to place, interspersed with truly cringeworthy conversations and things that come up for no reason. Like another reviewer wrote, yes, there is a squicky transphobia moment, but this novel is bad as a romance novel for so many other reasons as well...
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calledout rated it
June 6, 2020
Status: Completed
edit: was anybody going to tell me this is the same author behind little mushroom and c language cultivation or was I just supposed to find out myself weeks later

the last time I cried this hard was reading weialala's in good company and I havent read that since 2017 because im scared of my emotions so

the prose is so breathtakingly beautiful its grace still carries through mtl. the character growth and romantic development is probably one of the best ive ever read on novelupdates. the plot has just enough foreshadowing... more>> to leave you guessing.

the romance is seriously, seriously, seriously touching, I cant stress this enough. their romantic development actually is so good I didnt realize how deeply they fell in love until I started sobbing around chapter 175 and remembered their relationship dynamics at the start of the novel. there isnt a lot of relationship drama via third party interference, but its more that theyre starcrossed lovers torn apart by their duties and fates. the two have a lot of screentime together and you can really see their relationship blossom...

to address meow4meows review,

(1) ok there are flat girls out there... and its not like they were groping each others chests while they slept. but true

(2) (3) MC was blinding himself to the obvious and even said so himself in hindsight. tbh the way the MC convinced himself that things were th eopposite of what they were was pretty funny. love me some dramatic irony

(4) as far as I could tell the immortals were very much involved in the war. the academy early on had internal strife splitting into factions, the academy later on joins beixia's army to fight against the witch, its clearly stated that after graduation a lot of alumni return to their home and get involved in imperial courts, etc

(5) uhhh okay valid I feel like the ML and witch were the ones most invested. the witch was the main instigator of a lot of the action, and the ML carriedout his responsibilities as a (somewhat) crown prince/high ranked cultivator

(6) hard agree on this since the people with higher level cultivation are already ascended and not major characters. for the majority of the novel our leads are peak performance in the mortal realm

(7) the queen had a son before ML who died as a result of the kings actions (?) or in childbirth. this son was feng'er... shes been treating ML (ling fengxiao/xiao shao) as a substitute ever since and hates the emperor for it

(8) a big part of the novel is the character growth of MC. his experiences in his first life basically showed how isolated he was from the world, detached with no one to care for. his anxiety and low self esteem crippled his social interaction and obviously being bullied as a child doesnt help. he turns to cultivation precisely because he feels like he has nothing to live for. even with gaining cultivation this novel isnt exactly a faceslapping revenge story (eg where the MC is a loser but suddenly finds some sort of godly inheritance/lucky cheat/golden finger and becomes op and climbs to the top of the world, faceslapping his original bullies). its a slower paced romance that focuses on characterization and character interaction of the two leads as they work their way through a countrywide plot. eventually, the MC heals with the ml's love - the ML gives the MC a reason for living, an attachment to the world, to the point that MC willingly gives up his cultivation to bring ML back from the brink of insanity.

(9) I feel like a lot of their dialogue was important to their relationship but maybe not groundbreaking to the plot development. maybe its the mtl or the way I rushed the story, but yeah ok

(10) also true, a lot of side characters dont crop up again although there are a fair share that do. a small recurring cast that stays in the background, but for the most part the story focuses on our two leads and their story. I feel like the couple's pseudo children really got tossed to the side though, but I guess it suited me just fine given I wasn't very excited about their appearances from the start. theyre cute and I love them (the children are actually fruit of this plant (??? long story)) but their presence alongside the MC and ML as they did repeatedly dangerous things and etc would be unneeded.

i think this novel is a great romance, and has actual foreshadowing and a slow to start plot that really ramps into gear after the ML enters closed cultivation early on in the novel. the pacing was fantastic. but again to each their own. also you can change the star rating of the novel if you scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the review section.


ok disclaimer I wrote this review in the throes of emotion, the height of agony, when I was in my feelings, , the plot and its culmination and the moment when you realize whats going to happen and what all the foreshadowing was leading up to is truly. like I thought I knew but then I didnt... and somehow I still had tears left... overall im glad to be able to follow this novel alongside the great team at chrysanthemum garden, and read the prose in its full glory.


btw it is a happy ending!! I cried myself into a headache thinking it wouldnt be but I didnt realize I still had a few more chapters to go before the end lol

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stardustmist rated it
June 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I was intrigued by the synopsis and had always been wanting to read this and I just picked it on a whim as I saw the physical copy arts, yeah, I got baited by it and don't regret reading it ahhhhhh.

This novel is more focused on cultivation and Dao, it's plot focused than anything else and if you aren't up for that, this novel is definitely not for you. But if you want to give it a chance, it's surely a good read~

Someone said that the MC is very flat,... more>> isn't involved much while the ML does everything else well....


MC has cultivated ruthless Dao which makes him indifferent to everything, he doesn't get attached to the worldly possessions and hasn't much desires. Also, his sect doesn't get involved with mortals, the only reason he took part in the war was for his beloved.


Someone also mentioned the reason for MC being scared of people is ridiculous

they said that he's an immortal and could definitely beat up his bullies, but the novel focused on how immortals shouldn't lay a hand on mortal people, it's against their Dao. Even in war, the immortals were planning only to deal with the Wizards of Northern Xia... the only exception was Ling Fengxiao as he has his own reasons..


Also, the Great Wizard and Ling Fengxiao

the Great Wizard is omnipotent because he's the sword spirit of that devil sword.. only Ling Fengxiao can be even with him is because he's the sword wielder, it makes sense for the owner to be more powerful as he subdues his sword.


Also, about the offending joke about transgender..

fruit is a boy, the beauty's grace should bear only girls, but he was held by two boys.

(In fact, it doesn't really matter. However, this fruit hates men so much, but he has become a man, and its fate is really unfathomable.)

He does dress as a girl and has fun with others, Ling Fengxiao never forces him to be a boy. They leave him to do what he likes. Anyways, I can get why people are offended : ((


I love, love this novel so much, it's close to my heart. I wished there was more extras cause the whole novel had my heart in pieces AHH

plot: 100000/10

main cp: 100000/10

characters: 100000/10

The misunderstanding is hilarious, it isn't as fluffy as the synopsis shows. Our Lin Shu is a hamster who's raised by his rich and powerful wife, but he isn't weak, he's obedient, oblivious, innocent, strong minded and definitely smart~Lin Shu is so freaking adorable, he's my favourite, he's such a baby ah

While Ling Fengxiao is his rich wife hahaha Ling Fengxiao loves to pamper and spoil Lin Shu, he is very protective of him and would do anything for his "wife"~ he just loves him a lot!!!


I wished there was more of Demon Lord Qingming and Immortal Lord Yuehua!!! Anyways, my side cp of the monk and fruit is canon so me is happy (≧▽≦)


If you are looking for a heavy plot based novel with humour and sharp knives, this one is definitely for you~ if give it a try, it worth the read!!! <<less
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jellyfishies rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I cried so much that my eyes are sore.

I highly recommend this novel for anyone who's looking for a story with: a meticulously built world, a complete (with 0 plotholes) storyline, a very loving healthy relationship, a lot of mystery that ultimately get explained by some very big-brain plot twists, two non-traditional yet loveable main characters, lively and three-dimensional side characters, a good amount of humorous moments, an equally good amount of f*ckign AngsT, but ultimately still a well-rounded happy ending.


Basically, it's another one of those novels with a light-hearted... more>> and joke-like name but a heavy and serious plot. That's not to say that there are no light moments. Probably the first 150 chapters or so generally don't have that heavy of a tone. There's a lot of humorous interactions between the two main characters in the early stages of them knowing each other. Of course, a lot of this stems from the big misunderstanding about each other's genders.

This misunderstanding gets resolved around chapter 100, but contrary to what another commentator said, I believe that the two's relationship started developing far before that. A lot of the groundwork for their feelings has already been built up to this point.


However, as the story enters the climax and ending stages, the whole gender thing really is forgotten. Instead we get troubled wartimes, a wicked villain, commoners' sorrow, a throne nobody wants, hidden imperial intentions, natural disasters etc etc. And then when you think everything's resolved, something's bound to happen again. And the situation just somehow devolves further and further for the two main characters (even after the rest of the world starts recovering). And then there's this really f*cking big-brain thing that happens

with time travel. And all the various loose ends are eventually tied up over the course of several chapters.


And then everything, actually everything, f*cking makes sense. The author left no mystery unsolved, no loose end untied, no question unanswered. It's actually amazing. I would like to ask the commentator (s) who mentioned plotholes whether or not we were reading the same novel. Or I would ask them what made them think that they were qualified to talk about plotholes without finishing the novel. Because the loose ends in this story were carefully crafted such that it did not hinder the enjoyment of reading the novel. Yes, the big reveals were all at the end, but the confusion and sense of mystery added to the reading experience. Also, if the reader is careful enough, some of the reveals were deducible. In fact, one of the biggest mysteries in the novel,

Taoyuan-jun (the MC's teacher) 's identity


is something that can definitely be guessed just by paying attention.


Like I said, the characters are 3-dimensional. In fact, the plot point that made me cry the hardest in this entire novel didn't actually revolve around the two main characters. Instead, it was about

Guiltless, the ML's sword, who became a sentient knife spirit. He was doomed to have a mu*derous character and a tragic fate simply based on how he was created. And seeing him live through that determined fate step by step was heartwrenching. But in the end, when he finally realized that he had misunderstood the MC and mistakenly hated him for 20 years. And when he said that if reincarnation exists for weapon spirits, he would want to be reborn as a regular sword and be picked up by a regular sword practitioner. And when you find out later that he was indeed reborn as a sword a thousand years later and became Modern!MC's weapon. It's so f*cking I'm so f*cking gone.

The friends that MC and ML made at the Academy, especially the girl surnamed Xie, all also have very distinct personalities. And they grow with the story as well. One of the overarching themes of the novel revolved around one of the questions proposed by Xie back when they were in the Academy. About which "way" to follow. Idk how to explain this well because it's a really difficult concept but the main two conflicting views was whether to follow the kingly way of killing one thousand to save ten thousand, or to be a chivalrous knight who would fight the ten thousand to save the one thousand. But yeah, there was a lot of discussion about the Dao and whatnot, and there's really no right answer.

Also, the MC and ML end up

having adoptive children. They're not really human children. One of them is like a divine plant spirit thingy, one of them is ML's weapon spirit, and then later there's Guiltless, another one of ML's weapons.

Their personalities are also very distinct and I end up liking all three of them for very different reasons.

Thinking about all the antagonistical characters in the novel, aside from some of the silly kids who provoked MC in the Academy, or that group of self-righteous Jianghu warriors that kept tryign to kil MC in the end, all the important antagonists all are morally grey characters. There's a lot to analyze about their motives and personalities.

The Great Wizard wanted an utopia. (and there's also so much more to the Great Wizard after finding out about who he REALLY is. And that's such a big spoiler that I can't even bring myself to put it here). The Empress wanted to bring glory back to her bloodline, and to bring to Earth the only spirit that has ever been faithful to her. Honestly, both of their characters are really tragic.


MC and ML:

Bro where do I even begin. They're so f*cking in love. Like, this is similar to one of those arranged marriage turned real love stories but it also feels... so much more? In the beginning, MC viewed ML as a rich wife and himself as a pet hamster who's willingly being raised. MC viewed ML as a treasured fiancee ever since he was young, and thinking about his mysterious fiancee had accompanied him through harsh days of martial arts training, studying, and being in pain because of his bloodline. But then of course the whole reveal happens, and both of them find out that the other is a man, resulting in them having to reevaluate their relationship. But it was through this (I would say minor) bump in their relationship that you realize how much the two matter to each other. The MC realizes that he depends on the ML and can't be apart from him. The ML also reevaluates how much he cares about the MC -- and finds out that he cares f*cking a lot.

But then almost immediately after realizing their relationship (their first time was actually really emotional. I think I genuinely shed a few tears), the first big knife of the story happened:

MC finds out that his cultivation is a Heartless Dao.

And their relationship just continues on and becomes deeper and deeper. They make various sacrifices for each other. There are some years of separation. There's a lot of f*cking pain later on in the story because they love each other so f*cking much but bad sh*t just gotta happen and ahHHhHHhH. Anyways. The ML is very outwardly affectionate. He calls MC by an endearment, and initiates a lot of physical contact, he flirts a lot, teases him a lot, seeks affection a lot. And the author frequently writes about how endearing his gaze when he looks at the MC is. In contrast, the MC has always been a cold person. It's due to his nature, his upbringing, and his cultivation method. However, the actions he takes, and the times that he cries, you can f*cking just feel, without him having to explicitly say anything, how much he treasures the ML. He would do anything, and I f*cking mean he did do everything he possibly could, for the ML.

And here I would like to argue against whoever said that MC has a flat and unlikeable personality. Like ??? What? Yes, he portrays himself as very emotionally 'flat', and yes in the beginning of the story perhaps his personality is honestly just flat. And he also makes statements that he's just a salted fish laying flat or a hamster waiting to be raised bUT. That doesn't f*cking mean that's all he is.

His nature as Broken Bamboo's sword spirit already determines that he won't be outwardly emotional. His sword style of Endless Yearning, even after he got rid of his cultivation, also contributes to this. Also what he went through in his childhood in the modern world also made him closed-up. All of this leads to the fact that when he first entered the historical timeline, he could hardly speak well.


Also there's so many layers to ML's character. In one layer, he's a phoenix with golden riches, martial strength, and political power. In a different layer, he's a pufferfish with an ill temper and bad anger management. In another layer, he's just a tired youth with too much weight on his shoulders and a heart that yearns to retire to a plum blossom forest somewhere. And yet in another layer, he's just a baby chick who needs care and love and affection from the MC. The burdens that he had to carry were already decided upon his birth. He had to hide his gender, play the role that the Empress and Headmistress wanted, and carry the responsibilities the world placed upon his hands. He owed the Empress, owed the country he was born in, owed the Phoenix clan he was raised in. And so he had no choice but to become entangled in the affairs of the mortal world. And many a time throughout his story he mentioned how nice it would be if he could just take the MC and become unattached wanderers, or perhaps to hermit up somewhere far away from the 'red dust.' Yet more and more sh*t happens and the role he has to play keeps changing

the Headmistress wanted him to be an Emperor. The Empress wanted him to become a vessel for her phoenix spirit.

Until finally, finally, he could at the very end 're-enter the fairyland' with the MC.

Anyways, this is just a really nice novel. And I can't really do it justice, so I just recommend you all to give it a shot. This author has a habit of writing novels that hit hard in the later chapters, so even if the beginning parts feel a little too slow, I still implore you to keep pushing through, it will definitely be worth it in the end.

Below I have compiled the big spoiler points for people who have FINISHED the novel and are still confused, or for those who give 0 f*cks I guess:


1. Taoyuan-jun is the MC who traveled back in time to find the Phoenix manuals that will save the "little chick" within the phoenix feather.

2. Guitless is the Great Wizard.

3. Guitless becomes the sword that the modern MC wielded.

4. The empty soulless human body that Guitless shed when he became the Great Wizard was retrieved by 'Taoyuan-jun, " to become his silly little 'disciple, ' who he entrusted to the Aunty of the village. This then becomes the body that Modern MC's soul enters when he transmigrated.

5. The MC sent his disciple and Broken Bamboo into the modern timeline. Broken Bamboo eventually grew into a spirit that turned into modern MC. The disciple named him Lin Shu, raised him, and became modern MC's teacher.

6. The ML did not 'die'. He absorbed a true Phoenix spirit so like a real Phoenix, he entered rebirth, becoming a baby chick.

7. In the second time the MC time travelled, he returned to 15 years ago, placed the feather into the holy fires in the Phoenix clan. Therefore, 15 years later in the 'present timeline, ' the ML finished (most of) nirvana and was able to regain human form.

Note: Like ML said in one of the last chapters, the river of time does not flow linearly. Cause and effect co-exist in the same plane of 'time, ' and thus there is no clear 'start' to the MC's timeline. While everything might have seemed deterministic because everything was already pre-determined in the past. But actually, the past only occurred because of actions the MC 'will take.' Thus the past and future affect each other, and there is no clear 'because this then that' relation.

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March 20, 2021
Status: c87
One good reason to read it is because women are depicted as strong and worthy of admiration for their skill and not just beauty.

But it's a damn good danmei novel story in itself. Well-written and translated.
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RenTheWitch rated it
July 7, 2019
Status: c51
The plot so far looks very interesting, I need to read more to make sure, but im sticking with this novel.


... more>>

I have been MTL and its a very good novel. The MC is socially awkward and has low EQ due to his upbringing, though shy and quiet, he is very devoted to his path and evolves slowly when he starts to interact with people. This poor fella is a sword-genius-fanatic that cant practice the sword due to his current circumstances and needs to slowly figure out how to practice again. On the way, he meets the so called fiancé, that, as the preview shows, its a man that everybody thinks as a girl. The MLs character is explosive and aggressive, but not in a bad way. He is quite gentle and caring, and also has a lot of secrets.

The foreshadowing is very good and plot inclined. The romance is slow, but where I am I can already start to see how it will develop. If u want instant love, this is not for you, both characters have difficult backgrounds, Lin Shu (MC)

with him being traumatized in childhood due to bullying, his social experience is nonexistent

, so they slowly get to know each other, start to be comfortable with their situation and the world around them.

I recommend this 100%. The translator team is good and I follow quite a lot of their projects. Look foward to it, guys! <<less
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Applejambubble rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: Completed
It's beautiful but heartrending!

If u have come expecting for what the synopsis has..... Then read till chp 139. U will get everything you expect and more.

U want to read it till the end? Well be prepared it is very extreme from here on out especially after chp 175 u gotta prepare tissues and a quiet, peaceful environment. But it's beautiful regardless. Also persist till the very end cause it's an HE.

... more>>

neither the ML nor MC are human and their children aren't either!!


It's confusing but everything makes sense at the end and it can be mtled. <<less
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Oxan rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: Completed
I created an account for me to give a review, This story is a hidden gem.i was like stressing alot because I want to find a good xianxia novel.

This story is really enjoyable but Its actually not comedic as it seems in the summary, its plot is actually a serious one.

I might change my review after I finish reading this, im currently crying for real

Im like overthinking that maybe this novel will have a bad ending and LFX and LS will never meet again, though when there STILL LIFE THERES... more>> HOPE!!

I really hope some people will give it a try, though they're some bad and good reviews it still depends if it good for you after you read it.


i was shocked that lin shu actually is a pavillion master, though when I read it at the start it was already obvious that he is powerfull



really hope that ling fengxiao will come find linshu as he promised



finished the novel already, UGHHHHHH xiao shao finds out that MC is acrually taoyuanjun


I wish there were extras ;-; <<less
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StarPhia rated it
August 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Superb!!! Absolutely loved it. I think this author has a slight style when it comes to the story and it shows ;-; if you know, you know. I honestly really loved the leads of this book, they were written somewhat similarly to the MCs of Little Mushroom, if you really think about it. But they are also quite unique and loveable.

Everything is just explained so perfectly at the end, it is very poetic. But honestly, nothing is answered till like the last 10 or 20 chapters so you really have... more>> to read the whole thing if you want to understand what is happening. The world building is very well done, and the characters are very well fleshed out. The story is absolutely incredible, and I cried a couple times. A poetic arc of the MC's personality is drawn where he finds his humanity, loses it, and fights to get it back. I love how everything seems to be brough back at the end, things don't necessarily get thrown away once they've been used and aren't needed. The ML is awesome, he's funny and I love his personality. Haha he has a similar little thingy he does as Lu Feng from this author's other novel, no spoilers though.

Although, I wouldn't say it was as good as Little Mushroom, it is very apparent that this was written by the same person. It is a beautiful story with beautiful characters and is definitely worth giving it a read. The world is a little different from the average cultivation novel and I think it is rather charming.

The only qualm I have is with dates and ages. I feel like they were never kept straight, this could be a translation thing or maybe I've lost my mind. But I do feel like when it was said an event happened 15 years ago, no matter how many years went by it was always 15 years??? Anyways not a big thing and it doesn't interfere with the story at all really.


It is the feather and the spore, oh my gosh. Stop killing the main characters!!!!!


AHHH the poetic ending, how everything has a cause and effect!!!! A BIG OLE CIRCLE AHHHHHH! Loved it. <<less
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5thepast rated it
February 5, 2022
Status: Completed
There's so much more to this novel than what the description implies and it's worth checking out.

First you get a really lovely and enjoyable school life, cultivation, slow-burn romance plot line. With many misunderstandings between the cute, socially awkward protagonist Lin Shu and the beautiful and domineering Ling Fengxiao.

But things get more complex as the book goes on and you realize what things have been set up from the beginning. War, tragedy, more misunderstandings, and the confusing ties between the past and future.

I love the character growth you get to... more>> see in Lin Shu. The relationship between the MC and ML is well developed. The side characters also add so much to the story. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Vaundy rated it
December 23, 2021
Status: Completed
this is so good that I have no words to explain it, just reading this novel it was like a rollercoaster ride. There was so many twist and turns I didn't expect and also a lot of tears shed. Happy that I finally finished reading this but sad to know that it's finished

there will be no more xiao shao and lin shu

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nyaa.23 rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Pros :

The world building is superb. Everything comes in a full circle. It's one of the best written cultivation novel I've ever read. The title gives a silly cultivation novel but gosh it's so much more than that. The writing really pulls you in. The novel has a bittersweet feeling.

The MC and ML are one of my fav cp. They start as enemies then master-lackey then couple then married couple. Their relationship is just beautiful. The level of acceptance, the understanding between them and the deep feeling are truly something... more>> else.

The children are cute. The side characters are great even the villain is pitiable. The whole story is an amus**ent park.

Cons :

Can't think of any, this might be my choice for the best cultivation novel. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Inanis rated it
October 9, 2020
Status: c210
Okay I've mtled this twice now and I really like it.

All the weird plot holes make sense. All the strange decisions and unexplained backgrounds actually have a massive meaning behind them. It was really all planned out by the author prior to chapter one.

The whole story is actually about the buddhist principle of cause and effect. The author originally introduced the concept to the readers when the main characters goes helps a land god past it's lightening tribulation but it cannot ascend until it pays back the main characters.

... more>>

In the end the MC realizes that the way to fix all the current issues is to go back in time and cause all of the previous problems (the cross dressing, the wasted meridians ect.). The waste of a master that he was always cursing was himself in the end.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Meow4meow rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: 175
  1. I meant to give this story a 3 stars but I cant seem to change it. This story is just filled with potential, so much so that I can almost see why it could deserve the 5 starts. But then you have all these moments that dont add up, too many plot holes, too much stuff that dosen't make any sense. The main misunderstanding, where MC and ML thought the other was a different gender is really s*upid. So many instances prove these claims to be nothing but nonsensical. For example.
  1. They slept together for days but seem to not realize they are both flat chested.
  2. ML is capable of changing genders flawlessly. MC didn't seem to think about the implications
  3. Mr. Meng straight up told him, your fiancee might be a man. MC still didnt get the drift.

The plot, so much potential, but it failed.

4. We basically have mortals and immortals living together. But at some instances MC claims the war has nothing to do with him. And when the mortals are getting forced into a war between immortals, the immortals claim that they have nothing to do with the world of mortals. Like I dont understand that. Does anyone?

5. The ML and the big witch seems to be the only two who gives a rat ass about the war. Everyone else is plotting for something else.

6. On the enemy side, Beixia seems to only have the big witch that wants to go to war. On nanxia side they have so many immortals and power house but no one could stand up to one witch except for ml. Who is under 20.

7. Back to the gender thing. The queen seems to think that the king killed her son. But seems to have forgotten that said son was still alive. Like what was he waiting for?

8. MC was bullied in the first life. So his master told him to keep practicing once when he reaches mayhana will he be ok. He got sent back in time trying to reach it, and in a way it did help. BUT, you mean to tell me a cultivator got bullied by mortals and he sat there and took it. To the point where he's scared of people. What a pu**y.

9. ML doesn't say anything of importance to MC. To be honest no one really does, so eveytime something happens. We have a pause where we get a backstory while the event is happening.

10. Characters get thrown away, and we never really know where they went. Their roles are hard to understand.

This whole thing disappointed me.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
runenightshade rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: --
Don't let the title fool you. The story is really deep and full of angst. If you are looking for a sweet romance then this is not the book for you.

I did not expect to love this book so much. For me, it was beautifully written. The poems and excerpts quoted also made me think. How everything was wrapped up in the end was great. I wish there are more extras with the children though ;__;
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 26, 2022
Status: c74
As of currently, I have dropped this novel at CH74. I may at some point pick it up again.

I don't particularly have anything negative to say about the novel as a whole, but you would need to be familiar with this author's previous works to understand the elements that have been added into this novel.

When I say this, I don't mean that you'd actually need to read them to understand the story per-se, but the author does have an interesting way- a signature style of story telling, from your... more>> average BL writer.

At first glance, it does seem to be a cultivational novel from the title and description, but their were elements to the story that gave less of that impression & more of an ancient but modern, western-ish feel to the world we find ourselves in.

I honestly can't say I enjoyed that to be honest. It did, to an extent, end with myself having trouble immersing fully into the world.

  • When their were moments, I'd assume about 'Demonic Cultivation', it felt more like western magic/fantasy then your run of the mill 'Demonic Cultivation'.
  • When the author would mention non-familiar terms such as "witchcraft", "witchseeds" ect it would just suck me right out of the world.
I wouldn't believe this was a mistranslated, as if you've skimmed this authors previous works, their signature is juxtaposing ideas/themes that really don't go together, similar in style to Priest with really contrasting ideas. Imagine Mecha + Ancient China... like those ideas do not go together & I would not be surprised if this author writes a novel like this in the future with this exact theme...

Lastly, in terms of plot, its incredibly slow, like a lot of other elements in this series. It takes a serious divergence in terms of a lot of other novels when it comes to the plot.

A lot of novels by at least CH 25 will usually kickstart the plot, and start to pick up pace, but this novel doesn't really do that.

I'd recommend giving it a try and see how you like the series. I will re-attempt reading it at a later time & update my review accordingly. For the moment, I'm just losing interest/not feeling the "world" the novel is set in.

Rating: I'd give it a 3.8/5 as of currently as their is nothing glaringly wrong about the novel. It flows okay, plot wise (just boring) & the dynamic between the MC & ML are nice. The side characters I've seen up until CH74 look to be fleshed out, which is a nice change vs a lot of other BL novels these days. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jinconium rated it
December 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I absolutely loved the entire story! It made me laugh, but it mostly made me cry, which I didn't expect (but I still enjoyed it so much).

The plot does get a bit predictable though, but it doesn't matter as long as MC and ML get their happy ending together 🥺
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ritu rated it
May 30, 2022
Status: Completed
There is such a beauty to this novel. Honestly it's two books so space out your reading while you read it.

If you expect something light, this is not for you. This is not just a romance novel. It goes way beyond that. It has beautiful world building and character building. Everyone is so consistent. I could imagine everything that was happening.

In terms of romance, it's Extremely slow. But suddenly you realise that they love each other. They are perfect for each other. That realisation was beautiful. I cried so many... more>> times in this novel.

Another point where I want to really praise the author is all the cultivation stuff. Its just "oh he realised this and this therefore now his level rose". There are paragraphs upon paragraphs on the growth of MC. I felt like I also had some revelations while reading it.

Great book. <<less
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