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On a dark night, drunkard Su Qingbai was pulled into an alley, and a few months later, he had a big belly.

Su Qingbai couldn’t help mourning that his father had been dismissed from officialdom. It was difficult for him to support himself and a little brat.

However, it’s not over yet…

Another dark night, Su Qingbai was pulled into an alley again…

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New Shizuma rated it
March 22, 2020
Status: Completed
First, let's address the dubcon part which everyone seems to mention. Personally, I don't like that part at all. It might have been a one night stand as others have said but ML's actions were totally not justified.

I was initially ready to put everything down after the first few chapters but everyone was saying that there's good character development. And I must say that it was well worth it for the most part. MC's character was already fundamentally willing to get better knowing their situation. This was totally what kept... more>> me going. MC really did get better though I felt that he'd sometimes regress due to ML's TLC.

MC is sweet and he's such a family man. He is a good father. I liked the fact that he is powerful enough but not too OP.

He was not a fighter but he won a war in the end and snatched the future prince position for his son.


The little buns are adorable.


I totally love the part where Su Caicai was sent home due to his fight with his brother. And MC asked him to deliver the hat to his father. And when they finally came home, the little devil enticed his brother with food and all is well between them. They're both little gluttons which makes them so adorable.

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November 7, 2019
Status: c63
To be honest, as much as other reviewers kept harping r*pe this, r*pe that, I see it as a one night stand. And the author treats it like that as well. If you stop the nitpicking this story is pretty much a nice mpreg story. I really like the huge character development of the MC and it's saddening that this should be the MAIN point and others just can't get over on BL being BL. *Shrugs.

TL;DR The r*pe scene really isn't bad as it sounds.

I want to add that ML... more>> took time courting the MC after he found him. When he gave him the jade, it's a bit similar to modern times people giving their number or calling card. He is interested into taking it further and

it even took months to chase the MC and I think it's enough to show his sincerity.

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Kitix rated it
November 19, 2019
Status: Completed
It was a lovely, sweet and more of slice of life kind of novel. Don't expect too much drama or action, nor face-slapping situations. It's mostly light-hearted raising buns and eat dog food on daily basis from our main couple.

However, I do wanna address few points for future readers. First of all, let me clear popular belief of most reviewers who keep writing r*pe. So many novels and manga are criticised for that, but about more than half is not really as hardcore to call it as such. Sometimes I... more>> wonder if people hate it so much, why would they continue reading BL? I mean no offence, but most of BL novels and manga start with such a trope, because before all yaoi was like hentai (without plot just smut) thus this trope. Anyway back to novel, honestly would agree with reviewer 'takame' who called it one night stand cause it indeed more like it. In spoiler details on their meeting (some spoilers considering ML situation) :


MC was super drunk and couldn't even stand properly and met ML who on his side was drugged with aphrodisiac. Both in no state to fight, MC can't say no properly to ML, other side already can't hold on and sees our MC. Let me mention a bit spoiler on ML who is not really original soul of this body. Yes, ML is a transmigrator and his soul occupied body of this person thus our ML. He came to this world and as soon as he came was drugged and chased which led to meeting MC. After doing deed with MC, he left jade so MC can find him what never happened since MC didn't heard what he told him. Anyway situation is as such, both conditions were not right at that moment so you can't completely blame ML on this matter. He also properly pursued MC later after finding him, he was also very happy having child so holding grudge that even MC let go after some time is kinda petty. MC has no trauma, was courted, was accepted with his strange physique (aka being able to give birth). Why us readers should be still riled up over the matter?


Story is mostly about our couple flirting and attending their buns. There was attempt in court intrigue, but it is solved pretty fast so we don't get sense of drama that much. Maybe author intentionally or unintentionally simplified whole palace matters, you won't see usual face-slapping or ML being ingenious in handling matters of court. MC and ML both mostly in lovey-dovey state, they are not over-powered, they respect each other decisions. Su family is very warm (except 2nd Brother's wife), Caicai is a sweet bun (thought I would prefer author not making him into pig with all that food he was eating and mud he was rolling).


Though there are some characters who I thought as for being annoying and not dealt with properly and kinda slide off stage. For example, Consort Lou, mother of original host of the body who kept annoying most of the readers and myself. I found it hard to accept that due to filial piety ML didn't stop her properly at all. She kept running and causing havoc and no one punished her. Of course, in the end she was kept on reflecting plus caught 'illness', but still could have dealt on early stage. Since ML is not from ancient times, I put it as him not knowing how to do it properly with etiquette.

Another case is.... 7th prince Jiang Jun who kept running to his brother ML and who was not stopped at all.... He event took his children! And later cause he thought it would be good, he went with Caicai to palace! Anyway I thought he was too rush for a character, he did what he wanted and not stopped or scolded at all. I would prefer get more of his character development in some extra which would also tell us about his lover who was mentioned and never revealed.

There was also 'extra' couple (sorry forgot names), but one was student of Su Father and another was friend who came/chased after him. They did not ended up with each other, it was mentioned that at some point at the story they had argued and later one of them was to be married since he is the only child of his father and need to continue the line. It seems that he had his regrets, but what happened was never mentioned and in the end the one who chased ended up taking care of Su 2nd Brother's child and probably 'blooming new romance'? I am not sure since there was no details on it and no extras to tell us full story, what is indeed regrettable.


Over all, this novel is very light-hearted mpreg and that r*pe tag is unnecessary in my opinion. If you are not sure, read first spoiler and decide. I know many have their own opinions on that matter, but I do remember that it is fiction (don't misunderstand I have my own bottom line towards this thing and I do prefer shou to make sure gong got what he supposed to get for that treatment). So I hope a bit more readers got a whole picture and a bit more decide to read this sweet and fluffy novel. <<less
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Boba rated it
August 18, 2019
Status: Completed
4/5... It's just not nice how the 'dubcon' part basically forgotten... Idk... It just seems weird

But I like how sweet the ML is and MC family is just too... cute?... And dare I say quiet realistic?

Is it worth reading? If you love fluffly cotton candy with a sprinkle of adorableness on top of a bun with cherry and strawberry... Yes
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Yullen4eva rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: --
I read the chinese version (with my limited knowledge of chinese) and the story's just very cute!!!

It's just a bundle of dog food and is
really heartwarming.

Though in the middle it does start to feel a bit-

And the end is a bit anti-climatic... (I want to see the kids in adult form!!!!!!!)

But!!! I still love the story a lot! Each chapter radiates warm and happy filial affection and it is really really cute.
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
December 5, 2019
Status: Completed
If you like fluffy romance with watered down drama, child raising, and no smut, this story is calling your name!

While I liked the cuteness of the couple, the child raising took center stage. And the drama never lasted long, easily resolved which made for a light-hearted story... too light-hearted.

Now lefts talk plot holes 🤨

... more>>

Why was the MC the only male in the world able to get pregnant? Author? Hello?!? Why? WHY! That whole thing left a big glaring hole.


And why did the ML r*pe the MC at the beginning if he usually kept his distance from people and didn't even know the MC... WHY AUTHOR!?! I NEED CLARITY CAUSE THIS MAKES NO DAMN SINCE!!!

And you just have them falling in love like the r*pe never HAPPENED?!?! WTF!! 😫


The kids were cute.

The MC is silly in the head.

No smut, but you dare give me plot holes... at least fill them in with smut...😖

3 stars. 😑 <<less
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mirany rated it
December 12, 2019
Status: Completed
Translation: 3/5


Characters: 3/5

Babies: 2

The plot is straightforward when it matters to the CP, when it doesn't, the plot is hand-wavy. There's standard palace intrigue stuff in the background, but the focus is on the CP and the two little chubs. Which while cute, did start wearing on me by the n-th repetition, but YMMV. Translation is a iffy, skimmed through chunks. Character motivation is nebulous, especially towards the end, a quick happy roundup for the CP.

Also, spoilers, the ML is a transmigrator, which makes his first interaction with MC even more questionable, but it doesn't have much bearing except to hand-wave his OP-ness. Also why can MC be pregnant? What happened to MC's 2nd bro? What was that one line on the 7th prince's about getting the beauty? Lots of fridge logic, or just lack of logic. It was entertaining at the beginning, but I was forcing myself by the end just to finish.

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Systempregs rated it
April 6, 2019
Status: c15

I read from its first chapter to chapter 15 and so far it has been great. It makes me want to read more and I actually tried to do my own machine translation just to read ahead but gave up on the first sentence.

The MC grew up spoiled. A second generation with a love to play around in the red light district, he can be found at gambling areas losing his money.

... more>> He did not anticipate what happens next.

The ML was attracted to him.

Here is where it differs from all the other mpreg tagged yaois: His child is not too neglected and he has cute interactions with the baby.

The characters are likable except the second sister-in-law.

There’s not too much of drama so far.

I await for more. <<less
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paulinhakawaii rated it
August 22, 2019
Status: Completed
Very interesting, never saw a transmigator not being the MC. The MC himself, I liked him very much. Loved to read this.
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August 4, 2019
Status: c48
The r*pe was practically neglected and forgotten by Chapter 20. The story treats it like MC consented after being seduced. Problematic but I coped by imagining that he did consent and doing so doesn't affect the story at all.

It's more focused on the family struggling through poverty due to exile and the MC coping with getting pregnant with ML's child despite being a man himself.

For me, the charm of the novel lies in the interactions the MC's family members. It's mostly set in a rural farming village and the family's... more>> struggle to make a living is in a way heartwarming. But it's also interestingly spiced up by the more high stakes plot happening on the ML's end.

It's worth picking up. <<less
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Jiminie rated it
July 26, 2019
Status: c35
The thing I love the most about this novel so far is the interactions between MC and baby. Each chapter is relatively short, which I prefer.


along the story, it is revealed that the ML actually transmigrated into the current body and the previous 'host' died.

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April 12, 2019
Status: c20
Please I beg you. Please update more !!!!!!

I especially like this story of family. Not the r*pe scene. Cause he was more or less r*pe while he was drunk but then the guy just left him that jade button. Which is like a goldmine if you mis. used it.

But I bet that person did not know that he got pregnant. Cause ahem...'he is a guy'

But the plotline is very interesting. I hope you update more.
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Inanis rated it
December 6, 2019
Status: Completed
I really liked this story. It was sweet and fun to read. For once the mpreg actually followed the timeline of a normal human pregnancy along with the morning sickness and other symptoms. The story also touches on realistic child resting with the kids not always being perfect angels. There are sleepless nights, wetting the bed and tantrums.

The transmigration was so rarely mentioned it seemed absolutely pointless. I barely remember it being mentioned. The first half of the story involves the two main characters getting together while the second half... more>> touches on imperial court drama.

If you aren't interested in children or mpreg this story isn't for you. <<less
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Kaylee rated it
November 20, 2019
Status: Completed
It's a really nice story.

The early chpaters, we get to see how they change their lifestyle from a prime minister household, to no servant household, and must do alt he work themselves, even farming to earn money.

I love MC family, all his family are humble, willing to accept their fate, hardwork to survive but still maintain family values.

... more>> MC and ML interaction are cute and somewhat baffling to me, but let's move on, it's a fluff he story after all.

I'm not satisfied with the ending, felt rush and not completed.

And in the middle of the story, I felt like I'm reading bg romance rather than bl....... <<less
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Silvina rated it
May 1, 2019
Status: c25
It deals a lot with the family, how the parents behave when it comes to an accident that can generate recklessness, also the support given by the family when they are in a situation of misfortune
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fakeluff rated it
February 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Light and fluffy, a refreshing read with slight angst before the resolution. But ’twas the wee babes who truly stole my heart! So. Adorable.
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Aachiin0914 rated it
December 10, 2019
Status: Completed
Prodigal son meets transmigration prince.

ML got MC pregnant. They didn't explain why MC got pregnant but the characters in the story just accepted it as MC have different physique. (but I think it's because of ML though)

It's pretty realistic how the characters reacted to the events in the story.

... more>> And it's good thinking that we got to see different pov than the usual transmigration story.

The story didn't focused entirely on ML and MC side.

The elements of the story blended beautifully. Although it's really short, the ending is satisfying.

After the climax, the left it stagnant. It didn't fall and the author just stop from there.

Although I am hopefully wanting more. But thinking about it, it better to stop from there.

Just like MC father said, "this is the best outcome for his son"

Over all this is a great novel.

So satisfying...

Super recommended!!! <<less
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Nadeshikoslove rated it
November 25, 2019
Status: Completed
It was ok, it was a bit over the average but not bad enough for me to stop reading it.


Certain content was not really necessary and really didn’t make sense. For example why did ML been transmigrated? It’s like the author searched for an excuse why he was good in business or had no close relationship to his parents. The kids been cute but it was overdone at second part of the book with their mischievous behavior.

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Maddietheyorkie rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: Completed
***Mpreg warning***

Translator Bookworm does a good job in updating book and easy to read. Includes ancient setting, Transmigrating, mpreg, love, family angst and comedy. SQ is the reason I'm reading this book. Translator also did The Rich and Honorable Chang An which is also a good read.
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August 6, 2019
Status: c16
I just wanted to say Exile is a nice read. I would've liked it more if that damned 'rapist' suffered somehow.

You may not think he is a rapist since

... more>>

he thought SQB consented. If you read carefully, you'll know why but I'm not happy. Maybe in the future chapters he'll understand what actually happened and feel guilty. I hope he does and repent.


^Is this considered spoiler? Using the tag just in case.

I'm not good at serious reviews so don't expect any. I'm just venting my frustration. I just hope that consent is handled well in fictions. <<less
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