Begging You to Break Off This Engagement!


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Luo Fei does not fear being rivals in love with Xi Yanqing; what he fears is that they have transmigrated to ancient times and become betrothed to each other!

Father Luo: Eh?! Not getting married? How about I break your legs if you don’t get married?!

Luo Fei: Dad, ahh, Dad! Aiyo, stop beating me now! I’ll just go get married okay?

Xi Yanqing: You know that you can’t escape and now you’ll have to pay for it. Did you leave without bringing your IQ?

Luo Fei: You with the surname Xi doesn’t have to sleep on the bed on the wedding night!

Xi Yanqing: Oh.

Luo Fei, who, on his wedding night, was pressed to the trunk of a peach tree at the entrance: … F*ck you, surnamed Xi! This isn’t what I meant!!!

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Cầu Xin Anh Từ Hôn Đi
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earlgreyt rated it
February 10, 2020
Status: c70
I read this right after finishing [The Only Favourite Ugly Husband], which is probably why this novel wasn't very impactful in comparison.

This novel is very lovely, lighthearted, and there are a lot of great relationship development, side character development, and slice-of-life farming moments. It's also super fun that both MC and ML are transmigrated and knew each other in their past life.


... more>> It's one of those very commonly found BL novels that if you replaced the MC with a woman, absolutely nothing would change.

Quote the ML in ch66: "Luo Fei has good looks, a good personality, is good at needlework, and now, is good at cooking... just a top quality wife who has no parallel."


It's true that a lot of BL have the MC (usually the bottom/shou/feminine role) essentially act the role of the female in a heteronormative relationship, but in this story, it's especially emphasized because of the existence of "ger" males who can get pregnant, and are treated as if they were female by society as a whole.


It baffles me because there is actually a "real" gay couple in this story and they struggle against social norms (because neither of them are 'ger').

Meanwhile, it's clear the MC has accepted his new "female" gender identity (just because he has man-parts doesn't mean he's not a woman, as there is literally zero difference between him and other women in the novel other than a flatter chest and the extra bits).


If we get down to it, this should be tagged genderbend.

We get literally the exact social biases, constraints, and poorly executed feudal oppressiveness that we would see in any "straight" heteros*xual relationship novel.

  • For example, the MC cannot go to town by himself because he is "too beautiful" and needs to be careful.
  • For example, the mother of a love rival constantly tells the MC that the ML will forcefully "divorce" him because he hasn't gotten pregnant after 1 month of marriage. (and this is one-sided divorce, only "men" can write divorce books in feudal societies.)
  • For example, the MC "marries" the ML the same way a woman marries a man, he ends up wearing a wedding veil so no one "but his husband" can see his face, his wedding gown has "phoenixes" on it, he has "left" his familial home, and all his children will get the ML's surname.
The same backdrop is also in [The Only Favourite Ugly Husband], but what made that novel different (and humorous) was that the "ger" broke all those feudal standards (he was dark, strong, manly-looking, and tall) to show readers that "hey you're reading a BL novel with MEN" instead of "hey you're reading a BG novel with a BL label!"

Also "ger" in TOFUH could also marry women because they also had man-parts... which actually makes sense, instead of in this novel where they're treated as purely female. (... so what's the point of those man-parts?)


And the protagonist in TOFUH goes against the "common sense" of feudal society because of his modern transmigrator perspective, such as stating that he doesn't care if his daughter stays single all her life as long as she's happy.



While in this one, the modern transmigrator MC starts setting up "child betrothals" for his newborn with other kids in the neighborhood because "people need to be married by 16."


And hey, if a "real guy" by our modern standards was forced into those feudal societal constraints for "girls, " d'yall really think he'd be totally fine with it, totally happy to be pregnant, with everyone judging his worth by how fat his baby was at birth, and how many babies he can have? f*ck no.

Since this is a fluffy/comedic novel, you can say that all of that angst/struggle/identity stuff is set aside for the sake of the fluff/comedy.


I'm only letting people know about this because no other reviews mentioned it and I wished I had been warned before jumping in.


Translation-wise, not bad. There are some mistranslated parts but overall it gets better. I read the raws after chapter 27. <<less
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saltyseven rated it
December 7, 2018
Status: Completed
If you like mpreg, slice of life, heartwarming family story, this will be an enjoyable ride for you.

I love the way author write the character's development because they genuinely grow as the story goes. Not the escalating quickly type of romance nor the very slow paced one. Everything seemed to flow naturally. Our MC and ML is so lovable I assure you.

I grew fond of every single characters in the story too (even the supposedly mean ones)

... more>>

Especially the kids who end up marrying one another. Awww so cute. My only complaint is that there is no continuation about the kids' married life lol I'm sorry I know I'm asking for the impossible because this story won't ever end that way.


The ending is wrapped neatly too I don't bear grudge after I finished reading it surprisingly, which is a rare case since lots of good stories out there unfortunately have unsatisfactory ending.

The translator did a good job and I can see that they updated very frequently wow you guys rocks! <<less
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seawaterwitch rated it
November 4, 2018
Status: c2.1
Interesting. Looking forward to read next.

The usual stuff, the protagonist tried to su*cide. The original soul was dead and transmigration soul enter. I love the protagonist character though. He not let himself get bullied, he got revenge.
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Efu-sama rated it
September 26, 2019
Status: C.26
A pretty interesting story! I Love it so much! I thought it'd be another rom-com, but I didn't expect that the plot is quite unique. Usually for a transmigrating stories, the MC and ML have a little bit advantage, like a golden finger. They usually born as a royal family, a cultivator, or scholar, adventurer, or even reborn in the wild (meaning they'd do another survival game). But not with this one, it's clearly normal!

The ML is not some OP chara with black bellied or possessive tendencies, so it actually... more>> come really nice for me. He's witty, funny, yet hard-working and cool. The MC also not some tsundere or kuudere OP chara, he's really honest with his feeling, e.g if he don't like or he want something then he truly express it. He's also aware of his weakness and didn't go b*tching around. For a modern people who crossed-over to the country-side in the past, he calmly accept it, though somehow he missed his modern world... and somehow it gives me a realistic and logic vibes.

I don't know another story with the same plot, but it's the first time for me to read a story where the MC and ML truly reborn in a country-side, reborn as a poor really really poor person, and even live as one of the poor country-side people. Like you know, having a cow is considered rich, and eating rice already feel like extravagant, and don't mention eating fruits T_T I feel like i've really taken for granted for what I have right now. The trivial matter I have, I use, and I get everyday feel like too extravagant if I compare it to lives in a country-side in the past.

It's a good story, with refreshing plot and details, best for you who's tired of the normal Rom-com you read nowadays. Sadly the translation progress still far from the end : (I tried to read it using MTL, but couldn't get the same feeling as I read the real translation, maybe because there are much of chinese phrase or puns. <<less
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Melange rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: c66
This is a very fluffy read and feel-good story. The plot revolves around MC and ML's domestic life as they depend on each other to build their rebuild their lives in an ancient time period and the author definitely don't hold back when candidly describing real-life issues such as hygiene in ancient times, raising children, etc. It was funny to see when MC wanted someone to take his son away because they don't get much sleep with baby crying all the time... true new parent struggles.

However, it gets a... more>> little stale after a while and I couldn't bring myself to finish the novel as I got tired of reading about how MC embroiders all day while ML does farm stuff. <<less
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Szara rated it
May 7, 2019
Status: c19.2
I usually don't care for slice-of-life stories, but this one was a charming read.

Usually the main characters in historical settings are from rich and powerful families, but that's not the case here. The MC and ML are just two poor villagers. It's refreshing to read about characters who aren't royalty/nobility.

I appreciate the fact that the author raised the issue of there not being a functional toilet in a historical setting. There are so many historical stories on here, but no one talks about the restroom problem. It's like no fictional... more>> character ever poops.

i don't care much for the mpreg genre, 'though. The MC could've been a woman and the story wouldn't have changed much. <<less
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PLNA rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Worth it. Worth every second that I have used just to finished this novel. Although I read it through MTL, it was easy to understand and I also can't wait for the translator to finish translating this novel! Whether you want to start off right away through MTL or read it at the pace as it's released, I can guarantee that this has everything you hoped for in a light yet love filled story. That's why when it finished it still kept me wanting more, not because the ending isn't... more>> enough (honestly, that depends on the person, which for me it was really okay) but because I still wanted to see more of the characters as they are all unique and likable. That's why rest assured, there are no annoying recurring villains or whatnot, only great people with great development.


although I really wished that I could see the remaining characters in the modern world and how they all interact, huhu hopefully there is an extra that I just didn't know about

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takame rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: Completed
I was MTLing for a week now (@chap 92 currently) and I appreciate how it is more about family building instead of dog blood drama. OFC it's fun & satisfying to see the people who had thrown uke off the bus to be face-slapped regretting their choice whenever they did cameo but I enjoy seeing the little bun more and the family and friends coming together and becoming closer.

This is a story where both characters transmigrated (at a different year tho). ML is hilarious. He had his cool sides but... more>> his private, pe*vert side is much more fun to see. That separates him from the cookie-cutter standard kickass semes that are common. There is nothing toxic about their romance and I also love how the couple were poor and hardworking at the start. No overpowered man from the modern world. Their normality made them identifiable and down to earth. <<less
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fox23 rated it
December 4, 2018
Status: Completed
Love this slice of life, no golden finger kind of transmigrated story. ML was an agriculture major while MC studied film/ theater/ entertainment related things but is good at embroidery.

I like how the author included things that modern people enjoy but ancient people don't, making this transition difficult for the MC... ahem, toilets, being able to eat rice and meat instead of rice porridge, no AC, etc.
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RenTheWitch rated it
December 10, 2018
Status: c8.1
ML and MC are funny and lovely, the relationship so far is not forced and the misunderstandings dont last much. The family fluff and fights are realistic and nice to read, the translation is well done and all the characters have their own quirk that makes the story a very good read.
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December 13, 2021
Status: --
Reading so many shouting in this novel makes my head hurt that I feel like I can hear the characters voice while reading. I don't like obnoxious characters like the MC and his love rival in your head concept, why does that even exist. ML good though.

Good Luck
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Ryuu9 rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: c50
Very heartwarming story, fluffy and sweet. The MC and ML relationship is soooo nice, the characters are finely developed and very likable. I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like slow life, farming, cooking and just the right amount of fluff, it might be just right for you:)
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March 2, 2019
Status: c17
Absolutely adore this couple! The ML is soo sweet. I love how he treats the MC as his most precious. Truly husband material omg. I love how it's a little different from other transmigration stories I've read so far where both the MC AND ML are transmigrators. I'm curious to know more about their past life! Huge thanx to the translators! Can't wait to read more !
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November 11, 2022
Status: c36
A slice of life novel through and through. I found it interesting at first because of the premise. Here, rather than one person crossing back in time to survive in Ancient China, it's two people. Furthermore, according to the MC, they were love rivals in their previous lives (the ML begs to differ tho lmfao). They proceed to live a rather simple life from the on, followed by the occasional ups and downs.

I thought it matched my taste at first, but I lost the mood for it after getting distracted... more>> by a video and couldn't find myself to continue reading. Guess I'll have to come back and try again another day!

If you're looking for a simple read though, this one is a good one to try. It lacked the poor-to-rich development I usually prefer in such stories, but there's still that struggle to live better and better. <<less
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Leighn rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: c54
I really like the story and I appreciate the translator but I just realized that at this rate it will 4.5 years for the full novel to be translated 😭😭😭
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123abdi rated it
November 24, 2020
Status: c19
its okay, but I wish the MC was less childish, he's unwilling to accept the reality he's found himself in and always acts shocked at how primitive things are
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Miccie368 rated it
September 13, 2020
Status: Completed
I read this in MTL. It's hard to read but you still get most of it, but boy am I glad the translators picked it up again.

This story has all the elements I wanted. An everyday rags to riches, with love and family dynamics in between.

... more>>

They do make money, but not like spend it all rich, just enough so they don't have to worry about it. The MC can also have a baby and the baby is the most adorable fat lil thing.


This just hits in all the right spots. I see people compare this with "Favorite Ugly Husband" and I think this is a more realistic development and much more tranquil. The MC and ML have a much more even dynamic as they're both from modern times. There's really no big drama or face slapping, and because they communicate and are so loving towards each other there's no big conflict. Some characters are annoying at best, there's really no character you want to murder and most are pretty likeable.

Some might find it boring because it goes over their daily lives, but I find it very fun to read and I love the ways they try to make money and slowly build themselves up. It was a long journey but a great read. <<less
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Arya88 rated it
January 28, 2020
Status: c26
Reading this fluffy slice of life novel feels especially healing after reading a bunch of serious ones. I don't care much about the mpreg but the characters here made it super worthwhile to read. MC isn't a hypocrite and would admit his flaws (even if he is grouchy about it) and ML is not OP black-bellied either. It's nice to read about them struggling in the ancient world and missing modern convenience/techs.

Translator did a really a good job too! Thank you very much for your hardwork Dandan-mein ❤️
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Axvii rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: Completed
I Love the family so much.

Their closeness and care for each other will really warm your heart.

The plot isn't tension gripping but you will still love it because it is a light and fun read.

The characters are caring for one another and the protagonists interactions with each other as the story goes will definitely make you smile.

If you love light and fun reads this is for you.

If their are people who want to try and read something new this is also for you.

Have fun reading!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Not a princess
Not a princess rated it
February 11, 2023
Status: --

It's literally BG with BL tag. It's good story but I was looking for story about relationship between 2 men. Not men and female with extra parts (ger with social expectations same as women)
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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