I Became A Virtuous Wife and Loving Mother in another Cultivation World


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After looking at a handsome man’s picture, he has transmigrated into another world. Rong Yi looked up at the sky, speechless. How unlucky could he be to have transmigrated into a loser + sissy’s body…

What’s worse, the original master of this body has been married to a man! And the worst thing is…

Rong Yi takes a deep breath and lowers his head to look at his chest! Flat! Check! Then he pulls open his pants and luckily see his ‘brother’ is still there, feeling much relieved…

He said to the little cute kid, “What did you say? Say it again.”

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56 Reviews

New F.A.M.H
May 18, 2023
Status: c29
I can't believe it, everyone, EveryOne, is too rude when they talk or deal with MC, even his servants not that respectful towards him!
And Even one of them who was hired to teach MC son, was bluntly corsing, insulting MC non-stop openly and in front of everyone, even teach the son how to cors and insult his father in front everyone, and everyone see this as a normal thing.
But he will go around teach them all his mighty skills! He know, and can see, how everyone here in... more>> this world, and even in his original world, would protect their secret skill, but he came here and goes around teaching those who look down on him, who insulted him, who scolded him, how to do things they never ever thought they will be able to do it! Look, he won't do it to stand them or surprise them, like it happen in other novels, here he will TEACH them how to do it! While they still look down on him while learn from him!
Really can't understand this MC thoughts at all! <<less
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Sep 20, 2019
Status: c75
Its mpreg. But not like some of the other ones. First of all, the MC is actually involved in his children's lives. They're not just there for the sake of being mpreg. ML was also far from perfect, but I see improvement. So far I'm really loving it.
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Sep 25, 2019
Status: c58
This is about a genius cultivator from modern world which transmigrat to another word after his gay and sissy's second elder brother shows him a picture of a very beautiful man which is our ml.

(The reason that there is cultivation in modern world is because one of the mc's ancestor has also accidentally transmigrat to another world and had to stay there for 1000 years *I think* till he found a way to come back to his world, even thought thousand years had past but it was just few... more>> seconds in his original world so at first no body believed him so shows them what he had learned there.)

The body which MC has transmigrat was for a sassy, waste and gay man which has currently been pregnant for four years *his pregnancy is 6 years* so two years still remaining for the child to be born. He also had another 3 years old boy, *he was actually pregnant with twins but after an accident one of the twins was born much earlier so the child should drink the mother's blood to survive*

MC is very good at refining but still he should cultivate because the body is too weak.

ML first time will see the MC which also is his children's mother and carrier after Mc's transmigration. Some years ago He was greatly injured and even nearly dead so he couldn't come back home to see his partner.

Now MC is trying to become a good mother and partner while improving his cultivation and show everyone that he is not a good for nothing tr*sh like the original owner. <<less
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Oct 07, 2019
Status: c72
Seriously! It's actually so funny how hot tempered he is at the beginning of the story! Although it's an mpreg story, it's not sappy and he's not some weak little bunny.

It's quite enjoyable with face-slapping here and there. Well, I'm only at the start but I have high hopes for this story!!

If the translator sees this, I just want to say: YES TY FOR TRANSLATING THIS. PLEASE CONTINUE TO DO SO!!
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Sep 27, 2019
Status: c110
welp this happens when I'm bored.

honest, even though it started quite foolishly, it is still good. Shou is very smart, more like cunning. I like how he tr*shes anyone who opposes him, those who made the original body suffer. I don't think it's revenge, just he will always pay back those humiliations. Lmao.

gong is mostly quiet coz he is ghost cultivator, the cultivation makes him losing humanity. Hence shou helps him to retain some senses. And it's working!

the relationship between fathers and sons is also very good. Even if gong... more>> is cold, he cares them in his own way. And shou will love the sons dearly.

don't worry about the abortion pill lolololol (this will be running gag lmao).

the comedy is quite good.

so far, the plot is interesting. Side characters are also amusing. I'm losing interest with farming mpreg tbh, and this one is good read in meantime. <<less
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Oct 01, 2019
Status: Completed
The first chapter rather annoying, there are many "suddenly" event, in first chapter MC hate four things, then next few chapters he wholeheartedly doing that four things...

If you interested in this story...

JUST HOLD ON, for couple chapters, the later is okay... actually is rather interesting story and have many satisfying face slapping..

The ending is...

... more>>

I don't know, how someone with age like 10.000 years old, could act like innocent children, after killing and massarce people. I know that author want to give reader feel that how much time passed, our feelings will never change, rather than that, it feels more like psychopaths, I know there another theory that because trauma, their psychology would stagnate on their childhood, still its feel weird...

The ending is HE

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Apr 13, 2021
Status: --
I absolutely hate this.

This story gets on my nerves. It doesn't deserve the high ratings. And here's why:

    • First of all, the MC is homophobic. He hates "sissy, kids, and gay men" because his brother is a brainless romantic gay man who always cries and wears makeup. Stereotyping gay men is bad enough, deciding to hate a whole ass community because of A PERSON is worse. Yet the MC manage to achieve both. A gay man is just a man who likes another man. They don't need to be a crybaby, a sissy, or a makeup artist to get the "gay man" title. And even if they have those traits, it doesn't make them any less of a man. It's really annoying since this a YAOI story. Yet, that's how the author portrays them.
    • Second, each and every characters bully the MC. They are DISGUSTED with MC because he's a feminine man who cries easily and can get pregnant like "a girl". They insult him as if crying and pregnant are the only notable traits of women, as if being like a woman is OFFENSIVE and INFERIOR. It's pretty f*cking offensive and misogynistic, especially since the setting is cultivation world where everything is possible (including mpreg). But nooooo, they just had to insult him and women like that.
    • Third, MC is UNWILLINGLY pregnant. This one is so f*cked up. Because his own mother put a f*cking stranger's sperm into MC's body without his own CONSENT. And while he was pregnant for 4 years, he was led to believe that the baby's father already dead. What kind of beast is this?!? Isn't this the same as r*pe?! Ok, let's reverse it. Imagine your own relatives sold your sperm for some cash, without you knowing anything, and suddenly a kid pops out of nowhere claiming to be your son, ruining your relationship with your current partner and ruin your life. What a f*cking nightmare, eh? The MC had it worse because HE'S PREGNANT AND CAN'T EVEN ABORT IT. Jeez, the moral of this story is lower than a f*cking Mariana trench.
    • Fourth, there's no single likeable character in this story. I swear to god, each one of them is annoying. YES. INCLUDING THE KID. And especially the staffs/butlers. They have zero respect for MC, zero manners, zero attitudes. They call him "young master" but they treat him like dogshit. They don't listen to him, yet they enjoy the benefit of MC's cultivation formation shamelessly. If I have a subordinate like that, I will fire them here and now. The kid's teacher, oh lord, he's the f*cking worse. Swearing in front of his student while INSULTING the student's parent in front of the student is just another level of a**holeness. Imagine your teacher suddenly calls your parents a c*nt, a b*tch, a slut, a c*ck, pussy, a**hole, how would you feel? Shocked? Yes. Anger? Absolutely. And yet the kid just LAUGHS. *Slow claps* wow just wow. No matter how cold the MC to the kid, he didn't mistreat him. So, there's bound to be some affection between him and his son. And yet, the kid didn't get offended. What does this mean? It means everyone around him (staffs, butler, teachers) are used to degrade his own dad, so the kid didn't have any ounce of anger because he thought it's normal. Bad education? Check. I simply don't understand why they people thought they are cute or funny. They are not. The characters are problematic.
    • Fifth, the ML doesn't deserve to be the ML. Don't believe me? Just read it you'll understand.
This book could've been great. It really could. But, the author decided to throw away the characterization, the struggle of identity, the acceptance of one self just for the sake of "comedy".

Ironically this book is not even funny at all. It takes real life issue too lightly, like a joke. It's making fun of the victims. (Mind you, the real Rong Yi is the victim. Nobody tried to understand him. They just one-sidedly hated him.)

This book doesn't age well. If you're ok with all the problematic stuff I mentioned above and more, then go ahead and read it.
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Nov 17, 2019
Status: c315
OMG this is adorable! When MC transmigrated from the modern world to an older cultivation world, he was already preggers & there's already an energetic 3yo. bun to take care of. The handsome guy he saw in a pic is his husband in this world and even if he kept saying that he's trying to get close just because, he's attracted to the guy lol.

Strong guy transmigrated to a weak, girly body that he so especially hates. He hated kids as well but now he had not one but two!... more>> (and three and four... LOL). Character growth for the MC as he learns to value his dislikes. Predominant cultivation theme but is still centered around MC + his growing number of kindergarten flock kids. And among the webnovels I've read, this has probably the most satisfying revenge ever.


My blood was boiling when the antagonist took out the youngest child's spiritual roots. And the child is his own grandson! Ohh I'm so happy at how they give him back a similar pain.


[edit 2023] I know that different people will interpret different things but let's not s*upidly take that "hate" on a literal level. MC may "hate" on his brother and the other things he stated so that "homophobic" accusation isn't exactly accurate. Look didn't he get over everything later? Do you know? IT IS CALLED CHARACTER GROWTH PEOPLE.

Originally rates this as 4.2 but I will round it off to 5* to offset those unreasonable low ratings. <<less
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Mar 25, 2020
Status: c19
The premise of this one kinda genuinely upset and disturbed me. The MC is an aggresively "straight" (homophobic) cultivator from the modern world (lets just assume hes deep in the closet and not actually straight). He transmigrates to a historic/alternate world and becomes a MULTIPLE YEAR magicaly pregnant man (with TWO MORE YEARS to go on his pregnancty), bound feet, no cultivation, and is married to a "dead man" who just got home for the first time (he was impregnated artificially against his will after being married to a tombstone).... more>> Oh, and lets not forget he had twins, one of which was born early and now DRINKS HIS BLOOD. So hes stuck in this house where everyone is horribly mean to him with 2 parasytes (one inside him for two more years and the other a vampire child. Both of whom could kill him), and their ghost daddy who aparently lacks emotions and might randomly kill him despite the pregnacy if he gets too annoyed?? Oh, and literaly the whole town is super homophobic and likes to sh*t talk him.

As a homosexual woman, I feel like I might have a handle on the feelings of a straight man droping into a mpreg horror story (which is what this is). There is no part of the characters cursing at the MC and treating him like a baby maker (laughing abt cutting off his d*ck and selling him to a brothel once the baby is born) that is cute, funny, or ok. I might have been able to accept it if it was a revenge/escape story (its not. The MC is supposed to win over these ppl instead), but there is no situation where this senario is ok, even if the original owner of the MCs body was a "sissy" and couldnt cultivate. Lots of toxic masculinity and body horror.

NO ONE is likeable within the first 19 chapters (which is all I could sit through). <<less
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Dec 01, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a story about transmigration, but it has a different take on it. I love transmigration and rebirth stories to begin with, but this one has its own twist which I think is pretty original and good as an idea.

The story is very good. It's complex and has its own plot apart from the love story. There is a lot of character development which I always appreciate in a story and it has all kinds of emotions in it. The comedy is really good and funny and the sad... more>> parts will make you cry your eyes out.


Yes, it has sad parts. Really tragic parts that made me cry so hard that I couldn't see clearly for a few hours afterwards. But don't worry, it has a happy ending


To me, the most important thing about a story are the MC and their other half. In this story, they are both awesome. The MC is freaking brilliant. Very strong, ingenious and won't let anybody take advantage of or bully him. He's very assertive and although he teaches his bullies a lesson, he isn't twisted. He won't care if people who wish him bad die, but he won't actively go seek revenge unless provoked. Compared to a lot of transmigration and reborn MC's, he's a rather peaceful one.

The children, omg the children are insanely cute and one of the best things about this story. Gotta love them to death.

The only complaint I would have with the story is that by the end of the story, there are too many gay couples. I obviously have no problem with gay couples, but I don't think every single character in a BL story needs to be in a gay relationship. To me, it takes from the realism of it. I think there should be some balance. I prefer it if there are more than one couple gay couple in a story but I don't like it if everybody else also end up as a gay couple.

Also, I would recommend to only read to the end of the story and skip the extras. One, because the story in the extras was never completed. Two, I have complex feelings about the extras and would've preferred it if the story had ended where it says "the end" instead of having the extras.

The reason being:


The story ends with the children still being children, with them still being happy and innocent together, but the extras include a story where the children are 18 and enter university and start to discover their feelings towards each other! WHY!? Oh, don't worry, it's not the twins who have feelings for each other, but the twins have feelings towards their adopted brothers. Which I don't completely oppose since they aren't blood related and have loved each other all their lives, but it was supposed to be brotherly love! Why twist it and make it something else??? I really don't know how to feel about it, plus it also adds to the "too many gay couples" because then all the children end up gay as well. So, I'd rather not have read it. Besides, the story is incomplete. Also, in the extras the twins grow up to look like the ML and the ML starts to forbid the children from kissing the MC from when they are 5 years old because the ML would get jealous because the children look too much like himself and he feels like another man who looks like himself is trying to steal away his lover! WHY? Those are your children!!! Why would you feel jealous of your own children kissing their own dad!? It's not like those kisses mean anything else besides familial love! To actually be capable of feeling jealous about it would actually make it weirder. I really don't like this blurry line that doesn't make familial love and romantic love clearly separate things. That's why I don't like the children ending up together either. So, I like to just tell myself the extras aren't really a part of the story and imagine the twins end up looking like both parents. The end!


So, yeah. Very good story. Not so great extras. So, I'll just pretend I didn't read the extras and they don't exist. <<less
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Jan 30, 2020
Status: c116
I really am losing interest in this book. Ugh, 100s of chapters in but I STILL haven't seen any romance yet. Just the ML and MC feeling ever so slightly moved. Ugh and when that as*hole Qi Lan is bullying the MC the ML just puts up with it and stand to the side. I don't feel any love or chemistry from this couple. Not to mention all those useless and dragging cultivation contents in the novel. If I wanted to read a cultivation novel, I would!! Not come here... more>> and read a novel with such title!! I came here for the romance not a ML who let his man be bullied and some pointless cultivation stuff.

Not to mention the translation is any better. There's abnormal word that obviously isn't something from the original work like the MC calling the ML "Daddy" or the MC being calling "Master shifu" (Not dont believe kung fu panda0 if he is calling Master ShiFu than it mean he's being called "Master master" plus the some character's name is Xiang LV, LV!! V is not a letter in chinese <<less
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Dec 29, 2019
Status: c38
Not sure about all those 5 star ratings! Are we all reading the same story!??? It's a way beyond ridiculous story with silly MC, absolutely unimaginable ML, senseless/overbearing servants, exaggerated situations...I got into the story hoping for some sweet fluff, what I got was s*upidity and hateful stereotypes all around... Dropping it for sure!
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Feb 02, 2022
Status: --
Well, that was a huge journey, one that I didn't quite enjoy altogether. So I read all 432 chapters in like 2 days and wow! It's bad. I mean like not horrible but it doesn't even come close to good. So buckle up because this is going to be a roller coaster.

    1. The MC is homophobic. Homophobic. Really? Someone on this site said that the MC is not homophobic and only hates it when his ladyboy brother cries..... bit*h no. In the first chapter, the opening line is this "There were four types of people that Rong Yi really hated: gay, kids, losers and sissy pants." There is gay literally written as the first thing he hates and hating gays is called h*mophobia. Seriously guys read it before writing. And second of all, I hate that the brother was shown as someone who cries like 'a girl' all the time and then the MC is like man the f*ck up. MC... Your brother can cry the f*ck he wants. He's a human and has emotions (Unlike the man u call husband in later chapters). The fact that MC's brother even had the trust to cry to MC very well knowing that he's only going to get some insults is very brave. You go, boy! I believe that people should be allowed to act however they want and wear whatever they want. If my brother wanted to wear make up and come cry to me about break up, my doors are always open and I'll do anything to support him. So yeah MC is someone I didn't like the very minute I read the first line.
    1. Woo boy the misogynism in this story is so much that you could probably feed 20 huge nations for like more than a thousand years. Damn! Everybody is hating on the OG Rong... more>> Yi because he was like a woman like STFU! He's like a woman because he cries and can get pregnant. Boys, y'all wouldn't be here if your mothers weren't a woman so shut your bit*h ass up. And please the MC gets upset whenever his kids are like "You look beautiful" and then corrects them "It's handsome". What's wrong with men being beautiful? I know that when reading a book like this you don't take it personally but the author just mentions these real-life issues so casually as if they are jokes which makes it hella hard for me not to take it personally.
        1. The ML's senior brother..... OK, can I just say that I hate him? First, MC didn't have to be rude to him when they first met second the senior brother didn't have to insult him the first time they met!! I can imagine a thousand ways for a situation like 'meeting your husband's senior brother' to go but I didn't expect it to go that way. Why do you have to be rude for the first time? He's that one character that comes over and says "You can leave now. A substitute like you is not needed." Like damn ok watch me sew your mouth that you have been running for so long. You ain't mac queen bit*h you don't have to race your mouth. Shut up, I know when I'm needed.
        1. And now the ML.....I can't man. I can't. I expected him to be some Lan Wangji knock off. Knock off but none the less knock off of Lan Wangji. He ain't nothing like that my guy. He just stares on the sidelines while he watches his husband take insults, beatings and all the problems head-on. Like damn ok why don't I make you some popcorn to enjoy with your daily entertainment too? It's even said that he would kill his husband if he gets annoyed. I don't see how somebody could love him. How did his mother raise him? And then abruptly in chapter 355, he's in love with the MC. Where was the development? All I saw was no love, no love,......., No love, I'm IN LOVE! How? And then in the chapter right after that, the was a line that said "He wouldn't give a face to anybody except Rong Yi. Not even his children." Great parenting there. No like seriously?!
        1. There is literally not a single likeable character and I'll tell you that there are so many characters. Everybody is hating on MC and calling him all sorts of cuss words. I remember the kid's teacher (Lei Sai) and let me tell you I hate him and then he lowkey begs the MC shamelessly to teach him how to refine things. Yeah don't apologize but beg shamelessly.
      At this point, my reimagining of the story is much better.

      MC should be someone who will support his brother's choices and should be a kind-hearted man who can also be a badass bit*h when the situation calls for it. He's a queer and doesn't know his sexuality at all so he questions it most often. He transmigrated before getting married when the OG Rong Yi was like young. MC doesn't like OG's mother because she doesn't let him cultivate. After all, he's an extreme Yin. So he cultivates to whatever capacity he has. OG's mother uses MC and gets him married off to a man who is presumed dead to gain more power (Something like this would make more sense). The MC vows to not let his kids suffer.

      The ML on the other hand should be more like the poker-faced dude but is trying to change. He hears his subordinate say that he is very happy with his family and then the husband wants to also know what it feels like to have a family with a loving spouse and adorable kids. He then remembers that he has a spouse and kid he has never met so in an attempt to feel like a human and not some cold stone he sends anonymous gifts to them both on their birthdays. His heart feels warmer and he knows it. And then maybe the author could continue how the warm feelings grow between them. Of course, there will be guilt for the ML because he believes that he ruined the MC's chance to become someone better. The senior brother could be someone who's not rude like yeah at first he wants to marry the ML but then he could be like 'hey I like the MC, he's funny so we can be friends.' Like can we not have them fight for a man who doesn't even care? I swear that this kind of story would at least make me happy.

      Anyways have a good day, readers! <<less
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Mermaid on the Moon
Mermaid on t
Oct 29, 2019
Status: --
ML reborn into a character that he dislike and also pregnant, all truly unexpected elements. It’s not boring as some transmigration novels, it keeps surprising me every chapter so far.
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Omniscient Couch Potato
Omniscient C
Dec 14, 2021
Status: --
I don't know if people who gave 1 or 2 star are s*upid or too upright.

As one comment before said you hate it when ML does everything and you hate it when MC is self sufficient and doesn't need a sugar daddy.

They are calling MC homophobic. Do you even know whats h*mophobia?

MC's second brother is a lady boy and MC doesn't like how he cries after break up but that doesn't mean he is homophobic. If it was he would have been disgusted with his brother and would have hate... more>> him.

About MC's wanting abortion and people calling him cruel.

WTF?! What would you do if you wake up one day pregnant and even as a man! Getting pregnant is not normal. By reading so many Mpreg stories your s*upid brain may think that a man being pregnant is normal but it is not.

How can MC as a modern man who even thinks himself as a straight man at that point think its normal?!

At first I was off about some stuff too like how ML is too cold but after reading through I understand it's totally normal given Ml's ghost cultivation and lack of knowledge+attraction towards origMC.

Its abnormal if ML liked MC just after he transmigrates.

And about story being bland? I highly doubt if you have even read it.

There's a lot of plot points+ mystery and mainly humor.

I like MC's OPness too. But if there is any plot holes in this story that would be MC's OPness and other some light stuff.

If you can go through around first 30 chs (my blood boiled then) you would understand why those people gave it 4/5 stars.

Its a very unique transmigration story with its world settings but the uniqueness wouldn't be realised up till around middle.

You would be thrilled when everything makes sense. <<less
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Mar 13, 2021
Status: --
Forgive me for this.

But holy sh*t is this story a f*cking mess.

It's so awful, I had to stop. So far, I have and could only read up to chapter fourteen, before needing to take a deep breath and reflect on life. I say that's a lot of patience for a transphobic, homophobic story. I say that because it lowkey-highkey is! Not just that, but even the logic in here whacked up to my rockers.

The only thing that makes me want to read it more is seeing this straight Rong Yi... more>> as well as everybody in this novel suffer in it's privileged plot holes and the logic equivalent to kissing a donkey's ass. It had so much hidden potential, it bugs me the f*ck out.


Basically the entire story up to where I've read it is just "Ohh, being a sissy, loser, gay sucks, sissy pants loser gays are dumbass effeminate bimbos that are twice more annoying than women, kids are awful! F*ck me Yin Jinghe!".

Rong Yi is the author trying to make a gay character but they forgot to remove the extreme h*mophobia and straightness when he transmigrated and blame it all on OG Rong Yi, we just all ignore how immature, childish, and narrow-minded this perfect privileged main character is. Yin Jinghe is the hot dude he saw in the picture and Rong Yi was so turned on, the thirst was so great, he just had to transmigrate to have some of that and that is it, I don't give a f*ck about anything else regarding him because it's not as great as him being the ultimate fanservice! Rong Huan and Rong Su are the smart-dumb sidekicks, unfortunately like the rest, they were all infected with the straight mentality, nonetheless they are my fave~ Rong Su is my sunshine and Rong Huan is my moonlight, I shall dedicate background characters in my story after them in honor for what they could have been. Yin Tao and the quintuplets, they are children born from unfavorable circumstances with parents that are never there and an elder sibling that hates them to the bone and another elder sibling who is just as unreliable as the other one, a mother who screams and curses at them and have attempted several times to kill their twin brother. Rong Si is the token stereotypical gay. Rong Zhi was briefly mentioned and you think I would love him solely for that, but no, he is just as shitty as his other siblings for not being there and leaving the quintuplets in the hands of his two bonkers younger brothers. OG Rong Yi is Rong Si 2.0, upgraded to pregnant, get one for 2 souls.

In another point of view, all this bad could have turned into something good.

Rong Yi has viable reasons to hate sissies, losers, gays and kids and that's because of how neglectful their parents are.

He hates kids because these awful people just went up and said: "Oh we have five more kids haha, take care of them while we go grab some milk", so these three brothers, who have no experience in taking care of children, now have to learn how to. Rong Zhi doesn't seem to always be there as the eldest, so I'd like to assume it's because he is busy with making money and managing the family business (doesn't excuse his own negligence) and he is mentioned to work together with Rong Yi who specializes in weapons and herbs while being the prodigal son and Rong Si is there for being the emotional person in that house. The kids act like that, shooting toy guns and throwing to grenades and wanting to play dress up because they are just kids and kids need attention, because of the lack of attention, they had to resort to being bear children in hopes of getting any sort of recognition that they were never given.

The author seem to have tried to portray this or could have just made a separate story of three brothers learning from their parents by not being them and spending time with the quintuplets. Sure, Rong Yi can still hate them, but only because he hates his parents for conceiving children if they weren't even going to take responsibility! Rong Si can still be emotional and effeminate, but not that much, good gods, gays are sparkly like glitter but not that sparkly, we aren't f*cking chandeliers for pete's sake! Rong Zhi can remain as the distant indifferent one. If you don't want something that wholesome, read the novel, it's already there with it's thousand red flags swaying like hula dancers!

He hates gays and sisses because I assume that it's been hinted, that he too, is gay and his internalized h*mophobia is so huge that it could feed a starving nation for half a thousand years. Also because the very common reasons why h*mophobia exist, his older brother is gay, he is unused to such high emotional intelligence. I bet you if he didn't transmigrate or saw Yin Jinghe's hot ass, he wouldn't figure it out sooner and by then he'd be an old man in an unhappy marriage, regretting how it was too late.

Hates losers because he was called as one for having three spiritual roots which kinda hints that beside that internalized h*mophobia is his low self-esteem, self-hate and why he keeps trying to impress and follow what the elders say. As much as I bet he won't admit it, he is just as insecure, wants attention and recognition and emotional like Rong Si and the quintuplets.

But wooo boy does the author not address, let alone use this setting properly and just twirls around it and tosses Rong Yi in another world, now making him deal with the mind-blowing concept of being a pregnant man and with an unwanted baby and child before being able to deal with his own set of problems. More sh*t to make him even more stressed yes! Hallelujah :D!

OG Rong Yi is also another unfortunate character. I can only assume this and it's my bias, but I think he might be trans, at least somewhere between wanting to be a woman but he's hesitant. They aren't gay like most assume he is because he is so effeminate which the characters and Rong Yi in that world see it as strange. This is where the transphobia comes from, it's masked behind the fact OG Rong Yi got pregnant and we are left to assume to think he started acting like a woman to cope with it, which is also possible. But if so, they wouldn't go as far as bind his foot, which in history, only ancient Chinese women do. Only women bind their feet, it's why it's never mentioned in bl novels because its all about men. Remember the mentions where Rong Yi blames the original for his unhinged emotional state and not his pregnancy? Is it hinting that the OG Rong Yi is still there and just watching and listening as another person lives their life? Does this mean he heard and saw what happened, how they got pregnant without permission by their own mother's doing just for the sake of gratitude, how the person they love (unnamed senior brother) was going to marry someone while they are stuck in a loveless marriage with someone they don't even know, see themselves not wearing makeup, see their foot unbound and they have no say at all about it? Not only did he lose his body, they also lost their identity as a woman. This story wouldn't be bl if the OG Rong Yi still occupied their body because OG Rong Yi is a woman.

Sorry to those who read this review and see me using male pronouns. It's not verified and it's only my assumption so I can only resign to using male and nonbinary pronouns as a default.

I know I shouldn't assume and yes, they tried aborting the kid, but they didn't even wanted the kid in the first place, they didn't even wanted to get pregnant with some random man's sperm. Not all woman are obligated to give birth and so is Rong Yi. The mother can't even be called awful, she just inhumane and OG Rong Hi must have felt so betrayed.

This is another story that would have been really good, about a transgender (demi??) who is going through unfair circumstances, having to deal with being pregnant for four years with an unwanted child in his belly and just as he suffered, they have to deal with the father, a man he doesn't know of, even love for that matter, so hopeless that he just resigned to his fate.

Maybe I am overthinking this. But honestly, these two things could have been so good separately.


In short, it's a story that doesn't fit well with each other, has so so SO many issues and a good example of what you should not do when making a story at all. If it's your cup of tea to read brain damaging crap like this so that you can do the opposite of what's done or you simply have a kink for reading sh*t like this (not kink shaming) , then it's the book for you and me. <<less
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Nov 22, 2021
Status: c234
This book is utter nonsense. If you're one those people who like to read sense, don't waste your time. There is no substance nor depth to the story. It's bland. Although there are certain sweet moments, at the end of the day there is nothing great about the plot. This book is a dragged out continuous face slapping drama mixed with some fluff. It's pathetic how I wasted my time reading 234 chapters and still having achieved nothing. The story isn't progressing well at all. All the high reviews are... more>> misleading. Think twice before devoting your time to this novel. <<less
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Dec 08, 2019
Status: Completed
The story is quite long but it is beautiful. MC transmigrated to ancient world into a character he hates (sissy body, pregnant and already with a son) after looking at a photo of a handsome man who turns out to be his husband. MC is funny with a strong personality. He is not like the MC in other stories who needs someone to save his ass. He is quite smart and dependable despite his low spirituality upon transmigration. ML seems quiet and cold but dotes and supports MC. The... more>> different characters on the novel even the side ones were given character development. The novel is separated by 4 books but it is not boring. It contains mpreg but it is not cringey. <<less
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Jul 04, 2021
Status: c255
I wanted to love this. I really did. Rong Yi was really annoying at the beginning with his homophobic comments about himself and his own brother, and I felt devastated with how every person treated the original Rong Yi so horribly.

... more>>

The original Rong Yi was impregnated against his will (his own mother forced him to get pregnant with ML's sperm), and despite the fact that he never wanted to give birth, the servants and everyone around him degrade him, are cruel to him, and they deprive him of money so he can't buy aborticide to get rid of the baby he doesn't want. The reason they're cruel to him is because he's a man who can get pregnant, yet at the same time they make sure he stays pregnant because they want the kids. Everyone ignores his wishes, and his treatment is horribly cruel. The original Rong Yi's life was incredibly tragic, yet no one ever felt any sympathy for him. Even his elder brother in the sect (not blood related) was only nice to him because the elder brother loved the original Rong Yi's dad (this part was a bit weird...). Yet, despite the elder brother treating him well and being powerful, he never stopped the people who hurt or degraded the original Rong Yi.

Even after Rong Yi transmigrates, people who notice the change in his personality constantly talk about how they like him so much better than how he used to be. I'm ranting at this point, but I really just feel so sad reading about all the different ways the original Rong Yi suffered.


But the current Rong Yi's attitude changes a lot. He becomes a loving and far more accepting person, and he's incredibly intelligent. I came to really love his character and how he uses his cunning and wiles to navigate through difficult situations. He faces a ton of prejudice when he first transmigrates because everyone literally loathed the original body, to the point that multiple people tried to hurt him just because he was a pregnant man with low cultivation. He works really hard to become stronger and earn respect.

What really bothered me about this story though, aside from the horrible treatment of the original Rong Yi, was the ML.


I fully understand ML is a ghost cultivator which means he can't feel emotions. BUT, he almost never helps Rong Yi with anything. When Rong Yi is degraded, in danger, ridiculed, when his life is at stake, the ML does almost nothing at all. It is always Rong Yi having to try and find ways to help himself, and the ML won't even speak up when people talk badly about him. Even his own subordinates talk sh*t about Rong Yi and he does nothing.

Rong Yi bends over backwards to help the ML in any way he can. He gives him information, helps him find herbs that can repair his soul and get his emotions back, and will do anything possible to help him. After eating the herb, ML starts to recover his emotions but STILL never bothers to help Rong Yi in the same way that Rong Yi is trying to help him. At one point Rong Yi literally runs through fire and has his skin and hair burned off, only to prove his devotion to ML, and yet the ML almost never does anything for Rong Yi.

The only time he takes any sort of action is when Rong Yi is kidnapped by the chief of the sect's wife, imprisoned, and tortured. He goes and pretty much destroys half the sect. Which is great, he finally defended Rong Yi, but yet he took NO action against the people who actually set this all up (the elders of his own family). He just left Rong Yi to deal with it and sat aside. Also, he full well knew how horribly Rong Yi was treated in the sect, yet every time Rong Yi was summoned there the ML made no effort to arrange protection for him.

Rong Yi is super smart, but in his current body he has very weak cultivation, and various events prove that the intelligence can only protect him so much. But the ML rarely ever lifts a f*cking finger to help him. What's worse is that ML is an OP character from a powerful and influential family, so he is FULLY capable of helping and protecting Rong Yi. He just chooses not to.

Overall, I've got to say that it took over 200 chapters (when ML rescued Rong Yi from the sect) for the ML to actually help Rong Yi in some way.


Honestly, this story had SO much potential. The family element is amazing, there's even a lot of found family themes in this. The kids are adorable, and Rong Yi's cunning is so fun to read. However, these things are somewhat ruined by the ML who has so much power, but is too apathetic to use that power to help Rong Yi or his kids when they are in danger. I read a spoiler in another review about something happening to the kids, and honestly I just don't think I can keep reading after knowing what happens and that the ML once again did nothing to protect his family. <<less
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Sep 20, 2020
Status: c117
Till Ch 117

Pretty average, till now I almost didn't find any character likable.

The ML is relatable though, he is kinda a person with social withdrawal. I like how he is not overly smitten with the MC yet still cares (till now). Like he really can ignore people, have doubts about MC reliability and get amused by MC sometimes shameless and childish behavior

... more>>

That time the MC gave him the supposed great prescription but have him write because he can't and even the prescription have low grade ingredient. Really his doubts are justified lol 😂


I think the interactions between MC and his son is the most good point about this story

Ch 186

It became more interesting

4/5 rating

Main story complete 315

Soooo annoying, god it deserves 2 stars. Really that Chinese legends stereotypes of fate and separation and love for thousands of years really is not my cup of tea and I can not understand it. Life moves on ya know ? The story could have taken a different route and become more interesting yet it regressed in the last third part greatly. Boring and Annoying

I hate that Rong Qi I didn't have any feeling about him at the beginning but then how the hell can a person think about guys and love in such situations?? That's your brother's hardest time for god's sake !!!


When the MC was crying miserably on his beloved's corpse and when mc's two child died he was cold blooded in both !!


Ah the zombie son is the best in the novel ☺️

So the final rating 3/5 at the very best <<less
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Aug 28, 2022
Status: Completed

    • This novel has 315 chapters and 14 Extras on the original site (LC Read)
    • Where to read in english (I put this in spoiler tag because of it length) :
  1. The links above will lead you to "Flying Lines" which claims to be an official translation site. You can read the first 20 chapters for free and have to pay from there on. Unfortunately they break every chapter apart and rise the prizes of later chapters. So instead of 315 chapter you will have to pay about 600 or more.
    They haven't finished the translation yet and are already by 500+. At the moment I would have to pay 50$ to read this novel.
  2. Agregator Sites. There are some sites that even copy the work of the "official translation" and Google is so nice to let you know about the complaints from flying lines and shows you which aggregation links got deleted from the search. Unfortunately most of them are not complete and end around chapter 400
  3. Amazon. Yes you read it right. Someone put a completed translation on amazon kindle. At the moment of this review it is free for Kindle unlimited user and around 1$ per volume if you buy it. Its 3 volumes in total and the translation is good. Not perfect but I feel it is not worse than flying lines and it's smoothly readable. So this is my personal way to go and the translator even put up other books of this writer.

Now that I saved you a lot of time (and maybe money), let's get back to this book. I might be a smidgen biased because I love this author since I've read "number one zombie wife". While the story and background differs, the style stays the same.

The story:

MC is the proud 3rd son of a powerful cultivation family in modern times. He adores his oldest brother for his stable personality and strength. His second brother is a gay man which has love problems all the time, is weak in cultivation and flustered easily. Instead of getting stronger, this brother puts on makeup and mothers their younger siblings (quintrupletts).

He hates nothing more than gays, sissys, tr*sh (weak people) and kids... then he transmigrated into a cultivation world and became a gay, weak man that bind his feet, puts on makeup and.... is pregnant.

I do not want to spoiler too much but to make it clear, it is a one on one story.

MC and ML have no intimacy with others. While MC is at first keeping his transmigration hidden, he will come clear to ML. They have great communication. I like the dynamics of this couple. MC is sometimes brazenly shameless to get closer with ML.

The caracter growth is not too obvious in ML because he starts out as a ghost cultivator with no feelings and even later isn't too outgoing but I love all the small details when he shows his feelings.

MC is rather obvious because he really loves his children and started to appreciate his gay finds and let him see his own brother in a better way.

The story centers a lot around the family and transmigrating but there is also a lot of action going on. When the story hits the "leaving" part, you better strap yourself in and have a box of tissues nearby. I was like crying for a whole 20 chapters... but remember, it is a totally satisfying HAPPY ENDING.

Uhm yes there also are some weak parts that you might not like... such as time jump and minor plot hole but as I said I'm biased and this novel highly entertained me.

So I fully recommend to read it!
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