Studio Superstar


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Xue Xiao was a diligent and hardworking background actor. Then he offended a big name in the circle and became unable to receive new acting roles.

He thought he would never be able to realize his dream and become an excellent actor like Shen Tingyan until he suddenly received an email one day.

[Hello, you have passed the audition for ‘Studio Superstar.’ Please be on time…] This was an actor talent show created by the largest media platform in the country. A new starting point was laid out in front of him.

Here, he went from being unknown to becoming the brightest star on the big screen.

At the same time, he also touched the star that belonged to him.

Shen Tingyan was one of the four mentors of the show ‘Studio Superstar,’ and his first impression of Xue Xiao was that of a shy, studious contestant who carefully watched every scene with wide eyes.

The second time he saw Xue Xiao, he found that even if this young man had no one to act with him, he could use the little flowers on the roadside, the air in front of him, or the kitten taking a nap in front of him as his scene partners to practice his lines diligently. There might be a bit of shyness, but he was entirely focused once immersed in it.

The third time he saw Xue Xiao, the young man was lying in a corner of the studio and sleeping in a daze. The script he held in his arms was full of his previous comments on the scene, and a cute chibi version of a person was drawn next to it.

This little person inexplicably looked like him, which made Shen Tingyan fall into deep thought.

The fourth time he saw Xue Xiao…

The little guy was peeking at him.

Once Xue Xiao was caught, he buried his head in a panic and pretended that nothing had happened. However, his ears were so red that they seemed to be dripping blood.

Shen Tingyan stared at the crimson color, paused, and drew a horizontal line on his script.

He inexplicably decided that he would make a note of it every time he caught Xue Xiao peeking at him in the future.

Then he found that he had drawn a full ten ‘正’ characters in just one day.

Shen Tingyan finally couldn’t help laughing.

Xue Xiao’s starting point was a passerby corpse on the battlefield.

Later, he became a dejected young man drunk by the side of the road, a high-spirited young general, a lonely mute, a dissolute wastrel…

He ran all the way to the brightest night sky. On the day he stepped on the Best Actor’s podium at the age of 25, the one who handed him the trophy was Shen Tingyan, who accompanied him all the way.

Shen Tingyan asked him with a smile, “What do you want to do most now?”

Xue Xiao faced this man, pursed his lips, and smiled. “I have already obtained what I want most.”

“What about you?”

“I want to hold the star in my hand now,” the man said.

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New Queen_of_Chaos000 rated it
April 18, 2024
Status: Completed
It is safe to say this is one of my favorite novels I've ever read. It is feel feel-good, light-hearted, wonderful story about an adorable protagonist.

Loved the premise, loved the writing, loved the characters. It was all well executed.

The acting was portrayed beautifully, and each story was very compelling in its narration.

Very much recommended!
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New ryrdgx
April 18, 2024
Status: Completed
4.1. Slow burn. First kiss in chap 77. MC is rather op, with an infectious positivity. I kinda wish we got to hear more comments from the netizens, like in other showbiz novels, but this was very present in the moment. There are a lot of chapters focusing on the plots of each movie, with plentiful description of the actors within the scene. Personally I found these parts to be rather dry. Overall good fluff read but it didn't really evoke much strong emotions in me
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cinlky rated it
June 24, 2023
Status: c16
Its started so cute. MC is not the OP or mary-sue type of guy and he is willing to work hard.

ML is kinda good too I guess, but confirm poisonous mouth.. I'm sacred to be the receiver of the words.

[Only get to MTL till 16 >_< Hopefully translator will manage to get till the end of the story. ] I'm hooked. Author don't disappoint and thanks translator to share this book. If not I didnt even know there is a gem here too.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
damnmei rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: Completed
This story is so cute!!!! The premise is that our MC is a new actor who is struggling to find work, when he gets cast in a new acting game show of sorts, where his idol the ML is one of the four mentors of the show. It's an interesting premise, probably based off all the idol game shows that are popping up these days.

MC is quite compelling as he starts off still imperfect at acting since he's still new at it and talent can only take him so far.... more>> He's very sincere and wears his heart on his sleeve, leading to the cutest scenes of him reacting expressively to situations around him, and ML as well as everyone else around MC just amusedly observing him. Also ML is such a tease and he clearly enjoys MC's reactions, it's really so much fun reading their interactions.

The MC being such a big fan of the ML had me also falling in love with the ML every time he appears. I loved all their interactions, and the descriptions of MC nearly combusting every time he sees the ML are so well written- there's definitely something to be said for a story that will show you the characters emotions rather than spelling it out for you. Also having a protagonist so clearly in love made me really feel that excitement of being around someone you like, it's so sweet.

The subtle feelings between them and the slow development of a genuine relationship was so good. It's a slow process of realization as neither of them have been in love before, and MC starts off as a career fan in the beginning, as opposed to being in love with ML's appearance alone. I really enjoyed all the moments of ML questioning himself and falling for everything MC does. As he should, because this really is such a likable MC, he's so cute! The way he turns red every time he sees ML is so endearing.

Also I love how the age gap isn't big! The MC is 24 while ML is 27, which was honestly such a pleasant surprise for a showbiz story as I feel a lot of them have pretty big age gaps. It makes the power imbalance feel less intense when they're only 3 years apart, especially since ML clearly has way more power and experience in the industry.

The overall concept of turning acting into a game show is a bit far fetched perhaps, and the directing / acting scenes can be a bit confusing- like are they really filming live and making a whole movie scene just like that without any production for the contest scenes? But honestly, it's not a big deal because the individual story plots are interesting and the overall plot is always moving forwards. I really liked the progression, and the way the feelings of the main leads grew and developed as they got to know each other better was very compelling.

Honestly I'm just sad this story isn't longer! I really do love the two main characters and their relationship. It felt so natural that they would fall for each other, and any misunderstandings were just cute, not annoying at all. I was definitely convinced of their feelings for each other especially during:

the moment when ML kissed MC for the first time, I had to take a pause and just process because!!! The emotions were so intense!! I really love when a story can convince you that the characters really do like each other.


So thankful that a TL picked this work up! It really is a hidden gem, and for those who can't wait for a full TL, the MTL is also super readable :) <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MoonReader13 rated it
December 2, 2023
Status: --
The story is so cute and the MC and ML love story is just soooo lovely. Also, MC's growth and ML's inner thoughts just make me speechless. I'm obsessed with the novel. So I want to keep reading it. But can't find the MTL version of it. Can someone tell me where can I read the rest of the novel? I need it ASAP.

Also, I recommend others to try it out, if you have experience being a fan and trying to reach out to your idol but can't fulfill it.... more>> At least this novel will make you feel like "Ahhh such a dream come true"

Thank you author for such an amazing story.

PS. I'm new to this, so am not sure what to do, and if I said something I shouldn't have. Sorry beforehand. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
stuffiedlikefoiegras rated it
August 9, 2023
Status: c17
Rooting for Xue Xiao to reach Shen Tingyan! Is it bad that I want Xue Xiao to struggle a little bit more? Hehe

... more>>

While reading I feel as if I am living through the perspective of Xue Xiao- but at the same time also as a bystander, cheering on his journey to become a star. The author is a good writer, and I especially got invested in the Orchid Praying Mantis plot. Is it weird if I wished that the author actually wrote a book based of it? Loll

I also like how the author gave the side characters motives and moments to shine in the novel- a prime example is Jin Xiaochen, especially during his performance! Given that I am only 17 out of 89 chapters through, I hope that the author continues this trend, and the side characters have a life of their own beyond the protagonist. I hope I grow to love the other side-characters just as I do with Xue Xiao.

A small problem I nitpicked is the slight protagonist halo. While I do love relaxing while reading (as I know that the protagonist will have an easy path), I prefer more tense plots. Although it is too soon to get a full picture, it seems that Xue Xiao is usually in the right (like a man against the world situation, except the man has many powerful and supportive allies??), and that anyone who opposes him, gets clapbacked.
Especially considering Xue Xiao's personality to wholeheartedly love acting and wish that his opponents live up to their acting roles; I think it would be better if the antagonists were more of a challenge in terms of acting prowess. Portraying the antagonists to be completely cruel yet short-sighted, and also just innately untalented is slightly ruining Xue Xiao's journey as an actor. Like suddenly, his achievements are not as valid because his opponents were set up to always fall short as compared to him. Furthermore, by portraying Xue Xiao to always be in the right and to have little to no flaws- not only does it emotionally distance him from the readers, but it's also disheartening in a way. I want to see him be in the wrong sometimes! Cause consequences he can't take back! I want him to learn and grow not only as an actor but as a person too.
I hope I am just being unreasonably nitpicky, because I am really excited to continue reading once there's more chapters!

Really like the novel at the moment, excited for the next chapters. Thank you to the translators for taking the time to translate this novel really well! I think they captured the essence of the novel well, despite the differences in language. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
January 31, 2024
Status: c1
Rec list review: 4.5/5 for acting competition + great descriptions of acting/mini-plots for scenes. There were a couple places that could have been more developed. MC/ML personalities were not as 3D as they could be, beyond positive, hardworking MC + poison-tongued, domineering ML. I enjoyed the sweet depiction of their relationship and it's an easy, feel-good read. I love acting novels so would give a 5/5 for that portion and a 4/5 for the actual characterization/relationship portion.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.5

Been a while since I’ve rated something so highly, but I honestly think this read is perfect for those wanting a relaxing, fluffy read with an emotional storyline. This story is about our MC chasing dreams amidst uncertainty, and I believe the messages in the storyline are heartwarming. It’s honestly the type of novel that makes you feel motivated and makes you reflect when watching MC go through his journey of attaining stardom.

I’m not saying the story is perfect—the MC doesn’t go through many roadblocks in his acting (and... more>> his hard work is hinted to but not necessarily captured in detail) while the dynamic of ML being his mentor and having a certain level of favoritism is there (even if the author tried to maximize impartiality). However, I think their characters are compelling enough, and draw you in: our sunshine but realistic and determined MC, our cold, sarcastic, but fair and considerate ML. The acting scenes immerse you, and honestly I think the author has a good idea of what draws readers (us) and the audience (in the book) in.

It's definitely a feel-good novel, but a well-written and dimensional one. I recommend! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dpickle rated it
March 18, 2024
Status: c92
Very worthwhile sweet and charming read :) MC and ML are both likeable. Love how their relationship progressed through the story. This novel doesn't have a lot of heavy drama/angst nor have any super villainous characters. Love how the plays were broken down in each stage of the competition.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 4, 2023
Status: c46
This one will be another to add to the number of my not so proper reviews as I mainly decided to write one for Studio Superstar to let out my fustration over my disappointment with some aspects of the story. So, without further ado, let's get into it...

I picked up the novel because it promised to be a "brainless", easy read to relax. On this front I think it delivered 100% while also being braincell-friendly and the leads' pure puppy love of innocently falling deeper and deeper into each other... more>> without realizing was cute to watch as well. However, it was this puppy love -- or rather its treatment -- that soured me on the book enough that I decided to drop just when the preparations for the third round of the competition started.


To give a bit of context, MC was once again lured away from choosing the ML as another mentor threw a brand new original play into the selection pool for the contestants to act out. I was excited about the idea of an "original" script until the content of it was revealed... then what I felt was disgust and disappointment. Before I explain why, let me say this is purely a personal bias on my part so you might feel or see the situation differently if you give this book a chance.

So why was I disgusted? Because to me the leads' budding puppy love was grossly taken advantage of and this is something I'm weirdly sensitive about. The leads, especially MC, were at the stage where they needed to be nudged a bit, but for this nudge to come in the form of a romantic story written exactly after the leads' real life progress? And from between the hands of a person friendly to them? I really don't have the words... MC needs to act out an android who'll slowly fall into homos*xual love with his male owner as he gets familiar with human emotions... I guess my biggest issue is the sleazy feeling this person gives out when taking special care in pointing out the homos*xual love part to MC when explaining the role and also the pleasure he gets out of one-upping the ML -- the fellow mentor has more of a teasing part, but it just made my skin crawl really.

My true limit to decide I didn't want anything more to do with this story though was the hidden gem fanservice of this original script, because apparently a homos*xual romance can't be happy without one of the parties (MC as an android) crossdressing. Besides this telling me the author's opinion of the topic as I truly dislike when bottoms are delegated the role of a "woman" in a relationship, I found it quite distasteful that a supposedly friendly acquintance would also go out of their way to make the crossdressing outfit for the big screen of their acquintance's love interest while aware, and not required by anything or anyone, as sexy as possible (red miniskirt with lots of skin showing) simply because they could and for the fanservice effect.


So as much as I wanted to see the confirmation of the relationship and how the puppies would be after pairing off, I had to pull the breaks. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 17, 2024
Status: Completed
Warm and fluffy feel-good novel. Nothing super deep, but the author doesn't fall into a lot of cliche pit holes and is respectful of the topics that are brought up

Pros: relatively short and easy read, very cute and not much drama despite what the premise may suggest. There's a little bit of "face-slapping", but it is very background with the focus being on the MC's growth as an actor. In this particular case, I list it as a pro because it makes the novel flow much better and highlights the... more>> MC's development, leaving more room for the plot vs filler. Generally speaking, no braindead characters (one of my biggest issues with some other novels)

Cons: Main annoyance I had was the (what seemed to me) sudden push for a couple characters to be antagonist-like. One somewhat made sense, though I found it unnecessary, and the other was completely pointless and didn't play a role except to maybe add contrast??? Otherwise, there are small parts here and there such as better characterization, a little more struggle (career-wise, or at least a little more description), etc that could add to the novel, but don't really feel off if you just want to enjoy the fluff.

I usually don't comment on other people's comments, and seldom read them after finishing a novel, but this one from Ghost_of_a_witch was right above the place to type and I would like to clarify the situation in case any one decides against reading for this specific reason.


Commentor drops due to a claim that the author's "true" view of homosexuality involves "bottoms" as "women" and how they highlighted a moment of cross-dressing. Actual context- this is one of the mini-scenes where the MC plays the role of a bionic robot who was sent to a depressed man obsessed over the loss of his wife. The robot is pure and set to learn from their human owners as to better get along with them.... but this one learns about love from the sad obsession of his owner. He eventually falls in love with his owner and this part was a breakdown moment where he essentially wants to take over the wife role. Considering that the robot wants the STRAIGHT owner to pretend that he's his WIFE, yes, he did end up cross-dressing. I don't see any other sign of feminizing bottoms. Many novels do, but this most this one does is highly praise looks and the MC's legs.... which I find more to be an attraction point and not "delegating him to the role of a woman". There are flaws for sure, but I don't find this to be one of them.

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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