Dense Fog


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A spell of dense fog awakens the animal inside.

Under a heavy fog seen only once every century, the whole university had stopped classes and was under lockdown. Yet, there would still be disobedient classmates.

For example, Lin Wu who climbed over the school fence.

For example, Wang Ye who was receiving a confession from the prettiest girl on campus.

As a result, Lin Wu, straddling the top of the fence, heard the most awe-inspiring reason for rejection in all of history—

The school flower: “I like you.”

Wang Ye: “Sorry.”

School flower: “Why?”

Wang Ye: “It isn’t your fault. It’s mine”.

School flower: “You can’t possibly be using that overdone excuse, like ‘I don’t like women’?”

Wang Ye: “I don’t like humans.”

Three days later, the fog cleared up. Lin Wu discovered that he suddenly had overwhelming urges to run around. Moreover, every nightfall, he wanted to sing loudly towards the moon.

Students and teachers alike all experienced different changes in their bodies. This strange phenomenon of “wild awakenings” accompanied a chain of foggy spells across various regions and began to spread to the rest of the world.

Lin Wu: “Thanks to the power of your lucky words, all the humans in the world now aren’t quite human anymore.”

Wang Ye: …

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Da Wu
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Tutubitter rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm so sad I finished it so faaaasssttt :— ( ( ( (Everyone is so wholesome I'm not willing to part 🥺

A slow-paced, wholesome story about how they adopt, overcome and cope with all the changes they face; the fog, broken families, and their feelings.

I love the novel overall and Idk where to start but aside from the world building and the romance, the characters themselves are worth your love 🥺 (xcept their families 😤). They all have distinct personalities and very wholesome relationship. My cinnamon rolls..

TYSM to... more>> author and translator 🙏🏻 <<less
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Morfzine rated it
October 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Heyy, why nobodies translating this? The best coming of age novel in my opinion just because the world setting is soooo good. It's about the phenomena that is dense fog, which evolved all human on earth to have various animal gene. Therefore humans all around of the world have to cope with this drastic and sudden changes that in actuality are harmless

... more>>

OR IS IT ? Because the author have planned more than a trilogy for this world, and man the synopses ARE concerning. While this first novel as all about the introduction of the changing world and more focused on the drama between MC's and ML's family problem, the rest will be action for sure. I have even read the sequel, "wild awakening", unfortunately it haven't completed yet. But I assure for all of you that loves mystery and sad cuz a good world building but the author decided to focus on drama and give no answer, THE SEQUEL DOES NOT DISSAPOINT. It's like Boku no hero academia but with animal power, and rather than being hero, the character strive get on to the investigation departement. The plot revolves around this forbidden drug and the organization behind it + the mystery of MC death (sequel has different character btw)


Back to this novel, MC is a good environment engineering student whose parent are divorced and focused more on their new family (AKA MC is an abandoned son). While ML is a physics engineering student if I'm not wrong, who have a sh*t head brother and very biased parent (also an abandoned son + he's good at art which will have some relevance to the story).

At first they don't know anything about each other until the fog brought them together. Both of them and their friend will experience ' a new world' that is the mutation. What good about this is the fascinating social change that were brought by the mutation like the rise of new culture (example: those who had nocturnal animal genes will make midnight as lively as it's morning, new product that are tailored around mutation, and many more) and the hidden mystery it brought.

The mutation will cause some changes to the bodies, birds family will have lighter bones and are able to jump like they are flying, big animals has power buff, snakes will have lower body temperature, and so on, though no animal characteristic (like cat ears, tails, and what not) for now. They also inherit said animals habits which will bring some interesting dynamic. Some of them are ; nocturnal can't sleep at night, wolf sings in full moon, herbivore hates meat, tree animals like to climb, bats like to hang around upside down, and many more. But there is this rarer mutation that will allow you to shapeshift as the animal that you represent as. This rare mutation will be the one of the main plot point in this story as it will brought some drama, action, and even philosophical question. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Violaaa rated it
May 4, 2023
Status: c87
This was the cutest one that I've read till now. This novel is a masterpiece, it has all the elements that one would like. The pace is great, it is neither slow nor fast. If you want to clear your head from the previous reads, you should read this and if you don't have anything to read right now then this novel is the perfect one. I've been putting off reading this novel but I regret it right now because I would've read this weeks ago (don't you cry over... more>> no spilled milk (if ykyk-MUKKBANG)).


I hate their parents, they're the type of everyone should detest. I don't know people like them are parents if they don't know how to care for their children.


I LOVE ALL OF THE CHARACTERS OF THIS NOVEL WITH MY WHOLE HEART. (Except for the family of the MC and ML (doesn't include the uncle of mc))

If you want to read this you can mtl it, the mtl is easy to understand.

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