Superstar Aspirations


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In his last life, he was a superstar that dominated the entertainment circle. In this life, he is a rebellious second generation wastrel.

Confronting the aunt and uncle who wants to seize the family property and getting rid of those slag friends who only know how to eat and drink…

Rong Xu: To not speak out means to perish in the silence!

From starting out as a third-rate celebrity, he had to rely on his own efforts to rise to the top of the entertainment circle, aspiring to once again sit on the throne!

Their first meeting —

Rong Xu: Hello, I’m Rong Xu. This would be our first time meeting, I would appreciate your guidance.

Qin Cheng: !!! (…Aahhh, He’s so cute! I really want to sleep with him!)

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New maru_chan rated it
July 1, 2020
Status: c66 part1
Keep in mind that I've only read up to the current translated chapters (ch 66) so my opinion is subjective to change as I advance through the story, but I feel that 60 chapters is long enough to serve as an overview for people who are interested in reading this novel, so I'll relay my current impression of it so far.

First off, the writing style and the translation are both top tier; as expected for anyone who's familiar with many of this author's works, they're someone who does a decent... more>> amount of research on the topic or at least creates the impression of a world well constructed and a believable string of events, which draws your attention and suceeds in making the plot engaging. As someone who loves to feel enshrouded in the world within a story beyond just the MC's interactions, I feel like the social media aspect is also a pretty nice touch, this story does a great job in portraying the stories within a story in a way that's attractive and interesting, which feels ironic to me, because sometimes it's to the point where I relate and invest more of my emotions in the movies and dramas the actors play in than the actual main story; which brings me to my main issue with the whole novel, that is: the main character.

Rong xu is likeable enough so far, at first, he came off as too Mary Sue-ish for my tastes (the long, and repetitive descriptions of his beauty doesn't help his case), but later he grew on me a bit, but that's it, just a bit, and the problem lies on how unrelatable and distant his whole character seems. Unlike ML, who I quickly came to like thanks to his clumsiness, cute mentality and inner air-headedness, MC is basically perfect and has no obvious faults or interests aside from acting. Essentially, to this guy, there's acting and then there's only more acting, although it's briefly mentioned that in his previous life he used to have friends, trough the course of the story he has yet to make any deep bonds, only connections, and even his attitude towards ML is only lukewarm at best. In other words, it constantly gives me the impression that even when he's not actively acting he's still portraying a role, like everything from how he smiles to how he acts towards people he does it in order to appear likeable and ingratiate people to him for the sake of his career. Unlike ML, whose motivations are transparent, it's like we never know what MC is REALLY thinking in a deeper, more core-level, it's almost like nothing ever touches him... I don't know, maybe it's just me, but that's how he comes off to me, like he's more of a medium towards a story and the embodiment of the perfect actor than an actual, human character.

Anyways, for now I'll continue to follow this novel because I'm interested in seeing the story through, but my greatest hope goes to Rong Xu eventually growing into a fleshed out character and the CP actually, properly falling in love with each other in a believable way and not just forced into a one-sided relationship for the plot's sake. <<less
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New Regra rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: c56 part2
Sorry I read to around 56ch but my patience with the story run out so I dropped it for now.

It is still a good novel and I like the closet fan ML cause he is such a cutie.

If you like reading slow progress stories with more Background and work explanations then this is for you. Maybe I will continue when I finish gathering my patience again...
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18Yuki rated it
January 27, 2018
Status: Completed
This is the second Mo Chen Huan novel I've read, the first being 'Rebirth of A Supermodel' and both completely exceeded my expectations!!! Comparing the two novels, Superstar Aspirations shares the theme of transmigration but the characters are distinct as is the how the story is developed.

... more>>

The MC of SA has a wider range of skills from acting to singing and cooking but the realistic level of skill the MC shows is characteristic of Mo Huan Chen. MC of SA is an actor worthy of being the best, his singing is considered to be on a professional level but not godly since his voice isn't special it was just that he'd been professionally trained and as such knows all the tricks and techniques, he can cook but it was at a homemade level and not that of a professional chef. (Personally he reminds me of Cha Tae Hyun, a Korean actor who is also part of the main cast in a Korean variety show, 1Night 2Days, both are acclaimed actors, both have released hit songs and it might just be me but their personalities are pretty similar? CTH is married with 3 kids though.)

The ML of SA is simply put, adorable. He too has a secondary account that he uses to support the MC like the ML of RS but it serves another purpose of being something akin to the ML's alter ego. The ML may seem cool and distant at the start but his secondary account shows what he really thinks, he fangirls the MC a lot, lol, and learns new terms from the wise netizens. It gets funnier when the MC starts to connect the dots between the second account and the ML. The ML of SA is less blackbellied but just as domineering, he isn't as ruthless to the people who offend the MC, most of the time he gets his agent to dig up and reveal the offender's black history, but he isn't really kind either. RS and SA's MLs play similar yet different roles, both act as supporters, guardians and partners, but RS's ML also acted as a rival where as AS's ML is more of a companion.

There isn't a lot of face slapping, unless you count the occasional anti-fans online there were less then a handful of rivals and canon fodders that were quickly shut down, the main focus of this story is the MC's movies and other accomplishments as well as his relationship with the ML. It's all pretty slow paced, in total it's placed in a time frame of about 4-6 years since the MC's debut at age 18 and spans for nearly 180 chapters including extras. The MC's popularity is measured by the number of his fans compared to the ML and the number of awards, whereas RS uses the Supermodel rankings to determine the rate of the MC's progress. The romance starts early for the ML's side but doesn't bloom until about halfway.

I have to mention that the movies and dramas are amazing. The description, on paper, are very interesting to the point I wished they were real! Especially the crime drama the MC started in, definitely would watch!! Kind of reminded me of the Chinese drama 'Love Me If You Dare' but with a twist.


Highly recommended and if you like it I suggest reading RS too! The author is amazingggg, I can't wait for more of their work to be translated! 5/5! <<less
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rhianirory rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: Completed
very good. very cute. I can't wait to read the translated version!!

my one problem... why does the MC almost always pick roles where he dies? if it were me, I'd stop going after a while because just seeing his name I would assume he dies and most of the time I hate crying in public (I'm an ugly crier, swollen eyes and snot everywhere and bright red face). I feel sorry for his fans who are smacked with their idols 'death' over and over again.
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ayyshadow rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: Completed
I love this story!

Both MC and ML are perfect (individually and together). It's a slow build story, and will takes time until they get together. But with each chapter you will find yourself falingl in love with them and their story.

Imo, this story has perfect balance between the romance aspect and the actual plot (of MC trying to climb up to the top of the entertainment circle). I'd recommend this to those who like cute, fluffy, and entertainment circle-themed story.
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turelight rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: Completed
The ML is sooooooo cuteeee. THIS WALKING STONE IS TOOO CUTEEEEE. Omg I want to die. I can't handle it.

OK, the plot seems to focus on entertainment circle. Rong Rong always cool calm and collected. Female characters also likable. ML is cute and cute and cute, what a cute creature.

Another reason that makes me really like this novel is SOCIAL MEDIA has a big role in the story.

... more>> Social wars between the fandom.

False news.

Secret disclosures.

Hilariously comments.

Even naughty Rottens and their imagination...

If you want to read something light and funny, this one worth a try. <<less
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redfeathersgirl rated it
February 13, 2018
Status: c46
Oh my God. If you like Glass Mask and Skip Beat, this one is for you. 6 chapters in and I'm (sorry for using this word but it's perfect for my situation) shooketh!

MC's acting was off the charts, really loved the scenes and how his acting brought other people in (hypnotized you). I don't know how I'm going to survive if just 6 chapters and he's already this awesome.

Edit: I went crazy with the netizens when he acted in dramas. I cried when he acted in his first movie. I... more>> even went to read ahead (MTL style) and cried even though the translation was all over the place. IT'S THAT GOOD. <<less
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Passerby Soysauce-sama
Passerby Soysauce-sama rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: Completed
The fluffiest BL I've read after so many tries. I really thought this would bore me out of my mind.

While world hopping and system plots are my cup of tea which saves me from getting tired of a stagnant story, this doesn't bore me at all.

I mean, Qin Cheng 💜 is just the cutest ML in all verses I couldn't express. He isn't unreasonably domineering. And a total idiot-in-love. Just the perfect marshmallow to crawl its way to our beloved shou's shrouded heart (Please read all about him and fall... more>> in love the way I did when I read chapter 118)

While Rong Xu 💜 is also the most adorable. Many may feel that he is lacking in expressing his love compared to the idiot-in-love above. He is the epitome of gentleness but he can offer nothing beyond that given his backstory. But that's just the beginning though. After the cutest boyfriend trespassed his heart, he will offer the greatest love Qin Cheng deserves. (See the last chapter, I cried)

I stopped reading due to the slowing momentum at the chapter 50-60's but I pulled my heart to finish it all the way. Aaa~nd here I am, not regretting buy celebrating since the next chapters after will drown you in how awesome the characters interact and how wholesome plots of the films are. I mean, reading the plot of the films within this novel is one of the greatest merits. They're super rad. (Though I'm not sure if they were inspired by real-life movies)

All in all, a novel worthy of 5 stars. I've never been so happy since I finished FOD. <<less
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PiCrazy31415 rated it
July 29, 2018
Status: Completed
Alright, bear with me here. Since I read Rebirth before this, and these two novels are relatively similar, most of this will be based on a comparison between the two. Brief disclaimer that Rebirth is one of my absolute favorite novels now, so even though I do slightly prefer Rebirth over this, Aspirations is still an amazing amazing story.

The main reason why I prefer Rebirth is mostly just based on the MC and ML personalities. MYxXZ is more of a bickering couple, with two strong and hilarious personalities. They're stingy... more>> and totally in love, so they would never adopt. This also means that they revolve almost 100% around each other—in Rebirth, we never really meet XZ's family, and MY doesn't have a family, and they might have friends but I don't remember seeing any really close best friends. RYxQC is not the same. If I were to look at their relationship dynamic, I would say QC is on the losing side most of the time, as long as we're not talking about physical battles. Both XZ and QC are cold/scary MLs, but QC has that disgustingly meng side as his trumpet, while XZ's trumpet is still as domineering, though with a healthy dose of dog food. But no meng. I also feel like RY's personality is slightly softer than MY's, plus QC's quite close family and both of their really close friends in the Qin Crazy group, so while RYxQC are still really attached to each other, I don't get the sense that they are completely attached as with MYxXZ. You can kind of also tell the relationship dynamic from the fact that QC was the only one who fell in love first, while both MY and XZ felt a draw towards each other upon first sight. MYxXZ are not the type to say sweet things to each other like "I love you" or "I miss you" or stuff like that, preferring to communicate through their actions. But RYxQC are totally the opposite. I feel like confessing to each other is all they do sometimes.

Something I'm slightly disappointed by is that RY never told QC about his rebirth. XZ already knew about MY's, plus MY further explained it to him, so it feels like RY is just hiding it from QC. IT's not a big deal, but as with RY threatening QC so that he can hide the Qin Crazy group from him, I was just a little disappointed that RY told QC that he would tell him everything but still hides certain things from him. I feel pretty bad for QC most of the time lolol, something XZ would never suffer from. Also, why couldn't they make more of a connection to Rebirth? Sad! The only connection was RY appearing on Muse. Given the year is around 2040s, and Rebirth was around 2020s, I guess MYxXZ would be in their 40s to 50s? The supermodeling career is shorter than the acting career, I suppose. Also. Also. Why was the ending extras couple so sad? I thought it would be some nice and sweet side couple, but they made me start crying T^T. I demand dog food! Instead I almost got glass residue with a knife! I have no idea if I'm using this Chinese slang correctly but after you've read it so many times in the Weibo comments, I've come to start using them. Recommend.

Edit: Almost forgot to mention the most important part. This author MCH writes some of the best yaoi s*x scenes ever, man. Read at ck101 to not miss any of this juicy goodness. I would have to say, even though I do prefer Rebirth, the s*x scenes in Aspirations are more... adventurous. ;) <<less
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mereumsama rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: Completed
Its a very nice novel. Both the MC and ML have great personaliies and are just soo meng together !! And ML is just soo awkwardly cute!! Though its a bit long but I would definetly reccomend this novel for thosw who likeBL and lots of fluff btw ML and MC.
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hy-d-ra rated it
November 16, 2019
Status: c47
At first I thought - wow, why this reminds me so much of Rebirth of a Supermodel, but then seeing that the author is the same I was given my answer. And they are indeed similar in terms of some scenes or twists etc., yet SA is way better for some miracleous reason. And by way better I mean that to me it's like heaven and earth compared.

SA's plot is way smoother and less unreasonable than Supermodel. Although it follows the same pattern of a guy being reborn, suddenly becoming... more>> ooc and changing his life for the better, but SA provides more depth to the past with unstable family relations and the reason behind original host's behavior. Though it's an entertainment circle as well, but the more in-depth of the movie plots get you involved into the story and the progress.

Characters are standard package of OP MC and ML, though implied that MC does not only ride his experience of past life, but works hard. So far both are likeable though. Unlike supermodel ML is not a maniacal death threat to anyone who just looks at MC longer than 3 secs, he's an iceberg that is warm inside, believably awkward with his affection. Side-characters are also likeable.

So far, not bad. This author shouldn't write about supermodels, they should stick to super actors. <<less
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namio rated it
August 26, 2019
Status: c112
I don't think anyone writes stories and fannish-excitement quite like Mo Chen Huan.

You know the general gist: a calm and competent transmigrator shou, a cool but actually weird gong, yes. Actors, too-- very famous and good ones. But Mo Chen Huan's strength lies in injecting wonder into things-- as we read Rong Xu's second journey to being an Emperor of the Silver Screen, we also get well fleshed out, compelling stories that he acted out along the way. I'm here sitting literally going ah shit, now I'm invested in a movie in a novel. Repeat that several times, and I think that summarizes one half of the Superstar Aspirations experience.

Superstar Aspirations is a showbiz novel, and it's not one with too much ups and downs or even drama. Our MC... more>> Rong Xu and ML Qin Cheng have a smooth emotional journey, compared to most other novels; Rong Xu is very mature even for a 26 years old, and Qin Cheng is... Qin Cheng. He's head over heels since day one, to the point of perhaps losing some of his ability to think. It's all fun shenanigans, though, and they're really sweet. Their slow and silly start and their adorable domestic relationship later on is the other half of the experience, and it's just... nice.

My one complaint about the reading experience is just Good God are the adjectives used repeated so much I lost the ability to process the words "handsome" and "beautiful", but that's honestly not a problem when reading casually. The overall experience is still exciting, and most of the time you'd be swept up in the enthusiasm of the moment anyway. <<less
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AmNut Obcess
AmNut Obcess rated it
January 1, 2019
Status: Completed
A really good story. The plot somehow reminds me of the author's other novel, Rebirth of a Supermodel. Sometimes when I read, the characters' personality overlaps but their is still some difference. The ML is cold or as how he is seen on the outside. Both MLs of the novel often like to bully their friends or is somehow indifferent to anyone aside from his beloved ML. The only great contrast I could say is that the ML of this story is often selling meng haha. As what the author... more>> described when facing his teenager, the ML is cold outside (as seen by others) but is very passionate inside haha. You might see him very seriously looking and typing on his mobile phone but is in fact having an online war with the black fans and showering his love for the MC online. As for the MC, unlike our little mashroom, he doesn't much interaction with his fans due to tight schedule, and not the king of games. Tho unlike little mashroom, our MC's second line which is singing is really good from the start (well due to previous life accumulation unlike small mashroom's acting...). Our MC also has a wide circle of friends he often interacts and plays and travel around with.
By the way, Muse was mentioned where the MC was made their magazine cover but that was it. There was no interaction between the two novels' protagonists.

The plot is good. The story is really full of fluff and dog food. Too much dog food infact hahaha.

As for the extra that was stated on the NU, read at your own risk. Dammit really. Until now, my heart still hurts. Makes me want to cry. I really didn't expect, Lin Bao a good friend of MC the group's optimistic clown and the arrogant Hollywood director would have such a past. Really surprising. At first made me want to smack him, but at the end this s*upid director's arrogance is understandable (?). After all, if you grew up like that and with such background, it will really affect your judgement (?). Dammit still want to smack him (with all the questions marks, yeah). Honestly, the extra is the reason I made this review. Made me forget all the fluffiness but made me ate bittersweet dog food. Now gotta read something to replace this bitterness. I'm not saying that the extra has bad ending, it's actually good. Just it's the very very end part. So yeah, I ate mouthful of blades and finally saw the light at the end if the tunnel. Sigh. I don't know what I'm writing anymore. Is this considered as a review? More like a rant lol.

Anyways, I recommend the story. If you want a fluffy and full sweetness one then by all means read this. Just be careful of the extra. When I was reading, it didn't say it was an extra but just continuation of the chapters. Dammit. Should have noticed it when the characters focused changed.

PS: I really like the ML's mom. She's the reason for their first meeting lol. And her personality hahaha. Love you Auntie. Also the father of the s*upid American Hollywood director, thank you for producing the movie starring our MC and ML as a pair. Tho you should have tighten more your son's discipline. That arrogant ass tsk. Made me almost cry. <<less
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Shem rated it
January 9, 2018
Status: c1
The story is fluffy and funny (I mtl-ed it) its a must read. I really like the ML. Too meng 😂😂
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 21, 2018
Status: Completed
I really like this story, especially the socially awkward seme, so cuteee~~ He was like "I love you so freaking much!!" -> in the inside, and went "........ ok" -> on the outside, kyaaaahO (≧∇≦) O. Anyhow, let's go through the story a little bit. The main theme in this novel is transmigration and showbiz theme, the uke (Rong Xu) are able to ... more>>

act, sing and even become a magazine model (for promoting his movie/drama)



there are several parts that I really like, such as, when second male lead was jealous towards Rong Xu, he purposely make the props (this prop is for ceiling, I think (?) made from cement and steel) collapse towards him and Rong Xu, Qin Sheng was at the scene during that time. He was so panic, that when he found Rong Xu, he immediately carry him (Princess-carry) to the infirmary that he didn't realize that Rong Xu was not hurt at all (he was able to duck below the table). And I really love the way Rong Xu propose to Qin Sheng, it was so romantic~


This novel tells a story of how the MC gain population step-by-step and it worth to read. <<less
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sleepingjay rated it
April 4, 2018
Status: c98
I can't say much because there's not much out yet. So far MC is cool, calm and collected. From what we can see of his past life, his personality is actually similar to the cliche aloof ML with incomparable power and status. In this new life however he is a newcomer actor. But he's not arrogant in either actions or thoughts, although he's still quite aloof (in thoughts. On the surface he's a warm-hearted friendly person, which is smart for a newbie). He's polite and considerate towards others (except his... more>> enemies i.e. Terrible relatives), very rational and hardworking in his job and climbing up to stardom.

ML is surprisingly cute. He's an aloof ML (what else is new) but he falls for MC pretty early (although he himself doesn't seem to realise it) and his actions in trying to get MC's attentions are very silly and clumsy, which is very funny to readers. There are times he tries to be high-handed. Try being the keyword, because MC is a whirlwind that very much goes at everything on his own pace.

What I really love about this novel is the stories within the story. The author actually puts a lot of thought when writing the movie/drama the MC act in. I actually look forward a lot to when MC acts because I want to see the story as well lol

Also, like the author's other supermodel novel this one also has plenty of social media. It's very cute and resembles real-world fandom, so I always enjoy it.

Edited (MTL up to ~ch98) :

I have to rectify my previous assessment of the characters. The translated chapters currently out (ch16) haven't yet fully portrayed the MC and ML. While MC has a very professional attitude (which led me to believe he is aloof) he's quite down-to-earth. He's that chill, laidback guy that calmly goes at his own pace. He's not extroverted but he's friendly and a great person to talk to -- that's the kind of vibe he gives. MC is kind of a workaholic, from his past life to now, but when he loosens up i.e. To ML!!!, he can be very mischievous and likes teasing him. It's adorable.

Speaking of which, ML is hands down one of the best MLs of danmei novels. He's head-over-heels for MC, but is so awkward in front of him that he ends up pulling some very, very ridiculous shenanigans just to be a little bit closer to him. Like making a fan account to support MC (ft. Getting into really, really dumb fights against antis; engaging in ship wars to support his own ship with MC, etc..) among other things. He's very ridiculous and lovable.


In fact, he's so "dumb cute" that his fangirl persona has her own fans that worry about "her" being taken advantage of when "she" starts posting about her love life.


MC and ML fall in love slowly (confession at ~ch80), and I really appreciate that. While ML kind of fell in love at first sight, they first grew to become friends and grow out of their awkwardness with each other. There are some plot devices that are repeatedly brought up that really emphasize how their relationship has grown.


ML at first keeps using his mom as an excuse to check up/take care of MC. At first MC just accepted it because they didn't know each other well, but eventually he actually teased ML about this excuse, and ML finally admitted that he's doing things out of his own volition.


Besides that, the world-building is brilliant. I like that the story touches on how the entertainment business works (PR, etc.) without going into "gritty" stuff, keeping it mostly lighthearted but realistic. As a kpop fan, I just kept going "yep, that's how things go". It's cool to read.

Also, major props to the author for paying proper attention to MC's movies/dramas. Author basically writes several short stories in this one story. And while they are short, the scenes that are fleshed out properly are very well-written. In fact, I just spent 2-3 minutes crying at MC playing a death scene and shouting "HE DIDN"T DESERVE THIS" at my laptop screen. Hence, why I'm writing this review now. The way the author writes these movies/dramas make me wish she had actually written them so I could read them. Story-wise, it's also nice to be able to truly understand MC's career growth the way the in-story audience sees him. It feels a bit like actually following a celebrity in RL, but with added insight into his private life. <<less
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Shieldrich rated it
December 11, 2019
Status: c64
I found this thru Rebirth of Supermodel since I kindly hooked with that kind of story and I might as well read this novel. And guess what, I also liked this, hehehe! Though the romance was some kind of slow pace but still interesting since the MC is a clever one. And for those still reading this story, you can still try to check the "novelbear translation or noveltom". Good luck comrades.😊
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Chrysanthemum Kiss
Chrysanthemum Kiss rated it
May 11, 2019
Status: c32
I wish that the translations flow in everyday or at least every week. Well it's a wish, and will never be granted. 💔💔💔 Story wise, one of the best in the yaoi genre focusing in the entertainment circle. Tasteful and believable.
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: Completed
First of all, all the movie plots are enough to be separately turned into novels. Each has its own unique flair. In fact I even cried in one of them - 'Silent'. Liked that one, especially its ending.. The boy wasn't silent because he won't speak but once he did, he will lose his obsession and disappear from the girl's life. 😭😭

As for this whole story plot, there's not much to say... Other reviews have already declared how awesome is this novel. Worth a read! 😍 😍😊😊😊😊
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Lizel_Sieven rated it
December 26, 2018
Status: c31
Interesting novel.

I love the character of MC & ML, perfect but not, like the novel of Rebirth of a Supermodel that I read too. The romance is slowly build but not to slow, I think. The Entertainment Circle is described enough. It's great balancing it. I recommended this who like/fan the BL novel is must read.

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not2complex rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: c17
I absolutely love this novel! I don't even fill the need to add the disclaimer of "based on the first 17 chapters" or "I realize its just the first 17 chapter", because the first 17 chapters were so enjoyable, there is no way the rest of the novel can be bad.

Right after reading, I had to see how often updates arrive and thankfully its 4 a month. Its one of those novels I wish I started reading after it was completely translated, because I don't handle "cliff hangers" very well... more>> in books I get drawn into. Hopefully, it will be completely translated, because its just that good! <<less
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Ease rated it
April 1, 2018
Status: Completed
This is one of the novels where I can't stand the threat of the cliff and had to jump down to MTL, even at the risk of my grammar.

I do not regret. ( ̄~ ̄) I'll just seperate my personal pros and cons below:

... more>>

1- Rong Xu : calm, clear-headed MC is the best. It's my personal preference. I might be biased because of it but I love Rong Xu. He was good at what he's doing and he knew it. There's no need to be smug with anyone or anything. It's just a fact. Period.

2- The reactions : I love the reactions worshiping the MC, whether they are from the fans or the critics, I love them as long as they are placing the MC on altar. Again, I'm biased because it's personal preference.

3- Details : Wow this author. I think he knows everything he need to knows before he write them. Thumbs up for all the researches he'd done. Not only he knows what happens during filming, he also knows what happens in a fandom. I personally am in a fandom myself, though I never contribute financially. Everything the author described in the novel, from the fans raising funds in MC's name to fans preparing to support him in his filming set, I can actually imagine it happening in real life.

4- Development : we all know MC wants to become the superstar in the new world, but he did not receive the Best Actor Award the first time he was nominated. I like this little shortcoming because life can't be smooth sailing. And MC started as third rated actor in low budget drama before he rose in popularity and acted in even better dramas and movies later. Then MC acted as the male lead in this very good, very popular movie before he got that award.

5- Relationship : I'd say it's the best thing in this novel. It's practically a lie to everyone else but they did what they need to do. MC and ML were connected by their mothers' friendship, they became roommates, friends, and then lovers. Here's the catch; Huaxia is not that accepting. So what they did was pretending to be really really close friends (even acted in homosexual movie and attended red carpet together) and pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. Until MC proposed in a freaking concert filled with fans. Talk about extravagant.



1- Qin Cheng : the most typical ice berg ML, common even in het novels, not to say danmeis. I don't dislike it, but I don't like it either. It's just the ML we can see everywhere. The only think I find (a tiny bit) unique is his secret fan boy side, but it's not all that unique either. I personally think he still can has that secret fan boy side even without being an ice berg. (But it's okay because it's just personal preference. Others might like it.)

2- Love at first sight : annoying af. But meh, whatever.


I'm prepared to write a few cons but surprisingly those are the only things I had in mind. I guess the novel is just that good. ੧( ̄~ ̄) ೨ I totally recommend this novel. TBH I can't find any shortcoming in this novel, unless you dislike danmei. Then that can't be help. <<less
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