Strategy to Capture Men


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System: Han Yanyan, you have been chosen to quickly transmigrate between worlds. What gold finger cheat would you like? You can ask for one here.

Han Yanyan: If the world is peaceful and prosperous, I’d want to be rich and beautiful. If it is a dangerous world, then I’d want to be strong.

System: Sorry. Your conditions cannot be met.

Then why did you bother asking?! (╯ `□ ‘) ╯(┻━┻

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The Man Who Couldn't Be Captured
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Yuki Chan
Yuki Chan rated it
March 24, 2020
Status: Completed
I like systems, and I just wanted a random read. The summary is a bit off putting, and really gives no information, I thought it might be good, don't want to miss out, so I tried it. I was surprised how good it was.

Thank you translator.

This is not a light read, and it might challenge your bottom line, so take the read with a pinch of salt.

I want readers to keep in mind the protagonist was 30 before

... more>>

being abducted, she had a life of her own, was an adult, and had her own interest.


I can see why it has such a low rating, as it has some heavy and sensitive themes; s*avery, Abuse, Child Neglect, Imprisonment, Betrayal, Prostitution, Murder, Abduction, r*pe, Strong prey on Weak Mentality, ect.

But people shouldn't give something a low rating because a book touches upon these things, especially as an author actually shows the suffering it causes.

I really like how the author incorporated these things, saying "just because you have suffered, doesn't mean you can force others to suffer with you."

This story also contains the themes of; Motherhood, First Love, Independence, Friendship, Mentor, Zombies, Action, Mental strength, Trust, Freedom, Courage, Humanity, Physiological, Loyalty, Patriotism, and appreciation for what one has.

So many twist and turns, it was a little confusing because of the machine translation, but I was able to connect everything by the end.

At first it wasn't that amazing, but as we go on with the story, we see our main protagonist grow.

From a simple minded writer, to a clever woman, to cold and indifferent, to finally a complete new woman.


You have to read the full story to get what you need from it. I am so emotional right now...

The author tries to shine a light on every character, no one is an absolute villain nor is anyone a complete hero. The author leaves the judgement whether to like or hate a character is upon the reader. We the reader get to see every characters motive, they aren't just 2D anymore.

The author held the tension well, as well as the mystery, slowly uncovering it throughout the story.

If you read this, at the end of the story, ask yourself this


Could you imagine living thousands of years imprisoned and even had to act as someone else the entire time?

Could you imagine living so long you can't even remember your own name, or who you were?

Could you imagine still having the courage to fight that?

Major Spoiler


Could you imagine losing your companion, lover, friend, must trusted person you relied on for 1000 years and died for your freedom?


She has been through so much, and still couldn't be with the one she loved.


I thought this story would be about twisted characters, and their desires, but it was so much more. About a woman on a very very very difficult path doing what she needed to do to have freedom from the "system."

The ending is just like what celtywho said. I would have to say the ending is like


That is it, the end. There isn't a need for an extra, it leaves on a note as "This is how life is, and just except it for what it is." More of a neutral ending. Extras could only comfort our souls.


Though I'm not surprised that people gave this such a low rating for poor reasons. I've seen really bad writing with too many fillers, pushing things like "r*pe is normal" and you should allow that to happen and even fall in love with that person who did it to you. Or side characters always using it to punish the protagonist. And those writings get 4-5 stars while this gets 3? Something is wrong.

Anyways, if you are looking for a fluffy sweet writing, this is not for you. This writing is controversial to most, probably.

Alright I'm done with this rant. Thank you for reading if you came this far. If you are going to read this, make sure you have time to binge it.

P.S Favorite Character and Pairing


The System, though he had motives at the beginning, and threatened her, he really loved her in the end. Man oh man,


P.S Part 2. Major Spoiler


WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!!! They were planning for sooo long, couldn't they find something fool proof? I really liked him. I broke down cry at the part where he answered and said it couldn't be stopped. I continued to cry until the end of the book.


Okay now this book may actually be worth 4 stars, but this is better than most books out here right now. It covered it's bases, and deserves a higher rating. <<less
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celtywho rated it
March 18, 2020
Status: c136
*5 stars to even out the 1 stars :)

TY to the translator for translating this! W/o it I wouldn't have found this gem (˃̣̣̥ w ˂̣̣̥).

I read the raws because I couldn't wait to finish reading the whole thing (not too bad MTL). It's an interesting transmigration novel IMO. What I liked about it: 1) FL is a badass 2) plot twist? 3) well-written 4) it's a completed CN trans novel that isn't 1k+ chapters haha

The MC (Han Yanyan) isn't naive and although she is weak in the... more>> beginning, she learns and grows in each arc. The system "saved" her from getting hit by a van and now she has to world-hop and complete tasks and she gets her body back + a reward.

As for the ending... without giving any spoilers

This type of ending is up to the reader to decide whether its a happy, bad, or neutral ending. BUT please don't let this deter you away from reading the novel! Although I do wish there was some extras *sigh*

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ronaruto rated it
July 22, 2021
Status: Completed
THIS! This is what I am looking for in a tragedy.


that pain of irreversible damage, a person forever lost (in this case, it’s Li Zhou, which I think is her real name so it’s like a piece of her that’s forever lost), no chance of reconciliation, I love that heart wrenching tug it gives me. And this story ending with no extra chapters is just the cherry on top. I wonder, am I a masochist? XD

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Tutubitter rated it
March 30, 2021
Status: Completed
The reviews did not lie! It really is a rollercoaster ride. Theres probably not a single character I haven't simultaneously hated and pitied. The ratings are very well deserved, if not, then definitely deserves more. Not only are they playing with each other, even reader is getting played 😢

This is by-far the best quick trans novel I have read where I could not predict a single thing thats about to happen and have no choice but to immerse myself completely in the story. Each world is written so dang well... more>> I would momentarily forget it is a quick trans novel and that is exactly how my feels got played lol.

What definitely made this novel stand out from the rest (IMO) is that it didn't choose the Mary Sue/Gary Stu route. (and it didn't focus on chasing love)

Each characters were very human. Although black belly, genius, or strong, they still had emotions which are inevitable to humans. And I said 'very human' because emotions, often times, are not in our control after all. Thats why I got played. Most quick trans novels actually chose to forgo this. They made them either invincible all-round 'genius' (though they just lower the antagonist's IQ) , peerlessly beautiful, or omnipotent golden finger, or even all. And they were all always in control with their emotions except when they fall in love with the other lead.

Anyway, I won't go in-depth. Read for yourself to know the novel's awesomeness and have your feelings abused like me. The ending was definitely what I expected Enjoy! <<less
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November 16, 2020
Status: Completed
F*ck, this was a ride. I honestly don't know how to rate this. I just know I detest certain certain points but deeply appreciate the complexity and development of all the characters. The best aspect of this series are the characters themselves and the progression of these relationships.

This series is all about character growth! It is a very cruel and rigorous journey that had some bumps I could REALLY do without but I'm really glad I made it to the end. I just want to point this out in case... more>> some potential readers get any ideas, this is NOT a romance/shoujo novel. If you expect a romantic relationship to be the main goal and driving focus, DON'T! It is not about romance, it is about the MC facing the cruelties of humanities and being forced to evolve and become a whole lot stronger, indifferent, and becoming completely separate from her original self. <<less
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Isabelle rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: Completed
Yuki Chan have just done the best review possible, so I'll not try to do it again.

This is so good. And so sad. And so realistic. It is about a not romanized tragedy, you fell it all with MC.

The MTL version is ok and great if you just can't wait, but I would recommend to read according to TL-sama calendar. This novel is dense, with lots of feelings and mensages the authors let in each chapter. Reading it into MTL sometimes make you miss part of this felling and just... more>> rush the story.

A slow reading can make you enjoy the most the suspense and context, this in addition to the fact that the Translation is great, and you can have fun commenting each chapter and reading Translator-sama notes :) <<less
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Zavira rated it
June 9, 2021
Status: Completed
This story makes us face harsh side of human. While it does bitter, it's completely logical. It doesnt have prince charming ML that perfect all over, nor angel MC that never touches gray zone of moralilty.

I actually kinda understand why there are bad review. It is because-

... more>>

In some of the arc, the target had s*x with other woman, BUT IT'S NOT THEIR TRUE CHARACTER it actually because his personality and identity in the simulated world were pre determinated and the kind of world they were in were just crazy. And the MC really do everything she could to stimulate the target, such as betrayal, manipulation, killing, abusing and abandoning.

Not to mention the world setting were built by the builder (aka MC) and influenced by the target. So they were like just doing roleplay in the end.

Tbh, I do feel dissatisfied with the open ending, but this is, once again, more logical and make sense than forced happy together forever kind of ending. And if you got trapped thousands of years in the simulated world until you forgot your real name? Staying would be the least thing you want.


She was silent for a moment, and asked: "Ding Yao will use me to block the knife, will you?"

Yao frowned: "No."

"Yao Chen can sell drugs and force prostitution, will you?"


"Yes, you won't." Han Yanyan said cheerfully, "So, you are not them."

Yao stared at her.

"And I am not her either." Han Yanyan said calmly.

"If you like the role in the movie, please don't like the actor."

"An actor has his own life, and a man like you shouldn't be obsessed with these little loves."


So, in the summary, I really love this novel <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm Crystal, the translator for this novel from c16 onward. :) I think it says something about this novel that it isn't fully translated, but all the reviewers have made it to the end!

This is one of the few quick transmigration novels that I've really enjoyed, simply because the overarching plotline is so incredibly well-done and actually a rather brilliant deconstruction/exploration of the whole QT system. Most QT novels don't explore the reason why their MC is world-hopping in great detail, let alone use it to provide a compelling motivation... more>> and plot arc.

The story is slow to start, so definitely make it to the end of the third world before you decide whether to drop it or not. Once it gets going, though, it doesn't let up. There is plot twist after plot twist after plot twist, and the foreshadowing is just amazing. The author clearly had everything carefully planned out. World-building in the sub-worlds is also done extremely well, and I just love how she portrays the mental struggle of how the MC can't help but become emotionally attached to characters that she knows aren't real. Honestly, it is just unbelievable to me that this was written by the same author as Dodder Flower. I ragequit that novel and had sworn to never again read anything by the same author... yet here I am!

Finally, this novel isn't for the faint-hearted. Sl*very, r*pe, prostitution, child neglect... none of them are for comedy, but they're all in there. This is a dark and bittersweet novel of the sort I've come to enjoy as an adult, not the kind I would have liked as a girl.

Downsides: I wish there were more major female characters in the story other than Han Yanyan. Well, I guess it's already pretty good that not every other woman is a villain. <<less
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March 23, 2021
Status: --
this novel gave me the impression that the author was reminiscing their growth as a writer and as a woman living in a male-dominated society through this novel.

there's a section later in the novel where the MC eventually realizes that she has always (and worse, completely subconsciously) positioned her female characters to be in disadvantageous positions bc of her own perceptions and prejudice.

I happened to check out the author's other works after finishing this one and felt both surprised but also not when I saw that the author also wrote... more>> "if you are a dodder flower". I've read that while it was in its early translated chapters and at the time the 'horror' tag wasn't even added so if you've also read it, you can just imagine how much of a bad taste that novel's trajectory and eventual ending left me. But after reading 'strategy' I'm starting to appreciate 'dodder flower' more.

the 'philosophical' isn't just for show. I definitely felt exhausted after reaching the end but at the same time, there's a feeling of hope! <<less
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jenn07 rated it
July 31, 2020
Status: Completed
Compared to the fluffy transmigration, this one is dark themed. But it's more realistic while still maintaining the genre.

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November 2, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel sets the standard high for a QT novel. The story suck you right in. I can't help but MTL.

I was expecting a fluffy QT but this is just beyond my expectation. Without spoiling anything I want to say that this novel potrays a strong woman's struggle to survive in a very dire situation where she is held hostage and ens*aved psychologically by men. If you are not easilly triggerd by violence and abuse, I recommend you to read it.

... more>>

The whole thing leaves me with bitter after taste. This woman has the strongest mentality and intelligence out of all the men. She "saved" many men, but noone gave her the way out. She has to save herself. Her true savior is not even human, and it got killed off in the process of her saving herself. The ending was left bare, even gave a good illusion yo her captor. It is so real and unpolished. It makes me feel so angry.


It makes me question the real message of this story. The theme of patriarchial society repeats often. Women has been pressed down by men and other women to benefit men. It is up to women to stand up for themselves against thousands of years of mental coercion. The process may be long and arduous; one may even loose oneself and loved ones. However, no matter what, freedom must be achieved. Such a strong message. <<less
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Fuyuneko rated it
March 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I would translate the title as Capturing the Uncapturable Man. That's not the most accurate translation, but I think it would portrays the story more accurately. There are four main male characters in the novel, and only one of them heavily influences the main character's growth and a good deal of the novel focuses on the progression of their relationship (not in a romantic way). The other men are closer to being cannon fodder.

... more>>

As the story progresses, MC gains understanding that women don't have to be defined by their romantic relationship with men and she realizes that love can't capture that uncapturable man. That instead of working to win over a guy as a love interest, she wants to be even better than him, so he's look up at her.


Since there's plenty of reviews praising the main character's growth, I'll skip mentioning that in my review. I was pleasantly surprised that its not just the main character that changes. We'll see changes in Ding Yao too. I like the idea that environment has such a huge impact on the characters.

The author does an amazing job with the world building. She's an excellent storyteller in how she shares the information with the MC slowly puzzling out the reason behind the strangeness of the worlds and the characters in them. This has to to be the best world hopping novel I've ever read. I love the reasoning behind how the worlds are built and the secrets behind it and how they're slowly unraveled.

About the ending

At first, I was unhappy that the story ends with a guy saving her from the scientist. I would have preferred that she was able to save herself or if a woman saved her, but on reflection, I think that shows the MC's growth because she rejects the chance to be with this OP guy (MC at the beginning would have jumped at chance to be with this guy), and he only saved her because she succeeded in impressing him.



I didn't rate this 5 stars for two reasons.

Whether the main character is suffering or doing well, I'm invested, but I found it boring to read multiple chapters of cannon fodder x's life and the occasional mention of how the main character is playing god with those hapless cannon fodders and the associated gratuitous suffering, especially the ones where there's collateral damage on innocent parties. I think it would have been better storytelling to trim down the parts with the cannon fodder's povs in the vacation world story arcs. There's a narrative purpose for the vacation world story arcs, but they're so draggy.

In addition, at one point in the story, MC realizes that she subconsciously put her female characters in lower positions to male characters. And, we see that the author also does this, intentionally or not. Other than the MC, all of the characters with significant parts are men. None of the powerful people that MC needs to "wake up" are women. I think that's a missed opportunity on the author's part and detracts from the message of the story.

In one of the worlds, MC learns about the society that scientist comes from. She learns that this advanced society values power and doesn't have gender biases. The people she has to wake up come from this society and influence the shaping of those worlds. MC is the architect of these worlds, but the underlying logic of the worlds are up to each target. When there's a clash between her viewpoint vs the target, the target's will win or the created world crumbles. And yet, there's only one strong female side character in one of the worlds. Only MC has the unconscious bias that women are weaker. These clients don't have her bias and these worlds should reflect gender equality, but they don't.

I think these are missed opportunities on the author's part and detracts from the message of the story.


Anyways, the character development, plot, conflict and world building were great. The author is consistently good at getting readers to emphasis with the main character and root for her. Of all world hopping novels I've read so far, this is the best one of that genre. <<less
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Jan19 rated it
June 14, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is truly one of a kind. It is subversive to its genre and challenges the core structure of quick transmigration.

Without going too much into it, Strategy to capture men is not about romance. It is wholly focused on the main character, "Han Yanyan". It details the transformation of a smart and strong female character into something more. She is truly the protagonist of her own story and readers can see how she gradually takes control of her life despite difficult circumstances.

This novel is also much darker than you... more>> would first assume. It puts more realism into the idea of quick transmigration and deals with certain issues that most QT stories would gloss over.


memory loss, disassociation, trauma, etc...


Although there are comparatively fewer arcs than most QT stories, they all link together flawlessly. It reads more like a long saga than an episodic collection of stories.

The ending is satisfying in a certain way but would also leave you feeling contemplative. In my opinion, the author did a fantastic job with the ending. The choices the characters make are realistic and adhere to their past experiences

All in all, this is a great novel. If you are a fan of QT, this is a really good read. Do be warned that this is surprisingly dark. Highly recommend <<less
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Maiasia rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: Completed
This is truly a very remarkable and amazing story. Very much underrated. This is not a fluffy QT where the MC is gifted with golden fingers and sass to mouth off the system. It's not an episodic tale of face slapping green tea b*tches and white lotuses for the love of a ML but a psychological story of emotional evolution and survival. This MC is truly a very strong female lead that doesn't play second to an op male lead.

That she practically saved herself is something that I rarely see in novels and I totally love it.

There is romance but not the happily ever after type, so if you're coming for that, you will be disappointed. What romance there is isn't the blazing lust inferno that many other novels portrays but a deeper, calmer love born out of the situation they were in, and that the ending is how it is, is perfect imo. Well, almost perfect but again, this ending is in line with the whole story. At the end what is left standing is a survivor, and I honestly think this is one of the better story floating in NU and I'm thankful for finding it!
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Amiro19 rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: Completed


It's a thrill to be honest... If u love adventure and a little dark sided novel go for it! ?

Came here for some romance but stayed for MC.... Very realistic MC... Love love love it ❤❤
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Lexandrine rated it
December 29, 2021
Status: Completed
The only thing that I didn't like about this is—that it ended. 136 chapters is just too short but strangely, just enough to build the story.

Heavy read. There are sensitive topics. Not HE.

The world building is simple but when you step back you realize it's insane. Our MC is powerful, and not powerful at the same time. You'd understand it if you finish it.

... more>> For the plot:

The plot twists this story had given me the first time made me so cautious for the next chapters. In the end, I really liked it. There were a few plot holes (if you nitpicked, but I'm not an as*hole so...) but everything was perfectly woven together it made perfect sense. The author also use foreshadowing to the best of their abilities, I'm in awe.

Heads up, read until the third arc, the first arc might put you off because of how "cliche" it is and how weak Han Yanyan is but everything will be worth it! It's nothing like any QT webnovels like I've read before and trust me I've read a lot.

Anyway spoilers:


This is a set up like QT where the MC have a system and she needs to jump from one world to another. But in truth, the setting is in an intergalactic world more advanced than any scifi movies/book you've watched (the author did not really explain in detail just hinted at this so take my advice with a grain of salt). She was kidnapped from earth to stimulate the brain of the dead to make them live (basically) and the one who kidnapped her would get paid. She's being kept in a cabin (like a capsule something that could store a person while they were sleeping and in the virtual world). Han Yanyan was kidnapped to be a builder/architect to make different settings and plot for them. If she dies in that world she could also die real time. It centered around this young duke who was assassinated and unlike other people who just needed one world (could cause any extrema emotions e.g. trauma, love, betrayal) to stimulate their brain, this man need four lmao. So she met him four times.


For the villain:


Leo parker kidnapped Han Yanyan so that she could be used as an architect. At some point our girl seduced him and tried to kill him after making him both love and hate her. Since he didn't have any physical contact for the longest time he get aroused with her by making s*x dolls with her face (basically but they are robots since they are tech advanced) but he realized the only person that would make him satisfied is the real one.

So trigger warning there's r*pe.


For the ML:


By chapter 80 I was struggling to find the ML lmao. There were many potential (?) but some were extinguished right away while some are hard to guess because of the twist and turns.

I was wishing at the end of the story that there wouldn't be not because no one deserve her but because it was all complicated. And I was right.

Well, for me there's none, that's what.

There were hopefuls though:

Li Zhou - the system. I feel like if I have to choose between him and the one I will discuss later I lean more on him? Because he's the one who accompanied FL for a thousand years but at the end of the day and from his words, he is just data.

He could enter each worlds and inhabit diff bodies. At one point he became one of HY lovers Chengyu and she really loved him.

Yao Callander - (correct me if I'm wrong lmao I MTLed it) if this is a normal QT I'd choose him. He has the power, the looks, and the charisma. Usually if an MC meets a man consistently in diff worlds bam! he's the ML. However, uhh, they could've ended up with each other but the FL was too mentally tired for a relationship I guess after suffering for a thousand years (she spent a thousand years jumping from one world to another).

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Yeoha rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: c53
I just randomly read this for leisure to escape from assignments. Since I saw the rating is good, and the synopsis is interesting and sounds funny, I read it without really paying attention to the tags.

I would smack my past self real hard if I can turn back time.

Up to 3rd Arc, I've already paused my reading several times- to calm down.
My heart was in turmoil, my eyes sting af.

The loving, sickeningly sweet moments MC had with whichever ML in that world hurts my feelings so much cuz of... more>> my trust issue.

The author did a very good job making this novel a tragedy. I think I need a few days to rest before I continue.

Guys, this is a tragedy. As much as it pulls you in, it also gnaws on your heart. <<less
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3-legged Octopus
3-legged Octopus rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is GREAT! It's definitely not a happy story, but it also can't be considered a sad story. She did get what she wanted in the end. It just talks about what life is really like. In the end, even if you win, you can't keep everything. In some ways, you will still lose. I don't know if there is a ML in this story. But if there is.... read the spoiler if you want to find out.

... more>>

The ML should definitely be the system!! The duke is okay.... but the system has been with the MC for more than a thousand years! Always reminding the MC not to give up. He helped her in her final battle for freedom. He DIED in the end though!!!!! TT ^ TT


In all, this story definitely deserves 5 stars. Try to go beyond the 2nd arc before you drop this story. You see all these reviews, basically all 5 stars so don't drop it to quickly. <<less
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RedcRown rated it
July 31, 2020
Status: Completed

One of the few books that I just have to leave a stellar review for. Before proceeding to read this, be sure to prepare your box of tissue cuz the emotional rollercoaster is no joke you guys.

i came for the romance but stay for the MC. It’s no joke to say this is one of the best character growth novel I've read so far. The romance is not bad in my opinion but it certainly aren’t the main focus.

the end left me with a nagging sensation that it should not... more>> have been like this but also with the feeling that this is the best and most perfect ending that could be used to conclude the ML’s tragic journey.

But dang it, I was rooting so hard for them to finally end up happily together.????? <<less
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September 27, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel revolves around Han Yanyan, a human from Earth who was abducted by an advanced Alien mad genius who had been scavenging for signs of an "Architect" or world builder for his clients in different parts of space. Basically he found her creative and imaginative brain to conjure and construct realistic setups for his "dead" clients to shock their brains into revival. The first two to three clients take up majority of the story, for good reason. They help us understand what her situation was like and how she... more>> dealt with different characters and goals. For the most part, expect angst in pretty much all her world arcs. That's the reason she was kidnapped after all. Initially she has difficulty extracting herself from the roles she played, but gradually, she became accustomed to being an actress. Unfortunately, she also learned how to become a cruel and coldhearted person because she wouldn't otherwise be able to continue her job with her clients who are also on the spectrum of coldblooded monsters. You can see her going from emotionally weak to mentally strong. Tragically, even with all she's learned and the strong mindset she has engrained through experiences, she has no way to escape her circumstances (only her mind exists; her body has been held captive), and

though she has attempted once to escape, it ended in failure.


Definitely a wild ride. I wasn't expecting to cry even though I know the ending was somewhat


Read a lot of spoilers from others here. But then lo and behold, I was actually a bit touched from the later chapters (esp the one related to the Han Yanyan recreating the zombie world and what she did to help the people there and also, the mother chapter.) To be honest, all of the worlds she's been in, there's always an angsty story, but some are just more touching than others.

Each of her story arcs were believable and character development realistic. It has been an entertaining novel for sure. However, I wasn't too sure about the ending.

It's really open-ended; we don't know if Li Zhou will ever spring back, but I did see an extra excerpt at the end where we see a completely alternative life for the mad scientist when his mother didn't abuse him and encouraged him to pursue creation of AIs...I'm thinking he was transferred into virtual reality machine after he was killed, a fitting end for him if true. Han Yanyan will try to catch him off guard by playing his mom in the virtual world and see how he was able to create AI Li Zhou. Then once she understands how to create Li Zhou, she can recreate him in reality while making her captor relive 1000+ years of terror similar to what she's been through.

Another loophole for me, though, is that I couldn't believe that out of thousands of world arcs she's created, she didn't manage to get anyone else to try and save her? She put all her eggs into one basket that's Yao? I mean the guy's an obstinate fellow, so it might be harder for him to remember her. But the other clients could be more weak willed/emotionally involved and actually remember her quicker. That part I also find tragic.

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