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System: Han Yanyan, you have been chosen by the quick transmigration world. What kind of gold finger do you want, you can propose it here.

Han Yanyan: If the world is peaceful and prosperous, I want to be beautiful and have a lot of money. If the world is life-threatening, I want to have strong combat power.

System: Sorry, your requirements cannot be met.

Han Yanyan: Then why did you ask me?

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Yuki Chan
New Yuki Chan rated it
March 24, 2020
Status: Completed
I like systems, and I just wanted a random read. The summary is a bit off putting, and really gives no information, I thought it might be good, don't want to miss out, so I tried it. I was surprised how good it was.

Thank you translator.

This is not a light read, and it might challenge your bottom line, so take the read with a pinch of salt.

I want readers to keep in mind the protagonist was 30 before

... more>>

being abducted, she had a life of her own, was an adult, and had her own interest.


I can see why it has such a low rating, as it has some heavy and sensitive themes; Slavery, Abuse, Child Neglect, Imprisonment, Betrayal, Prostitution, Murder, Abduction, Rape, Strong prey on Weak Mentality, ect.

But people shouldn't give something a low rating because a book touches upon these things, especially as an author actually shows the suffering it causes.

I really like how the author incorporated these things, saying "just because you have suffered, doesn't mean you can force others to suffer with you."

This story also contains the themes of; Motherhood, First Love, Independence, Friendship, Mentor, Zombies, Action, Mental strength, Trust, Freedom, Courage, Humanity, Physiological, Loyalty, Patriotism, and appreciation for what one has.

So many twist and turns, it was a little confusing because of the machine translation, but I was able to connect everything by the end.

At first it wasn't that amazing, but as we go on with the story, we see our main protagonist grow.

From a simple minded writer, to a clever woman, to cold and indifferent, to finally a complete new woman.


You have to read the full story to get what you need from it. I am so emotional right now...

The author tries to shine a light on every character, no one is an absolute villain nor is anyone a complete hero. The author leaves the judgement whether to like or hate a character is upon the reader. We the reader get to see every characters motive, they aren't just 2D anymore.

The author held the tension well, as well as the mystery, slowly uncovering it throughout the story.

If you read this, at the end of the story, ask yourself this


Could you imagine living thousands of years imprisoned and even had to act as someone else the entire time?

Could you imagine living so long you can't even remember your own name, or who you were?

Could you imagine still having the courage to fight that?

Major Spoiler


Could you imagine losing your companion, lover, friend, must trusted person you relied on for 1000 years and died for your freedom?


She has been through so much, and still couldn't be with the one she loved.


I thought this story would be about twisted characters, and their desires, but it was so much more. About a woman on a very very very difficult path doing what she needed to do to have freedom from the "system."

The ending is just like what celtywho said. I would have to say the ending is like


That is it, the end. There isn't a need for an extra, it leaves on a note as "This is how life is, and just except it for what it is." More of a neutral ending. Extras could only comfort our souls.


Though I'm not surprised that people gave this such a low rating for poor reasons. I've seen really bad writing with too many fillers, pushing things like "r*pe is normal" and you should allow that to happen and even fall in love with that person who did it to you. Or side characters always using it to punish the protagonist. And those writings get 4-5 stars while this gets 3? Something is wrong.

Anyways, if you are looking for a fluffy sweet writing, this is not for you. This writing is controversial to most, probably.

Alright I'm done with this rant. Thank you for reading if you came this far. If you are going to read this, make sure you have time to binge it.

P.S Favorite Character and Pairing


The System, though he had motives at the beginning, and threatened her, he really loved her in the end. Man oh man,


P.S Part 2. Major Spoiler


WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!!! They were planning for sooo long, couldn't they find something fool proof? I really liked him. I broke down cry at the part where he answered and said it couldn't be stopped. I continued to cry until the end of the book.


Okay now this book may actually be worth 4 stars, but this is better than most books out here right now. It covered it's bases, and deserves a higher rating. <<less
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New celtywho rated it
March 18, 2020
Status: c136
*5 stars to even out the 1 stars :)

TY to the translator for translating this! W/o it I wouldn't have found this gem (˃̣̣̥ w ˂̣̣̥).

I read the raws because I couldn't wait to finish reading the whole thing (not too bad MTL). It's an interesting transmigration novel IMO. What I liked about it: 1) FL is a badass 2) plot twist? 3) well-written 4) it's a completed CN trans novel that isn't 1k+ chapters haha

The MC (Han Yanyan) isn't naive and although she is weak in the... more>> beginning, she learns and grows in each arc. The system "saved" her from getting hit by a van and now she has to world-hop and complete tasks and she gets her body back + a reward.

As for the ending... without giving any spoilers

This type of ending is up to the reader to decide whether its a happy, bad, or neutral ending. BUT please don't let this deter you away from reading the novel! Although I do wish there was some extras *sigh*

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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