I Refuse to be a Supporting Character


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Gu Jin crossed into a novel as the supporting character and best friend of the main female lead, Cheng Xin.

Cheng Xin was frequently surrounded by men of status and quality. As Gu Jin was the female lead’s dearest friend, she doesn’t mind settling for the leftover meager soup if the female lead chose to eat the meat. The two sisters believed they’d enjoy this friendship for a lifetime.

But just as she was ready to latch firmly unto Cheng Xin’s golden thigh, she discovered the body she crossed into had memories of future events beyond the novel’s plot, finding out that her marriage would end in utter failure.

The female lead, Cheng Xin who often quarrelled with the male protagonist would head over to Shao Chong for comfort even though Shao Chong was married to Gu Jin. And after several incidences, Gu Jin advised Shao Chong to have a sense of propriety as her spouse but he told her not to think too much about it, claiming that he only maintained a pure friendship with Cheng Xin.

On the day Gu Jin was kidnapped, her good husband stayed by her cousin’s side and accompanied her to the hospital.

When Gu Jin transmigrated into this new world and learned of the truth, she did not wish to waste this new life as a supporting role for her cousin as the previous soul had done. She’d not live a life as a spectator in someone else’s love story. No. She would be the protagonist of her own romance in this new life.

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New Gsichtselfmeter
July 18, 2019
Status: c133
It is nicely written, but the story has no ups or downs. It is a mediocre flow of niceties, without the MC ever encountering a difficult position. Read it if you are in the mood for some easy reading without utilizing any brain power. 3*
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New mirili4 rated it
July 10, 2019
Status: c80
I had high hopes for this story since I tend to enjoy reincarnation stories. However this just fell flat. The beginning of the story was fine but afterwards the story just became boring. If you're shocked as to why I read that far I thought the story would get better so I skimmed through most of it. By chapter 80 I didn't see much development and decided to give up.

I should've stopped reading when the FL met the ML in a quite a disturbing way. It was the first read... more>> flag but it was because I thought that guy was not gonna be our main lead. Anyways they start off a relationship WAY too quick. It felt like we barely got to process what was happening. The male leads reasoning was so random and didn't feel in any way realistic.

I had so many problems with the story, but the main thing was the male lead and female leads relationship it just didnt feel right.

I wouldn't say this story is bad but it's just meh :/ wouldn't recommend it but if you feel really REALLY bored and wanna waste your life reading rubbish I guess this is the story for you. I wou <<less
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blazikens rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: c25
Another modern novel I was expecting to be somewhat better than most. Usually, I'm not too demanding of these types of reincarnation / transmigration novels, they tend to be cliché and not very deep, but they can have sweet / cute moments and even be funny sometimes. They make for pretty good entertainment when you aren't looking for anything deep.

BUT, that's only if the romance is acceptable.

In this story, the ML is someone who s*xually assaults her and goes on to get 'revenge' on her in petty and annoying ways... more>> just because she 'dared' to fight back when he was under the influence. Like wtf was he expecting, to allow herself to be groped by him lmao?

So yeah.... and seriously, I'm starting to question how readers can rate stories like this with 4 / 5 stars when the ML is clearly s*xually abusive or just abusive in general. If it were someone other than the ML, they'd be up in arms, demanding for the guy to be destroyed, but since it's the ML he somehow gets a free pass? <<less
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
September 28, 2018
Status: c50
This is very good novel, I like it very much. Reading this make me really sad for original MC. She was treated as object by her best friend and her ex husband. I hate this selfish female lead and disgust ex husband. Female lead know that ex husband in love her and even introduced him to original MC to destroy her life. Her ex husband only caring for female lead. He turn indifferent and uncaring to her. She was tragady killed, her unborn child was killed too.

MC was transmigration into... more>> friend of female lead. She know her fate and marry life was tragady and sad because of female lead. She was treated as object by female lead and ex husband. She change her life by breaking up with this ex husband and cut ties friendship with female lead. Female lead is idiot, spoiled brat, selfish, crybaby. She turn into mature at end after losing everything. Still don't like her. Her ex husband get memories of first life, he trying to redeemed MC but she reject him in public. How dare he trying to destroy MC and ML life. Male lead eat vinegar lot.

I like how sweet MC and male lead realatinship is. Male lead is so decent, rich handsome virgin guy who fall for MC. It's good and sweet romance novel.

Recommend This Novel. <<less
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cryarc rated it
October 4, 2018
Status: Completed
Pretty standard romance, not bad but also not that great. The way the MC and male leads falls in love is pretty cliche, ML: she dared to kick me in the nut, awesome! She's my true love and obsession from now on! Hands off her you guys! FL: he's a creepy guy at first, but hey he's rich, handsome, young and he helps me slap people's faces!

The story itself is fine but there's some unnecesary side plots going on which feels it adds nothing to the story (particularly towards the... more>> end of the story, after they resolved the original premise of the novel). The story is strecthed for a bit into some trivial characters plot, in which some of them didn't even appearing in the previous chapters, giving us some weird comeuppance for a supposed villain which never actually done anything so bad yet to the MC in her current reitiration other than mild annoyance. We also got a random plot point appearing and immediately resolved at the last chapters which never even mentioned to the readers before it, so it feels like 'is this necessary?' So instead of using the end to show us the final fate of the actual important characters, we got unimportant side characters and randomly appearing characters got their comeuppance. <<less
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Chi rated it
October 1, 2018
Status: Completed
It's a sweet and relatively calm novel. Even though there's such big difference of standing (family power) between the MC and ML there's no crap such as "you are not worth of him!", after all the ML was already nearing 30 but he was in Hogwarts, so it was better than nothing lol

The original host was really pitiful, but don't worry! Everything is fine when it ends fine! The original host included ;D

Also, this novel is MTL friendly~!!!! You won't lose your brain!!!!!
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
misseternal rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: c29
Yeah, uhhh. So, ML is basically molesting the MC whenever they meet? Brief explanation is in the spoilers, but if you want to know how bad the interactions between MC and ML is, you should probably read the spoilers and make the decision of (not) reading this novel.

... more>>

Three times they met in these 29 short chapters. First meeting, he rescued her from falling to the floor, and I was like oh nice! Second, he molests her, which is explained later on as being the effects of someone drugging him. So, not cool, but understandable. As long as it's the only time we see an nonconsensual act between the romantic partners-to-be. Buuuut then, he stalks her. It's not too bad of stalking, only information gathering. Why? Because she kicked him in the nuts when he tried to force himself on her while he was drugged. So, ugh. ML finds it ok to molest someone while drugged, but finds it not ok for someone to stop the molestation in the first place? Psssh. Not only that, but later on their third meeting, he tries dubious, nonconsunsual stuff on her when he traps her in a dressing room. Then, suddenly a very powerful pain hits the 20 years old MC and she realizes, somehow, that it's menstrual pain. Because why not. Suddenly she becomes very weak, and stops resisting the ML. Only then, the ML pulls himself together, because, and I quote:

"When Mu Mingcheng felt the woman's resistance diminish within his arms, he secretly praised Gu Jin for doing exactly that which would make him regain his senses."


So yeah, don't like the ML at all. The MC is nice, smart, pretty. And the ML deserves nothing like her. So, no. Just because the ML is the most successful and rich person in the novel doesn't give him the right to be like that.

Do not recommend to anybody. Trashy ML ruins the whole novel. MC is pretty good in the chapters I read

(not counting the weird menstrual thing at the end of chapter 29)

, so that's why I gave 2/5 instead of 1/5. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blobby rated it
December 26, 2018
Status: c27
The male lead is hella creepy. The dude s*xualy assaulted her. And was mad when she kicked his family jewels. I get it he was under the influence, but instead of apologising he harasses her again. WHAT THE ACTUAL HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

The story is really creepy and gross.
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
autumnscarf rated it
October 14, 2018
Status: Completed
I'd rate this 2.5 if I could. It's what you'd expect of a meh quality transmigration-into-a-romance-novel novel with your standard pretty and reasonable FL and domineering ice-cube-who-can-only-be-melted-by-the-FL ML.

There are a few cute and funny moments, but most of the time I wasn't really into it. I don't think the author really resolved the original conflict between the FL, original FL, and original second ML. They pretty much just get kicked to the curb with no epilogue. Meanwhile, the FL and ML go through a kind of random life-threatening plot orchestrated... more>> by characters who aren't really introduced early in the story, for a reason that is kind of randomly explained at the end of the novel.

The ending focuses more on supporting characters who were barely relevant than on any of the main characters or original main cast. However, it's a short and easy read. <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SrPyro rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c33
Stopped reading after s*xual assaulter sets up a deal with MC. The deal is dating him for 3 months and IF he is satisfied, he will maybe give back the bracelet that he STOLE from her while while molesting her. Yet, she accepts.

I can't stand this sh*tty twisted dynamic as a romance novel. You must have a loose screw to actually like this novel.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tealcataz rated it
March 5, 2019
Status: c70
I have been loving this story. Have been following it avidly, checking daily for new chapters. But when I am prevented from reading it because I have an ad blocker... I'm sad I will no longer be following it. I understand having ads to pay for time, but I hate them so much I'd rather stop reading than take my ad blocker down. There are other ways to get funding that aren't corporate-riddled bile. I hope the story gets the attention it deserves.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JimmyFalcon rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c40
This is my first one star ever and I don't even really dislike the novel, I just have gripe with this since the translator dropped another novel that is so much better to focus more on this.

It's still bad of course- but deserves more like 2 stars.

The romance in this is awful;

... more>>

The ML is a cold man and when he gets kicked in the balls for harassing the FL he falls for her and does everything he can to acquire her- because honestly I think that he thinks she's an object. He claims she's his and threatens her with her grandmother's heirloom. And guess what- she falls in love for this pile of entitled crud.


The romance in this novel is basically just wish fulfillment, and it's not even exciting at that.

2/5 would not recommend <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
goregasms rated it
May 30, 2019
Status: --
I was rooting for the MC for a while but she keeps having motivation flips and flops all over the place. ML is also disgusting and uses powerplays to cover his fragile ego. He's a s*xual abuser and victim blaming jerk, that honestly should be arrested after he cornered and tried to assault MC in a *womans bathroom*.

Every time I think im too critical of C-novels, I remember that awful content like this is normalized and treated as standard and decent in romantic terms. I quite enjoy dark themes and... more>> topics, but not when theyre senseless and presented as just and forgivable because its a Poor Misunderstoof Tragic Character doing them. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yuki_Chaos22 rated it
November 22, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel was a pretty nice one to read. It contained the right amount of fluff, the mystery, romance etc. I liked how the antagonist mainly the original FL was able to change in the end for the better. Although it was pitiful for how she ended up but she really deserved it. Others may call ignorance a bliss but once it’s taken away from you like from the FL it’s not as blissful as you once thought it would be. Also, I’m glad that the MC was able to... more>> make a friend instead of the usual lonely MC in modern setting novels but what annoyed me the most are the two guys mostly mentioned in the original plot. Such @$$holes they were for treating women like a toy.


ML eventually left the FL after causing a problem for his family. It totally felt as if he just used her body to satisfy his “missing desires” by thinking she was unique to him. Then later on he starts going out with another girl and gets engaged then goes back to the FL for forgiveness. Srsly, an asshole that needs to be gone.

Then theres the 2nd ML AKA the orig!H’s husband who just used her as a stepping stone to get closer to the FL. Later on regrets losing her by noticing too late that he f**king f**ked up by ending the phone call when his pregnant wife was kidnapped and killed


The ending was alright but it felt super rushed that it lost the good atmosphere that was built up in a flash. But I was super happy that in the end


We get a POV from the real Gu Jin and how she got another chance to live her life after witnessing the current Gu Jin fix it. The most exciting part was that the long forgotten awesome dude that likes her finally has a chance!!!!! *Fangirls*


I’d rate this 3.5 but since there was a siscon and the guy that likes the real GJ was given a chance then 4 <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Caffae rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c63
It’s pretty good. I like how the MC decisively cuts out her boyfriend that loved her cousin and moves on with her plans - like distancing from that annoying cousin. Unsure about ML for now, he’s a bit annoying to me but the story is pretty slow paced.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 21, 2018
Status: Completed
I'm torn between 3 and 4 stars for this. Because I feel like it was slightly better than okay, but idk if I would give it a "good!" All in all, it's a decent rendition of your standard "rebirth type stories except this is a transmigration/rebirth story or something. Main couple was what you'd expect from the main couple, but I was rather disappointed with the MC's original husband and her good sister. There was strong potential for a really good plot resolving those relationships, especially since ... more>>

her original bae actually had fallen in love with her in the original track line and was super torn up about her death and all before being was reincarnated into this second life later on

Instead, we just got to see the MC get mad, yell at them a bit, then promptly forget they ever existed. Also, the story behind the ML's family didn't really make sense- it was sort of thrown at us in the last couple of chapters and we were supposed to believe that was the reasoning behind everything.

Long story short, the plot setup would get it a 4, while the actual resolutions/executions would put it slightly below or at a 3. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kurobito rated it
April 12, 2019
Status: c50
I find that the romance between MC and ML is kinda baseless. Like.. What's this? Love/interest pique at first sight? I seldom read modern day romance (this is probably my 2nd or third modern day book) and I thought this novel will change my perception about modern day cn novel. But looks like it failed to do so.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Soteria27 rated it
December 31, 2018
Status: c40
Uuuuu I love this! A very satisfying read if you like juicy revenge and plots where the protagonist overturns others' preconceptions of her. I keep checking to see if it's updated 😭
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Flying Jade
Flying Jade rated it
June 22, 2019
Status: c122
The plot starts to drag around the 20th chapter. The story slows down and the author focuses more on defining the experience rather than forwarding the plot. Even a particular chapter uses up 80% of its words describing menstrual pain!

Okay, okay, it is arguably much better than a lot of books out there. But in my opinion, the plot doesn't feel as interesting with the rivalries and strife in the story being put behind the romance.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Emeilia rated it
June 2, 2019
Status: c90
At first I like this novel and it totally sparked my interest on how the MC actually carried herself after transmigration. I am so satisfied when she took the initiative to actually cut off everyone who are pretty toxic in her life and this gives off a very good impression on her.

Sadly, the MC relationship with the ML is not really that appealing to me. She acted as if its better to actually not associate with the ML but still linger around. It will be great if she can actually... more>> set her mind on whether or not she want to be his girlfriend.

Overall story is interesting and quite satisfying. Just a bit boring (for me) after the actual event.

Character development is okay. I dont actually see MC or ML change a lot but maybe in the near future. Other characters changed in a way when they got what they deserved.

For those who want some satisfying second-chance novel, this is a great recommendation but not really great as a romance novel. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Phrille0507 rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel has a good plot and start but the ending was kinda felt like it was not enough, like I feel that this could have been better if the author added more chapters so that the audience will get into the story more.. FL is good strong and funny, ML is the typical cold kind but loyal one, Their interactions was cute though and I really like reading their cute scenes.. Yeah I know some don't like the ML because of what happened at the start and how he... more>> force FL into a relationship with him, but just give him some slack, it was the first time he felt attraction to an opposite s*x and kinda noob on how to start things with her..I think lol? But it could have been better if the author give more reasons for them to fall in love.. Really a pity! The whole story feels rushed that it just ended like that.. But the end was still satisfying


Especially the extra chapters on what happend after Original Gu Jin died in her previous life and how Shao Chong felt after he found out the news.. I cried a little bit though because Shao Chong is an idiot and did not appreciate what he got.. He got what he deserved but it was still not enough because Gu Jin and her child died, so sad for Gu Jin 😭😭😭😭😭


This was an okay read, not a great one but it can alleviate your boredom. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
emmyazzy rated it
March 29, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is alright. What attracted me to read this novel would be the female lead’s personality.

The female lead is a very calm and someone thinks ahead and plan ahead type of person. An example where it shows that she is of such personality is when she first met the male lead after the incident in the restaurant. Even though it is true that she is harassed, she still stayed calm and she only agreed to the terms with the male lead because she thinks he is of useful value... more>> where it would be easier to distance away from the second Male lead and female lead.

As for the male lead, well, it is true that the male lead s*xually harassed her, that part I can’t deny it. But our female lead is still strong and defend herself by hitting him back like their first meeting. The Male lead is somewhat similar to the female lead. They are both cautious and manipulative. It is honestly funny to see how they ‘plot’ against each other though each party actually knows what the other party is thinking. The Male lead after falling for the female lead is very possessive and persistent in chasing her.

There were many funny parts in the relationship where the female lead will dare to do certain actions when others wouldn’t dare to do to the male lead which is hilarious. Honestly, there is no clear description on how they fell in love but from what I infer I think they got attracted to each other because of their own personality.

The writing style of this author consists of a bit of show no tell which is exciting to read and anticipate. Though it may not be as complicated to infer as other authors, but it is exciting to see especially when they ‘plot’ against one another. I was a bit disappointed with the ending though. It is a bit abrupt but somehow still makes sense as there are extras to complete the story. It made me wanted more though.

In conclusion, it is a good read I would say. Though it may not be as fantastic and exciting as others, what is attracting of this book would be the female lead’s personality and interactions between the female and male lead. I would recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a novel who has very mentally strong personality. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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