My Wife is My Life!


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Ji Qingqing was at the end of her rope. When she was on the brink of wretched poverty, she received a system. The system told her; Lu Lixing came from a family that was rolling in money, but he was coming to the end of his allotted lifespan. If she married him, she would gain his enormous inheritance.

Lu Lixing was seriously ill. Just as he was about to die, he gained a system. The system told him: Ji Qingqing was young and beautiful. She was rich in vitality. If he married her, he could continue living.

Ji Qingqing happily came to Lu Lixing’s sickbed.

And then, Lu Lixing woke up.


Lu Lixing’s friends discovered that after Lu Lixing woke up, not only did this person that had always kept his distance from women gotten married, he spent every day being super clingy towards his wife.

Young Lu, can you be a little less embarrassing and act your age? Will you die if you take one step away from your wife?

Lu Lixing clutched his chest. His little heart had almost stopped beating because Ji Qingqing had left him for half an hour. He weakly waved his hand. He couldn’t be separated from her, not for the rest of his life. She was his life.

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I'm young and I'm waiting at home for my spouse to return
Ta Tuổi Còn Trẻ Tưởng Thủ Sống Quả [ Xuyên Thư ]
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Fuyuneko rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: --
TL/DR: I don't like the direction that the author went with the story

Rambling thoughts: I really liked the premise of the My Wife is My Life and the earlier chapters where it seemed like it was about two people getting a second chance and helping each other. I would have loved to see Ji Qingqing fixing the misunderstanding between Elder Lu and his grandson and for Lu Lixing to see that his grandfather wants him to be happy and not overworked to the point of thinking death wouldn't be so... more>> bad. But as the story progresses, Lu Lixing and Ji Qingqing's relationship gets more and more lopsided, and I feel bad for him. If both Lu Lixing and Ji Qingqing were assigned tasks, I think the story would be much better.

I liked the idea that the male lead wasn't a perfect machine that gets amazing results without consequences to his mental and physical health. I think it would have been way more interesting if this near death experience made him reexamine his life and he stepped down as CEO to pursue his own interests.


"Lu Lixing wasn't actually asleep. He had been lying in bed and waiting for his death.

What was the point in living another day? He had lived for almost thirty years, but not a single day had been his to do as he pleased.

When he was younger, in addition to doing arduous schoolwork, he had to learn extra skills whether or not he liked them.

Those skills had been called his hobbies. But, how can they be his hobbies when he didn't like them at all?

As an adult, he was responsible for the Lu family's enterprise. His parents had died while he was young, and his younger brother had left home. His old grandfather could only rely on him.

Everyday, he had to mediate the major and minor conflicts that came up at work. There was never a carefree day for him.

Lu Lixing was mentally and physically exhausted.

The month after his car accident could be considered the most leisurely period of time in his life.

Actually, passing away in his sleep didn't sound too bad. Lu Liting was back, so there would be someone to take care of his grandfather and the family business." - from part 20


I wish the author had followed through with this idea instead of dropping it in favor of Lu Lixing stepping back into his CEO role. The author makes up reason after reason to drop Lu Lixing's remaining hours to live down to almost nothing, and yet Lu Lixing doesn't change his behavior. He still works overtime, doesn't spend more time with his grandpa despite given another chance at life or try to figure out what he what would make him happy with his possible limited time to live. All he does is work and help MC faceslap people. ---

I like slow burn romances, but this isn't it. This is one person being held hostage by a system and another party reaping the benefits of that and not even appreciating it. How is that love? At the beginning of the story, the tasks the system gives is so that these two won't misunderstand each other and to push them to give each other a chance, but now it's just straight up forcing Lu Lixing to do one-sided extravagant romantic gestures on top of his heavy workload. The system won't allow Lu Lixing to misunderstand Ji Qingqing, but her misunderstands about him are piling up. If the system's goal is to get them to fall in love, it shouldn't allow that. It's not fair to either of them if Ji Qingqing misunderstands the reasons why Lu Lixing is doing these things for her.

It feels like the system is using operant conditioning and a twisted displaced version of stockholm syndrome on Lu Lixing. I don't find it funny when Lu Lixing gets so close to death because Ji Qingqing is dithering around. When I read the spoilers, it seemed fluffy and fun, but reading the novel and seeing that Lu Lixing is being threatened by the system into doing all these things on top of his already heavy workload, I feel bad for him. It would have been more interesting for Lu Lixing to bluff that he would choose death over being held hostage for the rest of his life and at the mercy of the system. What is the system going to do about it? Or, for him to simply question the system why it wants him to do all these things for Ji Qingqing. And, logically, he should be way more concerned about Ji Qingqing's safety since he knows his life is tied to hers. These types of logical fails detracts from the enjoyment of reading this novel. ---

I liked Ji Qingqing's character at the beginning of the novel a lot, but she becomes increasingly unlikeable and inconsistent. She comes off as preachy and entitled. She expects Lu Lixing to solve all of her problems, uses his status and power without reservation, and was even thinking about getting a share of his assets in divorce after being married to him for only 3 days. I feel like the author tries to have her cake and eat it too. She wants to justify Ji Qingqing mooching off of Lu Lixing by saying we shouldn't judge women for marrying or dating someone for money and using the original owner as an arguing point, but that's conflating two different issues. Ji Qingqing does nothing in return for Lu Lixing and calls him a pervert at the drop of a hat. Yes, she married him and the system rewarded him with an extended life, but that's the system giving him something, not her. Marrying someone means their partners in life and it's a two way street, not just one person being showered in gifts and doing nothing. If you take away the lying part, Shen Weiwei isn't any different from Ji Qingqing. They're both using men to solve their problems, and Shen Weiwei isn't holding herself as morally superior.

I understand that Ji Qingqing is in a much weaker position than Lu Lixing, so she can't easily help him in return, but that shouldn't stop her from feeling appreciation on how much easier he makes her life. She's completely ungrateful that she won the jackpot in transmigrating into a beautiful body that has a ton of financial assets and a very kind grandfather-in-law without having to do anything. This feels even more noticeable because I'm translating The Villain's Mother. If Ji Qingqing and Ruan Xia (from The Villain's Mother) were in the same novel, they would be foils. Their quality of life has drastically improved after transmigrating, but while one character feels appreciative and grateful, the other one isn't.

In the author's other novels, because the plot moves at brisk pace, it's easy to overlook points that don't make sense. It doesn't help that less than a week has passed in My Wife is My Life, and we're already 19% of the way through the story by word count. The author keeps rehashing the same points without progressing the storyline or having any character development. It feels frustrating that the issue with Shen Weiwei framing the original owner still hasn't fully resolved as of raw chapter 21.


Other readers have raised the interesting point that the Lu Lixing would be dead without the system and that makes it okay for the system to order him around. If you follow that logic, it should also be okay for doctors have power over their patients in return for saving their lives. I think no one would find that latter example reasonable, that's why I feel bad for Lu Lixing.

In other novels, when the systems gives the main character another chance at life, it really is a second chance at happiness. In this novel, the system saves Lu Lixing so he can solve all of Ji Qingqing's problems for her and that's the focus of the majority of the novel.

Near the end of the novel, Lu Lixing does have a Eureka moment about his life, but I feel that it comes too late.


Another point raised by other readers is that novels like Spending the Villain's Money to Extend My Life ("HEML") have the same premise: a character must obey the system in order to live. But there's a huge difference between HEML and this novel. The MC in HEML is happy 95% of the time enjoying the extra benefits given by the system, being materially pampered by the male lead, and pursuing her hobbies/career. Early on, she's attracted to the male lead and the male lead also like her. Because of the system, she never misunderstands the ML. Its only at the very beginning of the novel that's the MC in HEML is worried about dying, and then she has the system figured out and treats it as a shopping mall for beauty and skill upgrades. There's one point early on in the story where MC deliberately does something that will make her lose points because she thinks ML is being unreasonable and she won't stand for it. That shows the MC is not scared about losing points and dying. MC is given a lot flexibility on how to complete the system's tasks. Even without the system, she would still enjoy doing those things.

Contrast that with this novel, where Lu Lixing spends most of his waking hours working at a job he doesn't particularly enjoy but feels obligated to do and then being forced to do extravagant romantic gestures that are misunderstood by the Ji Qingqing. More than once a day, he's being threatened with death by the system. Up to the point where I read, Lu Lixing doesn't show signs of liking Ji Qingqing, but who would like someone that calls you pervert at the drop of a hat and blames you for everything while demanding that you fix any problem that comes up for her?

Early on, the system's tasks was conductive in developing romance in two people that might have otherwise remained single, but that doesn't last long. The system's tasks only cause misunderstandings between the two lead characters. The system forces intimacy between them by having them share a bed and other acts, buts its contrived nature makes it meaningless. There's a difference between ordering someone to go through the motions of specific romantic gestures (what happens in this story) vs giving him or her the flexibility to carry out what they think is fondness-generating gestures (what happens in HEML).

The story had been the potential of being more interesting if ML or MC commented on the system's shallow romantic gestures. It would make sense if an artificial system doesn't understand how to develop romantic love between humans. For example, the system orders the ML to give the MC a credit card with no preset limit and have her spend X yuan. It would have much more effective if the system told ML to go shopping with MC and pick out a gift for your grandpa together. For two two strangers to fall in love, activities spending time together with a common goal is essential.

To end on a positive note, I liked the premise and setup of the story. The author introduces so many interesting ideas, but she fails in execution and common sense in certain areas (for example, basic understanding of divorce laws). I've read three of her novels, and I like how her male leads and their motivations are very different in each novel. I like Elder Lu and how the almost death of his grandson has helped reassess his values. I like that once Lu Lixing recovers, Elder Lu doesn't push him to stay married to Ji Qingqing. He just wants his grandson to be happy.

I also think the story has very good twists at the very end, and the author does resolve everything within the last few chapters. I just wish those points had been resolved or explored earlier in the novel instead of left to the last minute.

I would recommend reading this novel if you're in the mood to read faceslapping, this novel definitely meets expectations in that area. There's also plenty of positive reviews for this story on Novel Updates, and I agree with lots of the points made in them. <<less
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shainag425 rated it
August 23, 2019
Status: --
Ahh~ I was planning to translate this novel as well T^T.

Anyways, everyone, this is one amazing story everyone so give it a try. It's funny to see how both the ML and MC are trying to survive by courting each other because of their systems, yet inexplicably falling in love at the same time
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gzd132 rated it
June 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Well here are my thoughts, there are general spoilers mixed in below.

This book was a nice change of pace. For once instead of the female lead being harassed by a system to complete tasks, whereupon failure would result in her soul being eliminated from the world, it’s the male lead who must complete tasks to stay alive. Furthermore, the male lead is tasked to complete romantic gestures in order to extend his life. Oh how strenuous... not. It’s really not that hard at all, but Li Lixing’s personality clashes with... more>> the tone of the romantic gestures which ends up being rather comedic.

For those who say that the female lead reaps the rewards from his gestures and doesn’t appreciate it... First, who would appreciate someone, they’ve known only a short while, suddenly spewing romantic gestures left and right. Honestly, I’d be suspicious. An arranged marriage isn’t love at first contact, it’s something where love can only blossom when there’s trust between the two individuals. So why should the female lead ‘appreciate’ anything when there’s not much trust yet built. All the tasks are set for the male lead to build trust between the two of them. Which in itself is problematic because the tasks aren’t really from his own heart. This is brought up toward the end of the book.
If you look at it a different way, compare this book to “Spending the Villian’s money to extend my life.” In that novel, the female lead is held hostage by system, yet nobody seems to have a problem with that. When a male lead must complete tasks or risk dying people think it’s tragic and distressing...I feel like there’s a double standard here. The female lead in “Spending the villain’s money...” has to spend money otherwise she could die. In the process, she basically has to try and win the affection of a crazy male lead who eventually softens but you know... that sh*t ain’t easy, okay.

As for Ji Qingqing using Li Lixing, she owns up to that and never denies the fact that she married him for money. She tells it to his face and they both have a mutual understanding of how their marriage came to be. But the fact that she is honest, is what makes her different from Shen Weiwei. The male lead falls in love with her despite her love for money. And anyone who denies that they don’t love money is a freaking hypocrite because, real talk, everyone wants to be rich and not have to suffer in poverty.
I don’t think that both Shen Weiwei and Ji Qingqing’s love of money is bad. It’s just the ‘how’ that makes them different. Shen Weiwei literally wanted to frame and ruin Ji Qingqing’s life... she wouldn’t let her off. If that isn’t evil, then I don’t know what is. There’s a difference.

Sure Li Lixing solves her problems, but she solves his biggest problem: his life-work balance. Her presence improves his quality of life. Before he was a complete workaholic and didn’t spare time for his family. I think the author has hinted at greater problem in society today, maybe more so in China than in North America. People live on a routine and never take time for themselves, they overwork and constantly feel exhausted with life. That’s not living at all. Although the tasks by the system seem cruel with imminent death hanging over his head, they really only are simple little tasks that don’t take that much effort to complete. Also, Li Lixing solves Ji Qingqing’s problems without prompt from the system for the most part. He does it because he is now her husband and feels responsible for her. She shows her appreciation through her words, and I do feel that she was grateful to him.
Lu Lixing wouldn’t have lived without her signing that marriage agreement. The system is a life saver, not only by literally saving his life but also through changing his quality of life standards. Li Lixing is the character with the most growth throughout this novel and it is a wonderful process to read.

For those who are hesitating to read this or continue, I say, please read this novel. It’s a refreshing and light story that had me a little teary toward the end. You won’t regret it.

P.S. I’m sorry Fuyu but what...

“Other readers have raised the interesting point that the Lu Lixing would be dead without the system and that makes it okay for the system to order him around. If you follow that logic, it should also be okay for doctors have power over their patients in return for saving their lives. I think no one would find that latter example reasonable, that's why I feel bad for Lu Lixing.”

This is not a good analogy. How can you compare a fantastical element to a real life profession. I’m sorry, what??? Doctors aren’t miracle workers (most of the time), but the system definitely is. By the end of the novel the male lead was brought back 2 or 3 times. Doctors don’t do that. On another note, my aunt is a radiation therapist and I’ve always thought she makes miracles happen, but reality is harsh and she loses more patients than she can bear. Doctors and systems should never be compared. <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
January 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I swear this is the most entertaining romcom web novel I've ever read 😂😂😂

Tired of the cliche female cannon fodder transmigration/reincarnation stories with reasonable sysadmin? There you have it. An unconventional system with domineering CEO ML as the main character.

It's just fun to read how a high profile ML groveling over FL's affection to complete game-like task.

Call her 'Baby' 3x per day ✔

Gift 99 roses ✔

Cook a meal ✔

20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
August 22, 2019
Status: c50
Interesting summary that hooked me, MC transmigration into book as supporting female lead. As I reading this novel in raw. This novel is so funny and sweet. Omg I couldn't stop laugh at every chapter. The way ML touch MC to get 1 hour life value or force her to called him husband multiple to get life value. MC being confused by his action and thought him as crazy guy. I like system. Love both couple.

I don't like scum male protagonist and bit*h female protagonist. They both look like fake... more>> and hyprocrite people.

Recommend if you like sweet and funny novel like The Former Wife of Invisible Wealthy Man

Moreover this novel is from same author of my favorite novel I'm Pregnant with the Villain's Child. <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
December 19, 2019
Status: Completed
Loved the story. ML takes time to warm up to MC which actually makes sense since he was in just for survival. MC also slowly falls for ML.

As for the O!Host's black reputation, some of it was due to her own nature and actions, some was due to external exaggerations and some was due to enemies in the circle. What I absolutely loved about this whole black reputation part was that MC didn't try to whitewash her reputation and ML didn't hold it against her.

All MC explained was that she... more>> was young and dumb and ML accepted that she had a past and didn't exert any sort of s*upid and toxic masculinity / jealousy against her.

There is no villainess as such. The FP acts like a white lotus yada yada but doesn't really employ more aggressive tactics.

Best part -


Both of them come clean to each other about their systems! MC is hurt that all the romantic gestures ML had enacted was due to the system. She walks away to cool her head, goes to her siblings' place and gets drunk. They call ML and demand answers, he rushes to her and then confesses how he has fallen in love with her. For real.

That's it. No more drama, no delays. MC accepts and demands he re-do each romantic gesture with system prompt and he is super happy to do it.


TL - 5/5

Story - 5/5

1v1, no cheating, no abuse, no drama, no unbelievable villains, sweet romance <<less
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DaBrick rated it
October 25, 2019
Status: Completed
It was such a good readdd.

The romance between the two is quite late because of the premise of the story, but from the start both of them are already lovey dovey. It's so sweet that I'm getting a diabetes. The plot of the story is good and I like how the reveal of both of MC and ML secrets, because they really bare out their heart for the other. TBH I cried so hard in that scene. MC and ML don't have any misunderstanding between them, but only real love... more>> that was built on lies which is quite hurt : (

But at least both MC and ML know they love each other before it's too late.


I cried a lot towards the climaks of the story, it was such a love that is willing to even trade your life for your loved one (´;ω;`)


Another similar novel I would recommend is the former wife of an invisible wealthy man. :) <<less
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Chisaki rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: c100
This novel is pretty good, but it's difficult for me to root for the MC and ML's relationship. Every time the ML does something for the MC, when I'm just starting to ship them both, I'm hit with this text: "Life value increases by +10. You have 11 hours to live." Or something. And I'm reminded that the ML is interacting with the MC to literally stay alive, and the MC is also using the ML for his money and influence.
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tedy2004 rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: c146
I understand why Fuyu Neko (nice translations w.w), gave up on this novel that was supposed to be a gem novel.

... more>>

The problem is not how it started. It was alright that the FL transmigrated because of a system, and then system advises FL who is in custody at that moment because something bad happened to her (while actually framed in the entertainment industry) to get married to ML who is worth 100 billion as he is a workaholic CEO. ML is on the hospital bed because of an accident where his organs are impossible to heal. But Elder Lu is advised by GREAT WAN GUY (HE ONLY APPEARS FROM ELDER LU'S MOUTH, THAT TO SAVE ML, HE NEEDS TO MARRY FL AS SHE HAS A GREAT VITALITY, author please at least write to make the system impersonate that Character:D, good idea right?), then FL is escorted at the hospital and then marries ML by a contract from Elder Gu, and ML who has been unconscious for a long time, wakes up for his last moments of life is told by the system that he has two choices 1 turn to dust 2 complete missions with his new wife. The ML accepts the 2 choices and yea sees his wifey..... this is kinda forced, right? yes or no, I think yes half and no half, I mean for ML to live, he needs FL to live, while FL needs ML's money to not stay in jail for 5 years...

But the problems start when the ML is being forced by the system way too much as he will even eventually ask himself, why do I still try to live? I'm saying this from ML's feelings and character. The author just had to go on off weird plots, making even the FL be an ignorant person in the early 30-40 chapters when FL finds out that ML is not dying, she did not even ask the system at all, the author forgot maybe, oops...

When ML resolved FL's issues, she didn't back down from the entertainment as an actress, instead, she went on with the job as an actress. FL's other life never had experience with acting, she worked till 20 years old and then died from something (...). She gave the reason that if she didn't have a job then she would be a parasite and the ML understood that she wouldn't stay as a full-time wife in the house, the problem is that realistically FL who does not have experience with acting would have taken other jobs...

Besides in late chapters, the FL is still ignorant or she does not ask herself, why does ML do such things this much? Even when she says in her mind that his actions are out of character she forgives him for doing the protective meat-shield thing (with words against antagonists, meh), she realizes that ML is weird, but NO,

I AM the FL!

just waiting to be spoiled as Tha Forgotten System gave me this FL role, muahahaha ignorance 100%

And if making ML cultivate feelings for FL this way, I think it's wrong, especially when the FL is 100% inconsiderate and ignorant of ML's life, of what he does or etc. Like a queen waiting for the s*ave. (The father (system) forces the child (ML) to drink a lot of beer (FL) which clearly the child doesn't like it, but he tries to get used to it (like a must). But later in his life, the child (ML) has life problems because of drinking beer (FL).

A weird example I know, but if FL were soup (a considerate person) then the story would have been so much better, and we might have tolerated the system's tendency to create Stockholm syndrome, cause FL's life link makes ML to him live with the "OK" conditions. In no way this relationship would last if ML would be released of this life link with the FL in the early stages, as it develops Stockholm Syndrome truly.

^ I'll edit at the tags to be Stockholm Syndrome too, I hope you agree with me, whoever reads this...


P.S.: No bed scenes as I have seen, but quite intimate in a room because of the system forcing ML to do OOC things in a short time...

I pity the ML so much. I think even the author was shocked at how great she/he subconsciously made ML be so such a moral, good guy...

Good Night... :D *1 star, forgot to put it... <<less
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Callista rated it
September 3, 2019
Status: c4
Did the system just ship them?

God this is a very promising novel and even though there are only just 4 chapters translated I can already feel that this one is gonna be good.

Definitely gonna MTL this one because I have no patience XD
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AweSsam rated it
October 11, 2020
Status: c136
I went into this story expecting a light, cute, and fluffy read, and that's exactly what I got. Yeah, I guess there are some tropes, but I like how they're done in this story XD. I know that a lot of other commenters said that they were uncomfortable with and didn't like the fact that the ML was forced and threatened by the system to suck up to the FL, and that the ML must be suffering, but honestly I didn't see it like that.

I didn't go super ham about... more>> the system and get mad about it because I knew that this story wasn't supposed to be something super serious about the system. It wasn't like other stories where the ML has a huge tragic past and his continuous suffering and source of pain is supposed to be detested by the readers. The ML in this story was about to die, and the system saved him for a a price.

A lot of people also didn't like how the ML only ends up liking the FL due to the system, and that without the system, they would have never gotten together. Guys, that's the point! Two unlikely people are brought together in the most unlikely and funny way. A lot of the story's gimmicks are all based upon their different personalities and pasts (especially with the FL's past in this one). Honestly, if there was no FL and the system, the ML would have been single forever.

Also, this story is different from other stories because the ML gets the most character growth, and he's the one the system pushes around. He's my fave character in the story, and yeah he's a rich CEO type, but he's astronomically better than others. He protects the FL (even when the system doesn't tell him to) because she is his wife, and never cheats or abuses her physically or emotionally. He's not at all a playboy either. Basically he's just a cold guy with no experience in romance. The FL has way more experience that him in relationships actually.

Also for people who say this story drags on too long, and that it seems super slow, well I saw in another comment that the translator is translating by splitting each chapter into 4 parts, so chapter 136 is something actually like chapter 34. So don't get too distressed!

So if you're hesitating to read this novel cause of the reviews, be like me and just read it. Don't go in expecting some super serious situation with the ML and the system, OK? <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
June 14, 2020
Status: c25
Story is funny initially, but now it feels forced and uncomfortable... For some reason, the system is always threatening ML's life and forcing him to 'dote' on MC - asking her to call him hubby, giving her credit card etc... When neither MC nor ML have feelings for either, it stopped being funny long ago and just feels uncomfortable now... especially when the system threatens to reduce ML's remaining life if he refuses to do the tasks as the system wishes...

I get it that the system is probably trying to... more>> make ML caring instead of being a money making machine he is now, but forcing him to do things against his will just feels wrong - It's even more wrong, when ML's such 'attentiveness' and 'care' for her makes MC have feelings, while ML is just doing tasks to extend his life... System is hurting both MC and ML...

(22 chaps of raws = 87 translated chapters) <<less
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Dhaturas rated it
March 18, 2020
Status: c45
The summary explains the novel well enough. Nothing unpredictable. The story isn't unenjoyable. There's plenty of face-slapping, but the FL only gets to do that through the ML's money and power. This would normally be fine, but the ML treats the whole thing like a job he has to do.

The system keeps blackmailing him with death if he doesn't treat his wife well. The ML is a cold, perfect, prideful silent type. So, he's plenty unlikeable. You get the feeling that he'll develop feelings for the FL eventuallty, but until... more>> then he's just a silent man forced into a marriage with a woman he doesn't really care about. All his acts of romantic love for his wife come off as simply begrudging things he has to do to not die. The FL is clueless about this, so she starts to develop feelings for the ML, but I honestly wish that she wouldn't because that would just give the ML more leverage over her.

I think the main problem is that without the system, the ML would never even think of treating his wife like she was his wife.

It might get better down the line and I see that it got a lot of 5 star ratings, but can't tolerate my dislike for the ML.

I want to give this story a 1 star rating just for the ML, but I would be lying if I said I didn't like the face-slapping. So, 3 stars. <<less
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Hualing rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: c130
I love the base of this novel. It's interesting.

However... the " relationship " between them is painful.

Some reviews says the ML clearly have the " upperhand " because he is rich and I can't help but think, they probably didn't really read the novel.

... more>> The FL is the one who is superior, he depend literaly on her to live.

He is being forced to be with her. And between " I'll die of I'm not with you " and " I won't have money... ", which one have it worse ?

And FL is so incosiderate. I pity the ML.

Their " relationship " isn't a rrlationship and the ML clearlt have it worse. <<less
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shouahang58 rated it
January 7, 2020
Status: c28/end
Love this novel! So freaking funny!! The MC and ML's interaction is funny and the system is just pure comedy! Lmao!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 9, 2019
Status: Completed
A fluffy light romance novel. There isn't really a downfall for the 'fake white lotus' original MC, but her outcome can be imagined since she no longer has a strong backer.

Felt a bit incomplete to me, but overall a decent read.

It should be noted that the translator splits each chapter into 4 parts.
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
August 27, 2019
Status: Completed
This is really fluffy and so satisfying, I highly recommend this to everyone
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tofu Cat
Tofu Cat rated it
April 7, 2020
Status: c84
oops meant to click two-stars bc I can see the effort TL out into this.

Very very boring however, unfortunately. I only laughed once, and never, like one commenter called it, went ‘KYAA’ over the cuteness/sweetness.

Mostly bc the first 60 chapters (half the fricking story yes ik) rubbed me the wrong way I guess, but still nothing that happened afterwards was particularly spectacular. I’ve read the raws and still their interactions didn’t seem natural and didn’t arouse any sort of feeling in me, rather I felt that the translators sort of... more>> beautified the story and made it seem better than it was.

instead of reading this I recommend ‘The Random Passerby I Married was the Richest Man’ (or something along the lines of that) , it’s more than a tier higher and better and the shameless couple has always made me laugh both out of incredulity at their (his) shameless retorts as well as because of how hilarious they are, and the romance is cute too!

both novels are similar in that both leads (ml&fl) have systems and at least one lead had been transported into a storybook world with systems that blackmail them into doing things, except this story’s system is just way too ruthless, what with always only letting ML have less than a day left to live. Feels more like torture at this point even if I know they’ve already fallen in love with one another.

mwiML has a rather nice premise to build on but I feel like author has done the execution rather weirdly. It may just be personal preference but I don’t like how flippity floppity MC acts, always complaining about ML and being obviously bitter about the things he did that weren’t even done willingly yet being so sympathetic all of a sudden whenever something happens to ML even tho she’s barely even known him for a few days. For real the execution just really sucks and is extremely unnatural to me after I’ve read so many amazing amazing novels. <<less
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lazykitty_99 rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: Completed
What I like about this novel is ML and his character development. Well he is already good but in terms of emotions due to system he did developed. If not for system ML would have been a bachelor for life or won't be having a romantic relationship as he is a workaholic so for him falling in love is like counting stars.. ... more>>

he is a rational person not like oriml. Even though he sees bad reputation of MC but still choose to believe what he sees. He isn't overbearing type rather he is possessive. Most funny is how system face slaps him everytime he says something to MC. Without system he would definitely be dead apart from that he wouldn't have fallen in love with MC as he would never have let MC approach him or any other girl.. he has due to his responsibilities didn't get to enjoy normal things of life. It can be said ML is the real MC of this novel as both system n FL are here for him...

MC and ML interactions are funny and fluffy. ML is actually adorable.

At end both tell each other their secrets. MC of transmigration and ML of doing things due to system.. so MC feels he doesn't love her but ML coaxes her and MC tells him he has to do everything again and he agrees.

At end ML gives up his life to protect MC even though it wasn't necessary but he drops task for saving MC which shows his love for MC and MC saves his life by sharing her life with him.

lol system came up with this idea other xiao a task would have failed.

Apart from little but antgst novel is fluffy and enjoyable


Edit : I read fuyu thoughts on novel. I do agree with her that ML is forced by system to like MC even with comedic undertone still the forced part can't be ignored. Well I read this novel a year ago at that time tr*shy mls were "in" so I guess I didn't notice the part of ML being coerced to do tasks & fall in love. ML is really good, I actually feel MC doesn't deserve him. MC apart from holding his thighs didn't do anything in the story even she can't provide with basic emotional support to Ml..

Presently I don't like system novels due to their forced element but I guess ML choosed to live so he choosed to be coerced by system. I hoped MC to be more active even as a friend of ML but at the same time ML isn't someone who let others be close. All in all if system coercion isn't taken as "hostage" then story is still good because of Ml <<less
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sofea A.C
sofea A.C rated it
October 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Finally! Took me three days to finish MTL-ed this novel. First of all, I am so glad give this story a chance because it totally worth it. No heartwrenchin scene, no major misunderstand (Thanks to the system). If you looking for a slow romance than you might like this. Both MC and ML are likeable character. The MTL also easy to read. My only complain is their less lovey dovey hot moment took so much time before it happened. Like seriously, I almost assumed there will be no kissing scene... more>> in this story. So, overall I'll recommend this story to you. <<less
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