I Refuse to be a Supporting Character


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Gu Jin crossed into a novel as the supporting character and best friend of the main female lead, Cheng Xin.

Cheng Xin was frequently surrounded by men of status and quality. As Gu Jin was the female lead’s dearest friend, she doesn’t mind settling for the leftover meager soup if the female lead chose to eat the meat. The two sisters believed they’d enjoy this friendship for a lifetime.

But just as she was ready to latch firmly unto Cheng Xin’s golden thigh, she discovered the body she crossed into had memories of future events beyond the novel’s plot, finding out that her marriage would end in utter failure.

The female lead, Cheng Xin who often quarrelled with the male protagonist would head over to Shao Chong for comfort even though Shao Chong was married to Gu Jin. And after several incidences, Gu Jin advised Shao Chong to have a sense of propriety as her spouse but he told her not to think too much about it, claiming that he only maintained a pure friendship with Cheng Xin.

On the day Gu Jin was kidnapped, her good husband stayed by her cousin’s side and accompanied her to the hospital.

When Gu Jin transmigrated into this new world and learned of the truth, she did not wish to waste this new life as a supporting role for her cousin as the previous soul had done. She’d not live a life as a spectator in someone else’s love story. No. She would be the protagonist of her own romance in this new life.

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Xuyên Thành Nữ Chính Khuê Mật Làm Sao Bây Giờ
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Soteria27 rated it
December 31, 2018
Status: c40
Uuuuu I love this! A very satisfying read if you like juicy revenge and plots where the protagonist overturns others' preconceptions of her. I keep checking to see if it's updated 😭
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Kaylee rated it
January 3, 2020
Status: --
I only like reading the face slapping parts.

MC and ML characters are too... ooc of their early characteristics.

I still dont understand, how th ML suddenly falls head over heels to MC in the span of..... days. Just because MC kicked him and not a white lotus..... but that soon? If it happens after a year or 6months, I'd understand.

Just a matter consistency in the character build and plot development.
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AmyzingAmy rated it
December 31, 2019
Status: c65
This novel is SHET. I can tell the author's trying to separate this novel from your usual overbearing CEO romance novels, but NO. It's not working. It's just as garbage.

I was looking forward to the whole transmigration and revenge idea. Things were pretty meh at first but when the male lead came things started to somewhat fall apart for me. The "romance" leaves a foul taste in my mouth.

... more>>

Mu Mingcheng, the male lead, sexually assaulted Gu Jin on their first encounter. Of course, he was under the influence of drugs and thankfully Gu Jin managed to escape. So just how did Gu Jin capture this guy's attention? Mu Mingcheng, the dream guy of all the ladies who has never gotten entangled with any women before, decided to force Gu Jin into a relationship (threatening her with her family heirloom) just because her retaliation back in the room turns him on. Like wtf? When Gu Jin and Mu Mingcheng first met and I read the part about his "slight distaste" towards her, I was actually pretty intrigued because I don't like the whole love at first sight trope. I


I don't get how the two leads got together and although I somewhat enjoyed reading about how Gu Jin got back at her trashy ex, I have to give this novel a horrible rating. <<less
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littlemetaball rated it
November 29, 2019
Status: Completed
First, the translator did a great job. Really enjoyed it because of the translation style.

Second, this is a good novel if u want to pass time.


This was a fairly good novel. except. the. ending. was. really. abrupt. and left me very disappointed.

but I can see why. the MC is very smart, and more calculating than you'd expect. once she has transmigrated, she doesn't hesitate and sets things straight like ... more>>

dumping her fiancé and moving out from her cousin's place

, which then leaves... almost no one else to have conflict with.

then once she gets together with the ml, BAM the story's done. it's hard to pick up from there when the MC knows what she wants and isn't as dense as some other mcs.

most great transmigration stories have the all the elements that this novel had (transmigration, some face slapping of now ex-lover, and romance with new cool ml), but they also almost always have a further point. like, oh I have a 3 year-old child and it's actually yours. or,

oh, MC works in the entertainment industry and so there's always these reporters chasing her and thus more conflict with scandals about her. or,

oh the ML gets injured and when he wakes up is diagnosed with amnesia and now has no memories of MC and ml's old flame returns. or,

oh the ML has an archnemesis and they duke it out with their companies as the cool ceos. or,

oh, MC gets into an accident and falls into a coma and then wakes up and turns out the accident was a planned murder by her love rival. or

oh actually MC dies but this is a world hopping novel! hahaha.

meanwhile, in this novel, there's transmigration, some face slapping, and romance with cool ml, and then it... just ends. haha. so it's not to say this isn't a good novel, it's just that other novels move the plot forwards, which in turn helps us see how the MC and ML bond and become more dimensional as a couple.

- 1star for the short ending, -1 star for nothing that really happened with our MC and ML couple. <<less
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DOHere rated it
September 24, 2019
Status: c80
Neither the FL or ML were pleasant characters. Makes sense they didn't like each other for half the story. But they fit each other, both petty and childish.
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Creolenerd rated it
September 19, 2019
Status: c155
The start of this story was brilliant. I had not encountered this genre much before. And I felt for our MC. That didn't last long. Nobody in this story is likable. Everybody is judgemental, selfish, and inconsiderate. Please explain to me how a young lady crying RUINED a family reputation. And the ML needs the entire humble pie. These Chinese writer that keep writing these overbearing, cold, and borderline rapist CEO scares me. Is this what romance goes for. And to continue she couldn't just confront her friend and move... more>> on from the boyfriend? I don't appreciate the girl we need to root for becoming a shadow wench. And to close they kept TELLING US she's perfect and quiet and graceful. Well if she was all that why was she a doormat. <<less
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
September 10, 2019
Status: Completed
... interesting. I guess...🙄

Either I have read too many of these types second chance/transmigration stories... or THE AUTHOR FORGOT TO MAKE IT WORTH READING... OR! Maybe the author didn't think anyone would actually read it?! 😓

Either way, I skimmed though most of it just to figure out what the h*ll happened because it felt like it was taking me on one of those boring a$$ kiddy rides at a carnival. 😅

The MC was hard to figure out. All I could tell is that she wanted to help avenge the past... more>> and one up the ML... which got kind of stupid to me. I came for romance and got childish antics. 🤨 SERIOUSLY?!

Second, I actually kinda sorta felt bad for some of the people she wanted revenge on cause I was more interested in seeing what they would do next since they were far more interesting than the MC.

The plot... still trying to figure out where the f*cking plot peak was... it just... fizzled... 🤔

And the one time I thought I was going to get smut was a F*ING TEASE!! 😫

SOOOOO.... Yeah, 2 stars is all you get. 😑 And one of those was for the good translation. <<less
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megane.no.megami rated it
September 8, 2019
Status: Completed
Plot: ⭐⭐⭐

The story's plot is pretty generic. I would say it's pretty much like those Quick Transmigration stories that are cropping up left and right here on Novelupdates, but only one arc, thankfully.

Characters: ⭐⭐⭐

... more>>

Honestly, I find the characters, main character including, to be a nothing special. Yes, the main character tried and did fulfill all of the requests made by the cannon fodder—I refuse to call this particular book character a supporting character since she wasn't even much of a supporting character... the book character was a literal stepping stone to the book's female lead's success. At least supporting characters in other books I've read actually had some form of character development in one way or another. The book's "supporting character"? Not so much. She was just... there. The other "main" characters? You have the typical book-Male Lead—cold, arrogant and possessive; the book-Female Lead—bubbly and warm personality (basically everybody is in love with her) ; the book-Second Male Lead—in love with the book-Female Lead but because of book-Male Lead, settled for cannon fodder, thereby contributing to the cannon fodder's less-than-idyllic life and eventual demise. Then, you have the main character's male lead. Honestly, the side characters and even the villains actually have more personalities than the main characters the author introduced us to. I'm sighing over such wasted materials.


Story Flow: ⭐⭐

The author was very wordy with so many unnecessary descriptions, especially when he/she writes about the transmigrated-Gu Jin's thoughts then to what she's presently going through and then to book-Gu Jin's past experience/knowledge (both written in the book and what the transmigrated-Gu Jin had discovered along the way). So it can end up being very confusing, distracting and at times irritatingly repetitive. It's no wonder the translator divided some chapters into parts.

Story Genre: ⭐⭐

I'm honestly torn between two and three stars over this one. Since the story was generic, you can pretty much guess what's going to happen and what the characters will do next.

Romance, of course, is between the main character and her very own male lead, who happens to be more powerful, charismatic and handsome than the book-male lead.


She first met him when she almost fell and he caught her. He got interested in her when she kneed him in the babymaker since he nearly assaulted her because of, you know... drugs. I don't know what the hell types of drugs the authors think or know which are so powerful that it overrides all reasoning and their characters just turn into these base animals driven into this frenzied need for immediate copulation. Aphrodisiacs help heighten arousal but not to the point of making one want to copulate then and there. Another complaint I have, just like in a lot of modern or even some historical novels is that assault does not a romance make. The male leads and main characters' first or second meeting always end up with the main characters nearly or being assaulted by the male leads. What the hell?! And domineering and possessive men are okay but not to the point of being controlling, although the male lead had shaved those tendencies of being domineering and possessive off in front of the main character... somewhat. Thankfully, it didn't make me tear out my hair a lot.


Comedic timing seems to either be a hit or a miss. Some parts did make me laugh, others made me cringe.

This book wasn't big on drama, so no "tragedy", unless you count the original/book-Gu Jin's fate. I did feel really bad for the original/book-Gu Jin. She (book-Gu Jin) wasn't even a bad person, she (book-Gu Jin) could just be considered socially awkward. The last part of the extra chapters though actually was a good turning point of the book. Then, it ended. Boo!


So, the final part of the book is that book-Gu Jin was given a second chance, meaning she (book Gu-Jin) reincarnated to a certain time period and recovered all of the transmigrated-Gu Jin's memories. The reincarnated book-Gu Jin was thankful to the transmigrated-Gu Jin for changing her (book-Gu Jin) fate but she (book-Gu Jin) decided not to follow transmigrated-Gu Jin's footsteps and decided to forge her (book-Gu Jin) own. She (book-Gu Jin) mustered up the courage to finally have a proper conversation with Tong Lin, who could be considered the Second Male Lead in transmigrated-Gu Jin's life and was actually in the running for male lead if Mu Mingcheng didn't exist. I think in this life, book-Gu Jin will end up with Tong Lin because she (book-Gu Jin) is less assertive than transmigrated-Gu Jin and won't make a good partner for Mu Mingcheng, who eats secretaries for breakfast (hehe!). If Shao Chong (book-second ML and scum extraordinaire) didn't recover his memories in this alternate time period, then book-Gu Jin might live a better life once she's away from Cheng Xin, Jing Hao, and Shao Chong.


Again, predictability of the book's plot is correlated to the book's generic storyline. So, don't expect a lot of suspense or thriller on this one.

Translation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Because I love Kitty Jiu for introducing me to a bunch of novels. She could use a little editing as there are some grammatical errors, but other than that the novel was a fairly easy read due to her awesome translation.

Would I recommend this?

If you want an easy read, then I say go for this book. The translator did divide the chapters into several parts, which may look like a long novel, but it's honestly a short one (save for the wordy author).

But if you want a more intellectual short novel, I'd say skip this. <<less
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Pixil rated it
August 23, 2019
Status: c149
The story's okay.

I like that MC doesn't end up with that stupid Shao guy. She also manages to stay away from practically everyone who caused original!her pain in the past life.


Honestly a bit boring however. There are a lot of cliches typical in shoujo/josei manga.


The alpha male lead blackmails her into dating for three months, since ML has the jade bracelet that is her family's heirloom ergo important. I don't think it was rational how the ML developed feelings for her. His first encounter with her was disdain and the next resulted in infatuation. The change from disdain to infatuation was too abrupt. I'd have preferred a slower burn with that kind of situation. Infatuation at first sight would have been more plausible for me.


The romance was also eh. Their relationship was cute imo but definitely didn't make me invested.

The ML was quite lackluster. He wasn't altogether too bad even though the initial start was a hard no. He was quite cute with his inexperience with love but that's it. I don't see how he is amazing though.

Sure military, sure heir of Mu family, but I'm not gonna remember him.

He doesn't have enough of a character for me to be moved. He's just the least terrible choice (That other guy who had feelings but didn't confess was okay too but not in terms of power or family prestige which may have been needed for the Shao guy).

This isn't a bad read. It just shouldn't be taken too seriously. It's a not completely unbearable way to pass the time especially if you've nothing to read, also if you're used to cliches in shoujo/ josei manga.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Thaloe rated it
July 25, 2019
Status: c136
The premise was ok, but it kinda got boring at some point. The translation is good. I somehow dislike the FL and the ML. Meh.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Gsichtselfmeter rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: c133
It is nicely written, but the story has no ups or downs. It is a mediocre flow of niceties, without the MC ever encountering a difficult position. Read it if you are in the mood for some easy reading without utilizing any brain power. 3*
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
earlgreyt rated it
January 22, 2020
Status: c109
I didn't mind some of the things that other readers have complained about....

But what made me speechless was this scene:

A side character hired snipers in a foreign country to murder the MC and ML because the guy (whom the side character loved) had to apologize to them for a small disagreement at a dinner birthday party.

So there was a daylight assassination of foreign visitors at a large public mall in said foreign country (which surprisingly did not end up on the news or become an international incident) that will become... more>> the catalyst for the ML's epic retaliation.

Wow! Not exaggerated or unrealistic at all!!!!

Forget "the straw that breaks the camel's back, " this is basically "the two-tonne-grand-piano that drops from an apartment building onto the camel's back."

Without reading the ending, I can guess that this incident is the author's perfect excuse to turn the ML into some kind of OP god who had always grasped everything in his hand but never bothered to retaliate, but now that they've threatened the "MC" as well, has become the perfect chance to exterminate his own hidden enemies including the side character (and that guy's) family's 9 generations and have them suffer for eternity while the MC lives happily ever after at the top of the world.

A+ writer of comedy.

This also cracked me up a lot:


Author writes: "But to someone who knew the background between the Shao family and Mu family, they can be described as comparing gold to diamond. To fools, they wouldn't be able to compare the value of a carat of gold to a carat of diamond."

Hahaha. Diamonds have no intrinsic value and depreciate by 50% the moment it leaves the store, because they're not a scarce resource and the sale price is completely fabricated. Meanwhile, gold is the complete opposite. Gold is scarce, liquid, and fungible, aka a very good investment that has always maintained its value over the long term.


Comedic gold, I tell ye. Comedic gold. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 12, 2020
Status: Completed
The plot was promising but the final chapters just barely saved the whole story.

The translation was pleasant but because the storytelling ran ragged (too fast when it should have been more detailed in some parts and the opposite in others), I couldn't help feeling that it was abrupt.

If you're looking for a quick read though then this story is just fine.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Farika rated it
October 27, 2019
Status: Completed
There nothing special about story or character, its type of story that I would forget after finished reading it.

Its light reading material, with not many conflicts and drama, the pace feel rushed.

When I'm reading chapter 103, suddenly I'm realizing, that I reached more than half of story but there nothing significant grow of plot line.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ang3la rated it
October 19, 2019
Status: --
interesting at the beginning, but like many of these shoujo second lead getting revenge sort of novels it gets boring. The start of the relationship between FL and ML was so fcking weird?!?! Completely no logic in how humans interact. The whole drama part is also pretty boring. Overall boring.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Clars rated it
September 21, 2019
Status: c155
I really love this novel..... especially how the ending took place... like we got see the story of every character and about what happened in the previous life... It is just awesome... tho the ending of ML and FL felt abrupt... but it gave satisfaction...
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lilyreadz rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: Completed
i really don't know how to rate this piece of work to be completely honest, though, I thought I still might share my opinion to anyone thinking of having a good read. This story in my own opinion, is pretty decent. Although, many times it feels predictable, rushed, and the start of the ML and FL's relationship is less then desirable, it still has a decent plot and characters that are interesting enough. My personal favorite part of this story that really bettered my view of it was the ending... more>> chapters, they made me cry. The ending was open-ended enough to keep you wondering but still make you feel satisfied. It jerked many hot tears out of dehydrated desert-like eyes and when a piece of writing not only pulls tears from me but also makes me feel satisfied with an ending but also makes me want more the novel certainly deserves a 4 stars in my book. I wish you happy reading! &Lt;3 ;)

sincerely, lilyreadz <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LunarWolf rated it
September 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Gave it 5 stars but it probably deserves 4.

I like it because its realistic. The enemies get realistic punishments and go on with their lives. Very open ended because life does go on even if they are an "enemy". Its not satisfying but its realistic. The open endedness for some is kind of nice but it makes u want to know more about the side characters lives because they have stories of their own. Overall its a pretty short decent read that u wish had more chapters.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yomi rated it
September 12, 2019
Status: c155
It's not that bad but it isn't that good either.

It's your typical Mary Sue plus the cliche.

The story was promising it's not that bad, well aside from the actions of ML from the start. My only concern was the flow of story isn't good. There were many plots that were left hanging. It felt rushed.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
123abdi rated it
September 11, 2019
Status: Completed

not particularly memorable and kinda cliche but I do like the ML and FL

no pointless face slapping or revenge plots, the FL simply lives her best life and gives the ML a chance rather than the story getting dragged on due to misunderstandings

everyone in the novel gets what they deserved

karma is fair
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