Strategy to Attack the System


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In the galactic era, humans have lost their emotions. These emotions have become a trading object, a complete box of emotions is a rare and priceless treasure at auction.

One day, Jiang Fu, who made a living by defrauding human emotions and auctioning them, was captured by interstellar scientists and was forced to dive into the spiritual world of the most perfect artificial human in the interstellar to carry out the secret of “making humans derive their emotions through catalysis” experiment.

Jiang Fu, who was unable to escape, agreed on the surface, but he wanted to do something bad, intending to completely destroy the cold artificial man.

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CynicalStrawberry25 rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: Completed
I wrote this review a while back when I said that this novel was a better version of QWTFD and this seems to have misled a lot of people. I re read this and...I apologize to those it misled. When I read this I really did feel like this was a better version than the former, maybe because I liked some of the arcs which were rather interesting or because I love just how possessive the male lead of this novel was. Furthermore I find the whole premise of the... more>> novel, that the MC is trying to make the ML hace feelings, so much more interesting. And the MC himself has a backstory and sometimes it feels like more personality and less OP super confident than the one in QFTFD. So in some ways it is better.

HOWEVER, I MUST clarify that it is also worse in many ways. The MLs posessiveness is crazy and once he finds the MC he pretty much takes care of most things. But remember, the whole premise of this story is based around the MC making the ML have emotions, not the MC conquering worlds. And the ML's love is also pretty instant and illogical (unless you count that the MC is super beautiful and attractive).

Overall though, this story did hit the spot when I read it in terms of POSESSIVENESS and such so if it does that for you, then you may prefer it. <<less
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ylial rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: c29
the review says that this is a better version of QWFOTD so I have expectations on this novel.. Sadly, this novel greatly disappointed me. Probably, bc I've read a lot of QTs and there are better novels than this. No depth and not really a fluffy novel throughout (fluff are on some scenes only). However, this novel is a lil better in portraying characters. They're a little vivid compared to QWTFOD (esp the ML). Will drop

Th story follows a plot in most of the arcs: MC making the ML... more>> fall in love with him - > breaking the ML's heart -> ML imprisoning MC in the black room and keeps f*cking him -> a sudden turn of events -> ending

Good points: 3D side characters. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 8, 2021
Status: --
It's nothing like "Quickly wear the face of the devil" it has world hopping and that's all the resemblance. No faceslapping, no revenge. Not changing the past events or the fate of the original owner and so on. Nothing like FOD. It's about the MC interacting with the ML. So if you are looking for a novel like FOD (just like me) this is not the one. Is good but nothing as FOD. I wanted to clarify this for the reviews above mentioning the resemblance.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ResidentialPsycho rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c39
This is a quick transmigration series where the MC goes from world to world to seduce the ML. He has the job of making the ML experience emotions. Although the premise is interesting and could certainly make for a good story, every arc just leaves me wondering, "Where is the rest of it?"

The ML is a manipulative criminal and hacker who has OP beauty, and all the NPCs lust after him. Even though he goes to different worlds, they all weirdly have the exact same concept of beauty. The ML... more>> is the standard OP possessive yandere who has no compassion for anyone other than the MC. The MC is always crazy beautiful, the ML is always crazy rich and powerful, and they don't experience much poverty or adversity in any of the arcs thus far.

The ML has experienced jealousy, possessiveness, obsession, lust, anger, and happiness. These emotions were established in the first arc and have gone nowhere since then; it feels like the main plot has been completely abandoned. Things like sorrow, loss, guilt, compassion, friendship, kindness, and a desire for justice have been completely neglected. The scientists who have arranged this do not give instructions to the MC or meet up with him to discuss what to do to raise emotions in the ML.

Even the arc plots have little to them--there are minimal character backgrounds and hardly any plot to work with. The main pairing fall in love; the ML goes berserk over him; the ML fights off his competitors because everyone falls in love with the MC at a single glance; the ML imprisons the MC and has his way with him for years at a time (r*pe is implied in all arcs so far and statutory r*pe with a minor is confirmed in the third arc) ; the ML drugs, isolates, and otherwise abuses the MC; the MC loves him no matter what, even though this doesn't make a lick of sense considering how abusive the ML has been to him; and then they move onto the next world. The MC and ML's relationship becomes extremely unhealthy in each arc thus far.

That's it. Rinse and repeat.

It's boring and generic.

A couple of reviews say it's like Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil, but the only similarities are the genres and standard Chinese BL ML, which was the worst part of FOD. This series doesn't have any plot or passion. It doesn't have interesting characters, and the story lines don't have any pull to them at all. In my opinion, they're two completely different series that should not be compared.

This series doesn't have the ability to make me feel invested at all. It's empty and shallow. Considering how interesting the original plot in the first chapter is, it's quite disappointing. The best part of this series is the translation quality. <<less
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March 7, 2021
Status: --
Ok, let have some review. I know why it got so many low rating

  • Because of some reviews give a hight evaluation. Like (give it a try like FOD) in face it not. Welp, tbh it got some similar points like. 1: the ML ARE BOTH Artificial Intelligence. One is a robot another is data. 2: both MC good at manipulating another emotion. 3: both are too beautiful and charming. 4: the novel are both worlds hopping. That all for the same parts that ppl said it the same as FOD..
  • The novel really plain like pure water. No story plot. No characters development. No face slapping or anything after all everything in the worlds of the story is ML's spiritual world so it acts according to ML WISH... So it will not become many obstacles it only there to make up for them to move on.
  • Another problem is everything in the story is so perfunctory. It does not give any details much of the characters or the world itself, so it boring to read.
That all for me are the problems and it really disappoints that it got to compare it sth with entire different.
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Luna00 rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: --
MC is a really annoying person over the top OP, he has barely any personality worth mentioning, apart his appearance which is being "very attractive" at least in the eyes of every man who sees him it doesn't make him cool or whatever but absolutely unlikeable.

ML is the cold, powerful stereotype of man, he too lacks a personality that goes beyond his setting.

At least 99% of men who spot MC are immediately in love with him, they're like: "oh I saw his waist" "it looks really beautiful, white and creamy"... more>> and then comes the part where they are in love and start a war with ML and other men who like MC, even ML fell in love like that.....

    • Another problem was the ending I can understand that through MC, ML has feelings, or whatever BUT what he feels for MC, is this love? or just possessiveness? A good example is the ending he didn't want kids since he wanted the MC for himselves or how he did it with MC for one week just because MC played with their neighbors kids.....
    • Furthermore there is something I can't understand....
    • Spoiler

      I mean the problem with the third prince who comes at the end he was supposedly in love with a bartner and his partner was killed/eaten by himself since the bartner cheated on him with the king (his father), then there came a new one (also a bartner) he just let himself look like the prince's lover (the bartner who was killed) through surgery or so, since he wanted to be loved by the third prince and he thought looking like the prince's previous lover would help him stay with the prince which was dumb but effectful since the prince stayed with him (without loving him) later they became neighbors with ML and MC and adopted a kid, just because the third prince liked kids and the bartner wanted to make him happy, the kid which was adopted wasn't raised properly and when bullied he didn't say anything since he knew that his dad (the bartner) had only eyes for his father (third prince) and he didn't want to trouble them, even though helping, loving and giving attention is something parents should do... they shouldn't have adopted him from beginning if they weren't able to even look after him properly

Sigh.... I wouldn't recommend this for people who don't like things like:

    • Someone who likes playing with other people's emotions, (MC).
    • 99% of men only think with their d*ck and not brain.
    • Annoying MC who only thinks playing with others emotion and life is ok but if someone does this to him then thats unfair, "since he dosen't deserve this." In his view at least.
    • ML who connects love with possession since he wasn't a human from beginning, and its something he learned after MC played with his life and emotions and then left him very often....
    • Men can't be trusted around MC since they easily fall in love with MC but only women at least in ML POV.
    • Too much drama but not much explantation in short too much plotholes.
The only reason why I gave this novel a chance was because of other reviews many people said it was a good novel so I started reading it and tbh I just wasted my time with this novel even though I skipped some parts since everything was repeated in every world the process was like that: MC goes to the new world every men falls in love with him (or is already in love) because of his appearance, ML comes/is there already and is jealous somehow ML steals or takes MC somewhere where nobody knows them since he is jealous and blah blah blah...

The only thing one can learn here is "as long as your appearance looks good, you can have everyone since they automatically fall in love with you because of your appearance" <<less
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Shotoxoxokawai rated it
May 30, 2021
Status: --
I♡ How the plot is Very unquie n Every-character is Unquie not the typical common characters... although the "First Arc" has some few flaws such as Lack of Background :) n character introduction.. but Don't worry it's only on the "first arc" every arc is INTERESTING > < n urge me to read it Continuously.... Tysm 4 Translating n uploading this...♡ so grateful n thankful Muah Muah.I really liked it so don't be discouraged bez of the negative reviews... its a good read n is unquie ~♡
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holachica rated it
December 31, 2020
Status: c27
I've been looking for a novel that's like QWFOTD, but the other QT novels out there just don't match up. This one though, is just as good as Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil. It's pretty high quality for a QT novel. It has a recurring ML, a shameless host, various kinky things every now and then; all the good stuff. Just a tiny bit of tragedy involved though, but it's not a big deal.

If you're looking for a deep and mature novel, don't bother reading, but if you're... more>> looking for some yandere soft-core reading, this is it~

Basically, if you liked Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil, and really wanted to read another novel like it... this is it!!

I was going to give it four stars but then I figured, it's not like this novel is in the 'mature and deep-thinking' BL genre so shrugs. That and all the characters happen to be pretty fleshed out. Kind of shocking actually, but the side characters aren't just come-and-go. The writing is as such that we actually grow to care about what happens to them--and all are relevant to the plot. Pretty good in my book. <<less
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