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A demon phoenix cultivator died in the hands of his beloved and was merged with a young master with the same name. Their souls were fused and now, the new Feng Fei Yun is struggling to become stronger and survive in the human world.

Will he meet his lover once again? Will they reconcile even though she is now a Goddess and he a mortal human? And what is the Spirit Vessel that took his soul to this world?

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Ling Zhou
Linh Chu
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ntbmike rated it
August 12, 2016
Status: c1150
This is Bao, the translator for this series.

I just want to write this review to get make a few things clear. I'll start by saying this is one of my favorite series after reading many completed Chinese novels, more than just the translated ones to English, and Spirit Vessel particularly stood out to me as one of the best. It was also within the top 1-5 ranking on 17k. Com as well so it was received quite well by others.

Many of the reviews here, which I unfortunately have read, are... more>> missing an integral perspective when reading a novel. But this is not the reviewers' faults, it is because they have come to expect certain things with Chinese novels, such as lack of depth, repetitive plot, and a clear and spoon-fed narrative as well as a godly MC.

However, Spirit Vessel is none of that. The author wrote it with a clear plan ahead for his story and characters. Keep in mind that the novel is 1150 chapters long, not 100 chapters. This is something that should be celebrated, but in this case, it is to the author's detriment since his effort resulted in many negative and inaccurate perceptions about the characters. Now I am not saying Spirit Vessel is the epitome of CN webnovels, it certainly has many flaws. And later on, it becomes more wish-fulfillment like other novels such as ATG or MGA to a lesser extent. But its best quality lies in that there are no repetitions with useless words. The story is written in a wuxia manner, driven by characters, plots, and events.

It is populated with side characters that will remain relevant for nearly the entire series, and the portrayal of female characters is commendable in that the main ones are independent with their own thoughts, not revolving around the MC. The girls here are extremely powerful, and they will often drive the plots themselves. This is not to say it doesn't possess certain male dominant characteristics like other novels, but it does try to paint female characters as capable existences in this universe.

On to address the main problem mentioned in the reviews:


I understand that this is a "reincarnation" novel, and readers expected the MC, Feng Feiyun, to be more like Li Qiye in Emperor's Domination. However, this is not the author's intention. As readers will read on, the author will present clues to show everyone that everything is not what it seems. Feng Feiyun is not an "ordinary" reincarnation of a Phoenix Patriarch so naturally, he would not possess the wisdom or emotion controls shown in Li Qiye.

I do not want to spoil the big twist because it will raises more questions than answers, and only by reading the series will one get an acceptable solution. It is just discouraging to be privy to the fact that everyone's criticisms will be addressed by the author and was all part of his plan, yet due to the fact that not enough chapters are out, Spirit Vessel is facing unwarranted criticisms that might deter new readers.


I started translating to share the two works because I enjoy them, but the community are sometimes too quick to judge which is very discouraging for translators. <<less
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8Psycho rated it
June 5, 2016
Status: c108
MC, despite being some reincarnated emperor, behaving like proper 14 years old idiot. Dude who was controlling whole great sect does not have shred of dignity. Awed by size of some rural cities, does not know any trivial things despite being reincarnated into the same world. Don't know what author was trying to make here.

About romance? Not much so far, but smells like Japanese Harem a bit.
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MondoX rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: c54
The story has a similar start to OEM, except the MC in this story is older by thousands of years, but becomes s*upid as the story progesses. The MC's thousand-plus year-old soul fuses with a young soul after getting killed by his lover, which he never saw coming. He swears revenge, and it seems like he has a hard time trusting women. For example, ... more>>

The MC attacks a female that helped him earlier, because she resembled his previous lover.[/spoler] It was an idiotic reaction by the MC, but understandable. However, when the MC's cousin/fiancée is introduced, the story, and MC's intelligence snow-dives. His cousin/fiancée had a hidden identity, and threaten to kill the MC for a treasure, and then chased after him in disguised, luckily he escaped her grasp. Later, he almost had his neck snapped by her in his room. Then the MC finds out that his cousin is a chess piece from another family, and was placed in the MC's clan since she was young. What does the MC do? He continues to flirt with her, and keeps on calling her wife, and does not care that she has a questionable background, complete trust is an understatement.

The MC was the Patriarch of a top sect, and was one of the most, if not, the most powerful being in his past life. His cousin is younger than the original's body by a few days, but she seems smarter than a thousands year-old Patriarch. At the start, the MC was focused on cultivation, and getting stronger in order to go back and exact his revenge, but somewhere in the story he forgot his main objective. Then one after another, people kept pursing the MC, and it turned into "An Idiot Running Scared." <<less
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Just Sam Random Guy
Just Sam Random Guy rated it
October 19, 2016
Status: c91
Read at your own risk. This novel is pretty rage inducing. If you get frustrated easily, then I don't recommend you reading this. But if you can turn off your brain while reading, then go for it.

Although this novel had a lot of negative reviews, I decided to give it a try because of the VERY HIGH praise of the translator and some other reviewer. I am sad to say that I am greatly disappointed. This novel, to me, didn't feel as good as the translator made out it to... more>> be. Aside from the plentiful inconsistencies, the novel suffers from the Japanese MC clumsiness/ignorance syndrome. The MC being a reincarnated 1000 year old master was very doubtful. He's more like one of those wimpy JP MCs that miraculously trips down while walking a clean straight, flat road, then mysteriously undress/offends beauties left and right. Even him just breathing the same air offends other people. He doesn't have that air of expertise/wisdom around him. Also, it feels to me like he doesn't want to resolve conflict. He lets things escalate rather than resolve it. "Very smart reincarnated MC, 10/10 -ign" is the only thing I can say.

The MC's ignorance is very unbecoming of a 1000 year old expert. They said the MC isn't very "intellectual" that's why he's acting like a child but that reasoning is pretty dumb. They said that he is very seclusive that's why he is very derpy. But that doesn't change the fact that he's 1000 years old and that he was numba 1, and to reach that level, even if he isn't "intellectually gifted" then he must at least be knowledgeable or experienced or whatever. Although in these types of novels, you can reach numba 1 with sheer luck, but you definitely can't reach the peak with this level of ignorance. So, it's pretty frustrating reading this one. I feel like it's a JP style CN novel, if that makes sense.

The good reviews came from people who read the raws though. They might be right, that there isn't enough translated chapters, and to judge the novel this quickly is unfair. But, keep in mind that you can't give a positive feedback about something you haven't even read yet. The raws probably were as good as they said, but with the currently released translated chapters, this novel, to me, isn't worth reading. <<less
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Sokrana rated it
June 26, 2016
Status: c28
This novel starts out pretty good and apart from a few weird situations it's an enjoyable read.

Sadly, it goes downhill really fast around chapter 20. The MC makes you wonder whether he has really reincarnated, acting s*upid all of a sudden.
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Haxk rated it
October 7, 2016
Status: c90
This has to be one of the most frustrating novels i've ever read. The first few chapters are good, even great for the type of foundation they could have laid. But by the 90th chapter (where I literally threw my hands up in disgust and gave up), you begin to enjoy the MC getting in trouble because he's such a moron he deserves it. The whole novel feels like a number of short stories disjointedly thrown together. With the story/author pointlessly flip flopping on things and gives you incorrect information,... more>> redacting, or changing them the next chapter without any mention of the things he's said before. Unless you want to be frustrated by a poorly written story and be angry for no reason at what this could have been, do not read this novel. <<less
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hero rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: --
Read this solely because Ed's translator said it was good (and for him, even better than ED). Started off pretty good, nothing special really. Sadly, it dropped off a lot - and quickly. By chapter 15, you start thinking if the MC truly was the, "strongest" (below the Saint level) because of his attitude and mentality. Come chapter 21, it's almost like his whole monologue in the first chapter was a lie. Powered through it but finally decided to drop if at chapter 25 where even more bullsh*t happens /... more>> is said. Some novels decline after you've pretty much invested a considerable amount of time into it, causing you to simply power through and continue reading the story. This novel isn't like that. It drops off way before you've even invested a decent amount of time reading it.

To those who are looking for another 4/5 or higher story, this isn't it. For those who are desperate to have more to read, try it out and decide by the 25th chapter. <<less
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Aerogfl rated it
February 7, 2017
Status: c554
I dropped it... why?? let's just say I saw the 'future'....
... more>>

Yeah.. yeah.. I know, I should avoid spoilers when reading a novel. But I just can't do it in this novel, I'm starting to doubt if this novel is worth the time to read it. In the end I did a bit of research and got a glimpse of the ending and wasn't a big fan of it :\.

Apparently there is a novel that share the same universe with this novel, which also not my cup of tea, when an author do something like that, I always felt that, oh you wanna know more about the ending of the previous novel? here.. read my new book.. maybe.. just maybe the characters from old book will appear.. maybe... oh but read and support my new book anyway..

Anyway, if you still want to read this novel, or thinking whether to continue or stop reading this novel, my only suggestion [or warning should I say?] is pay attention to the genres listed above. Especially the 'Tragedy' genre. If you are okay with it then just continue, our taste in reading novel might be different anyway :)

I might picked it up again in the future if I'm bored or something.


At first, I didn't want to read this novel due to the overwhelming negative reviews, but I gave it a try anyway. If I have to describe how I feel about reading this novel, it's like riding a roller coaster blindfolded.

On the first 20 chapter, you feel the ride is steadily going up. I enjoyed it, I even want to refute some of the bad reviews here. But then... Suddenly after chapter 20, the ride drops at a high speed, then went completely at random direction with random speed, you want to know wtf is happening, but you won't be able to since your eyes are blindfolded.

That's it.. it's random (since saying it unpredictable is a compliment), or at least it feels random. Now you may say that I'm probably expect certain things when reading this novel. In fact I didn't expect much, I didn't expect much from MC past, at the bare minimum, at least he should have some past memories and technique which he have.

My only expectation when reading this novel is at least to be able to understand the story, characters, technique, etc. But nahhh, didn't happen just like my roller coaster description above.

Aside from the plot, the MC is also random. No, not mysterious, but random. Sometimes he can be the worst villain, but then on the other occasion he become a righteous knight. Sometimes he can be clever and cunning, but then on the other occasion become s*upid and ignorant. Sometimes he can't even understand women, but then on the other occasion become an expert in understanding women. I have read 427 chapter in this novel, and I cant even understand the MC.

How about the female character? Oh boy.. 8/10 of them are strong, irrational, and violent. To quote from translator review "they will often drive the plots themselves". Well.. they are the roots of most problem that the MC faced, so of course they will drive the plots. Although I have to give it props there since other CN rarely do that [let the FC drive the plot]. For the Romance, there are romances within these 427 chapters, but not really much.

Except if you count relationship built from r*pes is romance then there'll be a lot of romances.


Does that mean this novel deserve 1 star? Of course not, I would still recommend people to give it a try, it's not completely an unreadable, horrible novel, NO. I don't have any problem with the cultivation level, or the whole background of the world.

But does it deserve 5 stars? I don't think so. According to the translator, the author has a clear plan ahead for the story and characters. But it doesn't mean he deliver it properly. Even if he plans it perfectly until the end of the novel, but only 'half' of the reader understand his writing or intention, of course many will be discouraged to read further into the novel. This is exactly what happened right now with half of the reviewer praising the author, while half of the reviewer left confused thus giving it bad reviews.

It's such a shame that the author cannot deliver his intention in his writing clearly to the reader. It would be a wonderful novel otherwise. It would be at best three stars at the moment for me. I will try to finish the novel, hoping to see improvement, twists and turns on the story. <<less
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ellyrichy rated it
June 12, 2016
Status: c16
Having a nice time reading this novel. It's about a powerful phoenix cultivator that was killed by the lady he loved. Then was reincarnated by the spirit vessel into the body of a human, who was about to r*pe a young miss. Anyway am still following the novel so can't write much but so far it's a nice read.
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OmegaDion rated it
August 26, 2016
Status: c15
Decided to drop this.

At first I was hesitant to read this because of all the reviews regarding the MC then I read what the Translator posted and decided to give it a try. You can clearly see how childish the MC is even when he is an all powerful character. I just can't the way he thinks. He clearly got betrayed but he still wants that girl to fall in love with him if he's given a chance or some shit. It should have been okay if he got reincarnated... more>> into another world and not the same way over again. (Idk but maybe in the future chapters it would be shown that the girl or someone helped the MC reincarnate or some shit. If you're looking for a novel to invest your time on, this is not the novel for you. As how the story goes, I dont think the translation would continue and finished all the chapters before it will lose all readers. But who knows, maybe we can read a decent MC after 1000 chapters have passed or it's almost closer to an ending.

Gotta admit, the translation is top notched. Don't mid the rating shown. I still rate it 3.5/5 because there might be some potential in the later chapters but not now. P.S will edit the review after the chapters pass 300+. To the translator, I hope you will not disappoint us in the future. If what you say is true and not some bullshit, I will commend you for sticking to continue translating the story. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
October 1, 2016
Status: c120
The story setup while very generic, reincarnation, has a new twist. Instead of "new worlds" with different power ratings or a modern person in a world like "ancient China", here the MC is born back into the same world. And no its not like TDG, where MC is born with memories of the future. Its just reincarnation back into his own world but in the future.

Now that description might make you go - Huh? That is interesting, so why is this rated 1? Well the reason is the story has... more>> lot of useless plot deviations and it commits itself to deviations as if they matter aka fillers and then there is the bug of repetition in CN novels.

The repetition flavor of the novel is ---- MC being chased, a lot. Then there is a case of just adding stuff without thinking it through.

Here's my count of "chases":


1. MC fights with the typical "clan who cannot be offended" and then disappears. Then the person who helped him turns out to be the girl who looks like his former "love". What follows is couple of chapters writing all excruciating details of the chase. The girl can find him using some magical mirror. But then when story suits itself she cannot find him anymore. This does have a small payoff of setting up a poor girl as the heir of some supreme clan.
2. Now that the girl cannot find him anymore, they leave for "main clan competition". There they have "competition of power" before the actual competition which leads to another chase - chasing an assassin and then chased by some powerful man from his clan. More pages wasted on every detail of the chase. The small payoff is - stumbling into a mansion which is relevant later.
3. Then MC goes to some village and find some great evil source. He is told to go back to the mansion and get some stuff. Guess what, he is chased to and back again to the evil cave.
4. There is fight at this evil cave and again MC is chased because he gets some great power from the cave.


So that's like 1 chase per 30 chapters. This speed of repetition is unparalleled. There is even an issue of thing just popping up by random without rhyme or reason because author thinks novel lacks enough fight scenes. <<less
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JualYal rated it
July 28, 2016
Status: c72
This is not a standard xianxia where other MC are serious all the time and only care being strong. The story is well written the plot is interesting, it have a good sense of humor that make you laugh. The characters are definitely not shallow like other saying and they have different personality. This a great novel, you should give a try.

For other saying the MC is acting like a spoil child even he is reincarnated. My opinion is those people are judgemental and naive, they propably like frog... more>> inside a well, they dont know what they are talking about. <<less
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nehpets747 rated it
July 16, 2016
Status: c51
The MC is very funny and the plot is well written. The harem is very likable and has their own personality. The revenge part is problematic tho. Translator keep up the good work.
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famous35 rated it
July 16, 2016
Status: c58
Alright... It's BAD. The 2 stars are for the team working on the project.
The MC has no identity. The story is filled with inconsistencies. The side characters are shallow. In short, there's no depth whatsoever; there's nothing to cling on. The whole thing is s*upid; I think the author intended for it to be a prank.
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Parth37955 rated it
March 14, 2017
Status: c137
so... don't entirely know why it's so lowly rated... uh, get past the first 80 chapters, and it's not bad. the sect BS is out of the way pretty early. The focus isn't really cultivation, but interactions so no 20 chapter training sessions. The female love interests... are all quite interesting. They're basically all OP or important. at the very least, they aren't flat characters. I hope you guys give it a try, the translator is a great guy so you can trust that this is not crap.
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31russ rated it
July 26, 2016
Status: c68
I like the story so far. Most people reading between the lines and can't see full story and start complaining about person reincarnated and not doing anything special. Well from what I see he'said doing what he can and if you read properly you would understand it.

I think most people just get used to this kind of novels where MC was reincarnated and in his previous life he was like a library and super genius and now with his new life he gonna change every thing with a flick of... more>> his hand. Well here things are a little bit more complicated. Don't want to put spoilers here but as the story will progress further you will understand.

If you don't understand and haven't reed full story dont need to write hateful comments about MC.

So suggest to read added to the list

Happy days <<less
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csgo rated it
July 31, 2016
Status: c68
If Emperor's Domination is a 10 out of 10, then this series is a mere 3. It started off okay but went down hill from there. The storyline went from somewhere to nowhere and I gave up caring. I knew I no longer want to read it when I no longer care about the MC and the side characters.
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Hyouou rated it
August 23, 2017
Status: c134
So I started this novel because in the synopsis it was written: "Even if I die I will still love" or something similar.

Started off nicely but after... more>>

our MC met got into a fight around chapter 20 with a girl whose cultivation was realms above his own I got an inkling that something went wrong, but I read on.


Now after that the MC was constantly pressured by one thing or another without being able to concentrate on his cultivation.

A girl he offended, a time limit, a sect chasing him... He also only got cultivation level-ups from random "lucky chances" which were either treasures or medicines, allowing him to jump through levels when necessary, although he was always atleast a realm below the main enemies he encountered. Whether they were a sect genius or an elder.


Although I could look past the MC's obvious ignorance which could at time be called complete foolishness, I just couldn't forgive him

for saving the Dongfang girl even though he knew she wanted to kill him, which was after the MC saved the girl twice from certain death. And even after that the girl robbed the MC of the 1 drop of spirit water which HE caught

. That is when I started doubting this novel.

But the thing that made me drop this novel in the end happened in chapter 134,

where he found a treasure, which for god knows why he decided to open in the MIDDLE of the street with a huge crowd around him. I just knew that he was going to lose that treasure, just like he lost that 1 spirit water drop and that 5th rank pellet (this pellet's story is another big reason, read it and you will understand). And guess what - HE LOST THAT TREASURE - to the Evil Woman who magically appeared in a bordercity.


In conclusion, although the side-characters had their depth and were interesting, the main plotline was ridiculous, the MC was ridiculous and the repetitive chases and time limits just sucked the joy of reading from this novel. <<less
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June 12, 2016
Status: c15
Gotta admit, the main reason I'm going to start reading this novel is because of how glorious Emperors Domination was by the same people, on-top of the body cultivation tag (i just have a thing for body cultivation novels, don't judge) But its gotta an interesting premise it should be good.

[Edit] After reading the first 15 chapters, its an enjoyable read, and I like the way the MC behaves, hes got morals of his own, and doesn't do things without a reason. Ont-top of the fact that hes a demonic... more>> beast (phoenix to be precise) reincarnating into a scumbag of human society while having extremely little contact with human society before. Plus his father is very intelligent instead of being someone he has to actively help from the beginning to regain power from a bunch of clan elders etc that are trying to take his position due to *tr*sh* young lord like usual in these type of stories. <<less
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MonkeDanana rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: --
A novel for masochists. You might like it if you like getting tortured, feeling pain, or you like tragedy because

i skipped to read the last chapter and all the harem member dies in the end

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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