Spirit Vessel


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A demon phoenix cultivator died in the hands of his beloved and was merged with a young master with the same name. Their souls were fused and now, the new Feng Fei Yun is struggling to become stronger and survive in the human world.

Will he meet his lover once again? Will they reconcile even though she is now a Goddess and he a mortal human? And what is the Spirit Vessel that took his soul to this world?

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Ling Zhou
Linh Chu
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KaitoChrom rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c221
This is a great novel, But it's also one of the most hated novels and the reason for the hate is that, people say that the Main Character doesn't act his age (he's over 1000+ year old), But he's childish because he as a Phoenix spent over half of his life in seclusion to cultivate and rarely had any interactions with people, apart from the cultivation related things that he remembers from his previous life he's basically a normal 16-17 year old just starting his journey.

The Main Characters luck is... more>> truly bad in this one, one obstacle over another but he still manages to get through them in the end.

The novel starts getting better and better after the first 100 chapters.

I think this novel should be given a chance, at least try the first 100 chapters before giving up. <<less
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Waffle rated it
April 18, 2017
Status: c201
TL;DR, Right now it's an okay novel. I recommend reading it for those who have the time, and whilst it isn't the best right now, it does have potential to turn into a really interesting book.

Now, to explain as to why I judge it so:
The plot within the novel is very much driven by the interactions of the main character with others, and how others view these interactions. So far, all the arcs have been such. The main character's personality does change quite drastically from what you might... more>> expect a peak expert to possess, but this can be attributed to two things. One of these things is mentioned around chapter 180 or so, and is a pretty interesting reason; one of the ones that make me feel as though this novel has potential. I'll sort of explain what I got as the reason in the spoiler tag. Note that this is what 'I' think is the reason from the info in the first 200 chapters, and not confirmed.


So it's mentioned by the MC that a possible reason he (and he notices this) is losing control of his emotions, is because the devil bloodline within his body is stirring and may be causing him to no longer be able to hold himself back. So he ends up doing whatever he wishes, consequences be damned. After that chapter, he tries harder to hold himself back, so we may see some great development there.


The other reason would be his betrayal by his former lover at the beginning of the story, making him act quite... strangely... to women. Sometimes he is kind, sometimes he is a complete and utter douche, and sometimes he is just an ordinary bloke with regards to how he approaches women. This is another reason for my interest in this novel, as this is a harem, and so far we've got some interesting seeds of emotion planted within multiple women, not all being positive.

I do agree with @wargreymon when it comes to how the MC reacts to experts. He seems to be amazed by people who possess cultivations of the fourth realm, whilst he himself was at the 6th or 7th realm (can't remember), which is a tad bit strange. However, I don't think this affects the overall story too much, so I'm willing to let that slide without too much hassle. Another thing to note, is that the novel is filled with screw-ups of the MC (likely due to the reason mentioned in the spoiler). This can get quite irritating, but if you can push through it, it might become something good.

Despite these factors, I'm rating the story a four right now, because right now it feels relatively average (IET level). Of course, the key words are 'right now', and I will get back to this novel to change my review and rating in another 200 chapters, as I am about 90% sure that it will become a 4.5 star novel at least, or a rounded up 5 star. <<less
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October 24, 2016
Status: c54
Started out like it could have been good. The MC quickly devolved into a lecherous child. That might have been ok if it weren't done in such a way that made the MC totally unlikable. This is enforced by the fact that, before reincarnation, he was over a thousand years old (or more) and was one of the most powerful cultivators in addition to being the patriarch of a legendary sect. He certainly doesn't act like it and doesn't seem to know things that, given who he was, he should... more>> really know. Maybe it gets better, but currently, it is lackluster and there are plenty of other novels that easily blow this one out of the genre. Imma re-read those instead. <<less
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Hitexh rated it
September 23, 2016
Status: c100
This novel is not a linear story. I even thought there will be another competition fight school but it didn't. The story goes straight to a treasure hunting and by pass the plot of competition that the clan prepared. Deserved a better review. I know the MC isn't as genius as it should be like many review stated, but thats why he got tricked in the previous life. So if MC is a bit childish, it make sense. What make this story interesting is there are 3 plot of romances,... more>> and all aren't ordinary romance you find in any novel.

I keep reading this to find out how MC protect his family and how MC strive his harem. LOL I hope there will be clan building too. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: c88
You know when the author creates this exceptional plot twist, and centres the whole story around this one event?

... That's what's going on here. Until you get to the 'reveal', this story is utterly disappointing. Inconsistent protagonist, whom more often then not doesn't seem to follow established characterisation at all. What will it be mistrust, or lust? What will it be, fame, or infamy? For God's sake author, there's something called characterisation, if a protagonist changes radically there NEEDS TO BE A REASON.

Readable if the whole premise of the story is ignored.
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NorthMoon rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: v10c1362
A great novel all around, there are some parts that don't feel that good but it is an amazing story, after finishing I ended up finding myself in a love-hate relationship... that ending... well written, but it hurts...

*Bi ningshuan and Mao are the perfect side characters😂😂
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NorthMoon rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: v10c1362
A great novel all around, there are some parts that don't feel that good but it is an amazing story, after finishing I ended up finding myself in a love-hate relationship... that ending... well written, but it hurts...
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Dsatan rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: --
The story is okay for me

Well MC was a Phoenix sect Patriarch from Phoenix race

And spending most his time in deep mountain to cultivation, so he being curious to human cities are normal, and it is said in earlier chapters Phoenix could live for 99.000 years so 1.000 years are still young for MC, and his soul fuse with 14-15 yo soul

... more>> Look it is fusing, so it is normal for MC to act like in this novel, new body, starting from scratch that normal to act new.

Try yourself, go to gym for 6 months, when you have a new body, you'll act different even your soul feel different (from my own experience)

And btw 3 star because I hate the words

Feng Feiyun said:

Feng Jianxue said:

New people said:

That people said:

Well this is a novel not a fcking drama script <<less
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