Spirit Hotel


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After being unemployed for a long time, Feisha Shi finally found a new job – the front desk manager at the oldest hotel in the universe.

This hotel has a fallen angel, vampire, werewolf, faerie, dwarf, titan, invisible person… just no humans.

This hotel serves customers who are fallen angels, vampires, werewolves, faeries, dwarves, titans, invisible people… still no humans.

This hotel’s name?

Noah’s Ark.

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You Ling Jiu Dian
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New Farid_san rated it
November 1, 2019
Status: Completed

sure enough the tag is a bit wrong, this is not a tad bit horror at all LOL. It's a pure 24k comedy! Really, I read this because I want some Thrill after I got bored reading another novel. Aaaand the result I got is completely the same, the Thrill I got from laughing and rolling so much at the dead of the night LOL.

Basically, it's a story about a normal modern human who's unlucky enough to got dragged onto the world of supernatural. He needs to become a supernatural... more>> hotel staff for a year whether he wanted or not. Thus he meets another supernatural being, have an adventure, watch the real life drama between colleague, become a matchmaker, and eventually the victim of matchmaker instead.

It's not about weak MC or OP ML. Not at all! The MC honestly speaking is truly weak. But how could a normal human (a normal modern office worker human who barely work out at that) be stronger than any supernatural being? Of course he's the weakest of them all LOL! But instead of the story become the distress in damsel or knight saving the princess style, it become the adventure of the white rabbit in a wild jungle LOL, the MC is weak but he rely on his communication ability, the power of con man, the power of a slippery tongue hotel manager, to actually survive and (somehow) make friends with other creature LOL.

lastly I need to remind that it's a pure comedy. There are romance, ugh but maybe it's the type of romcom. SO, DEFINITELY WORTH TRYING FOR! <<less
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Chi rated it
September 3, 2017
Status: c23
Even if one isn't that fan of yaoi, one should give it a chance for it's gold comedy!

The everyday life at work never was this fun lol

A quote of the characters about the mc

No wonder God was so adamant to keep humans’ continued participation in Noah’s Ark despite their fragility and ignorance of the nine worlds. He never understood before, but now he did:

Because humans have this shameless, sly son of a bit*h called Feisha Shi.

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Erlevien rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: c9
This is really great!

The MC is really interesting and not a pushover

I really hope that he will get into a relationship with someone soon, only seeing the other gay couple loitering around him makes me frustrated xD

I hope the translator won't ever drop this novel! X)
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curryninja rated it
November 2, 2017
Status: c85
The MC is so funny lol. The MC can do both tsukkomi and boke well that he can just talk to himself xD... The MC's romance with a certain someone is slow at first but so cute haha. It takes time for ML to notice he's fallen (pun intended) but slowly he does and starts protecting the only human in the hotel (he already did protect him unconsciously while not realizing he likes him) ; is just really cute. The other characters esp Gin and that fairie is quite selfish... more>> but it makes the story funnier. The MC is basically a matchmaker/communicational tool/idea brainstorming bank for these people. And they will ask him for help to solve problems cuz he is quite smart. This has a slice of life feel with it but with a fantasy setting.

Recommended to people who want to read something fun, hilarious and relaxing, also (the translator's notes are informative and great for people who want to learn more) I think the humor is subtle at some point and does't translate well, I went ahead to listen to the audiobook and found it really funny in its original language. <<less
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sakatakin rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: c17
No other word than amazing!

The story's funny, the characters are great, and the MC is really shameless, and loves money (even though the opposite happens to him). Even though there's still no romance for the MC, but everything else makes it up. And the translator is amazing as well, he/she translates the jokes so that we can understand it as well. One of the best yaoi novels I've read!
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alexfilia rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: c17
The MC gets choosen as a human representative for the oldest hotel in the world!... the MC is shameless and at first struggles to accept his new reality - living with a bunch of supernatural creatures stronger than himshelf and no women for a year! :D
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Gluttony rated it
November 28, 2017
Status: c34
I’ve never met such a shameless MC in my life.... so naturally he’s now one of my favourite characters. The characters are all so well developed and unique and I’m dying for the romance to unfold. Right now it’s pretty much nonstop, hilarious drama with sudden doses of feels which makes for an engaging and fun read.
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Mi17 rated it
December 4, 2017
Status: c36
The thing about Spirit Hotel is that it's a farce and everyone is the straight man to Feisha Shi, our MC. It's also a bit absurd and a lot punny which is right up my alley for comedy. I have to give props to the translator for the wonderful job he/she/they are doing in getting across the puns and giving actually helpful and interesting translation notes at the end.

Read this for the ridiculous situations the characters get themselves into and their hilarious solutions to them. Read this for the off... more>> the wall character interactions and their slightly less sane relationships with each other. Maybe don't read this for the romance because that's coming slower than drip coffee on the mornings that you forget to set your coffee maker.

Anyway, the humor may not be for everyone because farce + absurd + punny will definitely not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you like any one of those things then go for it and if you don't but you're hoping the romance will help you out then don't do it. <<less
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lyn rated it
November 13, 2017
Status: c33
I read this because of the almost all 5 stars review. I thought I am going to like it. But, I think I have too high expectation about this novel.

So far, the story is sort of a slice of life, where nothing really is going on in the story. The world building and the flow of the story could have been done so much better. Everything in this novel just jumps all over the place that I don't even understand what's going on anymore. I read the reviews that this... more>> is very funny... but I don't even laugh when I read this. Maybe it's just me, but I do think the humour is not relatable and the reference is just so hard to understand that I don't even know it is supposed to be funny. I don't know it is because of the author writing style or the missing nuance in the translation. What I feel is that it is a difficult reading, compared to other novels I have read (and I read a lot). Plus the characters are so unlikeable. <<less
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
June 6, 2019
Status: Completed
Shameless!! This story's MC was perfectly shameless and I loved every minute of it. He's not the OP black-bellied kind of shameless, but the shoot his mouth off then hides behind someone who can protect him shameless. Yes, he's kind of a weasel, yet its hilarious! And his antics and interactions with the other crazy characters makes up for the ML's lack of personality. Trust me, the MC has enough personality to carry that relationship!!

Side note: awesome translation!
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BillionJellyfish rated it
March 28, 2019
Status: c110
This is one of the most hilarious and comedic novel I've ever read!

The MC is an absolute King when it comes down to verbal retorts and insults. I've read about op MCs, naïve MCs, determined MCs, evil MCs, etc., but this is the first time I've ever read about a savage MC. Almost every comment the MC makes burn like Hell.

Detailed summary:

The MC (Feisha) is a poor adult who's only working experience is as a front desk manager for a hotel. After quitting his front desk manager position, the MC... more>> goes job hunting and receives an ad for a front desk position at a hotel. After arriving at the Noah's Ark Hotel, the oldest hotel in the universe, the MC is forcefully contracted as the newest front desk manager for 1 year. Not only is the MC the front desk manager of the hotel, but is also the human representative of his race. After a series of unfortunate events, the MC successfully becomes the mediator and matchmaker of several gay couples before falling in love with the CEO of Noah's Ark Hotel (ML).

Romantic development:

The ML is a fallen angel who has sinned. Because of this, the ML is stuck in Noah's Ark Hotel until he can find redemption. The ML is the stereotypical CEO: cold beauty, facial paralysis, reticent, monotonous, etc. In contrast, the MC is a gossip monger, prankster, and a god at verbal retorts. After the MC realized his feelings for the ML, the MC boldly flirts with the ML till the ML caves in. The MC goes through an emotional series of twists and turns before finally getting together with the ML and like that, they live happily ever after. Suffice to say, the ending is a happy one. Besides the main couple, there are also many gay side couples for readers to ship left and right for amusement. After the novel, there are many extras depicting the MC and ML's honeymoon vacation and more~


I enjoyed the novel very much, especially all the antics the MC gets up to. Every side character is fleshed out with distinct personalities, so it's easy to remember who's who. I absolutely love the MC of this novel as well as the sweet moments between the MC and ML. The novel is written and translated so well that I was absorbed into the story and wish there was more. I will definitely reread this novel again because it's that good, so needless to say, I highly recommend this novel! <<less
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jl050503 rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: Completed
I've read the translation, raws, everything, and I can tell you, that if you like shameless protagonists who act before they think, it's perfect for you!

... more>>

The emotional melodrama is real! But all the couples are lovely and happy by the end, making me very satisfied~ I could just feel the tension and emotions from the characters just from the writing. I think this author is too OP... Anyways, there are some issues and major plot twists, but all in all, it's a happy ending! P.S.-There is a traitor that one wouldn't have expected at all! That's all I'll tell you!


I enjoyed it, and hopefully, you will too!

There were a lot more special extras than I anticipated, but they were all really great! And the raws aren't that hard to decipher either, it makes a lot of sense, just the name changes and grammar are weird. I really suggest for you to try out this humorous tale! <<less
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idlehands rated it
September 28, 2019
Status: Completed
Before I start to tear the novel apart, I want to say that it's a really decent story if you are able to turn off your brain, if you don't think about anything too deeply, then you are likely to enjoy it a lot.

I too had fun while reading as long as I managed to stay on the surface of the story, sadly I'm not the kind of person who can keep this up for long, no matter the genre, I expect utmost consistency.

Would I read it again? No,... more>> neither do I regret reading it, it doesn't matter how annoyed I am by all of the flaws, it still kept me busy for five or so hours, it made me laugh, which is an achievement worth praising, it was okay for a one-time experience, that's why I give it three stars instead of one; not everything has to be perfect to be entertaining, I can heavily criticise a work of art and still like it to some extent, these two things are not mutually exclusive.

That being said, points that bugged me:

    • It's yet another story that tells you, repeatedly, that the MC is straight, only to turn him gay in the span of 40 or so chapters, the first conversation with his coworkers was about him being gay or straight, just to establish who is and isn't into men, and who has to change to liking men for the story to continue.
    • Everyone is gay. You are either indifferent or gay, no other options. This is a personal problem of mine, I can't stand the "everyone is gay" premise that is so prevalent in BL, if you have no problem with this, then you can overlook this point.
    • Spoiler

      The use of aphrodisiacs made me nauseous, the first incidence already showed how messed up it was, from broken relationships to broken pride and loss of dignity, everyone was enraged - then they themselves use it on someone to force them into a sexual encounter. I guess it's only wrong when others do it (?)

    • There's the general consensus that forcing someone into a romantic relationship is completely okay, even when one of them, or both of the people in question, disagree with it.
    • Why are all characters so desperately horny? Feisha will be there for only one year, but everyone treats it like he'll stay for the rest of his life, therefore pressure him into a relationship. "It would be boring to stay single". Who needs natural development when you can use a lazy shortcut?
    • I always wonder why authors who write about gay s*x seem to have no idea how it works, immense pain and injuries are treated like there's no other way, you have to endure it in the name of love. an*l s*x isn't painful or bloody, not when done right, like it should be when love is involved, it's not hard to research so my patience for this has run out a long time ago.
    • No logic whatsoever, the whole novel is filled with plot-furthering inconsistencies and instances of plot armour for the MC.
    • Metatron's floor can only be reached by those who... well, that's not quite clear because it changes several times in the story, even him blocking someone from entering is suddenly possible. Metatron is a guest, he has no power over the hotel except for when it's convenient for the plot.
    • Feisha stated several times that he never dated - until the story called for it - then he did. It seems his ex-girlfriend only exists when it's good for the plot, when she has to be compared to Isefel, or when she's popping out of nowhere to ridicule Feisha, because she never actually liked him, she became his girlfriend... for reasons. Of course, he never really loved her either, his one true love is Isefel, which is understandable considering that Feisha is a straight man who never showed any interest in other man before meeting him and keeps drooling whenever he sees a pair of breasts. Maybe that's the secret, the hotel turns people gay.
    • The money he earns can't be taken to the human world, but he can bring whatever possessions he has, like inventions that don't exist in our world, even gold coins can be brought back - except for his salary. Why is his hard earned money taboo but money he got from elsewhere and inventions from other realms, which could cause lots of trouble in the human world, are fine? I fail to see what the author was trying to do here, it makes no sense no matter how I look at it.
    • It's stated early on that the hotel can stop on earth only once per year, to get a new employee, yet thanks to a very convenient space rift, they can dock earlier and even come back a few days later by bending the rules further, giving our MC the chance to get back together with his lover.
    • Most of the ending happens off screen, everything is resolved, everyone's happy, the reader will never know how and why. You can get a bit of information from the extras - an absolute no-go. We, as readers, should never be forced to read extras to understand the main story, that's why they are extras, call me captious but I can't let this slide.

Comedy is a very creative and wide genre, I love the occasional black joke or questionable moments turned into humorous situations, however:


I personally draw the line when it comes to shota/paedophilia, the first time it came up was quite funny, then it turned creepy very quickly. It doesn't matter that the person who's body turned into a child's is actually an adult, as soon as s*x is involved, it's nothing but shotacon, that's the typical way to get away with it, the character looks like a child but is of legal age.

It's despicable, I really want to know why on earth the author thought that it's even remotely okay as soon as it left the realm of comedy and went straight up to smut heaven.


Not everything can be pardoned by saying "it's comedy", there are certain rules, even for black or dark jokes, if it doesn't have an origin the joke derives from, nothing it makes fun of, then it's not comedy. There were a lot of moments that fall into this category, plainly messed up, nothing else.

The redeeming qualities are:

    • (Some of) the jokes, they are a hit or miss, I laughed out loud several times, of course that might be different for other people so don't quote me on that.
    • The MC isn't a clueless pure shou but a scheming, clever, shameless, and brave person with a sharp tongue, he gets himself into trouble but (usually) manages to get out without help, I really wish more BL MCs would be like him.
    • Other characters aren't bad either, some are a bit flat, they play rather unimportant supporting roles so it's nothing to be unsatisfied with, but it's a pity that most of the mains got reduced to one or two characteristics for most of the story, they have nuances, the author just doesn't utilise them well enough, it makes everyone seem unnecessarily one-dimensional. Regardless, their interactions are fun, it's a nice mix.
If you can let go of logical thinking, aren't dead set on everything being well-thought out, then try it, it's funny, fluffy, overly dramatic, with lots of nonsense that'll keep you entertained for hours. <<less
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25th bamm
25th bamm rated it
May 8, 2019
Status: c123
I loved all of the characters, the story is amazing, the fluff, angst, and overall story had the perfect ratio, and it is hilarious. The MC becomes overridden with boredom due to the lack of entertainment. This causes him to turn to people as a source of entertainment, in turn, he becomes a gossip fiend. Due to his love for gossip, he gets into troublesome situations. In these situations, he meets new people, learns about new worlds and people, and becomes closer to his fellow co-workers and the ML.

The translators... more>> did an amazing job translating this novel. The number of puns and jokes are great and the translators translated them all flawlessly.

This novel is super funny and such a fun read. I hope you have fun while reading it! <<less
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sakirol rated it
March 19, 2018
Status: c42
Spirit Hotel is all about the comedy. Join our MC in his shameless antics and shenanigans. Jokes primarily focus on how shameless our MC is and a variety of puns. If you can't enjoy the humor, this may not be entertaining for you. However, it's a blast if you enjoy the comedy.

Serious shout-out to the translator. This novel wouldn't be half as interesting without his/her efforts with the jokes.
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January 31, 2018
Status: --
Spirit hotel will either be a hit or miss for you.

Mainly with the scheming, cunning protagonist.
"Scheming" as in, it can get really f*cking cringey to read.

I personally found it horrendous and couldn't bear to read on what this shameless protagonist intended to plan. It's just too stupid for me to handle.
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zombiedudette rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: Completed
This is one of the wittiest, most hysterical books I have ever read. I cannot remember the last time I laughed out loud while reading.

The protagonist is mischievous and clever, making the very best out of a unique situation. He essentially exists to create drama and matchmake - either of which he can be described as good or not-so-good at depending on how you look at it. The story is primarily slice of life, following the daily antics of Feisha and the crew, with some fantasy and adventure elements thrown... more>> in. The romance is very slow, picking up towards the end of the story, but the ML is caring and protective throughout, though he wears a cold facade.

The only thing to dislike is that there is a major plot that is introduced fairly early on, that doesn't have too much of a payoff or followup. <<less
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pinkumilkuu rated it
April 23, 2019
Status: Completed
First of all, thank you so much to the translator they did a really great job with the explanation of the puns and jokes of the characters. I MTLed 115-end coz I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WITH SHAMAL AND JESSE ASAP.

anywayyyy, I'm rating this 4 out of 5.

The Good:

  • The MC's personality- he is very shameless and mischievous but also very likable. Every "scheme" he does is the highlight of the whole novel.

    I especially love Borja's arc where they all plotted to expel him out of the hotel

    He's basically a conman posing as a Front Desk Manager
  • MC's relationship with the rest of the employees of Noah's Ark. I like the MCs interactions with them especially with Gin, the vampire since that's the start of all the problems he encountered in his first few months at the hotel. It isn't shown explicitly but you'll see the gradual change in the MCs feelings towards his coworkers.
  • The extras - Ah yes, the extras where authors all cram the sweet moments lol; shouldve been longer tbh
  • The overall theme of the novel.
The Meh/Bad:

  • MC x ML - now don't get me wrong, I do ship them but their sweet moments/the process of them falling in love with each other is really disappointing. Most of them are just "hints" (slight flirting but no real progress) and you feel that they only have a crush on each other but not full on LOVE. I feel that MC got more chance to be Gin's partner than ML with all the plotting and sneaking lol.
  • Open-ended problems -

    Novem union vs Liberation Resistance is weird, they put it there for what?? I think it can be fully omitted and there'll be almost no change in the plot lol. Where's the closure on Almedande x Dea conflict? Why was that skipped? What happened to Asa? They won't look for him anymore and teach him how to create a Theater group? What about that demon who asked how was Metatron? What was their relationship? Etc etc

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chobana rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: c114
MC is probably the most shameless MC I have ever read. When it comes to debates he probably will win most of the time because he is very sly. It's quite funny that he keeps mouthing off people that can actually kill him and those people are royalty, angels, and devils lol

ML is this typical cold person but was thawed by MC. Tbh he is quite boring on his own but combining him with MC is just hilarious.

The plot is somewhat.... lacking I guess? It was good in the first... more>> half but when the ending came I was like.. was that really it? I feel that the ending would have been more satisfactory if the author could have explored more. The characters and the setting was really rich. There were also some unanswered questions like

    • What made the MC so special that he was granted immortality?
    • Why could he talk to metatron?
    • Why wasnt able to talk to metatron when ML went back in heaven?
Overall, the story is nice. Kinda wish it was longer though. <<less
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compass96 rated it
February 26, 2019
Status: c102
I absolutely adore this novel. It has everything I love: slow burn, shameless and smart protag, and emotionally strong MC.

God I love Feisha. He's such a refreshing character. Funny, shameless and emotionally strong and when he discovers he has feelings for Isefel, he goes for him without fluctuating like other mcs. Also I like that he teases Isefel and is enthusiastic in their relationship. I'm tired of reluctant relationships and s*x in bl it always does me dirty like the MCs don't rly want to be in a relationship so to find an MC that is very certain about being in a gay relationship and didn't have to be pressured into it is everything. All of this is to say I live SH and most of Feisha and I'm genuinely happy that he's happy because let's be honest he deserves it. So kudos to Feisha and Isefel for having one of the most consensual and wholesome relationships in bl.

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mazeoflife28 rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: c101
I've never snickered and rolled in my bed in laughter so much before, while reading a novel. The MC is endearingly shameless and the banter with some of his coworkers are... (admittedly) a little more fun than his interaction with ML. But their dynamic compliments each other all the same. Once you find out who ML is, that is.

I like that the other characters don't fade into the background and have distinct personalities of their own that shine and don't get overshadowed by the main CP. Hells.. even the... more>> side CPs get a lot more action than the main. But it's ok, I'm looking forward to reading the translated extras for some fluff. <<less
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