Spirit Boss


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Wang Xiaoming’s greatest secret — having a crush on his roommate Chang Haitao.
Wang Xiaoming’s greatest hobby — beating up Baal the Dark for stress relief.

Wang Xiaoming’s most painful experience — Chang Haitao getting a girlfriend.
Wang Xiaoming’s most terrifying experience — Baal standing behind him, looking on as he beats the boss, smiling and asking: “What are you doing?”

Up until now, Wang Xiaoming thought his 23 years of life could be turned into a book titled Wang Xiaoming and His Misfortunes. But on April 15th, he realized all those previous 23 years were just the prologue to Wang Xiaoming and His Misfortunes.

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April 6, 2021
Status: c20
There's only one review for this novel so I thought I'd add one.

There are only 20 chapters as of now. The translation is very good (thank you translator!).

Not really spoilers but I'm marking them as such for people who like to go into a story blind.

... more>>

The MC is kind of weak, a coward by his own admission. He's still likeable. Also, I don't think he can do anything else under the circumstances.

He has always been unlucky. For eg. Finding c*ckroaches in his food when other people don't. Unlucky incidents are a regular occurrence for him. The tone is not serious and his misfortunes are depicted in a comedic manner.

He enjoyed beating up a boss (Baal) in a game but he finds him in his house one day. Baal is there because Lucifer put a black Pearl in the MC's body which Baal wants. Baal wants MC to quickly fall in love with someone so that he can get it back (or something) which leads to uncomfortable situations for the MC as Baal pushes him onto people. For eg. Baal tells him to fall in love with his cousin quickly as he is not affected by human morals or incest. He's a creature from hell so *shrugs*. Fortunately, he abandoned the idea soon.

He forces MC to do things he doesn't want to (pressuring him to fall in love with strangers) and creates shitty situations for him. He is invisible to other people and can push or make MCs body do things. Like push off people down the stairs (which MC doesn't want to). So it's torture for MC...? It's all depicted in a humourous manner so not really.

The ML is malicious, being a creature of hell and all that (right now I think he's a fallen angel).

Pros (I guess)

    • The good thing is that there is no instalove from either side.
    • The MC is not a jade beauty with watery eyes (lol) and a pitiful appearance that everyone fawns over. He is pitiful though.
    • The ML has some personality even if it's just doing shitty things to people. Like burning their hair if he doesn't like the colour. Some ml's have just one personality trait- being possessive. So it's better than that. I think he will probably become a possessive tsundere later on. As of now he's just pushing MC on different people.
    • No rebirth, transmigration, etc. Modern world with a supernatural twist. I like it when people live with their own identity. (Transmigration novels feel like fantasies of escaping one's own reality but more on that another time).

All in all, its an alright novel and I'm finding it somewhat refreshing as it's different from the last few novels I've read. <<less
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March 3, 2021
Status: --
So far, absolutely hate the ml. He’s the most selfish, arrogant, ignorant pos I’ve ever seen. I hope the MC blackens. I thoroughly wish the MC would grow a pair and teach that bit*h ML a lesson. The spoilt prick needs to get his ass beat.

aside from that, the translation is amazing.
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Icycle rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: c44
The fact that there's a sequel of sorts to Spirit Hotel is an automatic five stars. While I don't think it's at the same level, I am only a third of the way in. It's got the author's unique humor and wackiness, and I am enjoying it. Many thanks to the translator!
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