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Chu Ming Yang is an extremely unfortunate high school student who accidentally enrolls into an academy of a dubious nature, where it is the norm to jump in front of moving trains, get dismembered during orientation, and crushed by vindictive bouncing classrooms. Can he stay alive or will he die from the rigors of school? Why have evil spirits suddenly acquired a taste for his flesh?

Associated Names
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Tè Shū Chuán Shuō
Đặc thù truyền thuyết
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mystichead rated it
November 4, 2015
Status: --
First things first
and this is a quasi spoiler: NO this is NOT shounen ai or will ever go there with any of the characters or shows any leanings to do so as many fundoshis and fujoshis might want it. The characters are very very close but its quasi familial and bromance instead... and later its indicated as a side note that theyre all straight.


This is a fairly smart and HILARIOUS series
and it does this WITHOUT the fanservice bit....
in a sense this series deeply explores and combines many mnay many different mythos into one, and does it well and how they cross over and interact with each other. Granted most of these mythos are oriental based or oriental derivatives of western and or celtic ones. It shows the author not only researched well, but also actualy put thought into integrating them into each other in an intelligent way, without some convenient tool that shows you didnt really think about the background

The MC CAN be super annoying though..... especially since some of his habits and way of thinking persist even though hes gone through multiple big events and growth that should make him do otherwise.... well its one of the things that make him funny though.. but it DOES get old when its used there.... thats my only problem with this series.

While being a generally very light and comedic series, It also manages to be simultaneously be very serious at time while being very light; and this is done seamlessly, so that it doesnt look forced or awkward, or missing something with holes or things being avoided, but instead, AGAIN it shows that the mood and presentation was well thought out.

I think most ppl should be able to find something to love in these series.

Just note, that this isnt standard chinese fiction, its taiwanese, and the different effects and slightly different cultural approach on things shows subtly in the work.
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Seregosa rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: v2c8
Yeah, gave this a try and I found out I couldn't handle the MC for too long. The thing is, he's quite unbearable to deal with for longer periods of time. Let's get this review started.

So, the novel itself is actually not bad, with another MC, it'd surely be worth 4/5. The setting is pretty interesting and the characters are as well, to some extent. It's somewhat similar to a hardcore, gory version of harry potter and many other works, like rosario x vampire and some stuff with MCs that... more>> have bad luck and are wimpy (japanese stuff). The jokes are amusing and I laughed quite a lot, but since the author plays around the same stuff all the time, it quickly gets old and that's why I couldn't handle it anymore as I was too fed up with the MC.

So, what is my problem with the mc? Well, first off, he's kind of bland. He's just not interesting. He has no goals, no motivation, no courage, he's not intelligent (he's even kind of ret*rded) and his only redeeming (in terms of interest) trait is his unholy bad luck that caused his middle school teachers and the school itself to weep in sorrow and despair as they either mentally broke down or forcefully toughened up. Such a MC is just kind of annoying after a while. He's incredibly wimpy and is treated like a doormat by everyone as he never talks back and just gets dragged along for the ride as he complains 24/7 about how scared he is, how awful everything is, how he wants to go home, he literally screams for mommy in every chapter. He's what you'd get if you'd genetically cross a mouse/rabbit with a cowardly human. It doesn't help that he's really f*cking s*upid, maybe for the sake of comedy, he has no talent either, probably also for comedy, so you're left feeling frustrated at how utterly worthless he is.

This MC is therefore not very likable. Maybe some people can identify with him, but I can't do so as I was never a cowardly wimp even in my younger days and I simply can't see myself being even a tenth as frightened as he is, especially not when you will be resurrected instantly with no bad effects if you die on school grounds, so death is nothing you even have to fear there. It's simply exaggerated to galactic proportions, which in turn makes it feel forced and s*upid after a while. I'm not against a MC being kind of wimpy and scared at the start, it's just normal, but what I'm against is that he keeps on being the same for around two weeks since he started knowing of the supernatural world and being exposed to it through the school. Two weeks might not be a long time, but it's no doubt enough to stop being so jumpy and scared at everything. One will get increasingly annoyed at how he's jumping at every simple thing, the sheer overreactions that should have numbed after experiencing all of these supernatural phenomena for two weeks as he went to hell and back. He's exaggerating at every little thing, I swear, if he saw his own shadow reflected by the candlelight, he would proceed to jump out a window as he screams in terror at the sheer scariness of that dancing shadow. He's seen much worse stuff, but he's still jumping at small things which isn't even that scary after experiencing similar things or much worse ones. This is purely for comedy at this point and the author is milking it so hard that it stopped being funny after the first volume.

Actually, all of the characters feel kind of bland. This is not because they're supposed to have boring personalities (I kinda like most of their settings), but I feel that the author isn't good at expressing them properly, they don't feel very "alive". I can't shake the feeling that they're too artificial, but I can't put my finger on exactly which parts are the main problems there. Maybe it's because the dialogues are too stiff.

The author is also pretending to be kind of mysterious, but it's not working because he's not writing it properly. This instead leads to poorly explained plot and I can't get immersed into it properly. There's so many things I would like to know when reading this novel and these things are not stuff that you just get hinted at or is actually supposed to be a mystery in the novel that no one knows or can't tell the MC. No, these things are so damn obvious you'd get pissed that the author isn't just f*cking explaining things properly. Like a certain creature which pops up often and seems to be some kind of a helper or management spirit or something, but we don't even know what the heck it is. Everyone clearly knows what it is, but no one is explaining it to the MC, at least not when the readers can see it. The sister is clearly a part of the supernatural world, but we don't get this explained to us, the author pretends to be mysterious in such a bad way that he pretty much confirmed it but the MC acts as if he couldn't understand anything or even get suspicious that this might be the case, you'd have to be mentally impaired to not understand it. There's also plenty of other things that should be properly explained once they're introduced, but they're not, so we're left wondering. The author also makes the characters speak a lot of hogwash when they try to tell the MC about the supernatural stuff, this is obviously on purpose and we're not supposed to understand anything because it's all complete made up junk that doesn't make sense in the first place. But this is to make the supernatural stuff sound complicated and interesting, he, however, fails at this and instead makes it a headache to read everything and trying to understand is completely impossible, at most we can form rough guesses. This makes a lot of the dialogue a pain to read.

Planning to pick up again where I left off in a month or two when I feel like I have the patience to deal with the MC again. It's not that I hate the novel, it's just that it's a pain to read for more than a few chapters (especially when they're of this length, 10 chapters to a volume) with a MC that never seems to mature even slightly and keeps the same mentality throughout two entire volumes. He's probably going to get better in a few volumes, but I can't shake the feeling that the comedy will remain roughly the same, the MC does s*upid sh*t and acts like a super wimp at everything new or slightly creepy. Even if he gets better, I doubt someone like him will ever become somewhat courageous. I didn't come into this novel expecting an awesome, intelligent superhuman, but I didn't expect a cowardly, wimpy supercoward either. This feels like a good novel to take between other novels, like, after finishing one or two other novels, you can take this for a breather until you can't handle it after around 2 volumes and then read other novels again. As for bulk reading all of it, yeah, I wouldn't be able to handle it. 1-2 volumes and I'm already so fed up with his attitude that I wish I could beat him up until he's so scared of me that everything else seems mild and not that scary anymore -.- I had a lot of huge laughs, loud laughs and not the chuckle/smile kind, but as his personality wasn't changing and the jokes stayed identical, I knew that reading more would just make me more and more pissed until I dropped it in sheer rage. Therefore it was better to drop it when I was starting to realize I was getting less laughs and more annoyance out of it and enjoy it at another time. Give it a shot, but unless you love MCs with no guts, no talent and no goals/motivation as they get dragged around by everyone around them, you will probably not last for that long before you start feeling pissed off. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
March 27, 2016
Status: --
This is one of my all time favorite taiwanese light novel series.

Many people read the first few chapters then give up and complain that its disjointed and confusing. It is confusing, its supposed to be, but it gets better as chu ming yang (mc) discovers more about the school, its people, the world, and himself (it makes ALOT more sense if you go back and read it again once you finish the series). Everything is told from his point of view and since he knows nothing in the beginning, neither... more>> do we. And keep in mind, he’s not not always a very reliable narrator; kinda like kyon from the haruhi series. His thoughts are freakin hilarious and bing yans (icy flame) reactions to his nonsense had me laughing out loud.

the MC was extremely unlucky before he came to the school and he tended to scream and hide or run away rather than fight. Once he’s in school he is really lucky with the friends he makes (they’re awesome) and he’s dragged from one situation to the next with no idea whats going on, often making things worse by thinking nonsense and being timid. Its not until the tournament arc that he starts to slowly change.

the series manages to hold onto its sense of humor throughout most of it but it gets pretty dark and serious towards the end of UL1.

even just using really crappy machine translations v18-19 had me bawling and snotting all over the place. Especially 19, (i hate andeler). Thankfully 20 ends on a more hopeful note

In UL 2 part 1 chu is more proactive. He actually becomes pretty awesome during their journey. The five-colored rooster head is always funny and there’s a lot of humor, especially his interactions with chu but its not as light-hearted as the first series. There’s some fairly serious undertones as chu finds out more about his abilities and the story grows up along with him. I have the feeling UL 2 part 2 will continue along the same lines; funny, with an unreliable narrator, good character growth, a complex plot, dark undertones and a very good story.

great series!! <<less
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city rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Absolutely one of my favourites.

Like it too much that I mtl unique legend any raw that I could find.

This series has three part if I'm not mistaken.

1. Unique legend - 20 volume

2. Unique legend 2 part 1 - 8 volume

3. Unique legend 2 part 2 : Everlasting day (title according to mtl) -10 volume

Unsure if there is any continuity because

... more>>

Yet mtl Unique legend 2: Everlasting day volume 9 and 10 (cannot find the raw) , up to volume 8 the mystery around Chu Ming Yang's power mostly reveal and he become more powerful by volume 8 (he contract another magic weapon that dragon or something) but I still do not understand Andellar (might be because mtl) but he annoying and on dark side (they had another chat, he even treats yangyang ice cream and meals). Its become more serious by unique legend 2 but his thought still hilarious and antic of people around him.

Quite sad about five-colored rooster head's brother in unique legend part 2.

Its also so sad when Yangyang know his mother actually on verging of death due to curse. The mother whom at his house is actually soul puppet (not really sure due to mtl, but apparently only bai ling ran and his sister know because their memory not sealed and they are the one make the soul puppet. If I'm not mistaken.)

Apparently, bai ling ran and his sister actually want to hide him from the another world to live as normal people (due to his innate ability which many other want to get him for its power) but since senior mets them promised they will protect him in the school, they agreed. Apparently, Yang Yang can be powerful enough to be a threats towards Bai ling ran if he gain more power. Demon master/dark cult usually hide from the world eyes to avoid their existence known or location leaked, so Yang Yang whom goes adventure everywhere in unique legend 2 part 1 and 2 and meets various races actually quite freedom granted by bai ling ran which is demon master/dark cult patriach.


Welp, I need to learn chinese <<less
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JAGH rated it
December 23, 2017
Status: v12
This novel is not for all public, like most of novels, this is a funny novel with good characters (not protagonist self center like most of other chinese novels). This is one of the most funny novels that I have read and at the same time don't sacrifice the plot to make the jokes. The protagonist grow with the novel in personality and in power but never get overpowered and You get to love the other characters. I really recomend this novel but If it's not your type I can understant it, maybe You are searching for a overpowered chinese protagonist that loves to slap his enemies in the face, I can understand it because I like to read that kind of novels too, but give this novel an chanse and maybe You will fall in love too.

Sorry for my lame english I swear I'm good at reading it.
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: v8c2
This would be a good "thrown into a fantasy setting" novel except for a few glaring weaknesses.

1. The main arc is about the MC adapting and growing stronger in the fantasy setting. The problem is, this is taking forever with little progress.

2. Consequences are low. Characters can be revived on school grounds, so there's little tension.

... more>> 3. The characters shift personalities too easily. You know the character that's always goofy until they're serious? That's half the cast.

4. The characters are too casual. Hellspawn devouring souls and torturing people for eternity? Meh. Mass sacrifice and nearly being killed? Meh. 99% of the time, the characters don't care if they're in mortal danger or if something horrendous is happening, so the audience can't be made too care.

5. The character's priorities are messed up. If you took a baby, impaled it on a pike, held it over a fire, cooked it alive and ate it, every character but the MC would probably shrug. But if you insulted their school or messed with their friend, it'd be a fight to the death.

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TheBourneConfused rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: --
If you like adventure, comedy, and fantasy then this hidden gem is a good read for you! Hahaha I'm like a salesperson here, lol. Anyway... the first impression I had from reading some of the first chapters was having a sympathy for the 'harbinger of unluck' MC and that he was chosen to study at a deranged crackpot version of Hogwarts.

The MC Mortimer/Chu Ming Yang has alot of inner monologue but it's relatable mindset at most times because he's like a normal person who suddenly got plunged in a world... more>> of supernaturals enough to scared the crap out of their pants.

He got a badass OP senior and some lunatic friends to complete his day. There's also a seemingly big deal mystery coming from his family lineage that is yet to reveal.

All in all, I like the camaraderie from this novel and the character development of MC, slow but still progressing. The other characters were thought out well that you could imagine they aren't 2D and there are people like them personality-wise in RL. I always found myself chuckling at the antics and sarcastic humor in every chapter, If this got completely translated, I will not hesitate to re-read this novel one more time. :) <<less
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popdoodle rated it
January 11, 2020
Status: --
Good story. Writing is good, with more depth than your usual chinese novel. It's funny, for about 1 volume. Goddamn if the writer wasn't such a one trick pony with his comedy which usually involves the MC's reaction to something and his senior commenting on how dumb he is. Like it's not like it doesn't make sense, MC is a normal human who sees supernatural things happen. But it just doesn't stop... It keeps happening it grates on your nerves. It makes sense too since the MC doesn't outright know... more>> anything about the world, because no one explains it to him. Writer likes to hide things for mYStEry, it just makes it confusing and serves to allow moments for the MC to do something he has no knowledge of and other people getting upset over it even though no one explains it in the first place. <<less
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Poor_Hero rated it
March 9, 2016
Status: --
ヾ (☆’∀’☆) the story is about a very extremely unlucky guy but fortunate enough to not die in his teenager life, admitted himself to a very strange school, which turned out to be the best magic school in other dimension. He has a very strong, stubborn, and handsome senior who is protective of him, just like his sister, and makes friends with the students and the residents of the other world. The novel is all about the changes of the MC, chu ming yang, who grows up to accept what... more>> he is and learn the mystery of his unlucky situation and people around him. The development of the novel is slow but I like the pace. The reaction of the MC is quite hilarious that I can’t help but laugh at his misery. The MC is quite normal to react to every phenomenon that happens, lol. There are comedy and serious events as well, so it’s a plus for me. <<less
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Hanshans rated it
November 21, 2021
Status: s2p2v10
Unique Legend was indeed true to it's title. It was unique indeed with weak and whining MC instead of the typical hard-headed, strong MC. If I were to compare, it was similar to Tsunayoshi Sawada of Katekyo Hitman Reborn. So yes, he's a bit annoying.

For first season, the commoner Chu Ming Yang was mainly being dragged around by senior everywhere. Senior taught him lots of things, but the impression of living 16 years as a timid person were not easily washed away despite senior telling him again and again that... more>> he is absolutely not a normal person.

If you're looking forward to Ming Yang own actions, it only started towards the end of season 1, during the ghost clan attack school arc. <<less
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June 15, 2020
Status: v1c5
With all the good comments, I thought the novel would atleast be good but I just can’t bring myself to continue reading it. That’s because, as a reader, you are forced into this weird POV of the MC with ADHD but who’s also mute and shy, maybe a bit schizophrenic.

You never get another POV apart from his and one can’t even tell what’s going on because the author insists on an MC without any intention of finding out what’s going on in his life or do anything about it.

He’s one... more>> of those CN villains who don’t listen to reason unless you beat them to a pulp and their 18 generations for them to come to their senses. Except this one is perpetually stuck in delusions of grandeur at all times.

Maybe that’s how the author intended to write him. If so, I’m out <<less
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helix1s rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: v3
This novel is so good, the MC is hillarious and there are many funny moments!

Some touching moments as well :)

The red eyes senior is borderline bromance, I was actually quite dissapointed honestly that this novel doesnt go ship route.

The adventure, bromance and friendship is quite entertaining, easily entered into my fav list. Give it a try!
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Shaiole rated it
September 10, 2023
Status: V10
A slow and long read.

The MC is weak until after so many chapters and volumes. It's like watching the world through the eyes of a useless but relatable baby chick. I'm okay with weak and cowardly protagonists but it character development takes too long but it does get better after so many volumes. They do it slowly and subtle. The comedy was funny at first but after a while, it feels a bit repetitive.
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rihan839 rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Not gonna lie, this was my early teens favorite back then but I had to read it in physical book form which was difficult to procure. And with my not so fluent mandarin, I had a hard time understanding anything.

Imagine my delight that its available here now and translation is A++, props to the translator!

My beloved xue zhang and yang yang is back <3 I cant describe how much I loved and love the premise, the plot and ofc the characters. The novel illustration of the characters etci s... more>> gorgeous as well.

Pls give this a try and some love, you will not be disappointed. <<less
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