Uei Shiang

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CN Bounded
Action Drama Mature Romance Tragedy Yaoi
This is a typical story of love and betrayal between a mafia boss and an undercover cop.
Releases: 2
Deep in the Act
CN Deep in the Act
Adult Drama Mature Psychological Romance Smut Yaoi
To save Gao Zhun from the shackles of his invisible illness, Fang Chi overcomes obstacle after obstacle, inching closer and closer to his heart. But…... more>>

Everything you have done so far amounts to nothing more than a technique? What about…

Your feelings?


Can the course of human feelings ever be truly understood?

In an attempt to diversify his career, Zhang Zhun agrees to co-star with award-winning actor, Chen Hsin.

Their first task, by the director’s orders:

15 days of cohabitation in a couple’s room.

15 days of watching raunchy movies in the same bed, in preparation for the filming of their first scene together.

Yet, things begin to go wrong as they get into bed for the camera.

No one on the set is safe from the passion of their performance.

No one is exempt from the heat of their desire.

Even the director cannot help but fume: Have I ever asked them to take things this far?

But… isn’t it our job to go deeper into the act?


You are my secret sunshine.

Chen Hsin risks everything in his possession as Zhang Zhun walks down the path of no return.

How should they define the bond between them?

Perhaps it should not be known as love, for love is too heavy and terrifying a word for them.

And yet…

There will never be another film like this! Your performance and the feelings you conveyed will never be surpassed! This is a masterpiece that belongs only to the two of you!

When their eyes meet – before the camera, according to the script – Zhang Zhun feels the tips of his fingers go numb.

Who is he?

Has he become Gao Zhun? Or is he still Zhang Zhun?

Who is this before him?

Is it Fang Chi? Or is it Chen Hsin?


When the filming comes to an end, the characters will recover, the actors’ passion will fade, and they will forget each other eventually as they return to their individual paths.

In the end, how should they make sense of it all?

Have they truly been hopelessly and deliriously in love?

Or have they simply lost themselves too deeply in the act? <<less
Releases: 78
Feng Yu Jiu Tian
CN Feng Yu Jiu Tian
Drama Historical Romance Smut Yaoi
Feng Ming was only 19 when he lost his life saving a child from death without hesitation. The grateful father of the rescued child grants Feng Ming a second chance at life. Unknown to Feng Ming, his soul has whisked away to a far away ancient land (resembling the dynasties of China).... more>>

Upon waking up, he finds himself inhabiting the frail body of Thunder Kingdom’s crowned prince who is also graced with the title of the most beautiful man across all the lands. However, his beauty has a price as he attracts the unwanted attention of the minister of affairs, Rong Tian who finds every reason to torment the prince mentally and physically. As Feng Ming starts to get a hold of the conspiracies surrounding him, what will happen when the prince’s true identity is revealed? And what happened to the ‘real’ prince? <<less
Releases: 161
Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang
CN Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang
Completed Drama Historical Josei Romance Tragedy
Bai Pingting has always been contrary the saying, “A woman’s virtue is ignorance." ... more>>

Although she serves the Marquess of Jing-An as a maid, she leads a life far richer than most women. Her plain appearance is not what defines her — but her intelligence, far beyond many wise men.

Although Chu Beijie was an enemy general, she still cannot help being attracted to this man, despite the many lies and conspiracies…but between love and loyalty, she must make a choice. She can only hope that man’s love for her isn’t as deep as she thought.

One is a soul who seemingly destroys peace while the other aspires to be the sword that saves. Between them, lies a mountain of hate…

Who of the two most cunning people on earth cast the trap and just who captured the other? <<less
Releases: 30
Gui Tu
CN Gui Tu
Drama Romance Yaoi
At the mouth of an alley, that blind fortuneteller said to me, “You are destined to have a rough road of love. Your entire life will be intertwined with a man, and it will be impossible for you to acquire a peaceful end.”
I shoved my leftover soda into his hands, dusted my ass, and left. “Hey, you haven’t paid!” The blind was still bellowing behind me at a distance. ... more>>

Are you kidding me? You didn't even work out whether I’m a man or a woman and you dare want money? I’m doing a good deed by not wrecking your stand.

I'm now sitting at the train station, disheveled and empty-handed, with my face swelled up like a pig’s. I recall the blind fortune teller’s words and regret that I had blown him off with my leftover soda at the time. I should have given him some money. Unfortunately, I've been a fool until today. My life has been intertwined with a man all along, however I have yet to realize that nothing good will come of it in the end... <<less
Releases: 1
Hua Hua You Long
CN Hua Hua You Long
Completed Adult Drama Historical Mature Psychological Smut Yaoi
In order to help their chief find a wife, the bandits kidnapped a woman from the bottom of the mountain in order to offer her up to him.... more>>

The chief of the mountain stronghold, Lu Cang falls in love at first sight with the absolutely stunning beauty!

However, on the night of the consummation... <<less
Releases: 32
Open Sea
CN Open Sea
Romance Shounen Ai
When his eyes first landed on Ling Fei, Ouyang Ran’s intuition told him that as a rookie, he was too arrogant and despotic and required more practice to hone his skills.... more>>

When his eyes first landed on Ouyang Ran, Ling Fei’s intuition told him that although the man was his superior, he was nothing more than a rich second generation born with a golden spoon in his mouth.

Both of them did not see eye-to-eye with each other and their personalities were completely incompatible. Just like a meteor colliding with Earth, the sparks that flew whenever they clashed only served to deepen their enmity towards each other.

But in a Futures trading company where the atmosphere was tense and strained, everyday felt as though they were dancing on the tip of a blade. Just one careless move was enough to break one apart.

So, they couldn’t afford to have any internal strife. If they both wanted to win, they could only choose to cooperate…

When a greenhorn lion cub encounters an aggressive animal-tamer with ample experience, who will end up being tamed? <<less
Releases: 4
Powerful Eunuchs
CN Powerful Eunuchs
Romance Shounen Ai
Even if love is divided by towering mountains and boundless seas, there will be a day when mountains are razed and seas are filled.
Releases: 2
Qing Guo Yingxiong
CN Qing Guo Yingxiong
Completed Drama Historical Martial Arts Psychological Romance Yaoi
Duan Shun Jie was no more than a skilled usable valuable piece of pawn. Letting him stay by his side, inevitably there would be a day to put him to good use.... more>>

However, even Xuan Yuan Xi Cheng himself couldn’t comprehend, why Duan Shun Jie would rather shoulder the bad reputation of betraying his country, would rather endure the all and various kind of malice imposing on his body, but still insisted in staying by his side.

Convinced himself that this was merely an act in a play, he used the more and more crueler way to attack Duan Shun Jie’s heart.

Why didn’t he withdraw? Why could he still love him?

“That’s because I want to love you... I could never hate you.”

This kind of total devotion regardless of anything type of love, if only it could really last forever... <<less
Releases: 20
Shuisheng Didi
CN Shuisheng Didi
Completed Drama Horror Mystery Psychological School Life Shounen Ai Tragedy
It is not unusual for students to play some spooky games when bored and for a freshman in university, they never get boring. I have tried them all, the Ouija Board, whatever, you name it. No harm has come from playing these games until three of my roommates and I played a mysterious game in a dark room.... more>>

The fifth person that mysteriously appeared. The sharp drip-drop of water. The large water stain on our dorm wall… No one from Room 308 is going to be spared. Fear of the unknown and tremors of precognition enshrouds us all. What are the continuous trickles of water? Are they the tears of the dead who yearns for life or the cries of unjust formed by the blood of spirits who have lost their voices? <<less
Releases: 12
Stop Bothering Me, Emperor
CN Stop Bothering Me, Emperor
Completed Comedy Drama Romance Shounen Ai
When Song Xiao was young, he wanted to become a Virtuous Official for a lifetime, but was forced to marry into the palace by that uncooperative Emperor; when his Virtuous Empress For A Lifetime career had just started, the Emperor died......... more>>

Opening his eyes again, he'd come to the twenty-first century. The once highly-talented and literary Scholar Lang also has to carry his book bag and face the college entrance examinations. Just that, this table-mate looks a little familiar......

His Majesty the Emperor: ▼_▼ Lend me your homework to copy

Song Xiao: ...... <<less
Releases: 123
CN Taizi
Drama Historical Romance Yaoi
The more ruthless the Palace is, the more miserable the loser will end up—this he understands. But what he does not understand is, why the brother whom he lived together with peacefully in the past, would so heartlessly humiliate him today. Asking him to beg for mercy, asking him to succumb to his knees, and even… asking him to tactfully entertain him. “Yong Shan, ah, Yong Shan, as of today you are the one who qualifies to succeed as a Crown Prince, what exactly is it that you want?”... more>>

For the past 16 years, Yong Qi’s gaze was never set on him. Despite being twins with his younger brother, Yong Lin, Yong Qi has always been directing his smile and laughter towards Yong Lin, and to him, Yong Qi deliberately alienates him. He does not understand, they have the same features and looks, and he obviously is his brother too, but why won’t he be intimate with him… as if he is humiliating him. “Yong Qi, ah, Yong Qi, why won’t you understand, what I want is very simple…” <<less
Releases: 1
The Unicorn Legion
CN The Unicorn Legion
Adventure Fantasy Shounen Ai
According to Legend, the Unicorn Legion heroically protects the people from harm by powerful magical creatures.... more>>

The elven hero Ellen, after sleeping for three hundred years, wakes up to the world while wanting to rebuild the legion — only to find that all the magical creatures in the continent are all extinct! Is our hero out of a job!?

With no news of old comrades; with new comrades being unfathomable; having his pace be repeatedly messed up, Captain Ellen feels wrong from his pointy ears down to his foot. — Dear Captain, enjoy the culture shock of a new era! <<less
Releases: 55
Unique Legend
CN Unique Legend
Action Comedy Fantasy Martial Arts Mystery School Life Supernatural
Mortimer Zhu is an extremely unfortunate high school student who accidentally enrolls into an academy of a dubious nature, where it is the norm to... more>> jump in front of moving trains, get dismembered during orientation, and crushed by vindictive bouncing classrooms. Can he stay alive or will he die from the rigors of school? Why have evil spirits suddenly acquired a taste for his flesh? <<less
Releases: 131