Residence of Monsters


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With the start of a boarding school life, and as a freshman student, he unluckily fell into a situation of having no living quarters to stay in. Accidentally stumbling across the legendary ‘haunted house’, and furthermore inadvertently releasing a forbidden seal–

“Human! You actually dared to trespass…”

“I’m really sorry! Are you this house’s owner? Can I pay the lodging fee?”

“……Haven’t you realized the difference of us from normal humans?”

“Uh, you all look exceptionally handsome?” (゚∀゚)ノ


For a (beep–) goal, the demons decided to pretend to be students and sneak into the school. Due to a (beep–) reason, the boy is forced to live in the residence for a certain amount of time. The demons who did not know the affairs of life met a zealous and simple boy, accepted the overly chaotic affairs of the school + living together, which is where the story ardently begins!

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Allaiza rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: v2c3
Extremely cute!!!

I don't know why, but MC is refreshingly cute!!! Everyone deems MC as dumb but I just find him soooo adorable!!!

My question is, will this have some bl, I'm feeling the vibes in this novel but it could just be my overactive imagination... (I see no tags of shounen ai nor yaoi)

I'm looking forward to this novel's development, can't wait for updates of translations!!!
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Sakura Zuzumiya
Sakura Zuzumiya rated it
April 7, 2018
Status: v2c3
I just stumble to this wonderfull story, I am so exciting. The MC is so dumbly cuteeee, but so loveable😍 I am detected some BL vibe in this novel (my expectation) but since there is no tag, will not hope too much. But even without BL element this novel is already damn good.

I recomended this novel if u guys like a Unique Legend this novel has a damn vibe if u ask me there is so much mystery in this novel nd me cannt wait to know more of the... more>> continued of the story 😍😍 The same hilarious MC nd with same mysyerious background, make u kokoro doki-doki with anticipation

If u ask me whati like the most is interaction ofFeng Ping Lan and Quetzal. Quetzal is a big tsuntsun 😍😍 <<less
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RINKO-S rated it
January 28, 2019
Status: Completed
My heart is tired, I cried a lot at the end.

The novel was fun and I loved the MC character, I do not know if the end was happy or not because I did not accept it at all.

But still, I enjoyed it until the end.
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randomperson012 rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: v4c6
So far I love this novel! I'm a sucker for novels where the MC is unknown and remains mysterious throughout the plot. Btw please tell me how you people who posted the reviews before me managed to read more then the translator translated I kinda need to know (if you have a solution please comment via review unless you know how to reply on this website).
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veihakase rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: v4c4
I love how the plot unfolds in each volume and the mystery of MC's identity. It's kind of a tear-jerker for me (i cried at how the MC refers to himself and how detached he is) and kind of a refresher for all the things I read. Consider this in your reading list 😉 as this one is good. 🙇
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