Fu Xing Dong Lai


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An ordinary youth is forced to study at an academy he has never heard of before.

On his first day of school, what awaits him is—

“What kind of race are you, you can’t even transform!”

“You feel shame from being mistaken as being my race?”

“Your scent is identical to a human’s; you might be grabbed and drained if [he’s] hungry.”

“Since you’ve helped me, you’re now my ac-com-plice…”

His classmates are an elf, werewolf, fox spirit…

His dorm roommate is a dangerous darkblood with handsomeness level to the MAX.

The youth’s school life is bound to be ordinary no longer!

“Please let me graduate aliveee~” T_T

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Shalom Academy
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Date Group Release
03/26/24 ~Taffy Translations~ v7 epilogue
03/16/24 ~Taffy Translations~ v7c9
03/05/24 ~Taffy Translations~ v7c8
02/24/24 ~Taffy Translations~ v7c7
02/12/24 ~Taffy Translations~ v7c6
02/05/24 ~Taffy Translations~ v7c5
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01/16/24 ~Taffy Translations~ v7c2
01/08/24 ~Taffy Translations~ v7c1
12/16/23 ~Taffy Translations~ v6 epilogue
12/09/23 ~Taffy Translations~ v6c9
12/02/23 ~Taffy Translations~ v6c8
11/24/23 ~Taffy Translations~ v6c7
11/18/23 ~Taffy Translations~ v6c6
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Fisukisuki rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: v5-v7 epilogue
Very Fun and Comedic, Fluff and Heartwarming, with many Mysteries and some Emotional moments.

If you expect a Timid Scaredy Cat or Coward Protagonist based on summary alone, you'll be... disappointed? If you expect a story where MC mistaken as something he's not is, then... It's not exactly right? But not completely wrong?

Because our MC at the beginning just feels like ordinary teenage boy. His reaction to the 'new world' was not downplayed, but nor overexcited. And yet his reaction also not a 'so-so' type.

He wasn't immediately surrounded by everyone, nor... more>> he cling to anyone. He lack of knowledge and didn't hide that. He made normal friends, and things goes with the flows since then. It was Neutral, though Smoother, but still refreshing!

It has AMAZING Heartwarming Friendship moments. Not just about how everyone surrounding MC, but with how others also interact with each other.

Vol 3 was where they started to learn more and more about each other because the unique circumstance. The Friendship between everyone, especially between MC and his group, are more solid since then.

No one over adore MC, but they (MC's friends) do truly regard him as the Bright Light in their group/life. And with understandable reason.

Anyway, the story truly started as Lighthearted Comedy, but it doesn't stays that way. And Vol 5 where things get even more Heavy.

I'm truly IN LOVE and Loving this Fantastic Novel so far!

I really do hope the translation would continue... Or even have official English translation print. Because it's WORTH IT!

Finished the main story at 18 July 2024:

The author did Absolutely Amazing Great Job at writing the ending aka the Final Conclusion. Of course they did amazing at making the reader aka me to wish for another season... 🙃

Im seriously gonna miss Fu Xing So Fcking Much!

I'm gonna miss the Friendship too.

I truly would love to see this as Donghua!!! This Deserve International Population!!! <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: v3c6
This is a cute and fun comedy/supernatural series good from some casual laughs. It's lighthearted, although some concepts are darker in tone. The characters are defined and have depth, but only limited amounts are shown. The characters don't necessarily look like the illustrations (the MC has black hair, not red).

There isn't extensive imagery, and key concepts like magic and supernatural beings are unexplored. However, it's just a fun series to take a break and laugh along with.
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Xianxiabl rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: v5 epilogue.
First of all I want to say a big thank you to the translator. I'm reading some of their other works and it's just amazing. I hope you can see this! Chef's kiss.

Anyway, on the book, what I have to say is that appearances can be VERY deceiving. Because at first the novel gives off a "magical academy", "newbie startin'" vibe, but if you're like me who likes to read fantasy a lot, especially really good ones, you must have been shaking in your boots from V1. But hey.

What I... more>> can say is, stick around and read the book, and prepare to be mind-blown. <<less
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ADDDDD4455 rated it
November 10, 2023
Status: v1c4
This type of story is maybe just not for me. I feel like I am just wasting time reading this even for slice of life it is just uneventful. No there are events but at least at the beginning they either pe*verted or unreasonable.... more>>

Let me list:

1. MC makes all the clothes in classroom disappear. (He was thinking eliminate. What does it have to do with clothes???) either translation is wrong or it just is baseless outcome made up for nothing but author's entertainment. (Or some of the readers but that is not mine so) I can still some what stand it but.

2. They in this school make you invade someone else's privacy for some challanges? What. I would maybe understand it if it was made voluntarily by students. But the idea was approved by teachers and even officially announced. And, and if you don't do it there is a punishment? Okey. Idk still what the punishnet is but im displeased only just by the idea.

3. They have literally gone to womens batroom just to do one challange when they did not needed to. They could just take her hair in transformation class.

4. There is character who is constatnly asked by people (in form of challange) to kiss them or sth like that. I know that this character doesn't care but they make him do something he would not normally do.


While there is a lot more to list, I will end this rant of mine here. Probably later in the story there will be some events that are interesting (and not ecchi themed). Sadly for me the lack of logic (and moral backbone) in this story is just repulsive. There are some fun parts in this story. But because I really like logic in novels it is not for me. So for people who couldn't care less about some irregularities in stories sure go for it and read it. It is probably going to be fun. As for me and for people with similar taste to me I do not recommand reading this.


IDK english not first language sorry for any mistakes. <<less
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