Fu Xing Dong Lai


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An ordinary youth is forced to study at an academy he has never heard of before.
On his first day of school, what awaits him is—
“What kind of race are you, you can’t even transform!”
“You feel shame from being mistaken as being my race?”
“Your scent is identical to a human’s; you might be grabbed and drained if [he’s] hungry.”
“Since you’ve helped me, you’re now my ac-com-plice…”
His classmates are an elf, werewolf, fox spirit…
His dorm roommate is a dangerous darkblood with handsomeness level to the MAX.
The youth’s school life is bound to be ordinary no longer!
“Please let me graduate aliveee~” T_T

Associated Names
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Shalom Academy
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
07/31/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v4c4
07/25/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v4c3
07/17/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v4c2
07/09/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v4c1
07/03/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v3 epilogue
07/03/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v3c9
06/25/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v3c8
06/17/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v3c7
06/02/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v3c6
05/25/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v3c5
05/16/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v3c4
05/04/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v3c3
04/28/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v3c2
04/19/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v3c1
03/27/21 ~Taffy Translations~ v2 epilogue
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
June 3, 2021
Status: v3c6
This is a cute and fun comedy/supernatural series good from some casual laughs. It's lighthearted, although some concepts are darker in tone. The characters are defined and have depth, but only limited amounts are shown. The characters don't necessarily look like the illustrations (the MC has black hair, not red).

There isn't extensive imagery, and key concepts like magic and supernatural beings are unexplored. However, it's just a fun series to take a break and laugh along with.
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