Smash All Pots and Pans To Go to School


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The former top engineering student Wei San transmigrated into an interstellar child who was deprived of education. By picking up garbage and turning waste into treasure, she finally saved a sum of money before the opening season of school and immediately signed up.

She planned to become a Mecha Engineer in the future. It was said that it can make a lot of money and was closely related to her own original specialization. Plan pass √

Unexpectedly, because of her greed for cheap tuition fees, Wei San reported to the wrong major and became a mecha individual fighter——those violent maniacs who licks blood all day

Wei·Gentle & Quiet·Impoverished·Engineer: “……”

However, the environment could not make her give in, and Wei San decided to learn by herself in her spare time.

During the training period of a certain competition, the media interviewed and photographed the individual fighters of each school in turn, which was broadcast live on the whole interstellar network. The audience could see that everyone was training desperately, such as gravity pressurization, close combat, long-distance entanglement and so on.

【YY’s melee is too strong. Who dares to melee when the light saber is out!】

【ww’s whipping skills are too superb, NB(F****** great)! ! !】

Then Wei San was recorded sitting cross legged in the training hall, looking down and concentrating on reading a book.

【What’s that Wei San looking at?】

As the camera zoomed in, the cover of the book in Wei San’s hand was immediately seen clearly by the whole star network: “Qing Fei teaches you to become a mecha master in 21 days”


As long as one hears the title of the novel, they could tell it wasn’t read by serious people.

The next day, the star net headline: A military academy student was overwhelmed and mentally disordered during training, trying to change careers.

Associated Names
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Za guo mai tie qu shang xue
Đập nồi bán sắt đi học
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Meatshield rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I really liked this story though I think the title and synopsis are kind of misleading.

The story isn't really focused on how the MC gets into/manages to stay in school despite her abject poverty or her struggles as a mechanic engineer who accidentally became a mecha soldier. For lack of better words, the bulk of the story is sort of one long tournament arc because most of it describes the events that take place during this really prestigious extreme (capture the flag like) competition that all the military schools compete... more>> in. Of course, it's not all that simple because

as they're competing, the protagonists inadvertently uncover some truly shocking political secrets and insidious plots that threaten to undermine the safety of the human race. So the protagonists become concerned with both winning the competition and bringing honour to their school and figuring out how they can stop the bad guys from essentially killing everyone.


In my opinion, what makes this story really engaging is its characters, particularly the MC. A lot of Mary Sue like things happen to her

(like befriending the most talented nobles/wealthy heirs at her school, becoming really good at both being a mecha engineer and soldier, discovering that she has power beyond the 3S level, getting the attention of the most recognized military icon of their generation)

but somehow she, herself, never feels like a Mary Sue because of her personality. While she is really gifted, because of her cheeky, shameless, and money-grubbing ways, a lot of people (both teachers and students included) want to beat her up all of the time.

Btw although the MC interacts with a lot of guys, there's only one male lead and the romance is very slow and subtle (the most lovey dovey moments are towards the very end and the extras). The other guys and the MCs are strictly good bros but seriously the friendship between them all is so damn cute and funny as they're all pretty shameless but they care about each other a lot. I LOVED that there was almost no secrets between them because screw unneeded miscommunication and noble idiot tendencies. I hate it when authors force their MCs to shoulder everything alone when they don't have to because of pride or fear that they'll get their loved ones in trouble. Most of time things are just so much better when everyone is open and honest with each other because people can't protect themselves from dangers they're not aware of and generally there is strength in numbers. In this story, the MC and her awesome friends shoulder everything together. Besides the main cast, there are a lot of notable side characters too.

Finally, it's sooo nice to see that there's gender equality in this world because the female soldiers are just as respected as the male soldiers and the MC is never treated any differently because she is a girl.

When people try to find fault with the MC they usually taunt her for growing up on an unknown star. Her competitors hate losing to her because she's had less time to train and less resources than them growing up, not because they think she should be weaker than them as a girl.

So called "inherent" gender differences aren't even mentioned. It's refreshing af.

Overall, this was a fun story to read and I'm interested to see what else this author does. <<less
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Tutubitter rated it
March 2, 2022
Status: Completed
Not a fan of mecha themed novels much cause often times there are terminologies I can't understand. But I was really thirsting for strong female protagonists that are actually strong either physically or mentally through their own talents and hard-work. Without relying on systems or just mary sue and no hard-work at all. (Not that I hate them but it gets tiring) And thankfully the translators brought this here 🎉🥳🎉

Funny and amazing novel. Starts off mild and leisurely due to Wei San's unfortunate and unlucky situation.

Heck, who wouldn't feel lost and unmotivated if you enroll to a different course by accident cause you lack money?

But as the story goes, it gets more action packed and step by step deeper into the plot. The story is also very detailed which makes it even more immersive. Also, no noticeable plot holes 😌The romance part is very little and slow (no complains tho I'm already satisfied it's like a sweet dessert)

What makes it all even better are the well-done characters. Each with their own distinct personalities and the author didn't give emphasis on physical beauty (which happens pretty much most novels with female protag I've read), instead author focused on their own charms and charisma.

Except when Wei San unconsciously got whipped on ML's beauty lol

And ngl, ML is not in my top 5 favourite characters in this novel 👀 Doesn't mean I don't ship it but it's just occupied by Wei San and friends lol. I love their platonic brotherhood camaraderie and hilarious antics.

And cherry on top? 🍒Gender equality.

"You can't be alone with men in your room" "Let us boys handle it" "Women are just naturally weaker than men" "Men are better than women" "Men men men men men"

Those does not exist. Everyone is just human and theres no emphasis on gender.

Only downsides are: 1. The very rushed ending. As if suddenly theres only a few seconds left before the deadline which is very uncharacteristic of the author, who created this detailed novel. Wishing all's well, whatever it is.

2. The utterly underwhelming title. I probably wouldn't have thought of reading this if it weren't for someone's recommendation and my desperation for strong female protag. Thankfully I didn't miss on this.
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The Sliveren
The Sliveren
January 11, 2022
Status: Completed
I think the translator forgot to put Shameless protagonist tag on it. MC's thick face can rival the Great wall of China.

I love how this novel is going. It have a great balance on humor and seriousness of the plot. The school, teachers, friends, and YXJ makes me fall in love with them. I just love the scene where

... more>>

the MC repeated the broadcast for 45th time to emphasize that their team wins lolol XD


I know that you have second thoughts on reading this due to the 300+ chapters, but if you want to read some gag and a shameless scenes of MC and her friends, read this!


I support YXJ and WS ship. The chemistry between them makes my stomach flutters.


Edit: Woah, the plot makes a U-turn huh. I just finished this novel and it became one of my favorites. MC gives off like the feeling of gender neutral vibes. I double check with my mind that MC is a female character, not male. There are times that I seem to think this novel as BL since y'know—cough— anyways, I still stand with my five stars.

I agree to the review that says that MC is like Mary Sue but not really like Mary Sue. Mary Sue is define as a perfect character that God pave the way for her perfect life, but for MC... That's not even a case.


Author gives her power but if you read the novel, there are times that MC have difficulties. I think that nutrient solution is the great cause of this (correct me if I'm wrong).

Also, I read Zongzheng Yue (??) POV and I whole heartedly agree that he said WS needs a rest. The girl has been training/fighting hard for her team and also to herself.


If you wanna read romance, let me tell you that this is slow burn. It's subtle and their little interaction cause me to fly in the clouds.


YXJ threaten delirious WS to burn his precious hair, and he actually does that which annoyed WS. It confirms that YXJ is WS's weakness and I WAS LIKE FUFUFUFUUCC—

24 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
VLeeAzn rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: c85
This is overrated. I got baited to read this by the high rating given for the sake of gender equality.

I have read all the way up to chapter 80 so far nothing interesting happen, nothing moves me and I am still unable to get myself attached to any of the character or MC.

Not much plot had happened to be honest, I was intrigued because it was a reincarnation story, so I was expecting the MC to use her former life’s knowledge or what not; in fact she did but each... more>> time it was done it is rather underwhelming.

You could say it is rather fast paced & slow at the same time, the environment has changed tremendously, she’s aged, traveled to another planet, entered another academy yet so far I feel it is lacking in character development. I cannot explicit what it really is but to give an example so far in character development-wise, I care & know about the characters as much as the 5 academies ? Everything in so far I have read are all background noises, unimportant kind of feeling & to be fair main character herself doesn’t seem to care much about anything neither so far; she is getting carried by the current of the events and chooses the path of least resistance. Struggle ? Well... There is some but everything is under the condition MC herself is willing to do.

Right now for example

she got caught climbing the wall outside (because she was using her former knowledge as an engineer to modify some mecha to earn money) so her credit got cleared and she might drop out of the academy however she is so nonchalant about it & when asked she says she will obtain the 1st place, extra credit so she won’t drop out.


How to say this. Well, she is a reincarnated engineer but it is another world yet she doesn’t go to classes. She doesn’t plan ahead it’s just like watching a boat floating on a calm lake so far. I forced myself to read this for 3 days I keep dropping due to low interest and when I read to chapter 80 and realize it’s 80 out of a 100 I felt powerless. I don’t have the patience to remember or wait for this novel to update it was such a waste of my time, I read so far and nothing remotely interesting happened, no struggle, no nothing, again : no plan, just getting carried by the current while taking the path of least resistance.

TBH, I have read many novels of reincarnated female recently, binge read them as most are completed now. Me, as a man, I loved them. The character development are great. Some I pitied, I cried, I laughed, I got angry or felt good for the MC. I discovered that I loved those & I didn’t care about the gender of the lead as long as you made me care about them. Of these many novels being more capable than men is often a completely normal thing so I don’t understand why is this the one viewed as the “only one” or “the one” novel that shows female characters are as good as male characters. <<less
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kyoshijiro rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: c169
Great read. For those who have read "it's hard being a man in the future" it feels similar to that. Better in some aspects depending on taste.

The FL is a fun character, and while she is very talented and skilled it doesn't feel unnatural or unfair. Her only "cheat" s are past life knowledge which gives her a small help in learning mecha engineering, and a high perception, but it doesn't seem out of this world compared to the geniuses around her.

Also very refreshing compared to similar novels, there is... more>> no sexism or nationalism. Nobody bats an eye at the intelligence or combat ability of the MC due to her gender, there are other skilled female fighters, also no mistaking the MC for a boy for some sort of surprise reveal. It says that most of the planets don't have a distinct ethnicity and are mixed, with no signs of s*upid neighbor empires that are caricatures of some real world country. <<less
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Evalanche rated it
February 15, 2022
Status: Completed
First of all, I loved it!!!!!!

I fell in love with Wei San's character. She's the person that I have always wanted to be. Not afraid of hardship and has the will to survive despite all circumstances. I love her sloppy appearance, even though she's a very serious person. And what I love most about this novel is that it never described her appearance, be it ugly, average or beautiful. The author based her attractiveness on her charm, the way she behaves and her personality. And the handsome male lead fell... more>> in love with what's inside her and it's so wholesome.

The romance part is veerryy slow. However, you can see that everytime they are together in a scene, you CAN feel and see how they gradually fall in love with each other. And what I also love about this novel is that the female MC is the one who always saves and protects the ML, like a knight. And the ML, even though he's sometimes underestimated by MC since she always subconsciously pulls him behind her when she senses danger, is VERY willing to be protected by MC and he loved every piece of it. I love how the ML is not stereotypical, he's so gentle, a bit cold and shows very little reactions to what's happening around him. HOWEVER, when the female MC touches him slightly, his reactions were magnified by the author. You can see how affected he is by MC, "his eyelashes fluttered, his adam's apple moved up and down, his fingers curled slightly" and what I loved the most is that HE LET HER TOUCH HIS HAIR and he was not annoyed by it. At first, he was curious, then at the second time, he let her have her way, then at the third time, he was even braided by her. At the ending, when he destroyed his hair by fire to make her wake up, was a bit heartbreaking and a bit funny. Anyways, I loved it.

The friendship part was to die for, I LOVE that her male friends was never bothered by the MC being a girl or being VERY poor. Instead they go to her room to sleep, they let her have her way when she wants them to pay money, and they didn't take care of her like a baby (like other novels), but they let her be recognized by the world as a very strong soldier who can destroy you. HOWEVER, they show their concerns for her when she self-harms herself and is very stubborn about it. They would very likely die for each other and they treat each other more like a family. I LOVE ALL OF THESE CHARACTERS.

One thing I hate the most is the ending which was very abruptly stopped just like that. Though the story has really ended, I wanted to see her reunion with her friends and teachers, and how her relationship progressed with the ML. I wanted to see her shine again. Alas.

Anyways, read it. <<less
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Miao Meow Liz
Miao Meow Liz rated it
January 14, 2022
Status: Completed

Wei San's life is miserable, but she deals with it and is just a boss. The romance was also really well done, it was so cute. I was completely against the ship (thought the ML was a boring, cold blahblahblah, but he's so not) until it unfolded gradually. Worth a re-read. I haven't loved an MC so much since "tr*sh of the Count's Family". Yes, it is that good. To me, milage may vary.

The Damocles Military Academy was the BEST! So adorable and funny, I was regretful when things... more>> got 'serious'.

The story got intense and the ending was abrupt, like 2 paragraphs of epilogue abrupt. But can't blame the author because they have restrictions probably, but I think it would have been better without things getting blurry and with an actual solution to the problem in place. I would have rather read about my girl San Wei (either Wei San's nickname or an MTL goof) shining and being crazy and the team just drawing fans.

Look foward to this reaching more people, it's a rare novel with an OUTSTANDING female MC and wonderful male characters. It didn't need to drag anyone, except selfish and gross bugs that I really wanted to blast into dust. <<less
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January 20, 2023
Status: Completed
It's 4.6/5

I know you'll get a bad first impression of this novel because of its title and cover.

buttt IT WAS A GREAT read! I'm not into mecha however this one is an exception, it's not an "AI"-like mecha and I now actually thinks better of mecha genre because of this novel.

The first half was so comedic and entertaining, with good world building. The second half was more serious but we finally get the romance!

The ending feels a bit rushed? But I could accept it.

... more>>

it was a happy ending, btw (FMC is alive and dating our ML)


The thing that I love the most about this story is the relationship between our FMC with Damocles teammate! They're a bunch of crazy bestfriends. I also love our ML, there's time when he saves our FMC and there's time when our FMC saves him too! Power couple?!

[Does anyone know why I can't give star to this review?] <<less
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dramamonster rated it
December 5, 2022
Status: Completed
The original novel is 330 chapters + 7 epilogue chapters (the epilogues show the main team's side stories and the main characters 10 years later). The translation splits each original chapter into 3-4 chapters. So the translated chapter 144 actually corresponds to original chapter 44. I guess the completed translation will be over 1, 000 chapters.

Fortunately, every chapter is good and relevant. The plot is really tight, so that events in the first original chapter are also significant later on (even the first characters the FL meets in the... more>> story are important later on). The story starts off like simple fluff, but becomes more complex and difficult as the plot develops.

The FL is a poor, smart, hilariously shameless hooligan. As a child, survival and tech are her only goals, and she soon becomes a super tough soldier while dreaming of building mecha. Amongst the serious military academy stars, she's a blazing comet who changes everything. The ML is a brilliant strategist with deep power, and he slowly falls in love with her over the long course of the novel. The large supporting cast each have their own surprises and character development.

The first story arc follows the FL from her wretched beginnings to her military academy career.

The second story arc is the

military academy competition, which consists of 5 military academies competing in 12 contests, each on a different planet, a month apart. The team with the most points by the end wins. Because these are future soldiers, the contests can be life or death.

The author did a terrific job of making the danger/excitement/plot twists/enemies on each planet seem original and memorable. The Willard Star (virtual worlds) was the craziest tournament arena. I couldn't sleep and just had to read on.

The final story arc is (big spoilers)

FL and her friends discovering shocking conspiracies and risking everything to save their galaxy. Lots of plot twists and sudden dangerous discoveries! Little things from the earlier story end up becoming significant in the overall plot. ML defies everyone to be with her and is one of the few to believe in her when the crap hits the fan. It's a nice happy ending all round.


There is a lot of comedy (I laughed so hard at FL's shamelessness at the dance...) and tons of interstellar/mecha adventure. As for romance, it's a very subtle, slow burn, but it's worth it when you see how the FL and ML develop at the end. The ML is...

Ying Xingjue, the SSS+ commander/military aristocrat. It's a 1:1 romance, there are no other crushes. Some of my fav scenes are the wild FL touching his long hair as sneakily as possible, and the all-perceptive ML quietly allowing her. I know one reviewer didn't like their first meeting, but the original chapter 137 explains the military situation at the time, and why the ML had to leave abruptly, thinking planetary authorities would soon rescue the injured FL.


I highly recommend this, it's probably the best interstellar novel I've read on NU. Google translate had the best MTL I could find. Just temper your expectations because the translation is only at the end of the first story arc. (Also, I have no idea why the novel cover here is so ugly. The novel deserves a vibrant, interstellar anime/manga type cover. It would make an amazing anime/manga.) <<less
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hanarealbess rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: c142
It's starting to drag in my opinion. But 1 thing mainly ruined my ability to enjoy this.

... more>>

When she was younger the abandoned building she lived in was invaded by a Zerg and she was badly injured. Two aristocratic kids pop up in combat mechs and kill the Zerg and literally leave her to die because they don't actually care about people beneath them. 1 of those kids (more like 14/15 year olds) was the male lead. I can't stand this. Especially since it hasn't been fully addressed 140 chapters in. Because the MC doesn't really care I'm afraid he's gonna get off with a bland ass "I'm sorry" down the road and only regret it because it was the MC and not because it was extremely callous.


Also translated chapter 17 is only like the first half of mtl chapter 6 so do with that what you will 🤷🏽‍♀️ <<less
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notyourstraycat rated it
January 1, 2024
Status: c156
This novel is really good, give it a try. &Lt; ( ̄︶ ̄) >

The only problem I have with is that the translator has broken each original chapter into about three parts (without even mentioning (ノ≧∇≦) ノ ミ ┻━┻). The translation is good, no doubt, but 150 translated chapter equals around 40 something original chapters. And original number of chapters are 300+ chapters, which really makes you think how long this translation endeavor would go on (╯︵╰,). And ngl, it is better to opt for mtl if you can't wait, like what... more>> I am doing now┐ (˘_˘) ┌.

All in all, seeing the 300+ translated chapters I (☆▽☆) enthusiastically went into reading but it turned out pretty disappointing and misleading that's why 4 ⭐s. (๑•﹏•) <<less
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Blithe rated it
November 18, 2022
Status: Completed
You know how rare a find such a story is ? A FMC in a mecha world. I've been searching for such a story for years.

The comedy in this novel? Impeccable. The friendship between the 5 and the cute a** interaction between students of other academies? Wholesome (and chaotic) af. The plot and world building ? Very well written.

The MC is so good. She just sounds so fun to be around. She suffered so much but she thrived. I also love that there isn't much gender dynamics in this world.... more>> No jealous second FL or second ML for that matter. The ML is just adorable by the end.

I just really dislike the ending. It was so rushed that I kept on pressing the next button. I know it's finished but I want more. <<less
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LuoYi rated it
July 22, 2022
Status: c337
I had fun reading this. Made me laugh a lot of times.

The friendship among Wei San, Jin Ke, and others from Damocles is my favorite. Love them.

ML is okay too. The romance was slow burn and wasn't really the focus but he was very caring towards the MC when they got closer. Regarding the incident with him and Ju Chuyu and Wei San at 3212 when they were younger,

... more>>

when they met during the competition it wasn't mentioned until in the latter parts because Wei San didn't really put that incident to heart, she didn't really care. It was also explained why they had to leave without helping Wei San during that time. So even tho Xingyue and Chuyu were being jerks by leaving Wei San there, they were jerks for a reason lol.


I also agree with the other reviewers that the lack of gender bias here is really refreshing for a Chinese novel.

Wish the translation was better but thanks for picking this up and making us discover this one. <<less
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Sieqiii rated it
March 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Woah (ง>̀ ﹏ ́<) ง this novel is so fricking good. Before I get into it i'd like to remind that this novel is completed with over 320 long chapters translated. It seems like every aspect of the book just hits the right mark for me. The plot is intricate and fleshed out along the timeline and the MC is reaching levels of shamelessness i've never seen before. The basic summary of the novel can be summed down to an amazing mechanical engineer reincarnating into the body of an extremely poor... more>> orphan on a futuristic star where people aspire to be mecha soldiers and builders to fight starbeasts. Twist is, she is too poor to afford being a mecha engineer and therefore becomes a soldier and cultivates her knowledge on the side. I love the setting so much and the characters she meets along her journey, especially her besties in the same team who 'were' all rich noble kids who she corrupted into becoming shameless and stingy like her. I think my favourite aspect of this novel is how every piece of information we learn seems to all fits snuggly within a well planned timeline carefully crafted all in order to reach the climax. Nothing is forgotten along the way and even the most comedic moments seem to have purpose which just highlights how much care and thought the author put in. The novel is lighthearted at times but always carries a sense of seriousness and purpose, not to mention it has some really intriguing battles and world law as well as a seriously badass protagonist. <<less
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Ceci20 rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: Completed
disclaimer: Not sure what exactly counts as a spoiler, this is my first review

I wish I could find more novels like this one. What could you ask for more. The comedy was hilarious (I seldom laughed so hard while reading). The characters were great and I wish I had the kind of friends the MC has.

In regards to what others said. The ending was actually fine. I think it suited the story well. Though it would have been great to have some more fan service between MC and ml... their... more>> chemistry is great. Sometimes the MC seemed more like a ML than the ML himself.

I also struggle reading long stories. Often halfway through I start to lose interest and have to force myself. This novel though...! I lost quite a lot of sleep while binge reading it. Though I skipped some small parts where the MC was learning mecha things, but overall the story kept a great pacing and rarely got repetitive.

Things I found especially great and unique:

  • finally not always those typical chinese face slapping moments
  • this one is a real slow burn

    like MC and ML don't even really interact until 1/3 of the story in. There were moments where I suspected a character to be the ml, for example Huo Xuanshan. He perfectly encapsulated the typical male lead style: mysterious, stronger than MC etc. so happy to find it wasn't the case, even though I love him

  • Spoiler

    the slight enemies/rivals to lovers vibe we have here. Love that the MC and ML don't have those fated meetings everywhere. Throughout the whole competition they are always serious in winning the championship for their school

  • even the side characters have developments.

    I somehow got quite the heart for Xiao Eli or something of the Samuel Academy. He is just so dump and hilarious ^^

  • no love triangle!!!! You heart it. Like other reviewers mentioned, the platonic relationships between all of them was like a breath of fresh air. And I have to agree, the fact that the MC was a girl never seemed to be emphasized. Even if most characters were male in this story, male and females were treated the same. With mtl it was sometimes even hard to decipher which gender they had...
In regards to the ML

I actually find that the incident at the beginning was well handled. The ML himself realized later (after finding out that the person they left to die was mc), that the MC doesn't need or want an apology. It seemed to affect him even more than her


Overall, I loved this novel. One of the best mecha stories I've read. Would recommend it to anyone who loves action/comedy with a bit of slow burn rival romance on the side ^^ <<less
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RipeApricot rated it
May 27, 2023
Status: Completed
10/5 Words can't express how much I enjoy this ride.

The personality of the MC is the type that I love! She reminds me of Shi Sheng from Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke. And I read Shi Sheng more than 10 times lol.

Then her group of friends and their friendship and tacit understanding is so great. The interaction is reay funny and they're all mischievous, got influenced by our MC.

... more>> Her group reminds me of Shen Yan Xiao's group of friends in The Good For Nothing Seventh Young Lady. I read that multiple times as well.

Every second of this fits my taste so I have no regrets. You know it's good when u proceed to MTL if you ran out of translated and I did! I read the MTL and I have no regrets.

Re-read? Probably I might someday.

The ML... Hehe, I thought it was the first guy she met when she went to the city... In the end he is part of her grouo of friends and the ML actually came from the enemy camp.

Slow romance but not boring, I dont even know which part will be considered as the start of the romance, you'll just notice that it's there, and i'll eat this sweetnest.

Plot is amazing, no plot hole, everything makes sense.

The side characters have their own characteristics and are not dumb.


- RipeApricot <<less
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Mmand1 rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: c95
Reminds me of 'Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man' in a good way. Keep it up! I'm not gonna be stingy, it's not great but it's extremely promising so far. Maybe we're just missing a big defining moment but I guess it's kina hard with MC being nonchalant and clueless most of the time.
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elliepot rated it
July 22, 2022
Status: Completed
First of all, FRIENDSHIP GOALS!!! I've probably laughed a considerable amount of times because of the dialogue between MC and her friends. I just love how shameless our MC is, she's really talented at provoking people. I also love how money-obsessed she is though it is understandable given her situation. She's got a really poisonous tongue and she has the abilities to back it up. I just love her. The characters from the other academies are also really funny.

The MC is really one of a kind, she's an icon. I'm... more>> not really into mecha, but this was a really enjoyable read. The ML is also really cute. I enjoyed how their relationship developed, it was a slow burn but it felt natural.

I enjoyed the plot as well, I personally also have a thing for fans as weapons so there's that. <<less
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NadiaClover rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is really good. Best. Sometimes I even forget that the MC is female and thought that she us male.😂😂😂 Like I mean I came to find novel romance, but when I read this, although in the early chapter there is no romance, I really enjoy it. I even not feel bored or angry, it's like you know reading something fun. 5 star.
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yanyanchan rated it
May 3, 2022
Status: Completed

I've literally reread this for like 3 times already and it never gets old! Ugh! Their friendship is totally friendship goals for me! And gods, everyone of them were really shameless (*ahem* Wei San *ahem*).

Oh yeah! The romance was really not the focus on this story! This story was literally the definition of slowburn (in my opinion). No lovey-dovey romance, only subtle. Also, the romance was at the end part of the story. But fret... more>> not—even without a romance this novel is still a masterpiece.


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