The Villainous Classmate is My Lucky Star


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Wen Yantong found herself transmigrated into a novel as a cannon fodder character with the same name as hers.

In this novel, this cannon fodder entered the Academy disguised as a man. She made the mistake of falling in love with the main male character. Then she was used by a female supporting character and met a bad end.

So after she was transmigrated into the novel, Wen Yantong’s priority was to escape from the Academy. But once she put her plan into action, bad luck would befall her, and she even crippled her legs. On crutches, she was trapped in the Academy and was sent to copy texts from the classical works of literature as punishment.

Then an incredible thing happened. Wen Yantong found the moment her classmate Little Marquis, the number one villain in the novel, decided to scold her, the wheel of fortune would turn in her favor. So Wen Yantong gave up on her plan. And the first thing in the morning was to find her lucky koi fish.

But the Little Marquis was very ferocious, often lashed out in violence at the least provocation. So Wen Yantong racked her brain, jumping back and forth on the verge of getting kicked and being scolded.

A typical dialogue between them was like this:

Wen Yantong:” Hi, Little Marquis.”

Little Marquis:” Get out!”

Wen Yantong:” Ok!”

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The Villainous Classmate is my koi
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15 Reviews

Sep 01, 2021
Status: --
(I may edit this later)

Warning: Spoiler

Funny, heart warming, and dreamy.

... more>> The story is not exaggerated. The leads didn't suddenly fall for each other. Their interactions flow gently and smoothly, and I was unconsciously drawn to their story.

The feeling didn't just appear in a night, it's gradual, smooth, and not forceful. ML didn't really... Hmmm, how do I say this. He knew FL, he had some impressions, but FL was not really someone he was fond of. He was basically indifferent + a bit annoyed.

I couldn't even recall a particular scene of why ML fell for FL because their interactions are just that smooth. But maybe, the turning point is when ML got hurt and FL cared for him.

What I particularly like about this novel is, it's warm and funny. The jokes aren't forced to be funny, I kept giggling when I read this. The brotherhood between ML and his friends is real. No scheming, no betrayal, only pure friendship between three childhood friends.


We will get glimpses about ML in the original timeline where he lost everyone he loved. His bitterness really hurt me. The way he soullessly fought and 'rebel'.

I was surprised when I read that Cheng Xiao cried when he killed ML and ML was actually happy as he felt that he only stayed alive and fight so he wouldn't feel guilty when he met the people who left in the afterlife.


ML may be fierce at first, but after he fell for FL, he fell really deep. Even when FL was very suspicious he still believed in her (though it's a bit unrealistic for ML and his friends to never even tried to probe FL's thoughts).

This guy is just so sweet. He's so gentle and cute. He gave sweet little treatments like accompanying FL when she's sleeping,

I'm not sure if this can be considered a flaw or not, but I regret that the fifth prince didn't get enough screen time and his character isn't really highlighted unlike Mu Yang's and Fu Zhixuan's. He was only shown as a gentle prince but also had the characteristics of the royal family.

Also, I hoped that we could have an explanation about his and Cheng Xiao's complicated relationship as half brothers. Ummm, but maybe I'm the only one who's a bit dissatisfied about it. But I really like it when he shows his affection towards his friends as I could see his gentleness.

I'm also a bit disappointed that we don't get enough chapters about the children.




Sweet ML

FL isn't an idiot

No heavy scheming or politic

Sweet and warm story

The brotherhood and friendship between ML and his friends are great

Protagonists are not evil


It's a bit unrealistic but who cares, lol.

The relationship between Cheng Xi and o!ML doesn't really get an indepth explanation

Idk, maybe just me, but I'm dissatisfied with Cheng Xi's lack of screentime <<less
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Alex idioz
Alex idioz
Feb 27, 2023
Status: --
In my opinion, the story is very refreshing. More heartwarming, sweet and a bit silly.

We don’t have a ML who treats his friends like his subordinates to order to do this and that. He genuinely cares for his friends and vice Versa. He is indeed cold but it was never irritating rather you would fall in love with how sweet he becomes as the story proceeds.

The FL is indeed dumb at the start, but that’s becoz she couldn’t get accustomed to that world all of a sudden and she’s always... more>> in a hurry to escape the catastrophe. She’s not a kind hearted girl we see in every story, but someone who puts her safety first in any kind of danger. But it’s good to see how she whole heartedly tries to save the ones she’s close with once she accepts the fact that she’s become the part of novel and grew affection with many characters in the novel, especially the ML. Another thing I like in her is, she may not be that all rounder who could save herself when a trouble comes but at least she tries not to become a burden to others.

All in all the story was really good. I liked it very much. <<less
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Nov 01, 2023
Status: c200
Hiya, Pure here, yep, I'm the translator of this novel. Decided to finally leave a review on this cute little story so let's get right into it.

I've read this story a while back before considering even picking it up. At that time, I loved loved *loved* how Wen Yantong (our MC) was depicted, she's nothing like the average transmigrator; she's very normal, none of that 'I'm a secret agent/doctor/historical expert' stuff-- she's very human, someone the readers can relate to. We get to watch her grow, grow from the silly... more>> girl who draws Old Man Dings, Bulbasaurs, and Psyducks (and let's not forget her Neo Armstrong's Cyclone Canon sculpture) to the 'uncultured' ancients --the girl who once considered herself an outsider of this world she's been put into-- to someone whose accepted that she's part of this new world. She starts to embrace the people around her as real people with emotions and thoughts instead of just a character on a sheet of paper. And once it happens, she starts taking things seriously. There's a lot of character growth, it happens gradually. However, I guess it's not everyone's cup of tea and I respect that, so this review is a warning for those who are impatient to just avoid this novel instead of cutting it short later on. The novel's been spliced into 260ish chapters, so don't expect her to magically mature in 20. If you are looking for more innately intelligent MC, then please refer to my other project 'Chang'an Small Restaurant'; she's just as quirky, but has a higher IQ and EQ, and blends in with the ancients well.

Going back to this novel, another reason why I enjoy it is bc the ML is not also not a block of ice; he cares for not only the MC, but for his friends. We rarely see ML's who have actual friends who mutually care for one another, but Chi Jingxi, once you get to know him more, is a really softie when it comes to his friends. He holds the people close to him dearly and does anything to protect them. Plus, this is again, another slow romance novel (like all the recent projects I've tled haha), the CP doesn't get together instantly, if anything, our ML despised our MC's lack of IQ for a long time xD.

Oh yes, our MC does has a golden finger cheat, but it is barely used in the main plot of the story, more like a comedic add-on. This story is fairly lighthearted, I don't want to spoil anything, so this is all. Haha, otherwise, thanks for reading my blurb here... since you've already read this far, and if you haven't began reading this novel, what are you waiting for? Go, have a blast! <<less
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Dec 26, 2022
Status: Completed
This was pretty good.

The writing is really good and even though the entire nuance of the story couldn't be carried over (through translation and MTL) this novel still managed to keep me hooked.

Even though FL isn't very smart I still feel as though the characters are all very lovable. The entire story is kind of stereotypical however and if you've read many historical romances this may be a bit boring.

My one gripe is the numerous loose ends.

... more>>

FL never revealed anything about the world being a novel, which that in itself is a bit interesting. In a later chapter when she's talking to oriFL she makes a side comment saying how oriFL reminds her this is a novel and not the real world. I thought that was really out of left field but it was kinda brushed past and basically the last mention of the original story excluding the extras.

Also the whole premise of the story is also forgotten! After the beginning, the lucky star cheat is completely gone from the story! This made me really sad since there was so much potential there..


Also the beginning of the romance was a bit awkward I feel but the interactions after that were very heartwarming and adorable. I don't think it was too forced but that could also be my own illusion.

But besides that this was really good and I liked it a lot. Id recommend but I could also understand how this could be boring too. <<less
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Sep 25, 2023
Status: --
uhhhhh CUTE....

i love the MC she's literally just a foolish weirdo but she's kind and loving. she cares about people and friends. I love that she's not sure what's going on with the ancient plotting and stuff because that's so me-coded. if I got transmigrated to the past I definitely wouldn't be able to think of these schemes, but then the ancient people also are confused by her modern thought processes....

the ML is so good he LOVES his friends and honestly isn't even that villainous. I reeeeally love that he's... more>> like "I'm jealous you're hanging out with other guys but they're your friends too" like wow! he knows she has other friends! and he also cares so much about his lil friend group and indulges them LIKE.... it's so cute. I am so happy that the MC got to have a friend group too and she HUGGED the other friend and the ML wasn't like. get off. it's sweet as hell. anyway all in all a fun read! <<less
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Dec 06, 2022
Status: c24
If you like independent, smart, hardworking, clever, and/or socially smart female MCs, then this book is not for you. Maybe she goes through a magical girl transformation later (but sorry I'm not willing to wait), but this book is a comedy bc the author wrote a dumb female MC. Yup. You know that's the case because the ML explicitly says how utterly dumb & unmotivated to improve the MC is and that's the author being aware what they are doing.

The bonus is that this book is written very entertainingly. So... more>> as long as you don't hate dumb characters, you'll eat up this book. I even found the book to be interesting and exciting... which is why I'm disappointed the MC is who she is... Besides food, sleep, and thigh hugging, her mind is not that vast to say the least.

This book is a chick fic slap-stick comedy with a MC who is dumb doing outrageous things to "survive" (even though just keeping quiet & studying would have let her survive too... Imo) for humor. Idk. Not my humor tho. Didn't laugh even once.

I'm actually really disappointed with this novel. I actually was enjoying it a lot. But the MC started ruining it for me once I realized she doesn't do anything. Logical. She lies a lot too. Which arguably is quick witted if people didn't see through her and snarl at her for it anyways. I'm sure the novel progresses and maybe she changes but I can't handle this anymore. I dislike dumb female MCs... It's too stereotypical. Too many books are like this. Not for me. I'm just the type who would rather have a slightly op character than a lazy, unmotivated, and dimwitted one.

(Btw I personally don't think a "normal girl" would think a guy in an alternative ancient china world would know what a psyduck is. Sure who knows how we'd act if we got into a scary world like this as cannon fodder... But to say she is normal and acting in a normal realistic way is. Like. Uh. Ok. Yes "I'd go out to kill a rooster at night even though at this point I know I'm gonna escape from this school soon anyways"... Let's not pretend y'all. The writing is engaging yes entertaining yes but well written ? Uh that's up to you but my definition requires much more character depth than this) <<less
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Apr 27, 2024
Status: Completed
Its so cute. It has so many plot holes but I loved it so much. I loved all the characters and the comedy is really good, I was laughing most of the chapters. Mu Yang is my fav boy.

This is not a serious novel with political intrigue. Its a purely romantic comedy novel. It has tons of plot holes (I personally dint care because the comedy was really good). There are no super smart people fighting with their brains all the time. Its also fresh to read a school-life story... more>> based in the olden times. Most of the characters are good, there are very few villains. The original FL is also cute and a close friend to the FL. The princes are also good so there was no bloody fight for the throne. Its a daily slice of life with a little spice about politics and lots of comedy.



The FL and ML get married and have twins. They go back to their hometown and the ML inherits the marquis title. The fifth prince will be aiding his brother crown prince with his duties, Fu Zixian becomes the minister of war. Mu Yang still wouldn't have figured what to do as he finds everything boring, I am sure he will figure it out soon too.

The original ML and FL will also get married and the original ML will have a small official position because he is a prince. They will be happy.

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Apr 28, 2023
Status: c22
I thought this novel is interesting... but for me it's not XD they say romance/interaction for both MC and ML happen naturally but it's not XD very cliche. Out of nowhere ML is there.. and MC is not interesting enough for me. I prefer of the MC is always curious and loves to investigate, cunning, and retorts cleverly. Not this MC who easily scared, weak, unmotivated. Only the plot/scenarios are progressing for the story to move XD
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Mar 31, 2023
Status: Completed
Light hearted and cute. The kind of literature where you leave your brains behind and just enjoy the silly, sometimes bizarre antics of the characters. As other reviews say, the FL is quite s*upid for the most part and she doesn't actively scheme/contribute in any way. She realizes her best bet is to hug the golden thigh and she manages to succeed. She does mellow down later though. Initially The ML was the typical jerk big guy but as we read more, we are exposed to the more endearing, sweet... more>> sides of him. I got teary every time we saw his perspective of the original plot mainly because the author managed to show the brotherhood he shared with his friends really well. You could see how their d3aths affected him. I loved their dynamic and relationship. One can tell the author has a soft spot for Mu Yang and by the end of the novel, you will too. His naive, direct character is so rare in novels like these. Some of the other side characters were really nice too.

That said, there are a LOT of loose ends and incomplete story threads. A lot of major incidents were diverted but there was no counter-attack, the koi-effect thing was made use of only till they got together, we don't know the masterminds behind several events, the original suspects were just given clean chits, the emperor just turned a blind eye to glaring anomalies etc etc. Anyway, don't expect any convoluted plot, politics or scheming. Read for a sweet romance and some warm stories of brotherhood and friends. <<less
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Jul 27, 2022
Status: --
This novel is interesting and funny. Also, the translations was top notch.

The MC had an entertaining personality and when she tried to avoid problems in the quickest way (in her opinion), it ended up with her getting new problems. She accepted that she can't solve the problems alone and then turned to hunt the ML to be her backer solely because the ML was a powerful thigh to hug and she can't afford to offend the other party so why not flatter him and get him as her backer instead

The... more>> ML also wasn't giving anyone face and gave the same attitude towards the MC. And it makes you itch to see how thing would develop between the two cuz they really seemed incompatible at first

The other thing that I like from this novel is that even tho the MC is the cannon fodder, the ori FL from the novel still act kindly towards her. Not like the usual novel where the ori FL turned jealous and envious towards the side character or cannon fodder

But! Towards the end,

the novel have a plot hole. I don't know if it's because of the mtl translations or anything, Wen Yantong faked her death in order to escape from the academy but she still occupying the house granted from the emperor to the male scholar Wen Yantong which is an illogical thing to do after you fake your death in order to avoid the crime of deceiving the emperor by dressing as a male in the academy


Other than that, this novel has decent dynamics and the most important, it gave me a good laugh <<less
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May 12, 2024
Status: Completed
This is a light-hearted that focuses more on comedy, romance and friendship. It does have a lot of plot holes, and seemingly insignificant storylines but it's a fun read because this story has a multitude of different side characters that shine. Both the FL and ML are also rather funny together and the chemistry between them is interesting. MC naturally transmigrated into ancient times and she doesn't want to interfere with the plot. She does not have a System and her supposed golden finger is only noticed by the FL midway through the story. The ML insults her, but not in an overly mean way. He is usually quite sarcastic. He says things like, "Oh you don't know how to keep clean??" when FL dirties his things, and apparently it counts as him insulting her and FL then has good luck. FL doesn't really rely on the golden finger. She makes use of it sometimes in the beginning but later on when the relationship with the ML improves, it doesn't appear anymore. It basically isn't mentioned at all. Which is weird. Like, I want to know if its just a fluke or if its really a golden finger?? LOL. FL later on wants to save her friends from their tragic end in the plot but honestly, I don't feel she really does a whole lot. Sure, she changes some things here and there just by her existence but she doesn't actively change their tragic future. It's a very passive thing. The only parts I felt she really did something was when she went to the warzone.


She told the soldiers to go a certain way to find the ML. She warned the ML where to hide before he left and he listened to her. FL also cured a disease by adding 3 different herbs she read about before transmigrating. What I didn't like about the epidemic part was how badly it was written. There was no active isolation despite it being wide-spread, no proper treatment of the supposed epidemic. Author probably wrote this story before Covid lol. The way the disease was described to have spread was also very illogical but I was like, meh at this point and just wanted the story to end lol.


I think the story is enjoyable to read, with some comedic moments, and lots of fun scenes about the friendship between the characters. It could've been better though. Lots of plot holes but ignore them and just go for the ride. Translation is so good which is why this is a 4 instead of a 3.
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Dec 21, 2023
Status: Completed
heeeyyy MC and ML progress in relationship was reallyyyy smooth.

From MC being known to the school due to her antics ahahha to her getting new friends along the way^^ kinda hit and miss first on her realizing her golden finger ehe ML also slowly falls in love with FL and shows his affection on his own way. FL also does not hesitate when she realized her feelings ~ Friends surrounding them are also heartwarming and you can see the loyalty!!.

FL transmigration gave ML another new life to look... more>> forward [ kinda good that ML does not remember 1st life or the outcome of the book, but ML being witty Knows there's something in FL thats different] despite that they slowly give each other trust. FL's family also good to her!! Just like ML having another happy ending with her, FL also finally felt familial love.

The story was funny, intriguing and heartwarming along the way. Especially their journey during the war and helping citizens.

The original Fl&ML of the Book is not irritating, they were friends throughout. Past dynasties just really can give different outcome based on who wins the throne. Finally A happy ending for the characters!! They had children^^ <<less
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Aug 27, 2023
Status: Completed
4 ⭐

Now I understood why many readers dropped it on the early chapter and the ones who read it until last chapter mostly gives it a 4 star.

Not going to give a long review but here's the conclusion.

... more>> The first half was written so badly, so many loopholes, and FMC is sillyyyyy. I just have this thought that our FMC could have been written better.

The second half and the ending was good, fortunately. It makes up the "minus" of the first half of the story but still can't make it perfect so yup it's 4 stars. The thing that I like the most was the friendship between the characters around FMC.

It was a light read so I still recommend it to people who's ok with a no-brain story, just make sure to not drop it until the second half! <<less
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Sep 05, 2022
Status: Completed
i enjoyed it and it well written than I thoughts.

Feeling not forceful. It's smooth develop have nice flow. Not annoyed or have misunderstood plot.

FL is the same type. Transmigrated girl lead in Chinese novel. Nothing new but she behave like normal girl. Just know the plot and have cheat- very lucky when stay with ML or get him scold her.

Villains may come back again and again and no big face slap show. No showie. But I like that. I like how FL solve it. Some may think she s*upid and... more>> helpless but that how normal girl be when send to where you know nothing about it.

She not turn to be genius, have good grades. Author not look down on other hard work just for tell us how amazing FL is like some other novel. She just good at math and run in PE class till the end🤣. I hope that she learn something to protect herself but we know that no one can learn just few months and FL just know run and hide for good XD.

She a bad lier and good at flattering. She use it a lot. We can still find the bad flow how she act but still acceptable.

ML is cold face, normal one and get melted by fl. (I know it coming but still love to read it haha)

All of side characters are good, have own personality. Mu yang is my boy 🤣 love him. He's cute.

If you like to read love Chinese novel and find decent one. I recommend this one. <<less
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May 23, 2022
Status: --
It is light nice okay okay read I guess. The characters are distinct and have their own personality and bg story, and ... more>>

even though FL seemed so damn reckless in the beginning, she had her own character growth as she gradually got along with her classmates. Her Richie and powerful classmates were all nice as a person even though they were deep minded due to their position and family. And it was fun to read through their interactions.

ML is tsundere hot tempered picky cat, and his impression of FL also changed as they got along together. It was natural, and it felt expected and obvious when he was easily able to find her gender. As original soul in FL had recklessly ran over to join in this academy with poor cover up. And our poor FL had to bear the pot and her plans to escape were all in vain.

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