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He was transmigrated as the most miserable Demon King in history. Before Hill had the time to feel depressed, he heard the news that the Demon King’s Palace was surrounded by Paladins. Then he was forced to sign an unfair treaty, disempowering and humiliating the demons. Afterwards, Hill took on the responsibility of reviving the demon world.

No soldiers? It doesn’t matter, we invade them with our culture.

No weapons? It doesn’t matter, we corrupt them with delicacies.

The instigator, the Demon King Hill who was a transmigrator, smiled and counted his money in the luxurious Demon King’s palace, and his subordinates carefully asked: Your Majesty, Demon King, are we still attacking the human world?

Hill waved his hand and posted the latest news on the Demon Forum:

“Breaking News! For the first time, the demon world is open to the human world for tourism! Movies, novels, animations, food, up-and-coming amusement parks… Do you want all of this? Go ahead, we’ve put it all out there, the Demon World welcomes you all!”

——The world is in my hands.

I painted the cover myself! Isn’t it super pretty?

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GrimmyAF rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: c220
Dropped the novel.

No idea about the translator, since read it in Chinese.

Its a good novel if you're not looking for a BL novel, but a farming/kingdom building one instead.

... more>> MC (copies) creates and brings culture form earth into this new magic world, such as movies, anime, books. Basically taking earth materials and stories, then publishing it with demons replacing the original characters, like the youkai in Natsume's Book fo Friends.

However, the novel becomes repetitive, since it's repeating the same steps of bringing Culture -> everybody is shocked and loves it -> more Humans like demons -> repeat.

If you're looking for a romance, this novel is definitely not for you. 60% through the novel and you know more about the MC's subordinates and friends than you do about the ML. <<less
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Arisana rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: --
The focus of this story is not really on romance. The MC transmigrated as the Demon King of the Demon Realm. They need to pay compensation for the war, a total of 10.09 million magic spars. So you can see that this will be focused more on doing business. But MC wanted to invade the humans to overthrow the Church of Light so MC used Cultural Invasion which I think is really interesting. Life in this (medieval?) world is really boring so it's fun to read their reactions to this... more>> and that... and how their mindset was changed. <<less
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March 26, 2021
Status: --
MC transmigrated as the demon king. ML was the fallen paladin. Their relationship didn't feel like a relationship. It was mostly because MC thought ML looked good and they got along well (even though they didn't talk or see each other much) so they banged. ML went along.

The author should have spent time on developing the characters instead of wasting a lot of paper writing about MC making these bastardized versions of Japanese anime, Disney and popcorn Western movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Iron Man, the Avengers, etc. I... more>> couldn't get through that huddle to keep reading. <<less
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Ohinmaaloh rated it
December 1, 2021
Status: c130 part2
This has been a very atypical read. And I like that

I'll start with the concerns

  1. First of all, as many others mentioned, the romance is very very slow. Its definitely not the focus of the author, as it is not uncommon for the ML to not be present in 5 chapters, then appears in a chapter to be flirted with for two paragraphs before disappearing again for 5 chapters. If you want a romance novel, the romance is not the focus, so this might not be for you. Personally, I preferred this, because it allowed ample time for the story to focus on other relationships and characters. Also, with a slower romance, it feels more like there is a world outside the two of them.

    They don't even kiss until like chapter 120 I think

  2. Second of all, as many others mentioned (again), the story does get repetitive. It follows introduction of something, making that something, presenting that something, humans loving that something. Sometimes multiple of these will overlap with eachother in the story, but most of the "arcs" follow this line. And so far, there hasn't been very much 'conflict' to change this outline.
  3. Thirdly, the author has some.... interesting views on certain topics. And they make sure to make them known. It's been a while since I've seen an author be so overt in their opinions, whether political or social. If you are known to be bothered by opinions contrary to your own, you might be ready to skip certain sections.

    The biggest one is that there is a section where the author basically self-inserts on the MC and talks about how Ariel should have always been white cause its part of her character. Spoiler alert: Her skin color is not part of her character. Beauty is not defined by skin color, and Ariel can be black as much as she can be white. Just because Disney made her a white girl does not mean that she needs to be a white girl for the rest of eternity, especially when she lives at the bottom of the sea, and therefore doesn't live in an area with a typical homogeneous population to derive your main characters skin color from. China is currently going though a thing where beauty is defined by "whiteness" (which you can notice in lots of BL novels) and its really disgusting. I considered dropping the novel here, but I kept going

Now I'll talk about the things I enjoyed:

  1. The main character. He is such an entertaining main character to me. He is very powerful (in a gary stu way), but its something he knows and the author knows. His personality is just, extremely appealing to me. I don't really know how to describe him, but I really enjoy the way he is written.
  2. The writing style. The other major thing that really makes this novel a 5 star to me is the writing style (so thank you translator for doing such a well job). It is clear that the author is not trying to be too serious when writing this novel, they aren't trying to make any literary masterpieces or make any changes to the world. They are writing the novel how they want, and it really comes through to me. The author is just having fun while writing the novel, and that made me have tons of fun reading it. If you are reading this novel for some serious plot lines or some enemies who provide a challenge, then you are in the wrong spot. This is a fun, lighthearted novel that is not serious, and the author knows it and plays into it well.
    To try to describe it better, the main character will frequently interrupt normal, serious topics with "flirtatious banter" or comments that solely exist because his mind is in the gutter. Normally, this tonal shift would really bother me, however the author plays into it really well by using it to consistently keep the mood of the novel slightly higher than these heavy topics usually require. They do this in other ways, the biggest of which is by having the other characters react in disgust/shock to the MC whenever this happens, which really shows the fact that "oh, this tonal shift is happening because the MC is a weirdo, and everyone else recognizes it too."
  3. The male lead. Although he isn't expanded on much in the novel so far, he is one of the better male leads from novels I've read. He's got his flaws and his strong points. Most of all, he isn't some generic BL personality top that is seen in most other novels, which is something that I really appreciate
  4. The side characters. Because so little of the novel (so far) has been the interactions between the MC and ML, it has resulted in certain side characters being extremely well developed. One big thing that has resulted from this is developed female characters!!! Yes! A BL novel with female characters who are developed as well as the male characters. Even though this novel is like other BL novels in that there is a disparity in number of men vs number of women, the relevant female characters being developed so well was very appealing. Olivia is, so far, probably the most dynamic character in the novel, which I find fun. As a male feminist, I consider this a win! As for the other gendered side characters, some of them are well developed and interesting, others are pretty bland, but usually the bland ones stop appearing after their role is done so its fine.
  5. The culture. The majority of this novel is bringing earths culture to another world. I've seen this 20 times in other novels, I expected it to be the same this time. The thing that really shocked me though was that, in this novel, the MC really brought the "earths" culture. Normally its just Japan or China (depending on where the novel is from), but this novel has USA, Japan, China, Russia, even some Native American. I really enjoyed how broad the author was pulling their "culture" from. It made it feel more about the pieces themselves, instead of the country they were being gathered from.
  6. The humor. The MC's humor was top tier in my opinion, but also was the authors and other characters. It all mixed together very well. There were some hiccups, but overall it was great. I mean, where else will I get a novel where the author dedicates a whole chapter to ranting about how demonic the "laughing policeman" is. Its from the 1920's for goodness sake.
In the end, I gave the novel a 5 star because its been a while since I've been so entertained by a novel. As for if I recommend it to other people, I think that if you are looking for something not too serious, where romance is the sub plot instead of the main plot, then yes its a good choice, and you can at least check it out.
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LeniSnow rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: --
This author is a person of culture. Relatable MC in terms of world experience. Never would I have thought to encounter quotes from anime I grew up and value with. Take all my upvote and respect.

Those who don't like his world building with earth (mostly otaku) cultural invasion are not people of culture. Disgrace to this community.

Wtf, who said MC and ML isn't like a relationship, you haven't been in a real one. Stop reading novels and experience what real life relationship is. Their interaction was seldomly seen but you... more>> know they're developing, damn the sexual tension gives me rl tension. <<less
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faeriexine rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: c105
To be honest, it started off good but then it just went downhill from there.

When reading this novel, I expected a lot because of how good the beginning was however, it really didn't live up to my expectations. I love kingdom building novels but this one is so repetitive that it physically pained me to keep my eyes open. He literally just copies everything from the real world like anime, game of thrones, mangas and so forth. But honestly that didn't put me off though because I've seen my fair... more>> share of MCs doing this, however what irritated me was that that's all there is to it. Like thats it, thats basically the whole plot done. Unlike 'The Lord is Addicted in Infrastructure', the MC seems as if he has no other advantages other than the fact he has modern knowledge, which is quite annoying considering the tag in here is 'protagonist strong from the start'. I mtled some chapters but I couldn't keep reading so I just dropped it.


Also the MCs comment about having a black mermaid was really unnecessary, why is it that in most Chinese novels they have to include their disdain of darker skin tones? For goodness sake this is a fantasy world with all types of races, what's the importance of remaking a movie and making sure the person who plays Ariel has beautiful 'pale skin that glistens in the sunlight' when no one would give a f*ck either way because duh, its a world that doesn't face these social issues in the first place. There was really no need for the MC to implement these changes and although this problem took up one page, it really stuck with me.

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Lazyreader1324 rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: c201
The main character is transmigrated to another world as a demon king, I like his adaptability as a demon king and businessman. At first you cant guess who is the male lead because all men on his side were all awesome. But I still dont know why demons cant recognize the "original" demon king's personality like it was their boss.

I like the part when the demon king create those movie like in his original world and the reaction of people while watching those but sometimes it become so boring like... more>> the author just write this so the chapter will be longer.

I like the main character's personality but the male lead is nahhhh, he was so boring out of love interest of the MC sometimes I think that maybe if this was harem type bl then it will be more interesting.

The translation is top notch, thanks for the translator who kept posting. <<less
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aujnbr rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: --
The first chapter started off really good. It's all downhill from there.

• The author tends to insert a bunch of random facts with their unnecessary opinion on it.

• I didn't mind at first that it didn't bother much on romance according to the reviews as I was interested in the worldbuilding, but everything was just so repetitive and boring I wished the ML just appeared and got everything over with.

• Typical CN novel where the MC gets praised for every little thing he does. While the side characters were indeed... more>> more focused on than the ML, why was everyone so brainless anyway? MC wouldn't be able to do sh*t if only everyone behaved logically, to be honest.

• Everyone was in on what the MC was trying to do in the beginning: 'invasion', but somehow once they watch/read what he produced (copied)... they forget all doubts and start blindly praising. I'll accept this if MC infused magic, but he didn't. They just love everything he brings, not much cultural or ideological resistance.

• Conversation with one of the side characters, Joan Baker, where MC and him attempts to point out each other's... what, morals? personality? was so corny. If the two of them were truly so cunning, they don't need to vocalize everything they think about the other like they were reciting an article from a website or something.

• I would be able to forgive the lack of common sense too if the comedy was topnotch, but along the way the author's unnecessarily stated biases and repetitiveness made everything dull. <<less
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darkhunter26 rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: c150
So far so good. Ohinmaaloh's review realllyy covered all the points.

As a generic brain-ded reader here, this novel was fun. If you like fast paced novels this ones for u with romance as a sub plot and good humor I mean I did get a good laugh while reading this. Am only half novel in so I cant say how it will progress..

As for repititive arcs, I mean it was expected MC is in medieval period, the humans are going to be shocked, until now its fine tho. Till now... more>> the good points outweigh the bad points here for me, I only had problem with the info dump (recipes and such), as for him copying everything didnt have much issue with it, cuz he was adapting and everything was his propaganda againt the church and making demons likeable and much in line with demon king persona. So far his interactions with duke, the merchant and the elf were my fav parts.

(the holy trinity here) Power hungry Duke, Greedy for Money Merchant and the Lusty DEMON.


It also shows him being the demon king and accepting the fact, transtioning from human to demon, thinking like one, all of it happens bit by bit and takes a long time. He doesn't just go " yoho im the new demon b*tch", he misses his home and gets sad too but bounces back pretty quick cuz he doesnt have time to mope around and got new frens.

him being disturbed after he almost killed someone himself and seeking comfort from ML in demon way was interesting


As for-


The ariel issue, I mean ngl I had the same reaction about non white ariel and stage play hermione being black, most of it was confusion and bewilderment, it was like telling me that this movie has a non-white Santa Claus, (most ppl in east (asian countries) will have this reaction) we assume that its classic, and for us its a question like why are u changing the classics, well most reactions go this way then I kinda moved on and was why not?it still is pretty cool. Cant say much about MC, but I can see where the author comes from, the intial confusion is valid, but not accepting non-white version is not.

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theeeargonauts rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: c67
If you're here for the romance, don't. It just feels like I'm beeing queerbaited, honestly. But I do love the world building and I enjoy culture exposing novels so its a good read for me. It's well-written enough and the characters are okay, beyond the author adding the weirdest opinions.

The lack of gay behavior beyond some suggestive jokes and comments is just kind if frustrating. It's like an itch I can't scatch.

Nonetheless, five stars. Good read when I need to turn my brain off.
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Chipmunkch33k5 rated it
May 25, 2022
Status: c230
In a slightly hilarious but more scary is that the MC reminds of me of those types of keyboard warrior fans (cultured edition) that actually has power. I’m a bit glad that he has a reasonably good conscience despite all of that.
The only things that kept me going were the interactions with the demons and a few other important side characters. Some of food recipes and the confrontation between the main antagonist.
I have to also point out the ONLY reason why there’s a slow romance was that... more>> the ML was barely there; bcz every time he was online, you can lift weights with the amount of tension they had (which was hot most of the time ngl)

I sincerely hope that the final “battle” won’t end in an anticlimactic way. If it did, it has to make sense. <<less
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March 23, 2022
Status: Completed
A wonderful feel-good novel, recommend reading a couple of times to really understand and appreciate every elements in it, because it can get very confusing/muddled easily (imo). It has an uplifting air that makes you feel good, happy and relaxed at the end of the day. If you're looking for grueling plot points and heavy romance this might not be one for you.. I picked this up to read and cheer myself up at the end of a tiring day, and it does its job wonderfully. Alot of the elements... more>> are repetitive (i.e. Picking something from this world to 'copy' and introduce it to the other world/amazes people there) but personally that feels very grounding to me, it caters to my need for a feel-good, low-stimulation, uplifting novel to relax with at the end of the day. I enjoyed the dialogue/interactions between the characters alot more after a second read, I think the tone/humor is a little harder to understand. There's alot of innuendos and nuances in how the relationship develops through interactions, so I highly recommend taking a break in between and re-reading everything again to get a clearer picture of what the author's doing!

A big part of this novel is the pop culture references (irl) -- if you have no clue about magical girl madoka or violet evergarden or natsume book of friends etc. -- It can be a little intimidating not knowing where it's gonna go/if you need preliminary knowledge, but don't worry it's not a hurdle if you haven't finished the series irl. The novel takes the time to tell you the core of what the franchises' about, the main message and the emotions it wants to share. So even if you have no clue what 'x' is about, you'll still get to enjoy this story and maybe get a good recommendation for a movie/anime series for the future as well!

Very impressed at how fast the translator is going with this novel, hopefully more and more people will get to enjoy it and love it lots. I had a good ride reading, the only thing that felt abit 'meh' to me was how dependent this novel is on other franchise/utilizing a kind of fanfic element into the novel, there's little to no creativity when it comes to innovation/creation, BUT I do love that it understands how to use what piece, where and when to apply to the situation that it creates in the novel. Basically, apply knowledge is solid, just lack a bit of original creativity/ideas (leans too much into borrowing/copying franchises), but otherwise not a big problem to me personally.

Others have commented on the romance aspect, personally while I enjoy their relationship, I don't know how I feel about it because the ML character isn't really? It's not very substantial. He's not built up so I have no clue how/who he is as a person, it's really an after-thought to the career-oriented plot. Personally I like it when it focuses more on career-line, but yeah. If you're looking for romance perhaps you'll like it perhaps not. Overall it's not a typical stereotype of this genre and has very interesting elements (especially the relationships/interactions between charas) but there's pros and cons to everything. <<less
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Imortal fox
Imortal fox rated it
March 30, 2021
Status: c7
I'm loving this story with my whole being !! The MC is SO COOL !!! Same!! In particular, I loved a chapter so much that I read, reread and even added it to my favorites because it was so cool the way the MC acted! But it is all just beginning, I hope the story continues as good as it is now and does not disappoint, so it does not have 5 stars, when I finish reading everything I will come back and vote with more certainty.
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