Cultural Invasion In Different World


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A group of dragons are watching “Game of Thrones” day and night

High Elf and Druid are in tears after watching “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”

Humans​ and Dwarfs are greatly spending money on “Hearthstone”

Even the god personally arrived in the mortal world to read “Sherlock Holmes” novels.

Eventually, a great Druid has started a “pick and drop” business, all Dwarfs and gnomes have joined for the construction of internet stores.

A cultural invasion in different world from earth!

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Bringing Culture to a Different World
Cultural Invasion into Isekai
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Felix3D rated it
November 19, 2017
Status: c770
This is an understated protagonist that wants to find the "Third option". If you liked Maouyuu, Gourmet of Another World, or are looking for a Chinese Novel that doesn't focus on shithead protagonists or the incessant "Leveling up" of what's common right now, this would be for you.

Think of this as I am a Superstar if the protagonist wasn't a human piece of garbage, if the protagonist wanted to change the world and the lives of those around him for the better, while never losing sight of the fact that... more>> everyone in the world can screw you over (unlike how Japanese novels handle it).

Think of this like True Star, but with the Protag not claiming credit for the masterpieces outside of what is somewhat understandable and reasonable. Of a Protagonist in a "Plagiarism genre" story actually saying "I'm not the writer of [This work]. It was something I've imported from a faraway land" when talking to buyers and investors. Of a protagonist actually having the brain to adapt and modify works like a real translator/localizer so that they can be sold better in the target audience.

Until it is actually fully translated, I can't say much more (Spoilers!). But it's basically sort of like Outbreak Company but without the bullsh*t and in an Isekai style.

Edit: At ch 770 now - holy shit. Fluff/worldbuilding I thought I could ignore is actually foreshadowing for later arcs, serious arcs. There are so many callbacks and payoffs for people who realize what's going on. And once again the author and MC respects credit and precedent, those that come before... and it actually makes sense in context once you get there in the story, as this leads to other developments, to a bigger picture. He's actually starting to play a bit loose with the concept of Credit and Copyright right now... and we can see the problems as well as benefits from both sides of the story. (In a sense. None of this is explicitly stated to be "Bad" or "Good", but as readers we can see causality, no?)

One clear thing is that this story is a bit naive and idealistic. But it's filled with hope and love in ways other chinese webnovels fail to deliver.

At this point, I'd make the argument that the MC is not the MC. He's merely a side character, a guide, sort of like Count D in Petshop of Horrors, or the Chef in Isekai Shokudou (restaurant of another world), or the Nobu Store from Isekai Izakaya Nobu. The MC and the adaptation of familiar media of Earth becomes the platform to explore new cultures/realities and other interesting characters' lives as we see this cultural exchange and almost parody of what we live in. Some things are played for laughs in order to hide the darker undertones, but for such an idealistic story to even address or acknowledge things like media addiction or the realities of making it big like a star (and how a star can stay big), as well as problems associated with fame makes me very happy.

It also has one of the more realistic slow-burning romances (not torrid Shojou/josei tramptacular romances XD) in chinese webnovels, and we see a relationship built on respect and mutual interests and close proximity. <<less
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PixelFixer rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: --
Some of the reviews here are kind of baffling. They insinuate that the novel is unrealistic and that the author makes stuff up as he goes instead of doing his research.

I call hogwash. Everything is explained clearly before being put into action.

The thing is, this is a soft fantasy novel. This isn't some LitRPG with levels and magic stats. From the MC's point of view, all magic needs to do is emulate modern technology, so why would we need a more detailed explanation than, "It's a rare metal that can... more>> be moulded into any shape and is a good conductor of magic"?

This novel is about a guy recreating entertainment products from earth in a fantasy world, to spread demon propaganda into the realm of humans. No one gives a sh*t about the specifics of how he made a camera with magic rocks.


And that one commenter who was angry about the author not calling a male succubus an incubus? Dude's either high on tr*sh isekai or just entered puberty. There was no lack of explanation on the author's part, it was your own fault for skipping it.

It was clearly established that the race of succubi is all female, and that the birth of a male is rare and considered a defect. They can't use the powers of a succubi, so they are useless and thus, not the same as incubi.

Unless you have a fetish for male succubi, I can't imagine dropping a novel for something like that. I can count the number of times I've heard the word "Incubus" with my nipples, so I wouldn't fault the author or translator for not knowing it either.


It's a really fun novel, and pretty unpredictable with the crazy stuff the MC comes up with. The momentum is also great, and it starts right off at fifth gear and doesn't slow down.

Read the first chapter; you'll know if it's your thing pretty quick. <<less
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Oshino Shinobu
Oshino Shinobu rated it
October 5, 2020
Status: c1110
  • Similar to the Black Technology internet cafe book but WAY better in every aspect! Webnovel has about 100ch translated.
  • IDK why, but the MTL of this book was almost as good as some of the actual ones you run into from webnovel. The only flaws are proper nouns and other forgivable grammatical errors.
  • The book is so fun it didn't slow me down a bit! 1000ch down in about 4 days. The only complaint is the relatively short length, but author wrapped it up superbly!
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
OddJobs rated it
May 11, 2018
Status: c100
  • A good novel and interesting novel.
  • The MC is neither arrogant nor naive.
  • MC is not dense.
  • Good story flow with a few interesting characters
  • Good world-building
  • The only annoying thing that I find in this novel is when the MC uses works from earth and still credits the authors, like in Beauty and the Beast he still put the real author in the credits, when he made Hearthstone he said that a secret organization called Blizzard helped him. Bruh you can f*cking claim that it's your own work since your identity is similar to a mad inventor and they won't give a sh*t to your bullsh*t in the end fkcing dumbass.
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September 24, 2017
Status: c2
Pretty interesting concept for a novel. Just imagining on the reactions and events that will resulted from the "cultural invasion" that the Mc's planning really piqued my interest to read this novel.

Ps: I know that the chapters are still few but I still decided to make a review since some people might be discourage to read it due to the publisher or something and they might miss an interesting novel
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fireutsie rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: c520
This novel is similar to a kingdom building novel. But instead of waging war to unite the lands the MC uses movies, videogames and other forms of entertainment to bridge the culture gap between the demons and the other races. He wins wars not by fighting, but by "cultural propaganda".

Contrary to most other novels where the MC "invents" something from earth he actually credits them instead of saying he was the one who made it where he can. The cast of characters are also pretty nice and have their own... more>> background and personalities. There is also some romance, it's subtle mostly happens in the background. However, it is still satisfying seeing that the MC doesn't shy away from it.

I wish that the story, characters and world building were more fleshed out. The novel is good, but lacks a real depth unlike sword of dawn. Another nitpick is that things are going a bit too smooth sailing for the main character. He doesn't seem to suffer setbacks.

I give it a 4/5 for now. <<less
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Erudite.Cielo rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: c1110
I love this story! Even though MC has many girl 'friends', he didn't make a harem. The story is just so light and there are not many loopholes you can find. The ending is sooo good esp the extra chapters. “ψ (`∇´) ψ The mtl is easy to understand there are many comedic parts... so fuuun. :D

I highly recommend this story! o (^▽^) o
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drollawake rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c485
It's a different sort of empire-rebuilding novel, combining the entertainment world with real war in the demons vs humans setting of the stereotypical isekai. Unlike more generic novels, the MC is clued in to the possibility of reconciliation right from the start without being a naive optimist. The twist is his use of culture/soft power to achieve this. It's an interesting parallel to (and perhaps commentary on) the popularity of Korean and Japanese culture in China.

Unlike other popular novels with MCs that plagiarise art from real life to succeed, he... more>> modifies the content to suit his agenda of challenging anti-demon prejudices and credits the original artists. Although more respectable in that aspect, it is hard to square the MC being a force for good with how wantonly he takes advantage of the unhealthy behaviors and attitudes fostered by idol and video game culture. Plot-wise, we have the predictable scenario of some organisation being responsible for poor human-demon relations. Nonetheless, there is enough mystery about what they've done behind the scenes and their motivations for doing so to remain interesting. In addition, there is a cool twist with how the popularity of idols has consequences beyond just removing prejudices.

It's important to note that this is not just an entertainment world novel. We see forces of the major actors appearing in other areas of life. Wars between kingdoms of different races are instigated due to prejudice, propaganda and secret saboteurs. When the MC invents new technology based on the world's magic, there are far-reaching impacts on everyday life e.g. The spread of news, culture, discussions.

This mix of modern entertainment culture and medieval fantasy war can have its cons. Since the entertainment business is more of a means to an end (i.e. Better human-demon relations), the empire-building is slower than you'd expect. In 500 chapters, he's only released 4 films and has yet to produce a drama serial. If you came for the entertainment world stuff and don't like war or fighting, too bad.

Be prepared for reaction/fawning scenes too. This includes social media discussion common in most entertainment world novels and MMO novels. <<less
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Lazy Bookworm
Lazy Bookworm rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: c579
Really like this MC. He's powerful, but never seems to find it necessary to bully anyone around him, while at the same not not remotely a pushover. It's fun watching him change their world step by step, making doubters into enthusiasts. Also enjoy reading about people's reactions to his movies.
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Not Red Yet
Not Red Yet rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: c10
Extremely boring that pretty much sums up the novel for me.

I should’ve read the description before reading this since if I did then I would’ve realized how utterly boring novels like these are and would’ve stayed away.

Somehow MC develops items that function as technology on earth, weird how it just works without him knowing how to make all the stuff, I let that go since it’s a Chinese novel and they’re 90% bullsh*t anyway.

One thing I found extremely s*upid was A male Succubus, I know what you’re thinking you mean... more>> Incubus right? Nope it’s actually a male Succubus who looks like a woman and can’t absorb male energy.

That made me sigh and stop reading since it made me realize the author done either did no research or is just an idiot, my money is on the idiot part.

Read it if you’d like but be prepared for a author that doesn’t know about things and just spouts off bullshit. <<less
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Lorithe1415 rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: c32
So far I love this.... it just so amazing:)

Sorry no insighting review I want to read a bit more before I give a full review but so far the story is the perfect combination of movie production, comedy, and giving credit where credit is due.
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Aqualaguna rated it
February 13, 2018
Status: c11
This is typical reincarnation story. But what makes it unique is how the author guide its reader from event to event. The story style almost like overlord LN (super OP MC with OP subordinate). Still not enough chapter to get the depth of the novel
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