Villain Seized the Assassin Heroine at the Start!


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Waking up at the start, Li Mubai found himself transmigrated into a superbly rich, handsome person who inherited a worth over trillion dollars from his family.

He had family backing and was handsome.

He could spend any amount of money.

If one encountered such a situation, they would even wake up laughing from their dreams.

But what sucked was that he just transmigrated over and would immediately end up getting assassinated?

The one who wanted to assassinate him was an assassin heroine in the book!

How could he stand this!

At this moment, Li Mu Bai awakened the Heavenly Destiny Villain System!

The opening draws were the Combat prowess of the Master-Level, Villain Halo, loyalty potion…


“Oh, I think all she had to do was send ‘dishes’….”

Li Mubai smiled slightly. For the upcoming assassination attempt, he began to feel a sense of anticipation.

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3 Reviews

New Meloonseed
Aug 29, 2021
Status: --
It would be cool if CN urban authors could be less horny and misogynistic. Their protagonists would be a lot cooler if their d*ck doesn't react to every single female character and the female characters would be a lot more interesting when they don't fall in love with the protagonist no matter what inexcusable thing they do.

The protagonist here could be such a good villain here if he wasn't a horny misogynist. Tying up the hot assassin girl without mol*sting her once she fainted was a pretty chad move, but... more>> then the author threw it away by having the protagonist force his CEO fiancee to be his maid and then mol*st her.

It would be nice if female characters and male characters in CN faceslapping urban novels received the same treatment. That's all I wanted to say.

I'm not going to log back into this account ever again. I swear. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of She
Aug 10, 2021
Status: c4
Are you tired of villain systems with a bottom-line? Whilst they're called villain systems it's more akin to 'seducing the stereotypical protagonist's heroine (s) system.' This... this is different. In this novel the protagonist is not only a true follower of Unorthodox Dao, but he has a system with absolutely no bottom line. He could go as far as he likes. In the first few chapters alone the MC 'plays' with a captured heroine without a shame, and then uses her to blackmail another heroine. If dark - borderline evil... more>> - is your cup of tea, you've found the right novel. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 24, 2021
Status: c12

Though it's told from the perspective of villain it's honestly not much different from your typical CN urban novel.

Like the face-slapping, bs powers, and misogyny are all here, the tone is just slightly rougher.

EDIT: In case you get this far, by chapter 35 this is pure urban harem, the "story" has been "completed"
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