I am a Gao Fushuai Villain


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Lin Yuan transmigrated to an urban romance novel. His identity is a Gao Fushuai and he is also a villain. Fortunately, he can make choices to get corresponding rewards.

【Ding! The heroine expressed her disgust for you! Please make a choice! 】

【Choice 1: Be the embodiment of licking dog and apologize to her. Reward: ‘Master Level Martial Arts’! 】

【Choice 2: Resolutely retire from marriage, refuse to lick the dog! Reward: ‘God-level Medical Skills’! 】

He can also grab the opportunities of the protagonist and plunder his luck to get stronger.

“Ding! Charm is increased by 50 points!”

“Ding! Strength is increased by 20 points!”

Who says that the villain is destined to be trampled by the protagonist?

I want to personally smash the protagonist’s halo!

System: Now you are the protagonist.

“No, I just want to be a villain.”

Note : Gao Fushuai means tall, rich, and handsome (Mr.Perfect).

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I am a Tall, Rich, and Handsome Villain
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aanasarbi rated it
July 16, 2020
Status: c388
I am the translator of the novel. I was against writing one early because I did not want the readers to have a bais when reading the novel. Some reviews have not been to my liking. From my point of view, I will try to explain the great points and weaknesses of the novel.

First of all, the MC transmigrates to a Gao Fushuai in a novel. If people have read the novel and still don't understand, he was supposed to be the cannon fodder or stepping stone on the path... more>> of the protagonist's rise. So, he gets to chose whether he wants to remain in the original trajectory or change his destiny with the help of the system.

He is cruel, crafty, manipulative, harem seeking but you will not find him wanting to destroy the world or causing harm to others. His viewpoint in the story makes him unique. Villain are not required to have tendency for world domination, he just wants to enjoy life, thats it.

I don't want others to say it is a stereotypical urban harem. It is a face-off between the original protagonist and our protagonist throughout the story. Instead of common hero saves the heroine plot and she falls in love, no it is not there my friend. The heroines have multiple interactions. It uses the tropes in a unique way and slowly you develop a bond with each heroine. No heroine has reached 100 favourability with the protagonist in the novel.

Very important point-

I don't know about you guys but dating a girl and impressing her by showing off your conversation skills, being a considerate person and having a rich background will impress any girl in the real world. The second heroine is a girl with a poor background. How many girls in the real world will be impressed when a rich handsome guy spends time with her? 6 chapters explore her initial background story and protagonist tries to impress her. She shows a slight favorable impression, not even like, let alone love and there is a review criticizing it. For God's sake, imagine Tony Stark going to a random street meeting a poor girl and helping her out spending the whole evening with her. Don' t tell me she will not have a crush on him. SO PLEASE HAVE SOME COMMON SENSE

The author till date has not made a heroine with 100 faourabilty saying it is impossible for any GENUINE HUMAN to listen to the other unconditionally, so heroines will not have full favourability.

There is great character development for the heroines in the novel and the interactions are interesting.

Note not much character development for protagonist. Even the villain 'original protagonist' has character development.

It has bad points. I am acknowledging that. So let me mention a few. First of all, the main character adapts to the setting too smoothly for my liking. No transition period is there. It is the greatest flaw in the writing of the character. Little character development. IF you are able to accept it, you can go along way to enjoy the novel. Another big minus is the acceptance of everyone when he suddenly becomes so dazzling in so many fields. The third is slightly smaller but the mob characters do praise the protagonist. I understand it will be a cultural shock but if a superstar is present in India, or the subcontinent in general, it generally happens as well. Though I should say it is exaggerated at times.

I will give the novel a little over 4 points on a scale of 5. It is by no means a perfect novel but a good one with some flaws. It is part of a genre where we have one antagonist and one protagonist, unlike mob characters you will soon forget.

So please don't just review a novel without analysis. Reviews are meant to serve as a guide for other readers. <<less
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Liyu rated it
October 23, 2020
Status: c119
Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.

Not because of the ridiculous story to begin with. You will think it's somehow fine in the translated chapters (46)

It's something that happened in the raws.

... more>> Going further in the story, you will understand that the protagonist goes from a man who has self-respect to an incel.

I hated how he treated Yan yurue, i'll explain.

By breaking off the engagement, it shows an act of self-respect and also respect to the other person's consent>Fine, that's THE good thing to do.

But it doesn't stop here. Apparently his strategy to chase her again is to make her pay an interest of what she "did" and using her trauma against her. Need I remind people that what the original did was NOT showing affection? it was stalking and ignoring her consent. I just got that feeling that the author wanted to convey is : well she didn't appreciate his chasing before, now suffer the consequences!


I didn't find that cute at all. It was mentally abusive. And if that women felt anything for the MC, it was just her trauma that was speaking. I found it needlessly humiliating and disgusting.

As for how this great author (note the sarcasm) portrays women, all of the world's disgust would not be enough. She brings all kind of great president, music prodigy and inaccessibe women and loves to suddenly turn their personality into ONE type for the MC (the blushing, stuttering, fragile, embarrassed woman). I feel like they are just props for the MC to show off. The disgusting word that obviously should be employed is "tame".

Like he's taming animals. That's how it feels. Taming animals and bragging about it to their friends around a beer.

A competition between two incels to see who would tame the most women while the said women are too busy eating grass waiting for their ti*s to be milked. Disgusting.

I feel that this author is a man who never had a girl in real life and enjoys his fantasies through his protagonist. <<less
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Vilord rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: --
Alright, I'll say this right now. This novel is a gem and it's difficult to find a novel similar to this. I originally didn't want to write this review but reading the first review (from Liyu) made me write this. Every other 2* or 3* reviews were understandable and I can get where they are coming from.

Let's start with "why and how you should read this?"

This novel is made for you if you like light-hearted harem, an emotionally OP MC and no-bs drama. Sometimes things happens way too fast and... more>> then you wonder "if it's realistically possible?" (talking about the romance) . To answer this, maybe but not likely. It is a fiction. So let's compare it with other novels. In terms of romance, it is no doubt better than any QT novels (I have read almost every popular QT novels so I know) and also better than most urban fantasy/harem novels. When I say "better", I mean "more realistic". I mean, if you read this, you would know that the MC really knows how to court women and be a gentleman.

I don't really know if you could call the MC a disgusting person just because he stopped being a simp. Regarding the first girl, I have absolutely zero idea what this guy Liyu is trying to say. Don't be mistaken. The first girl DID have a trauma and essence is that, she hates men. As the story progresses, she starts to like the MC and yeah, he ignores her at first but the fact that the trauma was affected by mc's negligence towards her is some next-level bs. She uses the trauma as an excuse to get closer to MC in the sense that he is the only person she doesn't hate. So yeah, get your facts right.

Calling the story sh*t is acceptable but to call an author "disgusting" is beyond disgusting. Take the author of the most infamous novel MGA and yet you couldn't call him "disgusting".

So, again. Read this if you like light-hearted SoL harem with a strong ML. <<less
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RealityMaker rated it
December 10, 2020
Status: c35
This novel is the epitome of power fantasy with little or no consequences for the main character.

The main premise of the story is that the main character is now the villain of the story, and so he has to change his circumstances so that the protagonist of the story would not defeat him. The main draw of these type of stories (for me) is to see how the main character tries to change their fate. However, this novel only bothers to flaunt how "great" the main character is, while everyone... more>> else is either tr*sh or serves to emphasize how great he is.

Let's start off with the first few "heroines" we encounter. First off, the author, like every other terrible Chinese harem novel authors, always choose to describe women in the most dullest manner. Here's an example for the first heroine, Yan Ruyue:


"An extremely beautiful woman was seated opposite to him.

Her beauty made it seem like she had come out of a painting. Her long hair dangled over her shoulders like a waterfall. Her facial features were truly flawless. When you combine the two, it was enough to stupefy most people. Any person would find it enjoyable to just look at her face alone. The perfect figure under her blue dress would make it more difficult for any man to gaze away from her.

It was hard to find any shortcomings in her appearance. Alas, her pretty face was icy cold at the moment and impatience could be seen in her eyes."


Nearly every heroine is described in the same manner: goddess-like beauty, perfect body, flawless, etc. The list goes on. There is barely any actual development of their characterization as any of the plot is devoted to how "infatuated" they will become with the main character.

For example, Yan Ruyue is the fiancee of Lin Yuan, the character that the main character "isekai'd" as.

Before his taking over, Yan Ruyue hated how Lin Yuan constantly hounded her, never listening to her, and objectified her. After his takeover, what he does is break off the engagement. Now Yan Ruyue thinks there is something wrong with her when he no longer pursues her. What kind of characterization is this when you hated someone for the greater part of their relationship, but just because they decide not to go with the engagement, it's now all different?


Meanwhile, Lin Yuan meets the second heroine Qiu Wanxi.

Just because he gets to pump his Charm stat through the broken game system that he has, when he meets her for the first time, he can constantly pat her head without her objecting to it, and she ends up following him around without even knowing his name. Then just because he feeds her favorite foods, she immediately opens up to him about her dream of owning a baking shop, and since he's a rich person, he immediately gives her a baking shop. How easy and convenient?


Then we move onto the other problem with the story: the "power" system that Lin Yuan has. He's basically given choices to make, and with each choice, he automatically gets godlike skills without any consequences. He can also pump his stats with "affection points" or even convert his real-life money into points as well. There is no struggle for him to develop his powers at all.

For example, he gets his first choice with Yan Ruyue,

where he has to choose between continuing the relationship with her or breaking the engagement. However, in either choice, he automatically sees the reward, so there isn't exactly a wrong answer. However, whatever choice-reward he picks automatically is very convenient for plot-related events in the future.

Since he chose to break the engagement with Yan Ruyue, he automatically learns godlike medical skills, which amazingly gives him the ability to cure Yan Ruyue's mother, despite them having the "top medical doctors around". How convenient, huh?


Here's an even more ridiculous reward. He manages to get a reward that allows him

to be a god-expert at the stock market, which he automatically uses to convince his parents to invest 5 billion into "Spanish Stock Trade" instead of another stock that their financial advisor was recommending. Yes, he has "knowledge" of the future, but how the event played out continued to highlight how much of a power fantasy it was.

Just within one day, his "investment" made 20 billion, while the other stock crashed. Now he's considered "the chinese Warren Buffett", everyone is lauding his skills for being amazing, and even the financial advisor is now saying he's her savior because if they had gone with her advice, she would've lost the company billions. Seriously?


Then the last thing that made me completely drop this novel is how the author treats Ye Feng, the original protagonist of the story.

Basically with Lin Yuan's resources, he's able to track when Ye Feng arrives. What he does is immediately tries to frame him for groping females, starting fights, and property destruction, and he does it right in front of Yan Ruyue so that the two cannot form an actual bond like they did in the previous story.


What this shows to me is that Ye Feng, just like every other plot device so far in the story, was just meant to wank off how great Lin Yuan is. Unlike other novels with villain reincarnations, there isn't anything that Lin Yuan struggles with. There's no good humor in the story. Every scene never fails to emphasize how handsome or amazing Lin Yuan is. Every woman is merely an object for the main character. The world is lacking, Lin Yuan already starts off as a rich millionaire in a modern-setting with some Chinese martial fantasy. The power system is lacking any sense of innovation and only serves to heavily reward Lin Yuan with convenient skills to let him "navigate" the next "plot event". <<less
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naidujoshu rated it
June 28, 2020
Status: c78
Read as much MTL as I could before I hit paywalls.

... more>>

This is novel essentially takes story beats and character archetypes from the standard urban harem genre and switches out the pe*verted soldier king main character out for a more shrewd, cautious man. Lin Yuan has a system that rewards him with points based on his counterattacks against the novel's MC, that ranges from developing relationships with the mc's harem, stealing the mc's business opportunities and generally defaming the MC. He can use these to increase his base stats, things like Charm, Strength, Speed, etc. He also has the ability to gain skills from the system depending on the choices that he makes in critical moments. This might bother some because the system reduces his approaches to things, the choices almost always end up be 1) Do thing 2) Don't do thing. That didn't really bother me though.

This novel essentially reads like it's contemporaries in the urban romance genre, there's faceslapping, a lot of fake smiles and the like. Some characters are just terrible people for no real reason, some characters are just npc-like existences. Already, a couple of the women in the original harem act like Lin Yuan is this infallible golden son who's attention they need to bask in otherwise they'll cry to death. I will say that Lin Yuan is a charming person, coupled with his good looks, knowledge of the novel and pay-to-win cheat system, its easy for him to leave positive impressions on people.

What I enjoyed the most is that Lin Yuan actually moves according to his own ideas rather than just stealing the main characters encounters, beyond that he actually cares about some of the side characters and actively moves to make them better people.


This is a pretty easy novel to pick up if you're looking for a time killer. The chapters are neither too long nor too short and it's entertaining enough to binge. If you're not a fan/or do not have any interest in the genre then you should probably skip this, but if you are, then this is something that I can recommend to you. <<less
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Joseph_Heatfield rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c40
Okeeey, well, the novel is just not my type of genre, I just got interested in this because of the "Villain" part but that doesn't really shine in this. First of all, the ML is just the stereotypical protagonist of a urban harem genre but just a little bit more extroverted, the things just happen so smooth, exactly has they happen to the "Story Protagonist". I mean, I tried, but as a reader who comes from danmei kind of things, just the "harem" part makes me a little bit uncomfortable... more>> so, but that is not the only thing, the characters in this are just as plane as a leaf


Just for an example, the novel says that our MC is a villain, but he just go and help one of the girls and be really kind and supportive and she just fell in love just by him talking and eating with her, I mean, nothing bad with that but at least make the girl be a little bit more interesting. Also, wtf with the logic???, the MC just go to a normal mall that is suppose to be full of normal people but the people just see him and immediately recognize a F*** watch that worth 5 million, like what????? I can't even say how much cost a car, how should I know how much cost a watch???. Moving on, I just don't like the no "Villain" MC who instead of being indifferent just actively tries to help the girls, nothing bad with this, but then don't make him a villain, just make the summary "I want to be a rich boy with a harem" and that's it.


like the others comments, I recommend this if you just want to kill the time and read something not too serious or deep, and if you like the urban harem genre it would be a double kill for you. For me, it was tiring and exhausting to read, I was putting more attention to the logical fails than the MC thoughts.

Sry for the bad English since I'm not a native English speaker but I wanted to share my opinion since I didnt read this kind of genre in a while and because I just like the villains type of MC hehe

Edit; okey, I'm doing this after reading the translator note.

I mean, yeah, this is not MY cup of tea, I mention this before; for being honest, its a good novel for the genre, again, this is just my opinion and my reaction after reading 40ch. Before dropping this.


For the poor girl, I mean, yes, they would be excited if a rich men comes and talk with them but I mean, she's poor, why did she trust on him so easily even if she don't know anything about him, why didn't she think he could be a scammer? But overall I understand the point of that, I just don't feel comfortable with the girls being just there for him to get them, yes, they could have their development and I suppose that I didn't reach that part (? So, that's a hit for me but this didn't bring my attention and I'm pretty sure that a lot of people like this kind of character, good for them, I didn't like it but that doesn't mean I'm hating on this novel, I even recommended it.


Well, give it a chance, read it and then just make your own opinion about it, opinions are always different. Overall, I give a really praise for the translator because even if I MTL these novel, I can see the love and efforts the translator puts in the novel so a "Yay!" For they. <<less
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Red1000r rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: c987
There is a special charm to the novel. If you are in for a peak wish-fulfillment harem fantasy, nothing is better than this. This is NOT a novel with deep settings or characters. It's just a "feels good" novel. But I can assure you that among all "feels good" novels I have read, this is one of the best. Let me give you a disclaimer of sorts which could be a major turn-off for people.

  • The MC is a scum. In terms of motives, there is very little difference about the MC and the "MC" (who is the protagonist of the world MC transmigrated to). He does several things which are plain horrible and he is, in a sense, is even worse than the "MC".
  • The MC is respected, loved, and everyone wants to kiss his ass. The reason why this works (for me at least) is because he doesn't gain recognition from others using face-slaps.
  • The MC is overpowered.
If you can get past the three things I listed, it's an enjoyable read.

The heroines are great. They all have their own personality and their own desires. The best part of the story is undoubtedly how the MC gains their affection. No matter how anyone frames it, it has a decent romance when compared with the other urban/harem or shoujo stories on the site.... more>> Of course, not everything is realistic but here's the defense.

The protagonist is in a fictional world, not a real one. And the world he happens to be in is a generic urban/harem. It would be rather weird if the characters have a lot of depth. <<less
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tastypoison rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: c60
This was 4/5 up until like chapter 58 as you get a first class seat viewing of the ML degenerating to a f*cking incel.

His treatment of the main FL is uncalled for and wholly unnecessary

First of all the FL is
> traumatized because of her abusive father
> likes to be free like everyone else
> her mother chose her fiancée without considering her feelings at all
> her hatred for the ML is justified considering what his former self did to her

The ML's action is uncalled for as he's treating her terribly for something she had no control over. He just looks like a f*cking c*ck who had a sever case of power tripping.

I don't know how the 5/5 people has absolutely no problem with this


I don't know what I expected from reading this chinese shithole but I wholesomely detest the author and regret reading this piece of shit.
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byunisperv rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: c385
It really is an interesting twist of the Urban genre where MC plays as a villain and counter-attacking the protagonist with the help of a system. Basically, MC's job is to kill the protagonist but he can't do it directly, he needs to shave off the protagonist's halo, luck and plot armor layer by layer. Since MC knows the complete story of the novel he is in, he needs to steal the protagonist's harem, backing, opportunities and reverse the story that would harm the protagonist instead.

The interesting part of the... more>> story is the part where MC starts before the protagonist is being introduced, he plans and counters every move that the protagonist would take and the system would reward him by doing so. As I have read until chapter 385, I can conclude that it is mostly about MC stealing the protag's would be harem.

The story is very linear and easy to digest, even the raw is somewhat readable. It is basically the same as any other urban novel except MC has a mission (stealing everything that protag would have) and so far there is no racism/china no.1 yet.

The things that I don't like:

    • it is too easy for MC to upgrade his skills to God-like level.
    • although MC is the villain he doesn't seem like one and the protag doesn't act like a hero at all.
    • although it is mention about Butterfly effect, the story doesn't really change that much from the original timeline despite MC changed many major events.

At first, judging by the system that he got 'Villain Counter-Attacking System' I am fairly sure that this is a world hopping novel but not until chapter 1++ that I noticed it is not. There are many protagonists in the novel and they will be introduced as the current protagonist is defeated and the system is upgraded. Up until chapter 385, it is still the first protagonist. Don't know how the author will write about the 2nd, 3rd... etc protagonists but I hope there won't be too many plot holes.

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Kevin143 rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: c45
Well for me (for my opinion) the ruthless, cunning and manipulative actions of MCs are justifiable and reasonable why ?

... more>>

MC was manipulative and cunning type from all poeple around him (same with his harem) but he was no choice to survive as a Villain it he stay put there was a big question will he survive at the end if he do nothing at all? Or does the protagonist (original novel) will not kill him (MC of the story) we same as anwer for me if I am the same position for MC I will not gamble and stay put but manipulate all around me and use every means as possible and my Knowledge and informations (Novel) . Well even he was manipulative type and looks like playing only their hearts he cares for his harem and (has feelings for them?) (as for my opinion). Worth to read but slow update

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dluo15 rated it
August 13, 2021
Status: --
This novel was surprisingly good as I thought the 'win the girl' concept had already been overused. Somehow the author wrote a refreshing story while reusing many clichés and common tropes present in other Chinese novels. Also disliking the novel because of the morality of the MC is just weird considering how you know what you are getting into before you even start reading.
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ansonwhale rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: c205
First off to that review that was disgusted because of the way the MC treated one girl. Im not sure if they have actually been reading the novel or not.

... more>>

He never really goes against her in anyway besides ignoring her. Her pain is honestly caused by her own pride in letting go of a good catch. You may argue that it is incel behaviors, but is it really? Ignoring someone who is basically known for being cold to others, while the MC has his mind on other more important matters sounds pretty reasonable.


He's not a saint and part of his character growth is in him acknowledging that this world and the people in it are more than a 'game'. He realises that he has feelings for the people in the world rather than the 'characters' that they are.

But other than that, yea the MC exhibits playboy behaviors and that's half the point of the story. If you don't like that then it's not for you. Most of you are here for the harem, and I gotta say the plot suits this kind of novel perfectly.

Main cast is pretty individualised, they all have their own backgrounds and 'fantastical' personalities. The MC is overpowered. His plots always work out so far.

Personally, my favourite novels have dynamic relationships that continue to change as the plot progresses, so in that regard, it's a pretty good novel in my eyes. <<less
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apsisodia rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: c116
Below average novel.

I read over 100 chapters just to see if the novel got any better. A lot of other reviewers rated it 5 stars and claiming it to be a hidden gem.

It's not a hidden gem, it's barely a average novel. First of all, beginning of the novel is pretty cliche. Our MC is thrown into this world and the story starts. Suddenly he is making girls fall in love with him. We know nothing about MC, what is his age, what was his job in real world, what... more>> are his motivation etc.

And the lazy writing. Around 25th chapter, there's a storyline in which, MC made 30 billion by betting 5 billion in stock market in 10 Minutes. I don't have to say how ignorant author is. He made a note below chapter that this is a novel world so don't take it seriously. But it doesn't change the fact that it is lazy writing. If he had waited a month then it could have been believable but he rushed it in 10 minutes. I couldn't take the novel seriously after reading this chapter. Even if MC pulled a rocket out of his ass, I would be like 'meh'.

And there was one scene where MC didn't like 2 people so he sent them to work in coal mines, forcefully in public. This was straight up Kidnapping. But this was ignored by everyone.

I picked it up for time pass, but it gave me a headache instead. If you can stomachs s*upidity then you can read it. <<less
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Dollaaaa rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: c88
Pretty good novel. The plot is pretty interesting, and the MC plans things out pretty deeply. Things usually go well for him due to a combination of his planning and a bit of plot armor. I disagree with people thinking the relationship with Wanxi is unrealistic. Taking into consideration the fact that she was abused her whole life and was barely shown kindness, the fact that she latched onto the MC when he treated her really well makes a lot of sense, although it's unhealthy. As for the MC, he's... more>> a self proclaimed scumbag so he's not trying to be a good guy. His actions that readers seem to critique the most make sense when you view it through that lens as he was never a nice guy.

Such as framing the original Novel MC.

I like how the heroines are all really different personality wise. Still took off one star because I feel bad for Yan Ruyue and Qiao Siying is annoying. The stocks part also felt pretty unneeded but it's whatever. Overall it's a pretty nice novel with good translation as well. <<less
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CadmarLegend rated it
February 28, 2021
Status: c138
This novel is a good story. Although the chapters are short and the plot starts to slow down near chapter 134, it doesn't really matter.

All in all, the "villian-protagonist" genre isn't really a popular genre, but this story is a work of art.

(That point of view is by me.)

Some people (a particular person who used the word "incel" to describe why the "villian protagonist" is "bad" and they don't like the novel. lol.) may not understand what a villian is. It really doesn't matter.... but at least have... more>> a valid reason.... hehe. The novel is good, so maybe read it? It is your choice. <<less
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Rojikku rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: c103
It's pretty cute. There's a ton of negative reviews, but honestly, every novel I like has a ton of negative reviews, and every novel I hate has a ton of positive reviews. People have different tastes.

It's important to note that this is a novel. I mean, inside the novel, it's a novel. The romance isn't always perfectly realistic, but it's not unrealistic either. The characters aren't entirely realistic, but they're literally characters from a book within a book. Is that how people normally act in these books? Yes. Is the... more>> main character literally in the setting of one of those books? Yes. Complaints about how that's not what it's really like in China are invalid, thank you.

The translators English isn't perfect, but it's fine. The first translator I just got used to, when it switched to the second. I didn't like the switch at first, but I think the second translator got better. From what I read the first translator had dropped because of personal life issues, and the new one is much more stable, so I suppose it's good.

Now onto my actual feelings. The girls are cute, they grow on you. The one review said something about how he's "training women" - that's pretty accurate. I won't lie. But I definitely feel like the girls have different personalities, and I enjoy the time and banter with each one. Maybe it gets worse in a few hundred chapters in the raws, maybe it doesn't. If I run from every novel that gets bad in the raws, I won't have anything to read. I like beginnings the most anyway.

The MC and his abilities, and how he's better than the original character on the other hand.. Well for one, it went from being a novel to being a real world based off one. So there's that. How things were before and how things are now wouldn't necessarily be the same. Plus, he has a system, which changes the rules entirely.

It's definitely a feel good type novel. If you want someone to cultivate from scratch and experience difficulties... You're an idiot for reading past the title, no offense.

Please give it an opportunity, and give the translators many chapters for them to improve. It's pretty worth it. <<less
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Redmoon2 rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: c165
A interesting novel that emphasize on the hypocrisy and major weaknesses of typical urban romance Chinese novel protagonists through the use of satire. Our MC, Lin Yuan, for this novel is a modern person who transmigrated into the main villain of a Chinese urban romance novel that he read. In order to not die to the 'protagonist' of the novel, Lin Yuan chose to plan and go against the protagonist by slowly taking away all his supporting 'pillars' via stealing all his harem members to make them fall in love... more>> with him instead.

The aspect that I like about this novel is that Lin Yuan is very self aware. He is shown to be very manipulative, cunning, and goal-driven when it came to accomplishing his goal of surviving against the 'protagonist'. At the same time he has his own bottom-line and has shown his gentle side to his family and those he loves. Nevertheless Lin Yuan acknowledges that many of his actions are very scummy and even admits to one of the capturing targets that he is a scumbag.

Lin Yuan's enemy, the 'protagonist' of the urban romance novel he read Ye Feng, is what you call a stereotypical Chinese novel protagonist template that is seen used in many novels. The best way to describe Ye Feng is a dumbed down version of Yun Che from Against the Gods. Ye Feng has all of Yun Che's bad qualities and almost non of his good ones except that he is really strong. The author put great emphasize on these bad characteristics that has been disliked by readers of Chinese novels.

The relationship between Lin Yuan and the female leads has been the main focus of the novel so far. Depending on which female lead he interact with, Lin Yuan will change the way he interact with them ranging from gentle and playful to cold and emotionless. This the main core aspect that got me hooked into this novel besides Lin Yuan tr*shing Yun Che 0.5.

As for the system that Lin Yuan has, to put it plainly it's just overpowered. With Lin Yuan's own ability, he can maximize the use of the system and with it over time can basically maximize all his physical stats and basically master any ability that he can possibly learn. Tbh this is the only downside to this novel, the function of the system is basically too OP in my opinion. <<less
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Aharlequin rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: --
I just want to laugh at reviews that saying MC is villain character and other blah blah blah.

No doubt, MC is villain who likes to manipulate and scum MC as genre said. Every negative review is right. I knew most people can not read the genres and tags. I knew that but this is a great Harem novel. It has nice flow and unique of its own that can attract a tr*sh-taste reader like me.

By the way, I am the BOT.
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TKing1517 rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c13
This is a great novel!

Only 13 chapters have been translated so far, but so far the premise is really interesting.

The protagonist is actually competent and going out of his way to deal with future issues.

The only issue I have with this novel is the extremely short chapters, made even worse by the fact that the translator keeps cutting chapters in half and counting them as two separate chapters.
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Drewienkopl rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: c148
This is pretty much just a wish-fulfilling novel where MC is overpowered and every woman loves him just because.

The world building is... well there really isn't any. Author switches between realistic and fantasy settings however he fills like. For example the stock market incident where MC makes unrealistic amount of money in a day with no effort at all, author's explanation for this is he made it unrealistic so MC seems cool and everyone can praise him.

MC's abilities, well not much to say. He's just OP for the sake of... more>> being OP. He can get any ability he wants whenever he feels like and there is no point to abilities having different levels because he can immediately max it out anyways.

Now time for MC's personality, yes his "personality" there is not much to say he's a complete scum and not the one that makes you think "He's a scum, but he's really badass so it's cool". His "objectifying" of women is just too much.

Women characters in this novel are really pitiful, because they have to choose between: tr*sh-MC with plot armor and original-incompetent-tr*sh-MC who always gets framed by the MC; and MC is not the smartest so that tells you how dumb characters are. But the girls, so first one has a trauma and is afraid of men so MC decides use her trauma to make her feel like she is the problem in order to "tame" her and make her obedient to him. Next girl he gives money so she loves him, well I guess rich people can do that. There is one girl that is just bland and for some reason she's the only one MC treats seriously. But now we are getting serious, next girl is underage, 16 or something if I remember correctly, besides the fact she acts like a ten years old and falls for MC on first sight, It's first time we see MC act like a proper human being saying he won't date underage girl. BUT then he decides to go after her mother... The milf is a married woman and has a child, BUT she's still a virg*n somehow, how convenient.

To sum it up, this novel is probably not worth your time. <<less
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