Sacrifice to the Devil


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Wen Yu had a dream after his eighteenth birthday. In the dream, he was lying on the cold stone altar with his hands and feet tied up, his surroundings were dark and gloomy. Vaguely, he saw a dark figure approaching him step by step. After waking up from the dream, a series of strange things began to happen around him.

First, there was a huge sum of money in his account, which was so large that he doubted his counting ability. After that, the punk who was bullying him was beaten into the hospital by someone unknown. From then on, whenever they see him, they would flee as if they had seen a ghost. The relatives who adopted him suddenly started to be warm and concerned about him. Later, he somehow got a real estate certificate under his name, the address is in the famous rich villa area of S City.

On the night after moving, inside the big house, he was suddenly tied up with invisible ropes. When he fell on the cold floor, he saw a dark figure walking towards him step by step. It was like the dream that night. It’s just that this time, he clearly saw the appearance of the shadow, an extremely handsome and extremely gloomy man.

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New earlgreyt rated it
May 1, 2022
Status: Completed
Cute story! Some mild horror/thriller elements, but not dark overall.

Predictable plotline, but not a bad read if you're looking for cute and fluffy.

... more>>

My biggest issue with this style of supernatural stories is that sadly, the worldbuilding is quite weak. A more vivid world would probably have pushed this to a 4 for me.


MC and ML had a past together, but it was MC's past life. When ML finds him again, MC discovers the world of ghosts/demons/supernatural and tries to regain his past life's memories.


ML is a bit too subservient to the MC, imo. I suppose it was necessary because the ML is too OP, super big power imba for mortal/human MC.


Great translation. <<less
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Nana24 rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: Completed
This is quite a good novel, ignore the low 1 stars rating.

ML threatens, try to sexual-harass MC, but stops when MC finally relented the promise of staying beside him. (All of this occurs in the beginning) I cannot justify his actions, and that ML have trauma due to MC. You should give a chance to ML. He did not have it easy. Thought that your lover left you for no reason, cannot find him until 1000 years later. Realised that it's your best friend who thinks his actions is for... more>> the best. Moreover, when he realised the truth, he regrets not protecting MC well during MC's past life, changes his way and attitude and treats MC well.

So happy that they get their HE, and ML will not lose MC again. <<less
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shadow1716 rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: --
Thought it was going to be a decent novel. Nope just another fetishizing of abusive scum that are forgiven because its 'BL'. MC the first 5 or so chapters builds the MC out to be independent and self-capable. But no as soon as he meets the ML hes the typical tr*sh tier cant do anything without hte ML being involved. There is tons of dub con and sexual harassment which is treated like just a normal, typical thing in gay relationships by the author.
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AmethystSc rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: ---
Some people really have the gall to give a low rating without even finishing the story?! Were these people expecting a sane and balanced ML after reading the synopsis and the title of the novel itself? As far as I'm concerned, this ML is not even that bad compared to other yandere MLs out there. At the very least, he did the title of the novel justice.

BTW, if you actually finished the story and understood the basic premise, the plot and ML's personality actually makes sense. However, I'm not surprised... more>> by all these low reviews, a lot of people believe that having their own opinion is normal. They don't realize that only their INFORMED opinion is valuable. Sharing your opinion while lacking information is just spreading false news and misinformation. I almost didn't read this novel due to some bad reviews. Please use your brain when reviewing, at the very least be unbiased and finish the entire novel first. <<less
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Sadie Woods
Sadie Woods rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: c23
The reviews here noting the abusive attitude at the beginning of the story are fair. I personally loathe the fact that BL has such a common trend of abusive relationships being presented as romantic so I'm not here to defend that aspect of the story. I think it would have been better off without it and I don't think even the loneliness of tortured souls should be this far made manic without knowing more of the facts first or even at all! All that said, if you as a reader... more>> can push through the unpleasant beginning of the story it's a thankfully brief experience. The ML doesn't fully respect the boundries the MC sets for him, but he also isn't excessive to the point of violence or s*xual harassment either once the MC agrees to live with him. I usually run far and fast if abuse is a part of the romantic relationship in a story but I think most people can push past it in this story since it doesn't fully cross the line as long as they understand this story is meant to have a horror theme to it. The mystery is intriguing! What is the past between these two? The author does a good job empathizing with the MC, you as a reader are scared because he is. I'll be fair and say I don't think they are glamorizing the early abuse though it's also fair to say it's not going to be brushed over as we as readers start to sympathize with the deep despair of the ML. I want to see where this goes in the end, even with that early flaw. <<less
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IndigoEye rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: Completed
A relatively quick, simple read. Nothing outstanding, but nothing really wrong either. Although there is a tag for Horror and the title and summary also imply some disturbing themes, there was nothing really like that in the story. The most 'forceful' the ML gets is when he insists on the MC living with him and coming home early at the beginning of the story, and that's about it. It somehow turned all sweet soon.

I definitely expected a much more disturbing story, which honestly left me kind of disappointed when it... more>> suddenly turned into a standard, somewhat boring mushy story. I completely do not understand the reviews that talk about hating it because of the unequal, abusive (which was honestly quite mild in comparison to many other novels) relationship. Why would you go read a bl novel called 'Sacrifice to the Devil' and expect a sweet equal relationship? Isn't that kind of like going to watch Star Trek and then posting a one star review saying: 'I don't like space ships.'? <<less
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Chipmunkch33k5 rated it
March 1, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s indeed a pity that the negative reviews consists of people that haven’t read the entire story but that’s okay since we’ve all had experience with Scummy and/or Yandere Gongs that it’s hard stay.
The ML is really just a horny ball of fluff (ಥ﹏ಥ) I wanna cover his ears and hug him from the baddies. He really doesn’t deserve that much hate.

There weren’t a lot of horror elements but I got a good mystery instead and the misunderstandings were cleared up at a decent pace. Though I wished that... more>> have a snippet of the side CP. <<less
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Kikiji rated it
February 9, 2022
Status: Completed
Not perfect, but not bad.

There is definitely a power imbalance in their relationship by nature - MC is a human being, and ML is far more powerful than any human being due to his identity. This story can definitely not be taken as an example of how such a relationship should be carried out in a good and healthy way.

However, the power imbalance and overbearingness of the ML in the first (notably short actually) part of the story is not nearly as bad as it was made out to be... more>> without the context of the story. In fact, it's so mild that I find it extremely difficult to label this ML abusive and/or scum. But I suppose that's up to an individual's standards.

To be honest, I feel like what happened is very in line with each of their characters and because these characters aren't majorly problematic (comparatively) this was a good light read.

Other than that, it should definitely be noted that there are multiple tropes in this story that are heavily romanticized, and thus readers should go in being conscious of this. <<less
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LH_12 rated it
April 20, 2022
Status: c49
It's nice short story. I like stories about reincarnation, if you do too then I would really recommend it. This particular novel is written good I wouldn't say that it's perfect but is interesting to read. I was curious about characters past life and what happened to them, which was revealed step by step, I also liked MC and ML. The novel isn't packed with action or drama but sometimes it's nice to read novel which doesn't causes nerve wreckage. Only thing I didn't understand is why is ML called... more>> devil? In the beginning he really scared MC and acted violently, but after he himself regrets that he lost control. I'm not trying to justify violence but It's obvious that MC has wrapped ML around his finger in both life. Story mentions ghosts, exorcism and such subjects but isn't scary at all. It's really nice and light reading. <<less
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Smtha rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: Completed
This story is simple and so beautiful. Even MC character is a bit cliche, but the whole story is just so wonderful. And you can’t help but pity poor ML. A really good supernatural romance. Short and sweet. Recommend read! Thank you
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fizakhan rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: Completed
It's is a quick read. The ML had a lot of misunderstandings about MC due to their past live because of which he treats the MC harshly in the beginning but he stopped behaving like that as soon MC agrees to live with him. And MC has no memories of past live so he is afraid of ML but gradually he recovers his memories as they get together. Actually the ML was pitiful as he waited thousand year for MC alone and when he met MC he didn't remember him.... more>> So his actions were not that much wrong. <<less
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Shrike1978 rated it
February 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Can't understand the low reviews for this lovely little story. I agree its not perfect. The ... more>>

It wasn't explicitly explained but I assume the MCs bad luck life relates to his separation from the ML, but that should have been clearly stated. Also when he was releasing spirits to gain back his memories with the help of the Daoist priest had just begun then it stopped as a fairly obvious loose end.

I would have liked to see a little more of how their past relationship developed from the initial meeting In the end I give it a 4.6.

But even though there is a power imbalance between the ML and the MC, the ML worries about it far more than the MC does and

was even willing to give it all up and live a human life span to be with the MC


The few cold angry chapters at the beginning also have a reasonable explanation, in this case a misunderstanding that couldn't be resolved until the MC was reborn and remembered.

And the ML figured out the answer anyway and was very remorseful for ever blaming the MC

Also, even when the ML was angry, he never hurt the MC. He scared him, but he didn't force him, even though he spied he also gave the MC a ton of money and massively expensive property -all in the MCs name.

I thought for a short novel this had a good development of resolving past grievances and guilts and finding a way to a happy end. A happy end that specifically included speaking honestly to each other! How refreshing!

There weren't a lot of extra characters, only a few, but they did have relevance to the story and some development. The plot moves nice and briskly, the main characters are decently rounded out, and the side characters have enough personality not to be cardboard cut outs. It's worth a read! <<less
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QCY rated it
February 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I just finished "Obey Me", so this ML shines like a saint in comparison to the not-to-be-named ML (who is a yandere, so you can imagine why it was so traumatizing).

Not that I'm justifying scum ML's, but heads up, this is pretty standard in Chinese webnovels. In fact, I would like to say that if the author decided to go with the overly possessive, scary, and abusive character stereotype, they should have stuck with it. What would be even better is if there was REAL character development. Unfortunately, they did... more>> neither; didn't create a detailed ML (or any other character) and furthermore did not stick with the initial design.

At first, I was intrigued. It was set up as a horror, twisted-love scenario, and all that tension and build-up for a horrifying ghost ML was just around the corner, when all of a sudden the genre turns into a mediocre, dog-blood love drama and I'm just left confused. Other than the initial display of force, the ML turns into a tamed dog to the MC, who equally fails as a character, because he is wishy-washy, irritating, and has no real personality at all. The MC is much too timid, does not seem to have complicated thought processes (the author did a real poor job with the details), yet somehow excels at everything just like those mary-sues.

What's even worse is that this Lin An person (an important friend) is supposed to be a key pivotal figure, but we don't really get any substantial background to him or his relationship to the MC, so the entire thing just falls flat. It entirely depended on a highly emotional set-up, but there is no emotional writing or elaboration. So, how does that work? It doesn't, so I don't care about him and am frankly annoyed that he is brought up so much.

I'm very disappointed. The main problem is the lack of detail and description to turn the characters into real people, instead of paper cut-outs that we don't really care about. The framework of the novel was for a highly emotional story, but it simply does not deliver. As usual, it joins the ranks of the very medicore book category. <<less
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