Rebirth to Become the President’s Omega Wife


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Su Ling transmigrated into an ABO novel, and his imaginary male god Gu Liheng was the supporting cannon fodder of this novel.

In the novel, a cannon fodder shou sought refuge with Gu Liheng, using a favor gained previously to make Gu Liheng marry him. But after getting married, the cannon fodder shou went to pester the protagonist gong instead, framing the protagonist shou, causing Gu Liheng’s reputation to be damaged, resulting in his death in the end.

Su Ling decided to take Gu Liheng down before he gets forced into marriage by that cannon fodder shou!

Su Ling’s body fell softly on Gu Liheng.

“President Gu, let me smell your pheromones, I feel uncomfortable QAQ”

Gu Liheng handed him an inhibitor.

Su Ling gave Gu Liheng roses every day for a whole week.

“President Gu, I love you, can you marry me?”

Gu Liheng: “No.”

Su Ling: “…” Eff this.

Gotten tired of chasing people around, Su Ling decided to give himself a few days off.

The first day

Su Ling didn’t show up. Gu Liheng: “…”

The second day.

Gu Liheng: [Looking Out Of The Window]

The third day.

Gu Liheng knocked on Su Ling’s door and said: “Why don’t you come over anymore?”

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146 Reviews

New taestykookie
Nov 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Well it was absolutely boring.

Lots of chapters felt like filler chapters with no development. MC and ML themselves felt a bit bland to me.

honestly would not recommend this novel.
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May 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Note - MTLed the entire story.

It's a cute story about a bold shou/ omega who takes initiative, romances the big, expressionless gong/ alpha with cheesy words and daily flowers and the said alpha who fears destroying his previous boy's life because of certain psychological issues formed due to childhood trauma and tries his best to get well soon before the Omega gets snatched away by some other alpha.

Most problems either get solved easily before they can even snowball into something bigger. Best part of the story for me - ... more>>

The 1000+ years old childish but super OP S class plant who loves and lavishes attention on his 'son' (human MC) and his irritable but very very kind OP S class 'Uncle' plant who is always twined around MC's wrist in order to 'protect' him XD. U will surely die out of cuteness.


What I loved -

No toxic alphaness - pride, ego, arrogance, bullying attitude, forced estrous, r*pe/ dub-con. No toxic omeganess - Humiliation, embarassment, treated as nothing but s*x toys.

Humans are treated as humans. There's no discrimination just coz omegas can 'give birth' and are physically weak.

ML and MC take a conscious, logical decision to mate and mark each other as partners. There is no dubious 'sudden' heat flashes, no icky behaviour like inducing heat.


Simply, lots of normal, humane human behaviour. One of the best ABOs without malicious, nonsensical vicious behaviour.

T/L - Till latest TLed chap is 10/10

Story - 7/10 <<less
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Aug 19, 2020
Status: Completed
A good story if you are interested in a unique ML with an actual weakness, a fairly strong MC, and fairly unique worldbuilding around raising spiritual plants and creating scents. (Vine-uncle is definitely my favorite character.)

One of my favorite parts were the cute scenes of the MC chasing the ML. It's something that rarely seen in novels on NU. If you don't like strong MCs or you want ML to be dominant/aggressive/possessive/ overbearing-CEO-clone, save yourself the trouble and read the other 99% of novels on NU instead.

... more>>

It honestly baffles me that people complain about some minor issue with the ML. So he's not perfect, big deal?

ML has some psychological issues related to his parents and upbringing, so it's a mental barrier that prevents him from thinking that he would be a good partner for the MC. Thus, the MC does the chasing in the beginning.

Eventually the ML comes around and it's all fluffy and sweet from there on. The ML doesn't dote on the MC any less later.


I also like the portrayal of the ML's relationship with his mother. Please don't hate Mother Gu, she has her own troubles as well. It was a surprisingly complex relationship done well for a lighthearted slice-of-life novel.


I have close friends whose parents are exactly the same way and they also had to get counseling for it. Don't blame Mother Gu for everything. She was also in a mentally bad situation and suffered a lot. Nobody is perfect in their actions and sometimes they might hurt the people they care about accidentally. It doesn't mean they're evil and deserve to die.

People also react differently in different situations, so there's never a guarantee that someone won't be traumatized by something. That's why there's counseling and there's working through issues.


I also don't recommend reading this novel if you want hardcore revenge. I appreciated the faceted thinking of the side-characters and that the villains weren't one-dimensional and didn't live for the sole purpose of being stomped to death by the MC.

The what-happened-to-the-original-owner question was also wrapped up nicely. Overall a relaxing, fluffy, and lighthearted ABO read. <<less
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Jun 30, 2020
Status: c12
There's nothing explicitly wrong with this novel, but I can't bring myself to actually like it due to the somewhat nonsensical setting.

This is an ABO world, but there are also mysterious magic scent flowers (?) and drinks that are just for their fragrance? I just couldn't wrap my mind around that concept, which makes it difficult for me to continue considering the MC owns a literal "fragrance" bar.

And I don't necessarily mean this in a bad way, but parts of the novel are just... cringy. The MC attends university and... more>> is 18 years old but the other students bully him for seemingly no other reason than the fact his pheromones smell bad, as if they are in elementary school or something. I got second hand embarrassment when one of the canon fodders mocked him by calling the MC "Smelly Su"... like dude, grow up. Even the schemes against the MC are s*upid -- another omega literally puts glue on his seat to try and stick his ass to the chair. I really don't feel like anyone old enough to be in college should act like this, regardless of whether or not they are an omega.

Another issue I had was the fact that the MC supposedly transmigrates after the original host commits suicide, but this entire matter is just sort of... brushed off. No one talks about it or particularly cares. Even the MC doesn't bring it up until he decides to use the suicide against the people who were bullying him, which I guess isn't particularly a bad thing but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

So yeah, I'm not the biggest fan. The MC and ML are fine as characters and the plot is rather novel for an ABO setting, but it's just not for me. I rate it a 2.5/5.0 stars. <<less
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Jun 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Completed by MTL

It's a cute ABO interstellar story with an interesting, unique setting. The plot flowed nicely and everything was tied up very neatly.

It starts out in a slice of life style before escalating to a slight dogblood drama and then being resolved quite quickly.

This story doesn't only rely on ABO and interstellar as its only setting. It also brings in plants and medicine as a unique point. The world building in the novel was really well written.

... more>>

The impact of the ML and his mum's mental health was also interesting to read about.


The MC becomes a sort of nurturer/scientist of spiritual plants. This is a popular career among Omegas.


Besides the 3 A ranked spiritual plants, he also finds 2 S ranked spiritual plants which are sentient. HAHA both of them are really funny and OP. One of them even thinks of the MC as its child.


Even though this novel doesn't bring in interstellar war with Zergs or anything, the novel also slightly links to the military. There is no war though.


When the military fights in space, they may gain injuries from from dark matter? That the military cannot recover from. But now that the MC has the spiritual plants, they are able to make medicine to recover from it.


In the first few chapters, the MC discovers that his body has a smelly pheromone. Well since he's the MC, you can probably guess that the smell will definitely be gone one day.


His mom somehow ingested a part/seed of a S ranked spiritual plant when she was pregnant with MC. After she gave birth to MC, the MC had that part/seed so the smell came from the plant's natural smell.

There was a funny scene when the MC used that smell to chasing away a crocodile haha.

The smell was gone when the S ranked plant came to the MC and took that part back. Funny thing is that this is why the plant thinks of the MC as its child since the MC had the plant's part/seed.


The ML has the typical facial paralysis that President-style Gong usually has but he has a reason for it.


His omega mum after losing his dad, started to suffer from the loss and was very strict on the ML. The mum still loved the ML, but as she was overly strict on him in his childhood, he developed a condition where he will get very anxious whenever he expresses his feelings on his face.


The relationship between the ML and MC starts out with the MC chasing the ML as you can probably guess from the summary.

Everything that happens between the couple is very consensual.


MC is the one that keeps suggesting that they should go to the next level in their relationship but ML wants to take things slowly as the ML feels that the MC may not understand what it means for the MC to go the next level.

For example, if the ML agreed to get together with the MC, and ML couldn't get over his psychological problem, he feels that the MC may have problems getting together with someone else since MC will be associated with him.

Or if he marked the MC, and they regret it, it will be very painful to remove the mark.

Also, the ML actually takes care of the MC very well. As MC came from modern times, the MC did read up on how ABO works so he roughly knows what happens in an AO relationship, but the ML realised that the MC doesn't seem to fully understand the impact so he will prepare things like some form of scent/pheromone defuser to help the MC. When marking the MC, he will also prepare medicine for the pain? The MTL wasn't really clear on what the medicine was for but I assume is for the bite wound. I feel that this gives a touch of realism to the story, like it's not so easy for transmigrators to get used to a new world.


The original protagonist shou was a great friend of the MC and he supports the MC a lot, with encouragement and helping the MC with the ML. I like that he wasn't blackened like in most transmigration novels (:

The villains in the story varies. There were some who just did some petty things, so they weren't hatable, just slightly annoying. Yet there some who did some triggering things.


Zhao Qi the cannon fodder in the summary was just a bully who was spoilt by his family. After his rebirth, he still wanted to make use of the ML but since the MC was there, he wasn't able to. He finally woke up from his spoilt thoughts in the end though.

The Su family treated the second child better than the MC. The second child was also just spoilt, the parents were also just biased and didn't do anything overly bad.

Towards the end, only the ML's cousin and uncle tried to kill the MC to simulate the ML's mental health but besides that, the other villains did minor things.

The MC's grandfather previously killed the ML's father under the ML's uncle orders too and he seemed to have machinated the MC's mum and dad relationship. Hence, causing problems between the MC's dad and MC's stepmom who were originally in love. The MC's mum didn't seem to have been willing to get together with the MC's dad too.


Some extra points for this novel is that there were a few plot points that may have been intended as just a background story but if the author used those plot points to make a prequel to the story, it would have been interesting to read. However, it would likely be quite dog-blooded and most likely a straight novel.


The MC received 3 A rank spiritual plants which was implied to be from the Emperor of Clay? This seems to imply some relationship between the MC's mum and the emperor.

Why did the Prince of Clay? Try to claim the 3 A ranked plants?

The MC's father and stepmother were in love with each other. Unfortunately due to some machinations from the MC's grandfather, the mum somehow became pregnant from the MC's father.

The MC's grandfather suffered some kind of attack from dark matter from space? So he needed the A ranked plants to recover from the attack. The MC's mum refused to give it to him though. The MC's grandfather seems to be a bad person so the MC's mum probably refused to for some good reason.

The ML's uncle previously hired the MC's grandfather to kill the ML's father.

Zhao Qi, the cannon fodder in the summary who wanted to make use of ML, how did he save the ML's mom in his first life?

The ML's mum seems to be involved with some mercenary corps. Not sure if she's part of it or the owner?

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Jun 17, 2020
Status: Completed
A thoughtful and reasonable alpha with considerate attitude. He never force the MC nor manipulate the MC. He's not reckless and overbearing. Wow that's rare. Omegas in this stories are physically weak be not treated lowly like some s*x toy or incubator. Cuz really that's the reasons why I avoid ABO. My problem is just Mc's appearance is to feminine and the female pronunciation made me feel like this is straight story but anyways atleast it doesn't contain dog blood drama that would make you lose your brain cell. I... more>> also love how the MC is straightforward and takes the initiative in chasing after the ML. He didn't back down even with several rejections but still didn't step on line. Also Zhao Qi, I'm glad of his change, I'm glad he learned his lessons not to put your attention too much to another person's life and only focus on his. All in all this wonderful to read. <<less
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Oct 13, 2020
Status: c47
The story will not follow the summary. Sometimes I really dislike how title or summary don't correspond to the content. While indeed MC later became proactive and he's a bit braindead for ML, due to ML being a perfect man in his eyes, but there's so much more that happened along the way.

MC starts with a problem, he has a pheromone abnormality, which is cured within 1/3 of the story. Shuned from all sides he strives to get into university, since it's previous owner wish, plus it fits him as... more>> well too. He and ML meet coincidentally and fatefully, since MC inherited a spiritual plant that will help ML's mother to heal. Which became the foundation of their communication and mutual liking.

BUT. Here comes one of the dumbest conflicts between mother and MC ever. This mother, discards the MC's involvement in her treatment as a benefactor and treats as if Gu family doesn't own MC anything, since ML accomodated plants for this period of time, which doesn't correspond to the weight of the real price of materials provided by plants, not to mention, she'd suffer consequences if not treated completely. But she was totally OK with putting cannon fodder of the story, that was responsible for ML's death in the novel, as a good candidate, just because their family treated her well. Don't you think that's... unequal? I don't mention that she changed her opinion so quickly that I was wondering... why this part is here even?


    • I found the transmigrating and reborn characters an intresting idea. Usually reborn people go for the winner of life or revenge and from their perseptive of the story they become winners, but here it's pretty impossible and the story is built well around it.
    • I also found the details on plants and so on pretty good details as a world-building foundation, which sounds a bit more than plain ABO stories.

    • The story gets tedious when it basically becomes harvesting simulator and marveling about plants, there were quite few inconsistent details. Details are good, but not non-sensial that don't even matter like the exact time he arrived or repetitive details on plant treatment etc.
    • ML's condition. It kinda... not good. I find it weird and unnecessary.
    • Sometimes characters' immaturity seemed out of character.
    • For some reason I didn't like MC constantly calling ML 'male god'. It's as if they're not lovers, but he's still some chasing rotten boy.
For a reason it's a good and easy story, if you skip on obvious loopholes or absence of logic. The relationship between MC and ML is really good, ML's character is really nice, but unfortunately some parts soiled the impression for me and I can't put it into 'good' category. <<less
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May 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Sweet, happy, slice of life BL novel.

Cute and funny interactions b/w ML and MC. It's hilarious watching MC "innocently" flirt with ML.

Non-antsy, smooth plotlines, lots of other funny side characters, and a very devoted and lovely ML.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Having read quite a few omegaverse novels, this particular novel distinguishes itself through the emphasis on spiritual plants and not on intergalactic warfare like many others. It's refreshing.

I liked both the MC and ML. While the ML does have facial paralysis like many other CEO MLs this one has a reason for it and he is actively working on improving his condition for the MC's sake. Isn't that sweet? As for the book's original main character, he turned out to be quite nice unlike in many other novels. But since... more>> the MC and him have different love interests to begin with while having personalities that match well it makes sense that they could and would be friends.

The Su family situation was a bit anticlimatic. No real face-slapping there except for maybe light verbal ones to put the half-brother in place. But other than that, the Su family doesn't really make much of an appearance after MC cut ties with them.

All in all, this was quite an easy read. I didn't cry nor felt any other strong emotions. But I did find myself smiling to myself a few times.

Those who enjoy wholesome stories with a non-problematic MC and ML might enjoy this one. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 25, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel earns its ranks in the list of novels so forgettable that I almost forgot to leave a review.

It's your typical transmigrated into the novel of your favorite character, chasing your favorite character, and marrying your favorite character, type of novel. Add in a few variables like spiritual plants, random dog blood drama that appears to come unprovoked, and the omegaverse setting.

I found the whole affair of ML's mental illness to be poorly handled. Oh hey, this man has psychological trauma regarding relationships that requires human interaction to fix?... more>> Mmm, best way to solve it is to isolate him, yes.

There's really nothing exemplar about this novel, it's just something to read if you've nothing left. <<less
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Mar 21, 2022
Status: -
I haven't finished yet but I feel like my hands are itching to comment.

First, I don't know if this is directly from the author or the initiative of the translator, Almost every pronoun even for the simplest that a baby will understand, is always explained with (GL) (SL)) and any referenced character names. This is really very annoying, really! So if it wasn't out of curiosity, I would have dropped this from a long time ago..

The translation is very good and very easy to understand, but that's the only... more>> drawback for me, Thanks to the translator for working hard.

Then second, MC. It might be fun if the MC takes the initiative and is brave, but the MC's way of acting here is very embarrassing for me, he is too candid about his love as if he was talking about how good the weather is today, and even the scene at the bar made me immediately exit the page because I was so embarrassed, that not romantic at all, instead looks cheap, the MC pours wine on ML which he likes, but in front of so many eyes, instead of cleaning it carefully with a tissue, he licks and kisses ML's whole face, isn't that too shameless? !!😭.. And they are not in a relationship, even the MC was rejected too. Even though MC guessed ML did have feelings, but is it true to act so impulsively just based on mere guesses? And MC's feelings for ML for me are not serious at all. Although the author made MC assert that it was love, but if you think a little, then you will find that it was originally just his wish not to let the tragedy of the original novel happen to his male god, then to avoid that, he wanted to marry ML immediately so that ML wouldn't cross with Zhao Qi (original novel's cannon fodder), I can't see where the 'love' is.

Then the third one, ML. I feel that ML is very bland. He feels even more like an unnecessary side character, so very bland, and I can't even catch the chemistry between them. No cuteness at all I even wonder how other reviewers got that sense of cuteness. It's a fairly relaxing read and not too dramatic, read it if you have nothing else to do🙂 <<less
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Feb 13, 2022
Status: Completed
I must say that for omegaverse.. This story is somehow refreshing..?

Because, when reading it all gender have equal "rights" in the society, whether A, B, or O..

But in total, I like this story.. Too much sugars. And I want to be Gu Liheng's wife as well..
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 10, 2021
Status: Completed
A few thoughts.
    1. Ignore the summary. It does nothing to describe the story. Its a guy who transmigrates into his favorite novel and saves a cannon fodder character he really likes.
    1. The MC and ML are nicely developed and its a gentle love story about accepting fears and going after dreams. A plus for the MC pursuing the ML without being a stalker.
    1. The omega does a lot more that sit at home servicing the alpha. He has a lot of very vital skills. This is a refreshing change.
    1. Deducted a full star because of things like this "Lin Meng is regarded as his only friend. If he (LM) couldn't contact him for a few days, he will inevitably be worried." There is NO NEED to identify who the pronoun refers to. I don't know if this is the author or translator but its very irritating.
    1. Translator: Stop with the hashtags and word count at the bottom of each chapter. No one cares.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 25, 2020
Status: Completed
It not that boring, after all I could go through it till the end. It better than some novel that good at the start but too boring and make u give up before finished. It doesn’t have face-slapping!!! Or any another big schemings... just small slices accident after accident... after all it slice of life type novel... only good for spending for when u want some warm story with some emotional. Good but not best... 5 stars for easy mtled lol
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 09, 2021
Status: Completed
Although the summery is exaggerated the story itself is very enjoyable and sensible. MCs pursuit was refreshing and cute.

The side characters were intresting and even the antagonist wern't completely stuupid, my favourite characters were papa and uncle plant as I started to enjoy their banter more than the main couple. The novel focused on a lot of different things so it was confusing at times but unless it related to MC it didn't spend much time on it and made sure to wrap up most side stuff before the end... more>> so it was overall a satisfying read. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 08, 2021
Status: Completed

I found it difficult to rate this story.


1. Though the author wrote both MC and ML as very likable characters (not too OP or overbearing, non agressive aboworld, respectful, sweet and kind Alpha etc) I felt the romance part felt flat for 75% of the story. CP, especially ML is so tame and didn't give me a ML role vibe, but more a prominent side character kind of feeling. It was hard for me to feel their chemistry until towards the end, despite that there were sufficient scenes between... more>> cp.

Only towards the end after cp married and had their kid did I feel the chemistry and found it fluffy.

I was even more interested in the spiritual plants that are very important in this interstellar abo world. These plants provide highly precious raw materials that can cure all kinds of diseases etc and have human like intelligence. I really wanted to know what kind of features they possessed etc. 2. The spiritual plants were the true side characters in this story. All the other, human, side characters were not memorable enough. They were very insignificant. 3. Also what is lacking here is a memorable villains. There were only several petty characters that played a role for a few chapters, without much plot and depth. I still give this 4* because of the final chapters and I really enjoyed all the spiritual plants. Plus, healthy non-toxic abo setting. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.4

A very fun, light and fluff novel with light drama. The story is about MC transmitted into novel where his fav character died and this time he gonna save him.

Here's a journey of MC an omega persistently Chasing his Male god, ML, an alpha.

The things I really like about this novel:

    • Spiritual plant Interaction (honestly, it's the best thing about this novel)
    • Shou Chasing Gong (Very Rare to see this, especially in ABO world and it was very nice. The persistence feeling is very likable)
    • Zhao Qi?? Rebirth

      Finally, there's someone aside from Main Character who gonna use his Rebirth properly and not turn into villian anymore, although he was kinda like villian in original novel but still. I am so tired of other character Rebirth...... to just become useless and turn into villian and destroy by Main characters, Thankfully, he back out before it was too late. Now, this is rare and I like it very much

    • Original body owner story

      It was very nice to see the Original body owner living happily in MC Original world and in MC body with MC best buddy as his Sweet heart. Now, another Rare thing where we get to see the story of Original body owner living after body swap. This never happened before and I have always wanted a story like this..... story about them living happily in another world. They deserve to be happy too.

The things I didn't like about this novel:

    • No revenge on Gu An!!

      This was very disappointing and kinda funny (in sarcastic way) for me. Didn't MC told that he wouldn't let people take him for being weak. MC should have taken some action to teach Gu An as Gu An was the one who was behind the attempt to kill MC but after ML dealt with Gu An father, there was no further action. This was very disappointing plus MC even said to Gu An that he would not let him off but then he really did nothing.

    • MC University Life

      I had a very high expectation from MC university life. I thought there would be competitions and all since the entrance exam was so hard but the uni life was quite settle and peaceful..... it was very disappointing for me as I love school competition and all...... especially the journey to become master/expert but in here that didn't happened plus didn't MC want to be perfume maker? But that too didn't happened. Very disappointing.

Overall, it was very enjoyable for me. Although the story got bland in mid and later everything kinda rushed, I was still able to enjoy, thanks to Spiritual plant Interaction. They were the best.

Lastly, thanks for the translator for translating this novel.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 21, 2021
Status: Completed
The upside of this novel is that it is a very lighthearted read with many fluffy and sweet moments.

The downside to this novel is the bland plot, the ML's strange illness, and the ML's mother's annoying antics.


The cons of the story balances out the pros of the story, leaving much to be desired.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 15, 2021
Status: --
5 stars only to pull up ratings. Real rating is 3 stars at most.

The MC's straightforward character is cute and admirable, but the novel itself felt... aimless? It was cute and funny at times but the plot was all over the place. It felt like the author was just wandering around and throwing cliches here and there.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 20, 2020
Status: Completed
I love this! I love the MC and ML esp the plants that behave like humans... soooo kawaiii.. They also have a son and I hope there are more extras. (●`・ (エ) ・´●)
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Really cute and full of fluff. A really easy read. Its kind of fast paced especially towards the end
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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