Rebirth of a Cannon Fodder from a Novel


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As the only girl born in the four generations of the Mo family – a prestigious and powerful family in Hua Xia – Mo Liu Gui has been adored since the day she was born. She is gorgeous, naive and intelligent. Behind her is the noble Mo family and by her side are countless excellent pursuers. Whether in career or relationships, she’s the heaven born life winner.

It’s a pity that Mo Di is not Mo Liu Gui but a tragic contrast of what one would call life winner.

He has been disliked by everyone in the Mo family since the day he was born. When he left the incubator, the whole family was competing for his sister but left him in the hospital corridor overnight. He never took a sip of his mother’s milk because it was just enough to feed one child. He has not been held by his father once because his father was extremely disgusted with the culprit who robbed his darling of nutrition in their mother’s womb.

His five brothers never looked him in the eye. When he was six years old, they even ganged up to beat him till he had a fractured right leg which almost left him permanently disabled, all because he scored first place in his grade while his sister scored third, making Mo Liu Gui sad to the point of crying.

Countless scolding, neglect, double standard treatment, and even ab*se in the name of education have been habitually done to Mo Di. Finally one day, the Mo Di who has been soft and obedient for eighteen years turned black.

He was no longer a soft and sensible man but had become gloomy and aggressive. He ran away from home, started his own company and made new friends. Everything is booming but when his company was about to go public, he was found by the Mo family. During a struggle with Mo Liu Gui who was asking him to come home, she fell and almost had a miscarriage. This incited everyone’s anger and they forced him into a mental hospital.

In the end, he died on his 25th birthday…
Afterwards, he was reborn.

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New FYalimar rated it
July 11, 2024
Status: --
The novel is bad, very very bad, extremely bad, it lacks logic, there are many holes in the plot, the villains are very poorly done and meaningless, in fact the author himself knows that nothing in the novel makes sense, so he attributes all to a "system" that suddenly appeared and controls people's minds so absolutely all of the characters except the MC and the ML (who are not affected by the system) behave like unreasonable maniacs, but even that It doesn't make much sense and the author doesn't even... more>> bother trying to explain the origin of said system? or where he went after damaging that world? why was this system so powerful? he doesn't explain anything!!! absolutely nothing!!! It's similar to when Westerners have no explanation for something in a series and say "magic!!, a sorcerer did it" the famous Deus ex machina but Chinese...

but not everything is bad, I quite like the MC, he has a pleasant personality, and the ML is also very good, he is madly in love with his little one, he takes care of him and pampers him a lot, the extras gave him the sweetness that the movie lacked. story without all those disordered characters without common sense, only the protagonists and their love, very nice, I liked that part.... it's just that it still doesn't earn more than one star for me, since the author really doesn't He put effort into the plot, he just wanted to make hateful characters that would make readers angry and he didn't put much thought into any explanation, so no, I can't rate it higher... <<less
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Chiaroscuro rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: Completed
I feel like coughing up 3lt of blood from reading this. So suffocating. So dogblooded.

It's like a bad telenovela you diss all over but you still watch because you wanna see the protagonist win. If you don't like dog blood drama with no brain villain (the villains are so 2D and so villainous it feels like caricature villains) and RIDICULOUS plot then you might skip this. Read spoiler for further details.

Also for one of the reviewer, I disagree because they didn't read the completed book. The lotus isn't there just... more>> to be trampled but because reasons. And MC isn't a Gary Stu, Gary Stu is male white lotus, MC is not lol. If he's a Gary Stu he won't pursue revenge, shamelessly used Ml, or actively trying to destroy his family. He does have very thicc plot armor. MC also need ML because despite being able to revenge alone it will take far longer with shitton of twists (despite his genius he's still a powerless highschool grad and to do things smoothly ML's power helped). I think ML being made fun as pe*o and weirdo is author's humor and that's hit or miss.

Read this for:

1. Face slapping/second chances

2. Sugar daddy ML

3. Dog food

4. MC that's black to the bones, unrepentant about his actions.

5. Doting ML

MC is honestly so fuking pitiful, imagine every dog blooded drama plot, it happened all to MC. I'm seriously thinking why he's still sane atm. He's a good boy that craved for his family's love only to be spurned by ab*se and hate. He's a textbook BL MC in the way that he's a genius, handsome, and a good cook. The only thing that made him slightly different is that he's not above using ML to get revenge from his family. His conscience is "clear" that he's using ML.


He's a Cannon fodder from novel used to highlight his sister. And there's no WHY it's just the way it is. His family hates him, ab*ses him because they thought he stole his sister's nutrients (they're born twins and apparently MC is the weaker ones) and the ab*ses happened to MC made me want to rage quit this. At the end of his life he's been through a lot, like every dog blooded drama happened to him from slander, robbed, etc. WHY?? Because plot.



ML is textbook BL ML. Rich, handsome, powerful, and doted on MC. Why he needed to be that?


he was in wheelchair in MC's last life and apparently MC's family thought he's psycho/twisted because he's gay. He's a Cannon fodder that being used to highlight sister's boyfriend. (Like ML is handsome and powerful and rich BUT he's less than SBF)

this life tho MC saved him and changed some trajectory. He's powerful and rich because MC is just a highschooler with no power and honestly pitiful that he needs golden thigh to hang on.

All that genius is wasted because he doesn't even realize he's being used by MC lol. But MC's feeling later turn sincere :D


His twin sister is a textbook white lotus that always cry and faint and generally makes you want to throw your shoes at her. She's so righteous and her logic is seriously skewed. She's an aspiring actress.

SBF or sister's boyfriend is honestly a chuunibyou.


handsome, powerful, unfeeling unless for the sister. And is a mafia to boot. His family Likes to make human swine and hang them off to be "admired" lol yeah he's chuuni af. There's also a mention of family infighting (like he's trying to usurp his dad idk)




Basically MC is trying to live his life and change his fate. He used ML at first for his power but fell in love for his loving care (because he's been ab*sed so much and ML is like the first human to care/be kind to him).

He's aware that he's a novel's cannon fodder and he's unreconciled. That's why he got reborn.

He's currently fighting the plot. Because sh*t that supposed to happen still happen but it's less severe and he always managed to turn back the plot to ruin mo family. He realized that people are being influenced by the "plot" so their brain have huge holes but he's also aware it's just a small part of it. (Like whole China isn't covered by the plot, only places and people that interact with them hence you still see sane netizens).

The plot is apparently MC's sister who is a transmigrator. Her system and halo bring the family's and everyone's IQ to bottom Hence their baseless hate towards MC. She's a homophobe that's why she killed off MC's 3rd bro BF in her previous life and destroyed MC.


Tl;Dr plot with huge spoiler


The original book is BL between MC and ML. Sister read that and hated it because she is a homophobe. She got transmigrated to the book and got system and all, destroyed MC and ML. The reader who read Sister book feel dissatisfied with the ending and more people ship MC and ML Hence MC got reborn and "righting" the plot

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July 19, 2020
Status: --
So... I just going to write this pharagraph to represent my opinion about the novel:


The transmigrated main female character, you torture your little brother and even make everyone in the world hate him because he's the real protagonist of the real novel which actually a BL novel and you're homophobe, so you change the story genre into BG by force. So, why, is it, as a homophobe, you read that so called disgusting BL novel? And even knew the detail of the content of said novel?

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Ariri rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: --
Things wrong about this story:

1. The villains are braindead and give me a headache.

2. The MC gets bullied for no damn reason and everyone just excepts it cause his poor wittle b*tchy sister cried for no reason in front of him and they ALL are like IT'S YOUR FAULT YOU SHOULD BE TORTURED TO DEATH CAUSE MY DARLING QUEEN CRIED IN FRONT OF YOU!!!! f*cking hell it makes me have a migraine.

3. The Coincidences. Seriously what the f*ck. I can not pay attention to detail like how the MC magically... more>> became a god in coding and that he learned how to fight in his previous life but even so got killed by a mental patient. But wth in the beginning the MC was all badass and could fight and dodge attacks perfectly fine but all of a sudden when he went back to school and was being attacked he was defenless, coincidentally when he was being attacked and didn't fight back or try to dodge his attackers the ML was watching. COINCIDENTALLY aswell all the other cameras at school weren't working and so the ML directly could see what was happening. I mean I could accept it if only..... there weren't so many idiotic coincidences! Like did you have to add the irrelevant info that the cameras weren't working. f*cking illogical.

4. NO REASONING!! Why does his own parents hate him from the moment he was born? What's the reason? Huh!! Wtf is it!! Cause he shared the same womb as his sis. bit*h that's not a reason, but I guess that was what was given sooooooo I just have to conclude that everybody in the whole god damn story is ret*rded. The end.

PS I did not and will not finish this cause if I do I'll actually die of a headache.? <<less
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Alisha chan
Alisha chan rated it
December 16, 2020
Status: c93
This novel is seriously not goof for my blood pressure. I just wanted to go inside this novel and beat those brain dead people to death. I hate everyone except MC, ML and their friends. That twin sister is now my oficially most hated character. This bit*h is such a drama queen. I just want to say she is a green tea b*tch.
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rhianirory rated it
May 26, 2020
Status: Completed
don't expect little things like logic, intelligence, or common sense from the majority of the cast in this story, especially at the start. I spent the first several chapters in awe of the complete lack of anything resembling sense to the point where the MC seems like the only sane person.

there's a lot of dogs blood melodrama in this one and lots and lots of scheming and face slapping. The high volume of melodrama and the black lotus sister stand out far more clearly than the actual MC and ML... more>> for most of the novel, though the turn around at the end is good and the two were very sweet together.

I don't have much tolerance for melodrama but I finished this (while skipping chapters) more because I wanted to see the sister get what was coming to her rather than for the MC or ML. It's not a nice reason, but hey, at least I'm honest.

I have to give props to the author. She created a character so vile and memorable that she is the first thing readers will think of when remembering the story, rather than the poor MC.


I really dislike melodrama but at the same time, there were some very good twists to the story three-fourths of the way through so I would say this was a 3 through most of the novel and a 4 at the end. My final rating in my notes was 3.5 but that's not an option here so I rounded up.

read when you want a story with lots of face slapping and melodrama. <<less
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ChronoH0 rated it
May 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Warning for first timers:

For the few chapter of this story contains physical ab*se and mental ab*se that are caused by nonsensical reason. For those who are sensitive about this, read with caution.

Although this book has wrap up nicely (thank God), I do have some liking and dislikes about this story.


    • Romance between MC and ML is sweet.
    • The supporting characters are likeable.
    • Has side cp pairings.
    • Through revenge although it doesn't feel satisfying at the end.
    • The antagonist is strong.
    • Probably the most memorable former FMC.

    • It's pretty obvious since everyone here pointed out. The bloody ab*se. And Brain dead villains.
    • The antagonist although strong opponent it is not unique enough to be something new. Their personalities and motivation is too obvious and stereotypical.
    • The revenge feels too easy (with reasons), still not satisfied tho.
Let me have some thoughts for the novel to let this out of my mind.

To start with ranting my frustrations.


Reading this makes me mad. Even at the end I despise the former FMC. Here's the thing I actually wanted to sympathize her for being a victim of the Mo family because of the way they treated her younger brother like he is garbage. But the more I read ahead the more I felt like she's unredeemable. If she is the victim, then her actions makes no sense. It was at the very end almost the conclusion I find the reason why. She's not the real protagonist. And she has been brainwashing everyone around her and abusing MC because he is disgusting. WTF. I can't sympathize with her no more. I'm not saying she should be forgiven if the case was former but it would make this story more tragic in my opinion. The only person who I find at least redeemable is one one person from the Mo family.


There. Now I do like the MC and ML relationship. It does touched me how both are cherishing each other and also the level of respect they have is to die for.

I can only say that if anyone wants to read this make sure your mentality is ready because I think you guys needed.
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Selcouth rated it
July 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I decided to register an account just to leave a review to counterattack the others who keep saying reading this is unsatisfying and discouraging others from wanting to read this and enjoy the novel + their reviews are quite misleading and shitty.

So if your scrolling through and being doubtful should you read this or not, THEN THIS IS YOUR CALLING, IT'S A YES. MO DI AND MU TIAN HENG'S RELATIONSHIP ARE SO TOUCHING, expecially near the ending where the past life was revealed to Mu Tian Heng.

To be honest, I stopped reading reviews when I find a novel, they can be nasty and effect the reading, a good work might be overlooked if I listen to the reviews everytime. Fortunately, most of the time the reviews are gladly proven wrong. So just read the summary and tags, if you like them go enjoy reading without external influences.

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zfaith98 rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: c18
I’m down for a good revenge/second chance story but ooooh this is too much. I get the whole face slapping and exposing a bit*h is satisfying but there was no satisfaction from reading this story at all. It just made me so frustrated and annoyed. I’m like why are there so many dumb nonsense characters?!?! And the main character just rubs me the wrong way at this point. He’s trying to get back at his sister and all the people who’ve wronged him but he’s doing exactly what his sister... more>> does to him. I’m like okay that happens. Give them a taste of their own medicine kinda thing or it happens that a character is so ab*sed and traumatized from their experience that they become twisted but to intentionally manipulate an innocent person who was never involved in your situation? Nah that’s another kind of twisted. At least make an upfront deal with them or something. Idk. It just seems so wrong to me so I don’t recommend reading this if you can’t handle the intense s*upidity and ridiculousness it has in store. <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
secondthots rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: Completed
I just live for these kind of tr*shy plots tbh

Look, if you're gonna bash on the novel on the basis that the villains are mindless birdbrained morons or how illogical the plot is, let me just say: I READ IT FOR THOSE EXACT REASONS

I didn't read this novel for epiphanies nor an earth-shattering plot with brilliant romance & masterfully-crafted vengeance. I read this because I wanted drama... not just any common drama, I wanted mindless, dogblooded drama that could deprive me of braincells & instill boluses of serotonin when the... more>> idiots, dubbed "villains" get their much deserved faceslaps.

This plot is only fun if you're craving for it & know exactly what you're dipping your toes in. It's the sole reason why I scored it five stars even when objectively speaking, it's shoddy & extremely typical in all other aspects. However, I was genuinely amused & the twists towards the end were a bonus that I didn't foresee.


Although it seems like a last-minute, haphazardly added detail, ML assisting MC in his first life during his period of mental breakdown was a part that I admittedly enjoyed. It's not seamlessly written in, but I thought it was a nice addition that solidified the main CP's connection. Yes, I confess- I am a big loser for the "fated lovers" tag & romances that remain intertwined even after reincarnation/transmigration. I AM A ROMANTICIST OK.


Also some people criticize the MC's genuineness when it comes to his affections for ML. Is it really possible for him to turn a whole 180, from confessing in the beginning that he would pursue ML just to fulfill his revenge & then somehow falling head over heels with him in a mere few weeks? The answer is: YES, I REALLY DO BELIEVE IT'S POSSIBLE. Sure the author screwed up in showcasing more of their intimacy & failed in building that genuine connection. I wished it was more of a slow-burn & I also wished even more that MC wasn't 17 in this story. Their relationship is far from perfect but the end result is satisfactory.

The big baller question: Would I ever read this again?

CERTAINLY. I think it's a good novel to cleanse your brain with. Take that as you'd like ;) <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
XVA rated it
January 29, 2021
Status: c37
Note: some people even censor the word 's*upid', but my review has swears in them. If you can't deal with swears, how have you survived the internet........?

I've decided to drop this temporarily.

To be honest, I kinda liked it, but I felt such bone deep hatred for the MC's family and other ppl who loved the white-lotus b*tch, I had to stop. I'm someone who has gone through ab*se before - it's genuinely the most helpless feeling ever. You want to get out of that type of situation, yet you can't... more>> so feel powerless and insignificant. The reason I'm including all this is because I get the feeling the blurb doesn't show how triggering some may find this.

Now on to an evaluation of the novel...

The MC is kinda generic in terms of what we see in the bl world - good coding skills, good cook, cute shou etc. The same can be said for the ML, but one thing to note is that the ML in this novel seems way more chill. The ML isn't the typical cool, handsome CEO (although he is a handsome CEO......). We can see this from how he helps out the MC and jokes around with his good friend. I like this as it makes the ML seem human and fleshes him out more, despite having the 'rich, powerful husband' label attached. The friends the MC made were also quite funny and enjoyable to read about.

It was also really frustrating having all this sh*t happen to the MC. I get the author wants the audience to side with the protagonist, but this could have been done without all the sh*t in the world happening to the MC, okay? I especially hated the sister for her hypocritical actions and the spoiler is me ranting about them.


She acted like a holy mother - going in to 'save' the MC and spouting bullsh*t to seem on the side of justice. She repeatedly wanted the MC to go back to an abusive home. Made others look like villains, spouting sh*t like 'apologise' for a crime they didn't commit. Her words have an affect on those around her - they listen to her because of the love (fishy, in*est-like love, at times) they feel for her.

And she clearly f*cking knows it.

Every time she asks the f*ckers to spare someone, her adorers just more mad and hate the one she's pleading for more and love the b*tch-sister more. Whats worse is that there is no evidence that she is the one quietly planting this hate for the MC. The people who surround her would be more than willing to take the blame.

Not mention the blatant h*mophobia she shows. At one point she says she does not 'discriminate' against them, but then called gays unnatural. Near the starting chapters the MC even mentions how she laughed at the ML and called something like, 'disabled old pe*vert'. Say, fellow readers, has the definition of 'discriminate' changed in the past few years? Cause b*tch, that's so f*cking discrimination.

Hypocritical piece of shit.

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jadelin rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: --
The amount of mindless physical and mental ab*se as well as dog blood is pretty amazing. And all of it is mindlessly directed at the MC purely due to a plot device.

... more>>

The transmigrated sister with a system who is targeting all the main characters against the MC for this ab*se is a homophobe, but I have a hard time believing how flat and 2D her character is without an ounce of empathy for all the pain and suffering she caused. I mean... talk about viciously depicted female charcters... ?


I noped out of the story by the nth round of ab*se towards the MC and how convenient it was that it could easily occur. That being said, I did read the ending to figure out why it happened. The plot stinks of author manipulation, and branding a yet another woman as an absolute evil with no other redeemable characteristics. Not fond of that BL trope at ALL.

It's crystal clear this isn't a fluff story; this is a face-slapping story where the villains are plot devices to make the MC need a reason for revenge. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chekanalia rated it
May 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Ok... usually we see an intelligence debuff but the other family members have issues upon issues.... the MCs sister is a typical mary-sue and as we will find out in the final chapters ... more>>

she has a millionaire system, full knowledge of the book and loads of aura.



In the original world she was an ordinary person and the original book was BL with the same gong-shou pairing. She is a homophobe and so is the system so she aims for her brother because she considers him dirty and is sickened by him. MC is reborn and ML gets his memories of the previous life which he also fell in love with MC and avenged his death.

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Efu-sama rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: Completed
One thing I respect from this novel is the dedicating translator, kudos to translator who translated this novel to almost of completion.

I read this novel, quite enjoy it, but really I just read this novel to pass the time, and read some faceslapping. The MC and ML are so so, they're not interesting enough. There's no interesting point that makes them remarkable or make me like the MC or the ML.

The conflicts within are also so so. To be honest, this is like the extended version of mainstream modern faceslapping... more>> whitelotus in QT novel, something that if it was placed in FOD would perhaps only amount less than 10 chapters to be completely faceslapped, lmao.

If you're familiar with There's always Protagonist with the delusions to start a Harem, then this novel is actually more like the extended version of one of their modern arcs. That's just how mainstream and bland the plot and the MC and ML are.

Regardless I still read it to pass the time and read some faceslapping, lmao. The MC of this novel is super miserable, while the villain are just too disgusting, too exasperating, and simply too vicious! That's why reading about the faceslapping is even more satisfying when the villain are really too ridiculous and brain dead, lmao. <<less
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huahua5555 rated it
January 31, 2023
Status: Completed
One of my absolutely favorite novels that I've already re-read and going to re-read again and again. It is so perfect in just about everything. The injustice the MC suffered made me vomit blood and want to kill all his horrible family in the cruelest ways. And

... more>>

not only their punshment was satisfying, the novel also explains why they were like this, so it wasn't something the author just thrown in for the sake of the drama and forgot. Much appreciated.


I loved the MC but it is probably one of the rare cases when I loved the ML even more. I'm actually not a fan of the trope "the character has a secret that can potentially ruin his relationship with his beloeved" because I always get nervous and distracted, fearing for it to happen. So it made me particularly happy


how mature and reasonable the ML was. The silly little note the MC keeps in his phone could've become the start for a long, long dog-blood drama - but that's not what I wanted, and fortunately it didn't happen.

I also loved the flashback about the MC and the ML's relationship in the past life. I have to admit I was crying a bit. And the new life was also so hopeful and cute.


Definitely recommend. I can't imagine what someone might dislike in this novel. <<less
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cosmicimmortal rated it
May 26, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a refreshing revenge story that I can get behind, the relationship between the ML and MC is cute but also develops as the MC matures and he gets better and heals rather than being a love at first sight.

The story also doesn't feel unrealistic and you genuinely wish that MoDi becomes the final winner.

I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it, t slight flaws of the novel don't cover up the fact that this is a good read.

I MTL the novel but the translation is really good... more>> also. <<less
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Rouxd rated it
August 19, 2020
Status: c54
I'm only part way done with reading this and it's so good. From the characters to the storyline, the author is really great at telling a story. The translator does a fantastic job as well!

At first I was really sad and frustrated with the treatment of the protagonist, but he's so smart and he has managed a way to get back at his family even from nothing. But he knows how much revenge he should get with what is given to him. If anything, his family does their own undoing... more>> by being s*upidly obsessed with the sister and picking fights with the protag.

I do enjoy how the love and trust of the sister is slowly breaking from family members and from other people. I only hope that her main love interests also start feeling the same way.

Mo Di has a lot a head of him and he's still so young! I want him to persevere and kick the Mo family's butts! (Also to change his name from Mo to Mu) <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ShiinaMH rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: Completed
If I had to say to myself, this is a great hidden gem. This is for my own opinion, my taste. Whether you like the story or not, well that's your opinion, not mine.

In any case, yeah I agree that the girl is too much b*tch with braindead people surrounding her. She's what you really call a white lotus b*tch. Oh my Ghad!! For the first chapters, I pity the MC so much that my chest hurts. The braindead brothers, parents, aunts, uncles and even the grandparents are having loose... more>> screws in their head, ganging up and slandering him!!! Like what's wrong with these people? Are you sure that they didn't commit any crime with their intelligence? Aside from the family, it's like everyone who likes her are all braindead! Illogical!! Yikes!

If I was in the situation of the MC, I wouldn't even survive until I was sent to the mental hospital. Sigh~

Good thing is, despite all the hardship, ab*se, and disappointment, he did met someone who will help him always, support him side by side, trust him unconditionally, and love him with his whole life. He really deserve it.

Even though I won't really bashed much towards scum people because we don't know we might get transported to a body of a villain whose ending is not good (dreaming... Delusional... Lel), but still I can't stop it. I really hope those people who deserve to be punish are punished justly and worth it. Mostly those people who torture an innocent and naive young man. I need to read it. It has to be satisfying or else... I will hunt them myself. No joke. It's too scary to enter this world.. too scheming.... <<less
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cielsinclair rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: Completed
Overall, I like it. And as usual it was revenge kind of rebirth. But it was more like villains attacked first before MC retaliated (like villains attacked then MC used the evidences to retaliated) rather than MC schemes against them. Also I felt that the ‘book’ explanation was a bit plot twist and the ‘how’ MC got rebirth was really good.

... more>>

the ‘book’ readers are not brainless fans. And yes I said readers


The ending also makes me want a sequel. It was cute somehow.

MC - very careful and dont have any brainless moment (as far as I know). People might say that he is paranoid, but it was justified in my opinion and his instinct never fail him (well it failed once but then you’ll see)

ML - not too OP. Very helpful and not overbearing. And loves MC very much NO MATTER WHAT (well as expected, but thro 100+ chapters, you will kno why I must said that)

Villains - their plans to pit MC were actually smart but the reason why they wanted to pit MC was so s*upid that it makes you think that they are brainless. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LostInTime rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: c45
This is my first review, but it's totally worth it so far I'm loving it. If you want to read something that has face slapping in it (I mean lots and lots of face slapping so far), then go for it and read this. Also the translation is really good too.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Birguslatro rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: Completed
For 99% of the novel I kept wondering why the villains are so brainless and biased against the MC, but this is neatly given an explanation in like, the third to last chapter? Anyway, I think most of the one star reviews are criticizing the absolutely absurd levels of favoritism the MC’s family show the white lotus little sister villain, but really, there’s an explanation! Hang in there.

The rest of the novel didn’t really stand out for me, other than the mind numbing behaviors of the MC’s family. Standard rebirth... more>> revenge plot plus dog food. <<less
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