Rebirth: Different Way


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“If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” – Nietzsche

For ten years in prison, Shen Xi, a son of a wealthy family, felt that he was living in the abyss every day.

Killed during a prison riot, Shen Xi awakens at the moment when his fate has turned at the age of eighteen.

In this life, Shen Xi vows to drag everyone into the abyss with him.

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(重生) 殊途
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New Anisa_ajae rated it
June 16, 2024
Status: c101
It is a roller coster read. At first, which chapter will the ML appeared. But then, ta da that man already appeared. I was like, ' what?!!'. Went back few lines to make sure the male lead. DAMN!!.

The ending to me is a bit mehhh, because the author already built up the plot, the suspense all that, but the villain just got off like that.

I read the extra but like I thought the tag is for the main couple but hoho is not, it's for the other couple.

But I enjoyed... more>> the story. Thank you to the translator. <<less
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New megumi-chan rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: c15
I would have liked the story if it wasn't for the inc*st couples.


I was at chapter 15 when I realized that the author has been pushing MC with his cousin ML.

So, I checked the last 3 chapters. Then, I saw something, not just with between cousins (MC & ML), but also between brother (Ji & Cheng) 🤧🤧🤧


Sorry, I can't read this. Thank you.
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YunYun1 rated it
April 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Hello, the translator is here :) This is a rebirth/revenge story, with a heavy emphasis on revenge. Not some face-slapping but a real, elaborate revenge. The MC, Shen Xi, was detested by his father and brothers in his previous life. When he was eighteen, he committed a crime (no matter how provoked he was, it was still a crime) and sent to prison for life, completely discarded by his family. For ten years he survived the attempts to kill him, and finally one of the attempts was successful.

Then Shen Xi... more>> is reborn at the moment when he hasn't done the irreparable yet. But there is so much hatred in his heart accumulated in ten years in prison that his choice is not to avoid mistakes and live a good life but to revenge himself on his family.

He wants to destroy his family financially and he also wants to turn his relatives who ignored and bullied him against each other. The whole story deals with his revenge, and I actually loved it to death. But I'm a big fan of revenge stories all in all, and few things make me as happy as a good revenge plot does. At least I think the plot here is very good.

Financial/business parts were very clear and made sense, and when it came to psychology, it was riveting. Watching the downfall of the Shen family was both fascinating and satisfying, the way small things piled up until something that seemed unshakable was crumbling before your eyes.

The MC is not a flawless pure innocent guy. He does some quite ruthless things. Some readers might dislike him for that. Personally, I found him very likeable. He is both tough and vulnerable, he knows the revenge comes for a price and he is willing to pay this price. He is also grateful to those who were good to him. He is... a mini-scale The Count of Monte Cristo, in a way :)

I also loved the romantic line here very much. It was not fast - I wonder if the readers have already figured who the ML is :) But I liked how slow and how natural their relations developed. It was not insta-love for sure. The ML is the one who falls in love first, and it doesn't happen at once. And the MC... I kinda expect some people will be slapping the label "toxic" on their relationship because the MC isn't honest with the ML from the get go and even uses him. Well, some people slap "toxic" on everything, it can't be helped, I guess.

Anyway, the ML was good. At first I didn't like him because of his attitude to the MC, even though it was explainable. But once he falls in love... he is really admirable. Every choice he made was just the right one, and his love for the MC was deep, tender and generous.

And s*x scenes were really nice, not cringeworthy as some BL s*x scenes are, if you know what I mean.

As for "in*est" tag:

the MC and the ML are cousins related by blood. In my opinion, it doesn't merits the in*est tag, but your mileage may vary. However... there will be a true, full-blown in*estious side CP jumping on you without any foreshadowing in the extras. Or maybe there was foreshadowing... as I'm translating now, I subconsciously interpret some scenes differently, hehe. But when I read for the first time, I totally didn't see it coming. Anyway, I actually was pleasantly surprised with it but if it bothers you, these extras can be skipped without any influence on the plot, and I'll give an additional warning when we get there.

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Rida rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: Completed
I loved how ruthless the MC was. He was willing to even give up his relationship with the ML to carry out his revenge.


I feel that the MC wasn't using the ML to ruin the Shen family. He agreed to be in a relationship with him because of his touch starvation and insomnia.


I also really liked how he didn't know everything despite his rebirth; it made it more realistic.

I highly recommend skipping the extras.
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Zombiiecat rated it
May 20, 2022
Status: c75
It is a great story to read. This could be a soap opera, seriously.

I understand the MC. Imagine all of the hate you have accumulating for a long time, can yall honestly tell me that you can drop it and go on your merry little way and start anew? HECK TO THE N-O! I wouldn't be able to.

Other than that.....

I was like, "GASP! I KNEW IT!" and then like, "AaaaaAaaAaWwWwWww" and then like, "╮ (╯▽╰) ╭" and then like, "ddddaaaannnngggg" and then like, "hehehhehe" and more. Not in that order,... more>> it happens multiple times, but yeah.

Don't be discouraged from the in*est tag. I didn't see it as that or thought of it at all until it's mentioned at moments and then I forget all about it. Because.........


The ML is from his aunt side; therefore, different last name.

Personally, for me, this is acceptable.

Anyways, BIG Thank You to the translator. Translator is fantastic so you deserve stars from the ratings. Hehehe.

I can't wait for the ending! <<less
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ywnle rated it
July 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't have any expectation from this novel. I read the review before reading it and hesitating until yesterday. I love reading rebirth theme novel, but not revenge oriented one.


Oh my!


I read this from early morning to 2 AM.

That was unexpected. I really enjoyed this novel. I have to say, the human emotion in this novel are really complicated. I think the four children was really innocent (not only one, but four of them). It's not really their fault that they grew up become like this.

  • The first son. He just wanted a perfect family. A family that only consists of his dad, mom, and younger brother. Even after his mother death, he kept hoping his father will loyal to his mother. So when he got a step mother it was really devastating for him. He watched how his father loved his mother. For 9/10 yrsold boy, will he immediately accept MC's mum as his mother? Ofc not. Especially, his father remarried only a year after the death of his mother. He had not done yet grieving, but already had to welcome a new person. I would not accept him either if I was him. And the incident just make it worse. Also the father didn't make it better either. He really dislike our MC. His harted and attitude towards MC was not justifiable, but understandable. But doesnt meant he should've done that. But I guess it cant he helped
  • The second son. I dont really have anything said about him. He's really spoiled rotten. It said that it was bc his father and brother spoiled him. I always hate a bratty character so I could only said that I dont like him. What I dont understand is there's no any decent communication between him with his big bro nor his father. Like, when he done something wrong they didn't correct him or something. They just take care of it like it was not a big deal. When he kept having ideas they didn't try to communicating with him. The father only get mad and cursed him and the brother just sigh and left him. And they complained he had spoiled rotten? Lol funny.

    I dont have any comment about his relationship with his big bro. I just confused, like Holly sh*t when? I tought that in*est tag was for our ML and MC maybe I was wrong? Well, they did share the same blood, but humm...

  • The third son. He is our MC. He had through so much. Anyway, he got rebirth and make his way to get revenge. Unlike in another novel revenge. Their MC was OP and almost know everything what will happen in the future. But our MC are not. He literally crawling just to get revenge. He was suffering for years, he got really deep harted towards his family. But more than anything, I think he just wanted to know why he was treated like that. He really wanted know the truth. Well, at the same time he also wanted to see his family suffering lol. I really glad ML was a good boy type.
  • The fourth son. He was the the biggest victim for me. I pity him so much. The fact that he managed to learned anything meant he at least had talent. But his mother was relly toxic. To grew up in that kind environment, if you did not become twisted, you go crazy. Well, he become both tho


And all of that thank's to one crazy illegitimate son. The real antagonist.


Tbh, I don't get satisfied with the resolution with the antagonist. Idk, I just hope there's more about him, and I hope MC knew about him earlier to prolong MC vs. Bad guy. But it didnt happen so......

Anyway, the review is longer than I expected, but just read it. Just read it if you like a revenge rebirth story. <<less
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AdventurousKat rated it
June 19, 2022
Status: Completed
I'd rate the novel 4.5 ⭐️ overall.
I personally love revenge stories very much, but I can understand that it's not everybody's cup of tea.

I saw some comments saying that the MC deserved to be in prison (I agree) and that his actions after rebirth were too much (I don't agree). Keep in mind that he committed the crime that got him into prison under the influence of drugs + in a state of great emotional distress. I know it's not an excuse for what he did - but he served a long time in prison and died after living a horrible life. In my opinion he has already payed the price for what he did.
When he was reborn he never harmed anyone physically, he went after his family's reputation and financial gains. When I put myself in his shoes I can sympathise with his wish for revenge and retribution. I'd like to have him as a friend but not as my enemy (shudder).

The story has multiple POVs and it shows that not everything is black and white. The line between good and evil is very thin, everyone has a reason for their actions. That's what I love about revenge stories!

About the ML: I really liked his unquestioning and unrelenting love for the MC. Yes, he fell in love with someone who wore a mask. But even when he got to know the MC's true character, he didn't waver in his love, he never judged, instead he accepted the MC and tried to understand him. Still, I felt that the ML's character was a bit flat. He didn't have that much personality and imo his most special/ outstanding trait was his love for the MC.

It's still a really good story and I can recommend it to every family-drama/revenge fan. :)
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Ouryane00 rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Completely unexpected! I didn’t expect that I would like this novel a lot because the summary didn’t really appeal to me.

But boy, was it a ride!

The plot is really good, all the twist and turn. Basically, this novel revolved in MC’s revenge plot. What I love about this was that the revenge wasn’t really “mind blowing” to the point that it was unbelievable, it was just right. The revenge really showed all the schemes and what amazes me is how everything has linked together.

The ML played like a supporting role... more>> here. He’s mostly there to just accompany MC and stay by his side and that’s what is really precious to me 💝

Btw, in case you didn’t notice, this novel has an in*est tag for 2 reasons


ML is MC’s cousin, it’s okay that they’re cousins to me but I just felt like it was kinda weird how MC still calls ML “cousin” after getting together, like just call his name pls especially when in bed lol



Very very surprised about this one... the sheng brothers got together!!!!!!!


This is a really good novel although there were some plot points that I feel like wasn’t answered or just seemed to be forgotten by the author like


Why ML’s brother likes MC and why he just appears so little in the novel. Also why ML’s parents doesn’t seem to be in their wedding (or maybe I just didn’t notice) and why the Sheng brothers were in their wedding when MC hates them a lot

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burai rated it
September 18, 2022
Status: Completed
I barely slept for four hours at night because I couldn't put it down. It was both intellectually and emotionally stimulating. I needed to find out what happened next. I was a bit afraid that the MC would let me down and suddenly soften and would step off the path of revenge for the sake of love. Fortunately, it never happened! The revenge was the most satisfying, the MC used their own shortcomings against his enemies. In other words, he helped them crumble by hitting their soft spots. He also... more>> had the sense of measure, no innocent people suffered. I also liked the final twist. It was just right to stop the MC from self-destruction because there was a bigger outer enemy. The ML was very good, the romance was sweet, with just the right amount of angst. One of the novels I can't find anything wrong with. Perfect 5 stars. <<less
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mirali rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: Completed
An intellectual and emotional rollercoaster. A rare BL novel that I would likely enjoy even without BL; however, the romance sub-plot was also very enjoyable and added a lot of nuances. As much as I like revenge stories, I was a bit scared to read it because some reviews stated that the main character was too ruthless in his revenge. However, I don’t know if it says something about my low morals, but – in my opinion, the main character did nothing wrong while carrying out his revenge. Not a... more>> single thing.

It’s true things are not in black and white in this novels. There are no heroes and no villains. Everyone is grey. Starting from the main character. Was he an innocent victim in his previous life? No. Does he have to be an innocent victim to hate those who wronged him and have the right to revenge? No. He suffers, he hates and he lashes back because he can. You don’t need to like him to enjoy his story. Although I did.

The plot is very tight. Almost every chapter has a twist and almost every character is not what he or she seems at first. The ML is the best example of it. When I found out who the ML was, I was like “huh?” There were at least two characters who I would rather see as the ML. By the middle of the novel I loved him wholeheartedly and was very nervous about his relationship with the MC because the ML was bound to be hurt. But it worked out very well in the end.

It was a fun read and a pretty unique novel that stand out among others. I will definitely remember it. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: Completed
Amazing works. And it's truly taste Different compared to many Rebirth with Revenge novel I have ever read.

It was much more complex. But it was Amazing!

The emotions of MC... And then ML... Their Love... Their feelings... Just... Great! A chefkiss. jpg

No one is Perfect. Things wasn't simply Black and White nor Gray. Lots had made me angry. And also lots had made me surprised.

Oh, btw for the in*est tag. ... more>>

It wasn't just about MC date his Cousin aka ML. But MC's 2 Half brothers are in relationship with each other.

I was both surprised and not. Shen Ji's dedication toward Shen Cheng was above any expectations! I thought at the beginning it was just Normal, and when they had conflict, I thought it would be the usual scene of brothers fight about High Position. But things are not simple!

Shen Ji would protect Shen Cheng. Shen Ji was mentioned as very Strict, but Shen Cheng did LISTEN!! And Shen Ji also focus to Shen Cheng for 24hours non-stop when he forced Shen Cheng to detoxing from drug.

All those hints finally lead us to the Extras where we see how they finally get together.


Also our MC is not as scary as I thought with his dedication to his revenge. Yes he crush the Shen Company to the ground with some help, but the doesn't do Physical injury or something.

Seriously, read this novel! It really taste different from many Reborn novel!

And I'm Surprisingly Absolutely LOVING IT... FOREVER, TO THE MOON, AND BEYOND !!! <<less
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caresca17 rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is perfection! A real treat for any lover of revenge trope. It is revenge from the beginning to the end. For some reason, it is rare to meet a good revenge novel in BL, it seems author mostly get tired from the revenge plot and just let it go; or, alternatively, make the revenge too brutal and crude, without any finesse.

Here the revenge plot is complicated but clear. I was fascinated with every step of it. Watching the protagonist to destroy his family little by little, both their... more>> business and their relationship, was amazing.

Now I must say that yes, the MC is not a sweet, innocent, all-forgiving guy. But what's the point of complaining about it? The literally first tag for the novel is "antihero protagonist". Beats me that someone is capable of writing a review to complain that the MC is not nice enough but apparently incapable of reading the tags.

Me, I loved Shen Xi. He did everything right and did it in style. And yes, he did go to prison for the crime he committed in the previous life. But to say he deserved what he got... deserved being constantly beaten, injured, never having a moment of safety? Deserved never-ending r*pe attempts when he constantly had to put his life on line to avoid being r*ped? I have no idea what happens in the mind of the person who says that an eighteen year old kid who grew up without a single close person in his life deserves it.

I really loved the MC. And I really loved the ML - but not from the beginning. He was so annoying in the beginning! But later... he was so good that it hurt me to think how hurt he would be when he got to know the truth about the MC. However, when it happened... it was less agonizing than I expected. Because the ML is really so good.

Other characters were also fun. Chu Qianqian is my personal favourite. The whole novel was fun, I really couldn't stop reading it. <<less
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Psychoutre rated it
May 30, 2022
Status: c49
I liiiivvveee for revenge plots, but only if I sympathise and felt that the MC was done real wrong. From what I got, the main grievances are with his family being ignorant, neglectful and dismissive, the father ultimately causing emotional harm to the MC and his mum - I get that. But to go so far as to dismantle not only their own relationships but also business and their livelihood.. it's a whole level of pettiness.

MC is ruthless and is willing to use the people close to him or those... more>> that have goodwill towards him, eg ML, to attain his own goals. I still can't really vibe with him, the author keeps mentioning that oh it's because he's had a tough life in prison, no one visited him, but so what? MC had put himself in that predicament in the first place, why shouldn't he be put behind bars for his impulsive actions? It would've made more sense if he was blackmailed, framed, influenced or whatever else that would make me support his agenda, but nah bro he was guilty, and is somehow wanting to pay it back tenfold... The premise of the novel is basically MC blaming his family for not raising him well enough to NOT commit a crime lmfao.

I expected some more maturity but the way he pulls strings behind the scenes, and in a sense where no one seems to doubt him really makes me feel like I'm reading in a villain's POV! I personally wouldn't have minded if it weren't for me thinking that the romance between MC and ML is artificial. Because of this, I can't motivate myself to read further.

Ignoring the whole in*est aspect (and MC constantly calling out 'Cousin!' 24/7). MC desperately craves familial love, care and physical touch due to his circumstances, and I feel that he fully takes advantage of the ML as he happens to be willing to provide these. How convenient. At this stage I feel that the lines between family and romance are very blurry. I mean MC literally initiates skinship while thinking of his grandpa.... I still wish ML had not crossed so many paths with the MC (honestly the coincidences just dont seem to be a coincidence - it's so cliche that they keep meeting up only for the ML to save a damsel in distress). ML would've had a better life otherwise. ML was willing to lay it all down for the MC and I just can't see the MC doing the same. I'm not all for imbalanced relationships.

It would be nice to see the revenge play out but MC's reasons for doing so I find quite shallow. Not my cup of tea. <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
October 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Lately, I have been starting new novels and dropping them to start another because of various reasons. One time the pacing was too fast, another time it was too slow that it was boring and then another time the MC was annoying.

Here in this novel, I actually found the right pacing and characters as well as plot for my current needs. The plot itself seemed simple at first, but grew more convoluted as the story progressed. Sides and boundaries that were clear in the beginning mixed and became unclear which... more>> is pretty realistic as not everything in life is black and white. Victims became perpetrators and perpetrators might have also been victims at one point.

The characters were also pretty believable. The MC is smart and uses his cards well. But he is not omnipotent and overly op. His EQ is also a bit stunted due to his past, having been neglected and abused for most of his life and spending ten years in prison where he was trying to survive and stew in negative emotions. Thus concepts like "like" and "love" were practically foreign if not a distant memory to him. His paranoia and need for control made it difficult to understand and feel genuine and sincere love and care. But he did see a lot of character growth under the influence of the ML's persistence and means that could be likened to boiling a frog in warm water.

Just like the MC the ML also experiences a good character development, mainly focused on his growing empathy for the MC and his realization he was self-righteous and projecting an image on the MC. The conflict between superficial image and reality is a red line that comes up in more ways than just one, be it in the ML's self-doubt, the clouded past or the revelations when all schemes came to light.

As for the in*est... I found it a bit ironic that the ML kept feeling conflicted about their shared blood ties only for others to care more about him and MC belonging to opposing sides like a modern Romeo and Juliet. But that was also resolved pretty quickly and people barely cared for them being cousins if they cared at all. They were honestly a bit blase about their cousin relationship.


This makes me think that the in*est tag was more because of the side couple that came out of nowhere and hit me like that one pigeon hit the window of my second floor biology classroom in eighth grade. There was thud and as we turned our heads we could hear a squeak as we watched in shock as it slid down the window like you had seen it in cartoons. But that's beside the point. Thing is, the side CP came out of left field and left me questioning myself and the people in the novel, especially because them being brothers didn't seem to bother anyone at all. But then again, who cares? It's not like they can have offspring so the shared DNA problem is less of a problem than the morality one. And what kind of morals could they have growing up in such an f***ed up family?


Either way, the novel was entertaining, not too simple and not too convoluted and with just the right amount of action and drama. <<less
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puregarnet rated it
October 4, 2022
Status: Completed
3.7 Stars


Hmmmm, while I admire and like the complexity of the emotions and what seems to be a commentary on the cycle of revenge and that the writing has quality, I rate stories based on how much I enjoyed it haha. So... I didn't really enjoy my time here. The people and the story were kind of miserable, which I suppose is expected since this is a revenge story. But all the secrets left behind in the past that caused the Mc’s revenge are also ugh. And now, at the... more>> end, who should be the target of the revenge actually? That part, I feel like the author could have done better to make a proper resolution for the MC’s feelings then. There wasn't really a conclusion to his feelings of revenge after he found out all the secrets. I think one big reason why I didn't like it is because I wanted a good rebirth revenge plot with satisfying face slapping against villains that are easy to hate. But this one, a major part of the story is finding layers of the past that put into question the target of the revenge. Here, it seems that the bad guys kinda have some reason to be so and the innocent wronged martyr may not be completely the paragon of goodness as remembered.


The translation I read is from Xiao YunYun Translations. The translation is quite good. No errors that I rmb. And the sentence structure feels like it was written in English instead of those awkward translated sentences.


I felt the time skip abroad at the beginning was too sudden. And it feels unnecessary? 5 years time skip abroad right after he was reborn. It kinda felt like that was just there so the author could say this is why the MC has so much money to get his revenge. Because he did illegal betting that the author doesn't want to detail.


We start at age 18 as the day the MC was reborn, time skip 5 years abroad, then the MC launches his slow revenge on his family that lasts 6 months ish. Along the way, his cousin, the ML, starts falling for him. The climax is the real evil mastermind accomplishing his grand finale.

Themes/What Story Tried to Achieve

It does serve the revenge part well. The villains, everything really got torn down lol. But it wasn't really satisfying because there were so many doubts about who exactly was in the complete wrong. When it was like generational revenge lol.

The romance part was nice actually. I could really feel that the ML loves the MC. Not the MC side much though haha. Lots of kinda explicit smut fyi. And of course, the in*est tag.


The MC is surprisingly the shou lol. I didn't realise that because he was so full of hatred towards his family all the time haha. I think he was fine, a normal guy if someone else went through what he went through. One thing I found annoying though, is how many other characters have crushes on the MC. Because we don't really follow up on the crushes. They just seemed to be mentioned a lot but it doesn't add anything to the story so I don't get why the author added them in. The ML is a pretty nice person. He is the source of a lot of good feelings in this story because he is a good person and cares about his family, friends and the MC. Quite doting too.

The other fleshed-out characters are the bad guys, the Mc’s family. Most of the story is the drama about them and also between them. This part was not bad, I liked the exploration of their intentions, thoughts and feelings.

However, the rest of the side characters are kinda missing some parts. For example, the MC’s two friends. I don't know some things like who is Lao K exactly and when did they meet? There was no explanation for his existence or about him. Why does the MC treat him so warmly? I thought all the friends before were from the bad crowd and we don't know if he met LaoK abroad? And we should just assume this spiky, suspicious, revenge-oriented MC is just best friends with this random person abroad? We get so much info on the family but barely anything on this side kick. Next best friend from his past life. The author made him have feelings for the MC. I honestly don't understand what his purpose is in the story. As the best friend, the MC doesn't want to drag him into revenge so he alienated him that way, so there was no deep friendship that I could feel. Then, the author made him have feelings for the MC but the author doesn't do anything with it. There was no misunderstanding or conflict about it for the main CP so what was the point of it? I feel like there would be no difference in the story if you took him out.

My Created Lists (I include my rating and review in the list itself XD)

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  • Heartwarming or Feel Good or Wholesome Stories I Liked - As stated haha
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izayaYY rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Not a lighthearted rebirth story, but I still enjoyed it. It has a heavy atmosphere and serious themes like psychological trauma, parental neglect, in*est, regrets, remorse, prison time etc... The sweet romance between the protags does help to lighten up the grim atmosphere of this novel. If you dislike dogblood family drama, then you should skip this one 'cause the amount of skeletons in Shen's family closet can fill up the Paris catacombs. Although the familial relationships can be quite complex, the revenge plot itself is easy to follow, with... more>> very little plotholes...

Some occasional plotholes for e.g. how did MC manage to place a fake nurse by his father's side and how did the fake nurse manage to do real nursing job in a real hospital?

But the plotholes did not bother me that much. Overall, the story is coherent.

Well written and translated, the multiple POVs makes every single character interesting and multi-layered, even the villains. The villains are not purely evil and the protags are not entirely likeable. Most characters have their own background story and their own reasons (justifiable or not) for their behaviours. All their actions are well explained (sometimes the details gets too repetitive). Author often emphasize the fact that it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong. I think the author shows very well the vagarities of life. Life is inherently unpredictable... no matter how much you think you are in control of your life, in reality you control very little. The Shen family is a good example of this.

As for the in*est... come on!... this is danmei and yaoi!... if I was offended by those taboos, I would not be reading yaoi. And yes, this novel does have s*xual content. Not censored. <<less
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LH_12 rated it
June 6, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a story about transmigration and revenge. There was so much dog blood, yet it was awfully satisfying to read. MC's past life was really pitiful, and his family was awful, so after he was reborn, he had only one goal - revenge. It was unexpected for him to fall in love. I love MC; he seems to be calculating, cold, and full of resentment, but in reality, he is vulnerable and desperately needs love. I liked ML too because of how decisive he was and how much he... more>> loved MC. He struggled because he knew that loving MC was wrong. Yet after he made his decision, he didn't regret it, is open about their relationship, and protects MC (to be honest, MC doesn't need protection, just love and warmth).
About the in*est tag


There are two couples. MC and ML are cousins, and the others are brothers. So, if you don't feel comfortable with it, don't read it. One couple appears only in extras, so it can be skipped. I didn't expect that those two would get together; I was surprised.


I don't know if I liked the story because of the plot or because it was well written. It has a perfect pace, wasn't dragged out endlessly, and everything developed fast. I love stories about revenge, which is why I loved the story. I especially liked the ending of the last extra chapter; it was something I really needed to hear at the moment. I have a favorable opinion about the story and would recommend it. <<less
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ApolloAresZues rated it
December 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Have to admit this exceeded my expectations. I came into this bored expecting some face slapping but I don't know if it's because I was playing dramatic music while reading but I was excited and enthralled from begining to end. The romance, characters, and overall plot is all well written and developed. The key though is that all the scheming MC did actually made sense to me, was fun to read, and seemed reasonable and elaborate/clever. Also all the revenge felt just right. I will go into details below.

MC is... more>> the son of the second wife (the 3rd if 4, 4th being illegitimate) who commited su*cide and had been ignored, treated as invicible while watching the rest of the family play happy family, and raised into a waste for the majority of his life. This causes him to spiral and have alot of bad habits and desire for affection. In the first life this leads to him running over two ppl (they were bad ppl anyway so...) and getting jailed and abandoned by his family. There he spends 10 years suffering alot and is finally killed in prison.

On that note MC is NOT a good person. At all. Hes vindictive, vengeful, and takes pleasure in the suffering of his enemies. Some parts I had to pause because I was like dang that's cold. I found his character so interesting bc this man was entirely dedicated to his hate campaign and plotted little by little to make those around him suffer like they made him. And it's not the traditional revenge in other books like faceslapping/humiliating ppl. MC revenge is more appropriate and kinda changes depending on the person but the overall thought is to make the Shen family suffer and to destroy the Shen family business. Some might feel he goes too far but I found everything quite reasonable, not to mention not everything is done directly by him there are others plotting on each other too. Here is the revenge for each one "villain" based on what I remember:


Dad Shen: Ends up having his new love abandon him publicly, paralyzed, belligerent, and has his company sold off I believe. At the end he is sent to a high quality care home bc he can no longer take care of himself. Also its implied his bloodline ends bc all his kids are either gay or in prison. I'm glad he gets the bulk of revenge cause most of MCs issues are rooted in him being a scum.

Shen Rong (illegitimate child) : Paralyzed (for a s*upid reason too lol karma got you) and sent to prison for 20 years. Also gets his nude p*rn vids exposed twice.

Wang Guy (forgot his name) : gets burned alive. That's abt it. Anyway guy is dead.

Zheng MianMian (Shen Rong Mom) : I think she dies? Not sure cant remember. But MC doesn't kill her it's someone else. Anyway she doesnt end well.

Shen Jin (1st Bro) ; Lesser revenge but he endures a lot of turmoil under MC hand basically gets a strained relationship with his bestfriend, becomes disillusioned from his father, loses the company he always thought he would inherit. Basically falls from the proud son of heaven down to the ground. I feel like the revenge here is more psychological. However he is still able to pick himself up just not as brilliant as before. This was suitable bc yeah he wronged MC but his indifference to the MC made sense at least so he got milder revenge.

Shen Chang (2nd Bro) : He got a drug addiction basically which is also outed to media. Has to work to not relapse even till end of book. This is not MC hand tho but MC not mad abt it either lol. His sins are basically the same as Bro 1 so mild/very little revenge done to him personally.

Tian Guy (name I forgot also) : Gets his nude vids outed and also loses an important business marriage. Suitable revenge but tbh it was indirect MC was aiming for Shen Rong.


Anyway all the revenge plots were fun and made sense.

Next is the romance. Let me start by saying straight up that's its in*est. It didnt bother me bc it was cousins and I've read that in historical novels already so it was like eh. The romance is well and done, no love at first sight. The feelings between ML and MC make sense. ML is a kind hearted sympathetic person who at first feels pity for MC then falls in love then falls so deeply he'd even accept being lied to as long as MC was with him. MC was someone who craved affection and ML provided that for him and he also fell in love with ML. They were a great couple. There is a hidden side CP. Find it.

I would say I only had one issue with the book and it was toward the end.


I had no problem with that Wang guy being the final boss but I was confused as to how MC had no suspicions AT ALL. I'm not saying he needed to be suspicious Wang was the mastermind I'm saying that you hear all this backstory abt him being your mothers lover and him getting her pregnant and then the su*cide and then him adopting the Uncles child and have no doubts? No doubts at all? This is frankly odd to me bc prior to this MC seemed to plan really well and even tho some was him rebirth knowledge it still required skill to scheme like that so how he didnt see that Wang was acting in self directed play and believed everything Wang said was so. I kept waiting for the MC to wake up bc even the optimistic ML was suspicious and hes the one that found out. It felt like the author lowered MC IQ just for that final battle scene cause I feel like otherwise the MC wouldve been suspicious.


Aside from that it was a great read I recommend this if you want a epic revenge with a decent romance and MC to root for. <<less
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Canichetoy rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Fascinated with this novel. Maybe I can exaggerate, I don't know. But I can only say that I thoroughly enjoyed it as it progressed.
The in*est theme didn't touch me as much perhaps because I have uncles who are cousins and are married.
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A.S.P. rated it
September 7, 2022
Status: c101
Ok. I was hesitant to read it due to description on NU. Like it doesnt really promise much, but it could be interesting. I haven't read reviews so I was slightly surprised by ML mental barrier of blood relations. I actually thought that he is the second ml... And was surprised that he was the one. ML and MC got together surprisingly well. But enemies to lovers isnt my favourite coupling.

The whole storyline is realistically constructed and I have no problems with it. Even the reveal of the real perpetrator... more>> is a nice addition to the plot and it doesn't feel abrupt. Even if it is unexpected.

Even extra with in*estuous brothers could be explained with bridge effect or stress response if we take into account long isolation, drug withdrawal, control problems, etc. It is just slightly unusual choice, but comes to the end goal I guess.

the extinction of blodline shen

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pimni rated it
April 29, 2022
Status: c101
A very fast-paced and unique rebirth/revenge story, thanks to the translator for picking it up. You will feel sorry for the MC whose whole life was nearly not wanted by anyone. After his rebirth revenge was the only thing in his mind but falls for the ML because he genuinely cared for the MC. He never thought of using him for his revenge because he actually didn't need to. But he was so used to people leaving him that he expected the ML to leave him and hence was less... more>> invested in the relationship than the ML. <<less
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ChronoH0 rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: c101
Well aside from the last couple that I don't know what to feel honestly. This novel was one of the really nice revenge stories that from other stories was not exciting due to the drama that just existed cause it just is. Plus an even more boring ones when the family revenge just resolved in a few chapters and moved on to a bigger fish or threat that wasn't as convoluted.

Everything revolved in the story was all contained and while it was screw up it made the story interesting with... more>> the many conflicts arise from it.

What's even more so that ML has no hand in the process of MC revenge. And that became another part of the upcoming conflict on their relationship.

Well if you ignore the in*est in the story or well tolerate it for narrative sake it was quite a ride. My rate is a near 4.5 as I'm not sure what to take for the last cp as for me it just came out of nowhere but well I might be wrong who knows.

Recommend absolutely. <<less
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