After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn


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Growing up in an orphanage since he was a child, Tao Mu, who had suffered so much, never thought that his life was actually a result of picking up the wrong script.

Eighteen years ago, two children were born at the same time, but due to the negligence of the medical staff their name tags were switched. Tao Mu, who was supposed to be born in a wealthy family, was sent to an orphanage instead.

Eighteen years later, the mistake was discovered. Tao Mu originally thought everything could go back on track. However, his parents and siblings who were supposed to be the closest family disliked him deeply, lovers and friends also turned their backs on him.

Receiving such a shock, Tao Mu completely revealed his dark side, becoming a vicious cannon fodder that everyone hated. In the end he found himself utterly isolated and committed su*cide by jumping off a building.

After being reborn, Tao Mu was surprised to find that he actually lived in a book. The male protagonist in the book was the Silly White Sweet** who was the other baby that he had mistakenly switched identities with. As for him, he was just the vicious cannon fodder encountered by the Silly White Sweet in his sweet and pampered life.

Tao Mu: f*ck this plot, and f*ck this stereotypical routine. I won’t be playing along in this life!

In other words, this is a dog blood story of a highly provoked cannon fodder no longer mistreating himself to please anyone after being reborn. Instead he will be relying on himself to build an entertainment empire that will catapult him to the top.

** person who is s*upid but in a sweet way

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New Suzuranao rated it
November 30, 2023
Status: Completed
Good book but it's weighed down by the rampant nationalism and the quality degrading a bit near the end, found the ... more>>

suddenly everyone remembers past life, like it makes sense but not the timeframe it was rushed on, would've liked it to have been spread out a bit since it feels more like tacked at the end to quickly the story and loose ends


The couple is sweet and MC is overpowered but within reason and it is stated at the start its a Gary Stu novel so you get what you ask for. But the rampant nationalism really sours it and strips it of its charm. Ok for an intro to the tropes but definitely not recommended for rereading. <<less
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New Lumie101 rated it
November 27, 2023
Status: Completed
3/5 stars. I say this because it's showing up 4 stars despite saying that I voted 3 stars and I'm really trying to be generous with the stars here!

If you are like me who doesn't have time to read so have your phone read it for you, sometimes it will become a chore to listen to. For those who has the leisure time to read it, if you skim past the parts where there's annoying useless info, it's a decent read. Of course, if someone has to skim through the... more>> novel it should be bad right? Not necessarily so. The plot is good. I promise the plot is good. It's just hidden underneath the massive amount of useless info dump which is why I gave it a 3/5 stars.

The novel is about the MC's path towards redemption and continue his dream of being an actor. It's as simple as that. With the author's annoying repetitious paragraphs of MC wanting to make up his past mistakes towards the people he loved and his dream of being an actor, I don't know why people expect vengeful face-slapping, because this novel is obviously not that.

MC's golden finger/arm/everything is indeed... quite plentiful, aside from the coding skills which I am extremely skeptical of, his other skills make sense. It leans heavily in the entertainment side so I'm not too annoyed with it. I've read worse novels with bigger golden fingers, and I still managed to read through them with no issues. But honestly, when the coding skills comes up and if you still read further than that only to complain later, I can only say those who read further still are just deeply hidden masochists.

The only thing I found a bit hard to read through was the pro-Chinese patriotism of China vs. Hong Kong bit. (Chinese-speaking users, please don't hurt me.)

And while the villains' behavior and actions are s*upid and so, so, SO infuriating that clenched teeth could break, swords could be drawn, and blood could be spilled, isn't it the reason why we, as readers, read it? So that we can see our MC, who was once stomped to the ground, rise above the insanely s*upid villains and finally find happiness?

Here's my review. 3/5 stars. Good plot. Massive info dump. Dumb villains. Happy Ending. <<less
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qeesa rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Finished this in one sitting, I enjoyed it a lot. 4/5. Author DID warn at the beginning that it's a Gary Stu novel, but I've got to say, our MC Tao Mu actually DID explain how he got so many talents/abilities, but people probably forgot about it due to how long this novel is.

Some of the stuff related to his abilities that Tao Mu explained but people forgot/brushed off:

    • Cooking - it's from his Grandpa Song, grandpa Song taught him how to cook since he was young, this has been mentioned several times lol.
    • Acting - dude got suppressed by Yan Sheng FOR SEVEN YEARS in terms of acting that he's worked so hard for the 7 years pre-rebirth to improve it and polish it. It's also why he insists on studying properly in university, to get rid of Yan Sheng's influence. Another thing that readers forgot apparently despite how bitter Tao Mu is about it and has also mentioned it several times.
    • Economy - he doesn't know a lot, he's also said that his knowledge about economy is limited to the 10 years (until his death), that's why he clung to our ML Li Xiaoheng who's the actual genius in economy sector. Some of his knowledge was also obtained during the 3 years he was studying economy under Shen Chen.
    • Programming - he also has already said that his knowledge is limited to basics, he can only make a casual website which is why he hired other talented programmers to run his site. The reason why his site managed to blew up is bc of his advertising move lmao (choosing the most beautiful/handsome student in their uni the grows into an idol survival show LOL). It's also why he befriended the ACTUAL programming genius from his previous life, he's just there to move him to the right direction without actually being involved with the technic stuff.
    • Martial Arts - again, read the acting part, he studied it during the 7 years in entertainment industry, not to mention he was originally a martial arts double.
Now, about the brainless people that are trying to harm our MC; there's also a reason for it lmao, gonna put it under spoilers because the revealation is around the end of the novel:
    • the "Protagonist" Shen Yu isn't actually a protagonist, and the world isn't really a novel. It's actually multiple rebirths focused around Shen Yu's greed for fame and wealth and Tao Mu's obsession to get back into the Shen family because he was kicked out of the family several times because of that assh*le Zhou Yan who got his biological father and brother killed.
    • Shen Yu was the one who introduced Zhou Yan to Tao Mu deliberately, knowing Zhou Yan's desire to ruin the Shen family. He was scheming and manipulative and was actually quite smart in the original life. He wanted to have Tao Mu's life who, despite being kicked from the Shen family, still managed to get back on his feet bc of ML's help.
    • Zhou Yan and the Yao family worked together to ruin the Shen family out of jealousy in the original life, that's why Tao Mu did his best to bring down the Yao family. Other than the enmity with Grandpa Song, this is also another factor why he wanted to ruin the Yao family.
    • Now, we already have the main "antagonists" of the story - Shen Yu, Zhou Yan, Yao family. I consider Yan Sheng and Luo Yao to be the "side" antagonists because Yan Sheng is destined to be brainless, he's the source of Shen Yu's affection in the original life but Yan Sheng didn't even look at him back then LUL. Poor dude is destined to be with Shen Yu for all rebirths. Meanwhile Luo Yao has low IQ to begin with so he'll always be affected by Shen Yu's Halo.
    • The original life, Shen Yu wasn't really s*upid. But after multiple rebirths, Shen Yu gradually started to lose the basic emotions that makes a human "human" like empathy, kindness, etc, and what's left of him in this current world is just greed for wealth and fame.
    • Tao Mu's only obsession was to return to the Shen family, but after multiple rebirths, his desire to return started to disappear, and in this current timeline he finally decided to leave the Shen family altogether and have 0 interaction with them. That's why in the multiple rebirths he tried so hard to please his biological family, to fulfill his obsession, but it's doomed to fail because Shen Yu's greed is stronger, and Mother Shen and Shen Yang had deep hatred toward Tao Mu in the original life for letting Zhou Yan into their family. Shen Chen and Father Shen on the other hand are indifferent and favor Shen Yu more in the rebirths because Shen Yu bring them profit (due to his harem of men from wealthy family like Yan Sheng and Luo Yao), that's it.
    • This is why Shen Yu will always be brainless; he's got nothing else but greed in this timeline of rebirth because he's been through so many rebirths, each rebirth takes bits of his humanity while Tao Mu's each rebirth takes bits of his obsession to re-join the Shen family until he finally doesn't want to join the Shen family anymore.
    • The Shen Family will always be doomed in the rebirths simply because of their characters lmao. None of them are good people and they are doomed to fight with Zhou Yan for their entire lives.
The moral of the story is basically to cherish the people who actually loves you instead of trying to change yourself into someone you're not for people who doesn't appreciate you, in Tao Mu's case, his adopted family who loves him vs the Shen family who only wants him when he can bring them profit.

Most people like Tao Mu early on because he's cold and ruthless, but I actually don't mind that he's gradually softening his edges for the people close to him. I think it counts as character growth haha. I also found it endearing that he and ML are trying their best in this relationship while also maintaining professional relationship. Zhou Yan screwed over Tao Mu so much from the rebirths, so them taking it slow is understandable imo.

My only problem would be the amount of info dump in one chapter T_T Not to mention the fillers.... 300 chapters aren't a lot for me, but there's so many fillers and info dump that I ended up skimming over a lot of the chapters. It's also very plot-heavy and not really focused on romance, and what makes me angrier is that they only retaliated against two families and just let

Zhou Yan and the Shen family

go. These factors are enough to make me give it a 4 instead of a 5 lol.

Anyway, I enjoyed the novel as a whole but will definitely not reread it. The extra chapters are pretty sweet so those are worth rereading.
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ylial rated it
February 4, 2021
Status: Completed
This is honestly good. Heart warming and heart wrenching. There's also a face slapping. But the romance is a little slow, they become together in the mid of story. There are some idle moments of slice of life in the latter part (and irl politics), making it slightly monotonous (or annoying). Fortunately, There are twists near the end making it more exciting and unpredictable (crux of multiple reincarnation)

As u read, you will notice that the author slowly divulge MC's past's lapses (also the protagonist halo, "you'll become narrow... more>> minded when u'r with shen yu") that lead to his tragic past. He now realizes that instead of pleasing his blood related family and envying the book protagonist, he should cherish the persons who brought him up (orphanage dean tao, Lao song, Liu Yao, meng qi etc). The MC is not OP, he is good in stunts, dance etc but not really in acting. His programming is also average and not a prodigy in trading like ML. Hence he works harder than anyone. However, the MC can't get past on his grievances from the other side chara making him a lil unreasonable sometimes. Anyway, it's okay bcoz it's more realistic. Fortunately, he gets this second chance and meets early the level headed ML. Those who have high IQ or far from book protagonist are immune to that halo.

The book protagonist is not really calculating, instead he is a dead-brain white lotus, who brought up by the shen family to be really like that (there's a reason for this personality stated in story climax). I sometimes pity the book protagonist but also hate his st*upidity. But in **** (read the story, around 270++, this shen yu is selfish, greedy and envious person. <<less
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applebeans rated it
September 30, 2021
Status: Completed
by ch22: I like it enough, I'm just bothered how no matter what MC does everyone is like, he's so cunning, so ambitious! I can feel his ambition overpowering the whole set, no the whole city! Look at his expressionless face, that's not the face of a tired underpaid martial double, that's the face of GREED ITSELF.

making daily journals? Wow he's blacker than ink!

want to get paid after being let go unfairly at his job, AFTER he toiled wholeheartedly for his role and stunts? Man's crazy for money.

greets everyone on set with basic respect? UH bootlicker alert!

... more>>

just super baffled at all these very normal things? Not everyone can afford to play around in sets or just say no to money if they get kicked out from their drama team? Wanting to make a good life for yourself--with your own talent and hard work.. Is cunning?? Trying to be friendly to everyone is ambitious?? Should he let people slap him and reject things he is entitled to just for dumb honour? Should he just keep silent and just never make friends in an industry where connection matters more than anything?

IDK if it's because it's a book, but everyone is missing a screw in their head. His family also thought of him as cunning when he enrolled in finance degree, thinking he's coveting the heir position and he's unworthy. 1. He's their blood brother so he definitely has claim in that pie. 2. Why does he need to learn business if he just wants the money? Just make a scandal or kill everyone in the family, that'll do it! Maybe they already hate him when he drove their darling baby protagonist out of the house.

He doesn't raise to villain's provocations this time, but everyone still think the worse of him.


Updated review:


It's as if I was possessed by something when reading this book.. I can't put it down!

It's satisfying, the message is nice, even though it bashes it on you often

There's so much nationalism and soldier/gov worship, which is like fine until you have the manager of we/ibo and ce/nsor/ship department also chatting with MC. OK if you wanna make them seem human and have their own quirks and biases. But Wbo is just not that kind of small intimate indie corporation x'D.

The head of Cen/sor/ship department is so emotional. He acts like everyone should grovel over his team and his country, and it rubs me the wrong way. Gov officials are just not supposed to use their authority as a weapon! Policies and laws should not be vague, it should be clear what they want to punish. I know they're humans, but they are not meat bun vendor on the side of the street who will give you more or less meat depending on how much they like you. What is the value that the gov wants there? It seems like it's purposely vague so it can go along with anything they come up with later. If the gov is like that, who's free from jail? Fortunately we've seen other distorted minds in the book like Shen Yu and Cheng Baodong so it's not a dealbreaker.

When the head of CD rants, he fully lectures MC and h/ong/ko/ng directors on how to behave, fully believing he's in the right. Here's what he said:

  • If they want to get their movies in our country, why don't they adjust it to our culture values? They do that for Eu and US market! They don't understand our culture at all.

There's a difference between the market itself not responding to the movie's different culture to the gov dictating what can and cannot appear on tv/media. IF it's because of different culture, your people won't be interested to spend money for it. Then, without having to censor anything, the box office result will be disappointing. That's what happens to asian movies abroad. And if you think it's too radical, then just limit it to adults! That will also cut their box office. Censoring and changing plotlines is too much involvement.

No matter how much you think your policy is flexible and can push 'creativity', it limits what ending people can and cannot show. Frankly, the new ending for that HK movie is rubbish. Why would I go to movies when I know my gov will make everything end pretty much the same, good guys win, bad guys lose?

The story presents these rants like it wants us to understand the POV of the gov, only barely saved by MC not fully agreeing with the Head. But, HK ppl don't have different cultures in their movies, they're not as different as going to europe market or hollywood market. And they are the one needing HK directors to make movies that can touch global audience. Their movies are soulless! HK movies may be underpaid and weird, but it at least has something to say.

I like it when the villain got 'banned' but it also made me think. Do they have to ban everything even past and future works? What about the other 99.9% of the crew who didn't do anything? If your gov posts lose to entertainment gossip, then you're not doing media coverage right. Reminded me of "Crash Landing on You", not allowing people to use Skor stuff. It doesn't reflect well for a country to be so emotional and whimsical, and have no tolerance for its opposition. It just feels like dictatorship, controlling people's life and choices. That's probably why jp gov that has weaker image is more well-received.



had to go through so many chapters to get to the meat of the story. Tao Mu has so many businesses that he is not very focused on acting. The entertainment element feels more like a background for this novel, the films aren't that extraordinary.

MC is OP, but it's all explained. He went through several life times struggling with the villain, so his skill and instincts are honed to the sharpest point. Even if he only remembers his last life, I think he has vague memory of the other lives. Children sometimes mysteriously inherit their parents' talent, not to mention someone who actually lived through so many lifetimes. I like the idea that found family can be just as fulfilling as blood family, and that MC didn't accept his original family after they regained their memories.

ML is cute, he takes the initiative to be the 'little wife' outside and often sticks to MC like he's a delicate young wifey who'll be bullied without MC. &Lt;<<--- Figurative! He just likes to use words that young married woman usually use

MC also proposes and he is like, will you be my wife?/will you enter my family? And MC is the one providing the house in their relationship (men usually does this in relationships). He is the shou, but the ball is very much on his court. ML is persistent, understanding, sweet, and knows how important acting is for MC. He's very mature and their relationship is based on mutual care and active communication.


Spoiler for the story's origin:


Shen Yu is the original Tao Mu (disliking the name, he changes it to a more affectionate Mumu, so that he can tell himself everyone calling him likes him).

Tao Mu is the original Shen Yu.

All that people say about Tao Mu being scheming is the original him, who would go up to MC and his family and intrude on a family reunion just because I'm so pitiful, it's my birthday too but I'm alone wuwu. It's not okay to be biased to orphaned children, but I don't want to defend him, he's disgusting.

Not too sure if people saying MC is vicious and scheming is because their prejudice on orphans, or because of the halo and original Tao Mumu's influence, seems to be the latter.

All that people say about Shen Yu being lovable, cheeky, innocent and pure, is the original MC. MC used to be a sheltered young master who loves acting and would run off doing acting on his breaks. He's fully focused on this point, and he'd do pretty much anything to get a high quality work out. He'd do his stunts, redo scenes, maintain crew harmony, scold his family if they make trouble on set. He's also not tight with money for his friends/own people. Just our MC, before he had to rely on himself to make connections and had to learn the ways of the world (that you sometimes have to smile to rude and mean people).



From this point their names are switched:

Tao Mumu is originally the orphaned one, and he happened to work at Shen Yu's set. He gets jealous that 'Shen Yu' is loved and pampered by everyone, various things happen in the middle, and he finally decides to do dark magic to 'change his life/fate'. How? By taking MC's 'good luck' ofc.

The first time he succeeded, he got an award and got popular while Shen Yu (MC) 's dad and brother got into fatal accident. His mom and sister blames him for it, and he is kicked out of the family.

Shen Yu rises up a bit and his life gets better, he met Li Xiaoheng (ML) and was about to succeed in his revenge, then Tao Mumu does it again.

This time Shen Yu's mom was stabbed and his bloodied sister curses at him. He chased after the perpetrator only to mutually kill each other. And died before he can say yes to ML.

Tao Mumu then also died because of ML's retaliations. They are then locked in this loop where either Shen Yu will die and his family wakes up from the sorcery, then retaliates on Tao Mumu--or Tao Mumu dies and Shen Yu will face the retaliation of his own family.

Many abuse later, his affection for his family is spent, the resetter Tao Mumu had also lost all of his emotions and brains to keep resetting their lives. All that is left is his delusional thoughts and is insatiable greed. That is our current timeline.

As long as MC (shen yu) wants to snatch back his family, he'll go against Tao Mumu who also has his Halo/fate. Only one can survive but no matter what, the Shen family will go down because that's how it was originally. The world keeps its balance.

This time, Shen Yu no longer wants to fight for his family, so he doesn't fight against the protagonist halo. Instead, Tao Mumu who had lost his smarts and had a halo too heavy for him to handle is now a walking bad luck. He is obsessed with Shen Yu and wants to pull him close to himself and his family. But it no longer works, Shen Yu now is free from the halo influence and regained his own bright life.

In the end, everyone remembers everything that happened, when Tao Mumu realises he is not loved as 'Shen Yu' and everyone still loves Shen Yu -who is now the vicious lowly and mean 'Tao Mu'- more. ML then captured Tao Mumu and kept him in a secure facility so that he won't die and will keep watching Shen Yu --Now Tao Mu's brilliant new life.

The original karma between Zhuo Yan and Shen Chen (who ruined Zhuo Yan's family in his first project) keeps torturing them. Very happy about this. Shen Chen should suffer. All of Shen family should, particularly the mom and the sister. Even better if they'd slap Tao Mumu/Shen Yu --now Tan Yu at least once a day. Pity we don't see him suffer more.

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enell rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: c25
Its a great story. The kind of story I really like. But, there's just too many useless information being inserted into/in between the story. Like...

(blah blah is not like everyone else. Blah blah is exceptional. He is like the distant star in a distant galaxy of the universe-

Blah blah would choose this and then this for something better-

... more>> And then blah blah will do this for everyone sake, that is why blah blah is very very exceptionally very beautifully and very very very different from anyone else-)

Then back to the real story....

Like, just stop, we understand....u don't need to make it longer, we're not s*upid and we don't need other examples. We just need the goddamn story. We want to know more about the MC....

Im sorry for the long post...i was just very pissed.... <<less
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Chiaroscuro rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: c21
Ironic should be the title of this book.

MC have bad past live but it's hard to sympathize with him because author gave him golden fingers the size of the universe and almost impenetrable plot armor. Like at this point he just become SY minus the "likeable" plot halo and ruthlessness.

He can do acting, martial arts, cooking, finance and IT in 10 years even ML made him finance advisor lololol he's a black sue alright.

If the author at least made SY bad then it's more worthwhile but he's not. At most... more>> he's just annoying and wasn't even worth the hate of villains. <<less
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cygwyn rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: --
From the summary, this was what I was expecting from this novel:

  • Tao Mu getting recognition for his acting and blowing the entertainment industry away
  • Shen Yu getting more interested in Tao Mu and ignorning everyone else
  • The original ML ignoring Shen Yu and focusing on Tao Mu instead (and maybe becoming the ML?)
  • Shen Yu's original harem drawn towards Tao Mu instead
  • The Shen family begging Tao Mu to come back
I guess most of this did happen but it wasn't really highlighted as much? The novel went on a direction I never expected.

The... more>> ML is someone

completely unrelated to the original novel too; this is okay but, he just came out of nowhere! He's a great guy but for a novel with a lot of face slapping, getting together what that ML was not a face slap to anyone.


I also expected this to be focused on Tao Mu being an actor and his journey from being a rookie and then blowing people away with his talent. That did happen at the beginning but then

suddenly he's a financial advisor and then suddenly a programmer and then an owner of a company? And all of that while he was still in college? I mean, technically he was an adult with a lot of experiences but the novel really didn't make it easy for me to deny reality-- seriously, he made a website in under a month? As a programmer, I couldn't accept it hahaha!


The story's nice if you want to read some face slapping. The harem building was nice too hahaha I really enjoyed this for a while because of this. But then the MC's gary stu halo became waaay to strong so for me so the face slapping really didn't have as much impact anymore. <<less
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Kookies rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: --
Zzzz hmm, how I said it, ... more>>

he said everyone who shen yu hate will have bad ending, but the time shen yu get abandoned by the shen family ppl start bully him.. Like oh cmon where the halo protagonist that you mentioned earlier lol.

It's said if Shen Yu is the protagonist in that world and Tao mu just a villain, but what I see here is just all brainless characters except Tao mu and ppl that good to him.

Yes, the brother Shen and Daddy know something wrong when they near Shen Yu, thanks but still.. What about ppl in the world that not meet him even once and still on his side in hard mode in everything Shen Yu done eventho it's wrong zzz

And the Shen sister, bruh you already 23 yo and can't even know what is wrong and what is right, she is the characters I hate the most here.

Actually there 2 part that I hate

1. Like I mentioned before, the daddy and brother Shen know if there something wrong with Shen Yu, and what they do after that? Dad used Shen Yu ability (that can make ppl s*upid if it's about him) to make way more easy for him.

2. The time Shen Yu get abandoned, like oh my, he not even do anything wrong and all ppl start ignoring him it's hurt me. Well actually I like him a bit since he siding with Tao Mu in some time, he even remember Tao Mu birthday and give him prize (and it's when Shen Yu get ignored by all ppl and no one remember his b'day), and what he get after that? Ignored again bcs Tao Mu hold his "anger" bcs he will think as "villain" when near Shen Yu, it's make my mood down.

if you think that Shen Yu is too spoiled and deserves this treatment, blame the daddy first, he didn't teach etiquette in the first place and spoiled him in purpose, and thanks for that he made shen yu naive and has a brainless daughter.


1 ⭐ for the synopsis that make me take interest <<less
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March 24, 2022
Status: c34
{Still Reading}


I really don't get the other people's reviews whose reading progresses are a bit behind mine, are we reading the same novel? I don't think the MC is that Gary Stu so far, maybe it's because my definition of Gary Stu is different but I define a 'Gary Stu' as someone who knows how to do virtually everything without any reasonable explanation, meanwhile, most of the skills the MC has displayed so far were all justifiable, another review has already summarised everything perfectly but I'll say it again just... more>> for the sake of it,

The MC learned his cooking skills and his martial arts from his grandpa Song who taught him and let him tag along ever since he was young, he also used these skills in his past life frequently so obviously they've been honed.

His acting, if not obvious yet, was the result of him being an actor in his past life and also being continously suppressed by that a**hole Yan Sheng. He already mentioned that he had to work extra hard on his acting skills as to not get overshadowed by Yan Sheng because the f***er literally followed him everywhere just to deliberately suppress him under the guise of 'getting justice'.

The MC learned finance IN SCHOOL. He also ran a company before and he also knows about the future so obviously he'd be at least 70% good at it.

So far he's not that over powered. He's encountered difficulties and didn't automatically shoot into stardom in one go unlike some actually Gary Stu MCs I've seen who instantly grabbed success as soon as they got reborn. Also, I don't think the remarks are that exaggerated? I'd react the same way they reacted if I were in their shoes, you don't expect an 18 year old newcomer to reject 3 big agencies on a strike, be good at PR and also do that well on set.

The MC also doesn't have people flocking around him for no reason, he's handsome and has high EQ, he knows how to grasp and let go of opportunities and gain others' interests with actually impressive acts.

But you know, that's just my own outlook on things, everyone has their own opinions about it, I'll update it again later. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: c100
this beyond OP MC could fart noxious gas on a crowded bus and the people around him would praise it and call him a 'genius scent master' (unless they belong to the protagonist, then they try to hack him).

he is also a genius actor/cook/photographer/stuntman/programmer/student/cinematographer/detective/model/stock broker/businessman/financial god/multimedia guru/propaganda specialist/bar host.... and that's only in the first 50 chapters.

the story has its problems, there is a ton of filler and random pov jumps, logic flaws, and some things that really don't make sense. and if the author had at least made the... more>> MC's personality consistent I would probably have rated this a 3.5 but he jumps from being diabolically smart, jaded, and acting his mental age when on his own to being a stereotypical dense 'little fool'around the ML (complete with clueless head tilt), and the back and forth gave me mental whiplash. I was tired of reading before I even hit chapter 100.

going to stop here and wait for the translations to catch up and give it another go then. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
March 13, 2021
Status: c257
An Ok no-brainer story, where everything goes well for MC & ML, and nothing goes well for the white lotus book-protagonist. MC, having been betrayed by his family/lover etc in last life, really treasures the people who cared for him in this life, and has high guards and doesn't eadily trust people. The story started out strong, with MC starting again from zero, while caring for his people, and guarding against his present/future/past enemies - his emotions are well portrayed. Enters ML with his almost love-at-first-sight, and now, we have... more>> a high being protecting MC when he encounters something beyond his abilities - their love story goes at a believable pace - both families are cute too...

The story would have been fine like this, but author had to insert unbelievable amount of patriotic propaganda, hate against Japanese, inferiority complex of Taiwanese and their rude behaviors, there are chapters and chapters on it... MC has an unbelievable halo of midas touch - in less than a month, he was able to create a ahead-of-times website and in less than six months, his website is the most used one, and within a year of his rebirth, he gains enough clout amongst the movers and shakers of showbiz industry, again so many chapters dedicated to show MC's worth and many people sucking upto him.

Also, where did book-protagonist's halo go? Upto the point I've read, there are parts where one would feel sorry for book-MC - seriously how is his brain constructed, and how did his halo let him end up to this point?? Shen sister is unbelievably s*upid, and evenmore unbearable. Dropping the series, MTLing is not worth it anymore. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mangafan000 rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: Completed
a good novel

the MC (shou) is still very handsome.
some say it is op, but in fact everything is very quickly explained.
in his first life he knew how to cook and knew martial arts, from what the old grandfather taught him.

therefore in this second life, he has these same qualities.

... more>> his talent for cinema is his.
he explains himself that he has no talent on the trader, and he will only be able to earn money for 10 years (the time of his death in his former life).

he also explains that in his old life he worked a little in computeur science, and like now he created a very important website, but it's just because he knows the techniques of the future.
this is also why later he hires a lot of people because he does not know more about it...

it's very difficult for MC to have a good life because the shen yu (black lotus) halo is really very strong...

some times are silly and have not been handled by the author.


the older brother realized very quickly that as soon as he moved away from shen yu he thought differently

later he tells his father and they stay away

then when there is a problem they come back to support or use shen yu... this is very silly because yes business and contracts go well as soon as the opponents meet shen yu, but isn't that weird ?!


the luck of the MC is that in this life he met the ML (gong)...
he is the only one not affected by the shen yu halo.
those who are close to MC end up being safe from the shen yu halo, but with time and feelings...
ML is really the best for MC

the end is scary


because it is not a rebirth, but hundreds of rebirths...
moreover shen yu has always had a black heart and that is why he took the place of tao mu...

in fact shen yu is the real tao mu, but since his life was "horrible" he decided to become shen yu to have everything better...
but in the end even being shen yu, our MC tao mu managed to be happier, so the revenge and the black heart of "shen yu" are never satisfied.

luckily ML has always looked for MC, and this is the only life he hasn't found him too late.


so no op, no gold finger

a really dark novel on the end, and during MC's worst times.
sweet because MC has ML.
sad because MC suffered a lot.

thanks to the author
thanks to the translator <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Humming-lady rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: c200
First of all, it's a good novel to pass time. But I really don't like some of the settings and I got bored. I feel if all the characters' brains are online, it'll be perfect. But now no brainers' plots really ruin the whole thing.... more>>

I mean I don't like Shen Yu but I feel pity for him. He has no one to teach him. And you know I don't like that character but I feel like they are all blaming him. It feels too complicated. The MC and ML do well.


I can't write the review well. So don't mind me. I just feel I need to vent my suffocated feelings. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YoriMei rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I think one of the most painful things in reading is when a story is really good in the beginning but slowly degrades the longer it goes on. I did have a good time reading this though, and even though it was a very straightforward Gary Stu type story it wasn’t terrible. I’m not easily affected by books, but I genuinely was really impressed by MC at the beginning. He was jaded but competent, cold to outsiders but warm to his inner circle and honestly just overall super f*cking cool!... more>> I originally just wanted to read a few chapters just to see how it was and ended up reading for way longer than I had intended because TM was just so damn cool, I was enthralled. I especially loved MC’s adopted parents and grandfather, I honestly wish the adopted parents had a bigger role and that we saw their past/how they got together. Also, I liked the plot twist and the ending; it was kinda surprising and exciting.

As I said before though, the longer the story went the more the story degraded. It absolutely went on for way to long, so long in fact that I stopped caring and the last 10 chapters and 5 extras were all skimmed for completion. The filler chapters in the middle didn’t bother me while reading, but towards the end and after finishing the story I felt incredibly annoyed by the sheer length. Tao Mu’s character also loses it’s edge, he goes from incredibly cool, cynical and distance yet soft on the inside into becoming this super friendly, easy to get along with, handsome boy. I can understand him opening up and losing his edge, but the original personality he had was so good that I was sad to see it go. His skill set can get a bit grating, from photography, cooking, acting, coding, finance, memorizing, fighting, makeup to shooting/producing; it’s honestly just too damn much especially since he built a whole website from bottom up in a few months whilst learning coding and doing stocks at the same time. It’s also annoying that not all of his skills (photos/production/makeup) are even used for much. However, even the author says that this is a Gary Stu novel and comes with the territory, so I close one eye. Also as much as I loved the side characters, there were too many and literally half of them disappeared as the story went on.

Overall; it’s a good story to pass time with and honestly the first 100 chapters were so good I was hooked on the MC’s personality alone. However, it suffers from filler and length, dragging a story that used to be top notch into becoming just a good but kinda average story. If you do want a really cool and over powered MC, give this story a shot; despite my gripes I really did have a fun time. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yi Bo
Yi Bo rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Easy to understand MTL

Interesting story. Although there are times I want to quit reading it coz I can’t stand the s*upidity of the other characters, but I still can’t help not finishing it.

I like how the MC doesn’t want to take revenge against his family. He only wants to live a new life and cherish those he failed to cherish on his last life. Although MC uses his golden finger (future knowledge) very well and made him hailed as a genius or something, he knew in himself that without his golden finger, he is only an ordinary person.

... more>> You will see in the novel his insecurities, and trauma for being abandoned and betrayed. The sense of security he didn’t get from his blood-related family.

There’s a lot of lessons you will learn in this novel such as: Cherish people around you. Don’t be too greedy, especially when you know that things are not for you. You’ll learn the definition of “Family ”. And so on. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
attilde235 rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorites and I basically MTLed it in one sitting! It's fairly easy to MTL so I definitely recommend this story to any reader who is too impatient to wait for the translation (props to the translator) !

Even though it is fairly long at approximately 300 chapters, I think the author wrapped up everything very nicely, especially the reason why MC was able to be reborn and his enmity with Shen Yu. I don't want to spoil anything but I just love how the author was... more>> able to tie everything together and explain the complicated relationships between MC, Shen Yu and his biological family. One of my favourite explanations as it goes surprisingly in depth about how and why things are the way they are.

I also appreciate how Tao Mu properly cares for the people who love him and how he treasures those bonds this time around and how he learned from his mistakes in his previous life. Tao Mu is the definition of someone who treasures the bonds he makes and someone who repays any kindness given to him.

Overall a wonderful story of his growth as a person. The romance between Tao Mu and the ML is slow but it makes sense considering Tao Mu's headspace (lingering trauma from his previous life) and his other commitments to his businesses, family and friends. Their relationship is quite sweet and I think the ML is a wonderful match to Tao Mu. He supports him without being overbearing all the while loving and taking care of Tao Mu in the ways that he needs. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
February 12, 2021
Status: --
It was a good novel.

I read it until chapter 150 or so, and was engaged at the plot. Sometimes I got annoyed by the White Lotus book protagonist here, but really, that's why we don't like such a naive character, right? Thanksfully the white lotus is not the scheming villain who deliberately act as a pure person in this book.

Anyway, I'm giving this novel a 4 star purely because I have not completely read it, so I can't give a fair judgement.

The novel has almost 300 chapters, and I'm not... more>> that patient to read it in one go, so I stopped reading it halfway. This novel is good for long investment, but if you're like me who read online novel in one go to spend the 2 days of weekend, its unsuitable due to its super long chapter count. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KairaYK rated it
July 20, 2023
Status: Completed
I've finished the whole story and read some of the reviews after completing it. So I'll try to address some of the points the low scores are pointing out.

First of all, it's an overall enjoyable read. Even though it's somewhat long you don't feel the length much and the author is good at making the plot flow nicely.

Now, an important note in this story is that things are not as they seem. We assume things given the knowledge that MC possesses, however you'll realize pretty soon that he has a... more>> very low opinion of himself. It is true that it stems from his experiences in his past life but he starts off as thinking he's always the weaker side of every dialog. And also, there are things he's just completly unaware going on.


The scene with the water hose is completely ridiculous, I can just treat it as the author's ignorance.


When it comes to his attempts to gain wealth

if any of us found ourselves in the past knowing how influential Facebook or Google would become you're telling me you wouldn't try to start something similar? He starts the basic website and later on hires actual experts to run and improve it. It makes sense.

As for his job as an investment advisor, he simply uses his memories of what happened in the past. Since he was assisting his brother in the company it makes sense he'll know some things. And he states several times that he worries what will happen once he no longer has foreknowledge. So he's well aware he's no genius.


The thing that actually bothered me and prevents me from giving this story 5 stars is the amount of patriotism in the novel. You will read about the glory of the army non stop, I really really wish the MC didn't participate in so many war shows/movies.


This is an alternate China where marriage between men is legal, and things like the cctv is used only for the most noble of causes, fighting crime. The censorship department is just doing its job to protect the people. It's hard to read all this if you are somewhat aware of the realities.


What I truly enjoyed was the developing relationship between MC and ML. The later did such an incredible job of overcoming all the walls MC put up that it was very touching to read. And also ML's family is hilarious.

Overall, as you read, you begin to feel like the story is more of a psychological horror, and you're not even sure who's at fault for all this. Until you get to the very end where things become clear all of a sudden.

As for those who complain about the end for his biological family...


We're told that though with each reincarnation they restart anew but the MC and the antagonist become less and more obsessed with their target respectfully. So there is a change that happens with each new life. However while the MC managed to break free non of the others succeeded, they're still stuck, even though they had the same chance. His family and ex bf are still obsessed with themselves above all else, his ex lover is still obsessed with revenge, and to see them still stuck in that circle at the end I believe is the best punishment for them. The MC moves on.


As they say, the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. And that's what frees our MC. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
trash_generalist rated it
September 16, 2022
Status: c260
This novel surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, if you consider my usual addiction towards poor-to-rich stories) kept my interest for so long! It should be said that, not only are there almost 300 chapters in this novel, but most of them are much longer than the average chapter-length for Danmei novels, so when I say "long" I meant long! But, well, back to the main point. The premise of this novel is similar to most rebirth/second-chance novels. The MC (Tao Mu) ends his first life in complete misery after being brought down... more>> by the people he thought were on his side. As such, he welcomes his new life with every intention to live better. Unlike some novels though, his main focus is not on revenge. It's to stay away from the bad elements in his previous life — especially after discovering that he wasn't the protagonist of the story, and that even fate seemed to be working against him.

The MC of this novel is the perfect-Gary-Stue type. He starts off very strong in terms of skills, and only continues to make himself stronger by taking advantage of his foreknowledge. The ML (Li Xiaoheng) is equally powerful, though not in the usual overbearing president way. This CP takes a more mature route in romance, especially since most of the novel is focused on the MC's growth. If you enjoy novels where the main character levels up constantly in terms of reputation, wealth, abilities, etc. Then this is definitely a novel to check out! It's a bit long-winded, and there are many characters and things that are kind of put aside and forgotten over time (a shame), but it's still pretty good in keeping the more important things consistent.

All in all, though the novel is a bit clumsy in some areas, I definitely would recommend it to my friends~ To add to this, the TL is pretty good (and although it's currently unfinished, the MTL is 85-90% readable — which is surprising!! But yeah, the MTL is better than most, so you don't have to worry about missing out.)


The characters of this novel are surprisingly complex! I mean, for such an epic-length novel, it makes sense to give the characters some spice to keep things interesting, and the author doesn't disappoint.

Tao Mu (MC)

One can say that the MC is definitely a bit too perfect. But for novels where the main theme is to stand-out, make a breakthrough, and face slap people, his Gary Stue-ness perfectly suits the tone and only improves the development of the novel. He's not your typical protagonist, that's for sure, he's a lot more scheming and self-aware, but that just makes things more interesting~

Li Xiaoheng (ML)

To be honest, the ML doesn't feature much and almost seems to be an after thought for the most part. But although he lacks screen time, he still stands out because of his uniqueness. When you compare him to the usual, overbearing president, it's hard not feel amused. He still has that distinctive feature of most MLs (inexplicably falling in love with the MCs despite lack of interest in others), that I'm finding more and more annoying, but at least his banter and chemistry with the MC of this novel seems real! So it isn't so glaring.

ROMANCE: 6.5/10

In terms of romance, this is definitely not the typical type that you see in most Danmei. The MC was hurt pretty badly by past experiences, and it's only through hard work that the ML finally persuaded the MC. I admit, the whole—initiating "business partner" dynamic—was pretty novel and cute, but overall, there's no denying that the romance of this novel is not its main selling point, and only serves as a fun aside to allow the MC to have some breathing room from the constant chaos every 30-50 or so chapters.

SETTING: 8.5/10

The MC travels back to 2008, which is a pretty interesting time in terms of innovation. With knowledge from 2018 on his back, he's able to introduce the ideas from now into the past, and I found this very interesting as someone who was still in school during that era~ So, despite the vanilla nature of modern day, I thought the set up of this novel was pretty good.

PLOT: 7/10

In terms of development, some areas of the plot are definitely very exciting. It drags a bit sometimes, partly cause the author is very repetitive and is particularly worldly. But as someone who is bias towards rebirth stories, I still ate it up~ So I can't complain too much!

RATING: 3.81/5

Again, I highly recommend this novel to those who like rebirth novels and poor-to-rich developments. The unique character profiles and the 2008 setting is of particular interest! <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 30, 2021
Status: c90
I don't get it why this novel has such a low rating. 😕

Okay the romance may be a bit slow and the MC may seems like op. But it was all within limit. Honestly I don't think of it as a con at all.

The MC is very hardworking and talented. He deserves the attention in this life. I like how MC finally has a family who supports and loves him.

Okay I like the plot, characters and everything. But the most satisfying thing is probably the face slaps. Gawd.... so refreshing... more>> and satisfying.

I won't say anymore.. just read it and go along with the mc's growth. You won't regret it. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: c1
Good. That's my review. Not spectacular, but not something I regret reading.

And I actually managed to read it all, considering the amount of chapters and my attention span. But my only complaint: it's toooooo looonnng. I almost died inside reading this. The plot was good, the character development was good, and the plot twists were good. A pretty damn well developed and fleshed gary stu novel.

BUT goddamnit all that was overshadowed by how LONG and (slightly) DRAGGING it is. So my review here is only 3ish stars. Because if the... more>> author would cut out the miscellaneous details and focus on the main plot in under, let's say, 150 chapters, this novel would be way more popular.

It's truly a shame. But it is still good to read for those have a pretty good stamina with these type of novels. To those who can't make it all the way through the novel and give up half way through, I'm gonna give some ending spoilers. JK. It's too much for me to do that, I'm tired. So read user Queesa's review, it just sums it up. Some confusing things I CAN help clarify tho to just give a vague outline of the ending (from my understanding of the plot) is...


So the "protagonist" SU in the very original original storyline of the reincarnations MC has went through (yes MC has been repeatedly re-uh-birthing) envied the hell out of our MC who had a good life under the Shen family while also being capable. So he basically f*cked up his life due to his greed for wealth and fame, and reincarnations developed from such a strong pursuit of greed, where the MC would continue to have everything he possesed (even his family right when he was born) taken away from him.

This explains the SY protagonist halo SY often has. This is also why MC is obsessed to get back his family and everything that belonged to him. After this, we have two courses of "rebirth." MC wins and SY dies, or SY win, MC kills himself, BUT family repents and ends up killing indirectly SY and falling in ruin themselves. Thus the cycle repeats, because SY greed is hella big and he must win or smth.

HOWEVER, every time MC dies from su*cide and such, MC's obsession decreases. And once we get to the critical juncture (the beginning of this novel after MC's su*cide) MC deviates from the cycle cuz he doesn't want anything to do with the Shen family and thus finally meets his healthy ass ML (another exception of the plot that wards off the protag. halo). Meanwhile, SY's greed makes him lose emotions and all thinking processes, resulting in his current brainless character we have in this novel. And that should be all...I might of misinterpreted things because it is MTL, but that is the way I viewed the plot.


Also.. The ppl who are rating this low because they felt SY did not deserve sh*t did not read the novel... Unpopular opinion but SY got everything that was coming for him. Someone who victimizes himself and is self centered.... All I have to say is shameless. He just kept on asking for trouble. And it wasn't because of how is family raised him. His origin story at the end explains why he is the way he is, and also enrages you to the point where you just don't care if he perishes. <<less
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