After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn


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Growing up in an orphanage since he was a child, Tao Mu, who had suffered so much, never thought that his life was actually a result of picking up the wrong script.

Eighteen years ago, two children were born at the same time, but due to the negligence of the medical staff their name tags were switched. Tao Mu, who was supposed to be born in a wealthy family, was sent to an orphanage instead.

Eighteen years later, the mistake was discovered. Tao Mu originally thought everything could go back on track. However, his parents and siblings who were supposed to be the closest family disliked him deeply, lovers and friends also turned their backs on him.

Receiving such a shock, Tao Mu completely revealed his dark side, becoming a vicious cannon fodder that everyone hated. In the end he found himself utterly isolated and committed suicide by jumping off a building.

After being reborn, Tao Mu was surprised to find that he actually lived in a book. The male protagonist in the book was the Silly White Sweet** who was the other baby that he had mistakenly switched identities with. As for him, he was just the vicious cannon fodder encountered by the Silly White Sweet in his sweet and pampered life.

Tao Mu: f*ck this plot, and f*ck this stereotypical routine. I won’t be playing along in this life!

In other words, this is a dog blood story of a highly provoked cannon fodder no longer mistreating himself to please anyone after being reborn. Instead he will be relying on himself to build an entertainment empire that will catapult him to the top.

** person who is s*upid but in a sweet way

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18 Reviews

New mangafan000
May 07, 2021
Status: Completed
a good novel

the MC (shou) is still very handsome.
some say it is op, but in fact everything is very quickly explained.
in his first life he knew how to cook and knew martial arts, from what the old grandfather taught him.

therefore in this second life, he has these same qualities.

... more>> his talent for cinema is his.
he explains himself that he has no talent on the trader, and he will only be able to earn money for 10 years (the time of his death in his former life).

he also explains that in his old life he worked a little in computeur science, and like now he created a very important website, but it's just because he knows the techniques of the future.
this is also why later he hires a lot of people because he does not know more about it...

it's very difficult for MC to have a good life because the shen yu (black lotus) halo is really very strong...

some times are silly and have not been handled by the author.


the older brother realized very quickly that as soon as he moved away from shen yu he thought differently

later he tells his father and they stay away

then when there is a problem they come back to support or use shen yu... this is very silly because yes business and contracts go well as soon as the opponents meet shen yu, but isn't that weird ?!


the luck of the MC is that in this life he met the ML (gong)...
he is the only one not affected by the shen yu halo.
those who are close to MC end up being safe from the shen yu halo, but with time and feelings...
ML is really the best for MC

the end is scary


because it is not a rebirth, but hundreds of rebirths...
moreover shen yu has always had a black heart and that is why he took the place of tao mu...

in fact shen yu is the real tao mu, but since his life was "horrible" he decided to become shen yu to have everything better...
but in the end even being shen yu, our MC tao mu managed to be happier, so the revenge and the black heart of "shen yu" are never satisfied.

luckily ML has always looked for MC, and this is the only life he hasn't found him too late.


so no op, no gold finger

a really dark novel on the end, and during MC's worst times.
sweet because MC has ML.
sad because MC suffered a lot.

thanks to the author
thanks to the translator <<less
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New rhianirory
Apr 22, 2021
Status: c100
this beyond OP MC could fart noxious gas on a crowded bus and the people around him would praise it and call him a 'genius scent master' (unless they belong to the protagonist, then they try to hack him).

he is also a genius actor/cook/photographer/stuntman/programmer/student/cinematographer/detective/model/stock broker/businessman/financial god/multimedia guru/propaganda specialist/bar host.... and that's only in the first 50 chapters.

the story has its problems, there is a ton of filler and random pov jumps, logic flaws, and some things that really don't make sense. and if the author had at least made the... more>> MC's personality consistent I would probably have rated this a 3.5 but he jumps from being diabolically smart, jaded, and acting his mental age when on his own to being a stereotypical dense 'little fool'around the ML (complete with clueless head tilt), and the back and forth gave me mental whiplash. I was tired of reading before I even hit chapter 100.

going to stop here and wait for the translations to catch up and give it another go then. <<less
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Feb 04, 2021
Status: Completed
This is honestly good. Heart warming and heart wrenching. There's also a face slapping. But the romance is a little slow, they become together in the mid of story. There are some idle moments of slice of life in the latter part (and irl politics), making it slightly monotonous (or annoying). Fortunately, There are twists near the end making it more exciting and unpredictable (crux of multiple reincarnation)

As u read, you will notice that the author slowly divulge MC's past's lapses (also the protagonist halo, "you'll become narrow... more>> minded when u'r with shen yu") that lead to his tragic past. He now realizes that instead of pleasing his blood related family and envying the book protagonist, he should cherish the persons who brought him up (orphanage dean tao, Lao song, Liu Yao, meng qi etc). The MC is not OP, he is good in stunts, dance etc but not really in acting. His programming is also average and not a prodigy in trading like ML. Hence he works harder than anyone. However, the MC can't get past on his grievances from the other side chara making him a lil unreasonable sometimes. Anyway, it's okay bcoz it's more realistic. Fortunately, he gets this second chance and meets early the level headed ML. Those who have high IQ or far from book protagonist are immune to that halo.

The book protagonist is not really calculating, instead he is a dead-brain white lotus, who brought up by the shen family to be really like that (there's a reason for this personality stated in story climax). I sometimes pity the book protagonist but also hate his st*upidity. But in **** (read the story, around 270++, this shen yu is selfish, greedy and envious person. <<less
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Apr 13, 2021
Status: c21
Ironic should be the title of this book.

MC have bad past live but it's hard to sympathize with him because author gave him golden fingers the size of the universe and almost impenetrable plot armor. Like at this point he just become SY minus the "likeable" plot halo and ruthlessness.

He can do acting, martial arts, cooking, finance and IT in 10 years even ML made him finance advisor lololol he's a black sue alright.

If the author at least made SY bad then it's more worthwhile but he's not. At most... more>> he's just annoying and wasn't even worth the hate of villains. <<less
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Mar 05, 2021
Status: --
Zzzz hmm, how I said it, ... more>>

he said everyone who shen yu hate will have bad ending, but the time shen yu get abandoned by the shen family ppl start bully him.. Like oh cmon where the halo protagonist that you mentioned earlier lol.

It's said if Shen Yu is the protagonist in that world and Tao mu just a villain, but what I see here is just all brainless characters except Tao mu and ppl that good to him.

Yes, the brother Shen and Daddy know something wrong when they near Shen Yu, thanks but still.. What about ppl in the world that not meet him even once and still on his side in hard mode in everything Shen Yu done eventho it's wrong zzz

And the Shen sister, bruh you already 23 yo and can't even know what is wrong and what is right, she is the characters I hate the most here.

Actually there 2 part that I hate

1. Like I mentioned before, the daddy and brother Shen know if there something wrong with Shen Yu, and what they do after that? Dad used Shen Yu ability (that can make ppl s*upid if it's about him) to make way more easy for him.

2. The time Shen Yu get abandoned, like oh my, he not even do anything wrong and all ppl start ignoring him it's hurt me. Well actually I like him a bit since he siding with Tao Mu in some time, he even remember Tao Mu birthday and give him prize (and it's when Shen Yu get ignored by all ppl and no one remember his b'day), and what he get after that? Ignored again bcs Tao Mu hold his "anger" bcs he will think as "villain" when near Shen Yu, it's make my mood down.

if you think that Shen Yu is too spoiled and deserves this treatment, blame the daddy first, he didn't teach etiquette in the first place and spoiled him in purpose, and thanks for that he made shen yu naive and has a brainless daughter.


1 ⭐ for the synopsis that make me take interest <<less
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Apr 13, 2021
Status: --
From the summary, this was what I was expecting from this novel:

  • Tao Mu getting recognition for his acting and blowing the entertainment industry away
  • Shen Yu getting more interested in Tao Mu and ignorning everyone else
  • The original ML ignoring Shen Yu and focusing on Tao Mu instead (and maybe becoming the ML?)
  • Shen Yu's original harem drawn towards Tao Mu instead
  • The Shen family begging Tao Mu to come back
I guess most of this did happen but it wasn't really highlighted as much? The novel went on a direction I never expected.

The... more>> ML is someone

completely unrelated to the original novel too; this is okay but, he just came out of nowhere! He's a great guy but for a novel with a lot of face slapping, getting together what that ML was not a face slap to anyone.


I also expected this to be focused on Tao Mu being an actor and his journey from being a rookie and then blowing people away with his talent. That did happen at the beginning but then

suddenly he's a financial advisor and then suddenly a programmer and then an owner of a company? And all of that while he was still in college? I mean, technically he was an adult with a lot of experiences but the novel really didn't make it easy for me to deny reality-- seriously, he made a website in under a month? As a programmer, I couldn't accept it hahaha!


The story's nice if you want to read some face slapping. The harem building was nice too hahaha I really enjoyed this for a while because of this. But then the MC's gary stu halo became waaay to strong so for me so the face slapping really didn't have as much impact anymore. <<less
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Feb 12, 2021
Status: --
It was a good novel.

I read it until chapter 150 or so, and was engaged at the plot. Sometimes I got annoyed by the White Lotus book protagonist here, but really, that's why we don't like such a naive character, right? Thanksfully the white lotus is not the scheming villain who deliberately act as a pure person in this book.

Anyway, I'm giving this novel a 4 star purely because I have not completely read it, so I can't give a fair judgement.

The novel has almost 300 chapters, and I'm not... more>> that patient to read it in one go, so I stopped reading it halfway. This novel is good for long investment, but if you're like me who read online novel in one go to spend the 2 days of weekend, its unsuitable due to its super long chapter count. <<less
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Yi Bo
Yi Bo
Mar 18, 2021
Status: Completed
Easy to understand MTL

Interesting story. Although there are times I want to quit reading it coz I can’t stand the s*upidity of the other characters, but I still can’t help not finishing it.

I like how the MC doesn’t want to take revenge against his family. He only wants to live a new life and cherish those he failed to cherish on his last life. Although MC uses his golden finger (future knowledge) very well and made him hailed as a genius or something, he knew in himself that without his golden finger, he is only an ordinary person.

... more>> You will see in the novel his insecurities, and trauma for being abandoned and betrayed. The sense of security he didn’t get from his blood-related family.

There’s a lot of lessons you will learn in this novel such as: Cherish people around you. Don’t be too greedy, especially when you know that things are not for you. You’ll learn the definition of “Family ”. And so on. <<less
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Mar 13, 2021
Status: c257
An Ok no-brainer story, where everything goes well for MC & ML, and nothing goes well for the white lotus book-protagonist. MC, having been betrayed by his family/lover etc in last life, really treasures the people who cared for him in this life, and has high guards and doesn't eadily trust people. The story started out strong, with MC starting again from zero, while caring for his people, and guarding against his present/future/past enemies - his emotions are well portrayed. Enters ML with his almost love-at-first-sight, and now, we have... more>> a high being protecting MC when he encounters something beyond his abilities - their love story goes at a believable pace - both families are cute too...

The story would have been fine like this, but author had to insert unbelievable amount of patriotic propaganda, hate against Japanese, inferiority complex of Taiwanese and their rude behaviors, there are chapters and chapters on it... MC has an unbelievable halo of midas touch - in less than a month, he was able to create a ahead-of-times website and in less than six months, his website is the most used one, and within a year of his rebirth, he gains enough clout amongst the movers and shakers of showbiz industry, again so many chapters dedicated to show MC's worth and many people sucking upto him.

Also, where did book-protagonist's halo go? Upto the point I've read, there are parts where one would feel sorry for book-MC - seriously how is his brain constructed, and how did his halo let him end up to this point?? Shen sister is unbelievably s*upid, and evenmore unbearable. Dropping the series, MTLing is not worth it anymore. <<less
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Feb 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This is one of my favorites and I basically MTLed it in one sitting! It's fairly easy to MTL so I definitely recommend this story to any reader who is too impatient to wait for the translation (props to the translator) !

Even though it is fairly long at approximately 300 chapters, I think the author wrapped up everything very nicely, especially the reason why MC was able to be reborn and his enmity with Shen Yu. I don't want to spoil anything but I just love how the author was... more>> able to tie everything together and explain the complicated relationships between MC, Shen Yu and his biological family. One of my favourite explanations as it goes surprisingly in depth about how and why things are the way they are.

I also appreciate how Tao Mu properly cares for the people who love him and how he treasures those bonds this time around and how he learned from his mistakes in his previous life. Tao Mu is the definition of someone who treasures the bonds he makes and someone who repays any kindness given to him.

Overall a wonderful story of his growth as a person. The romance between Tao Mu and the ML is slow but it makes sense considering Tao Mu's headspace (lingering trauma from his previous life) and his other commitments to his businesses, family and friends. Their relationship is quite sweet and I think the ML is a wonderful match to Tao Mu. He supports him without being overbearing all the while loving and taking care of Tao Mu in the ways that he needs. <<less
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Mar 03, 2021
Status: Completed
i felt plot halo really gave effect xD you all dont feel bad for shen yu ... more>>

ahhh this is such a beautiful storyy

review at ch 135: im loving how they describle lawyer zhou >< weak, poor, pitiful (tho hes not xD)

i really hate shen yan o.o (hope I dont get transmigrated to that role scary!!!cannon fodder)

ML is such a lovely baby 🥰

really like showdown between shen chen and tao mu (would love it even more if they are mafia bosses hehe 🤭)

love all the characters around tao mu his adopted dads are lovliest grandpa song and dean tao are best babies especially grandpa hes such a tsundere he cares a lot about MC (best character ♡)

roommates, classmates, frnds are cuties too

but he suffered a lot in last life alas

love his hardwork I wish I could try to work even 20% as hard as him but im lazy af 🥲

update at ch152 : damn halo power poor yan sheng his brain is damaged xD

ML is bestt♡~

i think yandi's character in black and white is how to say is confusing hes selfish wants his bro to live and take care of retirement age of his dad (but if those ppl find out that he was undercover wont they kill his familyy, also its police line of work can he always be safe ? After he died will those police not choose to send his bro as undercover?) and I admire that he can still keep sense instead of rebelling against police and send info o..o its so psychologically difficult

tao mu's dads and grandma are such sweeties ahhhh!!

ch :268 author has successfully made me hate shen yu at last xD like I really felt bad for him in few places and doesnt really pop up unless to push the story forwarrd

but hes really hateful wants everything to go the way he wants doesnt cherish frnds without money and power literally ignores them until he needs them etc o. Ohes also unreasonable af o.o

and shen family is yuk they deserve to be ruined everytime 😐

ML is such a sweetie pie ahh

ch273: umm the "shen yu" I really hate him after getting to know what he actually did and shen familyy its really complicated idunno what to think about them

but shen yan is really too much even in past how could she abandon her bro when he was betrayed by his lover._. He didnt do it knowingly and putting all blame onto him urgh!

will update later part when I finish reading it ~

shen chen and his dad cant put much blame o.o but shen yan and her mom 🤷🏻‍♀️

i think the final movie was exagarated 🙈

ML iz sweet, the family and frnds are sweetest

fans are still waiting for tao mu's fan meeting 😂

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Mar 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Dont look at the title

This isn't just a reborn Gary stu with a bunch of 2-D villains and side

Its definitely Gary Stu but its gary stu with a plot

... more>> The characters are well fleshed out

The villains have a reason why their villain

And even in the end when everything comes to light, youd have never expected it

The white lotus isnt actually a white lotus and the vicous rival isnt actually a black lotus either

Either way this novel is really good for a quick read

There are definitely some emotional parts and you'll definitely enjoy watching TM come out of the shadow of his last life

The Gong is pretty good too

Like a big husky, sticky and protective

I reccomend this <<less
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Mar 24, 2021
Status: c97
Who doesn't like a nice second chance novel?

It's mostly OK as of chapter 97... however....I do have one complaint...


The author gives him so many 'skills' that it's ludicrous. In theory he had only 10 years to get all these talents/skills etc... and even if he somehow never needed to sleep I don't think it's believable for him to have that many 'trained' skills. If the author would have had him come back from 20 or 25 years in the future then it would have been slightly easier to accept it.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Completed via mtl.

The story is cool. I like the way the MC did not try to avenge himself unless the 'past' people provoke him.

The love line is general, not overly sweet or too fast.

My favourite part is the little twist about the reborn cycle and the reason why their lives entangled the way they were.

This story is not without flaw, but still, it's an enjoyable read.
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Mar 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Second chance. Rebirth. Going back in time.

Kinda revenge. Theres so much drama. MC is indifferent and doesn't want revenge but he can't really choose because cannon fodders just jumps onto him.

It's really good and pretty exciting at first but it turned boring later on.

... more>> The antag wasnt really annoying for me. He's a green tea b*tch. Also he lacks logic and is really s*upid. But he isn't really capable of doing anything big so I don't really care about him.

The mtl is super easy to understand.

Patriotic. The novel is kinda patriotic. Most movies MC acts on are about soldiers and war. But it ain't anything bad so I don't really care

There's an actual reason why the MC goes back in time and I like that.

I actually like a chracter in this novel. He's kinda like a small villain character. Shen Chen. I really like him for some reason. <<less
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Mar 18, 2021
Status: Completed
The story itself starts and sounds like nothing new. When I first read it I had a feeling I've read it somewhere, but in time other differencies were shown in details. Although there were hooks at the beginning, which author didn't bring later (for example his friends that took part at the beginning, there was some twist about them in previous life, but in reborn life MC almost left them when he picked up his career), but many actions and consequences actually worked really well at other times, which was... more>> nice.

In short the storyline covers a timeline of several years when MC is reborn, tried to stay away from his original family, meets ML, they do business together, MC does good things along the way that help him grow too, he also helps and pays back a double to people who care and love him. He grows his business, he helps his friends, he shoots and produces movies and tv series, he tried to deal or more like avoid the neurosis of Shen Yu and live his own life happily without his biological parents and real family.

Details that I think make this novel differ are probably these:

    • MC takes an usual route in acting and that is he is an action actor. You won't see literary scripts. But what is interesting is that some scripts although not new, but at least detailed unlike many novels where filming is just passed by. MC is shown working really hard.
    • The twist at the end. Although it comes quite late and that's why the overall outline feels a bit unbalanced, but at least it brings some clarity to the rebirth reason and trigger. The obsession and the feelings of MC are nto because of a simple halo.
    • Emotional growth for MC, which is justified and ML's standpoint of unmovable and reliable mountain is also justified due to their life experiences.
    • There are nice elements of action and consequences that help it going. Like small details that happen in the story (e.g. When MC produces the movie, many older people come to theater, since they remember him and his deeds of organizing the fund that helped them, so it brought even more positive publicity).
    • Many characters are in line with their setting, although you might think they're too one-dimensional, but I liked the explanation given to why.
Overall it was a pleasant read, the only thing you really need to get a bit far for it to star get interesting (imo of course), I agree it was a bit long and there are many time the text just repeats the same notion just in different words (don't forget that authors also want to eat, so wordcount). But in general it was nice :)

P.S. I found this novel through the other novel of this author 'Stand-in alliance', which is also good ;) <<less
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Mar 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This is my all time favorite rebirth show biz novel because everything in this novel makes sense, there's a cause and effect behind the characters, their actions, and the whole situation. This novel is not without flaws but just because of how much there's a mystery that's revealed and how there's no useless brain dead cannon fodder (or of so, they're bbeing manipulated by the plot halo and most realize this and escape it). Rather than falling into the vague cliches, this novel is far more gripping, to the point... more>> where I finished it by MTL. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 11, 2021
Status: Completed
It's pretty easy to understand the MTL so I was able to read it all in one go.

Besides the common storyline of the reborn MC tries to create a better life, there are a lot of deeper themes within the story that add depth. It touches on negative side of humanity such as greed, obsessions, malice and anger. The story also discusses family, unconditional love, and hope.

I also liked the MC and ML as characters. Their relationship was cute and the ML wasn't some Overbearing CEO. Both had flaws and... more>> insecurities. They were able to grow with each other, as well as with their families and friends.

I wouldn't say it's the best story I've read, but it was entertaining and held my attention. I have the terrible habit of dropping a story once the characters get together, but the questions of "when will X happen? Why did XX happen? Why are AA and BB connected?" kept me hooked. For an almost 300 chapter story, that is a feat. <<less
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