Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi


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This is the story of a young s*ave gladiator in an underground arena. He doesn’t know about his past or how he got to where he is, only that his name is Aegir, and that he is strong.

One day he kills the boss and escapes the arena, joining a band of mercenaries as a new recruit. During one mission, they encounter the vampire, Lucy, who slaughters the band with her inhuman strength. After learning that Aegir only knows how to kill, Lucy lets him stay at her house, educating and taking care of him.

Two years pass, and on the day of Aegir’s departure, they both exchange a promise that if Aegir becomes a king and owns the land of Erg forest, he can come and take her as his woman. Making this his life goal, Aegir set out on a journey to become a hero, a king, and found his own kingdom.

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Road of the Kingdom
Road to Kingdom
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VanAlex rated it
May 10, 2016
Status: --
Hohoho, now this is what I call erot*c Masterpiece, this fits the title of King of Pleasure, this novel is a must read for Men.

This novel is using episodic frame-up style, and much most of the chapters are filled with erot*c scenes, and not only erot*c writing is present, but a series filled with epic battles and complex writing, in short an erot*c Novel with Plot. One of a kind Unique novel, and it’s predictable but the execution aren’t. Intelligent and erot*c writing combined is the major element of... more>> this series, but what I love is the individual elements, the genres keeps up with the story and the tags are used very well. The use of literary technique is average, but how the author use is quite funny, especially the p*rn logic and p*rn stage play.

The characters are definitely interesting, and in my surprise the character are well rounded, but they’re quite predictable. The protagonist, Aegir is the very definition of Alpha Male and Manly characteristics which were often used during the classic period of Anime and Manga, so he’s comparable to the Great Protagonist of Old, at the same time he’s a Gentleman Pervert, he knows how to control his lust and know how to court and to sleep with women. The Supporting characters are mostly made up of girls, and these girls mostly sleeps with Aegir, the awesome thing in this novel is, they were not treated as s*x objects, but as women. Honestly the author knows how to court women, unlike any wish fulfillment erot*c series out there, this one knows to teach its readers in abstract way. The only problem here is the lack of antagonist, well to make it simple, the author knows how to make reasonable antagonist though most of time they aren’t notable or just your typical rapist, except for Ash, he’s one of the manliest antagonist in this novel. I don’t like the Character Design in this novel, so I’m using Lancer from Fate Zero as the ideal design for Aegir’s characteristics, because he’s only 15 and his character design makes him like a 40 years old, same case with the girls, I’ve been searching a lot of characters for design in google, konachan, pixiv, etc...

I’ve enjoyed this a lot, and I’m looking forward on the upcoming chapters, and probably this novel has a lot to offer in the future. I love erot*c series, but I also like intelligent writing, and this novel has it, and this novel is filled with potential. Totally Recommended for MEN. <<less
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montblanc512 rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: --
This MC just makes me feel gross. He just goes around sexually harassing people but it's cool because every woman he comes across is just enamored by the fact he's got a big package. And I get it if that's the type of schlock you're coming to this story for, but it goes way too far. Like, every time this dude sees a particular child he thinks is going to grow into an attractive adult, he talks about "harvesting" her later. Our hero is literally grooming a child.

What is wrong... more>> with this author? Who could possibly root for such a shitty protagonist. It's not like they play him up as some kind of anti-hero either. He's completely fine and sociable and cool with other male characters, but every female character in the series is completely devoid of any function other than to be impressed by this guys wiener.

And even if you're into that, he's just got nothing else going for him. He's boring. His entire character is just that, he's big and strong and the only sh*t ever going on in his head is whom he's going to try to seduce next. The summary made this sound like it was going to be a rise to power of an over-powered protagonist from s*ave to king all for the sake of the woman he loves, instead it's the story of a borderline rapist who just swings his weapons around while the world fall in line around him. <<less
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makenai89 rated it
April 7, 2016
Status: --
Reviewed at chapter 20, rated 5.

If you’re looking for NSFW story slash written p*rn slash ecchi with an actual plot, an MC that deserves to be called as MC, and solid narrative, then this is it. Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi is definitely first-ranked novel among its genre (please do note the phrase “among its genre”). Although, of course, you’ll have to be aware that these kind of stories are anti-feminist, vulgar, and the banality is often unbelievably crude.
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sifr rated it
August 19, 2018
Status: c189
Reading some of the reviewers I have a feeling they forgot this IS an adult novel, a hentai, first and foremost. However this hentai has story (SHOCKED!) , plot and lots of PLOTS. While the MC is musclebrained, well considering he was raised as an underground fighter, he's quite likable. For once I never read about him complaining (maybe I just decided to filter it lol) about what happens but instead always try to do something. For me the MC is more important than the story itself, if the MC... more>> is likable I'll like it as a whole. Also the MC never stated he can do everything himself he always rely on his subordinates when he can. He's only OP at brute strength however on recent chapter

he finally meet his match

, so there is a possibility there will be things stronger than him in the future which will make him struggle, maybe.

Another thing to note, this novel most likely has any tag you can find in hentai, so if any tag is not good for you you might wanna skip some chapters, though so far I havn't met any true ntr. Like in one chapter

an assassin tried to harm his women and he gave her to his horse and you know where this is going

. So, yeah, read this novel with openmindedness, you might awaken something within you. <<less
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animanaicT rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --
My guilty pleasure

Imagine if Gutts from berserk never got r*ped and betray’ed and his dream was to create a kingdom to win the love of his life a vampire princess (er maybe fairy princess? idk yet title misleading) ... oh yea and the many women who falls for him along the way

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LeeEzekiel rated it
August 10, 2016
Status: c21
Probably the best-written "adult" adventure novel on this website. It's unapologetically smutty and violent, but the world building, humor, characters, and intensity of the battles make this a great read. If Larvyde had more help translating this (the current pace is unbearable), it would be 10/10.

EDIT: Chapters 23 to 28 were completely butchered by someone who doesn't speak English. This is a huge shame, since it's a pivotal part of the story. 29 is also bad, but from Chapter 30 onwards the translation quality becomes very good again. So do... more>> your best to get through those chapters and you're golden. <<less
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Shy Giggling
Shy Giggling rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: c472
Can't believe I've actually been able to power through to this point.

I actually like the plot, a strong ex-s*ave, the MC, tries to become a king for the woman he loves, that's nice, sounds promising. But the journey is nothing more than kill bad guys and f*ck everything that is considered female and has a hole (and shit, there's actual grooming of kids in this, that's f*cking disturbing, MC literally says that he'll wait a bit until little girls "mature" for his tastes, this made me cringe real bad everytime... more>> I read something along those lines). It's only that. Just that. There's nothing more in depth until probably the later stages of the story.

The plot suffers so much because of that. Heck, the s*x can be pretty meh at times...


f*ck you Claudia, get out of my head


The characters themselves are the very definition of standard sex-types. There's the men, there are lustful beings, lustful smart beings or lustful strong beings (except some of the MC's closest "friends", advisors, whatever the f*ck you want to call them). And there's the females, almost everyone of them from unknown characters to main characters have one thing in common, they all have the MC's magnum dong in mind, and nothing else. Absolute blank slates until they see, sometimes even just hear about it, the MC's magnificent oversized package, and then they become s*x s*aves to him, regardless of their existing relations, regardless of their social standing, regardless of their age (f*ck me, this really triggers me). No personality, no independent thoughts, just there so that the MC can get mad once one of them gets hurt or unleash sex-nirvana upon them with his d*ck and initiate a 2-3 chapter worth of sex-filled reading from times to times.


Though, Sekrit is best girl, this is a fact, not an opinion, she's quite literally the sole remaining reason I read this shit. I honestly forgot about Lucy (the one who was planned (I guess?) to be bestgirl by the author), after all these girls got introduced, it just seems like there's gonna be no space for her to grow as a character, if that is even a thing (she's the raison-d'être for Aegir's goal after all, so it's kind of surprising to see her missing in action to this degree). Sekrit (and arguably with Ivanna if I push it) is literally the only exception (or anomaly? considering the standard of girls in here, she's certainly not normal) among the characters and actually has a legitimate independent thought process and a working brain and isn't dependent on Aegir or is a s*ave to him. And Celia can die, she's the worst, the f*cking worst, absolute piece of hot steaming garbage, probably the most useless character closely following after Kroll and Christoph, and that's a a lot considering one is the very definition of uselessness (yet still got a harem of his own somehow) and the other is the standard dense type of shitstain that is also the very definition of useless, since he has never, never, ever legitimately fought or done something that pushed the story along in a meaningful way. All she has done is hold him back and get in his way. That's it. Yes, Sekrit is best girl, and she should replace Celia, as she actually does things by herself, helps Aegir, is surprisingly deeply involved in the story and (that shouldn't have to be pointed out) is able to act independently from Aegir, and heck, sometimes I wonder if she shouldn't be the MC herself. She certainly acts like it from times to times. Love her to bits anyway.


Why am I reading though? I honestly don't know, I've pushed this far, if I stop now, I feel like all my time will have been wasted. I know the end is near and I've got my own favourite girl, and I'd like to see her growth and hope that the author doesn't butcher her character as well. I guess a little part inside of me also wants to know how the MC's gonna become a king and when, but this sh*t is too predictable at this point. He'll just rely on his super strength to usurp the throne, and if he can't power through by himself, he'll just get strong or stronger friends to help him to his goal. All the while f*cking girls left and right.

Edit: Dropped this shit, too disappointing, too predictable, and too f*cking annoying. I thought Aegir's s*upidity was already at 0 but somehow it went even under that, he might as well have anti-braincells this absolute moronic f*ck. Shit's become boring and so predictable, I should start a fortune telling shop, I swear. I don't f*cking know how people can put 3 stars or above to this shit, my 2 stars are litreally just for the traduction quality and my love for bestgirl, thats it. Had I put more than that and I would've probably needed an appointement to my therapist for an extremely strong p*rn addiction. <<less
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Elmion rated it
June 23, 2017
Status: c59
It's golden age berserk with guts as a s*x maniac and minus the demons. No magic bullshit, just a straight up ripped alpha male boning every hot woman in his way with his massive hyper weapon. It's lovely and refreshing compared to the reincarnation stories around, so definitely give this a try if you're tired of those.
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samurai99 rated it
March 21, 2021
Status: c402
One word : frustrating. Honestly this word describes the whole story in my opinion.

The main plot is really interesting, the MC is an ex-sl*ve teen who just happened to get his freedom. He meets a woman who will teach him everything from writting and "common-sense" (in quotation marks, you will understand quickly why...) to s*x. This woman is in fact a vampire. Once the MC grows up, he will go explore the world and try to become a king in order to marry this vampire. You would think that the... more>> story will become intresting. Wrong.

First of all and one of the most frustrating part, and it's no joke, is that the MC is so dumb, dumber than him you got fishes. The MC does nothing besides f*cking woman and charging head-on at ennemies. No kingdom building, no politics, no scheming. Everything is done by his subordinates who, of course, conveniently came to him by themself. I'm at the 400th chapter and we still don't know a goddamn thing about his military strategist. Litteraly the only thing he got is his inhuman strenght and the size of his d*ck. Like most of the reliable comments say, this novel is 50% f*cking, 45% fighting and 5% everything else. I knew that there would be f*cking in this novel but not to this extend...

Then there is the "ruthless prothagonist" tag, a big joke. He is ruthless, yes, but only towards men...


If a woman commits a crime, she will be ok, like seriously, there was a maid who betrayed him and sold informations about defences of his town to the ennemy and because of that thousands of his citizens died and one of his child got killed (his mermaid child got killed) but what did she get as punishement ? Nothing, not kidding, she was even being conforted by him while she admitted her crimes because "I can't hurt women", that's the reason why.

And there was also the part where Sekrit, one of his women, got her arm chopped of by a general's soldier. She would have been fine if the blockhead would have killed the general, but no, he "could not" because there was a female knight who protected that general whit her body. The MC felt guilty about that, because he knew that if he killed him at that moment, Sekrit would still have her arm... BUT, yes there is a BUUUT, a dozen chapters later in the same war (litteraly a couple of weeks after that incident), he wins a field battle, breaks through the ennemy front line and gets to the ennemy headquarter and find the general who is a woman, guess what he does. He lets her go... XDDD


Also, the MC isn't an "alpha-male" like the other guys say in the comments. He is just an animal who mates whit everything which is female. I'm also including female children of course... Disgusting, seriously, he says that he can't f*ck them yet, but that a f*llatio is ok... wtf author... And could you please explain me why touching the body of a woman isn't considered as sexual harrasement ? And why are all the woman who see his d*ck want him to f*ck her going as far as cheating on their men ? And why the f*ck would you go to prostit**es when you litteraly have a harrem of women who love you at home ?

The MC gets kids whit his women, but what's the point seriously ? They are not even properly introcuded... And at one point, the author doesn't even name them lmao. The story would have been way more interesting if his kids could have a screen time, but I guess that would be difficult because even is wifes have so little screen time. The autho went overboard. If the MC stopped whit 7 or 8 women, that would have been enough but no, he is going for hundreds.

I would say to read this novel as mostly a comedy, but dude it's hard not to get frustrated even knowing that. <<less
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hegel rated it
July 28, 2018
Status: --
In a low fantasy novel, the MC is the sure stand out for being the most op

... more>>

His strength is probably in leagues with the fantasy beings (vampires, dwarfs, etc.). Seriously, in wars nobody can match him and he alone could turn around the fight. He even fought 1000 soldiers (in the earlier wars) and won (although they came in threes only). Another was the Magrado enemy he fought, he broke the enemy formation ALONE (not even getting injured).


MC is just a fighting maniac does not do kingdom building and he just leave it to his subordinates that pop out in convenience


Literally everything he needs just pops out of nowhere. First was the genius commander joining him, second was the genius internal affairs joining him, third was the genius tactician.

Also he has girls of every trade, fighting, acting, business, money. Which of course will help him.


I don't know about the others praising it, but to me the novel is no less different from the doujins and hentai I often see back then. Where the longer d*ck gets every girls. They have s*x with MC and the rest is history, its so ridiculous and whats more the girls he get are capable -- even more capable than his army

The novel is 80% fap the rest into the story, that's it and it runs on hentai logic. The MC can only use his head below. Too much plot armor for him and his girls. The world setting is normal, so it makes the MC more op by having too much of everything and enemies in the novel are one dimensional and nobody can seem to match the MC in strength.

I don't know people praising the novel but please be objective. The tags are right, but don't overstretch it. Another is that people keep praising because its different from the usual japanese beta MC, I mean what kind of basis is that just because its different from the one you hate does not automatically make it good. Comment section btw is full of cancer and d*ckriders, its just as s*upid as the story. <<less
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Zalpha rated it
August 18, 2016
Status: c22
I love this story, I just wish it would get updated faster. There is something like 700 or more chapters to this story (I heard this but haven't checked) and were only on chapter 22 and it is been like 2 years already since it started being translated. Anyway I am just happy to get chapters when they get done, I don't expect it to be an easy translation project.

... more>>

I love the idea of a human trying to restore a vampire princesses/queens home land kingdom/castle just so he can be with her again and make her happy. I hope at the end they both live together as eternal king and queen.

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rageouss rated it
July 8, 2021
Status: --
Hehe my woman are complaining again that I brought harlots home, I wonder why? I just f*cked 3 prostit**es in the ass and my 15 yr old lover is giving me cold looks.. what's that about? I did nothing wrong!!

the MC f*cks everything that has legs, he doesn't give a f*ck about the girls he already has, a random harlot from the street has the same importance as his wife. he'd rather get 10 different diseases from prostit**es than walk home to his wives. Every single time he goes off... more>> to fight random wars he brings back 3 mistresses and then he wonders why everyone is so mad, I thought it was a parody type of novel but it's not, the writer is seriously trying to write it like this.. jesus. Their home gets bigger and bigger to accommodate for the whores he brings homes every week, wtf is up with that? magically new rooms get added in

He's simply mentally ill, he absolutely cannot control himself, he constantly puts his family in danger because of random whores on the streets, he literally risked his f*cking life saving the life of a traitor's wife just so he can bring her home to f*ck her a couple of times.. wtf??? He started an invasion because a woman promised to sleep with him.. WTF???? He losses hundreds /thousands of gold in negotations because he wants to f*ck the merchant woman, why not spend 1 gold instead of thousands to get 100 prostit**es instead? His superior specifically told him to mind who he sleeps with because of his new status and yet he still f*cks everything that moves within a mile of his c*ck, he will literally have more kids than genghis khan by the end of the novel

"For an instant, someone's name seemed to come to mind, but the wind came from the window blew up the skirt of a lady, taking my attention away and causing me to forget. The civil official continues his explanation." You'd think this was said in a joking manner but no, it's completely serious

"From now on whenever I want to do it with Melissa, I'm definitely going to do this again. If by any chance that Melissa gets swayed by another man when I'm away from the capital, once I do this type of interc**rse with her, I can take her back immediately. Looking at how disheveled this makes her, having s*x with her normally is nothing but foreplay now." how about you don't take prostit**es as lovers or just f*cking warn her ahead of time not to suck other ppls dicks?

"「So this is Nonna. She's living with me... 」" This is how he introduces his lover?? wife? when he goes to his first party.. SERIOUSLY???

MC's goal supposedly is to become a king to make Lucy marry him however he makes no conscious effort towards that, everything happens because others randomly push him towards it. not once has he actually thought things through. The novel would have been better if it was written in 3rd person, the monologue of the MC makes me want to gouge my f*cking eyes out, if we just saw what he says it wouldn't be that bad but the thought process behind his actions (lack of thought process) is mindboggling, he's dumber than peasants on the street. Also why the f*ck doesn't he just go to visit her??? it's not like she's gone, why the f*ck is he waiting to become king to see her again? is he not worried that the 500yr old vampire will just move out or forget about his dumb ass??? <<less
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Tea leaves
Tea leaves rated it
March 10, 2018
Status: c141

All I can say is that there is nothing worth noting about the MC except for his huge [email protected] I don't even know if he even love the girls in his harem after all when you have already 8-10 girls at home and more than 50 girls in the adjacent building as s#x partner and he still screw around with any street prostitute and I know there is something wrong. By the Way sickness is real in this WN but he doesn't care. Furthermore he wants to be king without any interest in internal affairs and finances. He is a general without any knowledge or try learn about strategy about the army

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berdanka rated it
February 22, 2019
Status: c160
TL;DR: Repetitive harem-story with a fantastic amount of s*x and OP MC who is thinking exclusively by his d*ck and has luck and super thick plot armor.

Events and goals are pushed onto MC. The story started with MC running from an underground battle s*x s*ave establishment where MC was living from birth. He quickly loses his virginity while conveniently getting an education. He doesn't want to leave the woman who had taken his virginity, so she promises to be with him if he can become a king. Thus from... more>> here started the grand quest of the novel. But not for MC; he just goes on the trip and tons of women, convenient events, and capable subordinates just drop themselves on his head like a meat pie from the sky. MC is too carefree, he just f*cks all days and nights and does what superiors tell him to do. It's not bad but it turns bland and boring quickly. Whenever you think that MC has done something useful, if you'll think a little longer, you will notice that there was something that pushed MC to do so. I understand, the author wants to show that MC is not omnipotent, he just strong and his d*ck is super huge, and all the thinking left for his capable subordinates. But MC did nothing to get them at all. He never uses his head, and his actions are very repetitive. Also, the harem is so huge; girls almost have no screentime. Every woman jumps on his d*ck without a second thought, degrades to the c*cksleave, and blends to the background.

It's a very open-minded story regarding sex; even excessively liberal. Forget about every woman being a virgin just waiting for MC. Whores, sex-s*aves, tortured girls with broken genitalia, unfaithful females, all kinds of used goods girls are OK for MC to stick his huge d*ck into. And most of them end in the personal harem. There are many kinds of s*x scenes in this story, and each interc**rse is properly detailed and even long-winded. There is a chance I would undrop this novel someday because of all this lewd stuff (no).

Consider twice before reading this story if you're a woman. Females had no decent rights in the middle ages. <<less
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Zhen161 rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: c437
I made an account just to warn others not to read this novel unless 1) You're horny 2) You don't have nothing else to read and 3) You want to lose some precious brain cells.

This novel can be summed up as:

Male : Annoyances (The MC don't care whether they die or not and would execute any male in a heartbeat no matter how light his crime is).

Female: Treasure (If you're a woman, even if you ruin an entire kingdom or massacre everyone the MC will not do anything to you... more>> except have sex)

The story is so so. While it is progressive (?) You will know what happens next. I've skipped plenty of chapters and besides the new woman he sleeps with I could guess with 95% accuracy on what happened.

This is a basically Genghis Khan rip off with a parodies here and there. (The Aless Soldiers are basically a 300 rip off.)

The MC has s*upidity as his main point with a big d*ck and plenty of PLOT ARMOR.

The only reason I endured to the latest chapter is because I finished everything I started reading. This novel started as great but went downhill really fast. <<less
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Warnock rated it
June 19, 2016
Status: c21
This novel has the perfect amount of plot and s*x stuff and the s*x parts don't go super detailed, so it doesn't get old really fast.. I'm only worried in how he is going to advance the plot, other than his inhuman strength and his ability to literally c*m buckets (literally) I don't see him as a scheming MC capable of making a kingdom lol.. Oh right, it bothers me a bit how he is an abandoned/orphan and sh*t and keeps getting women pregnant and leaving saying "lets see if... more>> fate lets us meet again" like BRUH take care of ur harem/children XD <<less
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Lurcher rated it
July 5, 2017
Status: c63
Tired of beta herbivore leads with no ambition? Well, here's the polar opposite.

Essentially the MC is Conan the Barbarian, or Guts from Berserker, mixed with a little bit of Rance's appetite for women. Gathers lots of women because he likes to f*ck, doesn't bother thinking about things too much and just swings his big ass weapons whenever he wants something.

A few of the chapters are poorly translated, but for the most part its readable enough and at parts even excellent.

Personally think there are too many women and that it's a... more>> little over the top with the constant s*x scenes, but it is still damn entertaining. <<less
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Ender Bahamut
Ender Bahamut rated it
December 10, 2016
Status: --
I love this because the male lead is an actual boss someone who isn't hesitant and chooses to do with reason in his actions while fighting without a care he honestly is a Carnivore MC not a weak herbivore who questions or not repeatedly whether to get laid or not when a woman wants him and justs follows his instincts
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Anoneemoose rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: c295
Basically, this novel is Big d*ck Energy: The WebNovel. It's not meant to be very deep, the MC isn't an omnipotent genius, he's just an insanely strong fighter with a ridiculously big schlong banging and slaughtering his way through the world to try and become a king. The end goal for which is to reunite with his beloved vampire mom/lover. He's basically a high-fantasy Conan the Barbarian. The action scenes are enjoyable (The current war arc is very nice), the lewd scenes are ever present and reasonably well written, and... more>> the author hits just about every fetish in the book (no scat, NTR [yet, possibly; lots of netori though], guro, or anything super weird like that). You like monster girls? So far we've got vampires, alruanes, mermaids (the badass people eating kind), lamias, and probably more to come. Unfortunately the author has strayed into the regrettable area of adding a trap to the harem, but fortunately they don't come up much. The lack of screen time from some of the harem can be disappointing (especially because some of them have a tendency to be less than faithful/c*ck hungry...), but pretty much all of the best girls get reasonable screentime.

Tl;Dr a light enjoyable read with slaying of monster, men, and tons of poon, a reasonable translation rate, and should probably only be read when you are alone in your room. <<less
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Tebix rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: c193
A good beginning, but the author gets more desperate and builds in more and more fetishes. He seems to have run out of ideas to find new s*x scenarios. Really sad end for a series I liked but it gets to unfocused now and there are since a few chapter ago fetishes that I loath, like when he had s*x with a trap.
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