Himekishi ga Classmate! ~ Isekai Cheat de Dorei ka Harem~


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A High School Boy without friends, Odamori Tooru reincarnated into a Fantasy World after a bus accident on a School Field Trip. The job that was drawn 『Slavemancer』a Cheat occupation that dominates the minds of other.

Tooru begins to immediately enslave women with that power. However, a Bishoujo of a classmate who similarly reincarnated, Himeno Kirika is a 『Princess Knight』of Justice who has appeared before Tooru…

「Once this happens a Former Classmate, Adventurer, an Elf, a Demon, a Princess, all of these will be collected as slaves!」

Associated Names
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My Classmate is a Princess Knight! ~ Different World Cheat Starting an Enslaved Harem~
姫騎士がクラスメート! 〜異世界チートで奴隷化ハーレム〜
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RarestProGamer rated it
March 9, 2017
Status: v3c52
It is hilarious, people gave it 1 or 2 stars ratings simply because they are offended about the story or the MC is empty and doesn't have any personality. It is a goddamn porn, what else did you expect from tags and the title of the story, fantasy centered where story is epic as Lords of The Rings? Lmao. I have seen hundreds of western rape/revenge porn with terrible acting and story way shitter than this. It honestly isn't a bad novel, I've been having fun reading this. To... more>> those who are criticizing this novel for being a rape fetish novel, should I remember you that this is an er**ic novel with a rape tag ? You should have been warned when you first read the synopsis or the title, I don't get why you're complaining like this in the review section.

-Don't hate porn/hentai for being porn/hentai. Just move one and read other stories if its not for you. I don't get the point of cursing the author because he chose to write an R-18 story, lol. Anyway for my fellow ero brothers, look no further. This novel works great as boner booster, although if you really are looking for a hentai with "deep story line", then I highly recommend "Pure Love Insult Complex". <<less
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Bondage Radish
Bondage Radish rated it
October 13, 2016
Status: --
Himekishi ga Classmate is the heartwarming story of a young man with a strange power, his beautiful former classmate, and the many friends they make along the way as they journey through a perilous fantasy world to confront a mysterious enemy nemesis plotting the destruction of all they hold dear.

Wait... no, that doesn't sound right at all. Let me try this again:

... more>>

Himekishi ga Classmate is the graphic story of a horny sociopath, his former masturbatory material classmate, and the many victims he brainwashes as he rapes his way through a generic fantasy world to confront a generic enemy and foil their generic scheme.

A scheme which, somehow, is more evil than raping literally every woman that stands in the way of his plans to rape literally every woman that stands in his way.


... Which begs the question: why did I give it a three? Well, friend, that's because there is only one reason to read this at all and, once you set aside the elephant in the room, it doesn't do a terrible job of it. Not great, but not terrible.

You, reader, are probably an awful human being but, hey, you're not alone.

Let's all be revolting together! <<less
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Craig6844 rated it
March 22, 2017
Status: v3c53
This is a R18 work therefor it's about the sex. If you're here for anything else you're in the wrong place. For example and giving a 1 star review to hot dog stand because you're expecting a french cuisine is dumb.

Now that is out of the way this novel has some really good s*x scenes and even manages to make the s*x important to the plot. And yes there's more to this LN then the "plot".

While the story is not deep it is fun and entertaining. Plus while im sure... more>> it not intentional there is some serious things to chew on if you look hard enough. Like how the girls at first resist then give up and enjoy their slavery. Is it just plot armor or does the conditioned response to pleasure and sense of purpose the MC gives them convert them to willing slaves? <<less
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keklel rated it
May 19, 2016
Status: v2c25
Well, it's just porn. It could just be the translation, but a lot of things just don't really make any sense. The fights for example. It's just "MC gets out his dick, masturbates, and wins". It's pretty much just that. Good luck trying to make any sense out of the plot. It's been 26 chapters and I can't make head or tails out of what's happening.

Slavery magic. Is it fun to play with dolls? I imagine it would get boring pretty fast. Well, this is pretty much just that... more>> - a guy playing with his dolls. You don't get the feeling that these are real people, rather, they're just automatons that the MC can have s*x with. I get that this is a harem but... it's just too boring. There's no suspense when you know the MC is just going to just win every fight automatically and f**k random new girls. <<less
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Kreuz rated it
March 19, 2017
Status: v2c37
The amount of people rating this a 1 due to them not being the target audience is pathetic.

This is a great slave harem porn novel with a bit of story. Also people are stating that there is so much rape, but honestly the whole thing is written in such a lighthearted way that you dont even notice it.

Also to "This novel is just that disrespectful to all women, and all readers as well for thinking we are all just morons". I'm afraid there are works out there that would give... more>> you a heart attack. This is just fiction, deal with it.

While this certainly isnt really a 5, the author accomplishes exactly what a novel like this should be like, so I'm giving this a 4/5. <<less
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lonewolf93 rated it
February 10, 2017
Status: --
How did this ever get adapted into a manga, is a mystery to me. Perhaps this is proof that there is a god or something, because it is just mind boggling. I am no prude. I know what kind of shitshow this was, heck the title says it all, however only in japan something like this would ever be published. The story is clearly aimed at a younger audience due to the art style, story, characters, dialogue, world and overall setting. However, the plot or the meat of the plot,... more>> or overall undertone is clearly not.

It is bad, like real bad. Well, you know what to expected of this, from reading the title and still decide to read a few chapters. Let's just say that anyone that came here to read this LN wasn't looking anything deep (besides the MC getting deep inside the cast).

The story is a mess, but to be fair everything kinda is in this series, things just popup when you need them and etc.. The MC is unlikable beyond belief and still manages to have no personality (I am actually amazed by it). He doesn't to enjoy deflowering *cough (r*pe) besides satisfying his carnal needs but still he continues to do so with several partners. He seems to have suffered some deep traumatic experiences but nothing will ever redeem him (especially since he comes from a country as wealthy as japan and he is a high school student, it is not like he has lived in a poor country ravaged by war and had to fight to survive each day), besides he doesn't seek redemption. Universe-wise it does make sense most high school boys would love to have s*x with any women in theory (I'm saying most cuz you no not everyone is a dog in heat), but this is still a story so we are meant to sympathize with the MC. Nevertheless, this aint happening since he has no personality and has no back story (unless u have grudge against women or something), so we end-up following a teen's s*x fantasy and nothing more. All other characters don't matter they're just cliche and unimportant (I'm including the harem)

This is such a really, really stupid novel. As if all of the women that have been violated by a guy will just feel good and have no traumas, and not have their lives ruined forever by this single event. This novel is just that disrespectful to all women, and all readers as well for thinking we are all just morons. <<less
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CaptainToast rated it
July 16, 2016
Status: v1c6
I read the first few chapters, and I'm kinda disappointed. Rather confused as well. Not even going into the whole he can enslave people, which is already pretty weird, the thing that really bothers me is how the story starts.

The author has everyone in the entire world die in a freak accident, and then reincarnate into a different world. How the f**k is that even possible? The new world wouldn't be able to support them. Not to mention they all start out at the same age they 'died' at. Why... more>> the hell do you call it reincarnation, if all that really happens is that they get teleported to a new world. I hate authors that do this. <<less
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SnoopyGM rated it
July 10, 2017
Status: v4c72
One of the best s*x theme web novel right now

The plot is complicated but still light to read, the s*x scene is good and differ with each one

The protagonist is a villain with a mind of a lone hero, he have the cruelty of a villain but the kindness of a hero

... more>> He want to anything he want to do especially find pretty woman and have s*x with them, but doesnt want to make others hurt or do anything bad unless they do him first

His logic is simple and somewhat stupid, but it was his decision after died a stupid dead and life a boring life before, so kind of make sense, even though he want to be a villain but he cant discard his good personality that sometimes appear

He rape woman but also save them in every case, in a way not a bad and acceptable

Each main character and villain have each circumstances and I must say the author make a good job with that, since most s*x theme web novel character except the prota usually is like a mob or got mindbroken or follow the plot like stupid idiot

Also the most important is the translator is good and almost catch up to the raw chapter (72/76) <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
San-Kyu rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: v3c61
A good r18 novel, the protag is a reincarnator with pretty heavy ties to many of the other reincarnators, and this sets a good backstory for the rest of the plot that so far is pretty interesting. He has a special power that allows him to enslave people (females at his preference) and also power them up significantly, so battles are rather tactical affairs wherein the tension comes from how he's going to outsmart his (usually) more powerful enemies. His harem consists initially of mind-controlled adventurers but grows as the... more>> series goes along, there are arcs for them as he befriends and solves their problems and gains their love and trust anyway.

There is lewds that are pretty nice and well-written but I feel that they're not that important to the plot at all, kind like they're there because the novel is rated r18, not the other way around. At least you have a solid variety of girls and personalities the main can screw around with, though its a plainly human to human (oid) affair so far. There's a darker overall plot as the main appears to be going after demon lords and royalty with not so good intentions and rather evil powers but as of where I am that's still on the horizon. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Vanhellsing rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: v4c76
Alright there is good thing and bad news in this novel. Good thing is this is pure adult goldmine with a good story. Bad thing is this novel is standing still since Octobor or something (a year on hiatus). No idea that author is planning to wait for the LN or manga or just simply drop. But it is good read till the latest chap it had (pure adult thing so dont bother if you aint fan of it.)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RickyTheKind rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: v3c71
Should I say a good Rape Novel???? Well it is one. LOL

Anyways this novel is great for casual reading, though the s*x scenes are kinda bad taste. Great Characters, another isekai cliche and stuff and is funny for the most part.

Bad Things about this novel

No Character Development for the MC, I mean he level ups yes. But theres no actual point. He doesnt work hard for his abilities. I feel the battle scenes are just 3rd in this novel. 1st is the s*x then the ladies. Well its better than... more>> being NTR or worse.

Overall This one is classic. MC is overpowered. Girls being in love him. Generic Antagonist. Yup!! A very Classic ecchi seinen Japanese novel with R elements <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
twkisanotaku rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: --
Well, it is just MC having a sexy time..... Recommended for those who love to read porn and just came here for the R-18 GANG. Not much suspense or plot whatsoever, there is a manga of it if you want to check it out just only like 3 chapters of it though, have not been checking it.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kufufufu rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: v4c75
Decent story, good character development, and amazing Ero.

Its really too bad that the author left it hanging at around the climax of the story.

They were already confronting the main antagonist. All the pieces are finally gathered in one place.

There is still hope because the manga is still releasing chapters every now and then and it does say its on "Hiatus" and not "Dropped". Though its been years since last chapter release, I still hope that EKZ picks this back up.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 12, 2019
Status: illustrations
Best hentai novel I have read so far. It got me to read more er**ic webnovels. The story is not great and the s*x scenes are not the best either but it really works out when you put them together. The author died or something he dropped it so no more updates.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sp12er rated it
June 20, 2017
Status: v3 extra 2
This, is an enslavement harem story, kinda simple, ok- Comedy with many juicy H scenes, characterization is ok, as always I worry about lost of focus on such series, as screen time for each girls become disjointed as the number goes up.

Simple plot and problem, no politic with some plot holes here and there, But in the end I kinda enjoyed it... I quite like how stubborn Kirika is, her futile objection and love progression kept me going, and Riruna spice things up in the good way lately.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YesMan rated it
October 29, 2016
Status: v2c47
This WN can be considered not about a story but MC desire although there are certain sexual scenes that are written nicely. Its main selling point that, it is an harem story & in it any character is not impressive. The Sexual scenes described in the scenes are sometimes childish but having said that only MC character is defined so it would be grateful that other character background & who were they should known to us. It can only be improved if Japanese writer go above the norm of sexual... more>> scenes in their scenes (but they are better than Chinese). <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
avatarivn rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: v2c22
This LN is great.... if you have bad Wi-Fi and streaming porn is not an option :/

I ain't no saint so no need to say why I read this. Still, the good points are that the MC is no saint either, as he does what most people with a grudge against other people and/or no relationships would do in his place. It (kinda) makes sense for him to not be interested in saving the world just because (like a shounen MC normally would) but because his path crossed with the... more>> bad guys who try to destroy it.

Surprisingly, the relationship between MC and the heroine was well described. Their personalities are so different and yet, unexpectedly, they seem like they could compliment each other in their weakness. Also, when those two are on their own, their interaction make for a somewhat heartwarming part of this otherwise linear LN.

The real problem comes from the ultimately linear story, where you can almost see where everything is going just by remembering the used tropes. And the MC's party is no better either: for the most part, the only conversations you heard from any of the other heroines has to do with hentai. Character development is not welcome nor should be expected by the reader.

I would welcome a surprising twist (provided it is explained properly) to this otherwise generic isekai harem, where the only selling point is the anti-villain MC and the appeal to the fantasies of a totally frustrated, virgin male population. <<less
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