Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken (WN)


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I drew a lottery at the Shopping District and won the privilege to go to another world. After drawing a lot of balls, unexpectedly I got a cheat-like skill. Silencing those who are noisy and getting hold of all the things that I want. I will satisfy all my desires.

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Grand Prize: Unrivaled Harem Ticket
Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Harem-ken (WN)
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HiroBlaze rated it
April 23, 2016
Status: --
Clearly the “critics” below have not read past 10 chapters and are offering their premature judgements as typical of these sites where anyone regardless of their credentials or reading comprehension skills can write a review. The ‘mofu mofu” sessions is not r*pe as stated by the author, but its just the MC petting her animal ears and tail three times a day. Similar to a pet dog or furry animal, the maid is a demi-human with the ears and tail. Watch episode 4 (at the 12 minute mark) of the... more>> anime Outbreak Company to get an idea of what “mofu mofu” is and it is an onomatopoeic expression referring to fluffiness. At least do your research on the origins of a word before proclaiming judgement isn’t that common sense? I guess not. Moreover its an R-15 novel with a LN adaption... not R-18 where r*pe by MC could be a theme. When the characters have s*x or do something s*xual the author clearly states as such instead of dodging the issue. As such the reviews below baffle me... how short sighted those are considering all the logical conclusions pointing otherwise. If you can use the internet to come to this site, then surely you can use google search at least. There’s also “fuwa fuwa” and “waku waku” as Japanese onomatopoeic expressions for reference.


Chapter 26 is when the MC loses his v**ginity, thus confirming the “mofu mofu” sessions with the maid were not sexual, but just caressing. Chapter 30, the MC has s*x with his maid and it is clearly stated that its the first time they had s*x. You don’t have to take my word for it as you can just look through the chapters in question yourself. He’s kinda like Kaga Michio from s*ave Harem in the Labyrinth World without the paranoia.


Now the criticism:

Despite everything this story might not be for everyone. It’s a light-hearted harem story with an OP MC. There is action, but its anti-climatic as there is no major villain as of yet or desperate struggle. There are occasionally some slice of life moments and some ruffians attacking the MC, however, those types of villains only appear for one or two chapters at most. The lottery system is the most interesting aspect where otherworlders like MC can gain tickets by boss monster drops, or killing a certain number of monsters, even s*x (probably utilized by the tentacle otherworlder that MC met), and etc. The lottery tickets allow one to spin for a chance to gain exclusive skills, items, or abilities. <<less
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Gendalph rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c20
Either the translation is terrible or the original lacks detail. It's like "He did this and that, kicked some ass, saved the day. The end." - you need to be out of you mind to enjoy this, really.
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rapidsuck rated it
December 15, 2016
Status: c61
If you're starting to read this because of a tag "Smart male lead", then think again.

No, I don't say that MC is s*upid or not smart, but after the first few chapters, MC is just starting to solve any problem or crisis he face with his OP stats. And when the story reveal that his libido is OP (as a side effect of having OP stat), then he's starting to (sometime) think using his d*ck instead of his brain. But he's still a decent MC. That's it. Apart from this... more>> point, this LN is not bad in other aspect, many of its elements is interesting too (which is why I give this 2 stars, not 1).

For me, the worst possible MC in any WN/LN isn't 's*upid MC', the worst is 'Smart MC who don't use his brain to think, but just use his OPness / brute force to solve any and all problems'.

I want to vote for removing of tag 'Smart male lead', really. <<less
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Original Red
Original Red rated it
October 9, 2017
Status: v1c8
I couldn't even finish reading the first volume of this story as I realized around Chapter 8 or so that this story is another cluster f*ck of cliche's that offers nothing new to the table.

The MC is your stereotypical japanese beta male that gets a super cheat (surprise surprise) and gets transported to a new world, though interestingly enough not through the mysterious Truck or by some summoning ritual but by winning a lottery. That's the most unique and interesting thing about this story since after that, everything just goes... more>> as you'd expect it. The MC's priorities are completely nonsensical and he spends more time fantasizing about cute girls than actually trying to understand the new world he's been thrown into. He gets involved with people that have nothing to do with him for absolutely no reason other than some self righteous nonsense that a teenager would spout (such as when he tried to report a bunch of "criminals" wanting to counterfeit copper coins or something after overhearing them while he was eating).

The other characters are garbage and every interaction feels completely forced and uninspired, as if they're acting out a play instead of actually trying to converse like normal people. The World building is also tr*sh as we don't know anything about the world outside of the city that the MC started off in and the MC doesn't seem to want to explore it.

The writing is terrible and amateur at best, with the translations having several grammar mistakes each chapters. There's no descriptions at all, everything is just told and not shown and we skip through vast amounts of potentially interesting world building to read about how the MC killed a bunch of cows, got some money for it, and then goes about the rest of his day.

What made me immediately drop the series however was when the MC purchased his maid to clean his mansion and started acting like some kind of creepy weeaboo, spouting stuff like "Fluffy Fluffy Time" and whatnot. It's not like I can't understand the desire of wanting to touch cute animal girls but did the author really need to write this in? Just say she's cute and move on.

From the reviews below, it appears that the MC starts going on some sort of s*xual adventure and begins imp**gnating a ton of girls, which just reinforces my decision to drop this series and wonder how anyone can rate this any higher than 2. <<less
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shuiko rated it
October 12, 2016
Status: c38
Lots of lovely surprises early on. Honestly, the novel is straight forward and open about what the story is about. A OP MC, with a lovely harem, growing at a steady pace, but with some cool battle scenes, and just general power fantasy.

Normally I'm all for this kind of story but rate them on the lower end, but this is written well, and the well some of the characters are just worth giving it 5/5.


Quickly has a daughter, super cute sword daughter LOL worth

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hellogarry rated it
March 10, 2017
Status: c74
I just started but so many WTF moments.

The scenes are also cut short that it seems rushed for example:


When he first hunted a mountain cow, he supposedly saved some hunters but there was no explaination what happened to them and he just got the mountain cow? Did he just take it and left everyone or did they give it to him as thanks?

There is also the fact about the fan given to him and the soldiers didn't even doubt if he stole it considering how suspicion he is. But well I can let that slide because they might be afraid if he actually got it from the princess and they might get punished.

He teleport without concern.

He reveals everything without concern.

The princess became his woman with no political problems.

Everything just go the way which is easy for him way too much so there is not much thrill.


He also have no background story in the beginning which is really a turnoff but I just started reading this series so there might be some revelations at some point. But really he seems a bit empty and just do stuffs as he wants. For example:


-He won the lottery going the other world and be like "OK I'M IN" without thinking about his family or friends.

-The cliche s*ave beastman instant mofumofu action.

-He was riding a horse to save the princess. Doesn't make sense.. he live in Japan and knows how to ride a horse instantly? Long distance at that. Well the flaw now is because we don't know his background/past.

-He killed people like it was nothing (No conscience?)

See he is like an empty shell that is just being filled each chapters.
This is the flaw of not having any thing about him in the beginning.


To be honest I feel like reading someone's s*x fantasy where the MC is glorified way too much. The problems are solved easily, there is no twist, there is no drama, there is action but not too much detailed (I mean the action is like "I SLASH & SLASH AND SLASH" WTF?) the fluff is there but not much emphasis, so little POV chapters.

The author makes a title for the princess Helena as "The princess of Military affairs" but she makes s*upid mistake just for the MC to help her...


Transporting money and only bringing a small amount of soldier... and the MC was the one to think they will get raid? I mean she's a princess who knows military affairs well and she didn't think of that? And our MC who just got to the fantasy world realize that? How did she even got that freaking title?


Anyway, the story is going way too easy for him. And he just bang princesses like it's nothing without thinking about the consequences but everything still fall in places for him.

The politics is s*upid:


He helped a country against another country and then he just go to that country he defeated and the King didn't even questioned him about it? WTF? Yes the King is being controlled by a monster but seriously he took a land "Saria" back but it just doesn't justified that the war will end like him being a wall between the 2 countries. He even got a Viscount noble rank on that country?....


For now I'll give it a 3.
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DekuHero rated it
September 25, 2017
Status: --
I ended up really enjoying this.

Reasons why I enjoyed the read:

  • MC is not a pathetic beta loser that is scared of women or s*x.

    Although they do have s*x, it doesn't just focus on s*x. Plenty of story as well.
  • The MC may seem pretty OP with his abilities, but he has different goals and his Character develops further in different ways as the story goes on.
  • He may be a bit of a white knight, but only for women he beds or plans to bed. [He has a 100% success rate because women like good looking Alpha males.]
  • He looks like a Sadistic bad ass in the Illustrations which I think goes well with the Character I imagined from reading about him.
  • He does have a Harem, but ALL of them have distinct personalities and are memorable.
  • He's not dense. Someone suggest something to him and he catches on quickly.
  • He doesn't bow to anyone and if he does it's for good reasons. Japanese men seem to easily bow their head for just about anything and I don't know if the original translation for this is Japanese or not, but it's a breath of fresh air. Have some pride and think more of yourself as a man. This also means that he doesn't let women abuse him just because of a cliche like seeing them naked or something.
  • Decent battles. He cuts people in half from head to c*otch and things like that.
  • Last but not least. Step stools for cute loli's.

    Basically, if you enjoy beta, cucked, MC's this is not for you.

    If you can relate more to Men that take what they want because they have 777 testosterone then this is for you.
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rorpuissant rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --

I do not often put review but I have to because, to me, the best part of this ln is the fact that the author managed to trick half the reader into believing that the MC was raping somebody on a daily basis.

Sure, we have here a classic MC who has a harem in mind but he is pretty calm and tend to just go with the flow.


The story has fun moments and some original elements, even if not astounding. Still this is a pretty laid back setting so just enjoy without taking thing to much at heart.
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yamisora1998 rated it
May 7, 2018
Status: --
tr*sh. This is one of the reason why many people start to hate isekai novel. A lucky good-for-nothing main character, suddenly have everything easily without doing anything. Is the author a s*upid scum writing this novel while mastubating and imaging his ideal life?
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Sherrynity rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c119
The main point of this novel isn't its plot, the story building, or the conflicts; it's the MC. At first you might be pissed off with the MC, but as the story progress..... you will realize he's quite likeable. Not because of his OPness, but because of his straightforward attitude. The MC was always consistently being blunt and dedicated to pursue whatever his heart wanted. He's definitely not a deep character, but his simplicity is quite likeable imo.
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Parth37955 rated it
April 6, 2016
Status: --
Typical MC gets reincarnated. He can use lottery tickets to get prizes. It's a decent story though the author tries cover up anything s*xual which just makes it weird. MC definitely has a harem in mind. Translation is a bit rough, but still readable. It's a good way to spend time.
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Entelexeia rated it
April 20, 2018
Status: c69
Everyone say how heroines all have a story and character, but, really, guys? To speak about someone for six lines like "she is a warrior, etc etc" and then *poof* she is in harem. Does it mean "have character"? "Have story"? WTF? After 60 chapters I dont even get who is who, except for the main hero.

There are no characters in this story.

... more>>

That warrior chick (what's her name again?) appeared for 2 chapters. He beats her, r*pes her and then *poof* she never ever have her own thought process, just one of females for MC to vent his libido. Isn't it better to buy a rubber doll? You know, it never complains, you dont need to do anything for it, it doesnt make political problems and it seems not different comparing with the other heroines, rly. You can buy several dolls, matching your taste.

Author about merchant woman: "Wow so prideful, she demands so much money to buy her, this sum rivals kingdom income!"

Me:"Wow, that would take about hundred chapters to make so much money! I'm interested in how MC gonna make it"

Author in the next chapter: "Nah who needs this shit? Just do her and she is yours. Money? Main hero already forgot about it, never mentioned it again"

Me: "... rly?"


If you are looking for some OP MC with zero plot - you found it, but I do not recommend to read it. Its no different than other harem stories, they are literally everywhere nowadays. Such a pity no one can write decent harem story.

Sorry for my english, not native language. <<less
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XanderFenikkusu rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: c252
Superb light novel.

Waaay better than your average, stereotypical Isekai novel because the story is quite good and (most of the time) pretty unpredictable. The MC is neither a spineless beta male nor a rapist. He has a wonderful harem and the harem members all have interesting backstories. (Not only your typical tragic backstory, a la "parent dead etc.")

Lastly: The MC is overpowered BUT - especially in the later chapters - there are indeed some foes he can't kill that easily. Resulting in an interesting dynamic between the... more>> MC and his enemies, since he's not too OP and there are still exciting action /fighting scenes. <<less
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Aharlequin rated it
July 4, 2019
Status: c307
After reading 5 straight whole days, I caught up to last chapters. This novel is one of the best novels I had ever read. Storyline is very good but MC does not has any certain aim so people who like serious novel shouldn't read. Every story arc has it's own attraction. And harem members are very interesting and not one One Dimensional characters, their backgrounds is also interesting. Especially I really love MC. MC is soft on women (only his women) and developing them to become Good Women. Plots are... more>> very difficult to guess and good (sometime becomes boring may be after reading 5 days) . Main problems of this series is not having a certain Villain. Villains are very cheap and do not have any attracting, so boring. The main good point is about MC. MC is not dense and shows his s*xual desire without hiding but his first time is very forced situation (I forgot most of events are forced or unexpected).

I recommend you the one who like overpowered MC and Easy going life, Waifu material and not dense MC. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Loreofsuck rated it
May 6, 2017
Status: c7
Your average different world novel.

It's concept is pretty good but I have to give it one star.

Story isn't bad but how it flows is bad.

It doesn't have thing like "why or how" this happened. It just popped out and somehow managed to make readers understand.

It was really painful to read. I had to drop it on chapter 7.

If you are new reader you might find it fun. You can give it a try like 3-4 chapters but if it doesn't suit you I recommend you not reading it
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oz-kun rated it
July 22, 2018
Status: c295
IDK those wanna be critics who doesn't even finish the Vol.1 saying that and this. Well I do understand them but the thing is. This WN became more and more inteserting. The start is poor to good it keeps getting interesting it is clearly gonna wreck your logic at the first but after all that"Logic" doesn't apply to a fictional fantasy. If you are patience enough you'll clearly change your mind. Just like the MC says "Good women" becames a "Better women"
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SeventhTale rated it
December 31, 2016
Status: c63
This series is your typical isekai harem story. The MC is a proactive type of person, and also girl-seeker. He's also not an idiot. He does things on his own pace. The heroine are also likeable.

If you already read a serious/tragedy/antihero type isekai story this you might think this story as really idiotic. I admit that the character development is not that deep, and the characters are really 2d since this is a fast pace type. But still, I found this story as likeable and very fine to read.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fraggermdg rated it
July 7, 2016
Status: v3c31
I like the lottery system idea personally.

Thats pretty much it :d it was a more novel mechanic... pun intended.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Seregosa rated it
November 29, 2018
Status: c12
I really tried to like this, but sadly any slightly interesting parts ended after the prologue in which you couldn't see the glaring flaws. This MC is an utter moron and so is pretty much every single character in this novel, every event was also really low-level and idiotic as well. This says something about the author and by chapter 12, after suffering through 10 chapters feeling like I should drop it but wanted to give it a chance to get better, I finally lost my patience and dropped this... more>> while swearing an oath never to touch anything written by this author ever again because he has no talent for writing, or perhaps he's just not making any effort whatsoever. I can't say anything positive about this novel because I truly found nothing whatsoever that was appealing, not even the fact that he was a "non-beta" MC which some people claimed him to be, for reasons I will explain.

So, let's get started on some of the things that I base my statements on. For example, three chapters and there was already so many things wrong. Mainly with this mc's head. The following things in the spoiler tag happened within 3 chapters, believe it or not.


1: He asks about no information whatsoever about the world he's going to, neither to the people who held that lottery nor to the inhabitants of that world.

2: He rushes headlong into combat without thinking twice, he doesn't even confirm his own situation or powers first, nor the average strength of humans in that world.

3: He thinks with his dong and has no resistance whatsoever against beautiful girls, swooning like crazy.

4: He doesn't think of using the nobility mark that he given and was specifically told to use by that girl, almost getting attacked for being suspicious instead before they, on their own, see that token.

5: He swaggers into the city and happens upon some person who buys monster corpses, proceeds to rush out just as quickly as he came to kill these after being warned it was a several person job for experienced people without confirming his own powers first nor did he try to acquire any gear whatsoever first.

6: His idea of effective work is to rush out and in with one beast each time instead of getting something to load the corpses on and stack a few of them.

7: He thinks he can buy a big house with a low amount of money after catching 6 of those beasts.

8: He actually has the gall to complain that it's too much of a bother to buy a house if it's going to take a few days to gather the money for it and thus he just wants to give up instead, showing how utterly lazy and moronic this MC is, not to mention that he doesn't really even want a house, he just thinks it'd be funny to have one, what a waste of money. If running back and forth a few times in a day were enough to buy a house, anyone and everyone would be delighted at the tiny amount of effort needed. It makes me want to punch his face in.

9: One wonders why he even decides to buy a house and settle down in the first city he happens to come across without checking anything first.


I mean, come on. THREE chapters into this novel and it's not long chapters by any means, yet the MC has shown himself to be an utter moron around a dozen times already. I dislike the cliché beta japanese doormat MC type, but that doesn't mean I like MCs that are so ret*rded that you have to question whether they were smart enough to graduate from elementary school or not. This tells you that it's not going to get better any time soon, but even so I wanted to give it several more chapters because it's truly unfair to judge a novel before you at least get a dozen or so chapters into it. So, I reluctantly read more and kept on getting annoyed by his s*upid actions and by chapter 7 I felt the need to drop the novel completely, but I perservered until chapter 12 before I just couldn't take it anymore as I knew I wouldn't get anything else than rage out of reading this, excuse my language, garbage, it just wouldn't improve even slightly. I'll just go over the issue at chapter 7 that made me decide to drop this if it didn't have any changes for a few more chapters, that way you might be able to make a choice before reading it.


So, the MC happens to eavesdrop on some thieves who happen to speak loudly about their oh so horrible plans of melting down copper coins to resell for twice the value of the coins. This is punishable with death for some reason and is seen as an utterly horrible crime. Well, that's not too weird since it'd be annoying if people melted your currency. No huge issues there.

However, the MC decides to, for some out of there reason, to interfere with this petty crime that he has nothing to do with as he has no real ties to the country and thus also no need to care about this. However, let's chalk that up to "the morality of a modern day person who somehow gained OP powers and an inflated ego". Maybe it's funny/interesting, right? So that's also fine, reluctantly. But then he goes to the people in charge of stuff after asking around for an authorative organization there that can deal with this stuff. It just so happens that this person is part of it, which really isn't surprising at all seeing the circumstances. He was also a very well-known moneygrubber which anyone and everyone on the streets knew, but god forbid doing any research. So, this guy gets assaulted by a lot of guards in order to be silenced. Well, that would've been the end of him if he wasn't so ridiculously OP. I guess this is still acceptable idiocy, it's not too bad.

However, what comes next is the thing that made me want to drop it instantly. The MC, after "punishing" these people, went ahead to one of the princesses. Now, she's complaining about the issue and at the end of chapter 6, we see that the mc's lightbulb suddenly went "ping" and started shining! Oh, what brilliant idea will he come up with now. Well, having seen the previous things this author pulled, I expected nothing less than something idiotic that he'll try to pass of clever, a move of genius level if you will... and boy did I get just that. The MC came up with the BRILLIANT idea that they should use paper (imbued with a royal mark that represents the royal family that only they can imbue) instead of coins! Oh, so many benefits. As the princess went "oooh, how smart! let's do that, because it's such a genius move, now we can even melt down the coins to make stuff with", I instantly knew she, as well, was a lost cause, because I could instantly come up with at least several reasons as to why that would be a horrible idea, as would anyone who has even a little knowledge on how money works.

So, let's go over a few issues with why that would be so utterly s*upid.

1: That money would only be usable within the country. It has no actual value and would be useless outside of the country. Even inside the country would people be reluctant to use it as it would be quite unsafe and would also be impossible to trade with outside countries and traders.

2: It's paper. It's fragile. It would easily rip and break for so many different reasons. This is a medieval world where people gets exposed to all kinds of stuff, you think paper can take that kind of stuff?

3: Only the royals can imbue it. Should they sit down and imbue it into millions and millions of paper pieces? Not to mention... Where would they even get all that paper from. If you think that the paper industry is very well developed in a place like this, you're either ignorant or very s*upid. Oh, and that paper seal/mark can be removed as long as the imbuer wills it. So if they want to, they can just destroy all of the money, who would want that type of stuff?

4: Inflation, inflation, inflation. If you can just make however money you want to without it having any actual value, you're looking at the perfect recipe for inflation. In the end, the money has no real value all over the world unlike metal coins and they can make however much they want. No one would use money like that, it'd be way too unreliable. The introduction of paper money wasn't something that happened in one or two days, we're talking about hundreds of years here and the entire world would have to agree first, otherwise it would just be bank notes that would work for a certain organization but most people wouldn't accept.

5: What would they even use the melted down coins for? Since when do people need a lot of gold and silver? It's just pretty metals. They would even still need to stock up on coins and wouldn't be able to melt them because they need to trade with other countries, right?

So, in the end, I only see negative stuff. There are no doubt more reasons as to why it's such a s*upid idea, but I won't think of them now. I mean, this author seriously passed this off as a genius move, come on... That's the quality you can expect from him in terms of reserach, knowledge and intelligence, that alone would be enough to drop this for. No offense, but if you're an author, you ought to research stuff at least a little bit before doing things like this.


Well, so, it's definitely not recommended by me. As if the characters being morons wasn't enough, the story itself is subpar and the characters are shallow at best. This novel has "poor writing" written all over it. The MC is very unlikable. I do like characters that has some balls, but this MC traded balls and a spine for his brain and that's just not okay.

The translation is good though. <<less
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Szini50 rated it
May 3, 2018
Status: c38
This Novel is really bad writen. It feels like a Teenager wrote it. Minimal descriptions, characterisation, synopsis e.t.c the dialogues are stiff and s*upid. Honestly thats the worst harem I have ever seen, the girls fall in love with him just like that, just by seeing him - literally! They are just there! No character development! For example the girl Helene, he meets her, she fall in love with him, she is his woman. End of character development - she says like 3 sentences and thats it. I have no... more>> idea why someone says the girls have good character development, later they are just mentionet once in a while in one sentence, thats it. How can this be a good character development? Its like he would catch pokemon not girls... It feels like this novel is just a provisory note and the real novel has yet to be writen - thats because there are no descriptions and everything is just writen like a plan. I dont recomend it. <<less
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