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One-eyed Wolf Lecan is a skilled adventurer who has conquered many dungeons all over the world. He had been going solo for a long time, but in the last three years, he’s had a partner. That partner jumps into the black hole together with Lecan, and both go their separate ways as they fall into another world. Dungeons and magical beasts also exist in that world. After learning the native language, Lecan goes on a journey. Meeting a good teacher, Lecan studies medicine making and magic under that teacher, and begins his dungeon explorations for real.

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The Wolf Won't Sleep
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Pen3 rated it
October 2, 2019
Status: v12c5

The beginning was really great, but becomes stale real fast. At first Lecan was learning his new world fast and moving on to explore the world, but once he meets up with Shira and Eda, all that stops. He decides to settle down because of Eda and has not left to explore other regions.

The author keeps teasing us with Princess Ruby and the necklace she gave him, but we get nothing out of it. 12 Volumes in and Lecan lost all interest in everything outside the scope of Eda, tied down like he has children to babysit or something.

I can't help but feel that the story has not progressed ever since Princess Ruby left and just became another generic SoL.

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69idontgetgirls69 rated it
January 9, 2019
Status: v7c14
I like how this novel is slow paced and it's relatively easy to understand how he got his powers, and how he learns new things. All in all, a great novel to read in my past time, and a nice pace for how the story is progressing, with the background of his world compared to the one he is currently living in. I also like how there are no love interests, and no harems, makes it sound like the man will put his name down in history for something other... more>> than his HAREM.

Also, I browsed the manga raws. Let me take a moment to say he looks cool. <<less
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geloponky rated it
November 20, 2020
Status: v30c18
A well written story about a man who just really likes fighting, be it in one world or another.

I do not particularly mind the slow-paced progression, it gives it a realistic feel. There is no demon lord to defeat, no God to defy, no evil to vanquish, there is no imminent enemy to fight. The story is all about an adventurer exploring a new world, at his own pace.

There is so much detail, so much that it almost takes over the story. These very details give the characters a much... more>> more fleshed-out personality as opposed to background characters that serve as props. It almost makes you feel like Lecan isn't even the main character, as if it's just a story that Lecan happens to be at the center of.

Patience is needed to properly enjoy the story, very rewarding if you take enough time in digesting the details.


There are some reviews that rated it low because of a certain character called Eda, she is just child that Lecan happens to end up teaching. Eda makes a lot of mistakes and annoys Lecan quite a lot at the start of the Arc that she appears in. The whole point of Eda being annoying and s*upid at the start is that she will improve later on, she becomes a reliable friend and comrade of Lecan after she matures. Not worth dropping the novel over.

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mrcat25 rated it
December 21, 2019
Status: v13c12
This one's pretty chill read with a bit of spice. It's really rare to have an MC who doesn't have young mentality for an isekai. The MC is a very strong battle-scarred and battle hardened veteran adventurer but also not too OP. He is flawed character who also makes mistakes but mostly badass. I'd say he's similar to Guts (from berserk) in aura.

The story is chill but not boring, and sometimes wholesome. The world building is well written and I liked the way we learn new things together about the... more>> world with the MC. I liked the subtle way some rpg elements were implemented. Action is good, just pure badassery. There's also good character developments and some wholesome moments which I liked. <<less
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NakuyKi rated it
September 12, 2020
Status: v26c16
This is a tale about an experienced adventurer, who values freedom so much, that he will face most potential romance routes straight in the eye and nope out just to not be bound down by marriage or relationships.

The difference between this and many other Asian novels is akin to the difference between an MMORPG where they tell you to "have at it" with bits of lore sprinkled here & there and an MMORPG that drags you from map to map while following a story written by people who aren't... more>> you.

I really enjoyed this novel with all its (Mostly unintentional?) flexing and funny back-and-forth dialogue, so I don't want to spoil too much.

All I'd like to say is that if you:

    • Enjoy slow-paced world building
    • Enjoy a taciturn main character
    • Understand that people have their own histories, goals, morals, etc.
    • And are capable to seeing things from the perspectives of other characters
Then you will likely enjoy this novel.

If you:

    • Want to read a story with one-dimensional baddies
    • Want to read a story with a direct story plot-line (i.e. Defeat the demon king! Be a hero! Etc!)
    • Can't understand why the extras of the world don't understand the MC's greatness
    • Or want to sh*t on any character who goes against the MC at any given time just because they're not the MC
Then you may want to go read a generic Chinese novel with an arrogant show-off MC,

Because Lecan doesn't need nor want people sucking his d*ck 24/7.

Honestly the most detrimental thing I can think of for this novel is reading the comment section after each chapter. It's actually rather depressing watching Lecan being open minded, understanding of other perspectives, and reflective of how his choices effect others while the people reading the novel, who should have the widest view of these perspectives, devolve into c*ck-sucking-"how-dare-you-challenge-the-MC" fanboys. <<less
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DableUTeeF rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: v46c22
It's very interesting and somewhat unique story, but for whatever reason author decide to enter harem route at around volume 40 which I personally hate.
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December 8, 2020
Status: v31c23
One of the very best novels: that focused on magic, swords, “alchemy/ medicine” for a while but not forgetirng the nature of MC as hardcore adventurer that seeks fights and conquers dungeons. Although novel is slowly paced it feels nice to dwell in on mundane problems of MC and world and not solely focusing on fights. One of the strongest points in this novel is character development. Worthwhile my read and will stay for longer.
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frostcrystal rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: v28c10
The pacing is somewhat slow on this (the author has a tendency to over-explain medicine and other details), so I would actually recommend starting with the manga - much tighter pacing and beautiful art/action scenes - before switching to the novel to sate your sorrows after there are no more manga chapters. I don't think I'd have gotten into this LN otherwise. (Manga ends around v7-thereabouts.)

Other things that stand out to me:

  • Surprising amount of character development for a LN, particularly for a certain extremely annoying side character, thank goodness. It takes a while, but I'd say she's mostly bearable by around volume 13 and I actually slowly started beginning to like her afterward. The main character has some development himself, softening around the edges and becoming better at interacting with others. He eventually takes on some Papa Wolf qualities.
  • Lots of pretty cool non-harem ladies and gents. Romance is slightly teased with a few female characters, but the main character has platonic and familial relationships with the opposite s*x, not just romantic ones (father-daughter, teacher-student, allies, etc).
  • A veteran adventurer who looks and acts like a grumpy middle-aged man, not a teenager.
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Not Red Yet
Not Red Yet rated it
April 23, 2020
Status: c8
Don’t know where to start on why this novel is extremely bad, I’ve read Chinese novels that are way better than this.

You can skim through most chapters and not be lost or miss any important details at all, that’s how useless most of the dialogue and such is in this novel.

All the chapters on magic/medicine are boring and easily skipped since it’s useless. Doesn’t help that dungeon exploration is dreadfully dull.

The interactions of the characters are painfull, The medicine teacher tells him to do something and he does it like... more>>

teaching an annoying idiot girl magic when he doesn’t want to.


Thought it would be and exploring novel yet he has yet to leave this town other than going to a boring dungeon. <<less
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novaes rated it
September 18, 2019
Status: v10c11
Really, really nice to see a story where the protagonist isn't a herbivorous Japanese boy or a s*x pest. Shame the MC is a flat and boring individual who seems to barely care if he lives or dies.

It's readable, enjoyable and kinda refreshing, but I wouldn't call the MC mature so much as he's more like a block of wood that just sort of floats down the river, letting the currents take him.

7/10 because it's nice to see something different than the barrage of samey~ isekai adventures we've all read... more>> before at least a million times, even if it's lacking purpose and emotions spicier than milk. <<less
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matressgiant rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: v10c1
Will change my review if the author brutally mu*ders this annoying character (you'll know when you find her). I cringe every time this character says or does anything. Have never understood why you have to go and ruin a perfectly good story with Jar Jar's. From a solid 7/10 to 0/10. Could have handled it for a couple chapters, but he just couldn't help himself and had to bring the character back as a, at this point seemingly permanent fixture.
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PianoConspiracy rated it
March 21, 2021
Status: c35.1
This is the story of a swordsman who gets isekai'd from one fantasy world to another fantasy world. He learns a bunch of skills and is generally overpowered and that's the entire story.

Its an interesting concept and it certainly had some promise in the first few volumes but its clear the author doesn't really have much of an end goal in sight for the character's arc. There is no real overarching antagonist, no major goals from the main character, minor character development, and that's about it.

From this point on I... more>> will get into mild spoilers.


Every story arc goes something like this: Lecan wants to do something (learn a skill, go to a dungeon, go to another dungeon, go to another dungeon, or learn a skill). He starts doing it and is way better than most people would expect him to be (magic, healing, apothecary, dungeon diving, etc). A noble gets annoyed that he did something and tries to strongarm or betray him. Lecan solves it with either intense intimidation, extreme violence, or favors from a deus ex machina friend. The noble/merchant/knight is like "oh I'm sorry sir, " and Lecan is like "No big deal, but don't cross me again" in fewer words. End arc. They are all like this and they get quite repetitive.


Lecan is written to be what I presume is a silent badass but actually comes off as a mildly a*tistic dungeon/fighting savant. He is incredibly obtuse about most things, and most of his conversations have more question marks than JC Denton's from the Deus Ex franchise. The conversations will go something like:

"Ok Lecan here is this obvious thing that has been explained previously, "

"Obvious thing?"

"Wait you don't know that? We literally just told you."

"I didn't care to listen."

"Oh you rascal." *Queue laugh track*

It doesn't help that either the translation is mildly lacking, or the author writes using incredibly simplistic words.

There are a few other side characters that are introduced. Eda, a young girl who gets attached to Lecan and becomes incredibly proficient at healing (one of two deus ex machina characters), Shira, an lolibaba (not actually but pretty much) who is presumably the worlds best apothecary, spell caster, and dungeon delver all at the same time (Deus Ex Machina character two). Also there will every now and then be an additional character who crawls out of the woodwork to assist Lecan at whatever he is currently doing. These characters generally have little to no personality and a couple of random character traits to make them slightly more memorable (elf swordsman, female knight on a mission, charming adventurer) but are generally throwaways.

Eda is the spark for one of the few character progression arcs that the novel has where Lecan comes to terms with the fact that he actually cares about someone (remember a*tistic) but the author doesn't really focus on this point. Unfortunately Eda's character is almost a sidekick/mascot and she doesn't make a ton of progression on her own.

Shira exists almost solely as a free problem solving button for the author, though the author seems to have realized it and put together an arc to properly remove her as a resource. Seriously though almost any problem they had up to that point could have been fixed by just going to ask Shira. That said, she is the one of the more interesting characters, so it was sad to see her written out like that.


Again, not sure if this is a translation issue, or just how the author writes, but there are a lot of very simple words strung together in somewhat odd ways that make reading through parts of it quite tedious. Also the author clearly has a strong idea of the world that they are building and takes every effort to remind you of this, to the point of inserting specific "untranslated" words instead of the actual word that they are using in parentheses (yale instead of yes for example). This is kind of annoying but I get that its a thing. I really disliked the feeling that the author was just padding for material as we receive for the umpteenth time an explanation of Lecan's mana detection ability, or the fact that he is missing an eye, or a description of his coat (not even joking). Like we understand, we are 35 volumes in. We know what mana detection does. We've presumably been reading up to this point not just rubbing the pages across our face.

In terms of dialogue the author can mostly get away with just throwing bunches of exposition at the reader with a "Oh yeah Lecan's from another world so something needs to be explained" but I feel like a lot of the story could have been shown rather than told. Rather than having the town leader/mayor/governor explains how his actions are perceived by the opposing party for a chapter, cut to that party for that chapter instead. Show us Zack throwing a goblet of wine at a wall and yelling for his servants to get out as yet another plan of his is thwarted accidentally by Lecan. There is no impact if we don't actually see anything happening and just have some dialogue/exposition from an external party explaining what is happening.

Another thing, the lack of drive or competent antagonist in the story makes a lot of what happens blur together. In terms of memorable arcs up to this point there are two and all of the others could be shuffled around and placed in any order without really changing much and they are

the lady knight arc and the great apothecary arc

purely because they introduced somewhat compelling external characters. This latest arc is shaping up to be a bit more interesting, but likely will resolve in exactly the same way as usual (we've even gotten our noble betrayal already so that's one thing off the checklist done).


Ok so if you are still here its because you probably still want to read this. And honestly I don't mind its not a terrible LN as evidenced by its rating. It has some interesting concepts and even if Lecan is dumb as a sack of bricks sometimes, the fact that he's a tough silent type allows you to put some of your own motivations on his actions, or even have you imagining yourself in his shoes. Plus there are a lot of already translated chapters out there so its perfect as a time sink. So yeah 3/5, could be 2/5 if this arc resolves the same way as usual, 4/5 if the author is actually learning. <<less
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Mahesvara_ rated it
November 2, 2022
Status: v1c15
It's really annoying for me how the MC lost something important in the most s*upid way.

... more>>

MC had a very important/expensive enchanted red jewel with stamina and mana recovery effects, this kind of enchanted item seem to only exist in his original world... but some spoiled noble girl he work for asked the MC to swap his red jewel with her blue jewel, the noble girl's attendant glares at the MC as she thought the MC's red jewel is tr*sh and the blue jewel of her master is better, being asked by the girl the MC 'reflexively' agreed to swap his amazing red jewel to a useless blue jewel. The MC seems to be planning to take back his jewel secretly but didn't get a chance and the girl left somewhere far to marry some noble dude. The MC goes on with his life without his lovely red jewel.

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Pranefuji rated it
April 16, 2021
Status: v41c11
I really like this story. One of those I've been reading for awhile and it hasn't disappointed. It's still fresh and interesting. The author seems interested in the world as much as they are interested in the protagonist. It feels very similar to the Witcher, and considering the critical acclaim that series has enjoyed in literature it's a pretty favorable comparison. One of the best translated sword and board adventure stories you can read. A lot shines on just having a protagonist who isn't a completely hypocritical dirtbag. Lecan is... more>> more interested in going with the flow and even being humble enough to learn things from others, than waxing poetics at the ignorant ways of people. The author is convincing in their depiction of a brute slowly being polished into someone resembling a wiseman. The fight scenes and worldly mysteries are fun too. <<less
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bobIV123 rated it
September 24, 2018
Status: c18
The action scenes seem to be good.

The MC seems to be quite strong, but has limits and doesn't really seem obnoxiously overpowered.

Overall, this seems to be written very matter-of-factly, which I'm not a huge fan of.

The translation quality is OK, but it could use an editor or a proofreader, particularly the earlier chapters.

Overall, I'd say it's good, a solid read, but not great.
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JhonnyF rated it
September 27, 2021
Status: v50c1
This is amazing, a very fresh read.

I love the characters.

MC is no 15 years old japanese naive and dense teen who gets flustered at the minimum contact of a women.

... more>> Instead, he's a veteran. An adventurer in the true sense of the word; Someone who goes on adventures, no Demon Lord BS. Middle aged man going on adventures might not sound so exciting, but he's wise, not like a scholar, but as someone experienced.

This isn't for you if all you want is a chinese MC becoming a god and resolving every matter with blood. Of course there is action and there is blood, but there's more to it, it's very slow paced.

Don't read the novel if you only want action, because you will drop out very quickly. Instead if you want character growth, and characters that just make sense, and them going on adventuring, this is for you.

Some people didn't like this novel because Eda (MC companion) was so annoying, and I understand, but I like her character so much. Her being dumb and naive isn't a big surprise once you find out she's actually 14 years old. She eventually grows and matures as you're reading, same for MC, which is what I find so good of this novel.

MC goes from a plain and boring battle hungry adventurer to a paternal figure while still being a badass, now he's always thinking twice his decisions and actions because he doesn't want Eda (who's still a kid) to make herself the wrong ideas of what she should do and what's correct, he uses his experience as a veteran adventurer to teach her about how the world works.

I feel that most important characters here actually feel important, unlike your typical japanese novel where 90% of the characters are harem fodder, with them being beautiful their only reason to be.

Eda makes MC grow as a person, and MC makes himself an example to follow, so Eda grows with him.

Shira is the one who teaches Lecan (MC) magic, but her character goes beyond that, she will still be present and isn't just a stepping stone

There are indeed characters who are cannon just fodder, but I don't find them particulary bad in comparison to other novels. As far as I remember, the people who died by the hands of MC had a reason to make him his enemy, and aren't comically evil, they have a reason to be and a reason to do what they did. In this novel I have never seen a character who's evil and wrongs the MC just because yes and because the plot requires it


There's a knight whose name I don't remember wanted to kill MC to steal his sword and present it to the king, as it would give him prestigious and power, as the sword the MC carried at that time was an historical symbol. He's dumb, yes, but he did all this for a reason and because he thought that he would win.

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s7rKYr1s rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: v46c13
Genuinely good novel. Here and there some pacing issues, for some reason there is harem all of a sudden after like 40 volumes, feels a little out of place.

Apart from that it's really good and Lecan is not your typical isekai Gerry Stu. He has issues and makes mistakes (Even tho he's pretty badass most of the time). There's character progression in all important characters.

The translation is also of high quality.
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Foxrider rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: v39c11
I'll say it at once. Sometimes it was very hard to read for ex. Some dungeons explorations.

But moments of Lecan's growth, moments of his interactions with other characters, his deadly fights against formidable foes moments, his slice of life moments, Papa Lecan's moments, it really was an enjoyable adventure and it was amazing and I hope it will continue to be so.

Sorry for my English but I wanted to express my feelings to this novel.
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BookedOnAFeeling rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: v53c3
There's a wonderful consistency to this book.

  • Consistently good world-building
  • Consistently good characters & accurate depictions of said characters
  • Consistently good fight scenes
  • Consistently good translation that always updates it's releases on NU.
An isekai story told exceptionally well by both the author and translators.

I'd love to get longer/more chapters but with this one, that feels a bit greedy.

It's one of the only long running books in recent memory that's maintained a quality translation AND regular releases while rarely skipping an upload day.
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boomaye rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: v43c1
It is a niche straightforward novel focused on a single MC

i say Niche because you will either love it or hate it

it is basically dungeon diving + new world isekai + character development

read the manga, if you liked it, the novel follows through the same idea
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