A Sorcerer’s Journey


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“With my knowledge, give me a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world!”

Sorcerer Continent—a world where sorcerers exist. Wielders of arcane knowledge. Masters of all elements. Sovereigns of space and time. These sorcerers governed the world with their unrivalled prowess. One day, a young man awakened into this world with his past forgotten and no place to call home. Follow along as Glenn, by relying on his luck and wit, tries to survive and advance in this unforgiving world. Entangled within the machinations of fate, political schemes, power struggles and wars, he forges his own path and creates a place for himself.

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Vu Sư Chi Lữ
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Stark3 rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c1683
FINAL EDIT (I think) : at (c570)
... more>>

This has now become one of my top ranked novels. (Again, try not to judge it in the first 100 chapters). Very engaging storyline, and not just a linear progression of power ups. Incredibly rich world building : as time goes on you get exposed more and more to how vast the story world really is and just how much potential it has for more adventures, without getting the feeling of it just being a variant to the bigger world outside the world thing that IET's novels usually have.

There's quite a bit of character progression, not just in terms of the MC but of the side characters as well. The author explores a lot of the human moments and frailties that the character goes through, and not just his successes.

I believe this novel's formula for success is that the author avoided rushing the MC through power ups, thus avoiding the spiral of having to find ever better loot and general OPness that pervades a lot of novels in this genre.


It's only at the 560th or so chapter that the MC finally got to upgrade himself to a 2nd level sorcerer (sorcerer apprentice -> 1st level sorcerer ->.... -> 9th level


Very highly recommended

EDIT 2: (at c237)

Bumping up my review to a 5. For whoever's going to read this, try not to judge it too harshly based on the first 100 or so chapters. After you get past the initial cliche stuff (annoying audience included), you get treated to a nice story with epic battles.

The MC isn't OP : while he's on top of the food chain for his level, he's not capable of jumping up the ranks so to speak. Instead, he constantly uses his wits and intelligence, and along the way you get treated to his viewpoint which is kinda unique IMO.

Instead of becoming just a series of power ups, you really get treated to a journey across different worlds.

EDIT: (at c150ish)

Fortunately, the novel is progressing better as time goes along. No more instant power ups, more story exposition and character improvement. It reads and feels like a unique novel, not just one of those cloned stuff. Happily upgrading my rating to a 4.


The basic premise is ok, with passing similarities to Warlock of the Magus World, at least in the academy phase. What kinda ruins it for me is how easy the author makes it for the MC


Something the MC researched gives him the ability to make a pheromone perfume. Because of this, he gets into a partnership with a businessman which leads him to earn thousands of magic stones (currency) a month, while the rest of his fellow apprentices can earn around 4 or 5 a month.

For me, the advantage is too much, and not realistic.


The way he keeps running into stuff that he'll need / can use isn't realistic either. A more balanced approach would have been a lot better IMO. Also, I don't like it when scenes events feel like they happen just to give the MC loot. I want a better sense of the story. So far there are also a LOT of author's notes in parenthesis (at least compared to other novels) and more often than not they break immersion.

Anyway, if you can accept that (I guess OP MCs aren't really that rare), so far it seems OK as a binge read. Different varieties of magic plus mad scientist like experiments are a welcome change to the usual xianxia body cultivating thing.

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Jamond Aroth
Jamond Aroth rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c47
I really enjoyed A Sorcerer’s Journey at first. I was intrigued to see where the story would go, I wanted to learn more about the setting, and I didn't have any issues with the main character early on.

My first major problem with A Sorcerer’s Journey was the romance. First of all, I personally dislike romance in fiction in general. Out of the thousands of books I've read in my life, I can't actually recall any examples of romance subplots I enjoyed, although I do believe there have been a handful... more>> of those that I did actually like. Therefore, when I say I dislike the romance, it would be fair to say that this may matter far more to me than the average person. That said, the romance in A Sorcerer’s Journey feels particularly bad to me. The main character and the character's love interest go from being strangers to being "in love, " far to quickly from my point of view. I suppose you could justify it one way or another but I can't suspend my disbelief here. It just feels tacked on and rushed.

The second problem is more like an amalgamation of small things that irked me as I read A Sorcerer’s Journey. For example, there's this quote "With my knowledge, give me a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world!" The first time I read this was in the description of A Sorcerer's Journey. Then I actually read it within the story. If it had ended there everything would have been fine. Instead it is used even more, with less effectiveness each time. By simply overusing that quote, the author began to really disrupt my ability to enjoy A Sorcerer's Journey. It seems like such a small issue but things like that can really ruin the reading experience, especially when there are already other problems.

The third problem I have with A Sorcerer’s Journey involves an odd writing choice. For most of A Sorcerer’s Journey, events happen in chronological order. Then that changes with chapter 47 I believe. Here, a small time skip occurs. In the very next chapter, events from the skipped period of time are covered. As far as I could tell, there was no reason to skip forwards and then backwards in this scenario. It felt almost as if the author was in a hurry to write a specific scene, then realized he still needed to cover events that happened before that scene. Perhaps this isn't a big deal for other readers but this really disrupted my reading of A Sorcerer’s Journey.

I'm sure there are more things I could bring up if I were to go back and skim through the chapters I read again but honestly I'd rather not. A Sorcerer's Journey isn't terrible and I can easily see some people happily reading this. I'm not one of those people though and I hope that this review helps others like me save themselves from a waste of time. <<less
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jishnutp rated it
April 14, 2017
Status: c10
First ten chapters are great. The plot building is great. And character each have its own life its not the usual type of magic novels where MC gets challenged in everything he do fights the arrogant character kill him become powerful type of novel
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Rensarian rated it
May 10, 2017
Status: c28
This novel scratches all the right itches. The main character seems a bit dull at first, but grows more shrewd quite quickly. There are already hints of some romance, though nothing solid has appeared yet. And the world they live in is quite... brutal? Cold? Callous? Something along those lines. Either way, they don't beat around the bush, and I really appreciate that in a novel. However, from what I've read thus far, the best part of this novel is the detail. Not in the world or the characters, but... more>> just in the sorcery. Everything we've seen thus far about sorcery is very creative, and I find myself really looking forward to finding out more about sorcery itself. <<less
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wLk rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c61
Man people get picky about some small things. I personally think the story so far is good, it seems to me like the author is trying to find the type of style he wants to use for this novel. The author seems relatively new to writing stories like these and it seems like he/she is getting feedback on it because they don't really repeat the same mistake twice for the most part.

I give it a five because it truly left me wanting to know more about what will happen next,... more>> that for me is the most important part.

Finally if you enjoy this novel try reading (www. Novelupdates. Com/series/throne-of-magical-arcana/) they both left me wanting more in the same way. Remember don't just judge a book off of some random reviews from some plebs on the internet me included read for yourself and see if you like it. <<less
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porkbuns rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: c39
Judging from the measly 39 chapters that I've read so far, if I had to compare this novel to another one, I'd say 'A Sorcerer's Journey' feels quite similar to 'Warlock of the Magus World', but without the cheap ass A.I. Chip plot armor, that can seemingly analysis everything.

... more>>

Setting: We don't really know much about the world yet, beyond the fact that there's a sorcerer's continent, a continent for regular mortals, and a bunch of other worlds with a multitude of creatures that communicate through the soul. There are different schools of sorcery on the sorcerer's continent, along with some sort of a ruling group that creates and enforces the rules there, but overall the sorcerer's continent seems pretty lawless, seeing as how the MC's batch of students got hijacked by another sorcerer's school (and all the killing that accompanied the hijacking).

Character: The MC start out a bit naive, but he soon turns into ruthless killer, when he's forced to go through a death game, after his batch of students are hijacked by another sorcerer's school.

Romance: The romance starts pretty early, but who know how long it's going to last. Our MC saves the love interest from being killing, then nothing much happens for awhile. Next time they meet, the love interest gets drunk and pushes herself on our MC; they end up sleeping together, and bam they're together all of a suddenly and being lovey-dovey and showing PDA everytime they see each other. It seems a bit rushed, but hey, as a wise man once said: "Listen Morty, I hate to break it to you, but what people call love is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, Morty, then it slowly fades; leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it, your parents are gonna do it, break the cycle, Morty, rise above! Focus on science."

Power-up: The rate at which the MC powers up seems to be quite slow. In fact, he's even behind most of the side characters for a little while. The MC is decently talented (but not the best) and is able to increase his body's stats pretty well; however, he seems to be so infatuated with researching into the sense of smell, ever since he read the book 'Canine Olfactory Enhancement and Odor Mapping, ' and the idea that with enough knowledge and the right tools, one can become infinitely strong, that he fails to learn other magic. To be honest, I really don't see how MC is going to get anywhere focusing on researching resolved around the sense of smell. So far, all the MC has done with his research into the sense of smell is create some aphrodisiac perfume (which I'm surprised no one else in the sorcerer continent has created it so far), which seems to be selling pretty well; he ends up using the money from the sales to buy magic equipment, which he uses to increase his power.

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Vulk4n rated it
May 3, 2018
Status: c938
This novel is good because of its long-term potential, so it is not good to judge it by a few chapters, with few I mean 100 or 200 chapters, as it is likely to be biased by a lot of elements that are structured later on.
Some important factors to consider are:

  • The construction of the world is one of the things that is deepened in the novel, I can assure you that the first 300 chapters are focused on explaining the world/universe in which the protagonist and the Sorcerer World are positioned.
  • Romance is not the central axis of the novel, it is poor, not in terms of what is bad, but there is very little throughout the novel. In this sense also, the social relations between the character and the others are not very deep, they exist and the protagonist takes them into account but they are not very enriched.
  • Another important factor that I personally like is the powers. I have read a large number of novels so as to be satisfied with a certain element, which is the spontaneous rise of power, or of powers that come out of nowhere without any effort from the protagonist and without any explanation, on the contrary, in the novel the protagonist carries out research, based on his own intellect and obviously luck to develop powers, techniques. The passage of time, I personally find it justified, since research is based on nothing, that is to say, the MC has to perform a large number of experiments to obtain successful results, for example, to develop the strength that characterizes it as a magician, the Annihilation/Desolation Force had to go through more than 1000 years, an unimaginable amount of trials and errors to find or discover a percentage in how this energy worked. So I find it well justified. Besides the fact that for obvious reasons the author will only write the most important or transcendental events, why the f*ck do we want a diary of what happened to the protagonist every day?
    Besides, even if the MC has powers that allow him to stand out from his generation, they are not ridiculously strong enough to be considered OPs. MC is strong and intelligent but not stratospherically OP.
  • Another thing that I liked very much is the coherence that exists in the civilization of the magicians, technically here there is an order, hierarchy between the different classes and levels of magicians (I repeat among magicians), this means that each level of magician or title that has a purpose in the system, those of low level are soldiers in the planetary invasions, etcetera. There is no such thing as a typical upper class bully who, if you look at them, will kill you or if you insult them at a high level, you are already dead. Even level 5 magicians (who are considered middle class magicians) cannot move around freely. Everything is controlled by a (apparent) logical system, which was established to ensure the future of the magical civilization and that they are not killing each other. Even ordinary human beings are necessary, they are not treated as insects that must be eliminated, they are necessary to serve as seeds for the future generation of magicians and are protected as such by magicians.
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ScotlandForsythe rated it
August 9, 2017
Status: c66
When reading this novel what draws me in isn't the combat (it needs work) or the romance (it needs serious work), but the world building (fantastic) and the characters hobby (eccentric) and achievements (thrilling).

I was not expecting the direction this story turned, but I can't say I particularly disliked it. The author did either a good job easing me into his character change or did such an abrupt scene change that I ignored it. (Most likely both)

The story is more dark than I thought it would be, but I... more>> can't exactly call it a completely dark story??? *Shrugs*

Glad I haven't seen a harem yet. Pray I don't see one. Amen. <<less
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ronishamay rated it
June 25, 2017
Status: c49
The premise is nice typical "wizardly" in a medieval world then moving to a "magical" world of wizard academies, the writing quality changes constantly but never above decent and lots of times just bad and the translation is occasionally barely understandable. For instance the author in 1 chapter jumps ahead and tells of the conclusion of a major battle in a poor summery of 3 sentences and in the next chapter goes back and describes the same battle poorly again. Dropping series, not worth my time.

Warlock of the magus world,... more>> the wizard world, Great Demon King and The Book Eating Magician will have to suffice for my wizardly/magical literary needs. <<less
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hugo2409 rated it
February 28, 2018
Status: c94
If you enjoyed WMW then you will also enjoy this one. The setting is similar and so is the MC's mindset. However there is no AI chip and the MC does all the things the AI chip did by himself, which makes him more relateable as we can follow his thinking process when he researches magic, as well as more legitimate since his power does not come from an exterior source.
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Lahel rated it
June 4, 2017
Status: c39
So far so good. The author has done well on the world building, more of which will probably be put out in detail later. And another thing that's good about this novel are the characters they are fleshed out well but not taking up space in the chapters just enough to give you the feeling of their different personalities and what relations and interactions they have with our MC. Now as for the MC he isn't 'ridiculously OP' to the point so far and taking into consideration that this story... more>> with its 39 chapters has already a LOT of action. You can see that he is in the fine line between genius and a common student due to his financial capability.


a.k.a the not so realistic 'love vial' exploit getting him a ton of magical stones which in turn gets him good magic tools which is the method the author uses to show that the MC has an edge with others but not to the point of being a genius at magic


Pacing so far is good and the mysteries introduced to the story are fairly enough to get you hooked. Romance is... fairly realistic.

of course who wouldn't fall for someone of opposite gender who is willing to risk his life for you in a deadly situation involving tentacles and at the age where your hormones just rampage am I right? (at least I would. Btw I have the same name as the MC no bias though heh.)


And if I may add this novel gives you the feeling of real life most of the actions and emotions shown are logical and gives you the feel of it being done in real life if given the situation. The characters give you that survival-realistic and rational feel that most novels (especially those with 2D villains that have photocopied personalities fail to show or give most of the time if not always). 4 star because we will have to wait and see as the novel progresses it has barely been 39 chapters and a lot could happen. <<less
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pjrc8899 rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c43
This novel has many positive attributes and it would deserve at least a rating of 4 for it.

But it also have some problems and they all seem to come in an annoying manner.

One example of the worst are the combat descriptions. They are really very bad. Their rhythm is completely unnatural and immediately takes the reader out o the story. This is an issue with most of the Chinese novels, but since those novels have so many others problems, one can usually ignore them a little. In the case of... more>> this novel, it has more good parts than bad and gives a good reading immersion. But all these nuisances come to the fore in a messy way at the worst moment. That is totally irritating.

It is unfortunate that these details (i am lowering my requirements since this is a light novel) spoil such potential and botch the reading. <<less
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Giernold rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c30
Holy sh*t this was boring.

It has an interesting concept and magic system, but the author can't write. No character building at all, side characters are like bread, no personality. MC does nothing for the first 30 chapters, but the worst thing is by far the writing. Holy sh*t it seems like the author has not actually interacted with a living person before. The Romance is the ramblings of a 11-year old, if even that.

I do not recommend this novel at all.
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omgitsaray rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: c245
Notice all the 5 star reviews are only for early chapters. I think the reviewers need to come back and update.

Our MC is a orphan peasant that joins a sorcerer school after being tested. Of course, he eventually becomes stronger and goes off researching stuff to rise up in a sorcerer's world. He finds out this world has may kinds of sorcerers and one of the things they do is go out conquering worlds for their resources.

Now the reason I rated this novel as average is because I couldn't relate... more>> to the MC and he could live or die and would probably not affect the novel at all. The novel was also not funny, scary, exciting, or entertaining - it is very bland to me. It was kind of like reading the life of an uninteresting person through their diary.

The early chapters were actually quite good but once it reached around 140's, it took a steep nose dive. Years and decades would pass and all the MC has been doing is researching stuff. His first world exploration is extremely drawn out with, once again, uninteresting fights and research. I think It's been close to 100 chapters and the conquest is still not over for that first world. The author also throws in lots of made up names and terms so as you keep reading, you eventually come to a WTF moment where you have no clue what the novel is talking about anymore.

I say give this novel a try, but I'm going to be shelving this for now. <<less
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Poireau rated it
January 20, 2020
Status: c42
Things are happening too fast, with a uge lack of explanations and descriptions in all chapters. Coupled with a translation of poor quality, it is really difficult to enjoy the reading.

But, if you have a few minutes to waste to read the first 40 chapters, you will enjoy one of the most badly written romance, and this, you can't find it anywhere!
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mio rated it
November 30, 2019
Status: c199
starts off okay, but a lot of chapters make no sense at all.

it jumps from one topic to the next, and then suddenly starts talking about things that have nothing to do with the situation, and this makes it unreadable at times.

at first I just outright skipped those parts, since it's not that big of a problem in the first 100's of chapters, but it only grows worse as time goes on...

... more>> it's like the author is slowly succumbing to dementia while still writing!

though it might just be the translator who is incredibly bad, to the point of being grossly incompetent. <<less
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IMakeCopperMirrors rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: c75
Rating: 6.5/10

This is a WMW-wanna-be. It is supposed to be a knowledge and ruthlessness-jerker, but it is quite a spectacular fail because:

  1. The author just repeats obsessively the saying "give me a fulcrum and I shall move the world blahblah" and throws around sciency words, but is comes out cringy and awkward. It is like other novels but instead of comprehending and deducing techniques and dao, here it is called scientific discovery and knowledge.
  2. MC is supposedly focused on gaining power but still cares about looks. Also he becomes cocky/arrogant very soon after he gains a tiny bit of power relying on a lucky discovery that brought him money and thus powerful equipment.
Biggest downside is the vermenous romance which creeps me out. It like the girl suddenly becomes a yandare for... more>> him, he accepts it like it's normal, but still ignores her voluntatily and only sees her one a year... hard to explain but full awkwardness.

Plot is very fast, maybe so fast that backgroung world details are glanced over too quickly and the characters are jsut basic models for their roles (most insipid master ever), zero touch on personality and motivations. Also, the MC has it very easy getting stronger with seemingly no effort or outstanding talent. The plot ideas are varied let's say, but far from well exploited, nothing new you didn't read elsewhere. <<less
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Noveltime rated it
July 25, 2019
Status: c139
ive read all the translated bits and so far it’s my favourite novel so far.

I have read many novels over the course of the years of reading novels on novel updates, but this one is so unique and interesting. I literally created this account to write this review because this novel deserves it.

honestly like one of the other people reviewed all the right itches are scratched, character isn’t OP, not a genius and learns everything at the beginning, the character continuously learns and is perfectly paced in my opinion.

if you’d... more>> like a good read this is definitely a good choice. <<less
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corvax rated it
July 6, 2017
Status: c56
I like the story and it's an interesting read, but in the end it failed to get me hooked on it. I give it 3 stars because even if a novel is good if it doesn't captivate the audience it has failed in some way. Note this novel has a western feel similar to wmw
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selweron rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: c639
TRY IT, IT'S UNLIKE ANY OTHER WIZARD NOVEL LATER ON. Check out only ch500+ reviews to form an opinion about this novel.

The first 50 or so chapters are super tr*sh. Till chapter 130 it's slow progressing. I dropped the novel years ago at 30th chapter. These chapters are dumb or cliche from reader's perspective, but plot wise they fit the story perfectly, make a lot of sense and are further explained from different angles if you read till chapter 400.

It's a solid novel. Want to know why some people rate... more>> it badly below chapter 300? Because MC goes through character growth stages. At about chapter 200 he's similar to typical cruel dark sorcerer character-wise. I did not like that. But I persisted. And it paid out. He's no longer such a piece of sh*t now :))

It's a long and lonely journey of a wise sorcerer in a civilization that races against time to fight off impending doom. During his journey, he discovers more about himself, about the mother world's struggle, finds and diggs into various truths, wears many faces and looks from different perspectives. MC experiences a lot of character growth as he comes upon realisations due to the new knowledge, power and experience he gains.

The first 200 chapters are focused on world building. Also, the characters, thoughts, scenes, memories are not forgotten in this novel -- they accompany MC and the readers throughout his sorcerer path. That's why the potential lies in the later chapters. The story has a balanced, steady and gradual pace. Some will call it slow. It's mostly suitable for binge reading.

Many thought-provoking wisdoms are included in this novel, so it's certainly a time well spent.

There is no antagonist, no baddie harassing MC. Sorcerers struggle for survival of their race. Even mighty ones know their roles in the hierarchy and normal humans are protected by sorcerers as they are no less important than them. There are no OP characters so far -- some get stronger than others, are world protagonists or leaders at the top of the food chain, but honestly one person is just too insignificant. Without collective effort they are hopeless in the vast universe. The wars are on worlds vs worlds levels with thousands of sorcerers on one side.

The plot itself mainly focuses on other worlds' invasions and explorations, which are really well fleshed out and their arcs span even up to 100 chapters. Remember the unfulfilled, wasted potential plot of Mystical Journey or Way of the Devil, where MC just power ups through worlds and that's it? Here, every world has its own dedicated storyline, its own heroes and guardians, their development, dreams and so on.

The plot moves so slowly despite all these time skips that I have a feeling of the plot still being in its infancy stage. <<less
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