The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary


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After the soldiers’ mercenary group where he used to work had been utterly destroyed, Loren, who survived the disaster, decided to walk the adventurer’s path as a way to make a living. However, for Loren who had no acquaintances and nothing but an empty pocket on him, receiving a single quest seemed like a faraway aim. So, as he was contemplating about what he should do next, another adventurer called out to him.

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Kuitsume Youhei no Gensou Kitan
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redheadtn rated it
September 10, 2018
Status: c35
Having crippling debt, no retirement plan, and having to take up a job he doesn't really want strikes a little too close to home for me to enjoy...

On a more serious note, the world-building feels terrible, and some of the things SnoopyGM said ring true. ... more>>

There seems to be too many conflicting premises for the conclusion the story tries to draw. We've seen he's not s*upid, but he has no backup money in case his mercenary unit gets wiped out. We see he's stronger than most mid-rank adventurers (literally so strong he has a title), but he's got a piece of junk sword and needs a party in order to do quests. Then they get into how the low-rank adventurers are all in debt or dying... Why would anyone ever become one? It seems completely unsustainable.

Honestly, Loren doesn't even feel like the MC... He makes almost no meaningful decisions and gets swept up in the pace of other people. It's more like following the background character that the hero blackmails into joining his party. I'm not really enjoying the "Get stepped on like a doormat" attitude. I'm not asking for some revenge obsessed super killer like Summoned Slaughterer or something, but you have to have some kind of personality. Currently he's just the s*upidly strong thug (on a leash) that doesn't want to be a mercenary. Oh but being an adventurer is sooooo different.

All of this is just speculation though so let's just shove a concrete example in here to solidify the point. Chapter 30 (29 maybe) he tosses some guys into a wall on accident, realizes it was too strong, and ends up racking up more debt. Chapter 31 he immediately DOES IT AGAIN. I can't believe that a seasoned mercenary that made the escape plan in the ruins is so s*upid that he didn't learn anything. It all just feels like a blatant setup for a guard dog and his princess.


To sum up, it feels one-dimensional. These don't feel like characters, they feel like a stereotype tossed onto a page. What charm their interactions had quickly became common, and we even see the priest acting as a walking encyclopedia multiple times in just the first two volumes. That doesn't sound like a lot, but the chapters are somewhat short so it's easy to read a 3-4 at a time. <<less
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Casul_Reader rated it
April 14, 2018
Status: c70
Just a heads up, this is suprisingly my opinion so keep that in mind. This is also an updated review as the translators finish the first book.


70 Chapters in, more or less the same with Loren getting stronger together with Lapis, characters that are annoying at first get some proper development and don't just serve as a foil for our main pair which is a very nice touch, though not all get this treatment. Looking promising still, a strong recommend in my opinion.

My review is getting too long, so I'll... more>> hide the rest of the original review in this spoiler.

After reading further, I must say that this is pretty damn great. I can't recall the last time I've felt so immersed in a scene of life and death where I keep rooting for the characters in my head to succeed. In short, if you like the fantasy isekai genre but without the wimpy and generic JP MC then you ought to give this a go.

To explain further, the novel has a dark fantasy feel to it. Characters who make poor decisions tend to end up miserable and those who aren't won't always get what they want. It has a realistic approach to things that things doesn't always go well but at the same time there is a certain feeling of relief in seeing the two main characters safe and sound at the end of the day.

The two characters are quite likable, Loren being this supposed badass wielding a greatsword whose body is about as beefy as Guts, and Lapis who is this mischievous priestess that works kind of like a library on foot with her level of knowledge. But being people, they have their flaws but these flaws just add up more to their character as being realistic individuals with the way the two interact is interesting and fun to read.

As for world building, it's pretty good despite it only being a volume in. It gives one enough information to get a grasp on how the world works around them and the mechanics in play. Its quite fascinating for me to read as often do we read about JP novels that are like this who don't even tackle the rulings on how the Adventurers Guild work in the first place.

All in all, it's a great novel and you should give it a go. Below are my original thoughts after reading the first 4 chapters.
Dood, Ive been waiting for this damn novel to be translated ever since I saw the cover. Even before it was in Novel updates, I've already seen its cover. The only reason I haven't read it so soon was because I didn't even know its title, I just saw the cover and knew I had to read it.

With just 4 chapters I am hooked, heck I'm hooked with just the MC's personality alone. For starters, no reincarnation, transmigration or summoned to another world shenannigans, although the MC's past makes him kind of a black slate in terms of world knowledge, he's no amatuer at living and shows it through his interactions with other people, he feels so... real... and not like most JP MCs... that's more than enough of a reason to give this novel a go.

In terms of atmosphere and setting, its the typical "Another World" world in the isekai genre, adventurer's guild, monsters, countries, etc. However, what makes it different is the MC. The whole feel of the atmosphere feels more grim and realistic, people die, being unprepared will bring trouble, going around and letting your d*ck choose your life decisions won't bode well for you and the reality of being broke, is cruel one. Overall, atmosphere is great, setting is alright.

Characters, so far only two noteworthy ones, the ones on the cover, the big picture on this page, whom are Loren the broke MC, and Lapis the priest. Both are surpisingly likable at first glance and are obviously gonna be the main duo based on the following volume covers. (P.S. If you want to see the covers, just google images its alternative japanese name and you'll see a few along with some character concept art. This is also how I knew of this novel in the first place)

Overall, I have a lot of hopes for this novel, please do support the translator for picking this up as it is a daunting task to translate JP novels as most translators tend to stop after translating a dozen chapters or so. Don't let a gem like this lose its brilliance!

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scribbledoutname rated it
May 21, 2018
Status: c21
Not bad but not amazing either. I think 3 stars (6/10) is a fair assessment.


  • Level-headed, capable MC.
  • Characters have personalities.

  • MC doesn't speak his mind nearly enough. Some problems could be avoided if he just spoke instead of berating people in his head.
  • Dwells a bit too much on the bits where nothing much is happening. For example, it might describe how they get from A to B instead of just starting at B, even though nothing meaningful happens during the walk. It can get a bit off-putting because the chapters are already so short.
I should admit that it's partly my fault for getting my hopes up after seeing the amazing art. The art is a league better than the story, which is OK.
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Razzy V
Razzy V rated it
September 15, 2018
Status: c26
This was a fun read until the end of the first arch where they lost me.

Starts off strong with a lone mercenary into adventurer as it states in the synopsis but quickly becomes a knight chained to a princess story by the end of the first arc. MC has a multitude of inner monologues that could shape the situation for the better but never voices them leaving him struggling to save himself. He is constantly led by the nose or in this case the coin purse.

I have to say this... more>> story is a pretty fun read as long as you don’t expect much world building (outside of the cost of living), strong characterization, or an assertive MC

Probably will come back later to browse through and see if the MC learned how to talk about his ideas instead just watching the house burn down and regret not telling anyone to bring water. <<less
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rodavis rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: c30
Got bored, the MC is to beta and get run over to much and his nice guy dialogs doesn't add up to what a merc actions should really be.. this one dialogue put the last nail into the coffing, killed any kind of fun I was having, that wasn't much to begin with ... more>>

“It looks like an ordinary coat. But this is in fact a magic item. The cloth was woven with many layers using silk from black widows. This is a great find. Plus, it only costs five gold coins.”

“That’s quite an incredible on you’ve found.”

“A coat that is enchanted with << Protection >> and << Auto Recovery >> would usually cost ten times this price. Your defense will increase just by wearing this on top of leather armor. We must definitely buy this one.”

“Ten times... Why don’t you tell the owner?”

If what Lapis said was true, the store would be at quite a loss.

used the last one.. there are to many internal monologues of him berating and talking about the right way o best or whatever form to success in any given situation, but he does not speak up, let's the sh*t hit the fan every damn time. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
May 3, 2018
Status: c143
A breath of fresh air. It's the same world and rules as a typical JPN fantasy novel, but with realistic logic. This may be the strongest opening to a novel I've ever read.

Ch 143 update.

The quality remains just as good as in the beginning. The tone and atmosphere shine.
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HARD FUNK rated it
February 2, 2018
Status: v1c4
The grim exposition of a lost, groveling, and hopeless mercenary in an uncomfortable situation has done a good job of keeping it tense with anticipation for 4 chapters.. Shame that's all there is translated at the time I'm writing this review. Hope it gets picked up by a good translator.

A 5* start, but that's all I can judge it by for now. Not enough to tell if the MC's lack of cynicism is a flaw yet.
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Vrethalya rated it
May 23, 2018
Status: c23
wellp, keep in mind that im writing this review in accord to my taste and its all but an opinion (and a tid bit of fact)

The story so far is quite interesting and the description is acceptable. Started off strong, with only several character, but clear distinction, relation and interaction between them. It is also well translated with little to no mistake being made in each chapter.


  • good translation quality
  • its pace is quite good, not to fast, yet not to slow
  • reasonable update rate
  • reasonable MC, not some shounen beta MC who unreasonably tries to save everyone, nor edgy dude who tries to kill everyone in the story. Just an unlucky adult who got kicked from his previous job bcs his company got wiped out
  • the MC isnt like to strong that he can challenge everything with ease, there are actual problem being faced by MC and his company, like unreasonable new kid who just got introduced to this kind of work, unreasonable work load due to some kind of unlucky circumstance (well, sh*t happens), new kid got rekt by reality, MC who hated him just left him alone so he can reflect on his action (on the afterlife)
  • the story flows in a good way, not just some dude go to place A, dude wipe some enemy, dude got power up, dude got new equip, dude go to town B to buy/repair his equipment, rinse and repeat. No, it has a good reasoning, why is he ended up in that city, why the MC do that, why the MC has to face such problem, etc.
  • once again, the MC is reasonable and relatable. He is an adult who tries his best to survive in a harsh adult world after being kicked from his old company. Like an adult (at least in an asian background) there are complains with who you're working with, but you have to endure it since not everything can be solved by tackling it head on. MC aint trying to lay low either, he just do what he have to do in order to survive in a harsh world
  • so far, the characters are well defined, not just a sack of walking troupe (well, some are quite linear with fantasy-related characters, like how there are elf and dwarf, and how they act, but not to the point that the troupe dictates how they act in every situation)
  • the story felt kinda similar to goblin slayer (wellp, seeing how the first trouble he experienced is a horde of goblins (sweet jesus, some people just think that goblin is a mob enemy, but seeing how they're always at odds with human, kidnap humans and breeds like rats with intelligence similar to an infant or neanderthal, and is capable in working in a group, making a small basic village and using magic and weapons, they're more than just a mob like how similar novels describe them)) it describe demon's threat realistically

  • wellp, its quite short
  • since its short and well explained, some chapters seems filled with not-so-important details that will explains the characters involved, their circumstances, and their course of action.
  • since its short, and some chapters are filled with a not-so-important details, the story progression felt a bit slow
  • eventhough the MC is a senior mercenary who have been involved in a life and death bussiness, the MC arent really assertive. He is more like a wait and see type of a person and at some situation (mostly in the begining of the story), it seems kinda bit weird, like putting up with beginner party who wont even bother to check on their job and doing simple assignment within the party like night watch, which is important for the party's safety. (I know it really is an awkward situation, but dude, thats f*cked up, leaving their back open like that)
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hellpunch rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: c131
This is quite a good novel.

The plot summary is kinda deceiving as it writes that he was in a mercenary group, leading people to think that he must be some kind of bad guy. Upon reading some chapters, you get to know that they were a special mercenary group, quite different from what you would assume.

The one thing that this novel does greatly is characterising the two MCs and their relationship. They are partners and, while you often see case of these kind of relationship being one sided, only one... more>> of the characters deciding everything for everyone, in this novel it is not the case. The two trust each another and it isn't shown by them continuously saying they trust each another, but by showing simple yet meaningful gestures such as confronting themselves when they have a quest mission; if one party is heavily favoured by a reward, asking the permission of the other to accept or refuse it. Decide things together but if it is of an important matter, agreeing to the other partner even if you are disadvantaged by that decision. And this kind of relationship is mutual. The male MC isn't simply agreeing, without thinking, with the female MC like a brainless animal or is forced to do something ridiculous because of his debt and also refuses when there is to. The female MC also asks when she is up to something without deciding for both thinking she is on the right. Of course, this doesn't happen immediately as the force that leads the male mc's first adventures is his debt. But after a while, it is nice to see their relation as adventurers in a party maturing.

The romance is not really present and while it may happen, nothing is sure as the female MC isn't a normal human. They seem to feel for each another (female MC more) but nothing may come out of it. What there is to like is that, even the little subtle romance isn't cliched. If someone asks them if they are together, they don't suddenly stutter or behave in an embarrassing way, they simply answer that they are partner in adventures or other funny things.

I was thinking that the MC being broke would have negative consequences in their relationship (as him being forced to do something ridiculous) but, as I wrote, it is not that simple minded kind of relationship which speaks of the authors ability to write. Also, the debt doesn't really matter after a while and it is just the starting flame. Also, the two MC behaviours aren't that of a 10 year old kid. They both behave in a mature way which puts this novel over 90% of these kind of novels.

Of course not everything in the novel is perfect. For instance, the dialogue is kinda off sometimes but it is most likely a translation issue as if you think what they are trying to say, it is clear. Other negative sides:

If the characters introduced are gonna be thrown away/killed very soon or they won't be very active in the plot, you can immediately notice it as their characterization is flat. They will literally be one dimensional characters. The good side is that they are not gonna be there for long, I guess. MC isn't dumb even if, sometimes, he is labeled as such but his ignorance of the world is unbelievable. Even if he was roaming around as a low class mercenary, he should know many thing that apparently he doesn't; for instance he doesn't even know the name of the city he was in. It is easier for the author to explain to the reader given this premises but it takes some credibility away from the story. Also, you would think that especially a job like a mercenary would require him to be quite knowledgeable of the world in case something bad happens.

Some chapters can literally be a description of nothing, for example, them gathering herbs can take the entire chapter. It is literally filler but it is fun nonetheless because of their interactions.

The starting point of their adventure feels repetitive (even in wording), as they always start in the guild bar, the male MC drinking and the female MC suddenly appearing, and there could be people who might find annoying what happens to the MC every time after a big fight but overall it is realistic. If you are a detective, your adventure will, most of the time, start in your office, for example. And if you don't train for something, repeating the same action will end up causing the same result.

There is a side character that is used too much as a joke but I hope this won't continue. I'm still giving it 5 because there is no such thing as perfection but overall the story is good, MC cast is very good, side relevant characters are developed enough and you can feel the adventures. The negative sides aren't that major to lower any score from it. <<less
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jjm152 rated it
August 24, 2019
Status: c107
This novel is very different from most of the novels on this website in terms of theme, execution and quality. To put it bluntly - it's better than the vast majority of the content here and I feel that this is something of a problem since many people will read it and get instantly put off that Loren isn't your typical overpowered isekai harem protaganist and if you're looking for that or other things such as 'game systems' or 'slow life' or what not, then yeah this novel is not... more>> one you are probably going to like.

That being said, if you're looking for a well executed swords and sorcery novel in a slightly grimdark setting, then you should probably check out the adventures of Loren and Lapiz as they constantly take simple jobs that end up in complete disaster.

Loren is as the title says, an ex-mercenary, who is trying to become a newbie adventurer. He doesn't really know much of the world asides from warfare and it shows in his actions and his personality. This leads to an interesting dynamic with his partner, Lapiz, who is a demon-kin (incognito) and priestess of the God of Knowledge who is on her own journey to explore the world and allows for the author to do some world building as typically Lapiz will be explaining something to Loren (and the readers) whenever the situation calls for it.

The writing here is very crisp - there is almost no filler and very few incidents are given any ink if they don't matter for sake of the future plot. The situations can range from somewhat silly, to extremely grim and mixed with dark gallows humor and there are a few reoccurring jokes to lighten things up.

Loren himself, as the MC, is a decent enough fellow - he tries to follow the law and he doesn't hold grudges easily, but he's also not naive at all and wise enough to not be taken advantage of, or to acknowledge when people could betray him or trap him. He is, after all, a seasoned mercenary who has been hardened on the battlefields.

This kind of leads me to my next point - some people really seem to misunderstand the relationship between him and Lapiz. They tend to focus on the fact that Lapiz is using the 'debt' Loren accumulates to force him to travel with her as if it's incredibly underhanded, but nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, the material aid that she gives Loren is worth a small kingdom and she charges him a comparatively tiny debt. To put it into perspective, it'd be like someone selling you hollywood mansion for the price of a shack in the sticks. After all, the money is not the point - it's just a pretext. Lapiz has taken a liking to Loren almost from the start and she understands his mercenary mindset. The debt is just a thin pretense to give them an excuse to associate and even Loren recognizes this and doesn't complain.

All in all I would say that this is an excellent novel. I really like the characters and the world building and the narration. There is hardly anything here to complain about and I hope the rest of this gets translated in quick order. <<less
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Zombiefan rated it
August 13, 2018
Status: c37
Main character is a typical Japanese arc type. He's a strong famous mercenary but has no money, and when a pushy woman comes around he just follows her instructions.

The woman is crafty? She realizes she's physically weak but to achieve her goals needs the main character and uses money to keep him in her pocket. Whether it's weapons, armor, lodgings, she covers it knowing that a female would like her would get taken advantage of in many ways if she didn't have muscle behind her. It's really annoying because most... more>> of this comes at the end of the first volume and if I knew that's how she would be I would have skipped this. <<less
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astros rated it
December 25, 2020
Status: --
Well, let's start with my complains. As many others said, the MC goes unrewarded for every problem he solve (which, most of the time, is solved with effort and sweat, not by some OP powers). It is understandable seeing that his debt is something that ties him and the priestess together, but still annoys me. Second, MC is f*cking dense. As denses as harem MC.

On the other side, others said that the MC don't get any stronger. Well, he spent years as a merc. Don't you think he already hit... more>> the limit? He is only human afterall. And to be fair, compared to other characters (bare for demons, dragons, and elders) he is already super strong. And the fact that he got his limit puts this novel above your average OP MC isekai novel. Oh, and the author didn't go full edgy MC but instead made him a sensible human being is a big plus too. He helps people whenever he could while also considering his limitations. And the priestess is a pretty good character too.

Is it worth reading? More worth it than most fantasy novel here. <<less
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Ai chan
Ai chan rated it
July 27, 2019
Status: c105
Ai-chan likes this very much!

The story starts off as a parody of Goblin Slayer, but went a little further in making the priestess non-human and an artificial construct at the same time. Unlike Goblin Slayer, the main theme of which is vengeance, this story is about doing what one can when the opportunity arises.

The warrior is a former mercenary, who saw his entire company get wiped out in a skirmish which caused it to disband. As he was a former mercenary, he had no clue how to work as an... more>> adventurer and simply went through the motions despite his reservations thinking it was simply how adventurers do things. Basically, he has little common sense, having lived with his mercenary company from the time he was young.

The priestess is a demon whose purpose is to find her limbs hidden by her parents. She is cheeky, mischievous and clever, making ploys after ploys to satisfy her desire for knowledge. Unlike an ordinary priestess, she is actually very strong, something that Loren was often disgruntled with. She has a habit of getting sidetracked when it comes to money.

Together, the form a strong, yet adorable pair. Loren with his brooding attitude and Lapis with her mischievous tricks. When you first read, you'd think he kept things hidden way too much. In reality, it's because he was afraid that he would be making a faux pas, as he didn't know anything about life outside of the mercenary company.

We all have been there, knowing something isn't right, but not speaking about it because we were afraid that we would look foolish for saying it.

Unfortunately, there is way too much detail in this story for a marathon sitting. Read up to 5 chapters a day, that's it, don't read more. The problem with this story is that the author gives too much detail, in that reading sometimes become a chore as there are stuff that we don't really want to know, but were told of anyway. If you like that, then this story is definitely for you.

That is not to say that the details become overbearing, far from it. But Ai-chan read this story while eating, so the focus is divided, making the burden worse. However, Ai-chan is on the side of "more detail is better than no detail", so it's not really a downside for Ai-chan. <<less
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Syntax_Error rated it
April 15, 2019
Status: c74
Title itself already tells the story...

It's about the Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary

What can we make up of this?

- MC is a broke ex-mercenary who became an adventurer.

- The story is about his strange adventures as an adventurer.


These Include:

Vol. 1

    • Joining a party of inexperience adventurers with questionable harem
    • Meeting a sly, smart and sassy demon kin who is disguised as a priest of knowledge
    • Witness first episode of f*cking goblins slayer
    • Ancient Ruins
    • More goblins
    • Typical life and death situations
    • Failing a quest and becoming more broke
    • Getting used by the said demon kin as an agreement to pay his financial debt to her
    • Becoming a companion of the said demon kin as an agreement to pay his financial debt to her

Vol. 2

    • Getting used again by said demon kin
    • Encountering a loli
    • Doing a quest for said loli
    • Doing the said quest with slightly better adventurers with questionable harem
    • No scope a typical arrogant hero
    • Create flag to said loli
    • Teaching said hero masochism
    • Undead Dragon and Zombies
    • Dying Light Adventurers Edition?
    • Loli becomes MC lil' b*tch fairy

*All of these are more or less




It's Berserk but less dark and emotional depth.

It's Goblin Slayer but less goblins and waifus.

The only thing that made this novel refreshing is that MC is a seasoned and experienced mercenary. We get to see the perspective of a mercenary when becoming an adventurer. We get to see him apply his own values and principles he learned as a mercenary to his adventures. At least that was suppose to be the premise. The novel does somewhat accomplish this hence my rating but it's lacking in emotional depth so it was difficult to connect much with the MC.

For most people, the thing that essentially bother them is the personality of the MC.

    • Too gullible
    • Too passive
Honestly, I'm also one of these people but it's important to know that our MC is mercenary. He was not even the leader of his group. That said, I think it would be more out of place if he wasn't that gullible and passive because he only follows orders back in his prime and never ask anymore question because they were paid solely to follow orders. He only goes to the flow of what the leader decides and from there, he tries to work thing out in his own mercenary-like way. It bothers me but it can't be helped because he is after all a mercenary who used to only follow directions. The only difference is that he is one experienced and seasoned mercenary. Realizing that, I can't help but see him as a realistic character that doesn't betray his history.

As for the personality of the main heroine, she's likable but I can't help but question her intentions. She must have an arc dedicated for her in the future so that's something to look forward. The trope that force them to become companion is quite refreshing if you look in to it. As for their adventures, it may not be innovative nor does it have the best execution but it's satisfactory enough since it's not that bad.
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beanguyensonr rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c32
Not exactly a tensei story, but certainly a CAREER tensei story! A guy from another line of work is forced to get a new job in the adventurer's guild. It's fun to read and I'll continue to read it as long as it stays on its current path - definitely one of my favorite reads at the moment.
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Kratos2151107 rated it
May 24, 2018
Status: c24
The story is great, entertaining and more or less realistic (realistic in a sense that the MC is not overpowered and his decision is more or less normal for human). MC struggles to fight by his own strength and brain (the MC also struggle's about money for he is broke LoL). The theme is more or less Berserk x Goblin Slayer but not a dark fantasy (I cannot sympathize those 3 idiots who are tr*sh so for me its a light hearted story well I feel satisfied when those 3... more>> idiots died). The most important Pros for me is Lapis (LoL) <<less
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mllhild rated it
May 20, 2018
Status: c21
This is one of the best adventure novels with a realistic setting I've seen until now on NU.


  • The translation is good and has a decent speed.
  • The characters are funny and interact in a realistic way.
  • No kindhearted or OP MC, but he also isn't a Jerk.
  • No Harem
  • very smart way of world building, the author manages to express strength and background without wall of text exposition

  • the Chapters are a bit short and the chapter titles aren't good.... yeah, thats the only "problem" I could find until now. Oh and that I can't ens*ave the translator and editor to keep translating it 24/7
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NakuyKi rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: c134
On the surface, it's a light hearted tale of a former mercenary (+ his broker) going on adventures

Then you sit back one day and realize that tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of innocent people were dying in the backstories while dozens/hundreds of side peeps were dying in grotesque ways.

Even the kids/teens aren't safe D:

lol 10/10 Would read again.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Poppukko rated it
May 27, 2019
Status: --
Tired of abundant Isekai genre with the same formula again and again from Japanese Authors? Wanna see MC who isn't a scrawny p**syboi who lets themselves get pushed around by everyone around them, but a macho man who got Guts-tier of beefiness but uses his brain better than almost every MC in isekai pile of dogshit? Then this is a story for you! Just as the synopsis says, this is NOT isekai tr*sh, but a fantasy one with similar tone to Berserk (although lighter) where the MC isn't s*upidly kind... more>> to help everyone he meets nor s*upid enough to try to help people who put themselves in deadly situation. <<less
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MrMuunster rated it
May 2, 2019
Status: v3c89
It'll be my favorite series for a while I suppose,

MC is likable and definitely has personality to my taste, Kind but not that overly kind Jap protagonist, He has no remorse of killing enemy monster or human alike if they indeed enemy.

he's dense about his own power and said it was normal for mercenary, but he's not OP at all.

In some reviews says that the MC is a wimp, or said that FMC have weak body, how wrong is that lol, MC will take action if needed... more>> so (helping people in trouble) but he doesn't want to be hero alike he have ruthless side and not naive. <<less
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