Grimgal of Ashes and Illusion


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Why are we doing this…? When Haruhiro came to, he was in the darkness. Not knowing why was he here, or where “here” even was. With him were others who also remembered little more than their own names. What they found when they came out of the underground was a world that was `just like a game.” In order to survive, Haruhiro forms a party with others in the same situation as him, learns Skills, and takes his first steps forward into the world of Grimgar as a Trainee Volunteer Soldier. Not knowing what awaits him… This is a tale of adventure born from the ashes.

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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
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Apr 20, 2016
Status: --
This is actually a great story. I'm surprised people don't like it. I guess its because they expect the same old, hot blooded OP character that can do anything and survives only through plot armor.

The pacing is slow, but its also because the characters are slow. In more ways than one.
They aren't super strong characters with limitless potential.
They are normal people with normal abilities and feelings.

And that is why this series is relate-able. I mean, how many people out there would willing risk their lives to fight dangerous... more>> creatures almost as smart as you, with the abilities of an average person? Probably none of you reading this review.

Yes, the main character is a coward, but its expected. He doesn't have any power. He isn't confident, because like a real person, who would be confident enough to brave danger when you don't know where you are, who you are, what you are doing, and why you are here.
A normal person wouldn't automatically accept their circumstances and start slaying monsters, because normal people don't have that ability.

This isn't a story about a person who already has OP abilities or gifted abilities fighting demon gods and becoming... well... nothing because those characters don't have much character development. They really don't.

This is a story about developing not only the main character (which I call blazing sun characters because no other characters really matter), but the side characters too, because they are just as important.

This devotes a lot of time to it. Like how the MC should act with the other party members or what he should do as a leader, who mind you, are in just the same state of confusion as he is.

And that is why this series is great.

Its not a coming of age story. It doesn't really play out like that. It plays out more as a coming to terms story, and growth as a leader. I guess you can say it is sort of like a "coming of age" story, where the young boy grows into a man. But it isn't just about the young kid, its about all of them, working together, being together to adjust to the new world. They aren't becoming "adults". They are trying to become better people in general.

They didn't come into this world with a childish attitude (well, except one of them), with innocence and not understanding the way the world works.

They came into a weird world, knowing fully, how dangerous that world is, and what they have to do to survive, either by changing their character or themselves. Becoming stronger or improving teamwork because they have to, in order to live.

They know they aren't powerful, and that is why this is slow pace. They can't immediately defeat the mid boss in 2 chapters. They don't have cheats. They just have themselves, in their normal human bodies, with their normal personalities.

All of these characters, especially the main character, feels like a real person. A normal person. Not a head strong child, who thinks he can do anything, but an adult who has to be cautious of everything and decide carefully how he proceeds, because not only is his life on the line, but because everyone's life is on the line. That is why, he is slow, cautious, moving only when they are confident they can handle it, because this is a world were everyone can die from the smallest of things, and where recklessness and arrogance will only get them killed.

In other words, unlike other series where the MC is extremely confident, arrogant, and he and his party are protected by plot armor, so no real danger befalls them, and they can slaughter everything unhindered without caution, this one where even plot armor won't save them, and they can die even from a swords scratch. <<less
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Jul 24, 2016
Status: v4c1
Grimgal is completely different from the stories that have been popular lately. Instead of genial, talented MC, with brilliant futures, what we have are basically commoners, the side characters that usually end up dead before we even know their names. And that is exactly what causes a giant gap of opinions. After all, there is no gray for a story like Grimgal, it's black or white. Personally I think that is exactly what the author wanted, to go against the wave of novels about genius who can make anything happen,... more>> and try to put on the spotlight the guys that all of us have been neglecting. And that is exactly what I like about Grimgal. Not everyone can be a Iwatani Naofumi, but even so they have to keep living and trying and tragic things can and will happen all the time, that's the kind of world they are and the thing that super genius make us forget.

The author is really human with this story, including all the sides and faces. He can be cruel, kind, rewarding and depressing, and still everything keep going forward, even though slowly, the characters have barely time to stand up before getting themselves crushed. This is a story about real hard-working, of the ones that don't have a ounce of blessing and still have to wake up everyday and fight with their lifes on the line. <<less
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May 29, 2016
Status: v2c11
First of all, I would like to applaud Nanodesu on the quality of their translation, which is superb as usual. None of the English errors that often plague translations both CN and JP, and the prose reads smoothly like an official translation. Now, onto the review.

I was convinced to read the first volume by some people on MAL who claimed it was a good, character-driven piece of japanese literature that strayed from the annoying typical shounen cliches that plague the LN genre. Suffice to say, they were correct on two... more>> points: it IS character-driven, and it DOES stay away from dumb cliches like harem or summoned OP characters. However, that didn't preclude me from seeing "Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash" as the unappealing fanfiction of a 'transported into fantasy world' webnovel that it is.

Shiny, well-packaged, but insubstantial nonetheless.

If there is one thing it does well (and too well, I say), it is the realism portrayed here. This story is ABSOLUTELY DEPRESSING. The group of characters that we follow are made to seem relatable (average people), but they really aren't. Within the context of the story, these guys are made from the scumbuckets of society who have no redeeming traits. They ended up together because no one else summoned at the same time wanted them. For a very long time (the first volume) the party they form struggles to work together as a team and take down the most basic of monsters- goblins.

It is not very fun reading about them failing over and over again until finally, they rise above pure novices to become fully-fledged, if weak, adventurers. Because it is character-driven, the story focuses on character interaction, growth (from becoming useless to self-reliant), building of trust between party members. The plot moves very slowly, so those who prefer action-packed adventure look elsewhere. Similarly, the characters themselves have weak personalities and few traits that make them stand out; these are not people that become heroes- they are not even side characters, but background actors that fade into obscurity. Except in the case of Grimgar, the background characters themselves are the main focus. So, the readers looking for characters they can admire for their strength of will or colorful personality should also look elsewhere.

One thing Grimgar does do well is the world-building. Because the focus of interest in its case is so narrow, though, I would prefer to call it 'world-painting'. The reader can get a good feel of the town that the characters live in and the places they go on their quests, but beyond this very small part of the world, we don't know much. Even the circumstances of their summoning and memory loss remain a vague mystery.

Reading this story was like looking at an unfinished 'finished' painting missing key parts that would make it whole. <<less
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Jun 22, 2016
Status: v3

Let me first begin by stating this: "This show is slow as f*ck." The blandest series I have ever read, with the most bland characters, no plot, everything is bland, Manato's death made no sense. It is about children with bland personalities, and awkward interactions.

For who is this LN for? Seriously Who is this really for? Otakus? I doubt that since this is like the antithesis for how to pander towards otakus. I am no Otaku (really believe me. I have read so many proper books that sometimes stories from LN are good time-wasters), I fell asleep 5 times once, getting through one chapter. Why do they have to be from another world if they have amnesia? I didn't see any foreshadowing in the story for it to matter! Perhaps a plot would help, isn't that right Mr. Author?

I would like to say I learned important lessons from it but only an idiot or robot would find anything new to learn from it, unless you somehow need to know how to kill a goblin. A useful in skill in their world indeed but useless in ours, or better I could have learned to not have any strategy when facing adversity and put the guy in charge of healing me front row. Yes those are very important lessons to learn if you aren't a complete imbecile.
This LN has low fan service (good), no teen empowerment (great), a typical LN nonsense (Amazing) but it doesn't replace it with anything else either (BOOO). Mediocrity, has many sides sadly this is one of them. It fails at something so basic that he even the shittiest LN have and that's, enjoyment.
This light novel suffer from so many things, that I could go further into detail but won't, because like this LN I won't get any joy tearing it apart.
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Mar 13, 2016
Status: --
Grimgal put’s cliched characters in a realistic fantasy world and somehow expects to immerse you in it.

There’s some pretty big reasons this won’t work

1. The main character’s a p**sy.

... more>> 2. Side characters are useless and annoying. While most novels may have an annoying character, this novel manages to encompass every kind. From the lumbering-dumb-ass to a loud-mouth idiot to the quiet bit*h that the author spends precious time (mine) trying to explain why she’s a b*tch.

3. Their weak, seriously your gonna make a fantasy novel with weak main characters. How am I the reader suppose to enjoy it?How the hell are we gonna explore this world with a band of losers, lead by a p**sy.

The only redeeming thing about this novel is it’s quality, but perfectly structured sentences and a detailed world doesn’t make up for everything, 2/5. <<less
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Mar 11, 2017
Status: v4
First of all, I would like to address some issue on lack of follower of Grimgar. I think that many people fail to realize that Grimgar is incorporated with slice of life genre. Because of this, they find it boring. After all, slice of life centralized story are slow paced and relaxed (I’m a fan of slice of life btw). Maybe mainly due to this, Grimgar is underrated and overlooked.

After first watching the anime, I got totally immersed in the world of Grimgar. And after reading the LN, I fell... more>> in love in it more. Other than settings that are cliche such as summoned to another world or adventurers fighting monsters, I got hooked with Grimgar mostly because of the characters. Although, it is not from a physiological genre. The characters’ personality and interactions are embedded with psychologically realistic elements that I believe to be the backbone of Grimgar. As stated by others, Grimgar is a place where you have to struggle to live, especially for Team Haruhiro. Indeed, there are exceptions such as Renji who is considered talented and having it easy. As others have stated too, the “ash” in Grimgar’s title may have the context of death or returning to nothingness (ash). Based on this idea, the world of Grimgar is where death is just lurking around the corner (something like that). This is represented by the deaths in Grimgar. Moreover, the impact of these deaths to the people around them are carefully and accurately described by the author through the characters’ action/expression/reaction, etc. The “illusion” part is intertwined with the context of “ash”. It might have the meaning that the life they are experiencing are merely illusion, because at any moment, they can lose something dear to them when they least expected it. Analogically, just like how wind comes and goes which is hardly predicted.

Looking from the psychological perspective, let us observe Team Haruhiro. Particularly, Ranta’s behaviour and how his teammates respond to it. This circumstance is highlighted in volume 2, it absolutely hits home and a very close reflection of real life social situation. Furthermore, this kind theme/query of revolves throughout the entirety of Grimgar's LN.

About Ranta... He is easily the most hated character. Even I found him to be super duper annoying, including when he is consistently an as*hole to the team, especially to Haruhiro. But you know... his awkwardness is a reflection of people in real life...

It is just his nature to be like that, he doesn't quite know how to change this, and he feels that its better to be true to himself. During the conversation between Haruhiro and Ranta in volume 2, Haruhiro tried to point out Ranta's problem. At the same time, Ranta points out Haruhiro's weakness and Haruhiro even tried to shrug this off. It shows that everybody is not perfect. In volume 8, Ranta had a conversation with the enemy. The raws reader described their conversation as emotionally impactful. It is after this scene that might have lead to Ranta's betrayal.


Another element that I love about Grimgar is the subtlety of romance.


I have only read properly from volume 1 to volume 4's chapter 1. From volume 4 to 9, I was only able to read the summary which were written by the raws reader. Up until volume 6 or 7 (if I’m not mistaken), the author would always never explicitly hints that this guy likes this girl or vice versa. Only after volume 6 (if I’m not mistaken), the romance element starts to get clear but it is still not explicit for some characters. At least we can start to make smart guess of who actually likes whom.

As of the latest chapter, the romance relationship may look like this....

Haru likes Mary? (Check volume 6/7)
Ranta likes Yume? (Check volume 7/8)
Shihoru likes Kuzak? (Check volume 8)


About fighting scenes, the fight towards the end in vol 3 was absolutely engaging, intense and somehow hilarious? (I’m sure those who have read understand). As the volume progresses, our main casts will begin to explore more of Grimgar. From this point on, the story and settings grow and becomes more interesting. Definitely, there will be more fights too.

Looking closely at our MC, he is weak. It is evident from his fighting style. Especially as a thief, he does not have the skill to single-handedly overpower an enemy in comparison to warrior or dark knight. He would always prefer to attack an enemy from their blind-spot to avoid direct confrontation. If he has to take an enemy head-on, he would always use a defensive stance. But...


Later in further volume. He would discover new strength after a certain incident in another world. Enabling him to confidently engage an opponent head-on such as Ranta with more offence than defense


Plus, he is not a naturally-born leader. In fact, he is kind of forced to be take on the role. The others are in good terms with him except for one. Because of this person too, it causes him to contemplate his capability as a leader. Though there is an odd one out of the team, the whole team actually subtly challenges his mental fortitude too. The fact that he has to be the leader when he does not have that nature in him gnaws deeply within him throughout the story. Plaguing him with doubts and the burden of the thought to be a reliable leader for his team. Causing him to overdo things by himself. Ironically, his teammates are vital emotional supporters too.

Particularly Mary I believe. It is depicted from her continual support of Haruhiro (though it may looked minor) from her early participation into the team and in almost every circumstances in comparison to other characters.

Shihoru is another one of the best exemplar of character growth. In the first volume, she is signified as a timid/shy girl. However, she grows to become a strong one after the first teammate's death. This growth of hers is not obvious only until the second death of their teammate. She is hardly affected by this situation in comparison to others because she has faced harsher reality before, which is the death of her dearest. Moreover, other LN readers have said that she has somewhat become a sub-leader in further volumes as she has become more aware of the well-being of her teammates.


In essence, again I would like to point out that the characters and their sense of realism are the ones making Grimgar so engrossing and enjoyable. Properly indulge yourself in their dilemma/ drama or any other circumstances and realize the splendor and richness of the LN’s writing. Apart from that, I just loved how the author portrays the theme (derived from the title's name) and splendidly integrates it into this LN. <<less
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Mar 26, 2016
Status: --
I truly cant understand why so many people like this coming of age story. This is not a story about weak to strong. This is a story about people lacking common sense and how they suffer for it. Fish floundering on land is a good metaphor. During the very slow story telling you will read how the ret*rded characters gain common sense. Apparently this is called plot progression.

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Jan 10, 2021
Status: v16
Reading all the critics here and I was like wtf?! Did all you people have a single template for the brain that you cannot even accept it when a novel with a different take towards the "Summoned to another world" genre appears? My ghad, I can't believe that I am reading the same novel as Exvalkyrie with his comment. Turn-based attacks? Wtf? I've read tons of novels (hundred of each from Jp, Cn, Kr, and Western), and all I could say is that the fighting scenes and descriptions in... more>> this novel are only equaled by those fighting scenes in Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and Reincarnator. Turn-based? How in the world did that term even appear in your head? Frankly, I think you're the one who has a turned-based attack for a brain. Lol, he asks why the thief is roaming around doing nothing, do you truly think you could gang up to a moving target and burst him with all of your party skills in a real-life scenario? Closing up on a rampaging individual could put you in unnecessary danger since a wildly flung machete could instantly kill you, much more there's a high chance of friendly fire since it's not like your comrades' skills and hits would simply pass by through body or miraculously miss you one way or another. Real-life fighting isn't like that bro, why would there be cases of misfire even in the police forces if that's the case? And that is while they have guns, cold weapons are more prone to mishandling than guns. You've been to immerse in your RPG games that you forgot such simple facts. Mind you, there is yet an RPG game that could truly replicate all elements of the battle.

Next is you ask why the thief roam. Are you simply an idiot who does not know what a secondary damage dealer+leader do on a battlefield. They have to roam the battlefield to look for possible unforeseen threats, look for the status of both enemy and teammates, and based on one's judgment, provide assistance to finish the battle more quickly. Usually, the job of looking out for enemy reinforcement is handled by the thief while directing the battlefield is the job of support and also the leader. But since Manato died, Haruhiro had to take on both the jobs of those two, thus being more than what he is capable of handling. Mind you, the MC is a mediocre person, not some f*cking beta who can think thousand of thoughts in a split second while also "smoothly" knowing the entire state of the battlefield and the entire surroundings. He is multi-tasking here bro and it's in a real fight, not some fun and games. Looking out for changes and splitting up to stall enemies while fighting is a f*cking normal in a battle involving two or more enemies, you can't just burst one enemy with all your party's attacks while expecting it would be an instant kill while at the same time expecting the comrades of the enemy to stay put and wait for their turn after their comrade is dead. That's is the definition of the turned-base that you f*cking describe the novel lol. I don't even believe anymore that you truly played that many RPGs. You see, you shouldn't just play, you should so digest and use your imagination to think about what would truly happen in real-life if you want to truly enjoy the fun of RPGs.

Next to that, I would address those comments saying why the MC is such a p**sy. I don't have much to say other than asking you this, "Imagine yourself just waking up from amnesia with your body and brain accustomed to the comfort of the city, and suddenly after waking up, you have to fight monsters that could truly kill you.

Remember, you neither have the knowledge or skills to even truss a chicken, much less kill an armed and agile living creature, while at the same time still suffering from the inconsistencies in your memories (heck it's like they reverted back to being babies), as well as the fear of being hurt (lol who wants to go get hurt) or much worse, him or witnessing another one of his comrades dying in front of him. Forget making strong decisions, would you even dare to walk a step away from where you are standing?" People, please be realistic, the author wants to portray normal and down to earth MC, not some sort of a maniac of a main character who acts like he has 9 lives and almost as if he knew that their plot armor would save him. Remember that they no longer know the concept of games, so instead of believing they are "chosen ones", they would be more inclined to believe that they are all " Unfortunate group of youths that is thrown in a harsh and cruel world with a high chance of dying", where do you guys think would they be able to get the confidence to live strongly and make decisive decisions from huh?!

Now last but not the least is for those who whine about the slow pace of the Novel. First, as another person had stated, Grimgal has Slice of Life as its element, so from that alone ain't your thinking obsolete already? It's like your whining about the school part of a School Romcom or the part of the robot of a Sci-Fi Novel, be matured enough to think whether your thinking is straight and in line with things. Although no opinion is wrong, if it is purely nonsensical no matter which angle you look at, how about you simply keep it to yourself instead of showing the world how lacking your mind is? To further elaborate the necessity of slice of life in this otherwise isekai+action story, please be reminded that one of the unique and major points of this story is the part in which the characters have almost no memories of their lives before the summon. So in this novel, one of the major focuses is the growth of the characters from almost empty husks (zero memories) towards truly thinking and age-appropriate thinking teenagers. Now let's be realistic, shall we? You don't merely grow from huge events such as an instance of bullying or rejection from your crush (my own view of real-life situations which equal fighting monsters with your life in the line), no! You even small events such as the deep talk you have with your parents over dinner could contribute to your growth as an individual as much as from a huge event. So why shouldn't the author portray those things? And it's not even that much of the story either. Moreso, in a group of novices with absolutely no experience, how could you expect heart-thumping action scenes that you want? Lol, it's not like every day where the peaceful town you lived in was attacked by enemies the very moment you walked into that said town like in other novels (lol that's such a forced and s*upid plot and pretty realistic events that veteran readers like me hate so much).

Moreover, the f*ck, the slice of life like part of the novel lasted only until the latter parts of volume two, and from volume 3 to volume 12, you won't even be able to breathe with how f*cked up the adventures of the main casts get, it was to the point that you would feel sorry for them and curse the author for not even giving a moment for both the protagonist's party and the reader to catch their breath.

Most importantly, from volume 3 onward, the pace would pick, and all the major elements of the story would simultaneously be elevated, especially my favorite drama part (Sweet jealousy moments lol). And also, the backstories of the main cast would be shown bits by bits starting from volume 3, and that is when you will find the reason why they act like they do in the earlier chapters, which may also be the reason for your misgivings.

So all I could say for future readers is, stick to at least volume 3 and I assure you that all your misgivings (if there's any) about the novel would be washed away. (Though don't expect that for the tragedy part lol). To make it easier for you to pass by the earlier volumes, think of the mc's situation like this, "The Novel's protagonist but not the World's/ Grimgal's protagonist". The story is seen from their point of view but the world does not simply revolve around them. Rather, while they started at the outermost layer of the stage, their exploits and experiences during their adventures are what would slowly push them towards the center of the stage, the center of the world. <<less
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Oct 08, 2016
Status: v4c7
I honestly like this story. The translator is amazing let's face it. A proper one. Not just "copy paste into another language". A pleasure to read. The story is about a bunch of normal people, weaklings doing their best. And honestly it's a breath of fresh air, to have characters act like "normal people" and not some c*cky bastard "you offend me I kill of your entire family". They are flawed, they have hopes and despair. The pacing is slow, but the quality of prose makes it enjoyable in my... more>> opinion. I actually have to read what is happening and not just skim it like I do most LN, and thank god, no streaks of ten chapters of "everyone praising and third-party POV of how awesome the hero is". There's alot of "slice of life" and internal conflicts from the hero, so if that's someone that annoys you, better take a break of skip. A human story, I love it :) <<less
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Aug 24, 2016
Status: v4c1
I do not agree with the criticism towards this series found below. Yes, it can be a little slow at times, but I think the pacing is perfect to introduce and properly expand upon characters. I also like how MC is in no way overpowered. He is slowly moving forward.

I also think that the author was very brave setting the story actually pretty darkly; under the carefree outer package there's a real fear and sadness and hints of despair. I could really relate to MC which is a nice change... more>> from the typical brutes/happy-go-lucky or silent, strong stereotypes. He is a weakling. He does not express himself well. He has doubts.

It is a great series. If there's one thing I wished, it would be for more to be translated - but fortunately, the translators are doing a great job, both in quality, and in frequency of their releases. Please keep going. <<less
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Dec 26, 2015
Status: --
In the beginning, because there are a lot of people introduced, I personally get confused and lost, so it was a bit hard for me to enjoy at first. But as I read more, I find myself entertained.

At this moment, I rate the wn highly. At times, it's like the main characters are leveling up fast, but in reality their abilities are really lacking, and I enjoy their slow-yet-steady progress and struggles. The protagonist is one of the more realistic ones out there, and I do enjoy his slow progression... more>> of conquering his own fear and ineptness. <<less
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Dream Seeker
Jun 06, 2016
Status: v1c10
This novel is very depressing.... and that's what I can't get over with novel. The character aren't likeable nor is there a deeper message... it's just a sad novel that isn't even a tragedy. The mood in this novel is horrible, so I don't think I can in right mind recommend this one, but the translations was beyond excellent, so test the waters if you are interested in the premise.
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Aug 03, 2016
Status: --
I suggested before you read this imagines when you suddenly transport into new world, you forgot everything about the old world you've lived before and must fight or kill some monster to survive. If you're just the normal person or average person I doubt you can kill single monster. Even weak monster can kill you, and if you don't kill the monster you will die from hunger because you don't have any money. This novel is slow pace and I love it because it's like the anime. Watch the anime... more>> "Hai to Gensou no Grimgar" and then read the novel or do both and you'll get the feel the feel. <<less
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Jan 08, 2018
Status: v7
A lot of people drop this LN because it is too slow. Thought it is true that the progression is slow in the beginning of the series, I regard it as an important and necessary thing as this is where the author introduces the world of grimgar and the characters themselves. It deepens the reader's connection to the characters to the point that reader's could strongly feel every bit of development the characters experience.

As the world of grimgar is set and concepts solidified, the story begins progressing quite fast. And... more>> this goes in parallel with the characters too. Meaning that decisions, reactions, emotions and many more are carefully lived out and thought through that it doesn't leave any frustrations to the reader. The character development is well made that I would find myself in deep thought on what would happen in their future. HABITS and PERSONALITIES are carefully introduced and solidified in the first few volumes that in the latter ones, their decisions and reactions wouldn't need any explanations. In fact you would feel a deep bond with the characters for every twist and turn they go through. A smile would casually come to my face as the characters make decisions that needed courage, and a bit of an ache and tear when I know it affects them negatively.

Regarding their world, character strength and some hints of their future:


As it is already obvious they have traveled to another world. As the story progresses they eventually discover other ones. The charcters do not just stay in grimgar but in fact have traveled into other worlds as well (two worlds other than grimgar). Though they were forced into the other one (a world that would test their limits completely). Though this doesn't happen until the latter chapters, it is here when their skills are heightened completely and gives a whole new level of exitement (like how would their friends react, and OH BOI THIS IS IT) that is incomparable to common stories (OP already ir not so OP > time skip/cheat progression > super OP = not much anticipation or emotion/connection but a lot of hype instead). SNEAK LEVEL, DARKNESS ALL AROUND, DRAGONS, HARUHIRO'S FEELINGS, SHIHORUS POWER, I want to read more : (


This LN has been a good one for me. It's all serious and lovely. Every choice they make has drastic consequences and you could feel it because the story itself progresses from that. A slice of life you could say. It's curretly my favorite LN. I would recommend! <<less
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Nov 05, 2015
Status: --
I have to say I was somewhat surprised.... I felt like it was going to be boring a number of times
but it has done well to make me feel wrong on that front

So READ it FULLY for like a volume to judge.. seriously... otherwise u might get lost or feel like its gonna die.. but when u finish to the point where it turns it is pretty nice.. and you see why the pacing was or things setup were as such
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Mapless knight
Mapless knig
Jul 18, 2016
Status: --
First off, thank you to the groups of people that work hard on translation, and all other tasks. Now for my review and opinion. I tried, I reallly tried, to stick with this novel. As is it repeated multiple times, slow story, reality moronic character. That it in a nuts shell. I had hopes when I first started for the characters whould wise up. They do but I found the complete lack on thougth on their part sad. Even with all the failure they had. The character have very little... more>> to like about them for me at least, the MC is cowardly that's fine, I get it, real people stuck in monster infested world without cheats or any kind of ability. Big woop, the utter ineptitude of all of them was depressing, I read to enjoy my self damn it. Their was very little for me to relate with any of them. I stuck around for the mystery from the beginning until it became clear thats probably not going to happen. On a side note if one day it is explaine the amnesia please send me note. I gave up after the second volume I don't recommend this novel, hell just read the reviews it should give you all an idea of what your getting into. <<less
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May 22, 2016
Status: --
The best thing I can say in this novel is "even in fantasy world where there is no cheat, life is hard, even the greatest strategy can fail in a blink of a eye, Money? You can't use it if your dead, but no money? Your still dead from hunger, not every people are Einstein level brain wow great discovery lol. Doing kirito mode in this novel is plainly suicidal. And life so fragile both human and monsters"

This is not your average isekai/tensei where life is so cheat mode. But... more>> a real life~ survival mode in fantasy world. Kill or be killed. I say even plain goblin desperately cling to there life and mourn for there friends. Is really sick to stomach if you think it too much.

This novel is a good wakeup call to people think that fantasy life is easy life. Where killing solves everything. So I suggest please read it. <<less
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Jun 06, 2018
Status: v9
This novel feels different than the rest I've read. I have read far more popular Novels and ones which have ratings high AF (goblin slayer, Faraway paladin etc). But there's something special about this novel than those I've read or stated. The writing seems slow but is realistic as can get. This novel has a way with describing what a character is feeling at a moment in a fantastic way. You don't get novel like these and this one is a rare gem in my opinion, not just realistic but... more>> also as relatable as can be while still being enjoyable to read. Put yourself in the shoes of any character from any isekai genra of LN and you will find your self most relatable to Haruhiro the protagonist in this series. Dont let all the slow talk fool you about its tense action and suspense packed writing. I've changed after reading this novel. I would have regretted if I never picked this series up. Don't just give it a try, read it as you would your favourite book series because trust me this is gunna become one for you. I could go on and say so many great things but my words still wouldn't do justice to this novel series that molded my taste and thinking in choosing novels. :) <<less
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May 19, 2016
Status: v3c1
hrm. There are many aspects of this novel that I could complain about, and several of the reviews have already touched on them (Ranta, pacing, characterizations, Ranta, plot wandering, Ranta, etc.)

Yet the world building and storytelling in the background is detailed enough to be compelling, yet invites your own creativity in imagining it. I find myself returning to this novel for rereading on an occasional basis, which is usually a mark of a Good Novel, which I don't really think it is. Perplexing, yet enjoyable, would be an adequate... more>> description. Read it; it may be your cup of tea. :) <<less
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Aug 25, 2018
Status: v5c1
I'll first talk the fact that this novel is the only one that have something, so intrigued by the fact why all the readers only stated that MC and his party WEAK, SLOW or P*SSY, that leave me no options but to write it on my review.

First we need to know what kind of novel is this about.

It is about OP MC in search of his Gotta

... more>> Catch'Em All Harem?,


It is about OP MC in his daily life slow-living Isekai world?,


It Is (Supposedly) about Normal MC in his common-sense-filled adventures in world called grimgar, which leave us with no OP power, plot armor, no-minded heroine which craving for MC like narcotics, or others that mainstream on anime or novel nowadays.

But this novel fail at those, like if you notice, this novel would make you feels mad at every fight scene.

Just get it, if this so called grimgar world filled with game skill and monster (like every isekai trope do), what kind of game it's based? Old-school-RPG where enemy would wait your turn before attacking?, NO... it's supposed (at least) on level nowadays Action-RPG-based Open World to fit the realism of world where some sapiens can living on it.

Now that you know what kind of world where MC supposed living in, you will know that MC weak on the level of Deus-Ex. While other people (i means other that MC party) playing of Hack-n-Slash Musou Warrior game of their life like a Champ, MC stuck on their turn-based Fantasy games.


    1. Scene fighting Mobs
        • Other: Slash -> Make cool pose -> Enemy dead.
        • MC: Slash -> goblin take 3 damage (repeat like 20 times) -> Enemy dead (Party lose 20% stamina).
    1. Party position
        • Other: 2 Warrior fighting enemies, other off-screen support with magic and other with reasonable distance.
        • MC: Everyone fighting enemies, archer shoot on position where she can also slash the enemy, healer go for kills, MC (thief) fighting like a warrior (or loser to be exactly) with his Deus-Ex-grade-inta-kill crit.
When you read this novel again after reading my review, as a gamer (or people that actually have been played it at least once) your mind wouldn't thinking such why cant MC do this or that. You would thinking why Author

MAKES MC can't do this or that.

    • Why wouldn't you buy better weapon that actually can cut (if his party weapon really normal, then goblin would be Steel-skinned humanoid monster which isn't because no one using goblin-skin armor).
    • Why wouldn't you use your brain like every sapiens do (a thief with no cunning mind to search for enemy weakness, play dirty trick like poison-coating, smoke screen, throwing weapon, trap, hit-n-run tactic, heck so many things to do with his weak hand would be better use that just scratching enemies).
    • Why a thief walking on the middle of the road (can't you just HIDING? like every thief do? better make enemy know that I am here rather than surprise them).
    • Why wouldn't Author makes MC that actually a MC (heck, those above mentioned would makes more sense if MC was a SAMURAI because a katana can't cut steel or something that having strength more than a human do. Fun fact ; Japan lose the war).
Yeah, if you want MC that overcome his weakness, better search MC that actually WEAK, not just because Author makes him in different world that other characters living in. <<less
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