Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (WN)


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Suddenly, high school student Subaru Natsuki has been summoned to another world on the way back from the convenience store. With the biggest crisis of his life being summoned to another world, and with no sign of the one who summoned him, things become even worse when he is attacked.

But when he is saved by a mysterious, silver-haired girl with a fairy cat, Subaru attempts to return the favor by helping her track down something that was stolen from her. When they finally manage to get a clue, Subaru and the girl are attacked and killed by someone.

Subaru then awakens in the place he was summoned and notices he gained the ability “Returns by Death” and has become a helpless boy that only has the ability to rewind time to a certain point by dying.

Beyond the despair, can he save the girl from the fate of death?

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Re:Zero - Restarting Life from Zero in Another World
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joshan rated it
July 14, 2016
Status: v3c68
Well the MC is the weakest creature in the multi-verse with a time cheat (its in the description. It goes back in time u know) but thanks to it he gets tortured a LOT and somehow hes more afraid of dying than getting tortured (by the end of the serie hes gonna get addicted I bet). The loops get longer (more episodes per volume) with more and more deaths/fails to the point u gonna yell: [WIN ALREADY DAMN IT! Im tired of reading!] Yeah, needlessly long volumes, also the author... more>> seems to want to convey that if u get very lucky or have a time cheat u can do a lot of things despite being the weakest. <<less
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FlippyFlop rated it
March 14, 2017
Status: v4c19 part2
Love the concept. Loved the anime (tho the production value seemed to go down near the end). Not too edgy, not too tame. MC isn't a know-it-all god, but not completely inept. A good balance, but if you are expecting a powertrip (MC reveals true powaaaah and stuns audience) then this is not for you. If you don't like seeing the MC fail repeatedly then its not for you. If you are expecting the MC to convieniently 'level up' and gain ungodly powers (appraisal-sama / slime-sama) this is not for... more>> you. Hell, I can't even tell if this is have a happy ending for the MC. Expect some frustration, sadness and cringe-worthy actions. Perfect for a read on those quiet, lonely nights. <<less
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ruize1 rated it
December 9, 2018
Status: --
Im getting a bit triggered from people downvoting this novel because it doesn't have the PROBLEMS that other webnovels have. Some people have complained about this webnovel having a weak-willed character, or the character not getting goddamn OVERPOWERED from all his deaths and restarts.

So, first of all, Subaru being a weak-willed character. Sure, this happens in the novel. I even get pissed sometimes when he does something cowardly that ends up hurting somebody else. Well, guess what? This webnovel is amazing because the main character is actually FALLIBLE. "Wow, this... more>> main character doesn't even do everything perfectly after one death. Such an idiot." Well, he's a BELIEVABLE human being, executed well, which is actually amazing for a webnovel. Additionally, he's only weak-willed in the first three arcs, as he gets stronger in both fighting ability and personality from Arc 4 and onwards. Which, you know, is called good character development, something some people can't comprehend properly as something you need in a story.

So, as for main character getting overpowered from all his restarts, I'm quoting @BlackMazino (I know his review is pretty old, but I'll still use it to prove my point)

"Why don't MC go to the guild heir someone or find some powerful people, make contract with devil/demon, find good weapon, learn making trap, learn alchemist, use knowledge form japan to make some weapon, gathering information enemy weakness"

"Find some powerful people?" You really think its that easy? Yeah, I'll just wander into a guild, spout something about needing help, and totally get a powerful guy to leave everything they're doing and help me. Subaru tried that, and guess what? DIDN'T WORK. Surprise, surpise, a webnovel that makes sense.

"Make contract with devil/demon." Again, making it seem like something that can be easily done out of nowhere. Wow, why didn't the main character just summon some OP creature to help him win everything? Uh, maybe because it doesn't make any sense?

"Find good weapon, learn making trap, learn alchemist, use knowledge form japan to make some weapon." Are you complaining about the webnovel NOT being Arifureta? Because it seems like you're complaining that this webnovel isn't Arifureta. Not even gonna bother rebutting this one, and for anyone wanting an explanation, just read everyone's reviews of Arifureta and all its s*upid plot holes. Or if you want to waste your life, just read Arifureta.

"Gathering information enemy weakness." He does that. Don't even know what your talking about here. In fact, he does it very well in each death


Other than the death where Subaru purposefully pretends to be insane in order to mentally run away from the hopeless situation he is in. Which, of course he gets over by DEVELOPING AS A CHARACTER.

tl;dr This webnovel is amazing. Of course it isn't without flaws, but all the one star reviews from what I've seen are completely irrelevant. <<less
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August 25, 2017
Status: v4c40

First of all if you are here after watching the anime it's best to start reading from v3ch1 (start of Sin of sloth arc)

Why ?

... more>> Because there is a huge difference between the anime and novel

And if you are a Rem fan you should 100% read the side stories..

Now about the story

If you are the type who likes OP MC how is strong smart and handsome loved by every girl then I can tell you 100% you should not read this novel

I dont want to spoil anything but let just say the MC char in the start of the story can even be considered as ugly and childish. (not in the cute way or airhead dense virgin way but the wtf are you doing way)

If you saw what he did in the anime around ep 15 then believe me that wasn't the first or worst time....

But in his defence he was just a kid thrown to another world almost without anything but his return from death cheat and even that can be considered a curse depending on the way you see it..

Will with time he matures and gets better though honestly it's more like he doesn't have a choice because of his cheat (a.k.a curse)

Now leaving Subaru {MC} aside the story and plot are slow REALLY SLOW But not boring and realistic not to slice of life degree but in a balanced fantasy way

There will be unrealistic things sometimes but in the end after few chapters and in some cases few arcs when the MC understand things better it will make sense because we only see things from MC POV or 3rd POV about MC current actions

Of course the story is dark not very dark because MC have a nice curse but will let's just say that not everything and everyone will be saved...

And the story is the type that gets better the more you go on so you don't have to worry about starting good and then turning to shit.

In the end this is mostly for people how read a lot of novels and searching for something new so if you are looking for a cute novel or action wars novels I do not recommend this novel for you

Its not that the novel is bad it's just not for you taste (that's why there is a lot of people that give it 1 star)


The translation is really good and according to the translator he doesn't plan on dropping the novel so there is that too.

Plus most of the side character in the story are interesting with a lot of depth and not there just for the sake of the MC which is extremely rare. <<less
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Fritdz rated it
September 20, 2016
Status: --
Don't be fooled by the 'summoned to another world' setting. The story may have started with the protagonist, Subaru, suddenly appearing in another world but unlike other stories of the same genre, he is completely weak and pathetic. Nothing in the story goes well at first and honestly that's a good thing.

Being thrown into an unknown world where nothing goes as planned and no one to rely on, he was saved by the main heroine, Emilia. The story revolves around her whether you like it or not. She is the... more>> driving force and the cause of despair for the protagonist. Although the 'Returns by Death' ability may seem to be overpowered, you can't turn a blind eye on the fact that Subaru has no idea how or why he has the ability and that he has to experience the pain of death, both himself and possibly others. Even if he has the knowledge to prevent a disaster, its not certain everything goes as planned and he only 'returns' just a few days before the incident giving barely any time to prepare.

Through repeated failures and mistakes, he has to again and again stare death in the face and watch helplessly as everyone dies around him. The story has a horrible habit of making the protagonist fall into madness every time he 'returns'.

Though the protagonist's miserable character and personality may disgust you, I assure you the story isn't all about despair. The comedy in the story really showcases the relationships between the characters. The love in the story is anything but superficial. The characters learn valuable lessons from each other and the change shows. Nothing beats the satisfaction at the end of the multiple 'returns' faced where finally Subaru obtains victory. <<less
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evil lnfant
evil lnfant rated it
February 18, 2021
Status: --
Re:zero is boring. Utterly boring, completely dull, overwhelmingly monotonous, unconditionally mind-numbing, wholly prosaic, purely monochrome, comprehensively tedious, positively unexciting, absolutely uninteresting, unequivocally wearisome, extremely tiresome, downright humdrum, categorically mechanical, deeply run-of-the-mill, outright uneventful, severely dreary and profoundly soul-destroying.

On the bright side if your kid's having trouble sleeping, read this to them.

Re:zero, a better sleep inducer than temazepam!

This novel gets a lot of praise for not relying on the usual tropes of genius MC, ridiculous power-ups for the protagonist and unlimited plot-armor for the main character, but honestly so what if... more>> the author doesn't use such things? I would rather read a novel filled to the brim with those tropes than this novel, simply because they're entertaining!

This novel can be cleansed of all cliches imaginable, and it still wouldn't make it good. This author doesn't have a creative bone in his body. His go-around for the cliches is simply to replace them with blandness and bullsh*t concepts.

Instead of 'ridiculous power-ups' we get 'boring, plot convenient concepts'.

Instead of 'unlimited plot-armor' we get 'return by death'.

Instead of 'super talent MC viewed as tr*sh' cliché we get 'autistic MC viewed as average'.

A good way to tell the existence of plot-armor in this novel is by the fact that the MC is s*upid in every way yet will still become "respectable".

The fight is, yes you guessed it, boring!

The MC in addition to having the brainpower of a pea possesses an annoying, bombastic personality, a thing I didn't know existed until reading this. What I mean by this is that he has negative likeability. He is an existence without value. I don't know how to describe him, I guess the best way to understand how useless he is would be to imagine the sum 1 + 0. Have you imagined it? If yes then well done, you've just created and experienced the protagonist in all his glory.

Overall Re:zero is as fun as the times tables, it lacks everything needed for a fun novel. I will give the author props if he was trying to commit to the name of the novel, Re:zero, because this thing really reads like it's a zero. <<less
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NoobyReader rated it
December 30, 2016
Status: --
Best part of this novel is

MC is a real average person from our world. From intellect, wisdom, and physical abilities are weak to average. MC is damn loyal to his love interest which is the reason I read this!! (Sadly I do like the maid but I really like his determination to get the heroine's heart which is damn rare this days)

Girls are damn girls not dolls!! As I said the maid is damn cute but

so sad to what happen to her


Every character is cunning except the MC on early part lol.

And the most important and best the part is the maid! Yes the maid. I never seen a maid this cute! If you read this surely you will get a maid fetish!!! So read my fellow brothers and get charge by her cuteness!!!! Sorry getting emo here. Score 10/5 due to maid!! If she is not in the volume only 3/5. You will say that the maid should be the main heroine if you read this. The real heroine is a little blad for my taste other than her bravery, kindness and looks she a little hallow for me. I rather select Princess Altina for princess category lol. In short the main heroine is getting over shadowed by the maid lol. Deredere maid will nuke your minds lol.

Real score 5/5. Due to drama is intense sadly for me the gore is too much for me. And the madness is in the air every volume. Still I can read this due to the lovable side characters.
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ShioriStein rated it
December 2, 2018
Status: v5c40
I can see how this novel being downvote so much but I think it got unfair vote.

We start with our main character is a modern Japanese NEET. After get out of store he got transport to another world with ability to return from DEATH. This is main reason why people hate him, he die too much.

But frankly I found this is an realistic part of this, he is a NEET then the next moment he being transport to another world, what do you expect ? Become a Pro social in... more>> an instant ? And yes because of that he die so many time, right 3 time because of some thug. And follow the story we can see he is dead alot to just save the people that is important to him.

Almost everyone he know and this is his choice


And this is story where you can see the growth of main character. From Arc 1 to Arc 5 you can see a very different person of MC each Arc. From how Social work to his logic of thinking.

MC is the weakest being in the story (just when compare with another character and not compare with villager). He have no ability, he got weakest (or garbage) magic ability to the point with one simple spell is enough to make him dizzy so he always relies on the other people surrounding and he dont want do it which sometime lead him to death. He also have a very fragile heart which more fragile after each death.

He lost his mind when it is too much for him to handle, without people to pull him up he will certainly will never can recover


And the most thing is:


He is very scary of death, despite he have ability to return after death but each time the scare of death increase. He know that there is a chance that the power return of death not bring him back to the same world but actually bring him to another parallel world which time is different so that like he being bring back to the past. It mean that the people of the world that he left behind will have to see a DEATH Subaru and that is the thing he scare the most, the face of people which see his death body. He have no other choice is lying to himself that it wont be. But in Arc 4 he have been showing the possibility of the world that existence after every of his death which broken his mind immediately because it release his fear of death. But once again he have people to pull him back to his feet and he himself swear to not death again


Best thing from this novel:


Subaru: Is it alright... to think that this person that I am... has any value besides Return by Death? To think that..... the people I care about..... care about me... as well

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
swordsman rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: v5c1
Ok originally I started in the anime couple years back and have now moved onto the LN and WN.

Arc 1 - Sets up a good introduction for 2 of the main characters, sets up the MC's cheat like ability and some mystery elements that will come into fruition in later volumes.

Arc 2 - A showing of the MC's weakness. This is not ur usual OP MC who uses cheat level skill to OHKO all enemies. This arc introduces and new threat and a chilling mystery.

Arc 3 - At the time... more>> of the anime this was my fav.

Whale, Archbishop

there is no end to the threat and hopeless despair the MC feels. A certain female character gets a lot of development in this arc and is one of the best ones for growth of the MC. He has a very powerful conversation in this arc that still to date has left a impression on me as one of the best written scenes involving only 2 people having a conversation with no movement.

Arc 4 - Now my favorite volume, recently finished reading it. An amazing arc pretty much every single important character in this arc gets a significant level of character development and growth in their character. The mystery, plot, fight, conversations, plot reveals and twists is at the highest level i've seen so far. In particular are Emilia who previously I didn't care for and our MC Subaru who really matures here.

Suburu - learns to

rely on others, get their help and not have the I'm a hero so I must walk this th**ny path alone route. He realizes his weakness so he gets help from his friends, and he helps his friends in return.

it seems like 1 step forward and 3 steps back.

Emilia - At the early stage of arc 4 I coudn't understand her and at the time I thought besides this weak character the novel is amazing, one of a kind brilliance. This arc made me have a 180 flip in how I view her, not my best girl but in top 3 for the series. I like

how she comes to accept the weakness' that exist inside her, gets to terms and accepts herself as a flawed individual a useless woman and this I find fasinating

. Rather than a Main female character who is always perfect and like a godess on a pedestal, someone with flaws feels so much more real and relatable. Perfect characters aren't entertaining because we can't relate to them and the struggles they face. Arc 4 has put this series for me in my Top 5 series.

Overall- An amazing story with great characters, plot, twists you won't see coming and leave you shocked long after they have occured. Does something very different from any other series out there and really stands on its own. Looking forward to future arcs. A real emotional rollercoaster.

p.s. Recommend getting Re Zero Ex - side stories featuring characters from the series. <<less
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RNGesus rated it
January 4, 2019
Status: v4c106
Totally worth the read. If you're interested in a wholesome Isekai story that defies expectations and gives pretty awesome character development this is for you. Just sit back, relax, ignore the waifu war going on in the background and enjoy the tragically comedic story.
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captain crunch
captain crunch
January 8, 2017
Status: v4c17 part3
Rating: 2.5-3 stars
Translation: 5/5

[[5 star = almost all readers will enjoy. 4 star = large majority of readers will enjoy. 3 star = 50/50 of readers will enjoy. 2 star = a niche audience will enjoy. 1 star = maybe portion of niche audience will enjoy.]]

[[5/5 = Minor spelling and grammar errors. 4/5 = bigger grammar errors, no loss of meaning. 3/5 = bigger grammar errors, some loss of meaning. 2/5 = difficult to read and understand. 1/5 = unreadable.]]

I have dropped this, so I will not vote an... more>> official rating. I am a fan of the currently only anime season produced so far, and I wanted to read ahead. I started reading from the epilogue of V3 of this WN, where the anime leaves off. The story is about a high school MC who gets transported to a fantasy world while on a trip to the convenience store. He encounters a half-elf girl, befriends her, and tags along with her. He runs into fatal situations, and discovers that he reappears as himself several days before dying, and retains his memories. However, he is unable to tell anyone about this ability. MC is on a journey mostly to stay by his new "love interest's" side and protect her from these dangerous events, while trying to figure out why he's there and what his ability is for. There is romance, not-quite-harem, magical fantasy world, demi-humans, fantasy monsters, magic cults, martial skills and/or magic combat, and hints of political factions. No nation-building or cultivation. MC doesn't have any powers or ability progression, except the 1 mentioned.

I liked the anime, but not the novel. I can't speak about the first 3 volumes, but V4 so far is incredibly boring to me. The majority of the text consists of uninteresting or redundant dialogue. An entire chapter can be 1 conversation that goes around in circles or repeats the same details over and over, without providing any new information or adding to the story. This also affects the already slow pace.

As an example, the characters have already decided to go somewhere, but then they sit down and spend the entire chapter talking about going to that place. Then the next chapter is almost the same exact dialogue all over again while they sit in a carriage. The chapter after that, they arrive at their destination, hoping to find answers to some questions. But then it's another chapter of dialogue where they talk in an extremely roundabout way to reveal almost no new information. It makes me want to put the WN away and do something else.

The next issue is the content of the dialogue. Most of it is the MC one-sidedly flirting with the girl, and teasing a side character, with little reciprocation. I guess it's supposed to be cute and funny, respectively, but to me it doesn't convey well and just feels creepy and douchey. Last main issue is that the MC sometimes sounds possessive and jealous. The anime also showed he is at times arrogant, angry, and immature. This seems like the start of an abusive relationship to me, which taints the romance. But, he is a teenager, and the guy dies over and over again and sometimes loses his mind while he is tortured, so maybe it's understandable? I really want to like the WN, because I enjoyed the anime. But the 1st 2 issues are huge. I don't know why this is so different from the anime's style. It could be that V4 is just a slow volume; there are no battles and MC doesn't have to use his ability, compared to the anime where MC dies all the time and has to figure out how to overcome each challenge. I'd give it 2 stars for uninteresting, long dialogue, and add half a star because there are interesting chapters in between the boring ones. Fans of the anime, like me, still want to know what happens next, so that anticipation might bump up the rating to 3 stars for some readers. However, I am dropping this because I want to spend my time reading other things. I suspect Volume 4 is just slow, so maybe if you stick around longer, it might get better.

Other thoughts: This WN version is ahead of the LN. The English LN has also been licensed, so you may have some trouble finding translations. WN should still be free. I'm not sure about differences between the 2 version, but I think the TN wrote that the differences are minor. <<less
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Nguvaikalonra rated it
August 2, 2021
Status: v26c6
Arc 6 is one of the best arc ever of all time. If you ask me why? I just say you go yourself and read it. Because is show to you best writing of mystery, horror, thriller, psychological, action, adventure, depressing, sadness, bittersweet and EPIC goosebump scene. Incredible.
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May 18, 2019
Status: v4c75
Most guys who are blaming the series and what not. Guys this isn't the place for you. Go read/watch overlord or slime where MC is ridiculously powerful and nothing seems to be in his way.

Face reality. Alright. What rezero does is slap on the face of many isekai's by showing them that not every isekai genre could be about death or summoning to different world with great powers which is good to see 1 or few times but every isekai is like this and rezero shoes you the reality of... more>> how life can be steugstr a d difficult to live in different world. Its not your goody goddy place with numerous powers sometimes the power you get makes you feel so pathetic that even it might seem like a cheat but the burden it outs on the person is much bigger as he is the sole witness of numerous deaths in numerous loops.

He has to swallow every failure of his and relive a new loop with the same energy or it might not go the way he wants to.

Maybe you guys are so fond of op Character that you forgot that even normal person live on that world too.

Subaru is a normal guy with no such ability and before he could even understand what was happening around him, he got swallowed in a ocean of troubkesand only troubles. Once he thinks that evryteveryis ok now, another tragedy happens it's not like he doesn't wants help from others but this world is selfish and they won't help a guy with half elf. They would rather him die. Everyone is thinking of themselves and they won't help you as they need their benefit in it first just like ho crusch got her opportunity to get revenge for her comrades on white whale or she wouldn't have even listned to subaru.

I live rezero and don't care what others think as if you really don't kiklit than what the f*ck are you doing here <<less
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Sarsanilla rated it
January 3, 2019
Status: v4c108 part1
Our MC, Subaru, gets shoved back in time to the nearest checkpoint every time he dies in this fantasy world.

He's immature, but he grows.

He's not the strongest, nor is he the smartest, but he's constantly trying to reach his goal, no matter how long it takes.

... more>> Also, BlackMazino, learning how to make traps, learning about alchemy, finding strong people that will help him, and making a contract with a f*ckING DEMON, aren't easy things to accomplish.

It's a good read, might make you cry, or not, might make you laugh, or not, I, personally, enjoyed it.

TL:DR: It ain't a sh*t power fantasy, and the characters are realistic.

If you want to see the Rem Ending, search up "Re:Zero Kasaneru", then do research on Re:IF

Otto is best boi

Praise the Holy Chicken. <<less
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ogdyolnafets rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: v3c1
This novel is just too sad. I watched the anime first in tears. The anime ended way too good with nice ending making me want to read the continuation from this novel. And I was flabbergasted, my heart is too weak.I decided to wait for the anime.

After all of that it's just the world seems to hate the MC and with the VERY ORDINARY MC TOO WEAK-HEARTED although the MC is improving mentally, the story has a nice flow, but Imagine if you were the one who got transported and... more>> knowingly YOU ARE A REINCARNATOR BEING TIME TRAVELER or we can just say IMMORTAL, first I would build up my knowledge, searching for means to earn money FAST and definitely If I f*cked up I would just commit su*cide. The painless way of course. I would build my own harem, learn magic, build my own castle to world domination. <<less
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obake rated it
April 16, 2019
Status: v5c62
There are not many novels which can grab the attention with drama and character development and as I have read my share of them I consider Re:Zero to be one of those beloved novels which I would recommend to any who wishes to delve into the drama category, it fills the spot left by hakomari and deungeon defense
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Kronze rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: v5c43
Always loved the story, really like the concept and the build up, albeit very painful for our MC who's pretty much warped to a self depreciating guy now but he's still trying. The backstory is really deep. But just to be clear, if something happens to Rem imma lose my shit
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GGbookluver rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: v6c40
I'm honestly surprised that I'm rating this story 4 stars, had the me a year ago seen this I wouldn't thought I had no taste.

Before I start my review I'd like to mention something quick. This story has no:

  • Harem (only 2 love interests, and one young girl who the MC dotes on who has a small crush but it's not taken seriously)
  • OP MC. Not here, nope.
  • Bland MC. I swear this is the last thing the MC is. Call him a prick, dumb, or a charming overdramatic, but he is not your everyday normal at all.
  • Bad Love interests. This has more to do with your tastes, but I'm pretty sure their not so bland like harem love interests and stuff.
  • Focused Romance. It's funny since the MC is a huge romantic, and constantly tells the FL how much he loves her. But there's no real devolopment.

    Even though they both technically have mutual feelings. This is mostly because the innocence of the fl, she doesn't understand romantic love, so even though she loves Subaru, she doesn't undertsand what it means and usually writes it off.

    This is one of those stories where romance truly is a sub-plot, or even less than that. It has a small presence in terms of overall plot, but it holds a significant part in the character's sense of self and priorities.

So I first came across Re:zero, the anime, years ago. It was interesting, but... you know those anime's that you hype over as watch but then forget the minute you finish. That was this, completely forgot Re:Zero and overtime could only remember bits and peaces, mostly the parts I didn't like. So my view of Re:zero never was that good. Not to mention back then I was obsessed with OP MC's or cunning MC's so Subaru never fit my ideal protagonist.

Then one day I saw the trailer for season 2, I had long since started reading webnovels and when I heard Re:Zero was a WN I thought I'd try it out, I was curious where the story goes. I picked the WN because I really like the raw feel from it compared to LNs.

Anyway I started reading it, from the beginning, and filling up the not yet trasnlated arc 2 and 3 by reading the LN of those arcs, then continued 4, 5, and halfway through 6. So, what do I have to say about the experience you ask?

I. was. wrong.

It's amazing.

First thing that sucked me in was the writing style, it was so... quirky (?). Not sure if that's the right word, but It felt oddly pleasant. The inner thoughts, and actions of subaru were actually human. They were sarcastic, funny, overdramatic. And the deeper the story got, the more depth Subaru got.

When Subaru lost his memories I was surprised by the difference, it was arc 1 subaru and despite the similar words. There was a different vibe, I never realized how mature, and deep a character Subaru had become until that moment.


All this, transmitted through text. I understood it all, simply from how well the words were conveyed. So good on author and translator.

My favorite part that lasted me throughout are the characters. I love all of them. My favorite is Emilia and Subaru's character developments. Seeing them grow stronger and support each other while finding their own selves. I really enjoyed it. I used to be a little annoyed at Emilia's frail nature, but I love her now.


Also Julius's devolopment in arc 6, Garfiel's in Arc 4, Crusch and Ferris, Otto, Meili (I have no idea why I like her but I do), Ram, and most of all... beako, so adorable.


The depression and struggle of the MC is interesting too, but I don't know enough to say it's realistic or whatever. It's definitely fun to watch it play out though.

Now that all is said and done, go ahead and give it a try.

- Peace
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cpzombie rated it
March 12, 2021
Status: v6c87
Really good and unique isekai with an interesting power system and history that is slowly being revealed as the story goes on. It also has the most character progression that I’ve seen in an isekai; at first you cringe at him constantly, but eventually he grows and you learn more about him and his past. Some of the best writing I’ve seen in a WN so far
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Daresan rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: v5c1
Well this novel is about a teenager who saves girls left right and center. The author is kind of talented but story is too romance driven. MC sucks so bad even though his character is fleshed out. He only thinks with his d*ck as expected of teenager. Not mature enough for me.
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