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High school student Mikoshiba Ryouma was summoned to a different world in the middle of a war. Sensing the malice from the one who summoned him (a summoner of the O’ltormea empire), he uses his martial arts to run away, killing important people of the empire during his escape. After the escape, he rescues two twin sisters from the hands of thieves. The sisters who can use magic, swear to serve him as subordinates. Thus, Ryouma begins his journey on the path of the supreme ruler.

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ongoingwhy rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: v2c14
I really wanted to like this novel but there's too many things about this chuunibyou novel and its Mary Sue protagonist that makes it sub-par.
    • Too many forced plot developments. What are the chances of meeting s*aves that know magic in the middle of a forest? What are the chances of a s*ave magic system having a major flaw that allows anyone to acquire ownership with a simple ritual?
    • Everyone is emotionally ret*rded. Everyone within the novel is easily provoked by a few simple words.
    • MC is the avatar of god. There's no one more intelligent than the MC in the entire series. He can outwit all of his opponents even while playing chess, shogi and go at the same time. After arriving within a kingdom, he immediately understood the political climate within a few minutes and managed to convince the princess to trust him. Then he negotiated in politics with experienced nobles and gained the upperhand.
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rdawv rated it
February 5, 2017
Status: c7
As of c7.

Early days yet, but I want to give a heads up to those who want to read this story. This isn't the typical wishy-washy herbivore Japanese MC, or the bullied-turned-bitter MC. The hero is a straight up ruthless and decisive, reminding me of Hagure Yuusha (Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero), though there hasn't been anything to suggest le*d content yet (all seven translated chapters are still about his arrival). Personally, the hero doesn't seem plausible: a school student who is taller and stronger than other kids who didn't... more>> blink an eye to launch the first strike, resulting in death and torture. It would be more believable if the hero was an older soldier or mercenary in his twenties. Instead, we're suppose to believe that this confident schooling kid learned deadly martial arts from his grandfather and somehow able to put all his training into practice despite growing up in modern day Japan. We're also supposed to believe that the MC was able to calm himself in this new environment and do Sherlock-like deductions and observation in such a sudden event.

As far as the setting goes, it seems like the usual "summoned to a different world" where knights and magic exist.

Translation is good, though some readers might be turned off by the translator's notes/opinions being inserted in the middle of the text itself. <<less
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KKristen rated it
October 10, 2017
Status: v2c11
The manga is better, because it condenses the plot and has good art.

The novel, as others have said, is unrealistic chuunibyou. The MC is both too Mary Sue to be believable, and yet not Mary Sue enough to be interesting. You're left with a guy who is too rational, too merciless, too kind-hearted, too smart, too normal, too motivated, and too unfocused all at once. The English translation quality is also very rough.

Usually I write long, detailed reviews, but I just don't have the motivation this time. Try it and... more>> you will quickly figure out whether you like it or not. That's all I have to say. <<less
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cyndor rated it
June 25, 2017
Status: v2c3
I tried to like this, I really did. Unfortunately I guess I don't get the appeal of this because of cultural differences maybe?

I agree 100% with everything ongoingwhy said in his review, and I would also like to say that this WN suffers from the typical JP MC fuccboi syndrome. It does not matter if this guy is 4 meters tall and breathes out fire, he is still constrained by what seems to be a rampant Mary Sue all-around-good-guy JP trope. Seriously, this guy is shaq size and breaks necks... more>> for fun but he simply does not know how to say no (especially to women). His interactions with people are painful to read, and it is not because he is unaccustomed to his new surroundings.


What broke the camel's back for me was the beginning of volume 2. He ends up finding out that he has no way to go back and he breaks down. Pretty normal, is it not? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, that's okay, because he's fine again soon enough and back to mindlessly doing quests.

The very next chapter he is forced to accept a quest that screams out DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!, because he has apparently checked his balls in at the counter. Of course, this quest is just a way to forcefully move the plot towards the direction that ongoingwhy mentioned, and he is like a fish in water in his new environment that I'm sure will cause him to inexplicably become involved in some world changing b.s.


This review (rant) might make me seem angry, but I'm really just disappointed. Disappointed in the direction, and consistently same character archetype that is prevalent in each new JP novel. The authors try and disguise it with different types of smoke screens and fire works but we can all tell.

Just to be fair, I'm not solely ragging on JP WN as I also believe CN WN are equally disappointing but in a whole other direction.

TLDR; Nothing new here folks, don't be deceived by all the shiny mirrors and the flashy lights. The story is just as unimaginative as the description makes it sound, and I'm sure you've already read something that resembles it. <<less
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Haevrus rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: v2c14
Yo, Heavrus here!!

Let's get onto it.

It has been a while since I had read Japanese novels. And boy, I was very much pessimistic about this one, I mean really. So, I left it in the dirt. Then I found a manga of the same name on Zingbox. Then I thought, it won't hurt if I read, right?. Dude, best decision of the month. It made me rethink about JP novels again.

Plot: Startup is really good. Only because of the MC. Otherwise its the generic plot, though it feels kind of... more>> polished and sometimes "forced". [I have decided to ignore this due to things I mentioned below]. But our MC, man, who would have thought he will be ruthless like CN novels? He has both Brains and muscles. Trained from the birth with Martial Arts to fight for death. He does not shys away from killing someone if he "must". But it not only ends here, he has intellectual brains too, that it makes you wonder how the f___ can an average student know so much about Politics, weapon knowledge, infiltration etc? Played Ascreed too much? Not a valid reason. Moving on.

Characterisation & World : Its a harem. So you know what to expect. But this novel has put some restrictions in this department. Good for me and the novel. It seems like the harem will not exceed more then 4/5. Since it was mentioned in one summary of the manga and you can see from the MCs attitude that he has not much interest in girls. I am a sucker for harems, but even I know by now. That more harems = less character development. This can be nullified if the author is experienced. But not everyone's d*ck and Brain are that hard. But, this guy (author) seems experienced even though the harem is already small. I can perfectly understand the circumstances which led to the girls being s*aves then servants or now the followers of MC. Therefore I can sympathise with them. Not every novel makes me do that. Other then the girls there are villains. As usual, it makes me want to punch them. But wait, being a king is no easy. Everyone is selfish here, from Sardina to Satou to that king. They have their ambitions. I understand that too. But it colludes with our MCs interest. That's where it went wrong.

Eg- As for the other guy that got transported before him "Satou" values Loyality, our MC values freedom, see? Its contradicts.

. Aside from that. Side characters are still side character's. No problem with that. I don't want to hear the life story of the bar tender anyway. The world is medieval. But at times, it screams "modern". Because of the heroes that came before him. To say it simply the cultural flow is uneven at places. Turmoil is everywhere. Disloyalty, bloody politics, unrest are leaking. And it is for our MC to take advantage and find his own purpose here on.

Potential and Verdict : For me. This novel has enough potential as China has over the world economy today. Should the author manages to do it good, it can spark fire. Definetly will keep reading.

[Haevrus Hotline: If you have played Crusader Kings II. Then you might love and understand it even more. Keep in mind, that this is upto the current chapters I have read. Since weather and Web novels may change faces anyday.] <<less
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Silvertin rated it
April 9, 2017
Status: v1c13
Shows promise! I originally found out about this from the manga (which of course has a few changes), and I like what I have seen so far. The protagonist is (as you can guess from the tag) strong, but not overpowered. Basically the typical Japanese high school student, except he isn't, because he is very familiar with killing techniques as that is what he has been trained with since he was young. I prefer this series over summoned slaughterer because the character kills out of necessity, not to be specifically... more>> vindictive like summoned slaughterer.

I do have somewhat of a problem with the translation speed though, it is kind of all over the place with an almost mas release roughly every 2 months, which also somewhat leaves me wondering if the series was dropped or still going, all the while having no news of what progress may or may not have been done translating.

Whatever the case may be though, I look forward to more chapters, and as of now the story is just slightly ahead of chapter 1 of the manga, for those who may be curious. <<less
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Ramey rated it
April 26, 2018
Status: v4c35
Its funny how the author explains the explination of explained details...a 3 set iteration of monolog... royoma in view of enemy.. enemy in view of royoma and justifying & normalizing both Of these view by author AND BANG!! WORDs FILLED, CHAPTER OVER

But man this series is nice
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ShasuX rated it
April 6, 2018
Status: v6c15
This is one of those stories where it really depends on what the reader actually likes, by no means is it one of those stories trying to cover all possible bases.

If you are looking for an action-driven story with wars, politics, schemes that features various points of views and is bloody at quite a few parts, then this is definitely a story for you.

What you won't find here is romance, harem, fluff and similar.

Personally I like that kind of story and it kept me reading until catching up with the... more>> author.

If I had to mention something I didn't like about this story, then it would be the odd character depth development. Many side characters get detailed descriptions about their personal history etc., while the MC and those close to him are kept rather "shallow." But then again the author chose a fast-paced story with one event happening after the other, so that "weak point" didn't weight too much for me.

In summary, I can only recommend this story. :-) <<less
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aresnine rated it
April 13, 2017
Status: v1c5
This novel got so much potential. Not typical lame, weak-minded Jap MC. This one can kill right from the beginning. The story doesn't focus on just brawl & fight, have a decent amount of drama & it have great depiction world-building. The author try to deliver different kind of situation that many other 'summoned to another world' novel failed to see. You can understand it, if you read the summary, but I can't say it is totally different from other novel's so far. But I think this is worth the... more>> look. <<less
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SenilePenile rated it
January 5, 2018
Status: v3c21
There's some issue with the series but overall it's not a bad read. In short

if you like light reads and novels that are higher risk then slice of life but not to the point that main characters can die than this is a probably a good read for you. Now to the issues.

Very unlikely coinky-dinks.

This isn't really much of issue in my view but it might be a turn off for some.

    • Main character comes from a universe that has humans that happen to naturally have an advantage in the summoners world.
    • Main character has unnatural physical prowess, even by the summoners worlds standards.
    • Main character happens to come across very impressionable, similarly aged, combat ready companions literally in the middle of a forest.
    • One of his companions happens to look like a princess from a country that was on the brink of civil war.
    • It just so happened that at the time the main character crossed into an area looking for people that resembled the princess of a country close to civil war.
    • And many other
      deus ex machinas.

Unused plot devices that are introduced as something important

    • The main characters world has humans that have high absorption power. essentially imagine re:monsters main characters unique ability, except everyone has something like that, just weaker. And anyone summoned from japan has very good absorption power. This seems like something that would be mentioned a lot right? nope. The main character has killed many people by now and its only mentioned a handful of times, but never as an important plot point. except maybe now in v3c21 were hes having a hard time learning magic because of all the conflicting chakra he has absorbed.
    • Magic is used very sparingly, even though it seems like an extraordinarily effective weapon/tool and in no short supply. it was used to wreck some merchants, drown some dudes, kill some fat guy, make a fort, and that's about it. 83 chapters, large portion with combat and only a handful of magic being used.
    • The main characters samurai like training is almost never used. Not saying that the main characters fighting skill is the focus of the story just saying he only got to show off like 4 times total.

now if these problems aren't cardinal sins for you then keep reading and see if this is a good read for you.

    • Slow-ish plot development. I say it's slow-ish not because I feel that it needs to pick up the pace but because the novel overall doesn't feel rushed. That being said the novel does like to make very large leaps which can be disorientating.

      MC goes from being summoned to immediately killing everyone to wandering the world to being involved in a civil war to creating a country.

      The in between each leap I feel is well developed and have solid story telling but the leaps are sometimes a bit too much too soon.
    • VERY LITTLE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. Both physically or mentally the MC has very little progression, I'd argue non at all. The MC already has this mentality that sticks out in our world but in this new world he fits right in. That leaves very little adjustments to his character to be had. The novel compensates by continuously adding characters into the story. This works... kinda.
    • Novel tries pretty hard to make everyone seem grey, and I love it. Some of the decisions made by some characters are pretty backhanded, but most of them I can personally approve of, since they make sense in the pov of said characters. If you like novels that have those kind of characters you might like this novel.
If you read this novel the way it was intended to be read than I believe its a good read. It's a good web/light novel, meaning if you read it lightheartedly and purely for enjoyment you will probably find said enjoyment. However if you are the type of person that like over analyzing, maybe stay clear of this one.
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GregLuck rated it
June 13, 2017
Status: v2c11
First of all, you got to know that it is not some wish fulfillment novel where it gets stronger exponentially. NO. Our MC are trained to be able to kill while on Earth.

The premise of being able to get stronger by killing (level) is there, but not being a main point of interest. Each act and the consequences of Ryouma is well thought.

The author way of hinting and bringing story is good, it flows well and have a good twist.

... more>>

like when Ryouma is so desperate can't go back to the previous world, the author hint it that Ryouma have another whole of dark side 'personality' reside inside him, yet doesn't spoil the story and make a good moment with the twins.


Also the MC is not just brute-force type, nor just the know-it-all guy which make every story just unbearable.

If I have to describe it, it's like a 'summoned slaughterer' and 'genjitshu oukokuzaki' combined and a poured into the plot of 'sevens' here and there. <<less
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Ryviux rated it
July 26, 2018
Status: --
The story has promise and feature stuff I like but the author is just too inexperience.

The author tries to built up the MC as this brilliant strategist but he only manage to make the rest of the cast look dumb. The villains are too cliche and s*upid, the allies surrounding the MC is not much better. They are astounded at every thing he does.
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sleib rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: v4c35
OK, I did not think I would see novel of such quality among translated Japanese novels. Great action, not a pu*sy MC, he is smart, cunning and strong. Those who like a badass and strong MC and those who prefer MC who relies on his brain will both like this. To say truth this is one of the best novels that is currently being translated.

Also to those who gave this 1 star... wtf are you reading? I think I know most of the fantasy action novels that are being... more>> translated right now and I can't find that many high-level novels that would warrant giving this novel 1 star. Just what and how many novels did you read that are so high level that you gave this one 1 star? <<less
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shadowpig rated it
December 17, 2017
Status: v3c17
The MC is awesome, having already a strong moral code, has no hesitation in killing people who wants to fight him, dumping away the kingdom that betrays him, prioritizing to protect his group. After witnessing the s*upidity ... more>>

(dumb knight that fell into a trap despite MC orders)

) of this world, his goal now is to build a nation which fits his ideology, protect those he treasured and just point a giant middle finger to this shitty world.

The only bad thing is that the MC cleverness is kinda unrealistic for a 16 year old student, hes able to politically maneuver and outmatch anyone from the nobles to entire countries. But then again this is japan, every MC has to be a high schooler for god knows what reason. <<less
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EvilGenesis666 rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: v3c3
This novel feels more like a CN one then JP, as it's focused more on world and logic of MC then emotional aspect of characters. However it didn't do a good job especially with the MC in my opinion, as it tried to make him too ruthless and cold but on the other hand normal and kind, it feels too contradictory and uninteresting in some parts of the story. That just doesn't go together and the translator doesn't help with making it better.
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Hijria rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: --
I really love the protag.

He's strong without any cheat, smart, quick witted also kind yet he's rational enough to not to be naive man with flower in his head.

He's ready to kill, ready to be evil, ready to be cunning if he must to. Yet he's still has rooms to save Laura, Sara, Lione or Bolts.

... more>> I think this WN is the most rational story in the situation where you suddenly transfered to another world.

The story is not too heavy like "Dungeon Seeker" and not too easy going like "In another world with my smartphone".

It's just fit and perfect.. <<less
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Okabe_rintarou rated it
June 11, 2018
Status: v5c13
Probably the best isekai novel I have ever read.

The MC is exceptionally sharp and quick witted, even though he looks like a pro wrestler, he's smart to the extend that he can pose a threat to Mo Tian Ji. XD

He's not someone who gets manipulated by beautiful women, not someone who acts rashly just because he sees some kind of injustice where he could do absolutely nothing if he wishes to stay alive and keep his people alive..

There's no super OP magical skill or cheat that you see other MCs... more>> get conveniently on transfer, but all otherworlders or summoned people have higher rate of growth compared to the natives.

The story is so well written. The author has done exceptionally well by explaining the historical and political scenario, even the political idiots in the story are well maintained and not just arrogant and idiotic for the sake of being like that.

There's actually a good amount of suspense and the pacing is great, there's also the fact that you'd get addicted to it even if you don't like political novels if you can appreciate a good story.

It's not aimed at teenagers to be honest, and it's definitely not meant for girls.. So if you are one of these and can't seem to appreciate it, please don't give a bad review, you're just not in the target group.

Actually if someone could make some digest chapters without too much explanation of the political scenario, it could very well become something that is for everyone.. But it would make it more generic and annoying..

I'll tell you one thing. This is not your average Japanese Isekai harem with a donkan protagonist, tsundere main heroine who's a pettanko loli with twintails and another bunch of women who are just there to spice things up. If you are expecting this, just don't read it. You have plenty of such shitty novels out there, why bother giving a bad review for a well written novel, just because it's not something you can appreciate?? I could understand rating low for ethical reasons, but any other reason would just be invalid. <<less
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redrover rated it
February 10, 2018
Status: v4c5
To be honest, I don't really have anything bad to say about this story at this time. It's an excellent politics and kingdom building story with a decent amount of philosophy thrown in. Everything in the story either fits into the internal setting or has a tolerable reason why it doesn't. The only reason I'm not giving it five stars is because I've seen better, and that's more a matter of personal experience and general skill of the author than anything specific about the story.

However, there is a contentious issue... more>> I'd like to address; the power and skill of the MC, Mikoshiba Ryouma. Yeah, he is uncommonly strong and smart. But for comparison;

*Child soldiers in Africa - 10, 11, 12 years old - are really good at killing people, either with knife or gun. They are a potential match for the professional grunts of many first-world armies, and know a hell of a lot more about small-unit tactics than your average armchair general.

*American Midwest teenage farmers and ranchers are pretty smart. They frequently don't give a sh*t about "soft proof" like diplomas, but they can manage the basics of a business just as well (or better) than your usual business student, and I've known a few teenagers who were better mechanics than the guy at your Ford auto-dealer (and more honest too.)

*The local girl scout chapter at my previous residence participated in the SCA Youths chapter. I'm changing the names for their safety, but Amy could kneecap a grown man faster than you could say WTF, Jessica was a semi-professional seamstress (a few of the adult SCA members bought her work and used it for costumes), Sally created a new beer for her father's craft brewery, and Monique was the primary assistant horse-tamer at a nearby ranch.

People like this story's MC are certainly uncommon. But they do exist, all over the real world. Claiming that they don't simply because effete screen warriors don't interact with them is flat out false. <<less
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sedition- rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: v6c35
This novel starts out as your average isekai garbage but is still enjoyable and very readable if you aren't looking to nitpick, but too many off screen events and patches of bad writing eventually build up into a wall that even casual readers won't climb over.

I recommend stopping at volume 4 if you are going to read this because volume 5 is where the magic starts to unravel and volume 6 is just unreadable tr*sh that the author should honestly be embarrassed about releasing,

At one point in volume 6... more>> it takes 5+ chapters just for the main character to exit a room, walk down a hallway, and enter another room. The author is very noticeably stalling their work to give themselves time to figure out what they want to happen. <<less
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duarvey rated it
March 2, 2020
Status: v6c30
Every single chapter has too much unnecessary information. I didn't even bother reading the explanations... the monologues and few lines of the narrator is enough to understand the point.

In simple terms. Its like the chapter is about topic [A]. then the topic will provide evidence [1] for support. then another evidences[2] to further explain the evidence[1]. then provide another evidence[3] to further explain evidence [2]. then go back to the topic A.

great story, but bad writing.
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