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A young priestess has formed her first adventuring party, but almost immediately they find themselves in distress. It’s the Goblin Slayer who comes to their rescue – a man who’s dedicated his life to the extermination of all goblins, by any means necessary. And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there’s no telling who might come calling next.

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Goburin Sureiya
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Promethean rated it
August 27, 2016
Status: c3
So some guy just rated the series by the tag, and not actually reading the series.

Anyways, I think the premise for this story is more interesting than most other series where goblins are a major importance to the story *cough* reincarnation *cough*, but I shouldn't put that story down so much, since it is what it is. A story about an OP goblin having orgies and the like with no plot.

Anyways on to the story. It's pretty severe. The goblins are pretty much the UN army in African countries, graping,... more>> killing, and stealing with no repercussions. And unlike real life, where they have diplomatic immunity, in this series the Punisher is born. He does nothing but kill goblins for graping, pillaging and killing humans.

So far, he only kills goblins, but is so badass while doing so.

The series is quite realistic in that respect. Even if you are a grown man, if you are fighting a group of monsters the size of children who have the strength of an average man, even you would be killed. (Yeah, the characters in the story describe goblins as "weak", but if one goblin can pick up a fit teenage girl by the leg and toss her against the wall, that goblin is probably stronger than an average adult main).

So noobs have a nearly 100% grape/fatality rate against goblins.

*Warning* Graphic scenes are depicted. Reader discretion is advised.

*Side note: Some other review said that r*pe with out romance is terrible. I say: r*pe is terrible regardless. R*pe with romance is literally the worst kind of writing, and only plays to sadists who think r*pe can ever be romantic. If r*pe and romance could actually go together, it wouldn't even be r*pe. They are mutually exclusive terms* <<less
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Scotchntacos rated it
September 6, 2016
Status: --

Goblin Slayer, the adventurer known primarily by his title more than his actual name. It's suggested that as a powerless young boy, he was forced to watch as his whole family, friends, and entire village lay to waste, ravaged by a horde of goblins who took pleasure in sadistically slaughtering the men, raping the women while mutilating them; before killing and/or eating them too (that is, if they don't get kidnapped back to their lairs later, to be made birth mothers, s*x s*aves, and flesh meat fodder for their goblin... more>> children), and finally pillaging all their resources, which may even include human bones of their victims. The kingdom turns a blind eye to the exponential number of goblin monsters that multiply limitlessly far faster than they are killed, with the excuse of focusing on bigger problems. Seasoned adventurers see no profit in subjugating the "inferior" goblins apparently not worth their skills. And countless inexperienced young adventurers walk to their deaths everyday, underestimating the monsters... those "lucky" enough to survive the horrors, may only be a few poor wretched women at a time; who are left permanently physically and mentally broken and maimed by the despicable and hideous creatures. An all too common tale and fact of life for this world's inhabitants. But it doesn't have to be, not as long as he's alive.

Not being able to do anything back then except to hide and grit his teeth in anger, he bided his time with the goal of vengeance. The boy took up a sword, trained his body, experimented with every weapon, poison, trap, and gimmick imaginable. He utilizes everything at his disposal whether it's a blade of dead adventurers or the crude weapons of the goblins he slays... all for one single purpose. Now an adult, the Goblin Slayer has made it his personal mission to eradicate all the goblins he possibly can, even if he has to do it alone or otherwise. This earns him an unsavory reputation--but he pays no mind to any of it, as the only thing on his mind is killing goblins. Goblin Slayer is fully aware he can't save the world like some hero, knowing all too well his limits and shortcomings. But what he does know, he's the best at. This is a story of a man, an "unsung hero" who single-mindedly only hunts goblins, and the handful of people grateful for his thankless work.


To compare this with other popular titles of various media forms, The Goblin Slayer has the personal vendetta and killing obsession of Marvel's The Punisher. While displaying superior deductive skills in tracking, he has the critical thinking, weapon utilization expertise, and the noble no-nonsense personality of Halo's Master Chief... both of whom share a tendency to never take their helmet off, even when drinking. He also frequently picks up and discards dropped weapons, prioritizing utility or efficiency above all else. Stick him in your average fantasy world of swords and magic, together with the brutality and death toll of a series like Game of Thrones (also, don't get attached), or a game like Dark Souls--you get Goblin Slayer. If you think Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash was realistically depressing, that's nothing compared to this, which makes it look like a Disney Princess story in comparison. Blood and filth are this series' bread and butter. Don't let the cute illustrations and character designs fool you... that only serves to lure you in for a false sense of security and attachment. If you can't stomach r*pe and Gore, or gritty graphic content, then this mature series is not for you (and that goes for both novel and manga). <<less
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Fig pluckers son
Fig pluckers son rated it
July 30, 2016
Status: --
Goblins r*pe, steal, and pillage, apparently our MC takes umbrage with that, and focuses on committing genocide. I guess Humans are just big Goblins... no... those are Orcs, and Humans tend to be more sadistic, anyway I got off track, it's a decent read so far so check it out.
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Kuroonehalf rated it
September 5, 2018
Status: v3
This was both the most exciting novel for me, and then also the most disappointing. If I were to rate the series based on the first volume, it would have been a resounding 5 out of 5. In that first volume we're presented with a seemingly bland starter RPG setting and quirky protagonist, but then knocked off our boots with its execution. The writing is excellent, with characters who act and speak believably, and with a grippingly gritty and realistic fantasy world. The act of choosing your equipment, putting up... more>> a party, struggling in battle, and so on, are all painted in a way that don't just feel like references or tropes, but like real actions with substance and meaning. Even the simple act of consuming a health potion is told in a way that is fascinating.

The dynamic of the two main characters and two main side characters is also very interesting, with loads of potential for a good harem/romantic triangle. All-in-all it's amazing, and I couldn't stop gushing about it after I read it.

Then I read V2 and V3 and my hopes were crushed. There are two giant missteps:

  • A small party of an elf girl, a dwarf, and a lizard priest manage to tag themselves along with Goblin slayer and his sidekick from the end of V1, and they not only don't pull their weight, but they drag the whole thing down. The elf girl and the dwarf are in constant childish bickering (I kid you not, the "pointy ears is flat as an iron" "yeah, well, you're tiny and s*upid" bit is replayed over and over and over again. It's unbearable). The elf girl is a total cardboard tsundere and does nothing but whine and get drunk. She's so whiny that she even forces Goblin Slayer to change his tactics. Goblin Slayer is usually an insane maniac and will do whatever is most effective for the situation, regardless of how brutal and disgusting it is. But when elf girl tags along she keeps getting all prissy that his tactics are too gross and makes him not do them, making battles a lot less exciting, and also constantly putting their party in even more danger (to a point where some end in what feel almost like asspulls). The dwarf and the lizard priest don't get in Goblin Slayer's way but also don't do anything interesting. They're kinda just there, repetitively enchanting spells in battle and throwing assorted quips outside of battle.
  • Goblin Slayer becomes a parody of himself, turning into a supremely dense character with no awareness of others' emotions and with no goals and ambitions aside from just killing goblins. That's enough for a first volume, but you can't just keep pushing on the same key after that, and unfortunately that's exactly what happens. He just becomes so boring, and his lines comprise 90% of "is that so?".
There's also some other extra characters that don't justify their screen time, and a super awkward interaction with a major plot character in volume 2 that is weirdly sexual, and other smaller gripes.

I would still recommend checking out volume 1 to see the great stuff it does there, but be aware that it's a vehicle about to drive off the cliff. <<less
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antoniomanuel10 rated it
December 3, 2019
Status: v3
This is the reason why I don't trust reviews on japanese novels. The novels are allways so overrated that I really don't understand how those reviews were made. So much reviews talking about this amazing and refreshing novel with new plot and dark atmosphere. I was excited for this, so now I just feel disappointed. So let me tell you why you really should NOT read this novel or you know, why you should read this novel if find what I will say about it appealing.

  1. The characters are cardboard cliches. Everyone of them. From 2000 years old elfs who somehow never left home to the blonde naive priestess who just cares about everyone so much that she endangers herself and everyone constantly. Even our MC is just some dude who kills goblins and really has like 5 different sentences through out 3 volumes (not kidding).
  2. The plot is boring. The first volume was ok, but then it's just the same thing over and over again. Go to dungeon. Kill goblins. Oh no, now there is a bigger stronger goblin here. Everyone comes together and somehow they kill the dude even though all of them are really weak. Rinse. Repeat.
  3. The side characters are cardboard, but worse, they are annoying and s*upid. Our MC is weak (compared to giant goblins) , but he changes that by being resourceful. BUT then come his companions, the 2000 year elf and the naive girl who watched people get tortured and r* because of being naive. You would guess she would learn and be, you know, not naive towards the monsters who just kill and violate everything.. But no, both the girls make our MC get rid of all his tricks and resources (literally the only thing that make him able to beat the stronger goblins) because voila, it's distasteful and gross.
  4. The dialog. It's so bad it hurts. Everyone has like 5 sentences and they just repeat it over and over again.
  5. Is it dark? Is it comedy? I don't know. Sometimes it's explicit the atrocities that the goblins are doing and you get people that (kind of) matter being killed and it seems dark, but then they are surrounded by this vicious creatures who are stronger than they and once again the 2k year old elf and a 100+ year old dwarf start bickering about flat chests and being small. Like what? It's so unfunny, it takes away all of the serious of the scene, and worst of all, it happens EVERY god damn time.
  6. I could put so much more here but I lost enough time with this already, so lets just say that if you are into badly written, childish edgy wannabe emo stuff, go for it.
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mastergousau rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: --
I have read the manga and I personally think it's SUPERB but underrated at the same time.

The Main Character is just pure bad ass. He is not unrealistically Overpowered (like One Punch Man, Overlord kind of OP), he does get hit once in a while but I would say that he is extremely experienced, just like the main character in the movie called Taken (2008 film, starring Liam Neeson).

oh, and I love it because this manga is very realistic. It's not all that simple to just "kill" something/someone in a... more>> fantasy world.... usually fantasy world manga/anime/novel tend to show that killing is not that gory or difficult to do it when slaying a simple monster, but no, this manga is the real deal.... it shows u it requires skill and experience to be able to kill many monsters, and this Goblin Slayer does this for a living smoothly due to his extreme experience

All in all, this manga is definitely worth the read...i really enjoyed it and I'm depressed now because i've read all the chapters of the manga (chapter 12, as of 6 June 2017) and I know that this would mean i'll have to wait like 1 to 4 months for another chapter to be released/uploaded T___T can't wait for it T__T <<less
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BrotherofHavok rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: v2 prologue
Vicious. Graphic. Realistic. Gore. The main character (MC) is not the goblin slayer, but a priestess who follows along after an unfortunate quest. The goblin slayer is a guy (maybe?) in a suit of armor that seems to be well experienced in killing goblins due to some past event that drove him to hunt down goblins. At first the story seemed to be hinting the the goblin slayer CAN'T hunt anything besides goblins but that really doesn't seem to be the case, just a strong urge to prevent others from... more>> succumbing to the events of his past. Only problem with this series is that its short either due to the translators or due to the author already turning it into a manga. <<less
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fireutsie rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: v5 epilogue
I'm not entirely sure what the author intended with Goblin Slayer. When I read volume 1, I was thinking that this was supposed to be some sort of dark fantasy novel with a MC, goblin slayer, who was ruthless due to a rather dark past and fixated on revenge. The setting was dark, the world seemed grim, and hope was at an all time low.

Then I read volume 2 to 5. And the story takes a much lighter tone, with each volume becoming more lighthearted. He is now surrounded by... more>> "friends", party members and women who have (romantic) feelings for him. His party members joke around during battles, they party around, and the elf forbids him from using certain tactics that she deems as too vile. At some point in volume 5 they even have a dead weight tagging along while infiltrating the enemy HQ, and they still joke around. This is not what I had expected after reading volumes 1. I know, Goblin Slayer still only cares about killing goblins, but there has been a change in him, a change I didn't want or expected to see.

The story has become "generic" now, just like how The Faraway Paladin took a nosedive after the first volume. Some will probably disagree with my opinion, but these are my honest thoughts

This story is not that kind of dark fantasy novel. It's a novel about a broken man and his surroundings who try to help him in slowly recovering from his "PTSD" so that he can start enjoying life again. <<less
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bushwhacker2k rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: v2 prologue
Not fantastic so far.

s*upid children as adventurers, an irresponsible (but presumably knowledgeable) receptionist, and to top it all off there are side-stories already despite that volume one is basically a slightly long single chapter.

On the other hand, the main character himself (Orcbolg?), the Goblin Slayer, seems interesting. He's capable and experienced.

It's too soon to give a proper judgment on how good the series is, but I remain optimistic.
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Silver Snake
Ghostap rated it
March 9, 2017
Status: v2c1
Basically batman but in fantasy world. Sure he only actively tries to kill goblins when he can but that can be likened to how batman only actively tries to patrol gotham city. Oh but yeah goblin slayer kills and batman doesn't big main difference. But both had a traumatic experience as a child driving them to train like hell until no one could stand in the way of their objective.

Goblin Slayer isn't just a "regular adventurer" he is a man with a mission that will never end. It's just so... more>> good and surprisingly fresh. I mean how is this sort of character not more popular compared to all those other regular MC who just half ass everything until their about to die. <<less
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Datura rated it
November 29, 2017
Status: --
The darkness of this novel is on entire different level, lot of r*pe and death.

It's really different from the usual fantasy story, if you got bored with overrated and cliche fantasy then this one is for you.

Both of the manga and the LN is superb.
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Grimxv326 rated it
February 28, 2017
Status: v1 side story 2
The best out there, because the main character is not a hero, but a normal adventurer, it help you learn how adventurers live while other novels think of them only as side characters and not worth mentioning a 2nd time. The realistic also very brutal, but that what the world build up the main character personality. Other than the weird naming sense, I have nothing to complain about this series.
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July 28, 2016
Status: v1 prologue
I have read the first 3 chapters of the manga and the prologue of goblin slayer I recommend it because of how entertaining it is thus far as well as how many future developments it seems to be hinting at. The story has a lot of potential and therefore it is a least worth checking out.
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rdawv rated it
October 11, 2018
Status: --
Great. Dark. 'Realistic' in the sense that makes you wonder at the tropes with Adventurer Guilds and fresh-faced adventurers... could young kids really go out and slay monsters? This story basically says a world filled with monsters is cruel and unforgiving to those who overestimate themselves and underestimate even the lowly goblins. The depiction of goblins and their pillaging reminds the reader that yes these are monsters and they behave like monsters.

The 'Goblin Slayer' is a stoic adventurer who is obsessed with killing goblins. After witnessing a tragedy that wiped... more>> out his village, he became an adventurer specializing in goblin quests... and only goblins. He had learned how they think, how they move, their tricks, their habits and would use every means to kill them. His obsession and brusque manner alienates him from other lofty adventurers, but during the course of the story they begin to see his view that goblins are evil incarnate that could pose far greater danger than mythical dragons.

The text in a light novel format might not be for everyone: it really seems 'light' and sparse considering its theme. Those who dislike the tone of the novel could very well change their mind if they read the manga instead which is well drawn. In fact, I was reminded by Berserk and Ubel Blatt and glad for it, because those two great manga seemed to take forever to progress lately.

As for the harem tag, I think it's misplaced. <<less
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TakunDes rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: v5
The manga is good but holy the novel was much better. Currently reading up to Vol.5. Sadly the English translator already dropped it off Vol.1 so it's a massive pity. But nevertheless, if you can read Japanese u should definitely keep reading past vol.1. Can't wait for the anime as well. The story is dark and I really enjoyed the medieval setting, it's not just about OP heroes and life is pretty hard for OP. Looking forward to see how they will deal with the gore on the anime
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nin rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: v3
The best part of this novel series is the main himself, Goblin Slayer. Putting a superhero cliche (hyper prepared normal person bound by vengence) into a fantasy world works surprisingly well, and it helps a lot that the novel fleshes him out so well and shows sides about that aren't just about goblin slaying. The bizarre quirk the novel has of referring characters to their class name rather than their actual name only makes the protagonist's self proclaimed title of Goblin Slayer stand out that much more.

Even though the side... more>> characters have very mundane names (like Priestess and Guild Girl), the author fleshes out the important ones really well. Priestess in particular is almost as well developed as Goblin Slayer, and most of the other reccuring side characters aren't too far behind.

There are harem elements, but they are really minor. No romantic antics while the party is slaying goblins, just a little to spice up the SoL segments. The love interests (Cow Girl, Guild Girl, High Elven Hunter, and Priestess) are fleshed out enough that it doesn't feel like mindless pandering, and the relationship Goblin Slayer has with his male companions are fleshed out similarly well.

The world building is neat, explaining why creatures as dangerous as goblins are underestimated so much and how deadly they would be in a realistic setting. There are also mentions of more high fantasy elements occuring in the background even though the series is almost entirely low fantasy, but they serve mostly to hammer in the point that the novel is mostly about background characters doing their best fighting off the more mundane evils of the fantasy world. They help to make the series and the world feel more complete.

The overall plot isn't about grand ideas about saving the world, it's about fighting goblins. As such, the plot amounts to loosely connected side quests rather than one big epic quest. The character development is strong enough to hold the series together regardless, just don't expect something plot-focused. Each individual adventure is fun though with how the Goblin Slayer and his allies overcome their various difficulties with crazy antics.

Overall, if you want a great fantasy LN series about a unique protagonist, solid side characters, neat world building, and interesting adventures, you can't go wrong with Goblin Slayer. <<less
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Inaho404 rated it
December 27, 2022
Status: v15
Goblin slayer, contrary to the setting it implies in the first volume and the anime, is not about a dark world devoid of hope and filled with carnage and brutality. Rather, the novels depict the journey of our MC, Goblin Slayer, as he slowly gains his humanity back and learns to have fun and love again. Now, that doesn't mean it's some kind of SoL story with fun and happiness, though some elements of those are there.

The first few volumes focus on Goblin Slayer's revenge on goblins and mostly that,... more>> there aren't many character developments to speak of. We get introduced to the main and side cast and watch them bond together as they fight off hordes of goblins.

The four-cornered world (?) is beautiful despite its dangers. The latter volumes depict that by sending Goblin Slayer and his team to a myriad of places, from scorching desserts to snow-covered dwellings of the Vikings (or this world's version of the Vikings). We see our characters (especially Goblin Slayer and Priestess) slowly mature and become closer. Romance and harem elements also come in but those parts are written well enough that they don't seem off-putting. And hell, even at one point THE Goblin Slayer starts suggesting doing quests besides goblin slaying (though goblins appear anyway).

All in all, the books aren't about a dark world nor it is a "dark fantasy" like many wanted them to be. The books don't go out of their way to be edgy or dark. Brutality, r*pe and mu*der are there but only in small parts. The broader story focuses on the characters and their growth while depicting the harsh world of Goblin Slayer in a favourable light. And I have to say, it does an amazing job. <<less
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Kedluben rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: v10
This story is really refreshing from other such novels. MC doesn't care about anything, but two things. His friends and killing goblins. It is detailed and quite mature content, but sometimes it gets boring. Yes, story is in every volume about the same thing, but in different ways, so it is only expected, when it gets little bit boring.
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Zackarotto rated it
July 2, 2020
Status: v2
Excessively grimdark, with a lot of r*pe and torture, but I do like stories where everyone feels like they're all in it together, precisely because they live in a brutal world -- such as at the end of the first volume, when even the jerks come together for the common good -- which is also a feeling I got from playing some of the Etrian Odyssey games. I also liked the focus on the overlooked and unglamorous parts of fantasy adventuring. It's very overtly influenced by tabletop games like D&D,... more>> with spell charges that recovery after long rests, character alignments, monsters such as the Beholder, and so on. It's refreshing to see a Japanese take on western tabletop games.

I found the appeal waning after reading the second volume. Perhaps it gets better, perhaps worse; you'd have to ask someone who has read more, but it started to feel repetitive for me. I am a bit curious how a story about killing goblins can be sustained for another 12+ volumes, but from what I've already seen, I suspect the answer lies in broader D&D-esque campaigns and scenes structured around providing fan-service and making the hero seem cool (or autistic; one or the other). I thought the writing in the English translation felt awkward or excessive at times, and some very anime-feeling conversations were difficult to follow the point of. For instance, there was one riddle-based battle straight out of the Hobbit, ending with the same cheap shot of "What have I got in my pocket?", which didn't even seem to make much sense in context.

If you like dark settings and tabletop games, you might have a lot of fun with this, but it didn't have enough impact to hold my imagination for long. <<less
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Rosver rated it
February 5, 2020
Status: --
The series started really great as it makes use of its concept to its full potential. Then the other characters arrive and it throw its original concept out of the window.

First was the priestess. I actually don't mind her that much. She is not great but she provides an interesting contrast to Goblin Slayer. She also see some development as she takes on some characteristics of Goblin Slayer. So, so far, she isn't bad.

Then this three stooges come along. They are really generic, typical fantasy characters you will find anywhere.... more>> There are some effort to make them unique and there is actually one time where the story focuses on how these three are different from the typical of their species but what really happened is the author substituting one cliche for another.

The three also didn't undergo any character development, unlike the priestess. Volume after volume they remained the same. Worse, they presence also stop the priestess from developing as a character. The three just overpowers everyone. When they appeared the story stopped from being "Goblin Slayer" and turned into "The Elf, the Dwarf and the Lizardman"... and two hanger-ons.

And there is the titular Goblin Slayer. He doesn't really have much of a character, but it is fine. He is really in the story more as the concept than as a character. Not to mean that he doesn't have character and he did undergo some character development. But all of it is ruined when the three adventurers come along. His concept as a Goblin Slayer who would do anything necessary is just watered down. He was not a great character from the start. It is only a concept of such character that makes him interesting. Now he doesn't even have that. What we got left is just his personality which is just dull and unmemorable.

Still, overall, it is not bad, but it does misses the mark. It could have been great and if it has remained as a single volume it could have been, but it lost its way. It is not bad and it is still enjoyable but in a generic way as a typical fantasy adventure light novel than for anything unique. <<less
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