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100 years ago, demons suddenly appeared and attacked humanity. At that time, normal weapons could not even scratch demons which caused the human population to decrease drastically. In order to protect themselves, humanity merged into seven countries. They managed to halt the demon’s invasion by their army implementing and using magic, but even now they battle with the demons to ensure the survival of humanity. On the forefront of the battlefield constantly risking his life, Ars Reigin finished his military duty at the mere age of 16, and requested his retirement. But the country cannot afford to let go of him. This is because among 100,000 mages, Ars stands at the pinnacle of them all as one of the single digit number 【Single Mages】

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Strongest Mage’s Retirement Plan
The Greatest Magicmaster's Retirement Plan (LN)
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xzpwnz rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: c8
I really wanted to like this novel, but it's just so chocked full of cliches that I can't. I'd only suggest reading this for the typical brainless shounen harem magic school novel that there are already hundreds of if you're into that kind of thing.

The main character's motive is to lead a relaxed life, but the military doesn't want to let him go because he's the strongest mage (cliche counter: 1) that does over half the military work for their country.

Even though he has absolutely zero obligation to, the main... more>> character compromises and enrolls in the country's magic school (cliche counter: 2). He hides his identity to the entire school to avoid shock (cliche counter: 3), but that just makes things worse for his "relaxed" school life because the entire school thinks he's an ass for not paying attention in class while remaining unaware that he's the top mage.

The main character is literally being strung around by the nose, and one s*upid event leads to another which ends up with him getting into an argument over a silly reason with a tsundere red head (cliche counter: 4).

The main character is then tasked with teaching some girls at the school (cliche counter: 5) after his fight with said tsundere red head. Of course, those girls will end up becoming a part of his harem (cliche counter: 6).

It's like everything the main character does is counterintuitive to his goal of retiring and leading a relaxed lifestyle (cliche counter: 7) and we all expect him to get caught up in some troublesome crap.

It's like the author just put together a bunch of popular Japanese tropes to create this novel. <<less
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Adastria Lillith
elhessan rated it
August 23, 2017
Status: c5
The beginning itself is strange. Why would someone who is the best return to school just because he wants to retire? That in itself doesn't make any sense. Well it would make sense if he returned as teacher or researcher, because it was mentioned that he had contributed so much, not only as op mage but in magic theory, so why he was returned as student? Even if he doesn't want to become teacher, at least you can bother him as retire and ask him for advice while let him... more>> doing research or anything that he want to. So in the end of my rambling, this novel doesn't make any sense at all, even for fantasy and sci-fi. <<less
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Infushii rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: v1 prologue
So far, the first chapter has shown that the story is set up for a good run.

The character has a decent backstory, but it isn't so blurry and unnecessary to make you upset, and instead just gives a quick drop of what he's gone through so far in life, which I appreciate. The cliché angering the pretty girl bit kind of upsets me, but at least it wasn't something like seeing her naked or something, and the situations themselves in the 1st chapter have had good reasons to occur. Same... more>> with him being sent to the school.

He knows nothing of society and companionship. School is a perfect place to learn of it. I know, this bit is kind of ripping Magi's Grandson, but it only seems to be taking the idea for going to school a little bit, so it's okay.

He himself has stayed how he was made out to be in the prologue so far. And that's good. I hope the author keeps him like this and haves him learn to feel emotion over periods of time instead of a sudden change.

Now from the available art, I say meh. The artist for the LN was kind of lazy and I know that the art doesn't really matter for the story. But I still enjoy a bit better visuals than what I can see.

Lastly is the translation. I don't know about the author's grammar as it might've been cleaned up by the translator or editor, but the grammar seen so far is fairly well done and very easy to understand, which makes the story a thousand times easier to enjoy.

So overall, the beginning seems good, the translations are good, and the story gives me a lot of hope.

I'm can't wait to see what's next. <<less
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Asf rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c15
This is a story about the strongest magician that wants to just quit after finishing his obligatory service in the military.

So the MC is forced to go to the school as a trainee before finally gets his way to retired. The MC then shows off his OPness at the school, do some duels, meets girls and such.

The beginning seems kinda cool. On how people are shocked on how OP the MC is. But.. thats it. Like some harem shounen series, the author kept giving the MC girls after girls after... more>> girls... and theyre your typical harem girls that flock around the MC. And for some odd reason, all the main cast in this story are all girls save for the MC.

If youre into those story with an OP MC thats surrounded by girls in a school setting, then this is the thing for you.

Otherwise, you might want to skip it <<less
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Zhakta rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: v1c4
First off, let me state that the story here has a bit of depth to it IMO.
... more>>

Part one, boy excels at magic but the world is in a crisis, so the military takes notice of the boy's talents and turns him into a bloody killing machine (Fruit of grisaia anyone??)

Part two, the boy starts to get sick of either seeing comrades die or tires of killing constantly without end

Part three, boy wishes to retire but the boy's CO panics at such statement that CO plans everything in his power to get the boy either tied to the country through a means of love or through a means of force, due to this, the boy is FORCED to go to school, which he didn't want to go to in the first place and just wanted to study magic.

Part four, boy knows he will get s*** on due to being too OP so he tries to hide his powers. Little did he guess that there's a lot of stuck up pricks in his school where the CO obviously planned in as well.

Part five, when his favourite pass time gets ruined, boy goes and implants fear to ensure previous event won't happen again, then again CO swoops in and spoils it by showing his OP stats.

Final statement, to be honest, if I was that boy as well, I wouldn't want to continue killing endlessly because it does take a toll on a said person. Second, I'd totally do the same thing if I was this boy's CO, such an asset being retired while majority of the world is still under monster control is unacceptable in this case but, the boy was turned into a killing machine at the tender age of SIX like my god child rights, then again, doesn't really matter in that crisis.I would do EVERY SINGLE TRICK IN THE GOD DAMN BOOK just to make sure that boy will keep fighting, because I would want to reclaim the land that was lost as well as increase land for future development and weapons. All in all, the aspects are good, just a slight bit rushed if some people can take it that way.


Read the spoiler to understand what I mean plz. <<less
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landon9560 rated it
June 11, 2020
Status: v4c5
This review will contain spoilers.

Premise is pretty simple. A teenage genius (so to speak) having worked for the military for 10 years (since he was 6) and is currently the strongest human in the world (as far as the story has told us so far) and is, by himself, equivalent in strength to the rest of the military (the novel says something along the lines of "you are half of the country's military power") and wants to retire.

Obviously the military/politicians do not want this at all. So as a "compromise"... more>> they instead send him to a magic academy (??) so he can "relax" and research, under the condition that if something is to happen he will be called back to help.

Thus starts the "harem route" and "hiding his power" cliches. The military tells him not to show off his power, and he also doesn't want to, as it will waste his time, taking away from his research and relaxation. The only person at the academy notified of this is the director of the academy (who was one of the "top 9" the strongest 9 humans, but was allowed to retire from the military?) who then reveals who he is to two girls and pressures him into tutoring them, for basically no reason what so ever. He is then forced into helping the director wipe her ass because she can't do anything herself, as well as having another harem member pushed onto him. To save this harem member's life, he does something "taboo" after she does a "taboo" action. Then gets blackmailed by the director into wiping her ass once again.

This whole story could have ended in a paragraph. "I want to retire" I don't think they (military/politicians/nobles) will allow it... "I'm not asking to retire, I'm telling you I'm retiring." End of story. <<less
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Luneder rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: --
I read a few chapters but found I could predict everything that was going to happen before the novel even headed in the direction.

For example chapter 1 when they introduced the two female characters and that one of them did not like the MC I knew right away some point in the next few chapters she would challenge the MC and the MC would completely thrash her. Sure enough 4 chapters later it happened.

I know of about 10 or more novels that are literally all the same just a slight... more>> alteration of the back story but all of them go the exact same way. As long as you have read anyone of them you have read them all they tend to be that close to the exact same.

Someone might try to argue that they are different but other than the characters and backstory they are all the same novel just reworded. <<less
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Lolistalker rated it
January 24, 2019
Status: --
Highly recommended if you like shounen-ish story and barely ever read any Japanese shounen light novel or story in general because it has everything, by that I mean every cliche that a mainstream shounen story have

Of course that in itself does not necessarily mean that a novel is good or bad, after all, most novel will naturally have to have one or two cliche, my problem with this novel is that it lacks originality on top of the cliche, the author basically just put every single shounen cliche he could... more>> find and put it together to make this novel without adding much at all, I cannot find anything in this novel that isn't already done better in other shounen stories, that's why I could only recommend this to people that are new to this kind of genre as other people would have read at least a dozen better novels with very similar story, for example Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei which is very similar but better in everyway <<less
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ArtHikari rated it
March 4, 2021
Status: c525
not bad but not great.

I liked that the story doesn't focus around the school but all the world

the writing style is pretty good too.

... more>> MC is not bad too

but the romance is just awful although I think only 4 girls can be added to the harem (so this is not an endless harem)

the problem is that 2 of them are much weaker than the rest (they are annoying ungrateful tactless friends) everything would be fine if they were just side characters, but the author persistently drags them to harem.

MC already in the first volumes has a wife (albeit unofficial) I thought the relationship would develop but after 525ch their relationship still same...

I even suspect that MC was castrated in the army

and I have a feeling that the author wants to write a novel longer than the Chineses so there can still be more than 1000 ch to the end

in short this novell worth reading but don't expect anything special <<less
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killerplant112 rated it
June 4, 2018
Status: v2c3
If you want a change of pace then this novel is for you. Its not boring or super exciting but you would surely wait for thethe next chp and also it is onthe the first two volume translated so wait and you will see more action in the upcoming chp

Well if you have a big imagination then you could predict the nxt chp like the first guy anyway as you could see from its genre it is the same as the other novel out there but trust me it is... more>> different on the others so try to read it and your going to like it and maybe your going to love it and who knows your prediction is on the mark or off the chart <<less
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fir537 rated it
November 11, 2017
Status: --
The story is almost direct opposite of Mahouka Koukou in that the MC is both OP since young but unlike Mahouka where Tatsuya enters school willingly the MC here is forced to enter school. They both serve for the military since childhood and still is, but Ars wishes to retire.

Ars is the top magician among thousands others, entered the military since he was 6 years old and spent 10 years serving in the front lines against demons, and is among the few who is capable of going against SS Rank... more>> demons. After serving his minimum 10 years in the military, he decides to retire so he can relax and focus on magic research, a habit he picked up when younger. Due to him being a Single Digit and also the No 1 mage, the country cant let him leave, and he also doesnt know any common sense due to growing up in the army. So he accepts the Director General's suggestion to still be attached and the military will support him fully, but he has to go to school and achieve minimum credit.

The early part of the novel is basically how he lives his new life as an awkward student trying to avoid relationship with people, and how he slowly opens up and gains emotions. <<less
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Jacks_H9 rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: c5
I really appreciate this novel yeah it's kinda cliché but what novel isn't really it has good depth and follows the MC that lacks common sense background so it has that comedy that really helps you enjoy the story plus the way the story seems to be developing you can expect some great things
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t.audwin rated it
June 9, 2022
Status: --
Simply because the names of the characters are so distinctive that it would make it so hard to read. One that could we find in most of generic fictions was Alice, and Loki as an addition. And the main problem is that the name of the main protagonist is extremely discouraging for simple-minded reader as this review-author. Alus name sounds like someone who is tripping on his toes after he found something which attracted his eyes at the edge of a cliff then had himself fall into it head first... more>> then nobody really has any intention to mourn his misfortune even after knowing that he had been missing for some time. Casts could be unique in a way and anyone could make his bad-side of personality to keep the character balanced, but name is something which could make people, certain group of people, taken back and not to flip another page of the book so that he just keep himself out of association with such imaginary disposition. I haven't read the raw but 16 volumes shows that this quite popular in the home country, but the way the author tried to make this list of character naming familiar doesn't really work so well with me. Plot? Wipe it out of my mental being as few fundamental things could make me delete it from my memories. <<less
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KhayDesu rated it
March 13, 2021
Status: v8
Pretty good but not the best. It is pretty mediocre and the plot isn' all that special but I still find myself reading it.


I've read a review that pointed out a lot of the novels holes/weaknesses, some of them true but others are juat driven by preference and bias and are not a good basis in concluding wheter or not the novel is good or not.

... more>> -

First of all the redundant part is true but its only mentioned in the first novel in particular (it is mentioned but in only in short phrases and in one novel it is mentioned again when MC develops an AWR for his student but only a bit tho). The teacher part where the knowledge is supposedly outdated is not true, Alus himself said that the quality of the lessons/ lectures are very high quality and useful it is too diverse complex to be able to remember all of the little details and plus thats only half of the knowledge you'll get cuz you get the rest when you start training in the military.


I do agree that the girls feel bland and uninteresting Loki is okay but the other 2 are unbearable in my standards


Tesfia and Alice basically tell other ppl (Tesfia's mum) about Alus and the stuff he do just because of some little pressure, I mean the best of the best is training you for free and gived you the best training you can get in exchange for maintaning silence/discreet attitude about his identity but s*upidly manages to throw hints at other ppl about his identity, they're basically annoying as hell I like Elise more than these b*tches



Another negative review points out Alus being dragged in all sorts of stuff and doing nothing. Let me get things straight MC has his priorities which is research and its also the reason why he wanted to quit military after 10 years and he basically doesn't care about anything as long as he can do his precious research. Well most of the time its about requests from the top brass in the military which he can't refuse.


lol another negative review says about his being a student is useless because he is already no.1, well you already said it yourself he is no.1 and he does't need it, all he wants is to do peaceful research. The real bad guys show up only until vol 3 and its starts heating up in vol 8-9 with the past volumes laying out groundwork for the female leads and the events that will be presented in the later novels, I think it was pretty good though, events didn't feel that forced and has a good reason for them, so I don't know that guy is talking about it being slow or boring, 2 volumes is still early to be critisizing when everything is still fresh and hadn't have the chance to develop.

Now to my impression, the world is fine its pretty easy to imagine the rough layout of the 7 nations and its focusing on the growth of the female characters which is pretty fun considering on how immature they were when it furst started out, bad guys are quite mysterious and pose a large threat, the sense of mystery and foreboding is what I like though I already have some guesses on what'll happen in the next volume

All in all its pretty good but not the best <<less
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AsianInvasion rated it
July 14, 2020
Status: c5 part1
I am a sucker for OP MCs.

... more>>

This MC is strong from the beginning as the #1 magician.


The premise of the story is cliche as a war torn world between humanity and Mamono/Demons. Within humanities side is a safe haven which houses various magic academies - one of which the MC will attend in order to further his research goals that cannot be attained from his daily life as a member of the strike team in the military. As no one knows of his position, he is forced to attend classes and unwillingly clashes with students and teachers as they scorn him for his lack of effort/attendance while attending such a prestigious school.

All of this is great, but personally I dislike the attitude as an MC. He gets pushed around a lot, especially by the surrounding female characters. This seems contradictory to his position as #1. Sure, he is hiding it, but at least to those who know him, cant he demand respect from them or refuse their petty requests outright since his position allows it?


The school director/principal threatens to send him back to the military or something along those lines, and gradually asks for more and more 'favors' that MC cannot refuse. The main female MCs are constantly bugging him to teach them more magic. They lack respect despite knowing his position as #1, which really doesnt make sense given that the aristocracy is all about magician ranking representing their status. He always complains that he needs time for his research, but reluctantly gives in to every request. Its very grating sometimes.


Despite his power and what should be high authority, he is quite the pushover. Other than this irritating aspect of the story, everything else from the world building, system of magic, and character building is fairly well integrated and interesting.

Purely based on the story aspect, my grading is a 4 out of 5.

So for those that enjoy typical cliche OP Japanese MCs, with the only difference being lack of emotional attachment to the opposite s*x (therefore non-reactive to romance/harem cliches), this story might be a match for you. <<less
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July 1, 2020
Status: v1c7
It's too early to assign a star rating to this novel yet, but only seven chapters in it's already apparent this author has an uncommon ability to write a believable child soldier.

If you're like me you're probably a bit tired of the isekai stories with an allegedly mentally middle-aged protagonist who nevertheless behaves exactly like a 12 year old, this story is refreshing for being the opposite: a 16 year old who sees the world through the lens of a combat veteran, has the maturity appropriate for the #1 ranked... more>> combat mage.


Magicians like Tesfia with high expectations of themselves are troublesome to deal with while those like Alice who lose before even fighting are useless.

Although this isn’t a case about one being better than the other, the former are the ones who tend to die early.


I hope the author doesn't ruin this protagonist, this is an excellent way to start off a character. <<less
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Heracross rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: c4.1
This is a short review as there isn't much content currently.

The premise is really idiotic and people should not take it seriously, please put all logic and intelligence on the side, since the author did the same.

The story takes on all possible cliche yet managed to make this digestible and a guilty pleasure to read when not taken seriously.

The strongest force in the world, the one who can be considered a hero is seeking to retire and is forced to attend school of magicians, not as a teacher but as... more>> a student. The whole thing scream s*upidity. Ars Reigin accept those conditions without much resistance.

Ars lack emotions and there isn't enough backstory to give us a good feel on who is he. He possess tremendous amount of magic knowledge and mana. He got tired of serving as tool for his country as it seems he was raised as a human weapon since early age, lacking any understanding of common sense in a normal civilian society except for the military.

The same applies to the side character as currently their personality are pretty much adhering to a choke full of trope.

The flaw in the logic of the upper level is to let Ars become a student instead of a full time researcher or teacher. As he would be able to raise future replacement for him. They don't use his full potential and this is something I believe it is an oversight of the author.


He will bunk all classes when he can, he will get a minimum attendance. He throws away his ranking card that serves as a debit card leaving him penniless. He is always keeping himself low key and is quite the submissive character. The only redeemable trait would be; he doesn't act like a 8years old virg*n japanese male when exposed to female character


Currently the story has yet to reach an important part and the way the translation is done makes each volumes really small with little development of the plot. The author introduce slowly to the law of the world where Ars is living it. <<less
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